Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Kind of Normal Shuffle, May Leave You in a Kerfuffle!

So last week for my entry with Mr. Linky, or was it Blinky? Bah that doesn't matter, so as I was saying with my chatter. Last week it was indicated by Fred, that I should drop dead. haha oops not really I just couldn't resist, now don't go shaking your fist. It was indicated that I should try a non rhyming entry for a change, then Tashtoo blatantly hinted at it here at my range. So I figured what the hell, but shhhh don't tell, I have some standards to keep, I wouldn't want the all rhyming folks to weep. What? You won't do that? Hmph you are no longer able to chat. You've just been blocked by the cat, but we'll blame Pat.

Oh and yes I had to try to give it some creative flare, as just some basic one I wouldn't dare, so here is one that is non rhyming, I know such awful timing. As you were expecting a rhyme, but at least you got this first little chime. So for my entry at the onestoppoetry way, here is the little diddy I cooked up today. Just started with a word or two and what came out lies before you.

Disconcerting Concern vs. Vile Smile

Clasping Lips                                      Glazed Brightness Streams        
Cannon Fotter Embraced                     Minuscule Moment Struck
Smoke Expelled                     vs.         Brain Pitching Sense
Furry Stained Wall                               Family Mishaps Shape
Disconcerting Concern                         Vile Smile

Whoring Open Gaps                           Shackling Iron Maiden
Unsavory Young Slavery                      Smirking Wiggling Finger
Discarded Financial Limit        vs.        Classification Validation Retracted
Discharge Animated Decay                 Stoop Over, Teeth Gritted
Disconcerting Concern                        Vile Smile

Power Resides                                     Stocks Shatter
Corrupted Nature                                  Plummeting Elevator Floors
Line Crossed                          vs.         Naked Office Decor
Blinded Declarations                              Similarity "Will Work For Food"
Disconcerting Concern                         Vile Smile

Fueling Cushioned Bottoms                             Preventative Reasoning Passed
Sorrowing Pain Below                                      Bareness of Unarmed Trenches
Honored Interchangeable Dismissed    vs.          Deaths Bellow Ignored
Reality Bent More                                           Hastening Bombs Disposal
Disconcerting Concern                                    Vile Smile

Shadow Rainbows Mass                                   Sirens Deafening Blare
Fleeting Distance Shivers                                  Shadow Emitting Disintegration
Eerie Agitated Perception               vs.              Wickedness Cleared Path
Traveling Sectioned Corners                              Golden Molar Shines Through Glass
Disconcerting Concern                                      Vile Smile

Traveling Ones Expense                                    Broading Mountainous View
Stabbing Bloodied Words                                  Underlyings Consummate Foundation
Spine Twisting Dagger                    vs                Constantly Surround By Foes
Underneath Scarred Boot                                   Fending Off Hoards Alone
Disconcerting Concern                                      Vile Smile

Ailments Decades Unchanged                           Fueling Terrorizing Fright
Clasping Hands Reach                                      Needing Believable Strife
Begrudging Cents Keep                  vs.                 Placebo Inducing Prevention
Same Ailments Burning Holes                          Treasured Flu Shots Equating Loss
Disconcerting Concern                                      Vile Smile

Innocent Guilty Blurred                                     Hoarded Trees Disconfigured
Dollar Trump Card                                          Through Boughten Verdict
Manipulative Boughten Process        vs.             Depleted Orbiting a Lingering Eye
Dirty Hands Freed                                            New Offenses Leave Unwavering Guilt
Disconcerting Concern                                      Vile Smile

Actions Shapen Through Design
Horrors Plagued By Loopy Holes
Ravaging Antique Stresses To Simplify Cause
Thirst Within Appeased In Suffering
Smile Disconcerting, Vile Concern

So should I stick to rhyming or what? Yeah I'm better at being a nut, stuck in a rut, here at my rhyming hut. But there was my take, on the fake, those that cause a gap and all the other crap. So we'll see how it goes, but I can guaruntee you won't think of lollipops and rainbows. Although now that I typed that you will, see now I gave everyone a thrill. So I'll shut up and give the facts, as I get back on the all rhyming tracks. So today the non rhyming gets a pass, but that doesn't mean I'm still not a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. no way man, this is wicked creative...love the contrasts...the second and third set especially and you sum it up well bringing the two together...really well played pat...

    just popped mine up too as i will be traveling in the AM to see U2, well not you too, but the band, where i will sing and dance and clap my hands, getting all kinds of silly but really hoping not to get arrested, or sick on food ingested, but i will return by the end of the week, so dont forget me or think of me weak in my not being around, i am just out of town.

