Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mix and Match, Creating a Patch!

So I've done movies galore here at my shore, no this isn't, yet, one more or some encore. As I was going to do TV shows, but that got put on hold until who knows. As in the comments below, I had an idea where to go. For I created a theme, but took lines from all shows and mashed them together to create this beam. Some are blatant as you can see, the others could be tricky.

Although most are old and some even before my time, but I only used ones I knew to rhyme. Yes I watched a ton, back when theme songs were fun. Now they are just a crappy noise like Lost and at a cheap cost. But with 5-10 minutes taken from commercial time increases, they have to take it away for the time to show something decreases. Anyway I bet no one will be able to get them all, as some are too ambiguous to make the call. But I will give you a hint, as there are 26 shows in this stint, two lines from each, now lets see how high you can reach. Oh and admittedly some don't necessarily rhyme, but Cassie wanted to use them so the non rhyming ones are on her dime.

In a world we must defend
You take a chance and face the wind
Down this road that never seems to end
Brand new life around the bend

High winds in northern sky will carry you away
I'm bound to walk away these blues
Worry's for another day
Go slipping through the cracks

Farm living is the life for me
Then one day he was shooting at some food
These days are all happy and free
Well we're moving on up

New York is where I'd rather stay
Until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on
Work your cares away
Till the one day when the lady met this fellow

Take a step that is new
But why bounce around to the same damn song
Goodbye grey skies hello blue
When you spin it, spin it, spin it

Or this world we love so much might just kill you
Take a look overhead
There's a stranger out to find you
Their creepy and their kooky

Invited everyone you knew
Look out here comes the Spiderman
Danger lurks behind you
Their heroes in the half shell and their green

Travel down the road and back again
Girls were girls and men were men
All the trouble we get in
Let it flow, it floats back to you

Come and be her guest
Their legend is growing
I want to be the very best
Yet they were all alone

Love won't hurt anymore
These turtle boys don't cut him no slack
Come and knock on our door
That’s a fact

Someday the mountain might get 'em, but the law never will
He's a moving kinda slow
Beans don't burn on the grill
Those were the days

We got some work to do now
Their house is a museum
That's just a little bit more than the law will allow
Some times some crimes

I'm not inclined to resign to maturity
It's a jungle out there
You're all invited back next week to this locality
High adventure that's beyond compare

Damn the cat is good, make my own I should. Maybe down the road, once I get back in theme song mode. So for today that's the facts and can you name the 26 theme song tracks? No? Yeah I knew you couldn't at my show. But don't swear and get crass, as at least you got some used by my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. I love this!
    And thanks for helping, Miss Priss. :)
    I bet I can name about half of them
    but I don't want to hog all the fun
    as I'm usually one of the first here
    to give you a cheer.
    So I'll wait to list my guesses
    and see who else impresses!

    Have to say, though
    the tune to each came to mind you know
    Funny how that happens just from one line
    And I'm singing along so sublime.
    Well, not really sublime
    as I've never claimed to be a singer
    and if done out loud no one would linger.

  2. Hi! Pat in the Hatt...
    Quite an interesting post...Therefore, Orlin, In order to salute you I raise a glass in your honor and to you, I toast...psssst

    ...By the way, you can purchase a lot Of classic show on DVD s...Because my mother mentioned several shows that are now available on DVD s...I Of course, have purchased several Of Hitch's television shows.

    [A little 4th Of July information:In Canada they have Canada Day, to represent when their country became an independent country(from British rule).It's on July 1st and they have fireworks etc... and its a federal holiday.]

    deedee ;-D

  3. haha oh you're just waiting for someone else to say what they are
    Then you can pretend you knew them near and far..LOL
    You gave me the idea with Petticoat Junction
    As soon as you said that the theme became a function
    Ongoing in my head
    So I figured I'd see where it lead
    Some I just couldn't use though
    As they are nothing but a tune with no words you know
    Yes it's funny how one line can make people recall the whole thing
    I just think it in my head and don't sing
    As people would run far away
    And wouldn't want to play

    Oh I get a toast now you say
    Isn't that nice of you today
    See tv and movies I know tons
    So I can make up tons of rhymes and puns
    Yes I have around 400 dvd sets of shows
    Mostly highs, one or two lows

    Yes being Canadian that I know
    But on a Friday it sucks because work anyway I don't have to go
    So no extra day off for me
    I'm sure some will like the trivia you left to see

  4. That's not true,
    how rude of you!
    Like I said, 50% isn't that great
    but the ones I knew came to my mind with haste.

