Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two In One, Being dVerse is Fun!

So I had this idea to combine two fun things I did before. Of course some might roll their eyes at this tour. But when has that every stopped me? Yeah never exactly. Oh and just so you know each and everyone I'm about to do at my show, came from my head. See it's filled with a bit more than lead.

So lets see if before this is through, it can be guessed by you. But don't worry if it causes you dismay. At the end I'll be sure and share the facts of the day. So you won't leave confused, just a tad abused. Mr. Linky might even have to blink twice, for this little dVerse slice.

It's time I go on a Yakety Yak
Soaring from Rags to Riches at my shack
We could go Side by Side
Unless Hudson Hawk lied

Oh stop it Johny B. Good
Go Back to The Future you should
Join a Travelin Band along the way
Maybe stop off at a Roadhouse to play

You might get the Hippy Hippy Shake
And see Angels in the Outfield as your knees quake
Impressing poor Barbaranne
Stealing her away from the Surf Ninjas clan

At least you'd no longer be a Man of Constant Sorrow
O'Brother Where Art Thou you my ask tomorrow
But you'll find him if your all Hot to Trot
Even with a Tutti Frutti singing robot

I bet your thinking Rescue Me
Could always use Air America to flee
But there seems to be a Bad Moon Rising
That My Fellow Americans their disguising

Heading into a Danger Zone
As some Top Gun wails with the odd moan
Such a Sinnerman too
With Cellular hacking out of the blue

Can't we all get some Summer Lovin instead
Just don't slip on Grease and whack your head
Oh just Follow Me you say
3000 Miles to Graceland to play

Damn we may as well go to an Island in the Sun
As Out Cold I'd be after that long run
At least Footloose I'd be
Not sure Footloose would work for me

Bit by Bit it might annoy
Then like Fletch I'd have no joy
Until I heard Play That Funky Music White Boy
And watched the Evolution of a toy

But just know I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
As a Conspiracy Theory I know your into
Cotton Eyed Joe told me so
But The Negotiator can help don't you know

As you can see I Get Around
And Good Morning Vietnam from my ground
Oh I'm lost Show Me The Way To Go Home
Or my Jaws will keep flapping as I roam

Is that a Dowadiddy I hear
They may be trying to earn Stripes through cheer
Not sure If The Lion Sleeps Tonight
As he might be in Hot Pursuit ready to fight

I think I'm only 25 Miles from Bush #3
No Adventures in Babysitting for me
Think I could be a Scatman
Hey I got Nothing to Lose if I kick that can

But my Respect you say
Bah I'll blame it one Forrest Gump to his dismay
Oh a Bad Reputation that may give
Guess I'll go with Shrek as he'll live and let live

As the Apeman is such a fink
I think his name is Link
But I told him to Take This Job and Shove it
Take This Job and Shove it made him have a fit

So there was no more Lets Work Together
Not even with Mighty Ducks in nice weather
Cuban Pete had to do my task
He even wore The Mask

Yes now I Feel Good
Even if White Men Can't Jump in the hood
Rockin Robin I will be
Oh You've Got Mail come see

Another Holiday for the cat
Accepted at my mat
Off to the California Sun
Back to the Beach I run

Did you know I Believe I Can Fly
Like some Space Jam guy
Or maybe like the Spirit in the Sky
I'll give it a Remember the Titan's try

Paranoia may come about
As Disturbing Behaviour make some pout
But I'd rather Twist and Shout
Going the Ferris Bueller's Day Off rout

Wow Dude Looks Like a Lady for sure
Like Mrs. Doubtfire on tour
Highway to Hell is where he's off to now
I guess he wanted a Final Destination that would wow

Or to go out in a Blaze of Glory
Like the Young Guns but less gory
He could be Savin the Day
Bringing the Ghostbusters to play

Every one would then do the Neutron Dance
Even a Beverly Hills Cop would prance
Look Now That I Can Dance
You can take a Teen Wolf stance

You'd rather Walk Like a Man though
Heart and Souls might move to and fro
But The Rhythm is Gonna Get You
No matter the Stakeout you do

You have Nowhere to Run
As The Warriors want you to have fun
Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now
You no longer look like a Mannequin or a cow

But if you sing I Feel Pretty
I'd slap you in Anger Management with some old bitty
Just avoid The Stroke
Of that Billy Madison bloke

