Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not So dVerse, All Rhymes Don't Curse!

So by not being dVerse, should I hit reverse? Am I sounding too perverse? As in my rhymes you immerse. Oh now I deserve a curse, but I will still converse. So don't disperse, although I might allow you to disburse. Would that be the inverse? So what if my direction is adverse. So before you fit me for a hearse, here is Mr. Linky's wanted verse.

Rehearse, Reimburse = Fabrication, Inflation

Bleak approach benign
Cacique broach design
Oblique encroach align
Antique reproach enshrine

Muffled typhoon embrace
Shuffled lampoon race
Ruffled maroon interlace
Scuffled monsoon trace

Sinks confess lapse
Jinx digress flaps
Links bless collapse
Blinks regress relapse

Gaze critical misread
Amaze hypercritical impede
Craze analytical stampede
Phrase political mislead

Stain plasma immersed
Reign misasma submersed
Drain plasma dispersed
Attain asthma thirst

Accusation stream wield
Castration extreme yield
Manifestation regime sealed
Nullification esteem concealed

Abrasion stilt crass
Persuasion guilt amass
Evasion quilt glass
Invasion built harass

Fluorescent beyond reliance
Incandescent abscond alliance
Quiescent correspond compliance
Incessant respond defiance

Now I'm not even going to guess the facts on that, as off went the cat. On another all rhyming rant, here at my rhyming plant. A few simple words and off I went like the birds. My rhyming is as shiny as brass and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. goodness...maybe not the links collapse but i do with your wicked rhymes pat..smiles - fluorescent beyond reliance - alliance - compliance - defiance..was my fav i think - would be a good training for me to read this aloud... but maybe i'd get a knot in my tongue...lol

  2. hahaha I can sure make a knot or two
    So saying it aloud might not be the best thing to do..haha
    Yeah the last was my favorite as well
    Just rolls off the tongue easy as hell

  3. whew you are blowing up the mike today tying tongues in knots just reading, i may be bleeding you cut so quick wit hits, you been listen to marshal mathers?

  4. Wow. That is A LOT of rhyme in one place! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. :)

  5. haha admit I never knew his real name
    Guess just the one he used to claim fame
    Tying tongues of two
    Look what I did at my zoo

    Knew you'd appreciate all the rhyme
    I put into this chime

  6. my tongue got twisted in your rhyming words...

    but i was giggling when i read:
    "Ruffled maroon interlace"

    see you later~

  7. Made your tongue wiggle
    And I got a giggle
    Damn aren't I good
    Or simply misunderstood..hahaha

  8. my tongue! my tongue! No...my brain, my brain.

    You twisted monster!!

    Or was that the cat?

    Lady Nyo

  9. "Castration extreme yield"

    I bet there's a great deal of truth to that one!

  10. Yeah we'll blame the cat
    He likes that..haha
    Tongue and Brain
    haha that must be quite the pain

    haha figured you'd like that one
    With your dark fun
    Yeah could be some truth in there
    At least somewhere

  11. It's your little rhyming ass
    And that cat tweaked up to sass
    That makes each and every visit
    So gosh darn exquisite!
    You know you got the acts
    To fill up Face it Facts
    And if not the loss is theirs
    I await the draw to answer my prayers! ;)
    Rocked it out Pat
    Sorry...I mean cat!

  12. Yes if it were to fill
    One could win quite the thrill
    Cat and Pat can work intertwined
    Just don't let that Drazin guy hear of any find..haha
    Gosh darn too
    Haven't heard that phrase in a while, it's true

  13. Laughing...goodness, have you always had the rhyming touch?
    Cool video too...someone goes through a lot of Pringles!

  14. OMGoodness, your rhyme addles my brain. I think you must have a thesaurus for a brain...Oh help my brain for, I think I am insane from having it twisted by your little rhyming ass. I love that name !!! :)

  15. I seriously love you, even though you do make my brain hurt. you are like the scrabble game of my dreams...
    especially loved "Ruffled maroon interlace"

  16. Makes my brain hurt..lol...but thanks for the fun! Needed it! :)

  17. Pat, I don't know how you do it but you are absolutely gifted! :)

  18. Truly brilliant, I get so lost in the perfection of rhyme I always have to read your pieces a few times. Always impressed! ~ Rose

    Oh and I'm so happy you had to look up amaranthine...yes! ;)

  19. Even for you that was a lot of rhyme in such a short place. Great job in making it all work so fluidly, twas a lot of fun to read