  2. So I guess I can do both some what
    And I didn't even have to use a butt
    The Fox will like that
    Have fun visiting with U2 at their mat
    The food should be fine as long as no germy hands have touched it
    Then you might get sick a bit
    The cops will be at the donut shack
    So just stay sharp as a tack
    And run if you see them getting near
    They'll never catch you so no fear
    Oh and yes I knew what you meant by U2
    Just because movies are my thing doesn't mean I'm not somewhat up on the music scene too..lol

  3. Wow, am I impressed
    at your clever creativeness!
    You never cease to amaze
    you had the PC keyboard ablaze!

    And did you add that one word just for me?
    That made me smile quite big you see!

  4. I should know better than to come here before I've had my coffee...

  5. hahaha Actually yes I changed the title around just to fit that word
    And I spelled it right so I didn't look too absurd
    As it is your new favorite after all
    So I had to give it a call
    Set my keyboard ablaze you say
    Hmmm maybe that is why the buttons are getting crappier causing dismay
    And I've been blaming the cat
    How about that

    hahaha oh you need your caffiene
    To become the Grammar Nazi and turn all mean?..lol

  6. I guess Fox is all kerfuffled first thing in the morning. ha.

  7. hahaha now you have that word on the brain
    But you are right so it wasn't used in vain

  8. Pat, this piece was really good. I love the methodology. And this is very similar to an exercise used in ideation groups. But this piece goes way, way beyond the exercise I'm thinking of. I love you each one of the groupings work on their own, then when you pit them against their "opponent" you get something else. Your summation was masterful. Keep rhyming too though, never depart from that:)

  9. Had to look up ideation groups
    Knew what it was just the actual name threw me for loops
    Thanks for the feedback
    It didn't lack
    And yes the rhyming will always come first
    As I go on with each burst

  10. Well there Pat, I guess this is a Hats
    Off to that rhyming cat
    Who in plain verse
    And without curse
    Proves not all the time
    does he need to rhyme!
    Seems I've some catching up to do
    Here at the Cat's Shack with you
    So I will read what's down below
    But just before I go...

    Amazing, thoughtful, (to the point I ALMOST needed dictionary!) write. You go! I told you so :)

  11. This is great! Love the way that you create. Could do with more, would even up the score. But I love your rhymes, so don't stop for dimes (!) you do it so well, go ahead, what the hell!! But, very impressive & original.Great job..:)

  12. I can't make up my mind
    which column made my eyes spin
    Disconcerting Concern did it first
    No, Vile Smile gave me the ache
    Whichever the case or curse it was
    I need my pill before I was done ~

  13. I like your rhyming, but this poem is really cool and creative too.

  14. Yes I didn't need a curse
    Damn I'm getting too nice, I must get worse..lol
    As you egged me on
    So I gave it a try at dawn
    And this is what came out
    With a little gloat and shout
    So I guess I can do both as you say
    This was the first time I tried one without the rhyme play
    Yeah sometimes words I never used in years
    Pop in my head for my post cheers
    So I use them well
    And hopefully one doesn't think oh hell
    And have to use the dictionary ever other word
    That just be absurd..haha
    I'm sure you'll catch up
    After all you have to sell your real estate to fill your tin cup..haha

    Oh I had another ten more
    But I didn't want to bore
    As it would get quite long then
    But pump them out I can
    Oh the rhymes will never stop
    I may now and then do a non rhyming hop
    But they take front and center at my place
    So there will never be a lack of rhymes in front of your face

    hahahaha you had to pop a pill
    That just gives me a thrill
    Maybe I should hand out a free bottle to everyone
    Oh wait, scratch that, as that would cost a ton
    Hopefully they didn't spin too much
    As then you might not want to keep in touch..haha

    Always try and be creative as I can
    Not just going about stuff like any other man
    Errr umm cat
    Thanks for the feedback here at my flat

  15. So I sat down at my desk in the kitchen
    taking a break from my housekeeping ambitions
    And clicked on your blog to see what was going on
    and was met with a very entertaining decorating song

