Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fried Squirrel Yum! Want Me To Send You Some?

For a rodent that has 365 different classified species or so, you'd think that the little buggers would be in the know. At least by now, that chewing on a wire won't make them go meow. They'll still be little rodents running about and at the very least have no snout. As it will be fried, but with a little ketchup applied, the cat says they make a yummy snack, and go great with the rat burger I mentioned earlier at my shack.

But I guess with the brain the size of a walnut they should just stay in their hut. Oops I meant drey or if it's in a tree it's a den, hell let's just say bay. Yes these little rodents annoyed the cat, as after I woke Pat, everything seemed all fine, yet once the light switch didn't work, we looked around and saw one got fried on the powerline.

Oh that big juicy wire just looks so yummy, I want it in my tummy. Yeah I think that walnut size is over stated, maybe those facts were dated. But the best part was the light switch didn't work, the fridge conked out like a jerk, yet two feet away the microwave was having a great day.

The dumb rodent couldn't even do the job right, as during it's powerline fight, where it had to try and gulp those yummy wires down, it only took half the power out in that part of town. So a light switch worked here, yet a plug didn't to the rear. Of course the stuff that needed to be plugged in, was so far away from the working plugs Pat had to give a few extension cords a spin.

Actually it was quite funny moving things around to fit certain plugs, maybe that squirrel took some nasty drugs. But just as everything was on and plugged back in, as Pat didn't let the squirrel win. Not even a minute later it all came back on, I think that squirrel was a demon spawn. It probably laughed at making everyone do all this switching around, as it fell crispy to the ground.

So of course had to go and put everything back, thanks to this dumb rodent's powerline attack. But if you are looking for something good to eat and those blackberries over you know where look too sweet. I can still go out and scrape it off the grass and mail it to you from bush #3 where I reside, with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. what fun to rhyme,

    keep it up.

  2. If Pat ate anything besides Pringles and chicken nuggets, he could have a free meal!

  3. Sure I'll agree
    As it will be kept up by me

    haha that is true
    If it wasn't so crispy Cassie and I would scarf it down for a meal or two

  4. squirrel is not a bad meat, just not much on those little suckers so this would be more like a snack, or hor d'ourve you might serve to guests, just dont tell them its pests, taste like chicken anyway and nearly as finger lickin

  5. Sounds like you have had experience with this on your plate
    Hey if it taste like chicken it's a lunch
    Yeah I wouldn't tell them until it was all gone
    Of course then they may try and bring it back up on my lawn
    Be quite funny though
    But again tastes like chicken, good to know..haha

  6. Hmmm. I think I'll take the berries
    and leave you to the squirrelies.

  7. But your twin made it sound so tasty
    Plus it's crispy and not

  8. Yeah, but he's from Virginia. They eat stuff like that down there
    They probably even eat bear.
    But I wouldn't dare.
    I did try buffalo one time.
    It was ok but not that sublime.

    It's Cassie I miss
    I like her being a priss
    we girls need to stick together
    in any kind of weather!

  9. @Betsy:

    A female blogger pal, you say?
    Too bad there's no more "Tara," eh?
    As I recall, I think it's fair
    To say there;s
    one thing you two shared!

  10. But I only got a taste of something she got to keep
    But I won't again start to weep.
    I think it's fair to say she won
    and I lost a ton.

  11. @Betsy:

    If you did weep, it means you cared
    For that blonde, bushy millionaire,
    Who still has "memories," mouth agape, With chills that won't subside. (No cape!)

  12. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    I hate to read about what you, Orlin, and Cassie, been through and I hate to read about the poor little squirrel too!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee :-(

  13. lol...aren't we suppose to be talking about fried squirrel?
    And not about what gives your head a twirl?
    Orlin will kick us off of his blog
    if we come out of the topic fog.

  14. Orlin could get mad. We used
    His blog for things that might confuse.
    He missed some "Blogger history,"
    So he can't solve this mystery!

