Friday, July 22, 2011

Maybe That Wasn't Santa After All, But A Big Smog Wall!

So last night Betsy was seeing Santa Claus in the sky, I swear it's not a lie. Or for those without their contacts in fry. Of course with this heat your eyes may also be dry. Just so you know he never responded to the flag I stuck up, guess he didn't want to fill my tin cup. Mean old fart, I hope he gets beat out by Wal-mart..haha

But I walked by the television as Pat let me out of the room and saw a big cloud that continued to loom. Yes I'm stuck here with all those horrible cats for a few days, as Pat procrastinates for two weeks in many different ways. On vacation from work, so may be a tad slow from time to time coming to lurk.

As I was saying, I thought it was a cloud as the TV was playing, but they were yapping about the 20 most toxic states. Have to admit I was wrong on my guess here at my gates. As obviously I'd pick New York from all the smog and crap, but that didn't even make the top 20 lap.

I think you can guess what number one was, if you got my whole Santa buzz. As poor old Ohio won the race, having the highest toxic trace. There is only like five on the list I would have guessed, maybe being Canadian makes my picks kind of messed.

Of course the bigger the state, the more crap it can create. So that probably has to be taken into affect too, plus it's probably more a news scare tactic, to get you to watch and turn blue. Just found it interesting because it fit with the cloud theme yesterday and my guesses were wrong at my way. So in this case my facts were way off, does this list make you scoff?

No matter what we do we'll never escape some toxic crap, as it's in something everywhere, on every corner of the map. But I suppose some could be worse, at least now I know why Santa didn't come open his purse. Damn Ohio toxic gas, disappointing my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Pat, I haven't clicked the link yet, but I would also guess New York. Although Buffalo, where I live isn't that bad at all, but I've been to each part of the state and some are terribly smoggy. But while Ohio doesn't come as a big surprise to me, I would make my top five as follows: 1. NY 2. Michigan 3. Ohio 4. Washington DC 5. Pennsylvania I'll now go and see how my guesses fared.

  2. Boy, I feel stupid now. DC isn't even a state, Geez I knew that too, don't know why I wrote it down, probably from all the traffic and it's quite smoggy too. But I got Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, not where I had them but they're all in the top 10. Never would've guessed Kentucky though, and yeah how'd NY not make the top 20. Baffling

  3. hahahahaha I wondered why you said DC as a state, but don't worry I was thinking L.A. but told myself to shut up as that wasn't a state.
    So I can relate.
    Plus you got two of the top five
    Way better than the guesses I made at my hive
    I never would have guessed Florida up there at all
    As it comes off sunny and such everywhere you see, guess they are lying with their tourist call

  4. Wow! So it wasn't Santa in a cloud I saw
    but a Santa made of smog?
    And with Ohio at the top, too
    You just couldn't resist a post or two.
    Can't believe California isn't there at all
    with a ton of smog if I recall
    Yes, specifically LA or NYC
    hard to imagine Ohio being worse than these
    cities or states,
    I can't relate.

    So you have 2 weeks of vacation
    and went to visit relations?
    The ones with all of the cats, too
    a real live feline zoo!

    I hope you have lots of fun
    and Cass and Orlin have a ton
    I'm sure they'll show them who is boss
    or out the door, give them a toss.

  5. Yeah with Ohio and your cloud post
    The cat couldn't resist and had to give it a roast
    Of course with the heat most are roasting now
    But sure we'll survive some how
    Yeah I couldn't believe no California or New York at all
    I'd figured both would be one and two for the smog call
    Maybe you're just used to the high toxicity or whatever
    There for can't relate ever..haha

    Yeah Pat drug us to visit for a few days
    We'll probably beat on the cats in many different ways
    Of course when Pat let the mutt outside
    Cassie strutted out with great stride
    Acting like she owned the place
    And was allowed to show the outside her face
    Already trying to make a break for it
    Guess Miss Priss is having a fit
    But it won't be all play
    As that other venture will be done come the next work day

  6. Toxic people, toxic places
    yes, I live among lots of disgraces
    Better to be a hermit then
    and stay away from it and them.

    Cassie needed some fresh air
    and wanted to take a dare?
    almost making a break for it,
    Pat would have a fit
    if he had to chase her a bit.
    Maybe she was trying to get back home
    where she's queen of where she roams!

    Yes, you'll have lots of time for creativity, too
    in other projects that are calling you!

    Ok, I'm off to breathe the smog
    It was so nice to visit your blog!

  7. @Betsy: "Toxic people?" Well, maybe so, but I know at least two good ones from Ohio!

  8. hahaha can't say I disagree
    As a hermit I can also be
    Many scary people here too
    But they are everywhere two by two

    Yeah she didn't get very far
    If she did she'd probably step out in front of a car
    Expect it to stop
    And then dead she might drop
    So best Pat caught miss priss
    Even if at the mutt she did hiss

    Yep that will get done
    At least I hope, but will go at it a ton

    Does smog and heat mix well
    Or are you unable to

    Oh I saw that coming from Silver a mile away
    No smog could blind me there any day..haha

  9. Yet Orlin didn't ask who the other "good one" was from Ohio, eh? And I thought cats were curious!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Scary people two by two you say?
    Well, there's the problem I must say!
    If they keep multiplying then the scary will rule
    they can be as stubborn as a mule!

