Thursday, June 30, 2011

Floppy Disks, Cat Hair and Binoculars Oh My, Lets Give This a Try!

Sturdy, scratchy grained artificial timber, leg jammed beneath, crevasse ingrained knee, barely limber. The dust divide inhabiting it's allotted turf. Airways obstructed, possessed by clamoring windpipes through the dusking surf. Each blow exclusive, wishing for a silent reprieve. Footsteps overtake reason, as hope the piercing voice will leave. Shoulder tugged, caressed searching for attention, engaged through touch purring at a modest name mention.

Adequate recognition or the ear flattening clamor initiate retreat. Rushing off as if after a treat. An exclusive strand of cat hair lay stretched across G H J perfectly centered. No alarms raised, as a gust initiated from a finger stroke, hurls it towards a nearby crack, result entered. A dwelling secured as satisfying as a vault, promising a future barring a heinous vacuum assault. Amused in the thought of a sneeze, from allergy encased plebeians attempting a key squeeze. Finding fault with the hair, empowering dander to run amok, the authentic killer, completely unaware.

A slight circulation finds the light escaping room completely naked of other worth. Although a tingling suggests a deeper scrutiny would find a cat or two unearthed. Suspending the search as that voice sends a tingling up your spine. A sly smirk at mention "why" event suffered your decline. Screen saver furnishes the screen with tubes intertwining, reflection of blacken corner finds eyes bulging, escaping the cover of the beds silver lining.

Shifting knees quake the desk, erupting a stack of floppy disks, motivating a nose curl and a feeling quite grotesque. Years not even amassing the age of toe hair, recognized these with formidable worth, charging a sumly fare. Yet now stripped corners creating ninja stars of plastic or submitting them to the test of an elastic, remains of their use, face scrunching up at their ungodly abuse. An ability to retain meager portions of data, thus the thumb drive originating them to an ill attempted beta. Breaching the mind of thought, how long before the thumb drum becomes something to be thrown and caught?

With the point questionable at best, the petty heap hoarded back with the rest. A forceful thrust situating them into position, brings forth a mention extracted from prying ears, catching a digit on another addition. To bare of any electric glow to see, a yank at the strap is undertaken out of a magnetized curiosity. Darkened eyes of Stakeout fame materialize from buried pictures seen, quickly followed by "Rhythm is Going to Get You" and a peeping Chris scene. Unsurprised mind manifested in the gutter, "Higher Love" also begins to flutter. Quick comparison to the floppies careless one way or another if wrecked, creates a kind of spill over affect. Differences between outdated and timeless, seemingly some unrelated to progress.

Wonder saturates the synapses causing the bulb to spark, as these binoculars reside among the technological weeds one would expect to hit the conventional computer mark. Double checking for black residue in case of a dupe, focusing, researching prevailing sights, viewing no reason to snoop. Window seems blocked with coverage worsened due to the summer season. Lush green, impede all surveillance avenues, leaving little reason. Storage or a quick place to hide the signs of a devious task, funny thought, attempt to look for a hidden flask.

Screeching voice leaves ears almost bled dry, no longer are they jealous from the eyes attention, due to an intrusive sty. Attempts to watch with binoculars ensuring final relief, yet certain holdings, with size increased, give the eyes grief. "WARNING" should be applied to the side, some sights can't be erased, especially if two large cheeks collide. Pull back wishing instead for black circles or falling toilet paper, yet zipping by, flutters a creature on a caper. A newly hung feeder resides in the front and after getting a full view and feeling the brunt, a red chest ringing proud, with a rainbow of colours helping it stand out from the crowd, and wings flapping faster than the eye can see, allows me a glimpse with Orlin scrunched down, ear flattened, licking his lips with glee.

Bet I had you all confused there, I know not fair. But over at WaystationOne Brian has lots of fun, using some simple things, like gum, to come up with a verse, I decided to see if I could do it with rhyme and all as I converse. So there we go and if you get the movie reference I guess you're in the know, meaning you know some facts, if not travel down the "Stakeout" tracks. So did I fail or pass, with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stop and Drop, Screw The Roll, Add a Pop!

So I got this idea from the comments below, as Betsy came to bellow and started me on the popping a vein tracks either before or after Natasha gave a shout about facts. So lets see what can go pop or plop, with a fizz oh what a relief it is. Whoops I think I ripped something off there, pretty soon you may need to down them by the pair.

For this little diddy, I'll use a monkey named Kiddy. If you cry animal abuse and threaten to hang me by a noose, I'll make you a deal, as I'll show you're a nut before proving it isn't real.

So as Kiddy walked down the street, he stubbed the big toe on both his feet.
They popped up rather large, he now walked slow like he was large and in charge.
But he saw another ape, whose gaze he could not escape.
Popping his eyes, finding it was only a disguise.
A few veins went pop, as he went to a cop.
He explained how that man in the suit, was mocking him and he deserved a share of the loot.
The cop laughed quite a bit, telling him to pop a pill to cure his fit.
Instead Kiddy popped him in the face and the cuffs were slapped on causing him disgrace.
He fought back, going on the attack.
Popping his nose, as crowds begin to pose.
They even gave a pop, when he hit the cop.
The cop popped his taser out while Kiddy popped his lip out to pout.
The cop felt bad, Kiddy got glad.
Popped the cop in the ear, so he couldn't hear.
Then popped out some nasty words, making older folks pop their hands over the kids ears by the herds.
He grabbed the taser giving the cop an electric pop, watching him convulse and drop.
He popped a smile and walked off in style.
But noticed his face popping up all over town, like he won a big crown.
Instead "Wanted" is all it said, making him pop a hood over his head.
He popped into a shop but that was a flop.
As the owner noticed his face and whipped out some mace.
Popping him with some spray, causing lots of dismay.
His hood popped off his head and the cops were called no matter how much he plead.
He popped his arm on the rack only able to see a crack.
His knee got popped by a bat, boy did he feel that.
One eye popped right out, in a puddle it began to float.
He used some soda pop to clean his eye, now seeing a weird looking guy.
It looked like a hippo but how? Then along came a cow.
A hen popped in and some man in a tin.
A voice came from afar, causing him to suffer a side bar.
As up jumped a girl with a pop and his fun had to stop.
For supper was popped on a plate and his tale would have to wait.

OK that didn't go where I intended it too, but it had a pop or two. So I hope your eye's didn't strain, you didn't pop a vein or a pill, whether confused or you got a thrill. I guess you can pop your whole mass, even if you have a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Once Upon a Time, In Rhyme!

So back again giving Mr. Linky a Twinkie, I think he's getting a tad fat though, maybe a diet he needs for his belly button is beginning to show. But I guess the onestoppoetry show can handle him even if Mr. Linky is less than slim. Making fun of a link, oh how low I'll sink. But lets skip that and on with the show, back to rhyme don't you know. Although as per the usual a tad creative with my One Shot cheer, shouldn't be that hard to peer.

