Friday, July 1, 2011

Removing The Stick, Beware One End Is Kind of Ick!

Made it to 100 rhymes. Never thought I'd make it past ten times. Guess the cat has more rhyming then he ever knew, as he keeps coming up with something new. Except of course with the usual words, which can be found by the herds. Yet we all know those, so out this goes, to an e-mail I received a while back. As I saved it for the 100th attack.

"Rhyme is not poetry it's as simple as that."


Looks like someone took a few minutes out of their day, maybe five or ten if they couldn't find the words to say, such a compelling argument, even afraid to comment. Of course I could do a whole post on Peacock, with some gutter talk, least nothing will get in the way when they walk, could make it bigger by adding a sock, yeah you can see where I'd go from there, I don't even need to swear.

So for this post I searched high and low, for a Non-Rhyme Nazi to bring to my show. Just to see what could occur and if I could ruffle his fur. The following is what came about, from this old stick up the butt goat.

A rift on those with their nose in the air with a mightier than thou blare.

"Rhyming is an outdated tacky way for half wit people to roll around in something common as dirt. There is no reason anyone should be using it any more with all the forms out there. They should be coming up with a new form that shows the visuals of the words, something I can critic without thinking of Dr. Seuss."

Sounds like someone is upset, that his needs haven't been met. That a guy rhyming has made tons of dough, while you are still unable to go. That stick really has to hurt, was it tough to insert?

"You are unable to see the quality of your work has no valid point. Where as such writings that say something about life and death with a simple set of words can do much more."

So are you saying I should apply to Hallmark, they have a card for life, death, even Santa and probably every national park.

"Make fun all you wish, as I'm right and that is all there is to it. The many other forms are more defined and by simple definition alone they hold more meaning."

A dictionary has a simple definition of life, oh that must cause you strife. As it can define whatever it wants, even some little nudges and taunts. But it can't explain the meaning of life, damn I just stabbed you with a knife.

"You go ahead and be myopic, keeping with the same old form, following the foot steps of others and not improving upon the art form like so many. I guess whatever floats your boat."

So many people do this? Wow I didn't know that must really make you remiss. Also did you just see what you did? Oh you rhymed heaven forbid. Uh-oh I'm a gamer and said "Spray and Pray" guess I only say that once a day. Oops I now work at a restaurant and say "Chew and Screw" or "Eat it and Beat it" does that make you have a fit? I could go on and on, yet you'll still have the stick up your rear come dawn.

"That is just mindless people giving clever names to mundane tasks. There is no real thought behind it, like the words of something more profound on something so simple."

Doesn't it take a thought before one can speak? Even if the words are dumb that they seek? Hmmm guess you make as much sense as the people you call dense.

"Oh you are insufferable, I can't get through to you, but know my views are correct, this is all I'm saying on the the matter."

And so flies the Non-Rhyme Nazi from my shore, sounding like a bit of a bore and not really stating anything relevant in his tour. Maybe I should have let him speak more? Yeah then some more blowhard stick talk, is all that would come out causing many to balk.

Isn't it fun how some think they know it all, heck why even bother to do anything when you have them to answer the call. They seem to know all the worldly views, yet they have to hide in the shadows when they try to abuse. The Internet, heck anything online, seems to bring about big people who are always right and just shine. Yet face to face they can't say a thing, I guess out of mommy's basement such words they are no longer able to sling.

Hey at least this Peacock person was good for one thing, for an amusing post he/she did bring. So who says that stick isn't good for some fun, as I just had a ton. The cat and Pat can take whatever one wants to dish out and just smile and gloat, as most don't matter, sitting on their butt criticizing and getting fatter. But some people it does affect and the stupid opinions they can't deflect, causing unneeded grief, putting a stop, sometimes forever, to their belief.

It be nice if the stick people would shut their yap and stop pretending they are always right all over the map. But alas with more and more social networking tracks, we'll probably never see the end and that's the facts. Now that is all for today class, as for the 100th time I run off with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. amen brother...i cant stand poets honestly...well mostly...or at least the few hat think they are better than you and have all the knwledge cause they took poetry 101 in college but cant write half ass trying to fit form, and act all norm-al...critics...ugh...eminem has a great song on critics....

