Monday, June 27, 2011

Is It Really That Day? Hip Hip Hooray!

So after the whole take your dog to work day, I thought I'd see what other days I could use to play. Turns out there are a ton, oh this should be fun. As to when they take place, you can take a look at the link below to find a trace.

So without further adieu, the days that are wanted by all of you.

Use A Different Name Day

This would be interesting indeed, no matter how much one does beg and plead. You could name yourself Nobody like me and be perfect for a day for free. Wouldn't that be fun? Although if you get too cocky you might get shot with a gun.

Rat Catchers Day

Is this day for catching rats or to celebrate cats? As they catch the rats, in the yard and under mats. Or is it talking about blabbermouths, stoolies, narcs and whatever else you call those ones, who try to get out of trouble by yapping tons.

Barbie in a Blender Day

Oh this would be hilarious if everyone accepted this day, although Barbie might be in a sad state of disarray. Poor Ken might be all alone too, oh well still be such fun to do.

Walk on Stilts Day

I see lots of broken legs in the future if this takes place, as many would fall flat on their face. For most have no balance at all and like Humpty Dumpty would take a great fall.

Goof Off Day

Hmmm I think I do this at least every other week, a full day might make my boredom peak. So I'd pass on this one, although for others it might be fun.

National Get Out of the Dog House Day

I laughed at this one, as many could use it to not run. No matter what one did, even if their significant other flipped their lid, poof all would be as it was, as the day states this just because.

Not Going to Take it Anymore Day

Oh this could cause much dismay, as saying whatever the heck you want on this day, could really cause one to become hated, hahaha oh that would make me elated.

Upsy Daisy Day

Still don't know what the heck this is? Maybe some sort of quiz? Upsy Daisy you say when you get pulled from the ground? Or a nose goes up your bum from a hound? Or just look on the bright side, no matter the incoming tide.

Rain Day

Hmmmmmm haven't we had enough of these? Doesn't it rain whenever mother nature would please? Or maybe a rain dance is what occurs, with people covered by nothing, not even furs. Good thing it's in summer, because one might think oh bummer. If it was cold and things were too small to look bold. hahaha Oh how I amuse myself, here at my shelf.

Lumberjack Day

So I take my axe, slam it against a tree to the max, suck on a long piece of grass and add 100 pounds to my mass. Think I'd be able to pull if off? Don't laugh and scoff.

Hug Your Boss Day

Going to call this not going to happen day, as it just be weird to play. Especially now a days when you can get sued, just for a glance that is crude.

Meaning of "Is" Day

Hmmm and Hmmm some more, what the heck is this for? Is there a meaning to is? This one is a strange biz. But it's just another day to ponder crap I guess or make ones brain a mess.

Yeah no way I'm doing 365 or more of these, not even if you say please. You can click here and check them all out, some will make you shout. I just picked a few and gave them to you to view. They are the facts, even though 90% fall through the cracks. Also who comes up with this crap, a national day to take a nap? Oh well the days will continue to pass and a day will be just another day to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh, the meaning of 'is'..think US President Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
    Yeah, he was desperate and that's the only excuse he could handle.

  2. hahaha oh so it's fool around day
    And then deny it until finally 'is' is all one can say

  3. now you've got the idea!
    ok...going back to read the rest
    and comment on the very best!

  4. Oh, they are so very silly
    yes, hugging the boss could give the willies
    Rat catchers? You would be good at that
    As would be any cat.
    My favorite is the Not Going To Take It Anymore
    I feel like that more and more
    I would be fun to yell
    "I'm as mad a hell..."
    While leaning out the window sill!

  5. if i went by another name the shame would be i might forget and get into a bind bent, perhaps we could combine a few, on stilts fooling around, but mix in the lumberjack and he might chop you down, mind you...any reason to celebrate in any season is a good thing i think, so i wont cause a stink

  6. Guess since he was chief and all
    An IT day deserves a call

    Yeah not going to take it anymore would be tons of fun
    Just yelling what you thought as you run
    Although a crowd might start following you
    Wanting to boil you in a stew
    Nice little movie quote too
    Weird how all of these are true

    Yeah just one day by a different name
    Would really be a hard game
    As they'd call it out
    And you'd walk about
    Not answering back
    Until you're given a whack
    True celebration can be good most of the time
    Unless it's for killing a mime
    Although that could be argued for good I guess
    Just it would leave a big mess

  7. Use a different name day-sometimes I could certainly use that one. Rat Catchers day- Pied pipers would jump at that chance, there all pretty funny. No, don't want the hug your boss day and not going to take it day is truly in need for lobbying, we do need this one so badly:)

    My favorite though has to be barbie in a blender day- priceless.

    Entertaining as usual, thanks, I needed this today:)

  8. It's already a real day
    Not sure on what day/month it does play
    But all are the real deal
    How bad poor Barbie must feel
    I try to entertain when I have a thought
    Which seems to happen a lot..haha

  9. I want a day all about me
    Wouldn't that be one to see

  10. I'm sure it would
    But my day comes first as it

  11. I'd take a not going to take it anymore day. And lol to Upsy daisy.

  12. Seems everyone wants the not going to take it day in their fray
    Maybe it should be made that way at least every second day