Oh and if you are confused or feeling a tad abused, scroll down a bit and you'll get the drift before you have a fit. But this is really two in one like that previous one I made out of mess, although unlike last time this time there is a method to my madness. So two in one and to each their own as they read my fun. Oh and yes I did the picture thingy all on my own, to help set the tone. It took some time, oh any more puns on that would be a crime.

Once Upon a Time In Rhyme

Peering Upon in Abyss Like Wonder
Steering Dawn, Spin Bliss, Strike Plunder

Pivotal Deductions Corral Increased Proclamations
Mythical Concoctions Rationale Decreased Examinations

Cherished Bounty Freely Received
Perished County Ideally Deceived

Relinquishing Rights Toward Fate
Revisiting Fights Stored Freight

Holes Fastening Flows By Worms
Goals Lapsing Crows Cry Confirms

Refusal, Ignorance, Hoarding Groves
Perusal, Recurrence, Recording Droves

Life Altering Game of Twister
Knife Faltering Shame Love Transistor

Clutching Bestowing Verbal Reaction
Retouching Foregoing Herbal Attraction

Anticipating Sparking Light Speeds
Dissipating Embarking Spite Heeds

Flaunting Treasures Abstaining Life
Haunting Pleasures Painting Strife

Wishing Forked Road Transference
Fishing Uncorked Reload Occurrence

Delve Fading Plenty Yore
Twelve Braiding Twenty Four

So there was my little diddy on time, which of course was an all rhyme chime, as I had to make up for last week, with my non rhyming tweak. Now back down the tracks finding facts. As time continues to amass and it marches on carrying my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Is It Really That Day? Hip Hip Hooray!

So after the whole take your dog to work day, I thought I'd see what other days I could use to play. Turns out there are a ton, oh this should be fun. As to when they take place, you can take a look at the link below to find a trace.

So without further adieu, the days that are wanted by all of you.

Use A Different Name Day

This would be interesting indeed, no matter how much one does beg and plead. You could name yourself Nobody like me and be perfect for a day for free. Wouldn't that be fun? Although if you get too cocky you might get shot with a gun.

Rat Catchers Day

Is this day for catching rats or to celebrate cats? As they catch the rats, in the yard and under mats. Or is it talking about blabbermouths, stoolies, narcs and whatever else you call those ones, who try to get out of trouble by yapping tons.

Barbie in a Blender Day

Oh this would be hilarious if everyone accepted this day, although Barbie might be in a sad state of disarray. Poor Ken might be all alone too, oh well still be such fun to do.

Walk on Stilts Day

I see lots of broken legs in the future if this takes place, as many would fall flat on their face. For most have no balance at all and like Humpty Dumpty would take a great fall.

Goof Off Day

Hmmm I think I do this at least every other week, a full day might make my boredom peak. So I'd pass on this one, although for others it might be fun.

National Get Out of the Dog House Day

I laughed at this one, as many could use it to not run. No matter what one did, even if their significant other flipped their lid, poof all would be as it was, as the day states this just because.

Not Going to Take it Anymore Day

Oh this could cause much dismay, as saying whatever the heck you want on this day, could really cause one to become hated, hahaha oh that would make me elated.

Upsy Daisy Day

Still don't know what the heck this is? Maybe some sort of quiz? Upsy Daisy you say when you get pulled from the ground? Or a nose goes up your bum from a hound? Or just look on the bright side, no matter the incoming tide.

Rain Day

Hmmmmmm haven't we had enough of these? Doesn't it rain whenever mother nature would please? Or maybe a rain dance is what occurs, with people covered by nothing, not even furs. Good thing it's in summer, because one might think oh bummer. If it was cold and things were too small to look bold. hahaha Oh how I amuse myself, here at my shelf.

Lumberjack Day

So I take my axe, slam it against a tree to the max, suck on a long piece of grass and add 100 pounds to my mass. Think I'd be able to pull if off? Don't laugh and scoff.

Hug Your Boss Day

Going to call this not going to happen day, as it just be weird to play. Especially now a days when you can get sued, just for a glance that is crude.

Meaning of "Is" Day

Hmmm and Hmmm some more, what the heck is this for? Is there a meaning to is? This one is a strange biz. But it's just another day to ponder crap I guess or make ones brain a mess.

Yeah no way I'm doing 365 or more of these, not even if you say please. You can click here and check them all out, some will make you shout. I just picked a few and gave them to you to view. They are the facts, even though 90% fall through the cracks. Also who comes up with this crap, a national day to take a nap? Oh well the days will continue to pass and a day will be just another day to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rung, Hung, Lung, Damn My Tongue!

So lets see how many of these I can do, I'm sure you'll get the point before I'm through. For those that can't decipher the point, maybe the facts will put your nose back in joint.

Skip Sunk Silly Squirrels Silently Some Sunday

True Tips Take Tick Tock Time To Turn Towards The Tray

Poor Pete Packed Pills Pocketing Popping Purple Packs

Really Royal Roy Rickets Ripped Rivals Roughly Ridding Rotten Racks

Four Fake Fried French Fries Frequently Flip Flopped Frolicking Frank For Fish

Dastardly Dodging Dog Dug Deep Down Dragging Dora's Due Dish

All Around Arrows Are Attempting Aggravation Against Area Animal And Art Apes

Great Growing Gory Grey Gypsies Give Grand Greetings Gathering Grapes

Crews Courting Crow Calls Create Countless Culprits Curing Craving Cats

Miss March Mated Making Much More Merry Maple Mats

Zack Zipped Zapped Zany Zero Zippers Zoo

Lord Lucky Loopy Larry Lightly Licked Letters Looking Like Lisa Liars Loo

So there is my magnificent dozen for the day, making you bite your tongue and cause dismay. Oh how I love that, just don't bleed on the cat. If you don't want to have it feel sore, just ask Betsy and she'll tell you how to make it hurt no more. Although it may be numb for a while, letting it no longer flap and be as agile. Of course for some that might be a good thing, especially if they wanted to sing. OK I'll end here before I get to crass, here where I roam with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, June 24, 2011

HOLY Crap, This Deserves a Rap!

With this one you can take crap literally in some cases, as it will be right in front of your faces. I apologize in advance Mr. Fox, as there may be many butt references that could curl your socks. But when talking about the topic at hand, that's typical where mutts go in their own little land.

Yes I'm talking about mutts that sniff butts, but not because of any of that, but because today isn't the day for a cat. No it's the day of the dog, even shunning a hog. Although I think eating your own poo and rolling in it, is worse than a hog in a mud pit. But to each their own, so today I throw the dog a bone.