    Ok, I counted and I only know 8!
    So, not even a third can I relate
    although once I hear the titles I'm sure
    I will remember a few more.

    So I was out on the green acres
    just looking at some beverly hillbillies.
    And the Jeffersons had invited the Brady Bunch to a cookout. Oh, those were happy days!
    But when the Adams family decided to crash the bbq, they decided that three's company.
    It really is all in the family!

    So, I was wondering why you were getting a Canada Day lesson from Deedee.
    Did she not know where you lived, maybe?

  5. haha see I was right
    Didn't know half just eight tonight
    I love being a tad rude
    And maybe a little crude
    So hey doesn't bother me
    I just laugh with

    That was very nice using them all
    At least the ones you could call
    And you are correct too
    Those are 8 of the ones put in front of you
    Although it's kind of sad you didn't get one
    Even if it's a cartoon it was given away a ton
    "Spiderman" wasn't enough of a clue
    Look now you know 9 as I just gave that one to you..haha

    Beats the heck out of me
    As it says I'm from Canada blatently
    Guess it's that french part messing her up
    Causing her to create that hiccup

  6. I have to confess
    I never watched the Spiderman mess
    So can't recall the cartoon song
    or pick out which lines belong!

    Deedee ~ aren't you from Canada yourself?
    Yes, I'm pretty sure I knew that from somewhere else.
    You and Pat are practically related
    oh, I'm sure that makes you both elated!

  7. haha still the name was there
    So it shouldn't be hard to pick out that pair
    I never watched the 60's one
    But knew the song from other stuff that was done
    Oh well 8 isn't bad
    Just off from 26 a

    Yeah she's in Montreal I think
    Oh that comment just made me hit the brink
    Related to her be scary indeed
    But if you follow that lead
    Them I'm practically related to a few million more
    And you are to the millions down at your

  8. Yeah, 8 out of 26 is not so good
    But see, now others can try and should
    because I left them lots to guess for you
    Yes, I'm sweet like that, it is true.

    hey, who's coughing? Orlin???

  9. Yep Orlin coughed quite a bit
    I think he had a real fit
    Must have been something you stated
    That got him all elated

  10. Dude, if you're going to use a black background, all your text, links, etc. need to be in white, or very light & bright colors. Just sayin'.

    Now, here are the shows I got:

    Spider-Man (cartoon)
    Petticoat Junction
    All in the Family
    The Jeffersons
    The Golden Girls
    Happy Days
    Green Acres
    The Beverly Hillbillies
    The Addams Family
    Tale Spin
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Dukes of Hazzard
    The Brady Bunch
    Three's Company

    And that's from someone who hasn't watched TV in three years.

  11. Leave Deloris, alone and I'm not here to play...There now, I had my SAY...
    The Peacock...

  12. The Grammar NaziJuly 4, 2011 at 12:42 AM

    Why'd you put a comma after "Deloris"?

  13. Well, to make a very looooooong story short...My English teach said, always place a comma after a name...Or am I losing my mind and going "insane?"
    The Peacock

  14. The Grammar NaziJuly 4, 2011 at 1:10 AM

    A comma generally indicates a pause in the rhythm of a sentence. Saying "Peacock, replied to my comment." would be incorrect. (Pause after the comma and you'll see what I mean.) Saying "Peacock replied to my comment." is correct. If you're speaking directly to a person, then you need the comma. In other words: "Peacock, your teacher was incorrect."

    And I suppose we'll let you squeak by rhyming "name" and "insane." Maybe you're new at this rhyming thing, haha?

  15. "Why'd you put a comma after "Deloris"?
    I don't know why I placed that comma after Deloris...Whatever the reason the error Of my ways have (or is that has) been corrected.

    Hey! that little Canadian rhymer have you depicted as being as being tough as nails...It don't appear that way to me you seems swell!

    The Peacock learned something new today. I must admit that I was never good when it came to grammar...Only good at attacking little rhymers from Canada.

  16. (Ah, always a pleasure to awaken in the middle of the night and find new emails in my box...)

    Tough as nails? Moi? Au contraire, mon ami... or is it amie in your case? Peacock, Peacock, Peacock, -- three pauses, three commas, y'see -- I only endeavor to elucidate (and in a largely teasing manner, more often than not). I rarely attack, and definitely don't do so merely to point out a misplaced comma, or a misspelling, or even chide another for choosing whether to rhyme or not rhyme, as is his/her preference.

