Monday, July 18, 2011

Letting Google Talk For Me, Sorta, A Little, OK Not Really!

So as of late word verification has been getting some love or hate, depending on the mate. I can say since I turned it off, no spam crap has made me scoff. So there may not be much point to it after all. Of course saying that now will probably bring a bunch of crap to my hall. But that's neither here or there, as I'm sure most don't care, wanting me to stop my yapping and let Google to the scrapping.

Yeah we'll pretend it's them a bit, as can't fully or they'd have a fit. They might get mad at the cat and banish me to some bare corner of the map, just for flapping my trap. The cat doesn't like the cold and plus at the moment Google doesn't need to be told. So what am I going on about? Instead of word verification, I'm going to give some search keywords a shout. As I was bored and having a look and some were so funny I had to write a book, or umm post, highlighting some of the phrases that help people find your host.

So that was a given to all, who has come to my rhyming stall. But now the fun begins and just so you know Grammar Nazi I didn't commit these sins.

So they came to visit it's rhyme time, to see my rhyming chime. Oh no it was its rhyme time, as my stairs they started to climb. Damn it wait, it was its rhyme time\. Yep they committed a grammar crime. Oh no I'm wrong once more, as they used its' rhyme time to visit my shore. Oh crap I was wrong, it was its rhyme time' they used to come see the irish drinking song. Or maybe it was rhymetime24, this is confusing, thank God there is no more.

One found their way with damn rhyme, probably a pissed off mime. Another looked up rhyming cat, I'm famous how about that? Here is a fun one that might make the mutts mad, as mutt that sniffs butts was used to find this rhyming lad. Oh I mean cat, but you knew that.

Here is a big long confusing one, rhymes little bad in good and a little good in bad, boy was that a ton. No idea who would actually type out all of that, but I bet they got a thrill when they came to see the cat. Speaking of long and nuts, this one probably created finger cuts. Typing this out in Google would be insane, I'd pop a vein. rhyme with, you wouldn't want to miss a celebration such as, maybe they were looking for jazz?

Rhyme to make you smile, I think I can do that one for a good long while. The all seeing eye pyramid came through, bringing another to view. But big words you can use to rhyme with left me high and dry. At least they could have told the word before saying bye. Cat names that end in y, now there was a clever guy. Does Orlin or Cassie end in that? Nope, not even Pat. Or that Drazin nut, I think Google got stuck in a rut. But if they wanted to send them my way, I guess that's OK.

Create a rhyme brought one here, probably some thieving nut I fear. But the cat won't judge, maybe just hold a small grudge. Back in time rhyme, maybe he wanted to go 88mph and go back when gas was a dime. Because I'm so clever. Who me? Oh I'll take it if you must praise my endeavor.

Do you no to wash your hands rhymes, maybe they wanted to see how not to catch germs from even limes. Heck with the germs gone they could work on spelling a tad better, as they wouldn't want to type like that in any official letter.

Fetching the cat limited edition, so if I'm limited can I charge a commission? But I don't play fetch, so that was a bit of a stretch. All the good times was so fun, sounds like a little too much for someone. And makes two about a fat, now really who the heck would search for something like that? Playing it back rhymes, guess they wanted to read me multiple times.

Now for the two that put this idea in my head and might cause some dread. But I found them funny and they just made this idea that much more sunny. Kiss my ass rhymes, I might have said that in a few of my chimes. Do fruit loops cause gas, if they do you can get rid of it by jumping around like my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Some of the phrases people have used to find my site (and other sites at the same tine) freak me out. Basically, it just tells me that they don't know how to properly use a search engine.

  2. Love the one search for rhymes asking if you know to wash your hands! haha. Some preschool teacher is wanting a catchy tune to teach her little kids I'm thinking! :)

    I almost did this exact post last week, Pat! I know you'll get a laugh that one of my biggest search hits is "ant spray made my tongue numb"!!!! I kid you not. Guess many other people have done the same thing as me. There are all kind of variations such as "Raid on tongue", "tongue numb with bug spray" etc. I get a couple of these each week!

    My other common searches are for recipes, five men, men sleeping together, one woman with many men, etc. Oh my. lol!!!!

  3. Yeah some freak me out too
    If I did one on all the search terms I got for the facts some people would turn blue
    Some of those really made me go WTF
    As to type those things you'd need to be one queer duck
    Yeah I agree it shows people don't know how to it
    Or maybe english is a language they only know a bit

    haha yeah the hand washing was quite fun
    Hmm maybe you dropped some of your files when you were done
    And left my brain
    Leaving this idea left over for me to board the train..haha

    Yeah that is quite funny
    Must be lots of numb tongues now that it's sunny
    Killing all the pesky ants
    Yet spraying their tongue and their pants
    And "one woman with many men" hmmm I won't touch on that
    Is it's known by Pat and the cat
    But if a stranger saw it
    While I'll just let that

  4. Well, exactly..that is my point.
    They weren't searching for me and my five men
    just something make them grin.

  5. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Hmmm...It's funny what words people will use when their head is in a "fog" as they search online for yours, Orlin, and Cassie's "blog." lol

    Google search engine...hmmmm? I must admit that some Of the combination Of words that they use are pretty "strange" as they try to find you, Orlin, and Miss Priss, here on your "range." lol

