Monday, July 11, 2011

What The Yxea, No I Didn't Say Rxea!

See what sprung from the WV uqdt, no I haven't gone any more nuts since the last time you eqdt. I bet you are cursing the cat fgv. I love making you all have a egv. Have you clued in to my madness ntz? If not don't yktz. I'm sure you'll get the Yqet oz Yqezl of this soon or think I'm even more of a loon.

Damn this is harder than I thought it would wt. OK I'll answer your hstq. Here is a hint or zvg, for all of you visiting my rhyming mii. You see the cat wanted to see what would iqhhtf, if I sat here kqhhofu, about how I want a straight soft, damn I made an actual word with this idea of doft. Most of it came out as zkqli, when I did this mix dqli. Never thought an actual word would come qwgxz but guess I hit the right fgzt.

So did you get a hint from ziqz or am I still an annoying eqm? Maybe I should promote a woz, preventing you all from having a yoz. Maybe your head will clear, when you give VqnlzqzogfGft a cheer. Oh does that link cause ytqk? I bet you've already been there to httk.

Of course if it's yucky food you like, could go to Dn Yoct Dtf for a hike. Are you catching on yofqssn or still cursing dt? But don't worry too dxei, this will be the first and last time I give this a zgxei. As it's quite the hqof, I may just pop a ctof.

This could be giving Grammar Nazi's everywhere a shock, but they'll cool down when they go to Zit Sqok gy zit Losctk Ygb to gock. Unless it's Orson's turn to have his lqn, than they'd get even more grammar roldqn.

But this can't hurt as wqr, as getting stuck in the arm with a needle by some lass or sqr. So you've been warned not to even let her try, but everything else at Zit Zqlizgg Hqksgxk is fun to the eye.

You could also find some great writes at Hgtzoeqs Hlneit, even if your shoes don't say Foat.

Of course could find something steamy, from Lvttz Sxlz as she creates something dreamy.

So did you get what I did at qss, here at my rhyming lzqss? No it isn't gibberish and it has a hgofz, so don't get your nose out of pgofz. So one final hint in case you still don't afgv, this is how everything would go, if a certain contraption went in order, no it has nothing to do with a disorder. Let's just say if it went how we were taught, then the rhymes/links would make sense and the rest would not.

Soat ziol ngx see qfr ziqz ol qss gxz gy me.

^^^ It would all look like that if I did everything but the rhymes and one might guess after a million times. So I didn't get that mean and gave you a chance here at my scene. Now I'm done with this as it was hard, sorry if your brain I scarred. Now don't be ekqll if you can't figure out what was done by my little rhyming qll.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. hey there is no word cool

  2. 1, 2, 3, 4 should i go for even my brian hurts too bad...

  3. See I turn it off and Brian goes all spammy on me
    But I made his "brian" hurt so that causes glee
    Nope my drinking days are long gone
    Completely sober when I placed this on my lawn
    That's probably even worse
    At least I didn't make you curse..haha

  4. Very cryptoquipish. Not sure if my hometown paper's the only one with that game, called by the name cryptoquip, but if not it's a substitution code game. Really hard for me, my brain can't operate so fast that way. but I usually persist and figure it out, my mom, she runs right through them. But I get her on crosswords, which Im "pat on back" really good at. Very creative here Pat, enjoyed it, despite the first few moments of WTF, before I figured out what you were doing:)

  5. haha glad I got a WTF moment or two
    At my zoo from you
    Just because it's fun
    And right you are by a ton
    Never heard that word cryptoquipish before
    But it works well with what I did at my shore
    Not going to directly say
    Already did a crossword of sorts at my way..haha

  6. Hmmm... looks like captua codes to me. Luckily I think I was able to fill in the blanks. At first I thought there was something wrong with the browser so I hit the refresh arrow.Um, twice.

    Good thing is was short or I'd be breaking out the super secret decoding ring to try and figure out what the hell you were saying. :)

    Except for "Soat ziol ngx see qfr ziqz ol qss gxz gy me." Have no idea what that means. LOL!

  7. Shouldn't you have signed off like this?...

    Sqztr qss iqct q foet yqss


  8. no WV???

    LOVE THAT!!!!
    so does my twin, I see. hee.

  9. hahaha made you refresh it twice
    hahahaha love that, I know not nice
    Yeah they did look like captcha codes too
    Which was a throw off or two
    Yeah I couldn't do this song
    For very long
    As it was just a pain in the behind
    But wanted this idea out of my mind
    Have to ask Betsy what that means
    As she seems to have deciphered the code at my scenes

    hahaha it seems you did get it
    Did typing that out make you have a fit..LOL

    Yeah the WV went bye bye
    I'll give it a try

  10. yeah, but just a little bit
    a nitwit
    of a fit
    kinda of like a twit
    glad that I could get
    a tiny bit of it
    and then worked through the grit!