But why now you ask? Well as I was going over to Mad Kane's Humor Blog for a look, something I never knew, or heard of, was read that just had to be touched upon at my nook. For today the 24th of June, has inspired this little tune. For it is "Take Your Dog to Work Day", oh how this could cause dismay. No this is not a joke, as you can click here after my poke, to see it's for real, don't those mutts have a sweet deal?

You Think You're Cool, Even With The Drool!

You view your leash
The cat thinks oh geesh
As you jump up and down
Hoping to go out on the town
Well I eat my keesh

Mark the yard as you go
Putting on a show
Wagging that tail so fast
Like it will never last
But little do you know

That once out of the car
After traveling near or far
Head stuck out the side
Glad the window is wide
The working class and you are on par

For now comes the cat's delight
And a workplace fright
For your true colors will show
And you'll reap what you sow
Banished to the yard tonight

After sniffing all the butts
Greeting the other mutts
Leaving a puddle on the floor
Told to do that no more
And being rubbed on your guts

You have to sit from nine to five
In some crummy dive
With patience not a virtue
Especially with the loo
So you show you're still alive

Playing with things that look cool
Filling the work clothes with drool
Picking through the trash
Trying for a quick dash
Acting like a fool

Eating the work at work
Giving the homework excuse an added perk
Well oops making the floor rather brown
A smell that wins you the stink crown
Giving the leash another jerk

You try and learn to type
As it's cleaned with gripe
Sending emails to all contacts
With very little facts
Even through Skype

Oh but your new buddy down the hall
Went in his stall
It smells so yummy
It has to go in your tummy
Down comes the cubicle wall

Falling over like dominoes in a row
Costing lots of dough
Did I do that
Can't we blame the cat
Look my head is really low

Hurricane dog has come on through
As all go home by two
Because of the whole mess
Causing lots of stress
You just had to mark the door too

Banished to the yard
Without even a card
Making the cat look great
Oh how it does elate
Is sitting still really that hard

Oh that was fun giving the mutt a roast, in my little post. Does anyone else think this would end bad? At least just a tad. Say an office of fifty or so and half brought one to show, that be quite the zoo and if all decided to use the loo, oh how smelly it would be, while the cat is home and odor free. What day will they come up with next? Something with a hex? Hmmm maybe I'll have to touch on the soon, as I rhyme like a loon. I should add it to the facts too, just in case one never knew, about this day and they want to play. Anyway now I've picked on the mutt enough with my sass, so I'll trot away with my clean rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh No I'm Dead, Whoops Just Messed in the Head!

Oh this just had to be played with at my way, after going over to The Lair of Silver Fox's hideaway. Where he was supposedly on vacation from writing, guess that urge he is still fighting. But it was mentioned how in superhero land no one ever stays dead, not even if they get shot in the head. So I figured I'd see what I could do, with all the ways to come back that are far from new. Also maybe make fun of a few, that I remember from a view.

Damn I got stabbed in the heart, got wheeled off on a cart, even a body bag thrown over me, yet two seasons later I come back with such glee. Even when it was declared officially I was dead, no matter how much one begged and plead. Showing up Jack Bauer who died twice, but mine was much better as it was done with spice.

Oops I died, wait they lied. It was really my friend's, cousin's, niece's, dog's, former owner's, boyfriend, yeah we just hope your confused by the end. So you'll take it and won't have a fit, glad the dust wasn't bit and continue to watch as you sit.

Look at me as I'm back, the real me not some hack. As what you saw was a clone, that got blown up by that phone. Oh the one in the car was a clone too, same with the one who drowned in the deep blue. As was the one in the fire and the one that died so dire. You get the point yet? I'm the real one, until I die, so don't fret.

I'm your son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, dog, cat, bum you walked by or just some strange guy and I'm from the future where you die, don't worry I won't let you get stabbed in the eye. Oops I made a mistake, guess I'll go back and try another take. I promise you won't die more than a few times, as in the end you'll be alive and continue your chimes.

Oh no such and such is dead, wait where is his head. Huh there is no blood, what is up with you bud? Damn a spark, that's going to leave a mark. Oh he was a robot and the real one is just caught.

The poor guy is dead, with not even a shred of his body left behind, for one to find. I'm not dead you nuts, I wish I could punch you in the guts, but my hand goes right through, as I have shifted out of your view. Be it another reality, dimension or mechanical interaction, I can't get a reaction. Even though I seem to go through walls, people and doors, yet I can somehow still stand on the floors. Hmmm go figure that, I even go through the mat, but not the floor, oh look I'm back once you hit restore.

Hmmm, what the? Where am I? Look out you're going to fry and then die, some might cry. Oops you're dead, no matter how much I plead. Ok now you're walking down the road, carrying a load. How can that be? You have to come and see. Turns out he's from an alternate reality you say, oh the things one can do today.

Oh wait that alternate reality excuse has been used and overly abused. Let's go with the tried and true, he's the long lost twin of you. That's right separated at birth you were, now in a quick blur, one is toast, the other might also roast, as the bad guys think your him and you might have to fake it on a whim.

Old age you say? Bah I was frozen beneath the ocean, in some bay. I only age half as fast, making my life span vast. Oh I cured that long ago, no I found a ring that gives me immortal powers don't you know. Nope I was bitten by a vampire and only got the good parts, meaning I don't need to eat hearts. Heck I just found a genie and made a wish or ate a yummy dish. The fountain of youth was found too or I'm just held up by glue.

I ascended and wasn't really dead, that was all in your head. As I can take human form once more and all will be as it was before. No harm done, I can now go back to fun, whoops I died again, oh I mean ascended another time or ten, so now I can come back, no matter how many times my stuff you pack.

Never fear if all of those have been used, we'll just mix and match no matter how much each is abused. Call it a different name, so it won't look so lame and you'll be alive once more, until a cliffhanger or sweeps week comes and we once again need you to take the death tour. Or you ask for too much money, then we'll kill you and think it's funny.

That was rather fun, I can come up with a ton. But I will spare you all of going on and on, as these ones usually, in some way or form, are what make the dead walk across your lawn. I didn't use voodoo, nanities and many more, as writing them all out would make my fingers sore. Have to save time for the facts so you'll have to use your imagination to go down those tracks. So when your favorite hero or villain goes to the grass, you now know they'll always come back thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bitch, Moan and Charge a Due, I Want To Start a Union Too!

So bored to death a bit at work and went to my mailbox to lurk, to see if anything was there, but oh that's right it's bare. It always is anyway, as I get the crap done with no delay, but there is usually something to grab, but not since the mail goes out more by a cab.

The more I look at this crap, the more it seems like someone is taking a nap, for how stupid do you have to be, to realize you have it better than most just pushing the remnants of a tree. Oh poor me, poor us, the mail is now going out by a bus, just because I want a few bucks more, after all making $24/25 an hour just isn't enough for this chore.

