Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bah What's This Stretchy Goo? It's Making My Nonsense More dVerse For You!

So I was minding my own business today and some stretchy guy came to play. Guess he's following the lead of those cereal nuts, Drazin and those oompa loompa guys with orange guts. The cat just can't be left alone. You'd think they'd at least phone. He said he wanted to show me how dVerse he could be, then splatted me with stretchy goo from my tongue to my knee. I finally got the crap all gone but not before spurting these facts out across my lawn.

Gasconade stuffed glee
Cantankerous flowing slimy continuous dripping goo
Auspicious dealings claimed mind's eye bewildering true
Ebullient blossoming tree

Perspicacious grasped trapping through keen awareness avoiding plight
Rancorous escalating hate
Opuscule untempered fate
Penultimate sworn in never ending vulgar and serious gut curdling fright

Sworn justified levant
Sesquipedalian upon actions notice underlying hope in simple avoidance and stance
Belief sparked coruscant
Saxicolous after fruitful escape extinguishing perpetual fear in over shoulder glance

Idiosyncratic weaving attached forever barren of saturated worth
Glued dread pertinacious
Sanctimonious ripples tread past created present scorched earth
Dues boughten contumacious

Circumlocution faked direction
Encumbered self's injection
Callipygians wiggle no longer shirks granted leave and persistent absolve
Cynosure trampled below time's amassed catering in discoveries resolve

Pusillanimous gleams heightened in wailing references trespass
Pecksniffian worries rebound in haunted, twisted, jabbing glass
Sockdolager burdens bear
Gasconade withered despair

Look that damn stretch armstrong got his goo on me and now instead of short easy words for you to see. He brought back the big long words, stretching my stuff out confusing even the birds. A line stretch here, a line shorten there, damn it's just everywhere. But at least he made it fun to confuse and maybe even abuse. So how is this for a dVerse little write? Did I make you pop a vein after my big word and stretching fright? Just remember to blame that stretch armstong guy, if you strain your eye. As he popped his goo on my grass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. pecsniffian sockdolager, can your words get any bigger, go figure had to hunt a peck the dictionary net to try to find these meaningful word constructs that so boggle my mind, but stretch is the man, though bust him and it will be over more than your hand, nasty stuff too that goo but dont boohoo, i see you soo-oon.

  2. you stumped me with much goo
    the stretched words were too much
    but if you had fun, its okay blah
    like Brian, see you soon ~

  3. i think i like that stretch armstrong guy.

  4. Well, an agelast would never make it here
    as one must be able to let out a cheer!
    Since you, Cat are an apolaustic bezonian
    and I know you get a little frisson when I come to comment
    It's just fun to footle here a moment
    and enjoy your gallimaufry
    katzenjammers are a thing of the past
    and now I must absquatulate!

  5. I'm sure if I created fake ones they'd be very large
    Too big to fit on a barge
    Admit I had to use a dictionary for one or two
    As they just looked like goo
    Yeah it really is nasty crap
    If it seeps out and his arm can no longer stretch or flap

    hahaha blame the stretch guy for that
    Not the poor old cat
    But stumping you was quite fun
    Here under my rhyming and big word sun

    Haha guess that makes one
    That likes his big word stretchy fun

    Damn you got some of the stretchy goo too
    I had to look up all but one word given by you
    That wasn't nice
    Making me roll the dictionary dice
    But can't say I disagree
    As a fool or scoundrel I can be
    And I can cause such glee
    Absquatulate sounds way more serious than I just have to flee..lol
    But that was such a fun gasconade retort
    Didn't even peculate any words from my court..haha

  6. Yeah, that goo can be so brummagem
    and it's as worthless as cerumen
    Spellchecker thinks all of these words are corrigendum!
    Guess we showed it who's smart and who's dumb!

    Now I'm ready to go back to nice small words like cute and dear.
    But I'll keep my dictionary handy, have no fear!

