Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Going To Be Hard On The Eye, Thank That Silver Guy!

Yes I realize this is two eye posts back to back, but this one isn't profound here at my shack. Plus both just came to me, one thanks to the man behind the Grammar Nazi. As Silver came over from The Lair of the Silver Fox, down in my comment box, and let something slip, to which I wasn't hip. I knew there were such words of course, but never knew they had a name like a horse. So today we are going all Eye Rhyme, so wipe away the tears and the grime. For I wouldn't want you to miss, well...this.

I thought I would try on the visual shoe
Trying not to stub my toe
What would be the correct cost
For such a post

Now I'm a multiple rhyming fiend
Don't you want to be my friend
Or you might tell me to suck a lemon
That's OK as long as you aren't a demon

Did that cause laughter
Oh go play with your daughter
Nope I didn't pop a vein
As today I had lots of protein

I could touch on breast
But I'll just say it at least
Yes you read what I said
There was nothing about laid

So it's still PG on my range
Until I tell you to suck an orange
Then your pitch forks might gather
Or you might whine to your father

Oh did you come to say hi
Instead maybe you should go ski
Especially if your a Peacock poster
As ill will one may foster

Don't you just hate golf
Oh don't howl like a wolf
You can like it or play with a doll
That's just how you roll

Don't fall for a long con
Or money you may be out a ton
In digits higher than four
Might make you quite sour

Want me to throw you a bone
There we go done
Oops I hit you where you stood
That must have put you in a bad mood

Yes I'm a nut
That you can put
On your fridge in a fury
Or under the papers you bury

Maybe we should have a banquet
With a flower bouquet
That might cost a lot of dough
So I guess the answer will be tough

Did I just cause a wound
Where is it found
I may have excessive hubris
But who can blame me after this eye debris

So off I go like the wind
Hope your didn't go blind
Over my rhyming weight
As I set a new height

So there is your lesson today, that you can rhyme more than one way. Never knew it actually counted though and now I've done both at my show. If you are still confused a bit, by this rhyming nitwit. An Eye Rhyme is when the words look the same, but the sound is a whole other game. Now there are your facts for today class and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Fascinating stuff.
    Right enough.

  2. WOW Alan you're first
    That's going to cause Brian's, Betsy's and/or Silver's bubble to burst..haha
    Yes it was quite interesting to me too
    So had to try and see what I could do

  3. Oh did you come to say hi
    Instead maybe you should go ski
    Especially if your a Peacock poster
    As ill will one may foster

    frickin awesome line & you aint lyin among lions and liars, with pants on fire, but hot rhyme doin double time here and there, and dont mind AB, he like to ride mule drawn carts, cause he's smart and take pic-tures of wood houses, we are that slow, what louses, spin spin spin i will win again...

  4. Well, what a job you've done my friend
    And no I did not say fiend
    For that would cause a heart attack
    Or perhaps a ruptured spleen.
    I knew what you were up to
    As soon as I started to read
    I followed the path knowing
    Where it was going to lead.
    Well done again, you rhyming beast
    You're really strutting your stuff
    For a poet's heart is what you bleed
    Despite this rhyming bluff!
    So there you go, I've had my say
    But I think I'm on the right track
    You are a poet, a writer, and more
    And that's the Just Face it Fact!

  5. Look at that I was almost three
    Then Brian came and beat on me!
    Beat on the brat, beat on the brat :)

  6. Yeah I enjoyed writing those lines
    As it was a fun indirect dig here at my mines
    haha yeah I guess the mule drawn cart has to win sooner or later
    Even the hare was beat by a gator
    Errr ummm I mean turtle
    Both float in water so sort of the same hurdle
    I'm sure you will win again quite soon
    Visiting this rhyming loon

    Wow three times in a row
    You came to see what rhymes I sow
    Is your habit back on track
    Being such a Face it Fact
    Yeah I figured many would get the idea
    But a few might get confused I fear
    So I added the little blurb at the end
    To help them get around the bend
    But I like to hide behind my rhyming bluff
    It's fun to just huff and puff
    Making no sense
    With my two cents
    I'm a few things you say
    Guess I'll have to make sure I prove that here at my way
    As something is in the wings
    Little more to do before out it brings
    Unless it's crap
    Then no one will see and it will take a dirt

  7. And you just beat me commenting back
    Is quite interesting when people try to post in a pack
    Calling Brian a brat
    Hey Ho, Let's Go with that

  8. So glad I could inspire the feline
    To reach heights we'd ne'er imagine,
    As his talents he does hone!
    His "sight rhymes" can be matched by none!

    Love the Ramones references, having met two of them (almost three -- long story).

  9. You can do it too
    Yep inspired the cat it's true
    Guess one good turn deserves another
    I know I used that oh brother
    Never know what can come out of the comments below
    Which is such fun at my show

    Yeah I've always liked the Ramones
    And of course those Rolling Stones

  10. rhyme with the unrhyme, you give me hope.

    this was an awesome piece.

