Saturday, July 16, 2011

dVerse Enough For You? Yes, You Know It's True!

Brian I thought my work was through for today, then I came to the pre-opening thingy to play and look what you made me do, again I have to blame you.

So first some fun, then we'll get to the other stuff I just done.

Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!
So there is a new place
Where poets should show their face
Heck even nut jobs like me
Can go and sit at their tree
Oh wait I meant pub
Hopefully I don't get a snub
So now that I'm done this verse
Even if I made you curse
Go get out of your funk
And show a little spunk
Visit the dVerse pub
As I hear they have good grub
Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!

Now these five below, were supposed to look like bricks in a wall, just so you know. But on short notice I can only do so much, so use your imagination just a touch.

Hallucinogenic Visions Spur           First tool out was a hammer
Design, Countenance Blur              Swung with quite the stammer
Sparking Flash Pants                     Shit, Damn, ****, my thumb
Procuring Cardinal Plants               Oh that was dumb
Naked Globe, Yet Lights Strobe      Yet I still envision the glamor

Concrete Spilled, Assembly Stated       Heat and Cold collide, yet taken in stride
Intentions Stream Forth                        What was drew dust, staggers forth sheer lust
Dam Ruptures Through Muses Light     Completion compelled to take place
Combined Cognition Woes Thwarted   Whether or not suffering Mother Nature's grace
Foundation Secure, Destiny Concrete   In axis spinning sphere, relaxation draws near

The duct tape flinched, as the feeble breeze secured hold.
End swaying in the wind, not strong enough to hold on,
but stubborn enough to carry forth. Job requirement withheld,
as nail drives through gently held spot. The two converse,
appreciating the others help, combination process established

Yes Brian now what do you want? You want air time to taunt? OK I'll give you a second or two, what you want to try that Hoedown thingy I did way back, hmph, who knew.

dVsere Hoedown

We're throwing a party at our pub, so come show your spunk
As we'll be hear all night long, with lots of poetry to get you drunk
Conversing with friends, with poerty galore, is sure the life
So for tonight, join us and skip the foreplay with the wife

Hahaha umm but Brian what if it's the other way around, shouldn't that also be given some ground.

Conversing with friends, with poetry galore, just gives you another excuse
To wave off your husband and leave certain things hanging loose

Hahaha there you go, see so dVerse at my show, oh you're out of time, so away you go. Now if get any more dVerse than this a gasket I will blow, just came up with this in thirty minutes or so. So if things don't meet the facts or whatever, just pretend I was still clever. Plus my new It's Rhyme Time theme just proves that, which can be seen on the top right showing the cat. Now I have to go eat more than grass, which means that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. haha -this cracked me up...i'm sure we find some fish at the pub for the cat..smiles and yes- getting drunk on poetry is a good thing...we will sure be there all night and even have some music...luke is doing some african percussion..smiles

  2. haha fish will do
    Or a rat burger or two
    Music is grand unless it strikes fears
    And cause the cat to cover his ears..haha
    Good luck with the new site
    Hope it reaches a great height

  3. are all over the place
    but a smile rings my face
    nice opening ditty, perhaps you can sing it pretty, like the one for your cat, so we can play and let everyone know where they are all, not just another brick in the wall, just head down the hall, what i do with the wife will be behind closed doors, unless i happen to write it some more, but that leaves me on the couch at times, if i spill too much detail, its labeled crimes, you are the cat, you are the man, for that i give you a trust me i washed it, and that not just polish, see you soon, you rhyming, drat!

  4. Good to read you Cat in Hat
    And to read Dear Sir Pat
    dVerse is the place to be
    For poets like and not like me
    They are there to welcome all
    With their poetry free call
    They have verse and they have rhyme
    And look at you cat, poet so fine!
    You and me know where its at
    And that is just the face it facts!

