Thursday, June 16, 2011

Watch Your Phone Or You Might Screw Up Your Loan!

You'd think people would learn, after taking a turn, playing pocket phone, yet all they do is groan. Hit the off button and hope no one heard, what could be considered absurd. Especially now that there is a save function, so that will just add to your injunction. Of course if your cat steps on it and dials, you may suffer long distance miles, but as long as your aren't around, a meow or two will be all that is found.

Inside Scoop From the Low IQ Group

Hello.....Hello...What the hell
I know you're there as I didn't hear the cut off bell
What are you going on about
That nothing is on under you housecoat

Hanging up the phone
What a pervert
If a nun got that call she might convert

You had such a bad day
Faking niceness to a so called friend
Must have been so hard to pretend

Now betting on aspects that would cause grief
Secretly hoping they're a thief
So you can turn them in and move up
Getting a new cubicle with a bigger cup

Did you really have to share with me
How you delight in hoping for another misery
Kind of a dick

What Now
Damn don't have a cow
Tone it down a bit
You sound like some nitwit

Oh you're talking to those that surround
Drunk as a skunk thinking you're all profound
Throwing out slang like you're cool
Sounding more and more like a fool

Sucking back each one
Not knowing it's long past when you should be done
Taking a fit
Loud steps, toilet water splashing, vomit

Oh nasty indeed
Never call again I plead
Oh look my phone is on
Hello? Who is This? You Gone?

Under my breath comes out moron
Still what has been heard does not dawn
Hmph wrong number I guess
Click..not knowing an audience heard your mess

Closed door conversations
As well as those exciting examinations
Should remain there unplugged
Meaning the phone should never be lugged

The power should read off
Then you won't whine and scoff
As ones nose curls and disgust arises
Hello? Huff...Puff...Roar...Guess they come in all shapes and sizes.

Thus why a smart person has something that won't let their phone dial, so no one knows what they do on the tile, whether speaking vile or walking a mile. Heck turning it off would be the smartest bet, but oh no you'll be cut off causing you to fret. Can't live without the oh so important thing, that you gave it's own unique ring.

So guess you'll have to live with the plight, of others finding out what you say and do at night. If you are too simple to disconnect or the buttons you neglect. I am done with my sass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. ha, locking my phone now...eee...what would people think of little old innocent me,fun bit or verse cat, true that,
    but what if we could capture them
    to sell, maybe make a tv series, we
    might get rich quick at the expense of
    such lunatics
    &you know people would watch
    cause thats whats hot

  2. That's a good idea
    As they even have video now I hear
    So when they hit the button by mistake
    A video we could take
    Sell it to the highest bidder
    Or do it ourselves making a site better than Twitter
    Charge a fee for them to watch
    As some dude guzzles down scotch
    Yes people would view
    Very very sad but nothing new
    Oh and little old innocent you
    hahahaha I'm sure that is "true"

  3. I have someone that 'butt dials' me.
    I don't know them and they don't know me.
    But I say hello and they don't know I can hear
    and they are just going about their day unaware.
    So now when I see their number I don't answer
    as he's a little teen punk that likes to swear.

  4. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Thanks, for giving out a shout and a..."yell"
    and for sharing information about a "cell" [phone.]
    deedee :-D

  5. A teen punk you say
    I'm sure a little swearing doesn't cause you too much dismay
    Unless he says it every second word
    Like a little turd
    Then it would get annoying for sure
    Interesting how he butt dials your shore
    More than once
    Must really be a dunce

    I don't know how much information I gave
    More like a bit of a rant and a rave

  6. Don't turn off the phone
    I just want to say Hello again
    You made my day bright
    With your crazy phone post~

  7. I have a flip phone so I don't have those problems
    Because once it's closed you're rid of those goblins
    Nobody can stay on and hear you rant
    Even if they wanted to they simply can't!
    You can't butt dial either
    which can really be a bother
    Saying hello one hundred times
    and they don't know you're answering their chime!
    And I don't have a ringtone song
    I've preferred the traditional phone ring all along
    It's easier to hear over all the noise
    that's created by my boys!

    Hope this didn't make you weary
    or even a little leary.
    Did you yawn or fall asleep
    As you ready my little peep?

  8. Glad I could be a bright spot
    With my phone post rant that just can't be bought
    As I am a tad crazy
    Maybe also a bit

    True the flip phone works well to avoid butt dialing
    And avoid the swear words from piling
    Oh you rant you say
    That would be fun to listen to and worth the hello or hey
    With no one there
    Except you ranting with some flare
    I have Beverly Hills Cop Theme as my ringtone
    Beats the same old boring ring from every phone
    Yes I suppose it would be easier to hear over the furniture moving about
    You could open your own furniture moving business without a

    Bah I don't get too weary
    Maybe at times less cheery
    Shouldn't it be "read" my little peep
    Oh don't go calling me a bleep

  9. ha, yes 'read'
    Sorry Grammar Nazi, Jr.

  10. hahaha I take offense to that
    Although I guess Jr. is better than Sr. for Pat
    Still young that way and not old
    But if you get it right you wouldn't need to be

  11. Where is the Sr. today?
    He must be at work and not able to play.
    We can misspell all we want
    and he won't see til he goes on the hunt.

  12. True we can get away with alot
    Before he comes and we get caught
    Although "to" many and he "miht" have a fit
    So "Ill" just "due" "1" or two as "eye"

  13. Oh know! He'll berst a vain!
    Popp a Pyl.
    Knead a drink
    and let out a squeel.

  14. hahaha I'd pay to see that last one
    As that jst bee so

  15. The squeal?
    Oh, he'll have a for a meal
    if he comes over here for a read!
    you'll need to hide in bush #3!
    He has my address, so I'll have to move
    Somewhere big where I can still have my zoo!

  16. hahaha yes that irish mafia gene might rear it's head
    Better find a better place than under the bed
    I'll move too just in case you break
    Wouldn't want you to spill the beans on bush #3 by mistake..haha

  17. Ok, we'll I'm going to go hide
    plus, don't want to wear out my welcome here at your tide.
    I'll give a chance for Deedee to talk
    cause I think she's got the hots for you and the way you walk.

  18. I'll go finishing cleaning and play a game
    Yep my night is rather tame
    Just don't destroy my mat
    And you are always welcome to visit the cat
    hahaha Oh you think do you
    Says the one with a Fox wanting to get in her zoo..LOL

  19. The Silver Fox has not had time to give it much reflection,
    As he's been having troubles with his internet connection.
    Though pointing out small errors is my normal predilection,
    You'll have to trust yourselves to make your very own corrections.

  20. Hate when the stupid crap won't work
    You can't even go and lurk
    You want us to make our own corrections
    I don't think I'd ever win the Grammar Nazi

  21. Fun one! And I so relate to your frustration and annoyance!

  22. Yes it can be very annoying
    Sitting around and the sight you are enjoying
    Then poof comes a butt call
    Making you want to chuck your phone down the hall