  11. Pat, I love imperfect rhymes. Have always found them to be puzzles in disguise. Great job A really well done demonstration. Thanks for the lesson:)

  12. I don't want to go giving out hope
    That could be a slippery slope..haha

    Impefectly perfect they could be
    Because Nobody is perfect you see
    And since Nobody is my name
    I score a perfect
    A lesson I can teach any time
    At least about rhyme..haha

  13. This made me smile :)

  14. Looks like a lot of fun you did have
    with sight rhymes from here to the grave!
    They really do make you move
    and look like rhymes we'd love.
    But rhyming it bends the bough
    and you'd think we'd had enough
    but sound rhymes there are none
    not even one stands alone
    was really fun to do though
    no, I lied. It was hard. Cough.

    really hard! ha.

  15. @Betsy:
    "Tough," you say? I doubt that's so,
    After seeing what you too can do!
    It seems that if we only try,
    Then none of us will go hungry!

  16. Might not be able to do many more than I already said
    It's like I sprayed my tongue with Raid!

  17. Oh, geez, once was enough for that!

  18. We'd I'll be sure never to do it again
    no matter how much raid it may rain

  19. One should never drink bug-killer from a carafe,
    Not if you truly want to remain safe!

  20. oh, I'm no silly dame
    wasn't just yesterday watching Sesame
    would never drink it like it was from a fountain
    just one breath was all I could contain

  21. Glad it could make you smile
    See good for something once in a while

    haha yes it isn't easy to do
    But lets see for a mix and match if it's true

    Today I watched Tootsie
    Whoops sorry I lie
    Aren't I a clever guy
    I don't even have to try

    I wouldn't want to play with a troll
    Not even a doll
    As I run down the hall
    Having a ball

    Take the tour
    May stay an hour
    Don't get sour
    I just have the power

    Damn my scratch wound
    Is always being found
    I guess I'll have to hide in the ground
    Or go play in the pound

    Ok that's a tad easier I will say
    But switching is fun play
    That is what I said
    Don't shoot the maid

  22. We're really glad that you hurt nothing vital.
    So sad if Betsy landed in the hospital!

  23. The eye rhyme crown you can have
    as too much effort I gave
    just to keep up a little patch
    I think I'd rather sit and watch
    or my brain might turn orange
    and I then start to derange

  24. Yes that would be sad
    Although could be fun to be had
    If she just stubbed her toe
    And had to

    That be two crowns on my head
    Think I have enough room for them both to tread
    Wait don't answer that
    You might offend the cat
    Yes they are hard on the brain
    So I just use easy ones after going down that lane

  25. so if my toe went to slaughter
    you would burst out in laughter?


  26. I think there's room on that swelled head
    47 crowns! 'Nuff said?

  27. Only if it was stubbed
    And the bad language was dubbed
    But if it fell off or had to be cut
    That wouldn't be funny, until you bathed a four toed foot in the sink at your hut..LOL

  28. haha then my neighbor would stare
    for other reasons if he dare!

  29. 47 WOW
    I might be able to keep up with that many things some how
    But what could I do to earn so much
    47 is kind of an odd number by a touch
    Oh that's right you don't like the whole "10 years later thing"
    You want them to give 7,12, an odd number a

  30. Maybe he'd flash some undies at you
    Thinking you need a thrill or two..haha

  31. "47" and "8 million" are the figures I use when I exaggerate. Surprised you hadn't noticed that by now, haha.

  32. I noticed the 8 million
    But not the 47 as I haven't seen it a zillion
    Yes I know that's not a real number
    Probably made up by someone counting lumber
    So one out of two isn't bad
    Now I know both and won't forget as I'm a clever lad

  33. Plus, you get points for remembering the "ten years" thing!

  34. His undies wouldn't do a thing for me
    Well, maybe blind me since they're tighty whitey

  35. True I read that on that post you emailed to me
    The acceptable rascim and q-tip saga that doesn't cause you much glee

  36. I know you've seen them on his line,
    So I've no wisecrack in my mind!

  37. Hey maybe his teeth match
    Then a double glare you can get from his patch
    It could reflect off the sun
    And a rainbow could be done
    Wouldn't that be fun
    Then you could easily grab the pot of gold and be rich by a ton
    Just make sure it's the gold you grab
    hahahahaha oh that I just had to take a stab

    See there is always a wisecrack Fox
    Just have to think outside the box

  38. He's been on vacation for 2 weeks
    can't say I've missed him one wink
    or 47
    good heavens!

  39. Vacations are fun
    Lie in the sun
    Maybe on a nude beach
    Suck if there was a leech
    But the undies could stay on the line
    Add an air freshener and you can pretend they are pine

  40. Pat, as scary as it is to admit this, I think I understand the way your mind works. Well... as much as anyone can. In fact, I'll be mentioning you (and some other bloggers) in passing in my next post...

