Friday, June 24, 2011

HOLY Crap, This Deserves a Rap!

With this one you can take crap literally in some cases, as it will be right in front of your faces. I apologize in advance Mr. Fox, as there may be many butt references that could curl your socks. But when talking about the topic at hand, that's typical where mutts go in their own little land.

Yes I'm talking about mutts that sniff butts, but not because of any of that, but because today isn't the day for a cat. No it's the day of the dog, even shunning a hog. Although I think eating your own poo and rolling in it, is worse than a hog in a mud pit. But to each their own, so today I throw the dog a bone.

But why now you ask? Well as I was going over to Mad Kane's Humor Blog for a look, something I never knew, or heard of, was read that just had to be touched upon at my nook. For today the 24th of June, has inspired this little tune. For it is "Take Your Dog to Work Day", oh how this could cause dismay. No this is not a joke, as you can click here after my poke, to see it's for real, don't those mutts have a sweet deal?

You Think You're Cool, Even With The Drool!

You view your leash
The cat thinks oh geesh
As you jump up and down
Hoping to go out on the town
Well I eat my keesh

Mark the yard as you go
Putting on a show
Wagging that tail so fast
Like it will never last
But little do you know

That once out of the car
After traveling near or far
Head stuck out the side
Glad the window is wide
The working class and you are on par

For now comes the cat's delight
And a workplace fright
For your true colors will show
And you'll reap what you sow
Banished to the yard tonight

After sniffing all the butts
Greeting the other mutts
Leaving a puddle on the floor
Told to do that no more
And being rubbed on your guts

You have to sit from nine to five
In some crummy dive
With patience not a virtue
Especially with the loo
So you show you're still alive

Playing with things that look cool
Filling the work clothes with drool
Picking through the trash
Trying for a quick dash
Acting like a fool

Eating the work at work
Giving the homework excuse an added perk
Well oops making the floor rather brown
A smell that wins you the stink crown
Giving the leash another jerk

You try and learn to type
As it's cleaned with gripe
Sending emails to all contacts
With very little facts
Even through Skype

Oh but your new buddy down the hall
Went in his stall
It smells so yummy
It has to go in your tummy
Down comes the cubicle wall

Falling over like dominoes in a row
Costing lots of dough
Did I do that
Can't we blame the cat
Look my head is really low

Hurricane dog has come on through
As all go home by two
Because of the whole mess
Causing lots of stress
You just had to mark the door too

Banished to the yard
Without even a card
Making the cat look great
Oh how it does elate
Is sitting still really that hard

Oh that was fun giving the mutt a roast, in my little post. Does anyone else think this would end bad? At least just a tad. Say an office of fifty or so and half brought one to show, that be quite the zoo and if all decided to use the loo, oh how smelly it would be, while the cat is home and odor free. What day will they come up with next? Something with a hex? Hmmm maybe I'll have to touch on the soon, as I rhyme like a loon. I should add it to the facts too, just in case one never knew, about this day and they want to play. Anyway now I've picked on the mutt enough with my sass, so I'll trot away with my clean rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. my boss give me enough $hit, without having to step into a steaming pile left by a mutt, tho it may be an improvement, no lets leave the dogs at home, while we chase the ever elusive bone...

  2. hahaha Oh this was TOO funny
    Now I want a 'bring your bunny'
    Then Nugget could come and chew on our papers
    and get into all kinds of capers.

    Yes, cats would behave and just take a nap
    Dogs would just need a slap.
    Just their panting would be a distraction
    and barking would cause negative reactions

    I hope they don't have dog day where you work
    as that would cause more than a smirk
    But if it happens and you have no choice
    let them eat the postage machine so you can rejoice!

  3. Yes agreed way to much can occur
    With all the panting and fur
    They can chew their bone at home
    While we chase ours and roam

    That would be interesting if Nugget could go
    For him I doubt it though
    Not so sure cats would behave
    But the situation wouldn't turn as grave
    Nope no dog day
    But doesn't matter as I don't work Friday..haha
    Oh but if the postage machine got munched on
    I'd be sure and pass that along
    Though with the mail strike
    Lately that can take a hike

  4. "Well I eat my keesh..." [Grammar Nazi's head explodes...]

  5. hahaha yes I saw that when I went back through
    But decided I'd leave it there just for you
    Or it could have been I was just being lazy
    Ummm Oopsy Daisy

  6. Oh the thought of taking my dog to work just made me feel panic. Rosco would do all of this and more. If you look up the word possessed, you'll see his picture.

    Wonderful fun, rhyme adding so much to this "tail"

    *rose* Beth

  7. Haha! You are quite the rhymer. Do you dream in rhyme as well. And is that cat still friends with Pat Hatt?

  8. Yes that would be quite the show
    To have the dog go
    And tear the place apart
    Possessed would be fun if he destroyed
    "Tail" was a good pun too
    Thanks for the comment by you

    Oh I have been known to dream in rhyme
    It is really weird time
    Yes the cat and Pat are fine
    As long as I share when I dine

  9. Pat that was just too much, loved it. I've actually brought my dogs to work before. About 6 years ago I had tons of reports to complete, so I went home, got the dogs, and seeing no one would be at work at night I didn't see it as a big deal. Well, all was fine until the janitor came into my office, and my dogs saw this 400 lb hispanic guy, with hair that was everywhere, and well they went nuts, I was pooing myself, afraid they'd bite him, but luckily he ran an olympic sprint and slammed my door shut before they could get him. About two hours later, I noticed the little dog, jack russell, had to be her, went poo in the corner of my office., and no I cleaned it myself. Story end, never again will I ever think of bringing them in to work

    Sidenote, I also have 2 cats and this wouldn't be a possibility, they hate the car. Have to put them in the cat taxi thing, and they howl the entire way.

    Anyhow good piece, very entertaining, thanks for sharing:)

  10. 400lbs and he ran that fast
    Damn his steps must have been vast
    Did the building shake
    Like an
    Yeah I'd never take cats or dogs
    They are happy home at their logs
    Although I've taken my cats for a visit to work
    One stayed in the cage and one decided to lurk
    They come with me when I travel for a visit at home
    And yes they howl like crazy in their cat carrier dome
    Nice story that was too
    Thanks for the comment by you

  11. That was great fun! You see what comes of visiting my blog? LOL!

  12. Haha yeah I learned something new
    And had fun with it too

  13. That is why I don't have pets
    Not only do I don't have the time
    to clean and pick up their trash after
    Their furs make me sneeze and shoo
    all day long ~

    Happy sunday~

  14. Allergic are you
    That sucks but it saves you on cleaning poo
    Happy Sunday it is
    For there is no work biz