    And one should never "attack" a "little Canadian rhymer," especially in his own sandbox... or is that litterbox? (Or Bush #3, for that matter?) Here on his home ground, he's always surrounded by supportive friends, but more importantly, at least one photo exists which proves he has claws sharp enough to defend himself with, or, at the very least, he can be inspired to craft an entire post in his own defense.

    "Whatever the reason the error Of my ways have (or is that has) been corrected." Stylistically, there's something vaguely familiar about "the error Of my ways," eh? I guess having multiple blog personas may indeed get confusing, as someone who writes variously as "The Silver Fox," "The Grammar Nazi," "David'Z RantZ," and even "Orson" knows all too well.

    And I'm sure Pat & Orlin would agree, if either of them were awake at the moment.

    So sad that I won't be online to rejoin this discourse until the afternoon... *sigh*

  17. Oh my, a sparing between a fox and a peacock.
    This could knock my socks off!

    Peacock, you should reply to the post of July 1st
    because we'd like to hear it for better or worse.

    And, who the heck is Deloris?

  18. "I only wish you'd provided a link
    to the Peacock's nest so we all could sink
    a few unsightly rhymes in the comment section!"

    Hello! Betsy...
    You, were going to "stuff" the ballot box, but not in my favor? Hmmmm

    "That would make those tail feathers point in a different direction!"
    Oh! really?

    How sad that they probably preach against all other things not politically correct
    but don't see the hate in the mirror that they project!

    Oh! no, I'm not a soap boxer and I don't spread hate!
    Oops! I have to go I have a date!

    "And, who the heck is Deloris?"
    Hey! Betsy, don't ever disrespect Deloris!
    Look for the clues!

    The Bird With Beautiful Colors
    The Peacock

  19. sound SO much like Deedee.

  20. "I don't spread hate" you boast
    so the words you spoke on the July 1st post
    were ones of love?
    Now you're saying you're a dove?

  21. Yes Fox I think you are correct
    On my home screen the color works fine with no neglect
    But on my work it looks like crap
    I'll change that the next time I yap
    Or maybe the background who knows
    We'll see how that goes
    And you put Betsy to shame
    With the tv show game
    Besides one or two though
    Most are not a recent show
    So didn't really matter about seeing it
    Yeah I don't watch tv one bit
    Meaning cable and stuff
    I just stick to being a DVD buff

    Do I even need to respond to this shit
    Which is really what it is more than a bit
    The answer is a big NO
    As even with the liberties I take at my show
    That was the most pathetic use of Grammar I've seen here yet
    So nothing has to be said from Pat, the cat or any other pet
    As you pretty much screwed yourself over
    I've seen better langauge skills come out of rover

    "Hey! that little Canadian rhymer have you depicted as being as being tough as nails...It don't appear that way to me you seems swell!"

    Case in point
    Oops guess I said something, did your nose go out of joint

    Plus Silver gave you a very nice roast
    Yeah litterbox, sandbox or bush #3 works for this host
    First one is kind of nasty though
    If it's been used recently to

    Oh and yes Betsy I must agree
    As with Silver, various personna's are assume by me
    From Pat to a Cat or two to that Drazin fellow
    To many more that you guys don't know about, but the counts so high you might turn
    So it isn't that hard to see
    That the email sent to me
    Was not from this person at all
    Considering he/she came off more stick up the butt with his/her email call
    Meaning yes Betsy I think you're right
    As one can tell this person has no idea how to seperate personnas as they write
    For you can't write the same
    So you failed at your fake peacock game
    To bad
    So sad

  22. Right. The peacock of today
    sounds nothing like the peacock of Friday.
    I don't think they are one in the same
    just someone trying to play a game.

  23. Yep and I think you're right in your guess
    At who created the fake peacock mess
    The Fox seems to have the same idea I think
    So guess her little plan did sink..haha

  24. sent you an email
    to the factinary jail.

  25. Sheeesh! You guys have been on a battling role
    Guess it's the peacock for whom the bell tolls.
    Damn, sorry I'm so late to join in,
    Gotta see that don't happen again
    But I've been caught up with tractors and hay
    Spitting poor grammar with a wine buzz today :)
    Cat, you've made the tv proud
    So, with George and Weezie we'll shout real loud
    And then take Betsy and Silver too
    Along with the felines and Grammer Nazi, phew
    It's quite a little army you've grown
    Makes me feel right at home.
    So if you get a chance, come fill me in
    And I'll try not to let this happen again :)
    (Hope you had an awesome long weekend too! A belated Happy Canada Day to you!)

