Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh I Get To Be Royal Today, Isn't That Fun To Say!

Saw this and had to give it a go, over at the dVerse show. As Natasha and that Brian guy said is was kind of scary. Personally more scared of dairy. So for today I sorta followed some rules, for all you nice folks and umm fools. But I'm the biggest loon of them all, so here is my rhyme royal stanza call. Again just wrote a line and this is what came out, as I stand here short and stout.

A modern day folk tale to pass the time
Diluted with every spoken verse
No longer does five equal prime
Additions added to sound perverse
Lowering each crowds want to disburse
Bastardized to the brink
Watered down over food and drink

Fact from fiction terribly skewed
The grand designs unspoken fate
Holes lending fire to every feud
The facts no longer collate
Sparking apprehension through debate
Both sides stand justified in their claim
Yet seeking only increased fame

Clouds varying shape deflect views
Words once spurring delight bring distress 
Constantly spurred from tongue to abuse
In a subtle game of chess
Stalling any such progress
As reality confirms the cold hard facts
No winner can be born from tic tac toe acts

But even when hope looks grave
Denial shapes as the only trade
Faulty promises run deep to enslave
Greed filled eyes spur on the crusade
Incoming disaster only delayed
Future sickened by the very thought
That present's gift was all for naught

So that was my facts of the day. Did it make any more sense than any other day? Beats the heck out of me, time I scratch a flea. Damn I missed it on that pass, guess I'll get it the next time it bites my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. see, you get the rime scheme quickly of this form. i am just appreciating it now from reading your post.

    happy day ~

  2. haha oh yes right up my street
    My alley, my valley and where ever else I place my feet

    Yeah came out rather quick
    Think it did the trcik
    Made you appreciate it too
    The things I can do..haha

  3. I enjoyed reading this write Pat.
    you ve always got the ryhmes and i think this form provides some extra depth.
    some great lines in here.

    Im still reeling from shoeshank redemption!

  4. Yeah it gave a little something different from my usual rhyming way
    As I went to dVerse to play
    hahahaha sometimes just the simplest things work well
    Who knew shoeshank redemption would be funny as hell...LOL

  5. You rhyme so effortlessly, Pat. I enjoyed reading this, as always.

    But even when hope looks grave
    Denial shapes as the only trade

    I've always thought that a dose of denial is healthy. When hope looks bleak, denial is much like a survival skill.

  6. Ah yes,
    "A modern day folk tale to pass the time"
    and, as always, you've made it rhyme
    Have come to expect nothing but fun
    when I take a peek here at what you've done

  7. Yeah it really doesn't take a whole lot of effort to do anymore
    As I have rhymes galore
    I don't think it ever really did
    Maybe I always just flipped my lid..haha
    Yeah a good does of denial would be healthy for that
    Then it could leave to the survival of the cat

    Fun is always what you will find
    Here with my little rhyming behind
    So peek away
    You can even rhyme to in my comment bay..haha

  8. you suck. no really you do, make me have the flu, this form kicked my arse, with all its little feet to count, threw my pen as the page i dismount-ed, pounding my head...ok so you got skillz and i need pills....wonderful cat, you is where its at.

  9. Saying I suck
    Why you dirty
    Hey if is rhymes some where along the way
    I can do it any day
    You of all people threw your pen
    Damn hope it didn't stick to the wall in your den
    I'm sure you can borrow some pills from your twin
    If you need to pop some to win..haha
    Oh you just needed to rant and I'm wonderful now
    So I guess you I won't have to disavow..LOL
    Yeah grammar crime there
    But I don't care

  10. Wow! You know I love your loony stuff
    but when you write like this it's no fluff!
    I can see why Brian threw his pen
    haha...he needs some competition now and then!
    Sure, I'll give him some Advil
    But Bri, make sure you put the glass under the water and not the pills
    As wet pills don't give you thrills
    They are rather mucky
    and even a little yucky.

    So, cat, you're hot stuff again
    a pleasure to read how they think you win!

