Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bitch, Moan and Charge a Due, I Want To Start a Union Too!

So bored to death a bit at work and went to my mailbox to lurk, to see if anything was there, but oh that's right it's bare. It always is anyway, as I get the crap done with no delay, but there is usually something to grab, but not since the mail goes out more by a cab.

The more I look at this crap, the more it seems like someone is taking a nap, for how stupid do you have to be, to realize you have it better than most just pushing the remnants of a tree. Oh poor me, poor us, the mail is now going out by a bus, just because I want a few bucks more, after all making $24/25 an hour just isn't enough for this chore.

Oh boo hoo they are taking away what we can do, with the sick days we get, lets take another fit. After all saving up sixty over a few years, in case I prick my finger realizing my fears, then using them all in a row, has to stay it can't go.

So some mouth piece gets to gloat, as we stomp around and shout, after all he has to prove he's worth the dues so he does a nice little shake and move. Hoping people won't see, instead will just nod and agree, like some monkey whether skinny or chunky. Heck a monkey could have resolved things quick, just hit the idiots over the head with a brick.

As for all the whining that is done, money goes away by the ton. Oh but wait it is finally resolved and we got a fair deal, this was so worth it and unreal. Back to work we go, with a hi and a ho, clouded to the realization, that all this bitching and contemplation, really sucked dry, any raise no matter how high. So actually nothing has been gained by most, except the ever so gracious union host. Who never wants it to end, further antagonizing the trend because his pockets jingle, so he doesn't want the two sides to mingle. Oh what a swell job, at least thieves who rob, aren't trying to pretend they are more, hiding behind suits galore.

See what happens when I get bored at my shore, I can offend a whole bunch more. Now in saying that 95% aren't nuts and don't want to sit on their butts, just the small fraction of idiots that ruin it for the rest, by being an annoying pest. But thus it is always the case when one is stuck in a crappy rat race. Now stopping at my show, before more things pop out that shouldn't be in the know. Yes I was a little crass, but I had to make up for all the niceness spread around by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh! Oh! Away you go
    On this very justified rant
    I've searched for sympathy high and low
    But I gotta tell you, I can't
    Find any sympathy to give
    I've barely enough money to live!
    So I'm on your side
    That's for sure
    Let's show these workers
    The big exit door
    And we'll go and take their place
    And earn enough dough to stuff our face!
    Sorry, guess that was no class act
    But it's still a Face it Fact

  2. It's been sometime since I was first!
    Guess I've finally quenched the thirst! lol

  3. A fun read/rant...thanks and... thanks for visiting mine and the comment too :)

  4. I heard your postal service was on strike.
    and they want to cry in a mike
    So all will hear how bad their salaries and benefits are
    But most are worse off near and far.
    Is yours government run like ours here?
    That's our exact problem I fear.
    You want it to be a total mess
    let the government control and take a guess
    The pay will be sky high
    but the quality will make you sigh.
    Oh, look at what you made me do
    I'm ranting and raving just like you!
    I'd send you a postcard so you'd get mail
    but it probably wouldn't be delivered except by a snail.

  5. Yes no sympathy can be found in my head
    For they created their own bed
    Now that is where they have to lie
    Well they bitch, moan and cry
    Yeah it be nice to make as much as they do
    Then one could afford their own zoo
    But I wouldn't want to walk around and deliver crap
    All over the map
    Especially in the cold
    So I'd never join that fold
    Bah screw the class act
    When it comes to that crap one needs no tact

    Yes been months since you've been first
    Brian usually chimes in with that burst
    But he's away
    The Fox seems to be a stray
    And Betsy is just kind of slow
    So you win here at my

    Glad you enjoyed the rant and rave
    Here at my rhyming cave
    Nice write you had
    Over at your pad

    Shouldn't mike be mic
    Oops was that Grammar Nazi like..LOL
    Yes that is so true
    They whine and act all blue
    Yet they have it better than most
    Yet they still have to boast
    About how bad they have it
    With some stupid fit
    Yeah ours isn't a whole lot better I'd say
    Except we don't pay up the butt for health care our way
    Although it does seem to be creeping up
    Doubt that's just a hiccup
    Hahaha you have to have a good rant every now and then
    Especially with 5 cats and 5
    Yeah it might get delivered by the end of July
    Probably August if they listen to that loud mouth guy

  6. Actually, it isn't mic
    but mike.
    Crazy, I know,
    but the Grammer Nazi will make a show
    sooner or later and confirm
    that it isn't as you would think at first
    I think he did a post about this very word
    I personally think it is absurd
    and it should be mic as it is an abbreviation after all
    But what do I know, I'm only Dr. DoLittle at my stall.

  7. Oh well that's news to me
    Mic is what I always use and see
    I'll trust you are right
    And aren't out just flying a kite..ha
    Yeah it is kind of dumb
    But one can ho and hum
    As that is how it will remain
    So may as well not pop a vein..haha

  8. Grammar Nazi says: Read it and weep, folks! All the whys and wherefores! :)

    (Oooooh, cool! WV was "Allard," the real secret identity of The Shadow!)

  9. hahahahaha hey at least I'm consistent and use the pic and mic not switching to mike and photo or some other thing
    When I give my rhyme a sing
    I don't pronounce them correct either I must say
    That really must cause you dismay

    Still a micrphone is a mike, prounounced mick
    Who came up with that some hick
    Mic makes way more sense
    And doesn't sound as dense
    I bet if one walked up to 50 people and said do you have a mike
    They wouldn't know what they hell you are talking about and just call you a dick

    Oh well I guess that's the way it is
    In the so called english language biz

    The pic one is just me be lazy
    Just like prob or a few others that are hazy

  10. The pic abbreviation is a good point.
    If mic is mike
    why isn't pic a pike?
    hee hee, oh that is a tongue twister
    hard to say for you or your sister!

  11. I've seen people write "mic," but they never pronounce it as "mick" when they actually say it. They always pronounced it as "mike."

  12. I like this. I can imagine you reciting this to a rap beat background. :)

  13. Great rant...all need to do that sometimes.

  14. That Canada Post strike
    Sure gave us a strife
    It didn't make us pause for a bit
    we did ICS,faxes and emails a lot.

    I also want to say the comments post
    is just as interesting to read as the post itself.

  15. Very true about pic being pike
    Try that and people would tell you to take a hike
    Tongue twister it can be
    Just like Simple Simon Surely Sang Stuff So Simply See

    Yeah exactly I have never heard it pronouced as mick
    Not even as a trick
    Even on movies and shows they say mic
    I think it was even said that way on Psych

    hahaha me doing a rap
    Yeah I think people would take a nap
    I'll hire Brian for that
    He can do it way better than the

    Yep every once in a while
    Some need to rant in style
    Of course I tend to do it more then most
    Just to give a good roast

    Yep so did we
    But it didn't cause much glee
    Pain in the butt it is
    This postal strike biz

    Yeah the comments can be even more interesting at times
    As who knows what will come out in the chimes