  5. you're not bad
    mr hatt
    you're quite a brat
    but i like

  6. hahaha damn you were all over the place as well
    Glad you washed your hand, that's a good thing to tell
    So the cat may give it a shake
    With out he's knees starting to quake
    I could actually do one up
    For the place where you give out a cup
    Might be kind of neat
    And a different sort of feat
    Calling me a babboon
    Does that make you just as much a
    Yes and we wouldn't want you on the couch
    You might become a big grouch..haha

    Damn dVerse you are
    Givng a shout to my bar
    Your dVeser bar too
    And the Face it Facts, just look at you
    Should be interesting to see what arises
    With all the poetry disguises

    hahaha I like being a brat too
    Just between me and you

  7. Ha..ha.. great opening post
    for the new community of poets
    I have waved my hubby off to coast
    so I can grab the beer and toast~

    Cheers ~

  8. I won't take the liquor
    As that could make the cat sicker
    God knows what would come out of that
    I could turn into a scary
    But I'll play along
    As that there is nothing wrong

  9. Lot's of fun here and throughout the pub.

  10. Bravo to you
    as that was way cool!
    You poets will have a grand time
    writing verse and creating rhyme!
    I'm looking forward to reading it all
    anytime a new one calls!

  11. Pat, first off my apologies to snubbing the cat on twitter, no offense, I was ill prepared, as I did not know the cat enjoys his tweets, but that was so, so naive of me, what cat's don't like tweets duh.... on to this piece, all over the place but also well structured if that makes any sense, really had a good time reading it all. The brick thing I can empathize with the projected stall, but imagination I did and the image stood, well done, see ya tomorrow or the next either at the pub or here at your rhyming hub

  12. Used that's a fact too
    Bravo too you..haha

    Yep fun all around
    Here at my ground

    Yeah not bad for 30 mins or so of going at it
    I think all past uses I hit
    I still say I'm more of a loon than a poet
    But of course most of you know it..haha

    hahaha that cat was just making fun
    As you know he does that a ton
    Yep no rhyme or reason to this one
    Guess you'll have to excuse the pun
    Yeah I didn't have time to make the brick think work how I wanted it
    But it won't cause me to have a fit

  13. Ohhhh, aye-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di-dee-di!...oh, I'm so, so glad somebody busted out the official pub music to kick things off. Heh - good to see the cat's hanging around the pub!

  14. hahaha yes that was my first thought when I went about this one
    Had to use the old irish drinking song to get things done
    The cat will be around here and there
    But will try not to drown you in cat hair..haha

  15. Well that was just plain fun. I know you are the life of the party. Now where'd you put your cat, the one with the pointy hat? I know he'll be coming back and bringing you too. You're always welcome here, with lots and lots of good cheer, so we're drinkin' to the nights and even later nights when we write and drink some beer. Come on now. Bring back lots of those. These are the days.

  16. The Pat and cat no longer indulge in alchol
    But I'll still answer the dverse call
    And as you can see
    If that stuff were to get into me
    So much nonsense would come out
    Some would pout
    Some would cry
    Some would laugh until they die
    But all of that would be bad
    So I'll remain a sober lad
    As will the cat
    Because his digestion can't handle

  17. Well, you're as clever as ever
    Mr. Pat Hatt, and I'm digging the new picture with now 2 cats
    And look, I even took the time to leave a small rhyme

  18. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    What a grand sent Off since you don't drink anymore and liquor no longer touches your "lips" as you handed over your bottle to Brian and Claudia to [C]hristian their "ship!" lol

    [Was that really difficult to do? I bet they had to "pry" it out Of your hands too! lol]

    I also bet with all the [nice] acknowledgment that you are receiving from Brian, Claudia, and the crew that your head have "swelled" so big that you don't know what to do too! lol

    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee :-P

  19. Such a kaleidoscopic ride on your rhyming roller-coaster. This pub's going to rock and roll to your rhythmic soul.
    Great post Pat.

  20. I can't even imagine what you could do, Pat, if you were given more than just short notice.

    What great fun!

  21. Oh, to spend a day in your brain. I love the darting directions it takes and wear a smile proudly after each glimpse. Wonderful!