  11. Had to test
    To see if you were the

    Yeah gave Brian a run for his money
    Guess it put him in a bad mood and he wasn't sunny..haha
    But it's nice you'd share your pills
    Sure to give him thrills
    hahaha wet pills would be nasty too
    Just look at what's said by you
    The cat is always hot stuff
    As I can never say enough..haha
    I like fluff too
    And a rant or two

  12. Ha. I knew you'd tease about the test.
    I tried to add a link and tried to be my best! Blogger wouldn't post my comment until the html link was right.
    So I tried with all my might.
    But then it finally took
    and I showed you where to look!

  13. the link is rather dark though
    here at your show!

  14. Hate to throw cold water, I do.
    Pat the rhymes are easy as pie for you
    But the meter and the line length uh hmmm
    Well there's still a bit of work for you to do.
    I am not going to shower you with praise
    Because with care its quality you'll raise
    I exhort you to count your syllables and place your stresses. See if to your ear you hear them fall on 2 4 6 8 10. Also you have several lines of only 8 syllables and one or two with 7. I think it will be a good study for you to break it apart. If you need any help, feel free to email me at But you're an accomplished poet and I think the little glitches here (just for poetry's sake) you'll iron out in no time.

    I liked your poem quite a lot. ;-)

  15. the cat has moved to buckingham! but the rhyme was rather grim. maybe it was the tea, maybe it was the scone.

  16. Oh so that is what you were trying to do
    Looks like it worked by you
    I was off finishing you know what
    Nearly done the final cut
    Yes I had a quick look
    Now have time to visit your nook
    So next on my list
    If I don't hurt my

    Yeah dark but can still be seen
    Although not as good as green

    hahaha no any constructive feedback is fine by me
    That's why I said almost followed the rules at my sea
    As the whole syllables thing I didn't do
    So I knew there was a glitch or two
    I'll have a look and see if I can't fix it right
    When I have time some night
    Thanks for the feedback though
    As I definetly appreciate it constructively just so you know
    And you rhymed too
    How nice of you..haha

    I'd blame the tea
    As it made me have to pee
    Yet I had to get through
    To show all of you
    So couldn't go
    Thanks to my show

  17. I think we ought to introduce grammar nazi to rhythm nazi! :)

  18. haha doesn't grammar nazi claim to be both too
    I wonder how that go over, he'd prob stew

  19. He might like her!
    Let's set up a date!
    Hope he comes around tonight, not too late~ rhythm too, is bad
    just a tad.

  20. haha you never know
    Where things could go
    To and fro
    Or we could eat crow
    Bah a little bad is good
    So keep it up you should

  21. An introduction isn't bad
    Good is all that would be had.
    The rest would be up to them
    they could chat in perfect rhythm!

  22. hahaha I guess they could
    Maybe they should
    Fox doesn't seem to be found
    Maybe Drazin scared him from my ground...haha

  23. Maybe he's speechless like Brian and threw his pen
    Trying to think of rime royal all in rhythm
    Yes, he's been quiet lately
    maybe he's watching the budget hearings digitally.

  24. Oh yeah good luck with your budget crap
    That's going to be a fun lap
    Brian's pen seems to be back too
    As heat and water he brings to me and you
    Well off I go to bed
    As Orlin is waiting to sleep on my

  25. night C, P, and O
    off to bed I go....

  26. The budget ceiling is as appealing as sunburn peeling, while rime royal acts throw the spotlight on some inconvenient facts.


  27. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Very nice...Now, someone give him a cold glass Of tea with ice! lol
    deedee :-P

  28. C,P,O sounds like some high up business boss's name tag or something
    Hey maybe if I do another you know, I'll use that as the acronym for the bad guys to sing..haha
    Actaully that would work pretty good
    Use it I should..haha

    Yeah sounds about that appealing
    Could have many reeling
    rime royal acts
    Can give not only inconvenient but the lets Face it Facts..haha

    I had my morning pee
    No need for tea

  29. Yeah I gotta agree, you make this form seem too easy. It's not that easy, mad props Pat, but I'm convinced, you must have had some help from the cats, because I tell you, I've done them before, and there enough to make you pull out hairs, you truly are the rhyme royal one. Great job Pat, very good write, you do make it look easy though

  30. Yeah anything with rhyme just comes on out
    No matter what form I'm told to shout
    Now of course length and rhythm I sometimes abuse
    Or just don't
    Glad I can make it look easy too
    Thanks for the great feedback from you