Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Theme Song For Little Old Me, Oh Golly Gee!

So while Betsy was in my head, as she stated in the comments below, yeah I know, such dread. She went through my nice clean filing cabinet stealing my good lines. So don't believe her when some things she says shines. As she stole them from me, but that's OK I charge a fee. She just doesn't know it yet. What's that? Double or nothing you say? I'll take that bet..haha

So where was I? Oh right she listed off a bunch of crap from the past some low, some high. This spurred the idea I had on the back burner for a while, so I thought I'd head down this mile. For as she listed a ton of my crap, I gave my own theme song a clap. I came up with three, which one is the best from me? Yes I know they are all good, but order them you should. Damn aren't I great, yes I can do this over and over again mate.

Oh and before you start does about really rhyme with ouch? Anyone anywhere on a train, on a bus, or on a couch? Yeah I didn't think so, see now a certain person is in the know. I won't say who, as she might sue and I'd lose my fee, oops was it given away by me...haha

So on with the show, just let me know, which you think is the best. As it be interesting to see which one scores the highest in this test.

Theme Number One, Such Fun!

Oh I live in a bush that flashes its crack
Like a smile to the east
Where germs fear entry
As Miss Priss roams on sentry
Hey, you know what to expect, at least

My rhymes can't be beat
So sit down, tap your feet
For come pretty soon
You'll start to strain
Pop a vein
Pop a pill
Thanks to this rhyming loon

The nonsense from day
Changes form come night
Causing more stress
As you bow at my success
But you could, maybe, win...yeah right

So search out my tail
From my hot air mass
Don't fall through the cracks
That's the facts
Just surrender to my little rhyming ass

Theme Number Two, Who Knew!

Taking over the world here at my shore
Traffic, cats, nonsense - rhymes galore
You might get a thrill or pop a pill

It's Rhyme Time, Meow
Rhymes, grammar crimes, such fun times, Meow

One day you may regret this find
Met with jokes from my little behind
At least I'm fair, so pull up a chair to Rhyme Time, Meow

Once you have a handle on this rhyming twister
It gets amplified with a new transistor
Leaving you so confused, yet increasingly amused

It's Rhyme Time, Meow
Tails so nuts you'll be hooked the first time, Meow
I'm joined by Pat and Cassie Cat it's Rhyme Time, Meow

Theme Number Three, Yes I Really Could Do Fifty!

Stand on your head
Use your hands not your feet
As you walk down the street
Feel the dread
As your eyes start to spread

Stare at your veins
Notice the change of walking headfirst
As you swear they will burst
Then they pop giving pains
Suck back a pill for whatever remains

Act like a human not a baboon
Standing right side up
Or you can't drink from your cup
Who was that loon
Wait, what? A cartoon

You've just been confused
Becoming another stat
Of the rhyming cat
Feeling used
And a tad abused

Yet you have a new addiction
Coming back for more
Taking a daily Rhyme Time tour
What is this affliction
It has to be fiction

As you come tip your hatt
Hoping for some sort of sense
Relieving the suspense
Expecting a greeting from Pat
Instead you're met with Orlin the Rhyme Time Cat

So I've said it a time or two already, but I have to keep on doing it steady. As it's just my thing, to shout out and sing. How I got gas? Whoops meant to say something about my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. hahaha... I guess Betsy should be ready to give you the fee..!!! lol...

    p.s. sorry for double comment

  2. So search out my tail
    From my hot air mass
    Don't fall through the cracks

    bwahaha, the first ones got pop, i like it a lot, the others are fine, just not divine, a gift you have got and you give it a lot, once or twice a day i'd say, and that is that oh rhyming ass cat

  3. Pat, I like the first and I like the last, but the meows in number two, have pushed my favor to its view, so there you go I vote for the dos, as it made me laugh aloud the most

  4. Yeah she should fork over the fee
    For stealing the thoughts from
    What double post
    All gone thanks to your host

    Yeah the first one I used all my lines
    That I use here at my pines
    So I'd say it came out more divine than the rest
    Let's see if my gift can pass the test
    And I can keep this up once or twice a day for a while
    A good long mile
    Rhyming ass cat could sound funky
    Like a weird kind of cat/monkey
    Or would that be donkey cat
    Yeah we'll ignore that

  5. Yeah the second would go better with music I think
    But just reading the meow wtf could make you think
    The 3rd has more a mystery feel
    While the first seems to have the overall approval seal
    Maybe it's because I've said most of it before
    So it's beaten into the brain of all those who come here more..haha

  6. haha - pat you're so cool and your rhymes can't be beat for sure!! my world feels somehow un-rhymed after reading yours..haha..

  7. I've read previous comments, but if truth be told,
    The first theme song left me a little bit cold.
    The second, much better. I liked the "meow,"
    Cuz I could "hear" it in a theme song somehow.
    The third was the favorite of this Foxy creature,
    Reminding me of this blog's recurrent features.
    So "one" being best, I would say "three, two, one."
    Please let us all know when the
    music is done!

  8. haha you can always get your fill
    At my rhyming hill
    So if unrhymed you are
    Find your way to my bar
    And poof you'll have rhymes galore
    And so much

    Yeah all are good to me
    Because I have a theme in my head that goes with each one of the three
    The music I'm looking into at the moment, so we'll see
    If it's brought forth with musical glee
    But I'll be sure to gloat
    Thanks for the vote

  9. Orson sez: I agree with the Silver Fart that #1 ain't got the stuff. I liked #2 and #3, but the "meows" in the second one sold me! Ya gotta use the one that tells people who the real star o'the show is, here. Don't let that dumb human Pat take any credit!