  2. This holier than thou attitude deserved a response, I'm glad you provided a truly apt one. It is disgusting what some elitists feel they know better than others and that they make up the rules. Brian had a poem a few days back or so that addressed this to some extent, I can't agree more with you guys. Thanks for the retorts. Well done:)

  3. I only wish you'd provided a link
    to the Peacock's nest so we all could sink
    a few unsightly rhymes in the comment section!
    That would make those tail feathers point in a different direction!
    How sad that they probably preach against all other things not politically correct
    but don't see the hate in the mirror that they project!

  4. Yeah the more and more so called real poets I see
    The more and more I don't want them near me
    Nose stuck way up in the air
    Speaking as if their words are so fair
    Well everyone else has no sense
    And is quite dense
    Don't even get me started on all so called critics
    From movies to music to a mix
    They think they have all the answers and are all that matter
    When all they should be is smacked with a ladder
    Yeah good point about the 101 course
    Some deserve to be placed in a stall like a horse

    Yeah I figured it deserved a smack to the face
    So I saved it for a post at my place
    Yeah Brian had one too
    It gave them a smack, now they have two
    I guess they just have come out of the wood work
    Lately acting like a jerk
    Retorts will always come
    Whether directed towards this, that or some bum

    It was just an email he/she sent under my profile link
    Hiding behind a fake one I think
    Some mook just came to gock
    I just hit delete and block
    As it lead no where
    Just some idiot being anonymous because saying it out in the open they couldn't bear
    Your last statement is very true
    The moron probably just had to feel better by sending a message or two
    Sadly many people take this stuff to heart
    Not blowing off each blowhard fart

  5. Good for you (and Brian's recent related post as well)! Rhyming is poetry, by definition, although of course, poetry doesn't have to rhyme to be poetry. Haikus are poetry. Acrostics are poetry. Sonnets are poetry. Free verse is poetry, if you (the writer) decide it is.

    Maybe by "poetry" they mean something lofty and pretentious, or -- giving them the benefit of the doubt -- something "artistic" as opposed to casually entertaining? Poetry can be escapist fare as much as any other form of expression, written or otherwise. Bob Dylan's songs are poetry, but so are Weird Al Yankovic's, and so are jingles written to sell soft drinks.

    I've written poems that rhyme, and poems that do not. I do both because I choose to, and have that freedom. And if poetry isn't about the freedom to express one's self, what the hell is it? I've written goofy crap in poetic (rhyming) form, and some serious stuff which hopefully made the reader sit and think. It all fits under the same "umbrella" whether elitist nay-sayers like it or not.

    So, some say (or imply) "I don't rhyme when I write poems, and that makes me better than you." Bull. Maybe you can't rhyme, or you're too effin' lazy to bother, jackass.

    Or, to put it briefly and bluntly... Screw 'em. :) I'd rather be a Grammar Nazi than a Non-Rhyming Nazi any day.

    {Silver Fox steps off his soapbox.]

  6. I'm so glad you wrote this! I, thankfully, haven't received comments like that on my blog, but I know people are thinking it. It really irks me to no end. So, you aren't a fan of rhyme. That doesn't mean it isn't poetry!!! I'm not a fan of free verse, but that doesn't mean it isn't poetry. In fact, sometimes someone surprises me with awesome writing and then I DO really like non-rhyming poems. I like Betsy's idea. Give us his blog address and we will ALL go leave rhyming comments! :)

  7. Well, Peacock was a very good name
    They were proud as one with their game

    @ Silver ~ Betsy stands and applauds. :)