  7. hahaha really is quite funny
    How some of these words are long and runny
    Yet they can be said simply as earwax
    Yes spellchecker sure wasn't lax
    It had quite the fit with this post
    All kinds of your wrong crap showed up at my coast
    Oh I have no fear
    I trust you've got a big word or two still saved for a cheer..haha

  8. Yeah, this post is becoming a shrine for epealotry!
    And I'm sure after I'm gone, I'll have an esprit d'escalier!

  9. Ha! You were first, but I'm much worse
    Took too long over at dVerse
    Finally came up for air
    From my writing demon's lair
    These here words are really big
    What happened to what rhymes with fig?
    I'll need to bring my dictionary
    Or else my comment will be really scary
    But we're on vacay and I have time
    To decipher each and every line
    Doesn't seem like such a curse
    To be linking up over at dVerse.
    So I will read and chew the fat
    As I ponder all the face it facts :)
    Enjoy your day and enjoy your pen
    May not be first, but I'll be back again!

  10. Not that much worse though
    Closer than last time at like 50 or so..haha
    Yeah had time to find the big stuff
    Instead of the usual fig fluff
    Since on vacation from work
    And didn't have to write as I lurk
    Bah scary doesn't bother me
    Sometimes it's even fun to see
    I always enjoy lounging about
    And of course giving the Face it Facts a shout

  11. Damn didn't even see Betsy's sneaky little bit
    With her oh so esprit d'escalier errr ummm wit
    Yep stole that one from you
    Knew you had in your back pocket a big word or two..haha

  12. The more I read you the more I think (I am so glad I am not inside his mind) LOLOL
    I do not know where you get all this from but, it's bloody clever!
    Looking for my Roget's Thesauras now.

  13. hahaha yes it can be a scary place
    Making others glad they can't show their face
    I found them here and there
    Just about everywhere
    As I started this one
    Of course from a while back I knew a ton
    Good luck tracking them down
    Hope it's not too much work before going over to dVerse town..haha

  14. goodness pat - have mercy on a poor german lady...you crack me up with your word combinations...i just think my english is not that bad and then i come here and get lost like in a labyrinth...ha...but i will take the challenge and win the word-battle...smiles

  15. Excellent write Pat, I love those supercalifragicexpealadocious(sic) words. Even with the extended terms, the piece had some good flow and as usual the rhymes ruled the roost. Been in a bit of a dump these past few days, the two pieces from you today added a little fun, so thanks, much appreciation

  16. haha didn't mean to make you get lost
    But at least it was at a fun cost
    Oh you think you can win do you
    We'll see when the battle comes due..haha

    Glad you could get out of the dump
    Especailly if there are rats there that might leg hump...lol
    Yeah I was tempted to use superblahblahblah in it
    But I'll save that for another movie fit

  17. I have a sneaking suspicion that you wrote Don McLean's "On the Amazon." I love the words you play, the words you rhyme, the sounds you say, the sounds in time.

  18. Phew..had to reach for the dictionary then! I'm amazed that you still managed to let it flow..very creative, Pat. P.S thanks for your comments on mine, you're a star! yes, you are! lol :)

  19. haha never heard of that until now
    Maybe I go back in time and write it somehow
    Could get royalities or whatever from each sell..haha
    Glad the words and sounds work so well

    Yep let it flow
    With big words in the know
    Yeah nothing was fun
    Enjoyed the something of that one..lol

  20. Pat... You are a Freakin Riot man! You hit all my zany bones and trigger my blastometer into warp speed fun time.. You get me cryin.

    On the second read i noticed some bubbling subtext tooo. Perhaps sub conscious leaking... it just added to the ride.

    Pat Your writing is Bloomimg Joyful!

  21. A freakin riot you say
    That works quite well in describing my bay
    blastometer you have too
    That's quite interesting, is it new..lol
    Yeah I saw the subtext I threw in
    Figured what the heck as not using it be a sin
    Joyful I can be too
    A loon as well, sad but true

  22. Thy words slayest me everytime
    I grab a sit to read thy rhyme.
    The folks above thou tore apart
    Without exception thou had me part.
    My nose's bleeding, I hate thee Pat
    Of all these words my plea's 'What!'
    I think I need to see my Doctor now
    For I'm sick with words 'O, holy cow!'

