Sunday, June 19, 2011

Look Two For One, Oh What Fun!

So the Grammar Nazi down below, was quite curfluffled at my poor rhythm show, guess he's a closet Rhythm Nazi too. Who knew? Then a few seconds later Pat's phone rang and he wasn't around so I knocked it over with a bang. The button got hit and then I heard this little fit. It was from none other than that big buffoon, who has more hot air than a giant balloon. But I figure I'd type it out for all of you, as it may appease the rhythm part of the Fox for a second or two.

Drazin's needs a hat
What a pleasant thought
Drazin's needs a hat
But it can't be bought

It can't be found
It can't be made
As this God is crowned
And plans are laid

Drazin walks down the street
To a Godly beat
Terrorizing everyone Drazin meets
Clearing a theatre of all it's seats

But Drazin felt bare
After you run from Drazin's glare
Leaving Drazin with your bounty
You dashing for another county
For you're all so lame
And it brought Drazin great shame

As here Drazin had to sit
Not giving a.......

(awww Mr. Drazin sir not in front of the young ones)

Oh that's right Betsy's ears might burst
And brains of others might be dispersed

(awww Mr. Drazin sir I believe that's the cats job)

(choking sound is all the surrounds)

For Drazin needs a hat
A spotted one at that
That of a certain cat
Who is about to become a stat

As Drazin will mame
And Drazin will slash
Creating a frame
So the colours don't clash

Then Drazin will have a hat
And Drazin will no longer be bare
So ends the story of the cat
And Drazin will have a hat that is rare

Drazin will soon have a hat
That will be such a thrill
Drazin will soon have a hat
And the cat will become a dirt hill

Drazin will step in stride
Drazin will laugh and gloat
For the cat has no where to hide
And on that note

See you soon kitty
As Drazin ends this ditty
Oh what a pity
A hat made out of a kitty

Then Drazin will have a hat
And Drazin will no longer be bare
So ends the story of the cat
And Drazin will have a hat that is rare

Now there was the few words from that Drazin guy God of the rats, as he hoped to scare these two little cats. Pretty sad how a so called God who's oh so great, not once can make us feel our oh so destined fate. But I guess that's just the facts and he'll take his whacks, but always miss, as he can kiss, excuse me for being crass, my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. If you want to save your skins
    I offer my resident raccoon as a replacement
    Coonskin caps are quite the rage
    Just ask Daniel Boone or someone his age!

  2. I think anyone his age is dead
    Or prob won't have much hair left on their head
    But the Drazin guy isn't very scary
    Heck he isn't even very hairy
    Oh you know you like the raccoon
    As he just adds another to your zoo under the moon

  3. I do not like the raccoon!
    I hit him with a broom!
    He scares the cats
    and eats their food
    spills their water
    and makes me brood.

  4. haha see he just keeps you on your toes
    He must think your frenemies not foes
    So he has fun with his game
    Hey maybe the raccoon you can tame
    A bunny, some fish, some kittes and a raccoon
    Boy would you then be a
    Sounds like something one would say then end with "walk into a bar"
    But I won't go that far

  5. a hat made of a cat, rather eww with that...ack, dont hurt the coon, they are cute, my son sleeps with one, stuffed of course, could be worse...i think...

  6. I would be a loon for sure
    People would sell tickets to take a yard tour!
    It wouldn't just be that one neighbor looking through the glass
    Lurkers would peek just to see the pets in mass.

    No, I'd rather catch that raccoon
    and send him up to you
    I priced traps today but they are 60 dollars
    That's so outrageous that I let out a little holler!

  7. Hahahaha. I really like this one! It does have good rhythm. :)

    I don't think I want to introduce you to my cat though. LOL

  8. The Drazin guy must think it's nice
    As he wants the cat at any price
    But he'll go out the window once more
    If he attempts to come back to my shore
    Yeah Betsy wants to hurt the poor raccoon
    Maybe she can go all High Noon

    Well you could go and add a pond in the middle
    Then yank out a fiddle
    Do some kind of mating call
    Then maybe a real loon would land at your stall
    Now when you heard the word loon
    Whether morning, night or noon
    You could pretend they were refering to the bird
    Each and evey time you heard the word
    Send the raccoon to Brian
    If you killed it he'd be crying
    So let him have it
    Then he won't have a fit

    Hey the cat and Pat are fine with cats
    The Drazin guy chills with the rats
    Just avoid him
    He is quite dim
    And all will be fine
    So on a cat he'll never dine

  9. I'm not going to hurt the coon
    just trap him in a cage and relocate him, and soon
    But I can't afford a trap
    So I'll just give him a little rap
    with a broom
    if he comes in the light of the moon

    ew...the rhythm nazi is going to hate that one!

  10. Yes he might have a fit with that one
    But oh well give him some fun
    Coming back with a you should have done this
    Or maybe a simple hiss
    I'm sure you can design your own trap
    Make a cage and leave a gap
    Then place some food in the middle
    And poof you've solved your riddle
    Slam the door shut when he walks in
    Then relocate him to a new home he doesn't know, what a

  11. btw, had to look up the definition to 'curfluffled'.

    Kerfuffle ~ Per the urban dictionary ~A weird word used by weird teachers to describe their infinite confusion. Or a minor disturbance, disagreement, scuffle or snag.'s my new favorite word.

  12. now if I could only pronounce it...ha.

  13. haha I knew I spelled that wrong
    But I was too lazy to look writing my little song
    You never heard that word before?
    Hmm I use it once and a while at my shore
    Guess I gave you something new
    As you came to view
    hahaha not that hard to pronounce
    Ok maybe an ounce

  14. Okay, so this Drazen dude,
    I gotta tell ya, pretty rude!
    But I guess he makes me smile
    So I'll hang for just a while
    But my dear, he's no class act
    That simply is a Face it Fact
    For anyone whose worth a salt
    Would bow to the facts and then exault
    It really is the play to be
    Espcially wannabe poets like me
    For lots of views it sends my way
    Each and every single day
    For ten bucks can't get no better
    And a chance to win! it's a no sweater!
    So there it is, I've had my say
    Now its off to one stop to play :)

  15. Drazin is a baffoon
    With enough hot air to fill a balloon
    But he is useful here and there
    To give the facts a big blare
    You always give such good plugs
    Now if only it was in front of some mugs
    That would listen the what you say
    And join up today