  26. And yes, it's true Fox put me to shame
    on the television game.
    So, he gets a crown for that
    and one for exposing a fake peacock at your mat.

  27. At least the Factinary jail likes you
    Hotmail seems to want to tell you what you can do..LOL

    Hmmm who the heck is that
    Geez been a while since she visited the cat
    I know her name is on the top of my head
    Oh don't you just like where that lead
    Yes Grammar Nazi, the cats, Pat, Betsy, Fox and Drazin too
    All have been around way more than you..LOL
    The Peacock is a long debacle
    Stirring up such a fun cockle
    Yes that sounds bad too
    But it's a word I knew
    The Jeffersons are happy with me
    That just causes me glee
    You can keep the tractors and the hay, just don't touch bush number three...haha
    See you miss out on a whole bunch of crap
    From this to that to the poor peacock sap
    Or I should say Peacock's
    As there are two at my box

    Yeah I knew Fox would get a ton
    But I did use one
    That no one here would get at all
    But it does have things to do with a ball

  28. Ooohh...a little hint with ball
    I'll see if I can give it a call.
    Off to do some repo-girl detective work
    then I'll come back to report on my search.

  29. Didn't see a ball at all
    but got sticky with those gummi bears and all.
    Monk and the Rescue Rangers met up with
    Scooby Doo on a love boat to play pokemon. The littlest hobo was due south to get off at the fraggle rock. So, now who's boss?

    Although I should only get credit for the first eight
    as some of these I got from the google gate.

  30. After I wrote my list (so as not to cheat), I Googled one line and discovered that there was a "new" series of "The Littlest Hobo!" As a child, I loved the original one!

    Word verification is "fyird."
    Hey, Betsy! That rhymes with "bird"
    and "turd!"

  31. holy crap dude, the post was rockin bu the comment block'n is down right hilarious and near overshadows the efforts...picked many out and go stuck on the hillbillies...reminds we too much of home, where i's grown...nice to see the spider though, time to blow....

  32. "So, I was wondering why you were getting a Canada Day lesson from Deedee.
    Did she not know where you lived, maybe?"

    Hi! Betsy,
    I posted that information for those who live in the United States...Because I'm both a U.S. and Canadian citizen.
    Duel Citizenship or Nationality
    deedee ;-D

  33. Oh, we US citizens know what Canada Day is
    from our history classes and all that biz
    We even know what duAl citizenship is all about
    most of us anyway, I have no doubt.

  34. I'd never heard of Canada Day.
    My schooling did not prepare me that way.
    I learned of it only two or three years ago...



    Oh, screw it, I'm too effin' tired to rhyme any more today [yawn]

  35. hahaha you big cheat
    had to use google to get my tv theme
    By "ball" I meant poke-ball, that lead to pokemon
    I knew no one would get that dusk or dawn
    The rest are correct too from your Google mouth
    Not much beats Due South
    Making fun of Americans and all
    Can't go wrong with that call...LOL

    Yeah I used to watch the newer one
    Remembered the theme song was fun
    I think it was produced up here
    Probably why the little hobo never came near
    Your way
    For a stray
    New word to rhyme with bird and turd Yipeee
    Causes such

    You grew up in a hillbilly ville
    I can't talk much as I was prety close to that hill
    Yeah the post was great
    But the comments can sometime even more elate
    Time to blow..ummmm that's a loaded one there
    But I'll just give a smile and stare

    So you're a half breed
    Part Canadian and American

    Yes I'm pretty sure both are well known
    To south and north no matter the tone
    Although geography I wouldn't say so much
    As one night in gamerland an American guy was off by a touch
    Where do you live he asked
    I said NS and he basked
    Is that by Alaska he replied
    I laughed so much I almost cried..LOL

  36. Never heard of Canada day
    Yeah we Canadians don't advertise as we don't want to share our play
    In our igloos and huts
    With our big furry Malamute mutts
    That drag the sleds around
    So the hunt can be found..LOL

  37. Yeah, my research showed that the second series was produced in Canada. LOTS of great American character actors. I'd really love to see it!

    WV is "unthsin." Sounds like how someone whose teeth had been knocked out would pronounce my cat's name!

  38. So Deedee er um Deloris,
    Will you be confessing to be
    the peacock-wanna-be?

  39. Brian does have a point you know
    that your comment section is the place to go
    As one stop just isn't enough!
    It's like some sick addiction stuff.
    And in keeping with the theme of this post
    It's like the Cheers song, a show with the most.
    Where everybody knows your name
    and you're always glad you came!