    First it was grass and clouds and sky
    you could use it to rhyme
    your sign off line
    every single time

    But when I hit refresh
    I was shown a new dish
    It was an ocean and sandy shore
    Oh the choices you explored!
    I thought you'd stick to this one for sure
    as you always refer to your rhyming shore

    And above it all were these evil cat eyes
    on a really wide head, 3 times the normal size
    Must be all of those accolades
    swelling your head from your charades

    But it didn't stop there!
    It got so entertaining, I poured another cup
    as the palm trees quadrupled
    I just had to laugh it up

    It went back to grass and sky
    and I thought the decision was final
    but when I hit the button again
    I found I was in denial

    As a library had appeared
    Apparently volumes of rhymes and jeers
    Then the background went black
    on the rhyming attack

    I had more housework to do
    So after I mopped a bathroom or two
    I returned to see if the books were gone
    But they had stayed, so I was wrong.

    Gosh work must really be a bore today
    and when there was a redecorating delay
    I figured the boss at work
    was walking by to lurk
    and you had to close the blog
    and act like you were doing a mailing log

    The rhyming library must be here to stay
    And after I vacuum I'm coming back to lay
    my finger on the refresh button again
    and see if we're back to the grass
    where you lay your rhyming ass

    LOL!!! Sorry, just couldn't resist. Thanks for the entertaining coffee break. :)

  16. hahaha wow that was your longest ever I think
    Yes I tested a bunch out here at my rink
    The grass was nice
    And would have worked with my final spice
    But then it would get old after just using grass all the time
    To rhyme with ass every single time
    So I looked around and found the shore
    But it just seemed bare so I looked some more
    The cat eyes worked pretty good too
    But they were too blurry to do
    I found a movie theatre one
    Could have been fun
    But also didn't seem to fit
    Not one bit
    So I looked some more and found the old study type one
    Figured it could work considering all my different writes in rhyming fun
    So here it will stay
    At least until the day
    I decide to change it up once more
    Maybe I'll find a good shore
    Yeah the whole tile thing was rather crappy
    And I didn't want to go all sappy
    With some weird looking thing
    So I ignored those ones when I heard the ding
    Oh and yes I had a whole 30 mins of work today
    So that's what caused the delay
    New boss so she has her own things to do
    Leaving me to sit and stew
    Figured it was about time I gave this a design poke
    As what started off as a joke
    Has become much more
    As many come to take the tour
    You know thats border line stalker right
    Looking here day and night..LOL
    Had to point that out
    Very entertaining shout

  17. If it hadn't been for the background change
    I wouldn't have given a second look to your range
    but when the changes started to glow
    I sat with my coffee and watched the show
    and a rhyme
    came to my mind
    so there you go!
    so fun, you know!

  18. haha glad I could give you something to do
    As I searched for something new
    Hey it worked for us both I'd say
    As it passed my day
    And made your break fun
    For I did change it around a ton

  19. fun break
    break fun
    either way, it was fun, a ton! ha.

  20. Break fun by itself
    Sounds like someone is drunk or buried under a book shelf
    Only able to say a little
    Sounding like a riddle

  21. wow, this is intense! love the creativity. thanks so much for stopping by my place today.

  22. Woo hoo! Pat Hatt, you are one creative cat!

  23. Intense and creative all in one
    Guess no where to go but down by a ton..lol
    Not a problem at all
    Enjoyed the stop at your blog stall

    Razzadazz haha haven't heard that one in a while
    Look at you commenting with some original style

    Creative cat I can be
    Nice of you to come and see

  24. Wow Pat, this is great. Creative and just perfect.

  25. Oh I'm perfect too
    hahaha isn't that nice of you

  26. wonderfully creative Pat ~ loved the contrasts versus and lines ~ but you say that really you prefer to rhyme ~ well either for me would be great anytime ~ :)
    thankyou so much for your kind words and visiting my page ~ Lib ~

  27. Yeah rhyming seems to come off really easy
    Even when it's kind of cheesy
    haha nice little rhyming addition there too
    Thanks for stopping by too at my zoo

  28. Oh so I'm a fake
    A fink the is confused upon my take
    Oh you meant the write
    Whoops I now see the light..LOL

  29. Pat, I'm with Brian...it's wickedly good..inventive....original..

    And every time I see that globe grabbing cat....I laugh~

    Lady Nyo

  30. Haha he thinks he owns the place
    So he covers the globe with his face
    Thanks for the feedback retort
    Here at my fort

  31. i'm whirling with words, here... how do you do that?

