Thursday, July 14, 2011

Attack of the Cereal, Brian You Had To Go And Make One Bacterial!

So thanks to Brian posting in the comments below the other day, going off in a new path as he had his say, indicating not to let him pee in my cereal, I've received quite the flack to use as material. Thanks to Brian the cereal killer, you get this little thriller. No the peacock hasn't returned, instead his comment seems to have really burned, a cast of characters unlike most, of course they'd come and bug your host.

"Isn't this cat Greeeeeeeeeeat! I'll even rhyme since I'm on his plate."
"Yeah him and the Captain will make it happen, even with Brian and his dirty rapping."
"You'll never get me lucky charms, I installed plenty of alarms."
"What's that I smell? It's fruit loops I can just tell."
"I'm cuckoo for this cat, but steal my Cocoa Puffs and I'll squash you flat."
"Silly cat trix are for kids, but it doesn't stop me from licking the lids."
"Oh such snap, crackle and pop here, although you may want to have a pill handy we fear."

Too many people trying to yap at once at my place, Brian made the comment go bug him at his place.

"Because cat you're Greeeaaaaat and we all can relate."
"Yeah so don't pop your signature vein, Snap, Crackle and Pop are here to make sure you don't go insane."

Shut up and go away, you cause too much dismay. I'll do more than relieve myself in your cereal and it will be quite the raw material.

"What's that I smell, Oh it's gas not swell."

Keep your nose out of the air or I'll make your fruit loops go bare. You'll have none left and have to share with one of these others nuts, I miss the days of mutts.

"Are you cuckoo dear cat? I think we should talk to Pat."

Pat is just rolling his eyes at all of you, glad nothing with this post he has to do.

Drazin: "Cat Drazin is back and going to have you for lunch. Than Drazin is going to make a pair of slippers out of you and you're bimbo. Don't you just love the Great God Duke Drazin. What is this? Drazin didn't know there was a convention in town?"

"I take that back cat, this Drazin guy is as cuckoo as a nutty bat."
"Silly Drazin this is the home of the cat, stop trying to squash him flat."
"He thinks he's Greeeeaaat, but so full of hate."
"He needs more than the Captain to make that happen, the cat will never be dirt napping."
"Not even me lucky charms can help, his eyes glow, yelp."
"He has no snap, just a big yap. He has a bit of crackle, as he can cackle. Look at those eyes pop, cat just call a cop."
"I smell something from the gutter. Is he talking in the third person or did he stutter.?"

Great just what I need, this so called God clown coming to my feed, on top of these other mooks from a cereal box, I really, really need to get new locks.

Drazin: "Cat have you finally decided to run away and join the circus? Are you getting some practice in? Don't strain, as Drazin is going to cause you pain. Drazin will make sure you never get there. For Drazin is going to skin you alive, Drazin is going to wear you as slippers. Drazin...."

"Think we'll get lucky and he'll shut up soon, me thinks he's a bit of a loon."
"Wouldn't that be Greeeeaaat but I think he's a bit of a windbag mate."
"I think the nut house is calling this cuckoo back, as over the nest he must have flew to come and attack."
"Silly Drazin Trix are for kids, being a God you should know anyone else heaven forbids."

Who else wants to chime in, maybe Rin Tin Tin?

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo
I've got another perfect puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee
If you are wise you'll listen to me
What do you get when shore is clean
And you can't them to see you as mean
Unwanted house guests by the bunch
Refusing to leave until you feed them lunch
At least your refrigerator is now clean too

Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-da
Pull a Fox and run them over with your car
Than you will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-do

Oh that's just what I need, those orange fools back at my feed. This is becoming quite the nut house, I think I should go eat a mouse.

"Silly cat Trix are better than a mouse, maybe one day you'll learn that from a spouse."
"Oh snap, those guys have an orange yap. They sure can crackle like a drone, with their little moan. Their green hair adds pop, as long as it's just on top."
"They smell magically delicious I'd say, whoops Lucky in your territory did I stray?"
"As long as you don't eat me lucky charms, I won't chop off your wings or arms."
"Isn't this Greeeeeaaaat all, don't you just love the cat's stall?"
"No wonder the cuckoo went extinct, it wasn't like the cat, so distinct."
"Wow maybe those green guys need some crunch, instead of all that candy for lunch."

