Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stop and Drop, Screw The Roll, Add a Pop!

So I got this idea from the comments below, as Betsy came to bellow and started me on the popping a vein tracks either before or after Natasha gave a shout about facts. So lets see what can go pop or plop, with a fizz oh what a relief it is. Whoops I think I ripped something off there, pretty soon you may need to down them by the pair.

For this little diddy, I'll use a monkey named Kiddy. If you cry animal abuse and threaten to hang me by a noose, I'll make you a deal, as I'll show you're a nut before proving it isn't real.

So as Kiddy walked down the street, he stubbed the big toe on both his feet.
They popped up rather large, he now walked slow like he was large and in charge.
But he saw another ape, whose gaze he could not escape.
Popping his eyes, finding it was only a disguise.
A few veins went pop, as he went to a cop.
He explained how that man in the suit, was mocking him and he deserved a share of the loot.
The cop laughed quite a bit, telling him to pop a pill to cure his fit.
Instead Kiddy popped him in the face and the cuffs were slapped on causing him disgrace.
He fought back, going on the attack.
Popping his nose, as crowds begin to pose.
They even gave a pop, when he hit the cop.
The cop popped his taser out while Kiddy popped his lip out to pout.
The cop felt bad, Kiddy got glad.
Popped the cop in the ear, so he couldn't hear.
Then popped out some nasty words, making older folks pop their hands over the kids ears by the herds.
He grabbed the taser giving the cop an electric pop, watching him convulse and drop.
He popped a smile and walked off in style.
But noticed his face popping up all over town, like he won a big crown.
Instead "Wanted" is all it said, making him pop a hood over his head.
He popped into a shop but that was a flop.
As the owner noticed his face and whipped out some mace.
Popping him with some spray, causing lots of dismay.
His hood popped off his head and the cops were called no matter how much he plead.
He popped his arm on the rack only able to see a crack.
His knee got popped by a bat, boy did he feel that.
One eye popped right out, in a puddle it began to float.
He used some soda pop to clean his eye, now seeing a weird looking guy.
It looked like a hippo but how? Then along came a cow.
A hen popped in and some man in a tin.
A voice came from afar, causing him to suffer a side bar.
As up jumped a girl with a pop and his fun had to stop.
For supper was popped on a plate and his tale would have to wait.

OK that didn't go where I intended it too, but it had a pop or two. So I hope your eye's didn't strain, you didn't pop a vein or a pill, whether confused or you got a thrill. I guess you can pop your whole mass, even if you have a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. wow more pops than jiffy, quite spiffy cat, better mind his manners in the can though or they might pop another way you know, especially a one eyed ape, guess he will only half gape at the animal parade you put on his stage, nice diddy of kiddy

  2. Yes pops came flying out
    Wouldn't want things to pop another way at his boat
    That could be bad
    So guess he should remain glad
    Diddy is an ape too
    On Donkey Kong, not sure you

  3. Hmmm...I'd rather have a
    Cough Drop
    Tootsie Pop
    Lemon Drop
    Soda Pop
    Corn Crop
    Flip Flop
    Bunny Hop
    Shop til you Drop
    Clip Clop
    Chased by a Cop
    Tip Top
    Ker Pling Ker Plop
    Bee Bop
    Pork Chop
    Dust Mop
    Pig Slop
    Dress Shop
    Think I better Stop.

    Now a pill you may pop.

  4. I'll comment later. Right now, I'm listening to Cindy Lauper singing "She Bop."

    And Danny and the Juniors singing "At the Hop."

    And The Hollies singing "Bus Stop."

    And Gene Vincent singing "Dance to the Bop."

    And Cole Porter singing "You're the Top."

    Okay, I'll stop...

    Before someone hits me with a riding crop.

  5. Ha..ha... I really enjoy your blog.

    It's insanely fun.