  32. Really beats the heck out of me
    Once I have a word or two my fingers just run free
    And out it comes
    Yes sometimes I even cause people to pop a tums..lol

  33. So, I immediately noticed your lack of rhymes and wondered if you were having sad times... :)

    Glad to see you are merely stretching yourself, and this is crazy good. I'm wondering if you might be a genius. You've got one amazing mind, Mr. Pat Hatt.

  34. Oh stroking the ego a bunch this time
    Don't worry I always have a rhyme
    Up me sleeve
    Whether I want to use it to make some come or leave
    My mind can be amazing and scary I guess
    And a tad confusing at times when it's in such a mess..lol
    Oh and nope not sad
    Maybe a tad glad or bad here at my pad

  35. ..so no rhyme this time.. very cool and creative poem pat

  36. Creative either way
    Whether rhyming or not at my bay
    But never fear
    For the rhymes will give a cheer
    And be back fast
    Just had to see if I could be a tad more vast
    Thanks for the feedback
    As it didn't lack

  37. Intelligent, interesting and accomplished.

  38. some powerfully vivid stuff here. enjoyed the rhyme-free break :)

  39. This is so creative, unique. I like it that you venture into the unfamiliar and in the process give us an idea for a new "form."

  40. One more "I" and you could have went all triple acronym on me
    But either way I won't disagree..lol

    Good whether it's normal or in rhyme
    Well at least as normal as I go and should remain that way as long as I don't try and mime
    Run on sentence there
    The Grammar Nazi might make me pay a fare

    Hmmm never figured on a new form idea
    Just wrote what came out I fear
    But nice to hear
    And thanks for the cheer

  41. Rhyme or no rhyme, you (and your writing) simply ROCK!!

    The macabre in each of those verse was .. well.. STIMULATING!!!

    You sure know your words, I can tell
    No no.. it ain't necessary for me to yell
    Nor do I have thoughts that I must dispel
    One thing I know sure as Hell
    At well-paced poetry, you do excel!! :)

  42. Not only did you give great feedback
    But your rhyming doesn't lack
    Anytime you want to come yakkety yak
    Here at my rhyming track
    Or just give me a smack
    You can as you have the knack
    Thanks for the verse and reply
    Well paced I never thought I'd be but I try

  43. Golden molars shining in this wiley simile. - Brendan

  44. I still prefer the good ole rhyme,
    though I liked this too, just fine.


  45. Let it shine on through
    Unless the cuffs are slapped on you
    Then one might stew
    And turn a bit blue

    Yeah I knew you'd prefer the rhyme
    All the time
    But I still use it to chime
    And can whip it out on a dime

  46. Pat Hatt your name does rhyme
    your poetry takes all the good the gods
    have given to minds they liked
    but minds do have a kind of streak
    that breaks the reins of good
    you'd think those minds astray
    would gather raw bran for fodder
    but instead weave traps of straw to lay
    across an inattentive night to startle
    to pull down stars that write the lines
    the lines that here you read as sparks
    spraks that spangle a name that rhymes

    Oh my!!! Look what you've done with your amazing peom that I have to reread and reread to get the magic! I hardly write rhymes but with this maybe I can! Thank you, Pat and thanks for your lovely comment on my poem.

  47. Wow now that was quite the retort
    Here on my court
    That was kind of a post all on it's own
    Great Godly tone
    If they like my mind that be something for sure
    I guess at least I don't bore
    Again great word play, especially the last line
    On the post that is mine

    Actually reread it more than once you say
    Need me so send some Advil your way
    Rhyming does start to come
    When you begin to strum
    Most one can do is give it a try
    Have a feeling you'll hit it quite high

  48. Nicely done indeed!

  49. Thanks for more nice words
    Beats calling me the bad word for turds..lol

  50. You should contrinue to do both - rhyming and these "ittle diddies." What wonderful word play! And my face bace has no vile smile, just a fun one!

  51. I'll prob do a non rhyme one inbetween
    The rhyming stuff and being a bit mean
    Glad it wasn't a vile smile
    And a happy one as long as the nile