Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time To Play Walls and Dragons, Start Your Wagons!

You know it's quite interesting how being away and near thick walls, makes you not miss the thin wall calls. But you do learn a lot of interesting facts I guess, sometimes it comes out in a jumbled mess. Like what....going....shit...., sometimes is all I hear from the walls having a fit. Now a lot could be drawn from those three words alone. Could have been talking on the phone, on the can thankful they went or they could be vulgarly telling someone to get bent. Plus tons of other things, but if I gave all those wall calls rings. I would be here all night and day. No sleep would just cause too much dismay.

Thankfully the walls around me are single though, so all I get is the typical crap I don't want to know. Like "Oh I need to go shopping" that really gets my eyes popping. Also "I pressed the button damn it. It's this stupid controller's fault I keeping losing, f this f that" yep some real smooth characters near my mat. But there is no moans or groans, at least not the kind indicating pleasurable tones. So that I'm thankful for as already took that thin wall tour.

Maybe some pretty wallpaper will dull the sound and no longer make it be found. Que the spooky music I can hear, maybe they are indicating I should be in fear. Yet I hear a little shout. Maybe I should twist the wall and scope it out. Oh no I'm being struck by the Wall-E, what could this be.

Move to wall street
You'd hear a different beat
When you hear a fart
Consider it wall art

Could get enthralled
With the names that are called
Wall shelves could block the vibration
Of someones castration

Don't cast the first stone walls
Could begin hearing cat calls
Plenty of wall quotes will arise
Not always that wise

Some can be a kicker
Might make a good wall sticker
Others could make the wall street journal
But some aren't fit for a urinal

Maybe some wallpaper as said
Or actual wall paper by ones bed
Would that be like wall tattoos
Wall designs could amuse

Wall clocks could work
Timing when voices lurk
It would give the wall words
Walls might sound like birds

Think I pulled back the curtain wall
Making a wall decal at my stall
Did you like my wall decor
OK I'm done with my wall covering tour

Before I get all walled in or walled up and need a cup. I can say "That bitch better no win"...hmmm guess that would be a sin. Bad enough I can relate that to reality TV, which should be bricked in for no one to see. Guess that's where the dragon part comes into play, as oh that reality TV sure does get the walls pumped up in a fire breathing way. Well today you were all lucky, isn't that just ducky. As you received a wall pass, from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice wall.


  1. Heh. The joys of apartment living?

    Love how you rhymed "Wall Street Journal" with "urinal."

  2. Ah! Apartment living! We lived in two before building our house
    The walls were so thin you could hear a mouse.
    So when people talked, showered or had fun in bed
    all of those sounds would come into our heads!
    Kind of funny to then see them about
    unaware that we could hear them throughout
    what they thought were private conversations
    but we knew about all of their relations!

  3. haha i do not miss this wall art, mine were so thin they shook with a fart...and the dogs barks while they f*cked, loud beast braying like donkeys at a feast, fun verse my friend, hope you survive it to the end...

  4. i hope you survive....yeah, i know all about thin walls. i used to travel a lot in my job, and the voices and sounds from other rooms would scare me.

    happy holiday ~

  5. yeah joys they are
    Slightly higher than the joys of living in my car..haha
    Funny how those two went hand and hand
    At least the later serves more of a purpose across the land..haha

    haha they must have some kind of standard or something
    As all walls seem to give the same ring
    Or they are just all cheap
    Unable to take the thick wall leap
    Yes it's funny seeing them about
    They have no idea you've heard each word they spout
    Of course same could be said in reverse sometimes too
    But I don't think they can understand Orlin between me and you..haha

    hahaha damn that's pretty bad
    With a fart mine just pulsate a tad
    No dogs allowed in this building though
    Or I'd prob have a barking beast to at my show..haha
    Survive I guess I will
    Until these walls I can kill
    And get the hell away
    From the thin wall dismay..haha

    Oh yeah some are quite scary
    Not the words you'd hear from a fairy
    I was glad when one guy moved away
    He was a nut job not in a good way

  6. Yes, cheap means thin
    much to your chagrin
    We thought of that...the reverse fact
    and always tried not to be too loud
    since there could be a crowd
    huddled on the other side of the wall
    listening to us with dropped jaw.

  7. haha yep besides Orlin and his flappy yap
    Not much comes from my trap
    And yes we wouldn't want their jaw to drop
    Then theirs ears would crop
    And they'd yap all around
    About each and every word or sound..haha

  8. Right, TMI
    from any girl or guy!
    Some day you'll get to move out
    where you don't share walls, no doubt
    Then you can be as loud as your please
    and nobody will know when you had to pee.