  20. Now that's what I call "rhyme" --- from someone who seldom rhymes but appreciates the art.

  21. Actually it really beats the heck out of me
    One day I just started this rhyming you see
    And that was that
    It just came out of Pat and the cat
    Never knew I could do it before
    And just kept taking the tour
    haha you watched the video too
    How nice of you
    And yes tons of pringles cans it's true
    But those ones were empty, meaning not full of chips or cat poo..lol

    haha I hear a word and it gets locked in
    My rhmying umm brain bin
    I'm hope you stay sane enough to avoid the loony bin though
    hahaha and little rhyming ass is how I'll always go

    Scrabble game cool
    Can't rhyme as much and be a fool
    When it comes to that though
    But I can still win just so you know..haha

    Whenever you need fun
    I am sure to give a ton
    Even when I rant
    About this, that or an ant

    I don't know how I do it either I will admit
    But shhh don't tell I wouldn't want people to have a fit
    Ooops to late
    Guess that's just ones fate..haha

    Yes making me look up big words
    I even had to ask some birds
    But I found it
    After a bit
    Glad I can impress
    With my fun rhyming mess

    haha never alot of rhyme for me
    I can create more than you can see
    But that would really be way overboard
    You might just cut my power cord..haha

    Yeah hard to call it much else too
    Nice it can be appreciated by you
    Of course I could think of a thing or two
    But I'll reframe from calling it more than a zoo..haha

  22. In this age of free verse, it's brave to work with rhyme and I appreciate it!

  23. Don't know if I'm brave
    Or just like to rant and rave
    Either way I'll keep on going
    And rhyme will keep on a showing..haha

  24. No... I will not repeat your poem 5 times in a row. You're too much.

  25. haha how about three times
    Sorry for the rhymes
    Being a tad too much
    Least they got you to stay in touch..hahaha

  26. You ability to rhyme amazes me...even in your prose. Yes, this one is so fun to read aloud. It "tastes" good. Well done, Pat.

  27. Oh, here again i’m reading in
    And drowning more in the words you mean.
    Your rhyme’s perfect i can gladly see,
    Your lines are freak in groups of three.
    I rarely hear some words in your pot,
    My tongue’s twisted like what Heaven got.
    You said you have simple words here
    My goodness i might think it queer.
    I’m sorry but still i’m lost, ‘tis clear
    I hope someday i find my place in here.


  28. wow that was superb..
    u r rhyming master sir !!!

    Loved it.... read it around 4 times.
    Superb patt

  29. It tastes good to you
    And the others stew
    Saying it aloud is quite the dare
    Glad it was a fun affair

    hahaha hey maybe one day it will make sense
    When everything become past tense
    Twisted tongues become undone
    And straight out as the words run
    But I doubt that will occur
    As I continue to make your vision blur..haha

    4 times wow
    Is someone trying to punish you somehow..lol
    The master part was nice
    I read that twice..haha

  30. woooooaaaa.. amazing tongue twister... I had to read it twice to get how to pronounce the worlds... lol..
    You are amazing Patt... Your have an awesome control over your pen...!!!

  31. haha guess I had replay value in this one
    With some tongue twisting fun
    I think it more has control over me
    As things just float out at my rhyming sea

  32. That's a damn lot of rhymes--but I was so amused. Also, listened to your theme song--your cat has such good rhythm!


  33. haha glad you were amused
    And didn't feel abused
    The cat will love that you took a look
    Of the theme song for this nook

  34. Wild rhymes for a good time of reading your lines. Very entertaining and very well done.

  35. Maybe that's not catnip you've been doling out lately. Either that or that smarty cat tripped out on the surrealist prompt. I love it!

  36. To visit your blog was a real treat.

  37. Not just a rhyming cat, a master of metrical scat. Seriously, I'm totally impressed by how you have perfectly calibrated a unique metrical scheme for each stanza. I haven't a clue what any of it means, but technically it is masterful, a true pleasure for the ear ... and fun, too!


  38. Tongue tied rhymes
    oh what times
    and perhaps crimes
    to enjoy such pastimes

  39. Entertain I can do
    Acting like a fool or two..haha
    Sometimes even three
    When Drazin comes to see

    hahaha yeah the catnip ran out
    So I had to give a surreal shout

    A real treat
    To beat the heat
    And tap your feet
    At my rhyming street..haha

    Yeah it just sorta came out perfectly as I went at it
    To hell if I know what half of it means either, but I'll have no fit
    As always fun I can bring
    And rhymes I can sling

    hahaha crimes it could be
    Sometime even to me
    Least their's some joy
    even if one plays coy

  40. Wow, you've done it again Pat, though I think you probably do this stuff in your sleep! I love reading your poems just to see how you've phrased things together. The line: 'ruffled maroon interlace' appeals to me in particular for some reason...

