Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Random Batch, Plus a Scratch!

See Pat I have the facts for you. Don't mess with me or I'll have you sporting a new Frankenstein do. A warning to one and all, come at the cat whether big or tall and this could happen to you. Maybe I should be like the Fox and join the Irish mafia too.

Also a note to those crummy ketchup people at Heinz, they should really get a kick to their behinds. If I wanted tomato juice, I buy it quick and loose. But no ketchup was bought, meaning when it comes out it should clot. Not come out all water like, with enough to fill a dike. Yes shaking it works some, but I don't want to bother with that ho and hum. So make it better, not wetter.

One thing I noticed with that Peacock thing, that I had to sing. Isn't it interesting how some things/people we assume are he, but others we assume are a she. What if that boat or car is really male, yet you call it a name fitting a female? But I guess it's better than calling it, well it, as that could also make it have a fit, just a bit and that's all she write. Or he wrote, heck he/she has my vote.

Do you humans also really have to use a flash? You give us eye rash. What do you expect when you stick it right to our face? Us not to look like we are drunk at our place?

Look Betsy captured our thoughts quite well, I just had to play show and tell..LOL

Actually I look high or just like a happy guy. Cassie looks drunk or in her miss priss funk. But you dumb humans should keep the flash to yourselves or better yet, keep the camera on the shelves. Don't you just love my happy face, I'm sure Cassie is hoping I'll hit erase.

So that was just a random attack, as I have little time to give flack. For Pat won't let me on much, as I'm being punished a touch, for that little scratch, I should have gave him a batch. Hey Betsy maybe he needs some caulk hahahahaha that still sounds bad so I'll end this talk. I can also scratch in mass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Ouch. If Orson scratched me like that, I'd make a throw rug out of him!

  2. That looks like the kind of scratch you get from holding a cat that doesn't want to be held!
    Make sure you cover that with some antibacterial gel!
    Oh, sorry, sounding like a mom
    well, that is my job!

    Now that photo just made me laugh SO hard
    the expressions caught me off guard
    Wow, that is a hilarious shot
    but next time take it in a daylight spot!

  3. hahaha oh the thought crossed my mind
    But then it wasn't intentional so I hit rewind

    Orlin was being brushed and heard a noise outside
    Then jumped far and wide
    Scratching me in the process
    Damn skiddish cat I
    Yes yes I was already told that at length
    Slapped on the old polysporin extra strength
    And peroxided it too
    Just so I wouldn't hear anymore of that's what I should

    haha they were trying to find the fireworks at night
    In the daylight the fireworks just aren't that bright
    But yes then I wouldn't need a flash
    And blind them burning each eye lash

  4. OK...sorry for the first aid talk
    sounds like you've covered that walk.
    but people only tell you because they care
    just so you're aware.

    So they were watching a fireworks show?
    Awww...that is just the perfect pose.
    That makes it even more fun
    Surprised they didn't run.

  5. hahaha yeah I know
    After the third time I get it though..LOL

    Yeah they liked watching them burst
    Had to quench their curiosity thirst
    Nope not afriad at all
    Yet they'll hide from a phone

  6. Hi! Pat Hatt...
    Wow... Remind me not to ever "baby sit" Orlin...I guess great minds do think alike [I know, I know, you know that your mind is great, but who is the other person?]

    Because I was thinking Frankenstein or a character from a Tim Burton film.[after viewing the scratch on your arm...]

    [postscript: I hope that you are on the mend...By the way, did you get a T-shot?

    Hmmm...your labels should have also included included these words: Orlin, scratch[long] frankenstein,flash,drunk-looking,cats,miss priss]
    deedee ;-D

  7. What a scratch.. ouch.

    I don't why we treat our car as a she??