  8. Wow Fox not even going to bother to rhyme back that
    As your rant just summed up the thinking of Pat

    ok had to do one rhyme, but yeah I do both, and never even said this was any kind of poetry, I just do it as it's enjoyable at the moment, so why not. I couldn't tell you the difference between form A and form B, or whatever they call them now and any of the other so called rules. Screw him/her, no skin off my ass, they want to take the time out of their day and make themselves feel big, power to them. I just shrug off the asshole and I can use it for a post, so hey works for me. It is what it is, they can like it, lump it or go hump a goat..haha...yeah grammar nazi is waaay better. As there is a point to that, you can be right and wrong, for the most part, with grammar, by defintion, as you say, poetry is all those things under one, heck even a damn hallmark card. I like both and if I like it I like it, I don't I don't, simple as that.

    haha it was just an email he/she sent
    So I have no idea who they were and can't tell them to get bent
    But yes anyone can think what they want
    But when they have to feel big with a taunt
    They need a smack upside the head
    For trying to cause others dread
    Oh well gave those stick up the behind people a blast
    But sadly their ego they will never get past

    Yeah very true
    Although make fun of it lots I could

  9. So, my "rant just summed up the thinking of Pat?"
    That means we think alike? I'm a bit scared by that!

    Hey, look!!! I DONE WROTE ME A POME!!!

    (Let's allow some other Grammar Nazi to mess with that!)

  10. I was wondering about the background for Brian's post on that a few days back, and your post too.I am very new in writing, so I am trying out one form or the other. I am just happy to write and express my thoughts you know. It is what we are all are trying to do, in our own way and form.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. See you~

  11. Only think alike once in a while
    So it isn't scary enough to be vile
    Yeah really need a Grammar Nazi to fix Pome
    Might destroy their grammar dome

    Yeah both posts, at least I think for Brians, were just mooks who think they know it all
    Coming and viewing the stall
    Then having to say oh it's this and that
    Because they are too fat
    To get off their ass and do something worth while
    And have to run their yap a mile
    Just do what you do
    And screw the idiots that "critic" you
    As they are morons with a stick
    Shoved so far up it is ick

  12. My Uncle Eddie used to spell "poem" that way -- "pome" -- as a joke.

  13. haha just to make you correct him I bet
    As he knew it make you fret

  14. I was just a little spud then. I got much of my weird sense of humor from him.

    Okay, this Fox needs to leave his lair for some supper...

  15. Remember to share with Orson too
    Or you might be out on your go away mat feeling

  16. Why Helloooo! Pat Hatt...
    I have to second the notion Of some Of the previous commenter, simple ignore that person...
    ...I stopped by because your true [blogging friends] will stick by you...
    ...Because rhyming is a great art form and it's also fun too!
    Therefore, keep on doing what you do!

    [postscript:Hmmm Now, Orlin, has a library too!]
    deedee ;-D

  17. By the way, Congratulation! on reaching your 100 rhymes too!

  18. Look who decided to come back for more
    Yeah I just ignored that dumb attention whore
    But it made a fun post
    So ridicule the host
    And I can have some fun
    Doesn't matter if it's a little or a ton
    Only need 900 more
    Then I'll quit the rhyming tour
    Yeah I doubt it
    But I could have a fit

  19. So we can just tell Peacock ...
    He's full of poppycock
    and we're in shock
    he shouldn't come to gawk
    and not watch how he talks
    and since he did mock
    you gave him the block
    now he can't stock
    or even give a knock
    because the door has a lock
    and we think you rock
    we'd give him a sock
    chase him with a hawk
    fry him in a wok
    seal his mouth with caulk
    throw him off a dock!
    to get eaten by a croc
    Oh my, look at the clock!

  20. umm...too much coffee, I'm thinking. lol...

  21. To catch this proud "Peacock,"
    We'd really have to stalk
    Him, logically (like Spock),
    All while the countdown clock
    Says ominously, "Tick-tock!"
    I'd chase him 'round the block!

  22. and then in Irish Mafia style
    he'd be used as a hockey puck for a while
    then he'd beg to be spared
    as you prepared
    his demise
    for being a wise

  23. Even writing "ass"
    You still have class.

  24. Silver ~
    I know you're dying to teach him a lesson.
    Is your left arm twitching?

  25. "Is your left arm twitching?" Wow, talk about an "in" reference...!!!