  9. Yep most normal people would ignore
    But the nosey ones like the TMI tour
    Letting their ear pop a vein
    As they board the gossip train
    Orlin lets everyone know when he has a pee though
    As he meows and digs putting on one big show..haha

  10. Thin walls can be annoying for sure. But like you just did, you made art with well farts, not my words, but yeah the words we hear through walls can be far fetched or fetched far. Entertaining read for sure. Just a word of advice...if Hit Girl moves in next door with an older dude, don't go hang out with her in the quad, don't make up codes to tap into walls, lest you may become that old man soon. Anyhow thought it appropriate to drop a couple movie ref's in here, I'm sure you already got them both, one was easy , the other well easy if you saw the film, the american version at least, that's the only hint I'll give. Thanks again lots of fun to read

  11. Yep the crap heard is usually well crap
    As someones lips flap
    The first one was easy yes
    The other one I have no guess
    Don't think I've seen it
    Or right now I just can't hit
    Feels familiar though
    Now you've stumped me at the movie show..haha
    At least I can kick ass with one
    The other my mind does run

  12. Let me in, hit girl plays a vampire- american version of the swedish masterpiece, let the right one in Both worth seeing, Love vampire tales done uniquely and I hate the horror genre, for too many reasons to mention

  13. Nope never seen that one, looks like an interesting twist though.
    Even though those lovey dovey crap vampire things are a tad overdone don't you know
    Yeah most horror is complete trash too
    Way way way more than a few

  14. Oh yeah I completely agree with you. This is not a lovey dovey one, that's for sure. It's a totally different take. But horror in general is for me anyhow everything that is wrong with film, from crappy dialog to infatuation for senseless trash. When I see a movie I want to suspend my disbelief, I don't want to do that by immersing myself in a world of misery and pain...nope, not my cup of tea, no siree

  15. Only horror ones, if you can really call them that, I actually like are the scream movies, most of the others are kind of what you said trash.
    Especailly now a days, as least before they had some orginality a bit, now just a bunch of asses hanging out a few screams and some death scenes with some crappy villian whose from some rehased piece of junk, is all they are now. Heck most movies in general now a days are just garbage amusement park rides, all the thrills are shown in the theatre and way way way to much about money now a days.

  16. I tend to agree with what you just wrote, almost in facsimile. Screams, I know what you did et al are for me more mysteries than horror, yet I can see the obvious connection that takes place when the film gets classified. As a caveat to my original statement, the only horror films I like are those that are mental in nature, those can be cool, silence of the lambs etc.. Saws are novel in idea, but like you mention amusement park rides I care not see. But you're right, much of what is made these days, not purchased, because there are so many scripts purchased and never made, some really good ones too. Once a script is purchased the studios actually have discussions on the profitability of an enterprise each one is, and many times the only reason a good script sorts itself out is when stars attach themselves to a particular project. It is a business, and it is about the money. I don't blame them for that though, it's how the cycle continues. I heard one time a quote, which I'll screw up if I tried doing word for word, so I'll paraphrase, for every quality movie a studio takes on, they must make 10 built solely for pop marketing, in order to offset the losses the "quality" films unfortunately incur. Anyhow, good little discussion here. Thanks

  17. Yeah so true, as the good movies aren't profitable anymore. Unlike the 80's and back when you could make them for a few millions bucks and get your money back easily. Now you have to go and pay overbloated actors 20 million just to star in the thing. Overbloated actors that haven't made a good movie in years, their best films was when they were just up and coming.

    Plus the script that they get at the start, goes through so many people and so many changes by the end of it, it's something completely different. Only way one would ever truly get to make the movie they want is to become a millionaire and do it themselves..haha. I don't blame them either, as they have to make money, appease shareholders and crap like that. I can't say I can really blame the actors either as why should the studio get all the money. But still there should be some kind of better system, where each can be appeased and better movies can get made, not just these overbloated summer so called blockbusters. Plus if people keep going to watch these crappy horror remakes, then they'd be foolish not to make them and collect the easy money. But then when all there is, is crap and one wants to watch a movie, screwed there too. One big loopy like circle that we just can't seem to get out of.

  18. Yep, for certain. You hit it on the nail here. One big loop-de-loop, land where may be type thing. The other thing you totally hit on, is the number of scripts before finished product. There could be 50 revisions and the produced script may not even resemble the purchased script by the time the films made, and guess what, the original writer doesn't even get credited a lot of time. Sometimes they'll get a story by credit, but hey, they got paid still too. but just thought i'd emphasize your statement, as it's too too true

  19. Least they get paid, but still without credit that's the harder they have to work to land another deal and get paid, least with credit they'd stand a better chance of getting steady gigs. Yeah movie land is one big loop-de-loop for sure, way way way too many fingers in the pot.