    Happy Sunday ~

  8. just emailed you something for Cass and Orlin.
    It sure got me laughin'

  9. The scratch wasn't fun
    Although I'm used to scratches now, so it didn't hurt a

    Just don't scare him and all is OK
    As if he's afriad of someone he just runs away
    Yet when you're close by and some scary noise occurs
    He no longer purrs
    Jumping up and taking off
    Sometimes scratching by mistake in his scary scoff
    hahaha yeah my first thought was damn I look like Frankenstein
    With that scratch line
    Screw the t-shot as the cat goes no where
    So germy he isn't and I've been scratched 100's of times, allowing me to grin and bear
    I'm too lazy to use all those words in the label
    Maybe next time I'll try at my

    Yeah just looks funky now
    No longer do I go ow
    Yeah that is always weird
    Maybe it's because a car can't grow a

    hmmm in my email I have nothing new
    Not a single new one from you
    Did you try the crappy hotmail one
    As that hates your email a
    Maybe it's just very slow
    Or it didn't go

  10. yes, I did the hotmail address
    I resent it to the factinary finesse!

  11. hahahaha that was great
    I never thought about doing balloons as I showed their fate
    Captured their thoughts really well too
    Showing the psychic part of you..haha

    Yes hotmail hates your email for some reason
    Doesn't go to inbox or junk, guess maybe it thinks you comitted email treason

  12. Hey, you used it, too!
    That was fun to do.
    I just figured out how to do things like that one.
    You might be seeing a lot of them as they are so much fun!

    I wonder what hotmail has against me?
    I'll just go back to using the factinary.

    Wish you could see what I see
    There are four kittens up in my tree!
    Hope they can get themselves down
    or I could look like a clown
    climbing up to save them
    I'll have to take my camera to document the problem.

    hey, and look who came back in a whirl
    where have you been deedee girl?

  13. Yeah I found a site or two a while back
    That let's me use the cloud attack
    Just forgot all about it
    I might have to use it a bit
    Yep had to put it up
    Almost perfect except for one little hiccup
    No rhyme from Orlin in the balloon
    Maybe the fireworks made him forgot to be a rhyming loon..LOL

    Hotmail is just being trash
    Deserves a good bash

    hahaha yes that be funny watching you climb up to save the day
    Since it's Mayberry could call the firemen to help get each stray..hahaha
    Guess they finally learned to climb
    The birds aren't going to have a good time..haha

    Yeah Deedee came back
    But with no rhyme attack
    Guess she wants more sly remarks
    Or just came to give a few

  14. Oh, I didn't even think to make their thoughts rhyme!
    Guess that's why you're the king and I'm, well, not.

  15. hahaha Cassie doesn't rhyme like him
    Just sometimes on a whim
    But we'll just go with the fireworks causing confusion
    For the normal talk

  16. Cats can be odd birds sometimes. Cocoa hangs out in my windowsill during the summer months and when he wants out he tells me, meow. But sounds more like a duck, just the way he sounds, but anyhow, my door is closed yesterday, so I get up to let him out. What does he do as I reach for the door. Yep hiss at me and scamper across the floor.

    Chloe on the other hand, if you pick her up and she doesn't want to , which is rare I have to say, usually she jumps right into the laps and purrs and turns again and again. but if she doesn't want to be held, she makes no second thoughts before she scratches well.

    Yep the advice for the alcohol is very true. Even if you have dogs that heal like I do.

    The ketchup thing has always bothered me too

  17. I was so entertained by the cats
    I forgot your little Heinz rant.
    But first I have to say that brand is best
    as we've tried and hated all the rest.
    I always squirt that first watery bit in the sink
    before using it on anything.
    You're right, shaking it doesn't do a thing
    and you get a little nasty water before the real thing.

  18. hahaha yes they can't be quite the queer ducks at times
    With their actions and chimes
    Mine are much the same
    As you can tell from the scratching game
    Nice share with your cats
    Always fun to hear pet chats
    Yeah no dogs yet
    Can't have those in a crappy apartment
    I hate the damn ketchup thing
    So had to give that a ring

    Yes they are the best brand
    The others I can't stand
    The watery crap is stupid though
    You'd think they'd get that to go
    But then they'd prob at more stuff making in nasty to taste
    To keep it all a gooey paste
    So I guess tough luck
    And we have to wade through some watery muck

  19. OUCH! Talk about cat scratch fever!

  20. Yeah it hurt a bit
    When he took is scared fit
    Now just looks nasty by a tad
    People keeing asking me about like some fad..haha