Friday, August 31, 2012

For Round Seven We Have Words Directly From Heaven!

I mean how could they not come from above? These words take flight like a dove. They are filled with such love and obviously someone has taken off the glove. Of what do I speak? Once more we go up the search engine creek. I can't even bring myself to put subtitles on these ones. They are so awe inspiring they would impress the nuns. Or pucker your buns and give you the runs. The choice is yours though as I get on with the show.

"boy bye not with them shoes on"

I guess the shoes were dirty or funky? Maybe they were rather clunky. If you want shoe advice you might not want to ask a cat, we eat them at our mat.

"hotel in new orlinese"

I have my own new hotel? Boy, that is swell. I hope I get a free room and maybe even a massage with a hair groom.

"breath dang you"

You want me to breathe or breath at my bay? Have to be clear on what you say. Maybe me breath is bad or I'm unconscious at my pad. You really do need to tell for one I'd need someone to yell.

"what would rhyme with zipper his blue?"

Chipper of woo
Flipper the blue
Dipper is new
Clipper of Mew

Wasn't that hard for me? Yeah, not really. Although I did us a Pokemon at the end. That might drive some around the bend.

"fat old ladies with no teeth"

Hmmmmm and hmmmm some more. I don't need you to share such a fetish at my shore.

"fart etiquette"

I guess there is an etiquette to it. You don't want to go so much you shit. Also don't want to make too much noise if more are around then just the boys. Or do it in a confined space or in someones face. Damn! Too much to it. I'll just let it rip and take the hit.

"grasshopper with a big butt"

Another fetish I do not need to know. Watch where you mow!

"what is the song that goes lets turn back the clock"

Hmmm I know one from the movie We're Back. But does this look like Radioshack?

"japanese bitch licking cat"

Blah! Keep your fetish to yourself. Go share it with some damn dirty elf.

"can you move away you have bad breath"

Again with the bad breath on display. Are they trying to tell me something at my bay? Maybe that last can of food or the rat left it rather crude.

"sheep elephant mix"

I so hope the sheep is the male. Otherwise the elephant will crush it like a snail.

"how to get your legs to not touch"

Ummm keep them apart. You are dumber than a wood filled cart.

"longer longer longer drop now you have a wenchenbak rhyme"

Longer and longer and longer they seem to get at me sea and stronger and stronger their IQ level seems to drop right in front of me.

"boobies painted as kitties"

Another fetish has found the cat. Damn, I guess I could have had a subtitle at my mat. The fetish freaks who probably go around wearing bird beaks. Yeah, I know. It's too wordy though.

"damn you breath stink"

Swearing at me now. I guess I better brush my teeth before I meow.

"har sass may ho tum"

Only speak English here and the language of my little rhyming rear.

"hands off youp"

I don't want youp though. He/she/it is just scary with that youp like glow.

"you ever kiss a bunny on the nose? pucker up buttercup"

Is that your best line? I doubt you could even convince a fat out of shape feline.

"your worries and fears become your friends and they end up smiling"

Hmm fears can smile? Now that is just vile. I suppose they can turn the dial, as you'll lose weight if they make you run a mile.

"freak the mighty robot man"

Sounds so scary. Is the robot hairy? Has to be if he's a freak. I bet he was made by a geek.

"japan superhero toilet paper"

I guess you like to wipe your bum well giving off the Spiderman theme hum. That must give you a thrill. Try that, I probably never will.

And the WINNER this time of the search engine chime!

"can a mime make a rhyme sure a mime can make a rhyme but"

Why did I let the mime one win, especially with how much I hate them at my bin? For it just proves my point. That mimes are dumb at any joint. For they actually typed that all out in their search engine shout. Then they couldn't even finish their sentence right and just added to their plight. They used the same rhyming words over and over, making them worse then a butt sniffing rover. So they can get the idiotic search win today, gladly here at my bay. So another edition has come to pass and even more long winded nut jobs seem to be finding my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Invasion Continues At My Sea. I Even Give Them Away For Free!

You all have no clue,
About what is around you.
As my pringle cans of poo,
Are clearly in your view.

If only you had seen.
And kept things clean.
Then at your screen.
All you'd get is a jelly bean.

But instead you get the cans,
Fill with things the FDA bans.
Sadly, they are flash in the pans.
And I sneak them in with fans.

The supply is steady,
So you better be ready.
For whether as big as Eddie,
Or quite thready.

You may get a surprise.
To the dumb and the wise.
In a pringle disguise,
Nope! Not french fries.