  41. Yeah sad but true
    In my sleep rhymes I view
    Maybe it's just appealing
    As it causes some weird feeling
    As many loony rhymes come out
    Thanks for the comment shout

  42. wow this should be some kind of politician speech test, vote for the one that can read this straight.

  43. hahaha that would be rather interesting and quite funny
    Maybe they'd work on this and no longer steal our money

  44. pat, you leave such nice comments on my poetry, i wish i was smart enough to understand the real meaning behind your brain-twisting rhymes... i'm just a simpleton when it comes to poetry, and not too good at analytics or math, talents which i suspect you possess in abundance to weave such verse!

  45. haha my brain twisting rhymes
    Can make for interesting times
    I don't get half myself
    So don't feel too bad when you visit my shelf
    They just pop out of my mind
    And then typed out by my little rhyming behind..haha
    Yes sadly I possess both
    From north to south

  46. Thanks for your say
    All about the wordplay

  47. Once again,
    you've made my head spin.
    whipping words around
    slipping on sweet sounds


  48. Least the sounds are sweet
    With their slippery beat
    Head spinning can be fun
    Unless it's the ghostly kind than I'll run..haha

  49. As ever you dazzle with your word play Pat and your poems are endlessy entertaining and fun to read - i also feel some real depth and automatic surrealism poke thru the mainframe.

    Brilliant ryhme
    Brilliant time.

  50. My grandson loves to be tickled. If he could read I would give him this poem. It tickles.

    (Pat - two weeks ago you commented on my blog. I was unable to respond because Blogger wouldn't allow it. Don't know what's wrong. Now I have to comment as anonymous but I think it will go through.)


  51. Move over Dr Suss its rhym'in time.

  52. sure getting those polysyllabic line-length rhymes in there! Kudos

  53. Can dazzle away
    Each and every day
    Thought of something for next week too
    Just raise an eyebrow or two...haha
    Like the use of mainframe as well
    I may still that one of these times when I ring my rhyming bell

    haha yeah it sure does tickle to tongue
    Could make some pop a lung
    Yeah blogger seems to be messing up here and there
    For one or two but it doesn't seem to care
    Thanks for the shout
    Even as anonymous it hit a high note

    Dr. Suess has nothing on me
    Of course he still gets a royality
    So I guess he has something
    As cash his rhymes bring..haha

    Thanks for the kudos too
    the polysyllabic rhymes were interesting to do

  54. You think you're not dVerse enough?
    I tell you, friend, there's plenty of stuff
    to find in this wonderful rhyming rhyme
    and so to pass away the time.

  55. haha I guess dVerse I can be
    If you say so at my sea
    Don't get lost in the rhyme to long
    You may start speaking in rhyme and song..haha

  56. haha amazed and dazed
    Did your eyes go glazed..haha

  57. As a matter of fact, they did
    But I loved the rhyme even amid
    fever and sniffles I thought was great
    and actually shake my head and don't hesitate
    to tell you that I can't believe you can do that.
    Just goes to show there is only one Hatt. :)

  58. hahaha oh reading it with a fever would be rough
    Wouldn't know if you were delirious or this was real rhmying stuff
    Yeah it just comes out as I give it a go
    And from my Hatt the stuff does flow
    Nice that you know there is only one too
    Wouldn't want there to be a clone or two..haha

  59. Another masterpiece of rhyming incandescence.
    Clever and very skilfull.

  60. Thanks for the great retort
    Guess sometimes I can be skillfull at my rhyming court..haha

  61. Wow... got lost in the rhyme... to discover the meaning took some time; sweet, neat and so oblique!

  62. haha fun little rhyme back in the comments below
    Liked your beat on the go
    With sweet, neat and oblique just tickled my feet
    As I sit in my seat..haha

  63. Fantastic! I bow to your rhyming mastery, even as I wince at "Castration extreme yield" !
    Loved it.

  64. hahaha I made you wince you say
    That just made my day

  65. tongue-tying indeed! man, your words are sharp! :)

  66. Guess they can be sharp
    When I play my rhyming harp..haha