You might have to show the Eye of the Tiger
Like Rocky not the counter guy named Geiger
Or you'll end up Busted
And your Money For Nothing will be adjusted

Once and For All
You could use Newsies to make the call
Taking Care of Business for you
And Taking Care of Business past due

Continue to think You're the Best Around
As The Karate Kid will knock you to the ground
Don't Lean on Me
You Lean on Me and I'll slap you for free

We Will Rock You
A Knight's Tale you'll think was true
At least When You Know
Serendipity will go

You may try but You Can't Hurry Love
Not even on a Boat Trip with a dove
Could shout Gimme Some Lovin though
Mr. Destiny may never know

Or you could be saying I Need a Hero
As through a Short Circuit you're now a zero
But You're Still the One
With Primary Colours by the ton

Aren't I such a Wild Thing
Going up to the Major League with what I bring
We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore
I'll get an Iron Eagle to force you to stay at my shore

Hit The Road Jack
Or The Dream Team will attack
Oh Get Off My Back
Stallion Spirit of the Cimarron protects my track

Look I made that Jingle Bell Rock
Guess a Lethal Weapon was hidden in my sock
But I'll Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let It Snow
This was epically Die Hard, yes I know 

Now did you get all of that? See what was done by the cat? No you did not? Just in case it wasn't caught. The cat took a movie and a song that played in it. Then with a little polish and spit. I slapped them together in rhyme, one after the other what a fun time. Oh and if you see a double one, that's because the song and movie had the same title, so it wasn't a mistake or pun.

Yep all of that really was in my head, which this post it fed. So have fun with the movie pass, you can even sing along with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Oh my gosh...this is my favorite yet!
    dVerse folks will love it, that you can bet!
    Now hold on a sec as I grab my wooden spoon mic and have another read and sing as loud as I like!

  2. haha yeah never did a movie one for dVerse
    So figured I'd blast away at it and make them curse
    As movies come out with ease
    And I can do them whenever I please
    Remember to close the curtains/blinds before grabbing the spoon
    So the tighty whitey neighbor doesn't think you're a loon...LOL

  3. That was really awesome, I knew almost everyone of those movies and songs, but to tell you the truth I had no idea the song was in the movie, or was it the movie with the song. But you gave your trick away, that is when you let Berlin play, I knew because I remembered Kelly and Tom kissing to that song. Nice play, really, really impressed you didn't have to look any of this up, great memory

  4. Yes, Pat's memory is scary!
    You should be wary
    I took a tour through his brain before
    it's very unique, that is for sure!

    ok...changed my flavicon
    but before it started, is it gone?
    And where is yours I saw yesterday?
    Today it's a blogger B! This causes dismay!

  5. That's great you knew almost everyone of each
    But slapping them together in rhyming speech
    A lesson I did teach
    As now you know when you reach
    For each one of thise movies on the shelf
    A song that will play in each you can hum to yourself..haha

    Yes it is scary the crap I can retain
    And the rest that does remain
    Unique would be one word
    Maybe another would be holy umm turd..lol

    Mine's still here at least for me
    Yours is now just the big internet E
    But mine took a few hours to change
    As Google has to go and rearrange

  6. An internet E?
    Maybe it's just a first name tease
    Putting up my initial
    while they work to make the change official!

  7. whoa ~ what a play of music and movies ~

    very creative and you took me down memory lane ~

  8. Oh so middle name starts with E
    One more thing that goes into my memory..haha
    Yeah it will come
    They are slow as they change the B that is dumb

    haha glad you agree with me
    That epically Die Hard it was to read with your tea..haha
    Or was that beer
    Either way thanks for the cheer

    Hope it was a nice stroll down memory lane
    Wouldn't want you to pop a vein..LOL

  9. No, silly. Think of my email address
    as Betsy is a nickname I must attest.

  10. I really like how you effortlessly weave the movie and song references in this poem. Fine work!

  11. dang pat, you dance and intricate dance...i lost count to the amount somewhere along the way but hey this is superb, the grammar nazi may drop you a word, missed verb, but word, brother.

