Monday, June 6, 2011

Sell You a Chewed Finger Nail, Maybe a Hair From My Tail!

So going here and there, I found something that made me raise my eyebrow hair. For have we become that material thing grabby, do I sound crabby?. As I was saying, in my typical rhyme playing, would you sell your kidney for an iPad2? It's brand spanking new.

Yeah the answer to that, for most, would be a big no, as most would tell someone, seriously asking that, where to go. But some teen really wanted that iPad2, so he went to China and had some two bit hack pull out one of the two. Here is a link for the Fox, just not to ruffle his socks. Oh and Grammar Nazi I was tired and didn't see, but a certain comment was pointed out to me, where you forgot a B, oh that causes me glee.

So yes he had a bunch of middlemen yank it out, just so the newest crap he could spout. I guess this is common practice over there, maybe they do it with flare. After all used undies are sold in a vending machine, which would make most normal people green. I wonder if they even sell ones with brown stains, ooops think I just popped a few

But I will offer you a can full of my do do, for the newest TV or two. I'll up it with some back hair for something with flare. I'll even give you a whisker that fell off the other day, for tickets to a play. Maybe even trade you some ear wax, for a trip down the tracks. Doesn't all of this sound grand, glad I could lend a helping hand. So if you believe any of that you are a nut, need to pull your head out of someones butt and seek help in the loonie bin or go out on a corner with your tin. For that is better than selling your part, for something that in a year will be as worthless as a fart.

So I understand if on my nail or hair you pass, but intact remains my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. If your nail or earwax looks like a madonna
    I'll sell it on ebay for a quick millionna!
    Or if it looks like Bin Laden
    I'm sure it would make a good trillion!
    Maybe the face of Abe Lincoln would bring
    enough money to make me sing!
    And I guess if you're nice
    I wouldn't think twice
    about sharing my riches.
    Did this have you in stitches? hee.

  2. hahaha yes that was a good one I must say
    But if it looked like one of those you'd have to pray
    As I'd sell it myself
    After I admire it on a shelf
    Then all of it would be mine
    And I'd move to a bush surrounded by lots of pine
    Maybe send a loonie or toonie your way
    I know that just make your

  3. A loonie or a toonie?
    No, thanks, you can keep those for yourself
    As I doubt they'd be good for any wealth
    They might even be bad for my health!
    Perhaps they would be wanted by an elf!

  4. Hey they are worth a whole 2 extra cents American I think
    So you'd gaine a good 6 cents to buy a drink
    An elf would want them though
    As they'd help with shoe repairs on the go
    Or maybe buy some toys
    For all the girls and boys
    So that be less they have to make
    And could spend more time by the lake

  5. "If your nail or earwax looks like a madonna
    I'll sell it on ebay for a quick millionna!"

    Looks like Betsy's in rare form today!

  6. Mr. Fox, I'm sure there's a grammar error or two for you to point out.
    I was just sure you would give a shout!
    And you didn't bite the bait about the missing 'b'.
    Aren't you curious about that tease?

  7. Yeah, I am, but I can live with a typo or two... if I must.

  8. i think i will keep my parts
    nothings worth seeing them depart
    i just dont have the heart
    i would not mine and i pad
    though it may be a fad

  9. An iPad would be really fun
    but there will be an iPad2 undone
    before that kid's stitches have healed
    and he can't sell the other, let's be real!

    Mr. Fox, just look on your comment about my Praying Mantis
    And you'll see why you should be embarrassed.
    Not living up to your Nazi name
    even if it is only a game. lol....

  10. @Betsy: Thanks. I was looking on Pat's blog for the "B" error.

  11. Yeah, I can live with that for a well, and I assume that Orlin can, to. I mean, "I can live with that for a while, and I assume that Orlin can, too!"


  12. Well, if it really starts to bother you
    I know a trick that you can do
    Take a tip from Alex my son
    and bop a bottle on your chin a ton.

    LOL! Oh, that was SO funny. I really am cracking myself up. I think I'm tired and giddy, hence this little diddy. ha.