Oh boo hoo they are taking away what we can do, with the sick days we get, lets take another fit. After all saving up sixty over a few years, in case I prick my finger realizing my fears, then using them all in a row, has to stay it can't go.

So some mouth piece gets to gloat, as we stomp around and shout, after all he has to prove he's worth the dues so he does a nice little shake and move. Hoping people won't see, instead will just nod and agree, like some monkey whether skinny or chunky. Heck a monkey could have resolved things quick, just hit the idiots over the head with a brick.

As for all the whining that is done, money goes away by the ton. Oh but wait it is finally resolved and we got a fair deal, this was so worth it and unreal. Back to work we go, with a hi and a ho, clouded to the realization, that all this bitching and contemplation, really sucked dry, any raise no matter how high. So actually nothing has been gained by most, except the ever so gracious union host. Who never wants it to end, further antagonizing the trend because his pockets jingle, so he doesn't want the two sides to mingle. Oh what a swell job, at least thieves who rob, aren't trying to pretend they are more, hiding behind suits galore.

See what happens when I get bored at my shore, I can offend a whole bunch more. Now in saying that 95% aren't nuts and don't want to sit on their butts, just the small fraction of idiots that ruin it for the rest, by being an annoying pest. But thus it is always the case when one is stuck in a crappy rat race. Now stopping at my show, before more things pop out that shouldn't be in the know. Yes I was a little crass, but I had to make up for all the niceness spread around by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Kind of Normal Shuffle, May Leave You in a Kerfuffle!

So last week for my entry with Mr. Linky, or was it Blinky? Bah that doesn't matter, so as I was saying with my chatter. Last week it was indicated by Fred, that I should drop dead. haha oops not really I just couldn't resist, now don't go shaking your fist. It was indicated that I should try a non rhyming entry for a change, then Tashtoo blatantly hinted at it here at my range. So I figured what the hell, but shhhh don't tell, I have some standards to keep, I wouldn't want the all rhyming folks to weep. What? You won't do that? Hmph you are no longer able to chat. You've just been blocked by the cat, but we'll blame Pat.

Oh and yes I had to try to give it some creative flare, as just some basic one I wouldn't dare, so here is one that is non rhyming, I know such awful timing. As you were expecting a rhyme, but at least you got this first little chime. So for my entry at the onestoppoetry way, here is the little diddy I cooked up today. Just started with a word or two and what came out lies before you.

Disconcerting Concern vs. Vile Smile

Clasping Lips                                      Glazed Brightness Streams        
Cannon Fotter Embraced                     Minuscule Moment Struck
Smoke Expelled                     vs.         Brain Pitching Sense
Furry Stained Wall                               Family Mishaps Shape
Disconcerting Concern                         Vile Smile

Whoring Open Gaps                           Shackling Iron Maiden
Unsavory Young Slavery                      Smirking Wiggling Finger
Discarded Financial Limit        vs.        Classification Validation Retracted
Discharge Animated Decay                 Stoop Over, Teeth Gritted
Disconcerting Concern                        Vile Smile

Power Resides                                     Stocks Shatter
Corrupted Nature                                  Plummeting Elevator Floors
Line Crossed                          vs.         Naked Office Decor
Blinded Declarations                              Similarity "Will Work For Food"
Disconcerting Concern                         Vile Smile

Fueling Cushioned Bottoms                             Preventative Reasoning Passed
Sorrowing Pain Below                                      Bareness of Unarmed Trenches
Honored Interchangeable Dismissed    vs.          Deaths Bellow Ignored
Reality Bent More                                           Hastening Bombs Disposal
Disconcerting Concern                                    Vile Smile

Shadow Rainbows Mass                                   Sirens Deafening Blare
Fleeting Distance Shivers                                  Shadow Emitting Disintegration
Eerie Agitated Perception               vs.              Wickedness Cleared Path
Traveling Sectioned Corners                              Golden Molar Shines Through Glass
Disconcerting Concern                                      Vile Smile

Traveling Ones Expense                                    Broading Mountainous View
Stabbing Bloodied Words                                  Underlyings Consummate Foundation
Spine Twisting Dagger                    vs                Constantly Surround By Foes
Underneath Scarred Boot                                   Fending Off Hoards Alone
Disconcerting Concern                                      Vile Smile

Ailments Decades Unchanged                           Fueling Terrorizing Fright
Clasping Hands Reach                                      Needing Believable Strife
Begrudging Cents Keep                  vs.                 Placebo Inducing Prevention
Same Ailments Burning Holes                          Treasured Flu Shots Equating Loss
Disconcerting Concern                                      Vile Smile

Innocent Guilty Blurred                                     Hoarded Trees Disconfigured
Dollar Trump Card                                          Through Boughten Verdict
Manipulative Boughten Process        vs.             Depleted Orbiting a Lingering Eye
Dirty Hands Freed                                            New Offenses Leave Unwavering Guilt
Disconcerting Concern                                      Vile Smile

Actions Shapen Through Design
Horrors Plagued By Loopy Holes
Ravaging Antique Stresses To Simplify Cause
Thirst Within Appeased In Suffering
Smile Disconcerting, Vile Concern

So should I stick to rhyming or what? Yeah I'm better at being a nut, stuck in a rut, here at my rhyming hut. But there was my take, on the fake, those that cause a gap and all the other crap. So we'll see how it goes, but I can guaruntee you won't think of lollipops and rainbows. Although now that I typed that you will, see now I gave everyone a thrill. So I'll shut up and give the facts, as I get back on the all rhyming tracks. So today the non rhyming gets a pass, but that doesn't mean I'm still not a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Look Two For One, Oh What Fun!

So the Grammar Nazi down below, was quite curfluffled at my poor rhythm show, guess he's a closet Rhythm Nazi too. Who knew? Then a few seconds later Pat's phone rang and he wasn't around so I knocked it over with a bang. The button got hit and then I heard this little fit. It was from none other than that big buffoon, who has more hot air than a giant balloon. But I figure I'd type it out for all of you, as it may appease the rhythm part of the Fox for a second or two.

Drazin's needs a hat
What a pleasant thought
Drazin's needs a hat
But it can't be bought

It can't be found
It can't be made
As this God is crowned
And plans are laid

Drazin walks down the street
To a Godly beat
Terrorizing everyone Drazin meets
Clearing a theatre of all it's seats

But Drazin felt bare
After you run from Drazin's glare
Leaving Drazin with your bounty
You dashing for another county
For you're all so lame
And it brought Drazin great shame

As here Drazin had to sit
Not giving a.......

