Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, My You Make Me Look Tall!

Welcome to the rhyming house or mirrors at my place, now you can look at your funny face. Or other aspects if you like to stare, but I'm not going there. For yet another onestoppoetry one shot for Mr. Linky I made, just remember to brush away that eye winky. As you wouldn't want that staring back at you, OK now follow the hall of mirrors each one giving you something new.

So I guess I kind of went more artsy fartsy today, adding the actual words to the mirrors I decided to portray. Wasn't as hard as the pyramid scheme, but it took some time to beam. So now you've escaped my fun house for now, but you have to realize the facts which are I'll suck you back some how. So away I go to look in the mirror as I pass and no I'm not one that needs to check out my own little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. haha...artsy for sure pat, you one skilled cat, and an intriguing message reflected, on things easiely neglected, the deep shadows make it harder to see, but dont let me pee in your cereal, that might make me a cereal killer and the captain is tough, but his berries so good, eat them all the time in my hood, but now i am off topic, my rhyme getting sub tropic so i will bid you adieu, see you real soon. could be worse, but certainly dVerse

  2. haha wow that's a cat type of off topic rant there
    But you made the silly rabbit, Lucky Charms and Tucan Sam all want to swear
    Only mentioning the captian and his crunch
    But then at least you'll be able to eat them for brunch
    As the captian will have pee
    From you this time not me...lol
    Yes that was certainly dVerse for sure
    And to think just some artsy fartsy mirror thing made you go there at my shore..haha

  3. oooohhhh.. a typical A-B rhyme..!! Yet it was good..!! really liked your "artsy fartsy".. ;)

  4. Some very reflective thoughts in those mirrors!
    Oh, that pun is so dear!
    Come on now, don't jeer
    You wish the phrase to your brain came near.
    maybe I stole it out of a file
    when I took that mind tour for a while.

  5. Very creative way of expressing yourself...

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. A to B is nice and easy
    But sometimes there's a c and d
    And who knows what other ones will pop out
    Here at my artsy fartsy boat

    Reflective thoughts you say
    Oh that was the pun of the day
    Yes now I can say you stole all your good lines from me
    Thanks to that tour you see..haha

    Creative as always I guess
    With my happy Tuesday mess..haha

  7. sometimes a to b
    sometimes c to d
    and sometimes wth
    but it's all done well!

    I'm coming up with the best lines today
    I'm sure you'll say it was the tour without delay


  8. haha wth it the best
    As I can confuse each guest
    And laugh for a while
    Unless you jump into my head and cramp by style
    Figuring out my little game
    Yep all your lines that bring fame
    Will be thanks to me
    If only they weren't free..lol

  9. Pat this piece is really awesome. Absolutely loved it. Artsy-fartsy is ALWAYS a good thing, at least in this neck of the woods. Really like how you played around with sizing and font, top to bottom well-done

  10. Yeah in this neck of the woods most anything goes
    Where it ends up who knows
    I didn't play around too much with the words
    As some of it looks like it was written by birds
    Had to make it readable some
    Thanks for the feedback on the latest from my little rhyming bum

  11. Wow, you put a whole lot of effort into this and, the message in your prose was... outstanding!

  12. Yeah sometimes my ideas take more effort than I intially thought
    Be can't stop and have to see them brought
    Into the light
    Day or night
    Thanks for the read
    Here at my feed

  13. Oh I get a heart too
    You must have a big one sending it to tons of the onestop crew

  14. I liked, "starving for life's song, puzzle pieces fitting wrong" :) really cool, Patt. The pictures reminded me of the mirror of erised.

  15. Even my 4 year-old grand daughter has learn to say, "I told you so..."

  16. Very creative, I enjoyed! These 2 lines especially..'Starving for life's song, puzzle pieces fitting wrong' ~ very good Pat!

  17. haha a Harry Potter reference
    That's a first occurence
    Yeah those two lines just came out
    Prob two of the best in this one I did spout

    See I just made sure I told you so
    So you'd just know

    Creative once again here at my place
    Those two lines really seem to leave a trace
    Of something in most
    Thanks for the boast

  18. Not just rhymes, but a fine bit of artistic construction too...artsy fartsy indeed! I like the composition, and some fine little lines as ever Pat.