  15. Miss Priss will have to show her face
    One day soon at my place
    Beats that Drazin nut
    And some butt sniffing mutt
    Maybe not Pat though
    But shhh we won't let him know

    Buffalo and Bear you say
    Add a lion and you'd have variety but could cause some dismay

    I have no idea what you two are going on about
    But I'll nod and agree as you shout..haha
    Except you lost you're femal blogger bud
    What you do? Hit her over the head with a frying pan, making a big

    Oh it wasn't bad
    Orlin exaggerates a tad
    The squirrel had a death wish I guess
    Now nothing but a big mess

  16. I owe him a trip into the caverns of my mind
    I'm sure he could find a file or maybe a shrine

  17. And oh off topic doesn't bother me
    As I can use that for future ammo you see

  18. I'm not sure I'd last there
    As a shrine might give me a scare

  19. I'm shyin'
    away from eating lion!

  20. Yeah goat would probably be more your style
    Although I hear their horns can taste quite

  21. my style?
    you don't find goat eating in my files! ha

  22. So, does goat rhyme with boat
    or about?

  23. hahaha it was the first animal that popped into me head
    Guess I really need to go to bed
    As it's back to work
    But I'll be around to lurk

  24. Rhymes with both if you ask me
    But boat for sure, I know that cause you glee

  25. lol...
    good night Orlin, Cass
    and Pat.

  26. lol... wow. i am always captivated by your posts, pat.

  27. your rhyming is super once again
    your creative train
    of thoughts is hard to abstain...

    and don't sent me some
    the fried squirrel yum..
    coz I'm disciplinarian
    in following vegetarian... diet :)

  28. Captivated is a word no one has used yet
    Maybe that's why people come back, could be a safe bet

    I think the cat would be mighty upset
    And would be one unhappy pet
    If all I feed him was veggies each day
    Heck he'd probably just run away..haha
    But I'll freeze the fried squirrel until someone needs it
    Then mail it to them bit by bit..haha

  29. Until someone needs it?
    Who in the heck would 'need' a fried squirrel?
    It will not be me
    And how nice of you to mail it in portions
    so they don't in their excitement have a notion
    to gorge themselves in one sitting
    squirrel breath from their mouth emitting.

  30. awww.. I love squirrels... so you better think twice before making that beautiful creature your meal :-/

    I Love it Whisky, frisky, Hippity hop.. when he does it on the tree top :)
    and i love it Furly, curly, beautiful tail.. Tall as a feather and broad as sail :) :)

  31. hahaha you never know who would need such a thing
    As soon as I threw it out I'd get a ring
    So I will save it for one and all
    Who ever is first to give bush #3 a call
    Squirrel breath might be kind of bad
    Maybe I should send some listerine too, to make those around glad..haha

    hahaha did the cat make him chew a powerline and fry?
    The cat never said he wanted them to die
    The idiot nut collector did that on his own
    The cat is just saving him for later here at his zone

    Yet with their scurry, furry, cute look..they still need to read a book
    As they are wide eyed, adventurous and tricky, but they need to learn chewing a powerline is icky..haha

  32. Yes, icky!
    and kind of sticky
    they aren't at all picky
    to chew on electricity

  33. Those squirrels are dumb, that's for sure. They scurry along the wires all the time, thought that picture was in my back yard, as theres always a squirrel or 3 jumping on the fence up into the trees, down the pole driving the dogs nuts. My cats do not know, their indoors but rabbits scurrying on the porch they want bad, in fact I had to install some extra strong screening, because the cats were getting their nails caught up in there. Never had one take out the lights, but I can see it happening, as you said it best, a walnut might be overstating.

  34. Nope not picky at all
    Or maybe they're just trying to make a phone call
    But are too dumb to dial
    So they end up a fried

    hahaha yeah they intenionally drive dogs/cats nuts I think
    As along the fences and poles they slink
    I wouldn't dare use a screen with my cat
    Heck he can even open the door like Pat
    As long as it has a handle and pushes towards the outside
    He can open it and get outside going for a long stride