    ..you're silly.. LOL..;P


  23. You have to respect a gentleman who knows how to articulate, regulate, extricate, excogitate, disseminate and promulgate lines such as these!

  24. confused...abused....both :)

  25. LOL! My dictionary is getting worn out. ")

  26. Thy rhymes are appreciated in return
    As thou can handle the rhyming burn
    hahaha oh I love the hate
    Bring in on mate
    Don't send me the Dr. bill
    Or the garbage can it will fill..lol
    Yes silly I can be
    Here ar bush number three

    Yes I can do all those things
    And still fit ass into my word strings
    Aren't I swell
    With the words I tell

    hahaha a double team
    Of confused and abused makes me gleam

    hahaha didn't mean to do that
    At least now it's looks very well used at your mat..haha

  27. Mr. Pat Hat you are a rhyming maniac,when reading your poetic post, it is clear that you rhyme the most, with you straight prose will never suffice, the words you pen must fit like a vise.

  28. A maniac and a loon
    Damn I sound like a bad cartoon....lol
    Yep rhyming is my vice
    And the cat likes to eat mice
    They suffice once in a blue moon
    The rest of the time I'm just a rhyming loon

  29. That is the most impressive display of cat spit that I've ever seen. The existentialist twist at the end is a real mind bend. Grin ...


  30. after reading those fancy sounding words
    many of them, I never heard
    what shall I say
    mesmerized with your awesome display...

    I missed it a lot !!

  31. Sanctimonious ripples tread past created present scorched earth

    I've seen them all over Blogland! lol

  32. Well Pat, this certainly sent me to the dictionary.
    We live and learn still. Thanks, James.

  33. The cat can drool too
    Maybe that's where the spit came from between me and you..haha
    haha made me go to the dictionary on that one
    Adding the mind bend was also kind of fun

    Mesmerized you say
    By my loony display
    And you miss me too
    How nice of you

    hahahaha oh yes there are alot of those
    But in blogland that's just how it goes

    Yep can always learn a bit no matter how young or old
    Of course that some don't like to be told..haha

  34. You really have a knack for the jocoserious
    No joke! I'm really serious!
    But it isn't at all miasma
    and that's the end of my stanza!

  35. That's what happen when you have cats!

  36. Rhyming the same thing yet different words for it
    That's an interesting rhyming fit
    You weren't joking either you say
    Oh don't tell me that, I'll have to go make to loony play
    Glad it's not miasma too
    As that be some nasty smelling poo
    I created a monster with your big words
    Making me take time from hunting birds
    To search for them all
    With each big word call..haha

    I guess so
    The big words just flow

  37. Just returning the favor there
    as your post needed it's own dictionary here!
    Still, you didn't say 'strat'
    And that's a Face It Fact! :)

  38. hahaha I just wanted to extend the big words out to you
    As out they flew
    Never wanted them back to cause me work
    I just want to lruk..lol
    Strat and fact work too
    Damn aren't I good, but that I knew..lol

  39. Nothing less than an interesting mind boggle! Much enjoyed! ~ Rose

  40. A mind boggle
    That will make ones eyes goggle
    Yeah that was a bit off
    But don't scoff..haha

  41. wooooaaaaa.... cant you use some easy words while writing a post ;)
    I had to google a lot of worlds in this post ;)

  42. hahaha easy and me
    Can go together usually
    But sometimes I tend to me a pain
    Wanting to make some pop the big word vein

  43. Your words are an interesting jumble
    though some of them I cannot mumble.
    Though I don't have my dictionary handy,
    I find your poem quite dandy!

  44. Oh yes the big words just popped out
    So I slapped them together and gave a shout
    I can mumble some either I will admit
    But their fun to try and spit out when ones having a fit..haha