Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Training Has Begun, It Wasn't Very Fun!

So Pat once again lugged us in the car, to go rather far, especially being stuck in a cage for an hour or two, really have to stretch when we're through. Also yesterday some stupid spammy thing took over the computer once more, so the day was spent with an encore, of getting rid of that piece of trash, the computer got a good lash.

I decided to recruit for the revolution during my stay, but all those cats just cause me dismay. Plus not many of them were up to snuff, as they are rather large and not to buff. But I recorded their progress and may as well use, all this stuff I gathered to abuse. So let's see how many of these so called cats I can run down, of course you'd probably find more brains in a clown. Such house pets who've lost all their drive, yes there are way more than five.

I went up high to my post and was in command, as I set forth each demand.

Miss Priss just started to laugh at me and she rolled around with such glee.

They thought they were stonger as a group, but they still couldn't get through a single hoop.

This one watched from afar but he never joined as he knew he was subpar.

Cassie finally stopped laughing and gave the mutt a poke, but he laughed too thinking it was a joke.

This guy was depressed because he didn't make the cut, he has to big of a gut.

This guy just thought he was all pretty, wasn't at all very witty.

Then miss priss had to show off too, neither look impressed by the other between me and you.

This mutt just likes his nose in his butt, although he'd make a good snack later to fill my gut.

This guy tried to show me his skill, but I think the mutt just got a thrill.

As after a whole 30 seconds he was worn out, so he stretched and started to pout.

This one was just a chicken cat, he'd even run from a rat.

He even tried going over the wall, next time I'll make them another five feet tall.

This fluffy furball thought he had what it took, so I gave him a look.

After the training this is how he ended up, ummmm he'll make it, sure, yup.

This mutt was unmoveable like a mountie, but she'd be good at protecting any collected bounty.

This one was just to grumpy to even try, I think maybe she needs a guy.

Yeah this one just looked on, she may make a good pawn.

Another one that couldn't take the heat, doesn't he just look beat?

This guy with a buck tooth didn't want to wake, doesn't look like he was even able to partake.

Oh and here's the so called king, thinking he could blend in, what a ding a ling.

Cassie just lounged about with an I told you so and laughed as if she was always in the know.

And after a long day of trying to get this revolution off the ground, here is where I was found. Resting on the rear of Pat, as I had, had it with all of that. So on all these ones I'll take a pass, for on an ass I rest my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I can feel the revolution starting
    as you were home recruiting!
    Looks like Cassie makes herself right at home
    and plays with the toys as she roams.
    I can see why you have a big head, Cat
    as your coat is such a neat pattern like that.
    My cats used to lay on me like that
    Or the center of my back feeling so heavy and fat
    that I couldn't breathe after a while
    making me want to sleep in exile.

  2. Very nice photos. Some were hilarious.

    Now about that "to" and "too" thing...

  3. please tell me you are not in a house with all these cats, dont know how i would survive that, and computer viruses are chumps, tried to give mine a bump a few weeks back, but step back hack, i deleted that bunk, punk, before my HD went skunk...hope yours is feeling la revolution! that aint noise polution!

  4. You can feel it's about to start
    Hmmm I don't know about that part
    Yes I even stay there when Pat gives a fart
    Guess I take those to
    Even if the kittes have lots of room
    They always run up with a zoom
    And have to lie right on your head, back or side
    They also expect you to take it in stride
    Yes I have experienced the whole exile want too
    Especailly in that

    Yeah I was half asleep and still changing passwords and such just in case
    So the to and too weren't overly looked at, at my place

    Oh hell no I'm long gone
    No longer near that lawn
    But they do run and sleep about
    So you wouldn't be able to tell there were that many in the boat
    Yes they are junk
    Must have been something I downloaded that made it go kerplunk
    Now all parinoid and such
    So on this one I no longer do much

  5. So now gramma lives in a boat?
    Next she'll have a goat!
    I just want to know who cleans the litter box
    Yes, there must be more than one for shocks.
    I didn't know about all the dogs
    At least they aren't hogs
    They seem real sweet
    even though I'm sure they feel beat. lol...

  6. Very funny job personifying those animals!

  7. Yep right on the sea
    Which is scary to me
    Yeah there are about ummmm 8 litterboxes or so
    They have their own room don't you
    Only one dog still can be found
    The other to passed and are in the ground
    Yes the wiener is the only one there
    So I'm sure the cats bury him in hair

    Thanks for the feedback
    As I went on the attack

  8. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    What neat-"O" photos Of your mutts and cats...I too like the scribe under each pix, but I must admit that some Of your cats eyes looks quite...fixed.
    [Translation: Their eyes looks as if they are trying to hypnotizes if they are saying: look into my eyes they are yellow and a glow...come follow us we will let you know are "solution" as we take over later and start a "animal revolution"]

    All kidding aside, Pat Hatt, all Of your animals are/[or were] very beautiful...I just read what you said, to Betsy, about some Of your animals no longer being Of this earth. [Hence, the use Of the word [were] beautiful...I must admit that the comments are very funny too!]

    Thanks, for sharing the photograph(s)...I truly hope that your computer problems are solved too!
    deedee ;-D

  9. Wow such the comment you wrote
    Thanks for the vote
    Yes computer issues seem to be resolved
    And got the Facts error solved
    So back to normal as it is
    But still doing the job searching biz
    On multiple roads as it were
    But I'm sure soon enough the lines won't blur

    Yeah some of the dogs are long gone
    But I had to use them as a pawn
    Yes they do give off a glare
    Can tell quite a bit from their stare
    The comments are also funny
    As I'm on the
    Thanks for the huge response you gave
    Here at my cave

  10. I have to agree with DeeDee about those glowing eyes
    It's as if they are trying to get us hypnotized!
    Or maybe they're turning into zombie cats
    Oooh, how scary is that!?

    Eight litter boxes is a lot!
    Cleaning all of those I'd never be caught!
    You'd have to eat lots more Pringles to have enough cans
    That's too many for any man!
    Then you'd be fat
    and wouldn't fit into your hat.

    lol...oh, I'm cracking myself up here. hee hee.

  11. Yes my glowing eyes will make you bend to my will
    Oh if one bends to far that might be a thrill
    Oh that was bad
    Just a tad
    Zombie cats would be fun
    A movie about that should be done
    Yes I'd be really really fat
    And my belly button would pop out at that

    haha glad you can enjoy your own jokes
    Taking little pokes
    At this more cat
    And maybe even Pat

  12. Hilarious photos!

    And thanks so much for your fun, multiple-verse submission to this week's Limerick-Off.

  13. No problem with my rhyming it was eay to do
    A verse or two

  14. Hello Pat.
    I don't rhyme, but this is hilarious!

    8 litter must surely have lost your sense of smell or lost your senses (lol).

    Anyway, thanks for sharing & for commenting at my blog.

    (This is my second attempt to post a comment)

  15. Oh never fear my sense of smell is in tact
    As I no longer live there and that's a fact
    Just a visit now and then
    To mother hen
    No problem thanks for the retort
    Here at my rhyming fort