Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bah No Rhyme, He Committed A Crime!

"You want some facts cat, I'll be there to squash you flat. But I suppose I can prolong your agony and give you a few more days before the Great God Duke Drazin comes and attacks."

Was of course the first thing I saw in my email today. That stupid Drazin once again coming my way. I least I didn't have to look at his ugly mug, as today he was just an email thug.

"I know you're going to make fun of me cat. But I'll squash you flat."

I think that's the only rhyme the Godly one knows, but when you have so much power I guess that's how it goes. Oops was that his nose? It looks like it grows. Do you think that means he's a liar? Or just on fire? Maybe it's some strange power. I suppose he could make a good flag pole for a tower.

"Here cat this is what I did, show it on your crappy blog and I'll let you live for a bit longer. As it's nice and sunny and I don't need my cat slippers just yet. This is an excerpt from my fine work, so play it and the rest I'll keep over at my other place."

You know I hate to admit it, but that Drazin guy came up with something over at his pit. Although it's not in rhyme, so isn't a usual chime. But since I can blame it on him, the Godly one that is quite dim. I guess I can put it out there for you to skim. If you really want to hang out on the non rhyming limb.

The essence of life
Oozing steadily an unhindered being
Seeping the very pores of existence
Taming indiscriminately mankind’s legacy
Decaying turmoil glistening in prevailing light
Solitary power singular essence
The power to crush
The power to create
The power to weave the three fates fate
Deciding whether to cut your thin fabric
Drowning memories long forgotten
Melted rising, frosted freezing, baron waste
Twisted forms guiding extinctions progress
Passive with nature
Aggressive with time
Hacked by wealthy
Begged by poor
Abundance diminished
Cracked lip suffers
Quenching one last drop
Ravaging wrapped war
Stricken with terror
Imperfectly forsaking in ones exemption
The Last Man Standing

So think that Godly fool, who acts so cruel, is actually half decent or what? I think he copied or pulled this one from his butt. But who am I to judge, so I gave him a nudge. The next time it will be out the window once more, if he comes near my shore. At least he wasn't too crass, with his one whole rhyme about my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Wow, Drazin does impress
    as that was good nonetheless!
    Didn't even sound like him
    I thought it was you, Orlin!
    Hey, I think I'm going to be first again
    So, what prize do I win?

  2. Drazin sounds like me
    I wonder how that can be
    Hmmmm let's just pretend we don't know
    And just go with the flow..haha
    Ummm if I start giving out prizes
    I'll need to wear disguises
    As too many people will be after me
    Trying to track me down to get their prize from bush #3
    So I'll add another pound of salt
    When I finally dig into my vault..haha

  3. Well, the prize can just be the place in line
    cause being at the top feels just fine!
    So, am I still and big E
    or can you see my little birdie?

  4. Never fear you will always have a front place in line
    Whenever you come to my shores to rhyme or umm dine
    Just not much variety in food
    Of course you're used to that with your brood..haha
    Earlier today you were a birdie
    Just checked and now back to a big E

  5. Oh, great! It's a fickle flavicon
    Now I feel that that's just wrong
    I want my bird back singing a song!
    I can eat chicken nuggets with Heinz just fine
    In fact we had that for supper tonight!
    Along with other things you wouldn't like
    but I could do without those for a few bites.

  6. fickle flavicon
    say that 10 times fast
    if you can, then you've passed
    the little test
    so try your best
    I can't do it I will admit
    but ended with a laughing fit.

  7. haha glad you can make due
    And eating the food I do everyday look at
    Yeah I noticed when mine first showed up top
    It and the B started to flip flop
    Haven't seen the B for a while though
    Maybe it just took a while to fully go

  8. haha I can't do it either I will admit
    But I can add to it
    Freaky Fickle Flavicon, how's that
    Make it better for you, doesn't for the cat..haha

  9. Freaky Fickle Flavicon Flip Flopping Fearlessly.
    and no veins were popped in the typing of this comment. to bed. that wore me out. lol...

  10. drazin did rather well with a swell little verse, not even a curse a cool flow and poignant apropo...

  11. you two are crazy with the tongue twister, gives mine blisters

  12. hahahaha that was a good one
    I don't think I could even say it once let alone a ton
    No veins being popped is good to see
    As Fake Flowing Freaky Fickle Fun Fancy Free Flavicon Flip Flopping Fearlessly

    Oh now you'll make that go to his head
    I'm sure that the cat will dread..haha

    haha those blisters better not be popped
    Or that Flavicon could be Fearlessly Flip Flopped

  13. Why hello! Pat Hatt...
    I have returned to your "blog" when I'm sure all Of your readers are sleeping and snoring and making sounds like lumberjacks when they cut trees down to make "logs." lol

    To read Drazin's ditty which I thought is quite "witty" and to offer Drazin some "s'mores" here on your "shores"

    I hope that Drazin don't ignore my compliment here on your "shore" and like some Of your readers just go to bed and...snore!
    Like a bee...Zeezzzzzzzzz lol

    deedee :-D

  14. Drazin's got some skills, knew he wasn't half as bad as he's made to be, although rhyme is not his strongest suit. Fate, create that's all I took as far as rhyme, but the rest was really good. Good reprieve, but outshine the cat, no, never nyet.