  41. Oh God you understand the way of my mind
    Could you explain it to my behind
    haha yeah that would be kind of scary
    The mention will make a certian creature that's quite hairy
    Fill with glee
    As he sucks up all the glory

  42. Oh, good grief, are we back to talking about hairy behinds?!? Beautiful Betsy will jump ship again!

  43. hahaha hey hairy and behind
    Were a completely seperate find
    You joined them into one
    Tonight has the gutter won..haha

  44. Rather fun and nicely done; but now I must leave, for if my mind gets stuck in rhyme, I shall forever scratch this itchy disease ~

  45. Yeah you and me both
    But where I roam there isn't large room for growth

    Oh you don't want to rhyme a ton
    At least you had some fun
    I did hear one person say it was a disease
    Maybe they meant they had fleas

  46. There's such a thing as "rhyming itch,"
    But fleas can
    really be a...



  47. I'd go with your first thought
    As if not swiftly caught
    Pain in the butt they can be
    Sometimes literally

  48. See? See? Back at butts again, haha!!!

    WV is "cocro." Don't go there.

  49. Rather I say ass
    And go
    Pain in the butt is an expression though
    Pain in the cocro just wouldn't work you know..LOL
    Whoops went there
    I'll stop before I go on about a pair

  50. So I was thinking about your little hang-up with the spelling of coup.
    And I wondered what you thought of tomb.
    Or lamb, debt, and bomb?
    It could make your mind go numb!
    (no, not your tongue!)
    What about scene and scent and scissors?
    Do those words give you shivers?
    Is it harder on a Wednesday since it's spelled with a silent letter?
    And now I know why you'd never where knickers!
    You have to be a cat, because a pirate would never do
    Neither would a gnome, ghost, salmon or calf!
    They would leave you wanting the other half!
    You would feel lonely, without a clue, on a bridge
    Without fame, to gnash and gnaw on a ledge.
    No knife or sword for a knight in a castle.
    No columns or chimneys, not even an island or isle!
    Damn, that would surely cramp your style!

  51. Why there lass
    Today aren't you just little miss smart ass..LOL
    That must have took some time
    To find all the ones used in your chime
    But actually the only one that bothers my ocd there
    Is gnash
    That word I want to bash
    The rest I use plain as day
    Maybe because they are common they don't cause dismay
    I would post on the silent wording rhymes
    But too many grammar type posts, too many times
    Would make me a Grammar Nazi too
    I'll just leave that to you know who..LOL
    Very creative it was too
    Hey maybe you can be Grammar Nazi number two..haha

  52. It did take a little bit of time
    but didn't make me crazy like the eye rhyme
    I really had trouble with that one
    even before I'd really begun!
    I can tell it came more naturally to you
    so you get to wear the crown at your zoo.
    But I hear you have 47 crowns now
    so I guess we all have to bow.

  53. And I'll take the title of
    Little Miss Smart Ass any day
    over Betsy Wetsy title of yesterday. ha.

  54. haha I'd probably be reverse
    When I tried to converse
    With the slient stuff
    It put me in a huff
    But the rhyming stuff word or eye
    I can do that right fast no lie
    Yes 47 is quite fun
    Although they are pointy and poke a ton

    I'll remember you like Little Miss Smart Ass
    Over Betsy Wetsy at my grass..haha

  55. If your 47 crowns are feeling pointy and sharp on your head
    You're wearing them upside down and now you have bled.
    Turn them the right way
    and you'll be amazed
    that the pain will stop
    that you feel on top.

  56. Look you are right
    They no longer cause me any plight
    They look better too
    All thanks to you

  57. hee hee
    Oh, they do look so much better
    and don't cause pain in any weather
    Yes, now you're indebted to me
    which causes me such glee.

  58. I don't like debt
    I'm not that kind of pet
    So I will send you a rat burger or two
    Does that make us square or is more due

  59. Well I do know a few around here
    that would love your rat burgers from there
    As long as you send that pound of salt you promised before
    I'd say we're even on your shore.

  60. Yeah like five or so
    When you serve them don't get them mixed up at your show
    Five and Five
    Could confuse all alive
    Oh wait you want the salt
    You weren't supposed to remember I promised that at my vault
    I sorta used it already
    So some may come, just slow and

  61. Whew... what a post and comments
    that is all i can say for the moment
    i want rhyme too but its slow in coming
    have to struggle til my tongue is slamming

  62. haha not bad at all with your rhyme
    It was a fun old time
    Nice to the eye
    Yes tons of comments from Betsy to this guy
    Err umm Cat
    And Silver as well with the comment chat