  13. Actually, if I want to de-stress, I bop someone else's head with a bottle!

  14. And here I thought you took more drastic measures
    and got rid of them forever
    by running over them with your car
    so they wouldn't get very far

  15. That is what I may sometimes do,
    If they have bugged me through and through,
    And I've had too much coffee, a
    Flashback to the Irish Mafia!

  16. Ha. Oh that was a good rhyme
    I'll have to end on that read as I look at the time
    It's late and I'm tired and must go to bed
    and rest my weary little head.
    I'll be back tomorrow again
    much to ya'lls chagrin. hee.

  17. Damn Brian they just skipped right over you
    Guess you butted in on those
    And yes if body part selling becomes a fad
    I will raise an eyebrow just a tad

    Yes Fox I knew you could live with your blunder
    But once it was pointed out I had to plunder
    hahaha and good little dig with the well and while
    Plus the to and too I abuse by a mile
    I agree smacking someone else upside the head
    That causes you dread
    Is probably more of a stress relief
    But then if you get sued it could cause you grief
    So better off to run over them with your car
    Outside a bar
    Then fake drunk
    Like you were in some funk
    And with a good lawyer you'll get a year or two
    Be out in 6 months for good behaviour by you

    Awww you didn't let the Fox suffer
    Looking around for the error would have been tougher
    But oh no you had to tell
    Yeah sooner or later I would have rung the bell
    As it was quite hard to find
    Especially since one got the feeling it was here at my behind
    And not over at yours
    With the groceries, zoo and chores
    Not to mention the food
    Yeah I won't even mention that and be
    Aww your weary little head had to be put to rest
    I love to jest
    And rhyme the best
    You can usually pass the

  18. I didn't shun my twin
    I answered right under him!

  19. Sure sure you and your shun
    Shame on you for what you

  20. WTH are you talking about?
    No shun by me was ever allowed!
    I answered right back about his iPad comment
    Always happy to offer my two cents.
    And where were you anyway
    Did you get tucked into bed early yesterday?

  21. Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed
    Did you bump you poor head
    Acting all cranky pants at me
    Did you kitties run up a

    Sure you did
    As you wanted to get rid
    Of your poor twin
    As you wanted to win
    Yes I went to bed early
    Does that make you squirrley..haha

  22. No, I'm not cranky
    but just to be sure
    I'll go have more coffee
    and return more demure!


  23. Blech!
    what are you thinking?
    what have you been drinking?
    Is this what happens when I leave you alone?
    Don't make me call you on the phone!
    Keep your back hair and ear wax to yourself
    Put those icky things back on the shelf
    Now take my advice,
    and write something nice
    and I'll be back to check on you
    to make sure that you do!

  24. Yes suck make the caffiene
    Then you will no longer be mean
    And be all nice
    With a little added spice
    From being a tad hyper
    At least you aren't old enough to be in a diaper...hahahahaha

  25. Should be back not make, whoops mistake

    hahaha oh you didn't like the offer I gave
    Here at my cave
    The cat will extend all these things to one and all
    Whether your two or ten feet tall
    My shelf is full though
    So I have to give them away at my show
    I'll do something more tame soon
    Or at least tame for a loon

  26. I heard about this the other day.
    While sitting in the sun enjoying it's ray.
    What a crazy kid he must be.
    I, for one, just can't see,
    WHY someone would do something so bad.
    For something so small as an ipad.

  27. Damn I'm so good
    Tell all I should
    Whoops just did
    My big head will never be rid
    As I made Betsy just go LOL
    And not rhyme a spell

    Well look who it is
    Here sticking her nose in my
    I thought you avoided the sun
    As with it the last years you were all done
    Yep the ipad 3 will be out next year
    Maybe he will sell an arm I fear
    You even rhymed the whole time
    And you say you can't give a rhyme

  28. The kid's back in China
    Not South Carolina
    He's traveled so far
    just to beg for a car
    They said kid you can beg
    And beg and beg and beg
    But that kind of deal takes an arm and a leg!

  29. hahaha oh I think that would really cause dismay
    Standing on one leg and with one arm you raise saying hey
    Would it be from each side
    Or would they come from the same causing an unbalance in stride
    For he'd be lopsided then for sure
    And would hop leaning to the side forever more