  12. Oh I got you now, just a little late
    But now I took the bait..haha

    Weaved them together finally
    For all to see
    Thanks for coming to lurk
    And for Finally saying fine work..lol

    Yeah I lost count too
    After two
    Just used all that popped in my head
    And went where the thing lead
    Yeah grammar nazi has been silent on that for a while
    Guess it isn't too vile..haha

  13. My goodness, I have no idea how your head keeps all that inside it.
    I knew they were all movies and all songs but didn't realise they each were in the same movie (I'm not quite sure I know what the bloody hell I'm talking about anymore)...LOL
    Bloody hells bells Pat, that took some doing!

  14. hahaha love bloody hell
    And ring the bell
    With Hells Bells
    Look at you giving the song yells
    Yeah it just kept on popping in
    As I wrote it at my bin
    Had to stop myself though
    For there was plenty more I could show
    But then you really wouldn't know what you were talking about anymore
    As you took the tour..haha

  15. There is a LOT going on in your head, Pat.

    Crazy, man! LOL!

    Lady Nyo

  16. I think your head is very busy :) this is epic :)

  17. Each stanza a unique write....my this cat of yours is amazing....now do you sleep with all these images in your head....I can not sleep just thinking about one...bkm

  18. Always said I was a bit of a loon
    So crazy works too even at High Noon

    Yeah too busy for me sometimes
    But it makes epic chimes
    And rhymes
    Fun times

  19. Half the time I don't sleep
    At least not deep
    As I tend to think too much some nights
    Until the cats bites
    Then all is well
    Accept the new scratch may hurt like hell..lol

  20. Pat, Pat, Pat, I'm impressed, even I knew some of the movies/songs. You should get advertising royalties (lol).

    I think I prefer this one over last week's opener. I just have one question...when do you sleep?

  21. Fun! I've been trying to figure out a rock-title-only sonnet for ages...

  22. hahaha oh if I got advertising royalties maybe I'd be able to sleep
    As of now I sleep I don't really reap
    But I get some
    Enough that I don't drag my bum
    Yeah movies/tv just come out
    Wow said last weeks was the best you read with your shout
    Now this one you like more
    Guess I'm getting better at my tour

    haha oh I could do that up in ten minutes or so
    With rhymes galore as that's just how I go
    As all of that is in my head as well
    Maybe some of this space I should sell..haha

  23. The ol' Grammar Nazi may balk at your spelling
    In places. ("Oh? Where?" you may ask. I'm not telling!)
    A few goofs were new, and some others, repeaters.
    But who cares, say I? It concerns too few readers!
    The "movie name, song name" bit may have confused 'em
    Until they said "Hey! Songs are with flicks that used them!"

  24. Yeah I just blame the rhyme
    For the odd grammar crime
    As it is such fun for most
    Liberties can be given to your host
    Or if they were still feeling confused at the end
    I let them in on the secret of my movie/song trend
    As I wouldn't want them to feel too abused
    Or overly used..haha

  25. Dude, your command of the rhyme makes me weak in the knees, and at that I won't sneeze :)

    Bloody Brilliant!

  26. Yes command I seem to have a bit
    At least enough to have a fit
    Pop a Pill or a vein
    As I start the rhyming train
    Just make sure your knees aren't too weak
    I wouldn't want you to fall over when you come for a peek..haha

  27. oh wow.. i think that's a terrific job... am not sure if i could do such rhyming power... you have mastered it, i know... i think i gonna read it for some more to grasp it fully... hail to you!!!(:

    ~Kelvin S. M.

  28. Mastered it some what I can say
    But I'm sure there is more that I can bring to my way
    Good luck grasping it all
    That order is kind of tall
    But if you know movies you'll get a lot
    And if not
    Could be rather tough
    And a tad rough
    Thanks for the wail
    And the hail..haha

  29. you are brilliant. and you make my brain hurt, but i loved every minute of it.

  30. haha loving your brain hurting can be fun
    I guess if one rhymes a ton
    Thanks for the retort
    Brillant always works at my fort..haha

  31. Thanks for that
    Appreciated from the cat

  32. Boy, you make my head spin
    and just when I think
    it's about to end
    you turn up the heat once again

  33. hahaha with movies I can make it go on for hours
    With my magical rhyming powers
    But I stopped myself
    Wouldn't want it to get overcrowded at my shelf..haha

  34. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I remember when almost all of the songs/movies were first released. OK, so maybe not the Cotton-Eyed Joe, but virtually all the rest.

    That's one wild poem! And it's wonderful!

