Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Subject Is Rather Thin, But Class Is In!

I must have fallen asleep and it really went kind of deep. Come to think of it I had a drink, so that is how we got caught by that fink.

Drazin: "Class is in session furballs, nut jobs and just plain weirdos, as The Great God Duke Drazin is going to teach you the basics of being a God."

Cassie: "Number one have an ego the size of a house."

Voiceover Guy: "Number two say your name fifty times in the same sentence."

I was about to state number three, when Drazin had a look of glee. As he pressed a button on a remote and those two no longer did gloat. As they were given a quick shock, while I attempted to pick this lock. Are you lost yet, while don't fret.

For you see this Drazin loon, who seems like some overbloated cartoon, must have drugged Cassie and I, along with the voiceover guy and those Gung Ho clowns, plus some nose curling ones from loony towns. Then he took us in the dead of night and tied us to classroom chairs real tight. He placed a lock on the ropes, God knows this nut probably even did a few gropes.

On the blackboard his name is stored and underlined as well, making me think what the hell? As instead of making us into a hat, he is doing some God teaching chat. I really think this clown is just looking for attention, putting us in some kind of overblown detention.

Arthur: "Let thee go your scallywag or I'll make you swab the deck."

Gung: "Ummm Ho isn't that a pirate?"

Ho: "I think Arthur's got his wires crossed again Gung."

Yes Pat was there too and between me and you, he was as nuts as ever, those drugs must have sent him back to the land of never never. He gave each of them a zap and they shut their trap. I have to admit the clown did create a pretty elaborate prison for us, but every time he opened his yap you knew he belonged on the short bus.

Drazin: "So the first lesson you must all learn, as when in the presence of a God, such as the Great God Drazin, you must always greet by bowing on your knees."

Gung: "Ho?"

Ho: "Yes Gung?"

Gung: "What if you only have one leg? Would you bow on one knee? Or since you don't have knees plural you could still stand?"

Cassie: "What kind of stupid question is that? You two are as nuts as him."

Arthur: "Let thee go demon, for I will smite you with Excaliber putting you out of your misery."

I kept picking at the lock, while all these guys got another big shock. I don't think this so called God was even wise, to my lock picking tries.

Voiceover Guy: "As they all shook like they were about to light up the room, the presence of doom and gloom could be felt. For we were in the company of an unstable host, who thought he was the most. I....."

You'd think they'd learn to shut their yap or at least rhyme a lap. Maybe that would confuse this mook Drazin or make him get more brazin with his shock clicker, making each one of them sicker.

Drazin: "Lesson number two, never ever interupt a God. As Drazin will smite you all, including you two furballs, turning you into slippers. Drazin will rip out voiceover guys voice box and make Gung Ho into two dollar hoes."

Cassie: "Does that really take a God? Heck that awful purple dinosaur could do that."

Arthur: "A dinosaur and a demon? The situation is getting dire, we must end this scourge, thwarting their attempts."

Gung: "Do you think we're worth two dollars?"

Ho: "Think that be two dollars each or would we have to share?"

Cassie: "Oh my God can anybody be this dumb?"

Cassie glanced at me giving me a glare, I understood from her stare, that she knew what I was up too and was distracting you know who. She quickly turned away, as I heard a click that made my day. The lock had come undone and I used my claws to make the ropes loose so I could run.

Drazin: "Lesson number three, show no mercy. As that is why Drazin has brought you all here. For you have all wronged Drazin in the past and a God never forgets."

Voiceover Guy: "Comparing himself to an elephant, didn't help his cause any. As Drazin continued to persue this dreamed up Godly campaign, going on the typical overbloated rant instead of actually doing the job he stated...."

Drazin: "How did you like that zap you voiceover clown, should never have turned Drazin's words down. Oh look cat The Great God Drazin rhymed, which brings Drazin to your flea ridden ass. As Drazin is going to do what Drazin stated before and make you into a pair of slippers. Drazin just didn't want you to fry without knowing the three rules of God hood, for when you meet your maker. Bye Bye furballs and all your little friends too."

Cassie: "That explains a lot, as this nut job must have came from the yellow brick road."

He had an evil smirk on his face and was about to shock everyone in the place. But with Cassie's last retort, he did one last scan of his made up classroom fort. For a second he looked away and that is when I leaped his way.

I clawed him across the arm, he bled so I caused a little harm. I also thought Gods don't bleed, guess he is just one in need. He dropped the remote and gave a shout. I used my big feet to kick the key onto Pat's errr ummm Arthur's seat and he freed the ties the bind, not leaving anyone behind. The God was grabbed every which way and they all threw him into is electric array.

Voiceover Guy: "As the fallen, so called, God was tossed through the air, he landed in a trap of his own making. Those who he had once held captive, had now turned the tables. Each one taking their turn zapping him with his clever remote set up. They all watched as he twitched and squirmed, stating nothing but profanity and how he would have his slippers soon. As the group left the scene, the God was still twitching a bit on the floor and was once again eye to eye with his only followers, the rats."