  15. Drazin never sleeps. Drazin makes sounds of lumberjacks when Drazin stomps the cat. Drazin can't blame you for that bad comparison. After all Drazin makes logs different ways. Of course Drazin flushes them. Just like Drazin flushes anyone that gets in the Great God Drazin's way.

    Drazin is more than witty, Drazin will take the smores and slap them away. They aren't fit for a God like Drazin. You happy now that Drazin didn't ignore you. Drazin would never ignore Drazin's adoring public. Do bees even snore? Drazin wonders about that one too. Just like Drazin wonders why you would bother Drazin. Drazin doesn't like to be bothered. Stick to the cat and leave the Great God Drazin alone! Or Drazin might squash your "Of" into a little "of" and Drazin is sure you wouldn't like that.

  16. Guess Drazin took care of DeeDee's retort
    On to Fred at my fort

    Oh don't go swelling his head
    He'll just keep coming back to my thread
    Yeah I saw he had one rhyme too
    You can blame that on you know who
    He'll never outshine me
    As he's just to dumb you see..haha

  17. Oh goodness! No rhyme! My brain - it's exploded with the possibility and the realization! *grins* I always love reading the comments to your work, in addition to your fine pieces - watching you all make such amazing bits of tongue twisty goodness is oh so very fun.

  18. haha yes it is very odd to see
    No rhyme when you come to visit me
    That Drazin guy messed it up
    Which gave a non rhyme hiccup
    Yeah the comments are fun to read for sure
    Sometimes can spend lots of time just taking the comment tour
    Let alone the post
    From the almost always rhyming host..haha

  19. Dastardly Drazin, drumming dirty deeds, daring demonic dark danger, deciding damage, debating decay, declaring destruction, detesting delightful, defending dishonor. Disgusting dude.


  20. Surprised to see a note from Drazin,
    Who's usually in for quite the hazin',
    Because he's always been a cad!
    But this time? No, not
    quite so bad.
    (Which in and of itself's alarming)!
    It's true he wasn't exactly charming,
    But we did not line up to rush him
    With remarks that aimed to crush him.
    Humanizing him's a task
    That's surely more than we could ask,
    But is there hope for Drazin yet?
    I'm not so sure. I'll place no bet!

  21. Hm. I was writing "But we did not line up to rush him / With remarks that aimed to crush him" while Betsy was leaving her comment...


  22. Betsy Blurting Big Bad Bright Brillant Bleeping Blips Drazin can Bleeping Brag about.

    Drazin Loves it!

  23. @Drazin: So, what you're saying is, even when we insult you, it feeds your colossal ego because someone's wasting... errr... taking the time to mention you?

  24. Yeah maybe he's turning over a new leaf
    Or just waiting to cause more grief
    He is way too much of a loon to humanize
    Maybe he's afriad we'll immunize
    Eventually being immune to his crap
    So he took a semi-nice lap

    haha you knew where you were
    When the post was made from her

  25. Just the very mention of Drazin's name, sends a tingle down Drazin's spine. And you just helped further it there Sliver Canidae.

    Oh Drazin cracks Drazin's self up! Just a sliver.

  26. Ooops, Silver~ you think I being too mean now?
    Looks like Drazin loved it any how.
    He feeds on that stuff
    doesn't like the fluff.

    And,...out of rhyme here...but do you know how hard it is to write a long sentence with every single word starting with the same letter? lol...

  27. @Betsy: Yes, I do! But Drazin couldn't quite do it!

  28. You think I'm being too mean?
    Aw, now lighten up
    If Drazin loved it
    then don't have a fit.

  29. "Surprised to see a note from Drazin,
    Who's usually in for quite the hazin',
    Because he's always been a cad!"

    [Non Rhyming Mode:
    Hi! Fox...
    I was just thinking that same thought...I don't recall ever seeing him make an appearance in the comment section.
    I guess that why I was taken aback after reading Pat Hatt's comment too! "Guess Drazin took care of DeeDee's retort..."]