Brian this is all your fault, bringing these guys to my vault. Just had to go and threaten to take a leak, when you came for a peek.

Drazin: "It's time Drazin put an end to this crap. Drazin will have bird stew, Drazin will have a Tiger rug, Drazin will have a new pot of gold, Drazin will pass a snap, crackle and pop with a flush, Drazin will make sure cuckoo's stay extinct, Drazin will sink your damn boat, Drazin will play basketball will round orange men, Drazin will have a lucky rabbit's foot and Drazin will have Drazin's cat slippers."

"Wow that's a cuckoo task for one guy, oh yeah you're a God, even though I think you lie."
"Let's get this goof as it will be Greeeeaaat when he goes poof."

Drazin: "What the...get away from the Great God Drazin...."

"Here have a pot of gold, wasn't that whack aside the head bold."
"You want a lucky rabbits foot, this one will make you go caput."
"The Captain will ram his mast, right up your..***, sorry kiddies moment of weakness there, the Captain usually doesn't rhyme or swear."
"Here's a snap to the eye, a crackle to make you fry and a pop along with a good bop."
"When we're through, you will be see circling cuckoos."
"I will smell something vile, when we make your pants fill with a pile."
"Some greeeaaat God you are, I hope you don't fall too far."

Oh what the heck, why not make the trek and use the same trick twice, as this Drazin guy is as blind as those mice. With a hop, skip and a jump from the cat, once again off the balcony goes Drazin kersplat. Back in the trash where he belongs, letting out his same old songs.

Drazin: "Drazin will get you cat and the rest of those creatures will become nothing but a stat."

"Guess he's not lucky at all, that was quite the fall."
"Oh that was greeeeeaat for sure, I love taking the rhyming tour."

Not for long, as you don't belong. So if you don't clear out, I won't pout or shout. I'll take a share of your revenue, for cluttering up my avenue.

"Oops got to go, the Captain wouldn't want his income to slow."
"Yeah Trix may be for kids, but no one takes the rabbit's bids."
"Oh snap time to go, lets crackle and pop away from this show."
"I smell fruit loops, time to round up the toucan troops."
"You're not that greeeaaat, taking my royalties isn't your fate."
"I'm the last of my kind, so I have to support a whole cuckoo species you will find."
"You won't be lowering my pot of gold, wow you're cold."

And away they scurry as I caused them financial worry. At least now I know how to make them go. See now wasn't that quite confusing from your host, don't forget to thank Brian for bringing about this post. So that's the facts of the day, aren't you glad you came my way? I might invest in some rings of brass, so next time I can beat them up with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oompa Loompas and pee in my cereal!? this blog for real?
    Oh how I wish
    I had not read this
    just before going to bed.
    Oh, the dreams that will be in my head!

  2. great i get the blame for what spills from your brain, my inbox will fill, i may need a pill, or to change the hill i live on, my cereal will never taste the same...lame i know but i need my sleep just like betsy, will return in the morning dry, not wetsy...hopefully

  3. "Too many people trying to yap at once at my place,
    Brian made the comment go bug him at his place."

    Hm. I guess no one will; have to debate whether or not those two lines rhyme...

  4. Hi! Pat in the Hatt...
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee :-/

  5. Oops. Where'd that damned semi-colon come from in my last comment? Should've given my comment a semi-colonoscopy before I hit "publish," eh?

  6. Loved it patt..
    all words are perfect
    awesome and intact :D

    Keep writing !!!

  7. I stepped on cornflakes the other day. Now I am a Cereal Killer! Hahaha. I crack myself up. :-)

    And you do too. I shall definitely go bug Brain. I have been told that I am good at it. :-)

  8. @ Silver ~ semi-colonoscopy? LOL...almost spit my coffee there laughing. hahaha.