  19. Yep all artsy fartsy for sure
    Here at my little bit of everything door
    Glad the lines are fun and didn't scare
    The construction took a little wear and tear..haha

  20. A bit eerie, but interesting none the less.

    I think it's the mirrors. Very cool!

  21. I found this post very sad, but absolutely loved the creative way you used mirrors to cause reflection from a slightly different viewpoint. Well done Patt!

  22. Yeah the mirrors can make it a tad eerie
    And it is a bit different than my normal all nice and cheery
    Wait I don't do normal at all
    Guess it's just another day at my stall..lol

    Yeah sad it can be for those that fall in the trap
    Unable to get out of it, forever stuck in this wrap
    Yes that was the whole point of the mirrors reflection
    Great job pulling out that detection

  23. "Compartmentalized to death." That's really cool.

  24. just don't line up all of those mirrors and create a portal there!
    A few ghosts could stand on end your hair!
    The library already looks a little scary
    and being haunted would make us wary!

    But knowing you, you'd call Ghost Busters,
    give a grin, and twitch your whiskers.

  25. Yeah that just popped in
    So I used it with a grin

    A portal would be great
    Maybe I could time travel and see my fate
    Or at least the lottery numbers that are about to come
    Then I could be a rich rhyming bum..lol
    Yeah if ghosts tried to bother me
    I'd call the Ghostbusters although now they are quite old and their ummm gut is saggy..lol

    Awesome yippeee
    That increases the head size of me

  26. Time travel would be fun
    just so you could come back in the sun

    Ghostbusters with saggy guts.
    I'm sure that would include their butts.
    Better think of another weapon
    as asking them would be oversteppin'.

  27. As long as I didn't go back and step on a butterfly
    Then I might screw up time for some girl or guy

    Yeah I'd just send Cassie their way
    She's really sassy and would cause them dismay
    Then howl and fly about
    But won't scare anyone and fly off back to their boat

  28. I love Cassie the priss
    the little miss
    She's surrounded by males
    and I can sympathize with that tale!

    So, tell me...you rhyme about and boat quite often.
    It that a Nova Scotia accent?
    I say about sounds like ouch
    and boat sounds like coat.

  29. About sounds like ouch?
    Hmmm ouch goes with couch
    Grouch and crouch
    Even slouch
    But about and ouch no way
    Maybe more like bout and scout then the boat that I use at my bay
    I say you're a little more off than me
    As ouch doesn't work with any of them that I can see..haha

  30. haha. Yes!
    I say about, out and ouch all have the same vowel sound.
    But you rhyme about with gloat.
    and I say gloat rhymes with moat, goat and coat.

    ha. You can call me weird
    at least I don't have beard.

  31. About and out yes
    Ouch is still one big mess
    I still say about rhymes with gloat
    So does note and vote
    But ouch is just out there all on it's own
    Maybe home it needs to phone
    True no beard makes you less weird indeed
    Still ouch doesn't work no matter how much you plead..LOL

  32. Ok, dear Pat
    Whatever you say
    You can rhyme about with vote any day.
    It's your blog after all
    But I can't pronounce them rhyming at all!
    Now I want to hear you say it.
    You need to post a voice clip while doing it!

  33. hahaha all you'll get is a meow or chirp
    Never fear the cat doesn't burp
    Would that suffice
    Or would you prefer I stick to chasing mice

  34. A meow or chirp will do
    and maybe a yawn or two
    Cassie must have taught you
    a thing or two!
    At least some manners are known by you!

  35. Yes miss priss rubbed off on me a bit
    But I still have my usual fit
    I bet you think that doesn't rhyme too
    Maybe fit and bird rhyme better for you...LOL

  36. Yeah, fit rhymes with bit!
    I do agree
    I'm glad you and I
    eye to eye
    do see!

    whoa...a scary thought that
    as bad as hearing a rat!