    What's the most scary is that I could figure out what's in your head
    and that is a fact that causes me dread.

    lol...sorry, couldn't resist! ha

  11. Good thing it was only a little bit
    Wouldn't want you to have a big fit
    Pop another pill
    Or break your finger on a window sil
    Oh right door knob
    Aren't I such a SOB

    hahaha actually I expected the Fox to say that
    Now two know what goes on in the head of the cat
    I have to try harder to rebuild the wall
    I have too many voices in my head as it is after all..LOL

  12. yeah, scary being in your head
    causes me some dread
    might be seeing red
    wish that I had fled
    thinking I might be dead
    and that my blood had bled
    all my hair I could shed
    all over my bed
    stop the madness I pled
    all the words I read
    all those rhymes you said
    bouncing around like lead
    in my head.

    ok...let me pop a pill
    and have a little chill
    outside of your mind at last
    glad that has passed.

  13. hahaha see my mind is just for me
    And ummm those other two or three
    Voices that won't go away
    I only hear them every other
    So if you try to get inside
    They make you go nuts with stride
    Although I hope they wouldn't make you pull out all your hair
    You'd look kind of funny bare..haha
    Yeah I'm glad it passed too
    As you were getting scary between me and you
    Not really except the dead part
    That was probably my mind just letting off a brain

  14. haha...I never thought of that part
    you feeling me roaming where you get your smarts
    climbing through the caves
    where you get your brain waves.

    those caves were rooms full of floppy discs,
    files labeled things like Pringles Chips
    movie clips
    girls hips and lips
    Drazin stories
    accounting worries
    school loans
    monster moans
    Face It Facts
    Green Man acts
    Orlin's antics
    Cassie panics
    job search
    cat perch
    blog's might
    rhyme time
    best chimes
    red Chevy
    loan's heavy
    Heinz ketchup
    germ cleanup

    On and on they went
    cavernous mazes of thoughts bent
    Your brain could be given to science
    they'll want to study your brilliance!

    yeah, I think I better keep my mane
    being bald would be a pain
    have to wear a hat
    or hatt. But Orlin would like that!

  15. hahaha I was trying to forget half that stuff
    But then you went huff and puff
    With the nut girls and the hips
    The stupid loan grips
    Spandex green
    And heinz kethcup can be
    You brought it all back
    Although at the end of your comment whack
    You said I was brillant how nice
    With the salt the cat will have to send you some mice
    Just proved once again you can remember a bunch
    And are only a tad out to lunch
    Or would that be me
    Yes bald would be a sight Orlin would have to see
    He'd laugh with glee
    And then hide behind bush #3
    Just in case you came for a hatt
    As he wouldn't like that

  16. You can't forget as your brain won't let you
    I was impressed with the neat tidy files, too.
    Very orderly and in rows
    But it didn't surprise me, I'll have you know.

    Yes, the salt should be arriving soon
    as your postal service is back in the groove
    hope the mice don't scare our mail lady
    as your package would seem kinda shady.

  17. Are you going to explain your code scheme
    or was it random, like a bad dream?

  18. Yeah if it squeeks and makes funny noises she might give it a shake
    Thinking it's fake
    Opening it up
    And it will jump out scaring her so bad she'll hiccup
    The reverse will happen you see
    All thanks to

    Yes those files are all nice and neat
    No germs or dust as you take a seat
    I could explain the scheme
    But I wouldn't want to ruin the fun for others who come to gleam

    Wait maybe I will
    Oh what a

    The code scheme is what would be
    If your keyboard followed abc
    Wasn't that easy
    Maybe a tad cheesy..haha

  19. haha...yes, cheesy
    but i toasted it.
    just sayin'

  20. ooppssss... seemed some kinda code to me..!! lol..
    yet i loved your writing style...!! Great blog..!!
    I am definitely following you..!! :) :) :)
    Please take sometime to visit my blog at
    will look forward to hear from you..!!
    take care, keep writing and happy blogging..!! :)

  21. Is that why smoke came out my ears
    You trying to release all my fears
    Cause tears
    Or just make me join the circus and get lots of

    Oh a newbie to the bunch
    Following too before lunch
    I'll keep on blogging for a while
    Yes the sdfsgs is a code with some rhyming style

  22. First time here ...
    and I am glad I landed here.. its a fun place.
    Looking forward to new posts !!

  23. Fun place it can be
    Although maybe bit nuts between you and me

  24. I doubt that Pat..
    I loved your posts !!

  25. hahaha nuts in a good way
    But there is a method to my madness and the words I lay