    No smog near me
    must have to be in Cleveland for that breeze
    but the heat I have
    115 degree heat index, no laugh!
    that's farenheit btw
    but you knew that any way.

    @ Silver...two in Ohio you say?
    Did you clone me with an invention your way?

  12. @Betsy: Silly doll, you know who the other one is. :)

    Which is not to say that I wouldn't love to perfect some system for cloning, of course.

  13. Ah, The Mister?
    Didn't know you cared!
    I'll pass along the sentiment you shared!

  14. Now you have me thinking. I suppose I should count your five men, although I've never communicated with The Mister or Taylor. Alex, Spencer, and Harry all signed that card for me, though...

    Why don't we say seven "good ones" in Ohio? :)

  15. Um, that only makes six, dear
    Someone's going to call for a counting nazi I fear!

  16. No, seven, including the one you've forgotten! :)

  17. hmmm....any siblings of mine do not count
    no matter what the amount!

  18. Ah, have you forgotten Keair already?

  19. haha Cleveland Indians and Major League movie
    How groovie
    Never associated that with you and Ohio
    Evne though both I know
    Now with that I do
    Another movie it is true

    Yes those two by two people will eally run a muck
    We just might be SOL
    Hot here too, but ours is different, so a comparision I won't do
    That you probably knew

    I bet they also probably have clone already
    Pumping them out steady
    But don't give Silver any ideas about that
    Or you may one day hear about a clone of you showing up at his "go awayu" mat..LOL

    Silver Orlin didn't ask because he knew
    There was a big post on her by you
    Reviewing her book
    At your nook
    Look I one upped Betsy again
    Knowing it wasn't one of her five men
    Damn my mind is good
    Leave it to science I

  20. Well, I'm not near Cleveland at all
    I'm way south of their smog and games of ball

    Clones of me would be nice
    more sweetness to this world and spice! :)

  21. Leave your brain to science, Orlin? Great idea! In fact... why wait? Do it now!

  22. We sure could use more like Betsy,
    And not that mass-produced doll, Wetsy!

  23. I can find the states
    But anything in them I can't much relate
    So no idea if you were close or far
    Let's hope your smog content stays below par

    That would be scary just a tad
    To many dears would pop the ears of this lad

    I'll call the human society of you
    That's what I'll do

    Yeah mass produced they could have recalls
    As some might not rhyme on my blog walls...hahaha

  24. er gross, guess that was not flavored oxygen i was sucking down, boy do i feel a clown and a little buzz, from da smog wuzz, i am just silly, but really was after looking at the list hmmm, maybe need to start on that bubble house now

  25. Yeah you're in one of the bad places too
    But lower than Betsy by a few
    Make sure it's a strong bubble though
    As the smog might get worse and seep through high and low

  26. If the smog gets really bad
    I could carve a large zucchini pad
    Just hollow it out and live inside
    it would provide food, besides!
    Just eat off the walls, literally
    as the meals would be a healthy veggie!

  27. Or a zucchini submarine would be really cool
    just sink it in the Ohio River with the riverboats to duel
    OK...maybe the smog is thickening with dread
    as I think I'm getting loony in the head.
    Oh, yes, you'll have fun with that admission
    and will give a tease without omission! lol...

  28. I think you'd run out eventually though
    Especially with five men at your show
    You literally eat yourselves out of house and home
    Then have no toxic defense dome..haha

    It be cool any day
    But sinking it in a bay
    Or river, lake, ocean
    Might cause a commotion
    As the water is prob worse than the air
    So the submarine would rot away leaving you once again with no lair

    hahaha loony in the head are you
    That does cause glee and you even knew it to be true
    So I couldn't omit
    Or you might just have a loony fit..haha

  29. Great. I'm in Indianapolis, Indiana which has the distinction of being the second laziest city in the US. I heard that on the radio today. Right next door to Ohio's smog. LOL! I would have said New York too.

    Sorry, no rhyming. It's late and I'm tired. :)

  30. woh california is not even on the list. their air resources board and EPA must have really worked! santa would come by canada first before reaching the states, maybe you have been a bad boy.

  31. hahaha so that's why you're so lazy
    was I supposed to say that..ummm oopsy daisy..haha
    You have smog of your own
    Plus Ohio's too throws theirs to your like a bone
    Must be fun
    To have a ton..haha

    yeah surprised they weren't there too
    they prob greased alot of palms between me and you
    Santa is just saving the best for last
    As he doesn't want to hurry and instead leave me presents that are vast

  32. Sad to read about this ... but this reality is also happening in other countries too...

  33. Yep everywhere all around
    Where ever so called progress is found