Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beam Me Up Scottie, Hey It Beats a Port a Pottie!

So I went to one of my usual haunts, to throw out a few unsuspecting taunts. Actually scratch that they were expected, as Drazin makes everyone feel neglected. But enough about that clown for now, as he's over at that other place, probably taking a bow. Yet I received a message from a friend, that might drive some around the bend.

Now there are little facts to behold, as this, again for some, could be quite bold. Not wanting to ruin their little world with the maybe, refusing to see. I'm not saying any of this is legit, but one has to admit interest can be peaked by some of it.

Of course the added oh so scary song in the back, makes it an over dramatic play on an attack. Some I haven't seen before, others I've seen along with some more. That last little bit made me laugh though, probably fake but you never know. I tend to leave most things with the benefit of a doubt, even if someone said they saw a flying goat.

As they made glow in the dark cats, I guess to keep away the night rats. Completely pointless and dumb, but with some glue and a little gum, a goat may fly, more likely crash and die. But that's a different story for another day, back on topic as I don't want to stray.

Oh and the cat feels so safe at bush #3, as it seems Canada is completely free. No sightings of these pests, or should we call them guests. That you should keep in mind, if laser beams start targeting your little behind. Then you'll be thanking the cat, just don't try to hold up at my mat. My port a pottie will be out of commission and you wouldn't be able to afford the cost of admission.

So I think by now it's clear what I'm yapping about. So today this is what I received in a shout out. Click Here if you dare, warning may raise your neck hair. Now what did you think of that? Do you think we all need to put on a tin hat? Doubtful as most of it was probably fluff, with a slow news day so they gave it a puff. But one or two seemed rather strange. So who knows what lurks above our range.

Lots of theories I could produce, but if I let my tongue flap too loose. Men in black may drag me away and then you'll all get rhyme time withdraw, causing dismay. So on the theories I'll take a pass, as it could be a huge mass, large ball of gas, a crock to fool the lower class, a strange type of bass, an inter dimensional lass, whoops I wasn't supposed to sass, so I'll beam away with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. That was a lot of fun to watch
    makes you wonder what is what!
    The ones that change shape I like the best
    but explaining them is a different test!

  2. really cool stuff, not fluff either i am a believer...quizknicte basmictzi...darn universal pilanictu hwuet'o...crap, cat, will be back...hioselk niose...

  3. this is so fun, walking or on the run. nice to meetcha:)
    i know i will be rhyming in my head for a while now:)...

  4. Yeah some are truly interesting for sure
    Others I'd say are a tad fake in their so called Earth tour
    Explaining them would be tough
    But guess work I can do, adding some fluff..haha

    Oh yeah I believe too
    With billions of places hard not to between me and you
    Whether or not they've come to bother us
    Is a whole different bus
    As we'd either disect them out of fear
    Or they'd do that to us, unsatisfied with deer
    sdfgjtio crap it's catching on
    jisjfgji jkfdjgjd jjsjf there all gone

    haha well you rhymed a little there
    Of course that could just add to your rhyming head flare
    Thanks for the visit and retort
    Think it'd still be fun reading it on the basketball court..haha

  5. I think that for us to think that planet Earth is the only planet inhabited by (so-called) intelligent life is incredibly arrogant. Having said that, I really doubt we've actually had visitors. But who knows?

  6. I always believe we are not alone.

    but who really knows ~

    Happy day~

  7. @Betsy: Feep! Grnzelp-ptd, sjkka "doll," hjizkke!

    @Brian: Hygppta wwjiskt, "gy pilanictu hwuet'o" nggbelr "gy pilaniktu hwuet'o" dfwz'zn "Grammar Nazi" gspordlek? Gfnzl por!

    @Pat: "Beam Me Up Scottie?" Hjizkke rmb'll "LOL," eheheheheheh!