    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee ;-D

  6. hahaha grinning would probably be one of the faces they'd make
    But that's as far as I'll go not wanting to partake
    Just proves even the strange can find you
    By messing up a word or two
    Or dumb Google not getting it
    Putting it as a result because it matches a bit

    90% of the time the people are searching for other crap
    Not what comes out of my yap
    Same with every blog/site out there
    Although sometimes it might bring in a pair
    Of new eyes
    That want to stay because they believe I'm wise
    But that won't last long
    Once they hear my theme song

  7. Two searches today that led people to me
    were "paper shredder parts" and "star wars kittens" you see!
    Of course Spencer's papers down the register
    or Mustache making Yoda faces probably weren't what they were looking for!
    But hopefully the were amused more than before!

  8. haha yeah I doubt that's what they were after
    But at least you could have caused a little laughter
    Yoda face
    Might bring lots of geeks to your place..haha

  9. "90% of the time the people are searching for other crap
    Not what comes out of my yap
    Same with every blog/site out there
    Although sometimes it might bring in a pair
    Of new eyes..."

    Oh! now I must admit that my head is in a "fog"
    ...Now, I understand what you mean when you say people who are in search Of blogs.

    For instance, they maybe in search Of, Brian, Betsy, The Fox, yours, Orlin, and Cassie's place and end up instead, looking at "Who Is Afraid Of Mrs. Lovett's face!"

    Turning beet "red" and wishing I was "dead".I was thinking more along the line that the person while in a fog forgot the name Of your blog.

    I'm out Of rhyming mode:
    I thought they were using the words in your post to search for your blog...Because they forgot the name Of your blog.

    I must admit that I have seen those words on my stats, but I ignore them...Now, I plan to pay closer attention to the words that lead people to my blog(s).lol]

  10. Little Mustache should make me some money
    that face of his is so funny!
    With Got Milk and those Yoda expressions
    A comedian he should be without question!

  11. "Some of those really made me go WTF
    As to type those things you'd need to be one queer duck"

    Hey, no fair! "Double-you tee eff" doesn't rhyme with "duck!" haha

    A lot of these people type a sentence, as if they're "talking" to a person! For instance, if I couldn't remember the name of your blog, and typed "What's the name of Pat's blog?" (but not in quotes), I'd only get links to sites that had every one of those six individual words in them... and probably not even yours!

  12. Yep the words are people searching for other crap
    Unless they stick in it's rhyme time in different varaitions of their search flap

    Yeah but you want to get him commercialized before he's too old
    Then anoter cute kitten will be above the fold
    And poor little mustache will lose his fame
    Maybe he could try the rhyming

    hahahaha well you weren't supposed to take it literally you know
    As I was trying to be nice and not come right out and say it at my show

    Yep that's all it is, then they see some interesting words in the little blurb and click, click by mistake or just don't know any better, or they don't know exactly what they are looking for.
    Then they just search some more.

  13. ha, nice...sorry so late its been a beatly day, say have some interesting searches as well, but yours gave me a good chuckle...think i might just go to bed....

  14. haha yeah after reading your post today
    I know it must have been a rough day
    Trying to keep your head from falling
    As sleep your were stalling
    I think that sounds like a plan
    For right now bed I am a fan

  15. Great post Pat, I think you are on to something here, Who would type such a thing, betsy's is funny as well Ant spray made my tongue numb, or all these things you've mentioned how about, Skin warm to flesh a bluster or antelope canyon heart of reflections or how about glandular delusion, now each perhaps would be something I may or may not write, in abstract in a piece, but to search for such a word or phrase in google seems absurd to me. What would be the glandular delusion seeker's plight, or what type of person says, "geez, I'm out of breath freshener today, that ant spray should do the trick, I'll just seek an antidote if it doesn't work out like I planned. And on and on... Some of these things are just so crazy to believe I think the book would be funny and mind-boggling at the same time if that was the extended plan. Again good topic, at least I know I'm clearly not the only one that gets mixed in with the google searching ring

  16. Oh dear. I don't believe Fred has ever been to my blog and especially believe he doesn't know my tongue went numb because of ant spray. lol....
    Yes, Fred...too crazy to believe, I do agree...but that is kind of my life's story summed up in a catchy phrase. May I use it? :)

  17. Interesting... the searches for my blog is
    more interesting and hot...ha..ha...

    See you later ~

  18. hahaha yeah excatly we may use some of this stuff as we write
    But what kind of nut searches for it day and night
    A book on that
    hahaha there's an idea for the cat
    I'm going to do a post with a bunch of random sayings one day
    And see what the searcher type to come and play
    Nope you aren't the only one
    As every single person with a blog/site has this type of fun

    hahaha yeah it sounds doubtful for sure
    But that someone would type that in Google is just crazy galore
    But I guess if one person did it to themselves like you
    There would be another one or two..haha

    Yes you're blog would searches closer to porn
    And people honking the perverted horn
    But quite interesting to see
    But prob freak some out, never fear not me..haha

  19. oohhh... If you find the google-search engine so weird.. You gotta try google translator for once... lol..

  20. hahaha yes I'm sure that would be worse
    Least I wouldn't know if someone found me through