  35. Now THAT was an excellent use of rhyme. Very nice!

  36. You've rounded up the movies and song and dance of a whole generation all in one go. I can't even recollect a fraction of those. That's fantastic!

  37. ooohhhh... I find it really amazing how you manage to rhyme so well every time..!!

    Another piece of great writing :) :)
    Nyco :P

  38. So much work you put into this one...

  39. haha yeah wasn't around much when some came out
    But was for at least half I used to shout
    Didn't mean to make you feel old
    With the tale I told..haha

    Movies in rhyme
    Can be an excellent time
    Thanks for the chime
    And dropping a comment dime

    A fraction is at least something
    I could have done more to ease the sting
    Then you could have gotten a little bit more
    Or maybe less so good thing I closed the door..haha

    Yeah the rhyming comes out with ease
    Whenver I please
    At least for now
    I can still rhyme and wow

    Glad I'm cool
    Does it still count if I drool..haha

    Sure lots of work it was
    I'll agree just because
    Although when this is in your head
    It doesn't take half as long to be said

  40. Creative and whimsical as usually, much enjoyed! ~ Rose

  41. Whimsical I am too
    Great word choice from you
    Glad it was enjoyed much
    And didn't make you want to whack me with a crutch..haha

  42. That was a fun write. I'm impressed!

  43. Glad I could impress
    With my music/movie dVerse mess

  44. A marathon of rhyming magnificence. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Wow! So many wonderful memories brought back with that one. Well done!!

  46. Look at you, hot shot cat
    this is the place where it's at.
    People all with heads a-spinning,
    even hurting and knees a-bending
    They need to pop a pill at first peak
    or their veins will pop and cause a leak.
    oh yes, I am so funny
    come one, admit it..and a bit sunny!

  47. OK...wanted to leave the comment number fifty
    cause that would just be nifty!
    I was first, too, which is really neat
    as all are worst after that feat!

  48. Yep movie marathon's I can do
    And it rhyme too..haha

    Memories are a funny thing
    Fun how they can come back with the rhymes I sing

    Oh rifting on all my sayings today
    Yes they are just so fun to say
    I'll admit your a tad funny
    Maybe even once in a while right on the money

    Yeah that is rather fun
    To be number fifty and number one
    But now I'm fifty one
    The fifty and the one in this comment I just done
    Confusing yes it was
    I did that just because

  49. Sure it's rhyme
    With each chime

  50. Wow! I just took all the songs and created a playlist. Thank you! Incredibly fun blend of music, movie and rhyming verse. hee hee... I had a blast reading it out loud... twice.

  51. hahaha you made a playlist out of all of those
    Never figured on doing that but who knows
    Maybe I'll have to give it a try too
    Nice idea by you
    Read it outloud twice
    Damn thanks for rolling the rhyming dice

  52. A massive round of applause for this Pat.
    I am actually on my feet.

    I am a huge movie fan and was counting the movies.

    Your rhyming skill is second to none.

    And as always you make reading fun.

    Good job Pat

    Im still standing

  53. Wow I made you stand up too
    Damn thanks for the applause by you
    Yes my last movie one was double this
    But again no one gave a hiss
    I can go on all day about them and I have too..haha
    The rhyming just gives me another avenue
    Glad it was fun
    Thanks a ton

  54. I think the word amazing is overused. But, I can't think of a better one to describe what you do. This is superb.

    (Daily Spirit)

  55. Haha used superb too
    Guess a better one could be thought of by you
    While maybe not better than amazing
    Just a different way to express the words you leave after gazing
    Thanks for that
    From Pat and that cat

  56. Nice bit of rhyme on music and movie, very cleverly done. I wanted to leave a rhyming comment but I am too tired to rhyme coherantly.

  57. Me too, It's midnight and I'll never get to even half the posts. Whew, what a tour, amazing. So clever, so ambitous, like Odysseus (lame, I know, but best I can do) Cheers! Goodnight

  58. haha oh I know those nights
    When in your head there are few lights
    And just want to sleep
    Can't think of anything deep
    Of course I tend to rhyme
    And not come off with a normal comment chime.haha

    haha it was well past midnight here
    So I was sleeping when you gave a cheer
    Odysseus works for me
    Not all that lame to see

    Great fun all the time
    Usually in rhyme