  37. hahaha the cat would like to hear a rat
    He'd have a nice snack and leave the rest for Pat
    Seeing eye to eye is kind of strange
    What if I hide in my bush #3 crack to avoid that at my range..lol

  38. That would work!
    I wouldn't stick my nose there to lurk!

  39. you crack me up. i really loved the second and fourth stanzas (er, mirrors?) great job on this!

  40. There we go a solution
    So no eye to eye revolution

    Glad I can crack you up
    Not like a butt sniffing pup..haha
    Yeah those were the best I'd say too
    Thanks for the retort from you

  41. what's wrong with eye to eye
    better than a germy handshake that would make you die!

  42. Clearly pushing out the boat with making the metaphor clear!

  43. Haha. You really meant it when you said you are taking over the world with your rhyming. Everything here rhymes. *awe* Lovely work with the photographs. Must have taken a lot more time. Nicely done though. Loved it.

  44. Well when you put it that way
    I'll take eye to eye any day

    Clearly making it clear
    Great comment cheer

    99% of the time everything rhymes
    I strayed a few times
    I received an awe too
    Wasn't that nice of you

  45. i don't think i'm smart enough to unravel the whole meaning in this... but i do like the phrase, "starving for life's song." so many are...

  46. Yeah that is very true
    Most feeling stuck like glue
    And not trying to do a thing
    To starved to sing
    Bah I'm not smart enough either so never fear..haha
    Thanks for the cheer

  47. i just realised i've entered the den of geniuses.

  48. First, Pat, that cat always makes me laugh. It's such a purrfect statement about cats and their...well, you know. I have 12 and they are all encompassing....of my time, my life, my energy. LOL!

    Second, I had a bit of trouble reading the different mirrors...towards the end, but the last one summed up whatever I missed.

    Very, very clever.

    Lady Nyo

  49. Hmmm I can't disagree with that remark
    A den of geniuses has a nice ring for my park

    Yeah cats definitely have their own flare
    Even when they just sit and stare
    12 is a ton
    Must be quite fun
    Keeping up with them all
    As they run down the hall
    Yeah I noticed some are hard to see
    If you're on a small screen like me
    But made them as big as I could
    Glad you understood

  50. Brilliant idea, and well executed!

  51. Glad it was executed well
    Brillant as nice too I must tell..haha

  52. Indeed you nabbed dVerse, my friend
    Too bad I didn't get here till the end
    But there are many things on my writing plate
    And yes, this is my dreamed of fate.
    Fantastic job, you've done here sir
    I'm sure you're proud and will purr
    At all the fine things people say
    As they visit at your house today.
    Class act as always, Sir Cat in Hat
    And as they say, thats a Face it Fact.

  53. Bah you can say the best was saved for last
    Yes I know you're going ons are vast
    So I won't hold a grudge against you..lol
    As you always rhyme well with your comment due
    Plus a shout to the facts
    In your comment tracks
    Yes the cat purrs a lot
    With all the feedback that has been brought

  54. you seriously ROCK at rhymes, Patt!! And your innovative and superbly creative ideas are simply awesome!!
    That mirror sure makes one reflect.. doesn't it?! :)

  55. Yep sure does make one reflect
    Even though some ignore and neglect
    I'm sure my ideas will run out on day
    Until then I'll continue to play..haha

  56. WoW! This is amazing!
    The mirror never lies...or does it?

    Great job, Pat!

  57. Depends on the reflection whether it lies or not I guess
    Could also help one confess
    Thanks for the feedback
    Here at my rhyming shack

  58. You are like a funhouse mirror--a little warped, but lots of fun!

  59. haha hey sounds good to me
    As warped I can be
    Fun most of the time too
    Good description given by you...haha

  60. My favorite was the second mirror, which I read in two different ways, and still found it to make sense :) Beautiful.

    My One Shot ~ A Poetic World

  61. Hmmm never thought about reading it the second way
    But your right it does make sense with the word play
    Nice find
    Thanks for the visit to my rhyming behind..haha

  62. Pat! Haha. NIce response. So the rhyming extends to the comments as well. I was wondering..! :-) You are delightful..!

  63. Yes it extends near and far
    I'll even rhyme at a bar
    Then they'd think I'm drunk
    Or in a weird funk
    But it's oh so fun
    OK I'm done