  40. I enjoyed it as a kid
    But I also enjoyed Mario Bros and Double Dragon the movie also had my bid
    So my taste wasn't grand
    So take my liking back then with a grain of sand..haha
    Yes that does sound like Orson too
    For those that can't prounounce stuff longer than moo
    It is down right amazing how illiterate some people are
    On my videogame gamertag(call sign sorta thing) some guys actually spell out P A T when they yell near and far
    It is so pathetic it isn't funny
    I think the school system needs more

    Hmmm that can be her nickname now at my sea
    Here comes the wannabe
    Oh that causes such glee

    haha well that is a good thing I guess
    As you all come back to my rhyming mess
    Keeping me from being bored at work
    Giving me something to do as I lurk
    Plus lots of ideas spring out of the comments below
    Great that they are the place to go..haha
    DAMN that was one I was going to use too
    But I forgot it, it's true
    It was one of those ones on the tip of my tongue
    But it just wouldn't spit out past my lung

  41. "Oh, we US citizens know what Canada Day is
    from our history classes and all that biz
    We even know what dual citizenship is all about
    most of us anyway, I have no doubt..."

    Once again, Betsy, I didn't post that information for anyone in particular...I always add additional information to my post...bad habit I guess :-/
    Unfortunately, I can't admit to being someone I'm not...Yikes!

    deedee ;-/

  42. Right. That's why I said "US Citizens" as a group.
    And lucky you, getting to celebrate twice this weekend!

  43. Statcounters don't lie
    Shall we call in a judge and jury?
    lol.... haha. :)

  44. Most importantly, I don't even know who the heck "Deloris" is neither...As a matter fact, Brian know my "real" name [Which I prefer not to use in public...]and it's most definitely, not "Deloris!"

    deedee ;-/

  45. hahaha hmmm cat fight
    This should be an interesting night..LOL

    Although it does seem rather strange
    That once called out so called peacock left the range
    And deedee did return
    Making on think so called peacock felt the burn
    And the writing is the same
    But if you want to continue the game
    I'll give you the benefit of a doubt at my lake
    After all you wouldn't be the first female that acts you ummm "fake"..LOL
    Oh that just popped in
    I must go before I commit a sin..haha

  46. "Statcounters don't lie
    Shall we call in a judge and jury?
    lol.... haha. :) "

    Ah! Betsy,
    Be my guest, be my guest, be my guest...Most definitely, the only way, you can prove that is me is through Wordpress...Because Of their IP identification.

    [As a matter Of fact, my hip is on my shoulder and my nose is in the air and for such an insult I will never return here...hmph!]

    deedee :-P

  47. I can't tell if your teasing or serious
    as this is all making me delirious!
    It sounds like your beef is really with me
    So why boycott Pat's it Betsy!

  48. Only one more thing and I'll rest my case.
    Both wannabe peacock and you, dear DeeDee
    capitalized "Of" in the middle of a sentence.
    What a strange coincidence, no?

  49. Elementary, My Dear Betsy,
    Betsy, you may now hang-up your inverness and remove your deerstalker hat too!
    I have to admit great sleuthing on your behalf...Alright the "Case Of the Double Peacock" is official closed!

    [Now, here is where the guilty party admit the reason for the murd...Oops! I meant to say charade
    I was getting even with that "Brat" in the Hatt...Oops! I meant to say Pat...from that to be!]
    deedee aka Miss Peacock

  50. @DeeDee: On another note, I'm curious. When you say "my hip is on my shoulder," how do you manage that? Are you a contortionist, haha?

  51. Hi! The Fox...
    I'm most definitely, not a contortionist [laughter!]...I was trying to describe my extreme haughtiness as I plan to leave this place after one two many insults from that Pat in the Hatt have been "thrown" in my face! lol
    deedee :-D

    [postscript: I meant to say the case have been officially closed...]

  52. @DeeDee: "I'm most definitely, not a contortionist." Oh. Then I won't ask for photos.

  53. Yeah that was such a hard case to crack
    One had to be sharp as a tack
    Same grammar and word uses
    Plus the typical abuses
    Really hard that was
    Next time give up just because
    You can't fool Pat
    Or the cat
    Or Betsy
    Or the Grammar Nazi
    So you get a big fail
    With the to be continued you tried to nail
    Never try to come up with a scam
    Or the bars behind you will
    How was that for insults galore
    Isn't it great at my shore