  26. I have a good memory
    even about things one might consider unseemly
    and Pat would love to know you could pop a vein
    if unrestrained.

  27. A better fate for Peacock, by far,
    Would be if I ran him down with my car.

  28. the tail feathers caught in your grill
    oh what a thrill!

  29. Maybe once he'd lost a feather,
    He'd get his freakin' act together!

  30. a little too late
    saving his fate
    Orlin will have him for lunch
    I have a hunch!

  31. hahaha oh you two had some fun
    I'd say a ton

    But you have to remember one thing
    He could be a she or a queen or king
    One can't assume
    As who knows what gender Peacock decided to

    Oh and Betsy caulk
    You really had to use that to talk
    You know where my mind went with that
    Oh I'm such a dirty cat
    I think between you and the Fox you used most
    In your little rhyming boast
    With one glaring exception but we won't go there
    Might ruffle the Pea"cock"s hair
    Oops did I do that
    Bad Bad

    Yes and writing ass
    Peacock made you crass
    You were such a nice lass
    Oh well I'll give you a pass
    Here in my grass
    As you don't say them in mass
    Unless maybe fishing for bass
    We'll just blame it on Cass

    So when your left arms twitches
    It doesn't mean you're in stiches
    Means the other person should run
    Or become undone
    By a car running you down
    Oh that would make the poor Peacock frown

    Yeah Peacock stew might be nice
    I'd throw in some rice
    Then mail you all some samples too
    As I like to share the wealth it's

  32. oh,, no. Didn't use that word on purpose!

    Caulk as in tube of stuff that works like glue.
    As I did still try to be a lady, too!
    But have to admit
    I thought of it
    and then decided
    I'd be polite like expected.
    Because if I used it you'd never let it go
    bringing it up every other show.

    Yes, we had a lots of fun
    we rhymed a ton
    until we were outdone!

    And yes, we don't know if Peacock is a mrs. or mr.
    so we just picked 'he' thinking maybe he had whiskers.

  33. hahaha yeah I figured you'd think of that
    How can you not when you used every other one to chat
    I first thought you meant chalk
    Then remembered about the caulk
    Still sounds so bad
    Seal his mouth with caulk, yeah just a tad..LOL
    Oh I would have let it go
    When you used something else I just had to show
    You weren't out done to much
    Just a touch

  34. Or, it could have been just what the rooster says
    before "doodle, doodle, do"!
    Doesn't have to be a cruder slang to make the old ladies turn blue
    or pop a pill
    or faint at will...


  35. "You know where my mind went with that
    Oh I'm such a dirty cat"

    Yeah, changing the word "caulk" would have made Betsy's original; statement rather rude... but she'za lady.

    And yeah, Betsy knows what it means -- from reading my older material -- what the twitchy left arm means!.

  36. "And yeah, Betsy knows what it means -- from reading my older material -- what the twitchy left arm means!." should have been "And yeah, Betsy knows -- from reading my older material -- what the twitchy left arm means!." See what happens when I don't proofread my own stuff before sending?

  37. True never thought about a rooster's crow
    But cats eat them you know
    So they may faint
    As my lips they taint

    Hey I don't mind rude
    Or a tad crude
    Or lude
    Or shrewd
    You get the point
    As it's open range at my joint
    But I do draw the line at most nude
    For I could go blind if that stuff were to intrude
    Twitchy left arm
    Might do harm
    Or maybe it prevents proof reading
    Causing your stuff to be misleading

    Yeah the proofreading we all do
    As sometimes we get lazy, even the Grammar Nazi too

  38. hey, you've posted something new there
    and we're still having fun here!

  39. Someday, just for the hell of it, I may post two versions of the same post. One before any edits, and the "corrected" version!

  40. Doesn't matter to me
    My place is free
    Have fun here
    Have fun there
    Doesn't matter where
    I don't

    That be quite interesting to see
    What mistakes are made before hand by the Grammar Nazi
    Mine there are a few I will admit
    Though not enough to make you have a huge fit