  9. So did it cause any nice dreams last night
    Or were there nightmares that caused a fright
    Yes lots of things can stir from that
    But the cat is weird and it won't bother Pat..haha

    hahaha You put it there
    And I give credit where credit is due I swear
    If those weirdo's start filling your box
    Start collecting rocks
    Stand on your hill
    Pop that pill
    And take target practice on each one
    That should cause them to run
    Oh and that morning part was a loaded with jokes I could crack
    But I've given you enough

    haha they had me so flustered I didn't see that
    Orson slap the Fox upside the head for pointing it out at my mat
    Wait he probably did that on his own
    As that grammar mistake made him

    Hmmmmmmm who is this
    Here being all nice and not with a hiss
    I thought you were never coming back
    Guess you couldn't stay away from my shack

    Yeah I hate when that happens too
    Sometimes my finger errr ummm claw just hits it before I knew

    Oh I will keep at it for quite some time
    At least until it becomes a crime
    Perfect you say
    That is nice and doesn't cause dismay

    hahaha at least you didn't pee in them like Brian
    Now he's getting lots of flack and crying
    That tiger guy might not like you stepping on his flakes though
    And he can be very annoying just so you know
    Funny crack it was
    Yes go bug Brian just because..haha

  10. haha yes that was a good one
    He tried to make me choke on my chicken nugget as I read the fun
    Had nothing to rhyme with it though
    As it's a tad early to use my brain don't you know

  11. exactly I couldn't :)
    This place is addictive..

  12. Brian could just serve cereal, hon.
    That would make them run!

    Maybe Fox didn't need a semi-colonoscopy
    just some punctuation therapy!


  13. Yes it seems to be
    As all keep coming to visit me
    Even if I'm a bit of a loon
    See I don't need a full moon..haha

  14. of course u don't need a full moon
    why would u
    coz u r rhyming tycoon :D

  15. Hey, Jyoti's got it down!
    So glad she came around!

  16. True they'd curl up their nose
    At what he did with his errrr hose
    Oh that was bad
    Just a
    Look what you made me do
    I love it but that you knew

    hahahahaha or maybe he needed a bypass
    So the grammar mistake wouldn't be seen and he wouldn't need anything invasive going up his ummm

  17. Damn she does have it down
    That was great and didn't cause a frown
    Nice she came around
    Although keeping up may get a tad rough at my ground..haha

  18. I'll keep coming around
    Fun here is profound :D
    I like its feel and sound..

  19. Well, you did warn her to pop a pill
    anything for pain, like Advil.
    Tylenol will work, too
    But better take two,
    Just between me and you!

  20. There are no pains
    only fun and lots of gains..

    off the rhyme: This shack of yours Patt, is really good. It is now surely been added in my fav blogs list.

  21. Yes fun may be profound
    But the words don't always abound
    Or resemble it
    Sometimes they do when I take a fit

    haha oh she'll need a pill soon enough
    As sometimes reading my loonie stuff can get

    Thanks for that I was over to visit too
    Liked the latest post by you
    Just followed as well
    Will comment when I actually get a chance, right now busy I must tell
    Keeping up with everything
    Those who come and sing
    Now I must go do the normal morning things
    Like pick off a few birds wings
    To have as a snack
    The cat just loves that on his

  22. true kneeing up is tough indeed :)
    As a matter of fact its evening time in India
    and its raining !!

  23. Pat, another wildly entertaining ride. Little bit of this, lot of bits of that, boy oh boy this was one intensive face it fact. The dialogue forth and back, interesting all these cornering the cat in. When i first started reading and saw cereal killer I thought you were going to go all Green Jello, or should I be PC and say Green Jelly, after all they did get sued and changed their tunes, but I didn't hear anything about Fiber One, boy wouldn't that have been a whole bunch of fun. Anyhow thanks, always good reads pat

  24. Morning here, night there
    The sun should just make up it's mind I

    hahaha yes there was lots of this and that
    They wouldn't leave and kept bugging the cat
    Never thought about the whole green jello issue
    But if I did that they may need a tissue
    Plus with Fiber there would be the normal cracks
    And Silver would get on my