Friday, July 15, 2011

BEST ONE EVER, I'm So Clever!

So as you all know, I figured I'd make a theme for my show. Gave a glimpse at some a while back and after some feedback. I chose one that worked best with song, to which you can even sing along. But the song wasn't just enough, so for the last three hours I've been playing rough.

Trying to avoid Pat, as he followed around this rhyming cat. But after a while I just wanted him to go away, so I decided to make his day. Doing the activities he wanted me to do, Cassie on the other hand gave him a big Screw You! But when it was all done, I have to admit it was rather fun.

I hardly ever impress myself, here at my shelf. But this is one time where all I can say as wow, so go watch now! Oh and Orson I think you'll be glad, at my fun that was had.

So what did you think of that? A good theme for the cat? Let me know all the facts as I want to hear what you think of my new theme tracks. So watch it again and send it about, while I just sit back and gloat. Oh and sorry there lass, if you were offended by actually seeing my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. OH! It's SO perfect! Wow! Fun! I'm tapping my toes and laughing!

  2. haha although I don't know what's more sad
    The fact that the Pat lad
    Stacked all those empty cans up
    Or the fact that I played along like a gullible

  3. Terrific! Orson liked, I liked it... What more could you ask?

    Thought you said you couldn't sing. How'd you pull this off? Rifle the Factinary fund to hire a band, haha?

    Your supply of Pringles is amazing... and a tad scary.

    Excellent... and I absolutely love the new header!

  4. We have that many Pringles cans!

  5. Hey...we're so excited were' forgetting to rhyme!

    yes...head is very cool, too!

  6. uh oh...stray apostrophe! ooops!

  7. Truth be told it cost me a whole $5 and 3 hours of my time to make that.
    Not a bad deal for Pat
    Wouldn't you say?
    Glad Orson and the Fox liked it too
    Bah screw rhyme this time as it was just fun to do

    Silver all those cans were empty ones..hahahaha..had another 20 or so full ones in the cupboard.

    Yeah had the header done for a whole $5 too, so didn't have to touch the Factinary fund.

    Yeah with five men, you'd need that many haha and bah screw rhyme and grammar this time, video is too good..haha

  8. It's great, really. So fun.
    You'll have to post it at the top of your sidebar so we can play it whenever we want. ha.

    And look at all of those movies!
    My boys would LOVE to line those up on your floor.

  9. hahaha yeah it will get posted on the side after next post
    So everyone can see it when they come to visit the host
    hahaha they go right down the wall
    And some are piled up so high they make take a great fall
    Pain in the butt to put in alphabetical order too
    But I did it and I did line them all up on the floor as well, from the couch to the loo..haha

  10. Alphabetical order? haha
    I know someone that does that with his comic book collection. a-hem!

  11. hahaha could that be the Fox
    Over at his sandbox..haha

    It really sucks when you get an A or B
    And then have to move all the ones down to Z

  12. What good's a huge collection if it's not organized?

    "You want to watch a movie? Which one?Oh, that one? Okay, let me see... I just have to look through 2,000 or so until I find it..."

  13. haha exactly, you'd spend the time it take to watch the movie just finding it
    And then not want to watch it to busy throwing a fit

  14. "It really sucks when you get an A or B
    And then have to move all the ones down to Z"

    Well, you have to leave a little slack on the bookshelf, or in the comic box, etc., to allow for that.

    By the way, everyone -- except Pat, Orlin, and Cassie -- I told y'all that the meows would work once it was put in song form!

  15. Surfin' on YouTube, watchin' a movie,

    Lookin' for fun, and Feline Groovy.

  16. Yeah but that little slack eventually fills
    And your left with the thrills
    Of moving them once more
    Oh well maybe I shouldn't buy them four by four
    hahaha a little I told you so
    Always welcome at my show

    Guess you found some fun
    And your place also has a ton

  17. crap it ate my comment...this is very nice cat. much fun, it will forever be burned into my brain cells, oh hells...much fun, err...have a great summer afternoon, see you soon....

  18. It ate your comment did it
    Yeah it sometimes has a fit
    haha the much fun screwed you up
    Afternoon is over here so I tip my evening cup

  19. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    All I can say is that a whole "lot'ta" uber is going on here...
    ...your new header, video, and the music is very "uber" and Orlin and Cassie are very uber too!

    I say forget the Pringles...Just look at that "wall" and let us all hope the DVDs don't every "fall!" LOL :-))))

    deedee ;-D

  20. Uber works for us all
    Here at the cat's rhyming stall
    hahaha oh that was probably only half the DVDs there
    The rest are here, there and everywhere
    Ok not really as my ocd keeps them in order I guess
    So there is no mess
    Yes if they fall there will be a big bang
    And probably the odd clang

  21. "Ok not really as my ocd keeps them in order I guess So there is no mess..."
    Oh! so Pat, you have one Of them too?
    Hmmm..Very interesting..."indeed!"
    deedee ;-/

  22. Sure you meant to but did not
    Geez messed up and got

    One of them, wouldn't it be I have that
    Oh well I'll blame the cat

  23. "One of them, wouldn't it be I have that...
    No, because I'm talking about eight-handed eight-sided Octagon Octopus electronic cd helper that is advertised on the telly...ha!ha!