  22. ha, you captured me from word one, and kept a smile on my face till the finish...

    well done

  23. Uh oh now you're getting hooked on the rhyme
    Taking the time to rhyme with your chime
    Yes two cats now
    I guess I'll manage some how..haha

    I'll pretend there was no mistake there
    Yes in my shack liqour is no where
    So Brian and Claudia can have it all to themselves
    No matter what or how much is on the shelves
    My head will probably explode soon enough
    But for now it's still quite tough

    Hopefully it doesn't rock and roll all night long
    Or people will get too tired and do so much wrong
    Then they could get fired too
    And they might blame the cat, what am I to
    Yeah I really jumped here and there
    Figured I'd be dVerse showing off their new site with some flare

    I'd probably have done way more
    And your eyes would bulge out at my shore
    From being to tired to read all my crap
    As dVerse stuff would just keep pouring out of my yap..haha

    Ask Betsy a day in my brain is scary
    Although everything is nice and neat, so it might not be that hairy
    Yeah I never know where it will go
    90% of the time though

    Oh look you rhymed too
    Glad a fun time was had by you

  24. LOL! Your verse is always so much fun.

  25. Ask me about a day in your brain!?
    Yep, but it didn't cause me to pop a vein!
    I strolled with interest like it was a museum,
    as big as the Colosseum!
    Cavernous rooms filled with files
    many of them made me smile
    but your secrets are safe with me
    unless it's a catchy phrase I see
    or an idea I want to steal
    turning it into a post or a meal.

  26. haha I doubt there'd be much there for a meal
    But at least you won't have to worry about slipping on a banana peel
    All those files are taking up so much space
    You can have some if you want to take them to your place
    But you'd rather steal the good ones I see
    And leave me with all the crap I never wanted in

  27. lol!

    Are you implying I have room to spare
    in my brain somewhere?
    and you're happy to give me some files
    to beef up my empty aisles?

    I could eat a chicken nugget or two
    and long as you had ketchup, too.
    And I like corn and carrots
    although I don't think apple juice has much merit.

    If the Pringles are reduced fat
    I could go with that!

  28. haha nooo me imply such a thing
    I'd never even fathom giving that thought a ring
    Yep ketchup always is here
    Geez knocking apple juice not giving it a cheer
    But it's all drink and I'm still standing
    So guess it has merit at my
    Yep there is reduced fat too
    Just don't open one filled with cat poo..LOL

  29. We could swap some files! hahaha
    talk about a couple of loons
    if you started thinking and talking like me
    and yes, I'd charge you a fee.

  30. haha well my fee would cancel out your fee
    So then we'd be even you see
    Oh I wouldn't want to talk like you
    Then I'd have to be nice all the time and that just send me to the loo..haha

  31. No, that would just be too weird
    you being all nice and calling people 'dear'!
    Then the Loon Crown could be worn by you
    as you would throw a fit or two.

  32. hahaha yes if I started calling people dear
    I'd definitely get a strange look instead of a cheer
    Heck I may even strike fear
    Hey on second thought maybe I should try it in a post that draws

  33. Next time you don't want to shake a hand
    just call them dear and they'll run from your land!

    If you talk in my midwestern accent though
    you'll get the looks for sure, you know!

  34. hahaha don't know if I could swing that
    I'd probably sound more like some swamp rat
    As it be a mixture of things
    But the shaking hand idea might come in handy when someone extends their wings

  35. "I'll pretend there was no mistake there..."
    deedee :-D

  36. I'm glad your head has swelled with all of the praise you get here, too
    You have room for your hat and a few crowns, to boot!
    Does Cassie have a crown? She must be queen of something!
    She's a girl, so she'd appreciate any bling! h

  37. haha yes just keeps increasing in size
    Allowing me to where many hats, creating a good disguise
    Cassie thinks she's all of that
    Without any bling or kind of hat
    She acts all priss as she is
    Although she's not a rhyming whiz..haha

  38. u are amazing patt
    I've never seen such a talented person.
    you r great :)
    look how beautifully "Patt" rhymes with "great"

  39. Not quite sure Patt and Great rhyme all that well
    But I'll take the sentiments you tell
    Making my head grow
    But I'm sure that you know..haha