  8. Yeah couldn't agree more
    I also have high doubts over visitors taking the tour
    As if they are that advanced they wouldn't bother with us
    Although some might come from time travel or the alternate reality/dimension bus
    Who knows indeed
    Probably those run by greed

    Giving me some love
    But if you send a white dove
    It would become a snack
    As the cat would go on the attack

    Yep not alone
    We could see that when E.T. got his phone..haha

    Any bets on that last one
    Guarunteed I know by who it was done

  9. Yeah Pat I want to believe in Aliens. I really do, but I don't want these kind of aliens that come and destroy us all, ha I just don't know what to believe half the time, but to steal a line from someone famous, can't recall, the universe is so large, it would be a shame if we were the only intelligent lifeforms in it. Nice piece, got me thinking about aliens and so forth, so watch I go and write a poem about alf or something now, woops probably shouldn't mention his name around these parts:)

  10. hahahaha the cat would make short work of that puppet from space
    You wouldn't be able to find a trace..haha
    Perfect quote indeed
    As it would sure be a shame with the crap, as a whole, we lead
    I just do my part in helping you out
    Making it easier for you to shout..haha

  11. "Any bets on that last one
    Guarunteed I know by who it was done"

    Yeah, me too! Some people are so obvious, eh?

  12. Yeah just a bit
    Of course Of all, they'd have the fit

  13. I like to think we're not alone
    But UFO sightings make me groan
    Wackos and lunatics seem to be able
    To see them but not anyone who is stable!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I'll place a bet on who that alien was!
    That one is easy and that's because
    There's only one person in this world that calls me doll
    whether it's here or in another hall...

  16. Yeah alot of them seem to be completely nuts
    Some probably even sniff butts
    Trying to decide if you're an alien or not
    Until they are caught
    And thrown in the loony bin
    With their hat of tin

    Yes at first read I admit I was a tad off in my guess
    But then the "some people are so obvious remark" helped me figure out the alien mess
    Plus I looked closer and saw the doll too
    And knew it was you know who

  17. I asked him if the initial M was for Martian, the way he was talking
    But I think that's not the right spot he'd be walking
    Not Mars but the moon would be better for him.
    After all, he isn't dim.
    His name is silver and he loves swiss cheese
    So the moon I think would make him pleased!

    Now let's all sing together...
    "by the light.....of the silvery moon...." lol...

  18. @Pat: Of course, seeing how the "alien" had to "correct" Brian's spelling must have helped...

    @Betsy: You don't really want this "silvery one" to moon you, do you... doll?

  19. heavens, no! especially since the garage door repairman already did that today.
    And not just an inch, mind you...but the whole way!
    should have had my camera handy
    but wasn't expecting that already! lol...

  20. haha my singing isn't very good
    So sing alone your should
    Grab your spoon
    And hopefully Silver will hear you on the moon

    Grammar Nazi was kind of a give away too
    I just shut my mind off, after getting much crap from you know who
    hahahahaha that was good
    Come on Betsy want you should..LOL

    Hmmmmm you actually wanted to take a picture of the repairman's bare rear
    That's a tad weird I fear
    Do you have a secret playgirl stash too
    Or since you make lots of stuff, I bet make your own magazine you do...hahahaha

  21. You hesitated on that one
    Either way I wouldn't want to be let in on that fun
    Be scary
    Was the repairman's behind hairy..hahahaha

  22. the hesitation was shock that you asked
    and I'm not going to get into describing his....

  23. hahahaha see I can still shock
    In my brain you didn't turn over every rock
    That's probably for the best
    As you were such a nice head guest

  24. Oh there were rocks I did avoid
    especially any labeled typhoid,
    or behinds, hairy or not.
    Didn't want that kind of shock!

  25. hahaha and yet you got one anyway
    From the repair guy today

  26. Yes, but totally unsolicited
    and certainly not elicited!

  27. I never thought otherwise
    Not even after a few tries..haha

  28. Good, glad we have that settled
    'cause that was weird, a little.

    don't have my contacts in
    and thought 'tries' was 'fries'

  29. haha about as weird as wishing you had your camera on you
    When a moon you got out of the blue..LOL
    Guess we're even there
    From now on let's take a pass on things that are bare..haha

    I don't eat fries
    So that would have been lies..haha

  30. Well, yes, that is true
    but I hope you knew
    it wasn't to frame and hang on my wall
    just to add to my funny shots, that's all
    like the bare bellied man at the auction,
    looking very disgusting.

    So a pass it is
    but could be hard for you
    since you like to mention butts, it's true. myself up here.

    Knew you didn't eat fries
    that's why I looked again, squinting my eyes.

  31. hahaha yes I knew that's what it was for
    Very glad you didn't get the shot to show at your tour
    Not something the cat really wants to see
    But it would be rather funny

    hahaha just my signature line
    The rest I could forgo just fine
    At least I hope
    Maybe I need to wash my mouth with soap..haha