    "But this time? No, not quite so bad."
    Huh? His respond to me was quite an insult and as a result:
    Since, he isn't "lass" I can't wait to meet him and slap his ungodly "_ss!" lol

    [postscript: Oh! No, Never Mess With The "O" with the small "f" or after I'm through with you, nothing will be left! lol]
    There take that the so-called "g"reat
    "d"razin. Ha!

    deedee :-P

  30. @Betsy: Well, since you've asked me twice now... No, I never said you were being too mean. :)

  31. Drazin can break whatever rules Drazin wants. Drazin doesn't need to use all the same letters. As it isn't hard for a God like Drazin, but thanks for that sliver there Sliver.

    Too mean to Drazin, bah Drazin loves it, Drazin can take it and Drazin will give it back.

    And to poor Deedee all Drazin has to say is everyone wants to slap Drazin's Godly ass but Drazin only allows a select few. And one isn't you. Maybe since you like talking to Sliver so much, he'll let you give him a nice slap, maybe even a touch. Oh Drazin rhymed oh so good. Drazin loves it.

    Was that too much for you to handle from Drazin? Did Drazin cause you to have big "O" withdraw, oh that's too bad, oh Drazin is so sorry, oh Drazin could go on forever. Look Drazin took that and laughed at your silly attempt, destroying it and crushing your o. Now Drazin is done and will go.

  32. "Since, he isn't [a] "lass" I can't wait to meet him and slap his ungodly "_ss!" lol"
    Oops! I forgot to add the the letter "a"

    ...Now, after reading Drazin's very mean and sarcastic retort I guess it's time for me to retreat and leave Pat Hatt's fort! lol
    deedee :-P

  33. ...By the way, Drazin by no mean don't think because Of my previous comment that you have "Won!"
    I'm unlike a turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving day...Hey! don't stick a fork in me because I'm not..."Done!" lol

  34. Drazin guesses you don't know the meaning of the word "leave", as you came back 7 minutes later. So maybe Drazin will get lucky and you won't know the meaning of the words "not done" and be done. Then Drazin will never have to listen to you constant babbling, hurting Drazin's Godly ears ever again.

    Oh and Drazin was very mean? HAHAHA Drazin loves it.

  35. Drazin,

    that was a brilliant B tongue twister about me, even if you are bad!

  36. Drazin will take the compliment and laugh. As Drazin knows Drazin is brilliant already. But Drazin will take it anyway. As Drazin so like to hear Drazin's own name and that Drazin is bad!

  37. OK enough of the Godly one
    I blocked him and his so called fun
    He is done here
    And Betsy did you really have to give him a cheer..LOL

  38. hahaha I was just thankful he didn't bite my head
    Yes, it's time you put him to bed!

  39. Who knows with him
    He might think your hair needs a trim
    And attempt to bite
    So to Drazin I said good night

  40. Well my hair is getting long, except my bangs already
    which everyone knows got trimmed last Wednesday. ha
    So he could give me a chop
    and in one bite I'd loose my locks?

    Well, he was a nice change of pace
    here at your place
    But I bet Orlin is itching to take the reigns
    and have us all pop a few veins!

  41. Yes Drazin only comes once in a while
    Although I'm not sure he'd leave you with a very good hair style
    Plus that loon has his own place
    So mine he shouldn't disgrace
    Even though he is lazy and never post much
    I guess he wants to use mine to keep in touch

  42. I don't consider it a crime
    that he doesn't desire to rhyme,
    but I do consider it quite rude
    for him to insult a rhyming dude.

  43. haha the godly one knows no better though
    That is why I had to let him go
    Of course I'm sure he'll be back
    Ranting and raving about his usual cat attack

  44. "So maybe Drazin will get lucky and you won't know the meaning of the words "not done" and be done. Then Drazin will never have to listen to you constant babbling, hurting Drazin's Godly ears ever again."

    Why you, you...Drazin!

    "Drazin guesses you don't know the meaning of the word "leave", as you came back 7 minutes later.
    [Laughter]Your entire retort is very funny! "touché"...I only returned to let you know that I'm not a quitter and like some baseball player(s) I'm a hitter and my next retort is going to knock you out Of the box as my next retort will blow off your...SOCKS!
    By the way, Do you have feet?
    deedee :-P

  45. Why you you Drazin? So you're calling Drazin, Drazin. Drazin doesn't know what Drazin will do about that. Calling Drazin by Drazin's name is just so offense to Drazin. Drazin can't comprehend the level of pain that name caused Drazin. It's too much for Drazin to bear.

    So you're a hitter that can hit the ball out of the homeplate box? Drazin must give you a hand. Maybe next you'll graduate to t-ball and who knows one day you may be able to roll it into the outfield. Oh too bad it will go foul, that's probably how any of your future retorts will smell too, just foul.

    Oh Drazin cracks Drazin's self up.