Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rung, Hung, Lung, Damn My Tongue!

So lets see how many of these I can do, I'm sure you'll get the point before I'm through. For those that can't decipher the point, maybe the facts will put your nose back in joint.

Skip Sunk Silly Squirrels Silently Some Sunday

True Tips Take Tick Tock Time To Turn Towards The Tray

Poor Pete Packed Pills Pocketing Popping Purple Packs

Really Royal Roy Rickets Ripped Rivals Roughly Ridding Rotten Racks

Four Fake Fried French Fries Frequently Flip Flopped Frolicking Frank For Fish

Dastardly Dodging Dog Dug Deep Down Dragging Dora's Due Dish

All Around Arrows Are Attempting Aggravation Against Area Animal And Art Apes

Great Growing Gory Grey Gypsies Give Grand Greetings Gathering Grapes

Crews Courting Crow Calls Create Countless Culprits Curing Craving Cats

Miss March Mated Making Much More Merry Maple Mats

Zack Zipped Zapped Zany Zero Zippers Zoo

Lord Lucky Loopy Larry Lightly Licked Letters Looking Like Lisa Liars Loo

So there is my magnificent dozen for the day, making you bite your tongue and cause dismay. Oh how I love that, just don't bleed on the cat. If you don't want to have it feel sore, just ask Betsy and she'll tell you how to make it hurt no more. Although it may be numb for a while, letting it no longer flap and be as agile. Of course for some that might be a good thing, especially if they wanted to sing. OK I'll end here before I get to crass, here where I roam with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. my tongue hurts are reading that,
    what have you done to me pat,
    thusht dispathe stisnith garpoof kintunth
    rithanu whicitak isth abn en nobits

  2. Ha har hardy heck horse hoot
    Fidgeting fantasizing funny foot
    Rhyming reading rationalizing roots
    Dizzy dazzling dreaming day :-)

  3. hahaha Geez making you spurt out nonsense
    Hmm maybe you could use it at your fence
    And make something out of it
    Thanking your tongue for having a fit

    Party Playing Pat
    Cart Cooking Cat
    Foot Funny Frozen Fit
    Watching With Wonder Wit

  4. Oh, yes just ask me!
    Tongue got stung by a bee?
    or just hurts from Cat's rhyming spree?
    Just spray ant killer on your floor,
    take a breath before running out the door!
    Your tongue won't feel a thing for days
    no matter how hard you pray!

    Now your magnificent dozen, dear Cat, was quite the show
    It was a little hard to read them in a row.
    My goodness, you know how to push us to the brink,
    Pop a pill or vein or need a strong drink!
    But I still found myself laughing as I stammered through
    And I know that's what you love to make us do!

  5. Numb Tongue
    Whether by chemicals or being stung
    Wouldn't be that fun
    So I gave the maginificient dozen by the ton
    Yeah even I can't read them in a row
    As I could go blind don't you know
    Maybe I should put a warning for that
    Bah screw it, we'll blame Pat
    Yep making you laugh and stammer
    Is just as good as bringing down the hammer
    Don't drink too much though
    As drunk comments at my show
    Would be a sight to see
    But the next day they might not bring you glee
    Although they'd be very funny to me
    So if you really want to feel

  6. Well, I'm sure you know by now
    my life is exciting enough without alcohol!
    No, I have enough adventure that is for sure!
    I don't need a bottle to give me a lure!
    Although I'm sure it would bring you glee
    to see what else could happen to me!

  7. haha very true you are a busy bee
    As long as it was funny stuff it would bring me glee
    Nothing really bad
    Maybe just a
    Yeah screw the bottle I say too
    As been there done that and all through

  8. Aw, Cat ~ there's almost a compliment in there
    Careful or your little soft heart might become too bare! (not bear!)

  9. Yes Grammar Natzi Wannabe
    Bare and Bear is the same for me
    As I'm special and can get away
    With causing grammar some

  10. Now my tongue hurts
    But no blood spurts

  11. That is good
    As that be nasty, yes, yes it would

  12. Great job, the continuity of beginning letters was a joy to read. I do this from time to time, but there's a reason I rarely, if ever post them, they never come out 1/4 as good as what you came up with. Kudos, loved it:) thanks

  13. haha I just did that up out of the blue
    Wanted to see what I could do
    A few I got stuck on for a minute or two
    But eventually out they flew
    Thanks for the praise
    I think I deserve a raise..haha

  14. Hahaha. Nice job with those Zs! I'll be saving this post for inspiration next time I decide to write a tongue twister. :)

  15. Haha yeah this was my first attempt
    And figured the Z's shouldn't be exempt
    So gave it a go
    And what do you know