  24. Oops! I "messed" up again and got caught!
    Let me re-phrase my comment:
    Pat Hatt said,"One of them, wouldn't it be I have that...

    No, because I'm talking about the eight-handed, eight-sided, electronic octagon, [O]ctopus [CD]helper that is advertised on the telly...ha!ha!

    deedee ;-P

  25. Awesome rhyme..
    place it in side bar
    we'll listen it
    time to time.

    I suck at rhyming..

  26. Absolutely adorable!

    The new header is awesome too!

    So now I'm off to spread the word. :)

    Happy Saturday!

  27. No idea what that is
    But I'll pretend I know that biz
    Mess up all the time
    Geez and you didn't even rhyme

    haha hey at least you rhymed a bit
    So need need to have a fit
    It will go in the side bar
    So all can see it near and far

    Thanks for the feedback on both
    As the cat spreads out and tries different things, promoting growth
    Spread the word too
    How nice of you

  28. Pat/Cat this is great
    Awesomeness must be your fate!
    Did you get the invitation
    To the new Poetic Nation?
    Launching (PRE)
    Today at 3
    Hope to see U
    Busy bee!
    Oh, I've got a book in my nook all really should read
    Hope it continues, as I've just the seed :)

  29. "No idea what that is
    But I'll pretend I know that biz"

    Ha! Now, your head must be in a "fog" as you response to my comment here on your blog.

    You silly goose please don't sound like a frog that "croak" because that comment is one big..."Joke!" Ha!Ha!Ha!

    [Pat Hatt.
    I'm so sorry, for "cracking" a joke on your OCD...I should Know "better" and that is no laughing "matter!"]

    Mess up all the time
    Geez and you didn't even rhyme

    Pat, I'm only human and I make mistakes, but do you have to keep throwing it in my face! LOL

    You need to try an all black background...because it brings out the colour Of your shirt, the globe, Orlin, and Miss Priss too! Just a suggestion.

    Therefore, don't get indigestion and if you do take the stuff in the "pink" bottle too!
    By the way, the taste may make you "sick," but it will do the trick! LOL!]
    deedee :-D

  30. Loved it pat, that was awesome. Not afraid to admit it, I love cat youtube videos, this was very good, esp. the pringle house of cards and the cat's reaction. Song came out really good too. Great job on this, you should definitely, if the cats allow it, make many more cat videos, that would be great, entertaining rhymes, puzzling prose, cats and song. Sounds purrfect to me

  31. Yes I will definitely check it out
    Glad the video made you shout
    Will be over there in a few
    To see what it is this new poetic thingy will do

    Ummm my ocd is a big joke anyway
    So doesn't bother me how one will play
    I don't need to make a fake peacock
    To try and get some
    Oh maybe next DeeDee should try DoDo
    How well over do you think that will go
    Yes it is fun to throw the mistakes in ones face
    Especailly when the one corrects themselves at my place..haha
    Oh does that make one coocoo
    Look another bird for you to do
    Oh don't I amuse myself
    Here at my shelf

  32. hahaha yeah I just may
    Make another one day
    But they don't really do what I want
    They just sit, look and taunt
    I like most cat/dog videos too
    Not afraid to admit it just like you
    The pringles was just an idea
    Came out nice, thanks for the cheer

  33. Dodos, Cuckoos and Peacocks, oh my!
    Sounds like Orlin has more birds to fry.
    Now all you need is a cage
    and a little swing to make them engage!
    I'd say you were giving 'the bird'
    but I won't say that word!
    You may have a Mocking Bird
    but that would just be absurd.

    And just so you know,
    your theme song was in my head! Oh no!
    What a tune to bring in the morning
    and by afternoon I was in mourning.

  34. I don't need to make a fake peacock
    To try and get some

    The fake peacock wasn't created to shock!
    The fake peacock was created to get even not with "Steven," but with you, Pat in the Hatt!...Now, how do you like "THAT!" LOL
    now isn't that "swell!"

    [postscript: I better cool it before I once again, get hurt feelings and start to "sulk" and I most definitely, don't want you, and your readers, see me turn back into the "She-Hulk! lol]
    deedee :-P

  35. hahaha yeah I'll be a mocking bird
    And I'll be quite the little turd
    Frying all those birds up nice
    Snacking on each one twice
    Until they fly the coup
    And I use the left over for soup

    See that's just the sign it's good
    So stuck in your head it should
    Although yes after an hour so
    Any song really really need to go
    If you start singing it with your spoon
    Time to admit your a bit of a
    Look another bird
    Now I'm getting absurd..haha
    But I won't flip anything yet
    Pretty soon may be a safe bet

    Ummm and you got even with who
    As everyone knew it was you
    So that didn't bother me
    As you were the one to flee..haha
    If you can't take the heat
    Admit you are beat
    For all can tease
    As much as they please
    At my shack
    And that's a fact..haha

  36. I have to keep playing your theme song again and again! Otherwise, I find that the song "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?" keeps running through my head... for some reason...

  37. hahahaha now that is a bit weird, I haven't heard that song in ages, just went and looked it up on youtube..hahaha. But of course Orlin loves that people watch it over and over.

  38. Very cute video! Looks similar to my cat, but more mischevious. :)

  39. Oh he gets into everything and anything
    And is quite the ding a ling..haha