  6. hahahaha oh that was really good
    You and the Fox gave a pop that was well understood
    You hit many with your retort
    So I'm going to rift from a song that popped into mind thanks to the Fox for a little sport
    I heard all those songs except the last I think
    So now my turn to make you pop a pill and hit the

    Oh and heaven this isn't directed at you
    Although if you want me to
    That I can do
    Thanks for the comment at my zoo

    I think I found who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong
    It wasn't King Kong
    Or Donkey, Diddy and clan Kong
    Or some dude with a bong
    No one singing all night long
    They weren't all that strong
    I know I'm not wrong
    They aren't from Hong Kong
    Or have the last name Wong
    Not sung about in a folk song
    Don't have their own theme song
    Could wear a thong
    Where did they go wrong
    As it's their final swan song
    They seem to think they belong
    Time to bang the gong
    As I don't want to perlong
    Knowing the difference between right and wrong
    The names you're looking for in that song
    Pop a pill and vein all day long
    For the Bop was Betsy with a Hop
    And the Ram was Silver in the Jam
    Now the riddle has been popped
    And I just can't be topped..LOL

    Nice comebacks they were
    Expect nothing less even from ones with no

  7. Oh now that was
    better than a shot gun
    on Petty Coat Junction
    Or Sheriff Matt Dillon
    on Gunsmoke catching villains.
    Or Wild Wild West with James, Artemus and others
    or Bonanza with the Cartwright brothers
    Yeah, I had a thing for those western shows
    I guess that's just how it goes!

  8. TV "spy" shows ruled my childhood days.
    All were brought on by the James Bond craze.
    Like Betsy, I also watched
    The Wild Wild West,
    The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was the show I loved best.
    That Brit show,
    The Avengers, had Diana Rigg,
    Who was sexy as hell although thin as a twig.
    Honey West? She was a full-figured blonde,
    A fine better half for our dear Mr. Bond.
    And our dear Honey was no relation to Jim
    The Wild Wild West fame). So much better for him!
    Secret Agent starred Patrick McGoohan, a name
    Which is much recalled due to his
    Prisoner fame!
    Amos Burke: Secret Agent and also Get Smart...
    Those are all I can think of right now, bless my heart!

  9. By the way: "You and the Fox gave a pop that was well understood... You hit many with your retort..."

    Well, what did you expect? Those were all "POP" songs that I listed, haha!

  10. I think man from U.N.C.L.E. was before my time,
    Or maybe my parents thought is wasn't worth a dime
    Since I don't remember it being on at all
    Although Get Smart was never missed that I recall
    But I was too young to really watch
    I just liked the ending and such
    where he walked through all of those doors
    and smashed his nose without a roar.

    Your popping rhyme was best on the block
    it was the tick to the tock
    the ding to the dong
    and the ping to the pong.

    And now it's time for me to sleep
    I have to go and count some sheep.

  11. So you rode the little train that was going down the tracks to the Junction
    Forgot about your cares as it was time to relax at the Junction
    And I won't go on about the rest at this Junction
    I'll save that for another Function
    Although Green Acres is where I'd rather be
    Farm living is the life for me
    Yeah I'll stop it there too
    As any more and they may sue
    The other western ones I've heard of but never seen
    Except that crap remake with Will Smith which would turn one green
    I have watched tons of western movies though
    And The Magnificent Seven show
    Silverado was a great one
    Westerns are lots of fun

    Of course James Bond I've heard of
    I'd either have to fly higher than a dove
    Or be under a rock
    Not to hear of that jock
    Errr umm spy
    Get Smart was sort of a clever guy
    A tad bit of a loon
    But the bad guys got caught, even though some were rather overly like a cartoon
    Heard of the rest
    But haven't never watched given them a test

    hahaha POP songs you say
    Maybe one should be popped in to add a pop to my day

    You'd think he'd have no nose left
    As those doors had quite the heft
    You forget ying to the yang
    Then you'd have the complete gang
    Don't count too many of those sheep
    As the morning will creep
    You'll have received no sleep
    And might start swearing needing one of those things that go

  12. The Magnificent Seven is one of my favorite films!

    Most people can recall only six of the hired guns. They always forget "Harry Luck" (Brad Dexter).

    Dexter was quite the guy. He was married (briefly) to singer Peggy Lee, and once simultaneously saved two people from drowning. (One of those "people" was Frank Sinatra!)

    Notable quotes? "I'm the one from The Magnificent Seven nobody remembers." (Told you!)

  13. Saved Fank Sinatra wow
    Sure that was all over the news with the where, why and how
    Never knew that
    Yeah he is also the least remembered by Pat

  14. Lots of pop in there pat. It seems you weren't so happy with how it came out, I think it came out just fine. Entertaining as usual, really good stuff:)

  15. haha no I liked it just fine
    Just didn't go where I thought it would as I moved down the vine
    If I didn't like it I wouldn't post
    It would become a ghost
    Entertaining is what I go for
    That maybe a jab or

  16. Yes everyoe liked the pop
    They even did a hop