So that was the newest attempt of that Drazin nut, who has the brains of a dimwit mutt, to stop the cat, but he was thwarted and fell flat. As that's what came to pass, for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. so you got drugged and fell asleep
    during the 10 commandments without a peep
    and woke up to mission impossible
    with a little Drazin the stoppable?
    how quick our gods fall, or trip running down the hall...thats all...#84 awaits...

  2. Yeah the last part is more like it
    As he had a fit
    Tripped a bit
    And we all whacked him upside the head taking a good hit
    On #84 already
    Geez you must be ticking them off quite steady
    Really must be using grandma to babysit alot
    Unless you be quiet trying not to get caught..LOL

  3. Defeated
    As the CP&O Show
    Incapacitates his

  4. Ha! Betsy didn't rhyme, but she still submitted an acrostic poem! Neat.

  5. And Orlin confused "while" and "well" again. ("Are you lost yet, while don't fret.") Oh, while... I mean, "Oh, well..."

  6. Wow such big words from you today
    Are you trying to one up me here at my
    Enjoyed it though
    Just so you know

    Yes never said one had to rhyme
    But I think that's the first comment she didn't in a long time

    Yes Orlin does that quite often I will admit
    Or course the Grammar Nazi would have a

  7. Yes, mothers usually get in a rut
    saying "stop" "go" "come" and such
    Once in while we get our brains to work
    and say big words when we come to lurk
    I need more caffeine if I'm to do it again
    Maybe later this morning when I get my contacts in.

  8. haha so that was your profound moment of the week
    As you came to take a peek
    Pretty sure you'll have men home 24/7
    And might only make one comment instead of eleven
    So suck back the coffee
    And see what big words come out when you visit me
    Plus it would help if you weren't blind
    So my shore you could

  9. I'm full of coffee now and can see
    so I'm ready to comment more with thee!

  10. A bit hyper are we?
    Make sure you don't get up too fast and whack your knee
    Or your funny bone
    As you won't laugh just whine and

  11. Aww, no, not hype at all,
    just wide awake, ready for whatever my fall.
    If you had my job you'd drink coffee, too
    because apple juice just wouldn't do it for you!

  12. haha yes you can keep your job I will admit
    As I would really have a fit
    Yeah I'd might have to get into the harder stuff
    As coffee might not be enough

  13. You could just let your juice sit a while
    until it took on a different style
    It would take on a little kick
    to help you with those fits.

  14. I can see it now... A drunken Pat trying to play "Mother Hen" to the boys? Sounds like a great start for a whole new blog.

  15. Yeah I did that once that I can recall
    Not on purpose at all
    And when I took a drink it was very vile
    I spit it out on the

    hahahaha I'd think I'd come across kind of scary for sure
    As depending upon what I got into I could be flying across the floor

  16. A little like apple cider vinegar?
    It gave a little jolt to your jugular?
    Maybe it would thin your blood without pain
    So you wouldn't be likely to pop a vein!

  17. The jolt
    Almost made me molt
    Yeah could thin my blood out
    So then when I shout
    The vein wouldn't pop
    And my fit could never

  18. Then all that would be left to do is pop a pill
    Which you'd probably do if you had the will!

  19. Take a lot to get me to pop a pill
    As I'd rather let my body climb that hill
    All alone
    But if I really need drugs I'll go to the germy drugstore zone
    Just got gas too
    That's just big time germy I'm telling you
    As well as got food for each cat
    They cost more to feed than

  20. I think I'd rather have an Advil
    than to climb the hill.
    Yes, I know it's practically a whole paycheck
    to fill the tank and feed the cats!
    Suddenly I'm buying for 5 men and 5 cats
    How the heck did I get in this circumstance?

  21. Yep getting close to at least a few days pay
    To fill the tank and keep the cats from going stray
    You really want me to answer that
    As oh what could be said by the

  22. ha...well, the cat part yes, but not the men
    as I'm sure I know the answer (grins).

  23. Yes the cause of the first can be rather fun
    But after the deed is done
    9 months later when they want out
    I'm sure there is cause for more than one shout..LOL

    As far as the cats go
    Why would they head to a different show
    As birds galore
    Are found at your shore
    Plus lots of food is put out to eat
    So they don't have to hunt in the heat

  24. well, that is true!
    why leave betsy's zoo?
    two of the cats ate from my hand this morning!
    soon it will be me they're adoring!

  25. Yes you seem to be getting their affection
    But it could just be a deflection
    So you won't stop filling their tummy
    As maybe they just think your food is yummy

  26. Oh, that's what I love about you Orlin
    You make sure nobody's head keeps growin'
    except your own
    as you sit on the throne.

  27. hahaha I just give all the facts
    As I wouldn't want you to go down the wrong tracks
    Did you see one of the final comments I got on my last post
    Damn my heads about to explode with that

  28. Just went back to read that.
    Well, no wonder your head is fat!

  29. Yep makes it grow and grow
    Like one of those grass toy things you know