  10. LOL!!! was it that I was so busy today
    that I didn't have time to come and play?
    I didn't know y'all were having fun without me
    and even at my expense, I see.

    I'll have you know that "pop a pill"
    was stolen from me at your will!
    I had it on my sidebar
    advertising your jar
    but warned them to take an Advil first
    or their headache would be the worst.

    But it's ok, from you to me
    and I don't even charge a fee!

    From all three theme songs I like number two
    as it just sounded most like your zoo!

    Loved the line
    of grammar crimes
    and the meows
    just made it some how.

    Now how about attaching a little clip
    of you singing it?
    We want to hear the melody
    and have Pat and Cass sing harmony!

    I still think 'about' does not rhyme with 'gloat'.
    It rhymes with boat.
    'About' rhymes with 'shout'.
    It's as easy as in and out.

  11. Yes I agree Orson less of Pat in number two
    But I gave him a little bit and Cassie too
    So one will leave me alone
    And the other will still feed me chicken thanks to my nice tone..haha
    But credit he will not get at all
    I'll lock him in a bathroom stall

    Oh yeah that I will admit
    You did come up with pop a pill to add to my fit
    Guess we are some what even I suppose
    And just a little fun to keep us rhyming
    Yeah the meows look kind of meh if just reading words
    But when chirping like birds
    They really would make more sense
    And not sound as dense
    You and the Fox can see that I guess
    Yes even gave notice to my sometimes grammar mess..haha

    hahahaha no thanks, everyone would run for sure
    And not want to visit any more
    Although I'll see if I can get them done
    Just for even more fun

    About sure doesn't rhyme with ouch
    Never will conceed that at my
    It does rhyme more with shout though
    Just depends on if you say it slow
    Whether it rhymes with gloat
    But for now I'll go with boat
    Happy now
    Take back the cow
    To the farm you stole it from
    Don't go ho and

  12. Are the tunes something that we know
    or did you make them up as you wrote your show?

  13. I rifted on some a little
    But mixed and matched my fiddle
    So they are their own
    Yet some resemblence could be known

  14. have the Green Man come and sing!
    Oh what fun you'd have with that thing.
    Trying to hold the camera still
    and giggling all the while.

  15. hahaha I wouldn't want the green man in the same room
    Up so close, everything out in the open would loom
    One thing for the video
    But to have him at bush number three for the show
    hahaha that just be scary
    Especially if one of the theme's made him prance around like a fairy..hahaha

  16. lol...we only want a head shot anyway
    anything more would cause dismay!

  17. yes, yes that is for sure
    But I'd get the whole picture shooting at my

  18. I am now a great fan of yours...
    Will u allow me to enter in your world
    from the doors ..

    I tried to do a rhyme.. I know it sucks :)

  19. Certainly a rhyme fest to be proud of.

  20. haha it wasn't that bad
    The more you do the more fun is had
    I guess you can enter at least through the back
    As my front door seems to be cluttered with a rhyming

  21. I guess I can be proud
    As I'm a loon that can draw a crowd

  22. I liked all three. Although I do agree with Fred on the Meow. It reminds me of the character Heneritta Pussycat from The Neighborhood of Make-Believe on the Mr. Roger's Neighborhood kid's show. I saw that character in my mind saying the words. It was a bit disturbing.

    I'm so confused. LOL!

  23. hahahaha yeah a tad disturbing that could be
    Anything with Mr. Roger's would disturb
    But I suppose if you confused
    At least you can be happy I kept you amused

  24. Meow... what a rhyming feast indeed
    Amused and perplexed exceeded

    Happy Thursday!

  25. Oh, listen to you
    being all nice to the new crew
    You lure them in with cute things to say
    inviting them to come in the back way
    should I warn them that you have claws
    that come out after they show some flaws?


  26. Yes I don't mind that kind of feast
    But when Betsy shows things you make with yeast
    Ewww I go
    And make fun of her

    Shhhh don't ruin the suprise
    We wouldn't want to turn back prying eyes
    With your imaginary lies
    Oh wait I think I hear sighs
    What she's telling the truth you say
    Shhhhh I won't cause any

  27. "An ounce of prevention's worth a pound of cure."
    Betsy's just trying to warn the peeps.
    Orlin will make them feel safe and secure,
    And then give them tirades, all full of bleeps!

  28. hahaha oh the bleeps part hit home
    As that Drazin guy uses it where he does roam
    But at least they can feel safe and secure for a while
    Then I'll turn up the bleeping dial

  29. clever cat chimes creative choruses
    clueless commentors clamor carelessly.

  30. cat calling ceasefire? lol....

  31. Had Horrible Heckling Hippies Hip Hop Here
    Cat Clammored Chasing Cronies Chirp, Cheer

  32. Right Rotten Rats Ran
    Turning Tail, Trippy Tan

  33. Scratching speechless scurrying specimens
    Sorry saga sending shivers

    Tired me
    Yawning you
    Good night, Orlin
    Pat and Cass, too.

  34. Yep agreed time to sleep
    So I won't use the same lettered words a heap