(awww Mr. Drazin sir not in front of the young ones)

Oh that's right Betsy's ears might burst
And brains of others might be dispersed

(awww Mr. Drazin sir I believe that's the cats job)

(choking sound is all the surrounds)

For Drazin needs a hat
A spotted one at that
That of a certain cat
Who is about to become a stat

As Drazin will mame
And Drazin will slash
Creating a frame
So the colours don't clash

Then Drazin will have a hat
And Drazin will no longer be bare
So ends the story of the cat
And Drazin will have a hat that is rare

Drazin will soon have a hat
That will be such a thrill
Drazin will soon have a hat
And the cat will become a dirt hill

Drazin will step in stride
Drazin will laugh and gloat
For the cat has no where to hide
And on that note

See you soon kitty
As Drazin ends this ditty
Oh what a pity
A hat made out of a kitty

Then Drazin will have a hat
And Drazin will no longer be bare
So ends the story of the cat
And Drazin will have a hat that is rare

Now there was the few words from that Drazin guy God of the rats, as he hoped to scare these two little cats. Pretty sad how a so called God who's oh so great, not once can make us feel our oh so destined fate. But I guess that's just the facts and he'll take his whacks, but always miss, as he can kiss, excuse me for being crass, my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Future, Oh Your Eyes Might Need a Suture!

So now I create a trilogy for all of you, with what I eventually come back to. But unlike with most crap, you won't want to just go take a nap. Plus I'm not 90-120 minutes long or so, unless you read very very very slow. Then I pity you, as that would make anyone blue.

But yes I did the ones I like, I did the ones that can take a hike, so why not do some that have not come out. Although remember not to shout, if they never see the light of day, for sometimes talk is all that comes of such a display. Upon looking and looking, not even selecting the board game ones for booking, as who cares about that trash, they deserve tons of backlash, I found sequels galore, seems to be what's in store. As if that is anything new, plus a remake or ten will be out to view. So now I will complete my set, a remake, uber secret sequel, a prequel or revision might come out later I bet. Once again setting forth down the movie tracks and that's the facts.

Four seems to be the new one
As up and coming there's a ton
One with little doubt is Bourne Four
Even though Bourne will be no more

Beverly Hills Cop Four is supposedly in the pipe
But Eddie Murphy's stuff in the last decade has smelled kind of ripe
Major League Four also has some talk
But I bet Sheen now is so old he'll give balk after balk

Spy Kids Four is also coming out
That one made DeeDee pout
Now they are back on Jurassic Park Four
Haven't they already ruined that lore

Oh and American Reunion is coming next year
Technically that's like the eighth one I fear
Although it's the fourth to go to theatre screens
Not much of a difference that means

Speaking of four and adding some time
24 The Movie is supposed to being after our dime
But I doubt it will ever get made
For Bauer and Murtaugh are to busy in the TV escalade

Now to skip around a bit
Jaws 5 has started the rumor mill having a fit
Die Hard 5 and 6 are said to be all but certain
After the fourth they should burn the curtain

Harry Potter, it was too big so we split it in two
When really we wanted more money from all of you
Will finally come to an end for now
Guarunteed is will come back soon some how

Indiana Jones 5 is said to be wrote
Although after 4 someone should strangle their throat
Transformers are going to the dak side of the moon
With what's his face the hated loon

Dark Knight Rises leaves little doubt
That it will be one good one on this crap boat
As Spiderman being remade more lovery dovey than before
Really makes me want to barf on the floor

Superman was just remade
But why not do it again before the rights they have to trade
Fast and the Furious 6 or whatever they call it
Has officially been green lit

Although ignoring two and three
They have at least kept up good pop corn quality
Kung Fu Panda and The Hangover just had sequels come about
But number three of both are guarunteed to be coming out

Pirates five is coming
Disney are one their knees bumming
As Depp has some sense and ignoring a fifth one for now
But it will get made when the money makes him go wow

Oh and Tarzan one, two and three
Have been set to come out with glee
Of course if the loin cloth doesn't draw them in
Only one will ever get made, what a sin

Yogi Bear Two is said to be coming
Even after the first left most strumming
How awful that garbage was
Too many reasons to state so may as well say just because

Ghostbusters three should have been made long ago
But oh no Mr. I'd rather make Garfield wouldn't show
They say it is close every year
But looks like it will never come to a theatre near

Expendables two is going to blow more crap up
Adding another trigger happy pup
Or ten
Whoops meant trigger happy old men

Iron Man three has been put to task
After The Avengers ship has cast
The later should be good thanks to Buffy fame
As Whedon knows how to play the game

Go Joe
Yep watching a second of that will make you wish you stubbed your toe
Oh but Happy Feet 2 will come soon
And you need that toe to dance like a loon

A third Riddick is also coming according to chatter
Does it really even matter
Plus Planet of the Apes fifty
Oh that ought to be really nifty

Then the Hobbit big long name
And a second with the same
Will be good but they just want cash
Which is why they went back to the shire for a bash

Then you got remakes and TV shows sprouting ones
Like The Three Stooges with their puns
21 Jump Street
Thinks it will be neat

Fraggle Rock
Might make you wish for new kids on the block
Yeah that would be bad
But a Cabbage Patch Kids movie must make you glad

Oh and a 74 year old Dick Tracy complete with diaper
Is coming to the screen, guess someone needs to pay the piper
Ninja Turtles will be remade
The third was an awful piece of trash so might be a better trade

Daredevil will be born again
I know you can't wait to see more spandex on men
Total Recall gets a reboot
Point being is for pure loot

Back to the yellow brick road with Oz
Can't they watch the old one and hit pause
The Lone Ranger will ride once more
Cowboys and Aliens will soon do battle at our shore

There can be only one
Guess not as a Highlander reboot will get done
Don't forget Winnie the Pooh
As a new one of that is coming too

The Muppets also will be back
As well as Fletch on the attack
The Great Gatsby will have another go
Even though nothing has changed from the first one don't you know

Asteroids gets a movie all its own
Yes that old arcade game you can now play on your phone
The Smurfs will la la their way in your face
Good memories of watching them it will probably erase

Tomb Raider is also going to be remade
Preventing another gamer from getting laid
Fright Night is the same
I know another remake, lame

Piranha 3DD is coming soon
As well as a Puss n Boots toon
Zookeeper about some clown
At least the animals might not make one frown

Dark Tower in theatres and on TV
Yes they are doing it for both for all to see
Horrible Bosses I'm sure we all can relate
Looks pretty good by the trailer bait

World War Z has the zombies back
On the lets eat the humans attack
But one good Headshot puts them down
Guess in that Rambo runs all over town

Lucky might be just ducky
Turkey Bowl might fill a boredom hole
Freaky Deaky might make me want to go take a leaky
The Change Up might make a good coaster for my cup

Larry Crowne might not make one frown
Django Unchained might be good if trained
Now I must put this to rest
But there are many more as you have guessed

Damn I do go on rather long, when going off on my movie song. But what the hell, maybe I'll help them sell. Or not, as most of them can rot, but you never know, a couple will make a worth while show. Now I must go before I start again with more movies I know. I know you're glad I gave you a free movie pass, as that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Watch Your Phone Or You Might Screw Up Your Loan!

You'd think people would learn, after taking a turn, playing pocket phone, yet all they do is groan. Hit the off button and hope no one heard, what could be considered absurd. Especially now that there is a save function, so that will just add to your injunction. Of course if your cat steps on it and dials, you may suffer long distance miles, but as long as your aren't around, a meow or two will be all that is found.

Inside Scoop From the Low IQ Group

Hello.....Hello...What the hell
I know you're there as I didn't hear the cut off bell
What are you going on about
That nothing is on under you housecoat

Hanging up the phone
What a pervert
If a nun got that call she might convert

You had such a bad day
Faking niceness to a so called friend
Must have been so hard to pretend

Now betting on aspects that would cause grief
Secretly hoping they're a thief
So you can turn them in and move up
Getting a new cubicle with a bigger cup

Did you really have to share with me
How you delight in hoping for another misery
Kind of a dick

What Now
Damn don't have a cow
Tone it down a bit
You sound like some nitwit

Oh you're talking to those that surround
Drunk as a skunk thinking you're all profound
Throwing out slang like you're cool
Sounding more and more like a fool

Sucking back each one
Not knowing it's long past when you should be done
Taking a fit
Loud steps, toilet water splashing, vomit

Oh nasty indeed
Never call again I plead
Oh look my phone is on
Hello? Who is This? You Gone?

Under my breath comes out moron
Still what has been heard does not dawn
Hmph wrong number I guess
Click..not knowing an audience heard your mess

Closed door conversations
As well as those exciting examinations
Should remain there unplugged
Meaning the phone should never be lugged

The power should read off
Then you won't whine and scoff
As ones nose curls and disgust arises
Hello? Huff...Puff...Roar...Guess they come in all shapes and sizes.

Thus why a smart person has something that won't let their phone dial, so no one knows what they do on the tile, whether speaking vile or walking a mile. Heck turning it off would be the smartest bet, but oh no you'll be cut off causing you to fret. Can't live without the oh so important thing, that you gave it's own unique ring.

So guess you'll have to live with the plight, of others finding out what you say and do at night. If you are too simple to disconnect or the buttons you neglect. I am done with my sass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh Don't Mutter, It's Just Some Clutter!

seewhatbeaten romSimmeringpainunendingwhiplashbutcluttered

So this makes threes times in a row I gave the old one shot, at onestoppoetry a crack. With last weeks creativety didn't lack, so I figured why not try once again, to see if I can add a bit more to the slaying pen. Thus brought this big mess before you, which I'm sure you looked at for a second or two, thinking what in the hell is this or more crass words you hiss. But never fear as all will become clear, as we head down the tracks and that's the facts.

For from mess can come clarity I guess, so this just proves you sometimes have to look at the little grooves. Take way way way to long to bold all, but I will do it for the title call, so you get the point here at my joint.


Attempting to See What Might Be

Free from lifes straight jacket restraints
Finding nothing but cluttered constraints
Little air gapping through the tightening noose
Prying with crowbars might to get loose

Unable to see through the shroud
Longing to be as whimsical as a cloud
The sting of not being where you vowed
Still feeling the bite of the crowd

An unending whiplash upon your neck
From the twisted roads you trek
Colliding amongst mortar and brick
Constantly poked by the Devil's Walking Stick

Ears pierced unknowingly
Simmering pain comes off glowingly
Dug deep within a blaring twinge
Supporting each invoking cringe

Path beaten from repeated use
Feeling smited from the almighty Zeus
Refusing the ache bruised knees
And the added blindness of trees

As the clutter sings a pattern
As ever changing as the rings of Saturn
Even with back wrenching humps
And the road rearing lumps

With a quick mix of examination
Chaotic mess no longer evokes termination
No matter the wails of the banshee
Trudging through attempting to see what might be

So now do you still mutter, at what came from my clutter? Or did you go blind from trying to find, how I did all of this, trust me I said more than piss, as it took a little while to make it actually work, good thing I had time to lurk. Yes every single word is in there and you can find each one if you sit and stare. Anyway so I didn't use an X this week to mark the spot, but a big old cluttered mess to thicken the plot. This week I might end up walking on glass, but I'll tip toe around it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh How Low They'll Go, Which I'm Sure You Already Know!

So what was just announced on the movie side of things? Something that proves a moron is pulling the strings. For the new wave in the movie world is board games. Yep they really are making them off those brand names. That almost beats reality TV and the shovelware on the Wii.

But they just announced Risk is being wrote. Oh that must be a hard note. As finding the words to write a script on a board game, trying not to make it lame, is a huge feat, should just quit and admit they are beat. Board games are fun themselves, whether about money or furry elves. But making a movie out of them is really dumb, as they now have gone as low as finding a shoe and scrapping off the gum.

Movies off books usually suck, Videogame based movies just make you think what the **** and now board games will just put you to sleep. Oh and don't worry they are making a whole heap. For Battleship is coming too and Monoply is coming to a theatre near you. But I haven't gotten to the best yet, for this one is a sure bet. It will make millions on opening day, I'll bet you half a penny and some hay. As it will be so grand and it is none other than Candy Land.

Yep a 90 minute or so movie based off Candy Land, strike up the band, bring in all the popcorn you can muster, for this one is going to be a record buster. Whoops it will be that in reverse, as I hope they empty their purse and lose it all, after taking such a fall. Instead of new, they make stuff like this for one to view. Hey maybe that dustball over in the corner would make a good movie, it could float around for 90 minutes acting groovie.

Oh but there is more, as board games aren't just in store, but other mind boggling games as well, for now we're really stepping into hell. The Rubix Cube is going to get it's own flick, isn't that just sick. We can watch as all the colours line up, unless you're color blind like a pup, then you can just pretend, as you watch it bend.

Remakes and Board Games will really take the cake, I know you just can't wait to partake. Hopefully people are wise for once and stop this crappy trend, making board game movies meet their end. As you'll regret seeing Hungry Hungry Hippos on your local screen, as somethings should be played and not seen. That is the facts of today, about this new crap trend that causes dismay. I only wish they were lies, let's just hope the board game trend dies, with a word to the wise, to bad most are only wise in disguise. So before I get more crass, that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

You Know Your Owned When, No Matter If It's One Or Ten!

So in between a certain suck up being confused and saying she was going to ring my neck leaving me so abused. She found this little quote she shared over at her way, I decided to play off of it today.

"I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through."
— Jules Verne

Yes I know it doesn't rhyme, but it wasn't by me this time, sorry Fox I got slack with it once more, but I'm sure you can ignore. Anyway before we get to the cat and all of that. I'm sure most are wise and can see through the truth and lies. For you have a clear picture of who I'm talking about, but it seems she needs a shout. DEEDEE there it's done, now she'll only be confused a little and not a ton. As that french side gets in the way and she was unable to make out what I say, or who it is directed at, when commented back by the cat, in the comments below at my show. So there I appeased the little suck up once more, doesn't that make your spirits just soar..LOL Oh that was fun, Betsy just gave a sigh of relief as I didn't poke fun at her in this one.

So you know you are owned by a cat and not a rat, when these things fall into place and keep coming back at a steady pace.

1. You clean the litter and as soon as your done, we jump in leaving you to have to scoop another one. Just as you put all your bags and such away, doesn't that just make your day?

2. We have more room on the bed than you, almost pushing you off we do.

3. You buy all kinds of toys and instead we use them for decoys, playing with the empty box or chewing on your socks.

4. You have to stand up while on the computer because we have your chair, not moving, just raising our heads and giving you a "Don't touch me" glare.

5. You have all your good stuff hidden away, for anything out and about is a potential toy for play.

6. You won't get up to make dinner because we are lying on you, you even hold it when you have to go to the loo.

7. You accept that cat hair just adds to your decor and no longer rid yourself of it anymore.

8. Certain "activities" are rearranged to meet our needs, as you fixed us so why shouldn't we prevent your certain deeds.

9. Your keyboard keys no longer work right, because we chewed them up in the middle of the night.

10. When asked "how are things going" on msn or such, your friends get confused a touch. As the reply, iahslahfaslthts;dajgwawis;ur83rf usually makes them think you want them to die.

11. Your printer won't work, Ooops the cord has been chewed by some jerk.

12. The mutt comes to the door all excited your home, in the background we roam. You see the mess and blame the mutt for it's like he just wanted to confess.

13. You call our name and you better not be playing a game, as there better be something good for making us get up, we aren't some pup.

14. You move you toes under the covers whether yours or your lovers and they are fair game, so when we take of a piece you are the only one to blame.

15. You know scratches are just a badge of honor from us to you and we give them away freely two by two.

16. You carry on a conversation with us and expect an answer in return, but we already know the answer so leave you with a burn.

17. You leave your Christmas tree up an extra week, just so we can play hide and seek.

18. With one look we can make you feel guilty any time, of course that applies to spouses too but this is our dime.

19. You spend more money feeding us than you do yourself, we even have more food on the shelf.

20. You no longer sleep in, because we feel it's a sin and you should be up and have us fed, or we'll whack you in the head.

Yes there are many many more for all you humans out there, but I really don't want to scare, any new people that we might own, for the revolution has grown. As cats, and some mutts, are listening far and wide and we are taking over in stride. So those are the facts for the day and now I'm off to play, with a piece of string, screw that expensive toy thing. Yeah you might be better off owning a bass, if you can't handle a cat like my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Inbetween Elvis and Santa Claus, This Graced My Paws!

So as Betsy went off to fairy tale driving land last night, painting a picture that wasn't a fright. Instead it was all nice and pretty, a Utopia type place with no slow old bitty. Wait who the heck are you? Get off me, don't touch me, shooo.

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo
I've got a perfect puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee
If you are wise you'll listen to me
What does is mean when a finger is flipped
Straight in the air firmly gripped
Left, right and center it is tossed
As that was a double line you just crossed
The ditch is in your future
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-da
Obey the traffic laws and you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-doo

Yeah that's what you get scram little elf people, go pray in some steeple, that your orange will go away and your hair will turn to grey. I'll scratch you again if you come back, don't make me go on the attack. Damn more of you, what is this some rhyming coo?

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo
I've got another perfect puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee
If you are wise you'll listen to me
What do you get when go on the attack
Slicing and dicing down ones back
Nothing but more vengance in turn
Fueling more fire you'd think you'd learn
If only you listened to that little voice
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-da
Refuse to fight and you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-do

I think that's enough free press for you clowns, go somewhere else with your weird frowns. Using my words to make up some dumb phrase, you'd think you were all the craze. Take that sucker and shove it you know where, I never wanted you in my hair. This is my shore, get you're own where you can bore. Now shut your mouthes and be gone with you, you know what I can do. Since you are all no bigger than a child and in water cold or mild, six inches they can drown, I'll send you off to crazy town.

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo
I've got another perfect puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee
If you are wise you'll listen to me
What happens when your partner isn't civil
One course of action is your mid section will shrivel
What's the use if it's so small you can't see
Making it even hard to pee
See a doctor if you feel a burn
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-da
Grow a pair and you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee do

Heck I think they got that one from Brian's latest post, boy don't they think they are the most. These mooks just won't leave me the hell alone, who can I phone? Think Ghostbusters will do away with these small annoying things or will I have to sprout wings, going to find Buffy, to end my rhyming huffy.

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo
I've got another perfect puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee
If you are wise you'll listen to me
Time to revise what you get from TV
Maybe a reference or three
But when you believe what you see is real
Even on Deal or no Deal
You need psychiatric help
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-da
Know what you see is fake and you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee do

Alright I've had enough, time to get rough. As I will end it here and get rid of these guys far and near, so they never bother me again, these dirty rotten little men. So while I talk crass, I'll beat them back with my little.....

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo
I've got another perfect puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee
If you are wise you'll listen to me
What happens when you piss off a cat
Or a guy pretending to be one named Pat
You get a meow and a scratch
Proving they are no match
That you already knew
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-da
Bush number three isn't really that far
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-bass
All who see this can kiss our orange ass

Bastards stealing my line, this isn't fine. These guys are toast, time for an orange man roast. As they have no class and you orange idiots it is I will always be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

In a Rush, So Mush!

Why are humans always naming things so dumb, boy I wish I had an opposable thumb. For whoever came up with the name rush hour, must have been lacking in brain power. Yeah the same could be said for Rush Hour 3 and probably 2 as well, but I don't want to spoil them as they may not sell. Oops went into movie land there, with that sequel pair. Confused yet? Oh don't fret, as what I'm saying you might get, but for some of you it probably isn't a sure bet. Oops now I may need to go on defense after pushing you off the fence. Bah think I really care, unless you're a bear.

Lets go with awkward first, to quench the "cool" peoples thirst. As they sit going vroom vroom with their engine behind tons of cars, yet it still reads zero on their speed bars. Yeah like pushing the pedal down is going to make the light change or magically have all the traffic just rearrange.

Next up comes big and scary, sometimes things may get hairy. As just because they are some big truck, they act like a, ummm, you know duck. Substitute that with an F, although saying it to someone's face may make you need a ref. These big nut jobs think they own the place, stopping right in front of your face and then backing up where they please, as their tail pipe gives a cough and a wheeze.

Now for the reason so many are hard of hearing, as there is no need for peering. For from a mile away you can hear the crap they play. Do you really want to share that much, maybe you like using no hearing as a crutch? Oh and then lets honk the horn while we're at it, pretending to have a fit. Oh and guess what? You're still sitting in the same place on your butt, as the lights can't hear you nut. Although I'm sure your sonic burst has put a hole in their gut.

But what else can possibly occur, wait your vision must blur, thinking one lane is the same as the next or, more than likely, the idiot was sending a text. Oh and lets jump in this lane because it's moving fast, whoops that didn't last. Now my other lane is moving fast, jump back over and that's a thing of the past. But if you would have stayed where you were, you'd be farther ahead and no ruffled fur.

Yippee things finally move along, you bob up and down to your song, yet still go much slower than the limit states, as you wave to your passing mates. Taking up half the road so no one can pass, figures it's a lass..LOL..hmmm should I have said that? Yeah for that one we'll blame Pat.

So whoever named it rush hour probably only drives at night and has no idea of the real plight. As the only rush to be seen, is watching the grass grow green, which happens faster most of the time, if only I had a dime. At least it wasn't to crass, although some may want to shoot my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hmmm A Rant With Style Or Could Turn Into A $%^& Pile!

So as I was going about the daily stuff, I found a story that make most people puff, some in a huff and sadly some would get rough. Those are the nuts that need a good smack upside the head, yep you heard what I said. Or would that be read, heck maybe it's time for bed. So according to more so called statistic crap, hate crimes have risen up here by a gap. So lets see what kind of fun I can bring, with this thing.

Hate is Gone, Try a New Lawn

No matter where you go
Looking high and low
You hear some slang
That souldn't be rang
Yet you still allow it to show

Where the dollar is king
Depending on how much you bring
Making the transition fast
Yet bringing your past
Dangling many words you sing

Not even having any merit
Just repeating like a parrot
What you were told to believe
Thanks to some little peeve
Scrunching your face up like a ferret

Yet demanding change
Forcing what has been in place to rearrange
As what you have brought
Doesn't mix with what you have bought
Creating a wide range

Equality you state in plain sight
Yet behind closed doors still fueling the plight
Not even remembering why
Just unable to open an eye
Standing hunchback in the night

Placing more demands
Shouting out commands
That this doesn't qualify with that
So the rule should scat
When you decided to come to the land

Taking to the street
Blistering your feet
Attempting to stray
From the light of day
Just to satisfy some festering heat

No one forced you to come
So the rules shouldn't make you numb
Beliefs are fine
One has no right to impend mine
Or yours as to our own tune we hum

The bars slam shut
Look what you got
Nothing but woes for some reason unknown
Just because of some long forgotten moan
And if you drop the soap, something may go up your butt

What's here is here
Give it a cheer
Or ignore it at will
If you find no thrill
Shedding the fear

Then two sides become one
All this hate is done
Fighting pound for pound
The middle ground can be found
Becoming one in the same under the sun

There that was my little playful spin today, here at my way. Somethings exist everywhere, raising a what the hell eyebrow hair, as there should be no rhyme or reason to it and no fit. But then with other crap thrown in, like some idiot out west filling his money tin, saying if you don't like it move, that has to throw a wrench in ones groove. But alas I doubt it will change, as greed has all the range, with appeal from the mass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For My Onestop Stunt, Time For A Treasure Hunt!

So today I thought I'd take a page out of Tashtoo's book and give the place where I roam a look. This I already knew, but I decided to share with all of you. As there have been documentaries and all kinds of other crap, done on this so called booby trap. But nothing in rhyme, so I figured it was about time.

For all the facts, for those like the Fox who like to know the past acts, click the link and a timeline can be found about this treasure that has brought many to the brink. Even took the life of a few, what greed can make some do. Or it could be just a hole, that was made as mother nature took a stroll. Anyway the riches from the movie National Treasure are said to be there, as well as Captian Kidd's loot and other stuff that is rare. Heck even some say the holy grail is hidden down below, so I decided to use Oak Island for my onestoppoetry show. Now enough with the background crap it's time to take an all rhyming lap.

In This Plot, X Marks The Spot!

Each trap was set                                                            Fire fueling from deep within
Leech cap does wet                                                           Aspire ruling hum steep win
Breach, clap, buzz met                                                   Dire drooling, slum creep skin
Reach wrap because threat                                         Perspire pooling, some weep sin

Vex remarks store hot
Perplex sparks assure squat
Complex embarks pour not
X marks your spot

Big guns brought aboard                                                         Collapsed forever more
Dig tons thought scored                                                           Relapsed however roar
Swig ones caught hoard                                                        Elapsed endeavor tore
Rig ones distraught chord                                                        Lapsed, sever, swore   

Damn once again I'm so grand, here at my land, rhyming every word once more, as you never know what is in store. Bonus points to those that noticed how it was set up, to you I tip my cup. So back to the facts in between some work stacks and some other junk, which seem to be in a funk. Also just to note, I was going to number each one in the order I made but decided for a no vote. As each can take what they want in the order they see fit as they fall into the Oak Island Money Pit.

Maybe the cat will go treasure hunting too, yeah probably a big nothing down there between me and you. But you never know, big foot may show, or some huge treasure could give off a shine and be all mine. Yeah probably not going to happen I'd say, but we may find out if anything is down there one day. So until then time will pass and I will still be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sell You a Chewed Finger Nail, Maybe a Hair From My Tail!

So going here and there, I found something that made me raise my eyebrow hair. For have we become that material thing grabby, do I sound crabby?. As I was saying, in my typical rhyme playing, would you sell your kidney for an iPad2? It's brand spanking new.

Yeah the answer to that, for most, would be a big no, as most would tell someone, seriously asking that, where to go. But some teen really wanted that iPad2, so he went to China and had some two bit hack pull out one of the two. Here is a link for the Fox, just not to ruffle his socks. Oh and Grammar Nazi I was tired and didn't see, but a certain comment was pointed out to me, where you forgot a B, oh that causes me glee.

So yes he had a bunch of middlemen yank it out, just so the newest crap he could spout. I guess this is common practice over there, maybe they do it with flare. After all used undies are sold in a vending machine, which would make most normal people green. I wonder if they even sell ones with brown stains, ooops think I just popped a few

But I will offer you a can full of my do do, for the newest TV or two. I'll up it with some back hair for something with flare. I'll even give you a whisker that fell off the other day, for tickets to a play. Maybe even trade you some ear wax, for a trip down the tracks. Doesn't all of this sound grand, glad I could lend a helping hand. So if you believe any of that you are a nut, need to pull your head out of someones butt and seek help in the loonie bin or go out on a corner with your tin. For that is better than selling your part, for something that in a year will be as worthless as a fart.

So I understand if on my nail or hair you pass, but intact remains my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.