My setup is complete,
One on every street.
They still may contain wheat.
Trust me, that's a feat.

Just give it a pop,
And your nose won't stop.
You'll want to call a cop.
For what comes plop.

What is the point?
To get your nose out of joint.
Then the cat you will anoint.
Sorry to dissappoint.

For to make the smell go away,
You will cry out into the day.
Giving the cat his way.
I will rule each and every bay.

There is nothing you can do,
But suffer the pringle can of poo.
I know I should forgo the loo.
But this came into my view.

Once you pop.
You can't stop.
Might make you sieze and flop.
Or do the bunny hop.

Stranger things could occur.
As your eyes blur.
Your speech may even slur.
Oh and there may be a little but of fur.

The cat was sent this pic the other day and I knew they were on to me at my bay. So I had to describe for one and all, as I know you wanted to hear it first from my stall. Don't worry I have a clean up crew ready to get rid of the smell for you. All must bow down first though, especially those crummy alliance nuts who tend to show. Then you will have clean grass and nothing from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's ALIVE At Bush Number Five!

Well look what we have here. It's a brand spankin' new lair for my little rhyming rear. It only took Pat a whole weekend to code it and such. I am spoiled so much. So the least I can do is describe it for you.

No more Bush Number Three,
As I move closer to the sea.
For now it is Bush Number Five.
Go near and you'll be lucky to get out alive.

For it ate bush number four.
So watch out when you take the tour.
Look at that big rump.
All nice and plump.

Then there is the gold.
And that surely takes hold.
For my royal ass.
Don't steal when you trespass.

Next up all of you,
Or at least quite a few.
But no longer does it stretch the screen.
For I made a scrolling thingy to keep it more clean.

Keeps on going and going,
So every turn your blog keeps showing.
Next up was Pat.
Who used to look like Captain Kirk at our mat.

Now just another human I suppose.
And Miss Priss sitting by him like a rose.
Pfft such a suck up.
Almost as bad as a pup.

And now all can see,
Which will cause glee.
No more white on black,
Giving one an eye bulging attack.

Then no need for books on the side.
You can even give them a ride.
For all the books by Pat,
Now reside right above the posts at our mat.

I played with that thing way too much.
Don't you just want to touch?
The pages are also easier to see.
And I got rid of that damn bar that was so ugly.
Did I forget little old me?
I'm still the king of my sea.
And the castle in your view,
Is to prove I rule all of you.

Watch where you step when you come aboard,
For with all that sand you can bet what's stored.
At least there is none to see.
Farewell to Bush Number Three.

So there we go. Finally brought forth a brand new show. Big thanks to Chris for the banner as well. It just makes me look so swell. What do you think? Does all work at my rink? Find an error let me know and I'll get rid of its error like glow. Think everything else works fine? You aren't blinded by the golden shine of this feline? And watch for Bush Number Five to pass gas. It is almost as good as my brand spankin' new little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pfft Ending Rhymes Who Needs Such dVerse Crimes?

So for dVerse today I figured I'd stretch my skills with this display. Of course I found one I liked and kinda copied the rhyme scheme, which I'm sure through it a familar poet will beam. But anyway, just going to show it doesn't always have to be end rhyme at my bay. And it let me stretch my skill. Now come and get your fill.


Once upon a frightful quest, while I lingered for a rest,
Surrounded by awe shimmering shadows of blood black,
While they frolicked, nearly running, broiled in their simple cunning,
A blinding flash was rather stunning, stunning from my pack.
"Damn bind," I grumbled, "Loose again in my pack,
Which I carry on my back."

I muttered over the sales call I received at the mall,
For it I could recall while reaching round for a smack.
Stuck in perpetual lazy my eyes were quickly growing hazy,
What appeared seemed crazy - crazy as a heart attack.
Fact which pawned upon morrows night attack,
Scar forever on my back.

The size remained insisting having crazy still persisting,
Enamored of the stature progressing like sea wrack
Grasped in nerve sensation I found a slight elation,
"Bless the flash mutation stunning from my pack"
"Fame brought by mutation stunning from my pack;"
Solely resting on my back.

My mind spun rehearsal; fear retreating into reversal,
"Stay," ordered I, "excuse my lack of special knack.
Simply your incessant running targets very little cunning.
The added flash was stunning, stunning from my pack.
That my eyes deceived me." Allowance of the pack.
Swinging loose on my back.

Looking within the tattered confines, creeping loose awakened signs,
Attracting signs which resemble designated quack.
Yet the creeping came returning, increasing my fame's yearning,
Slowly I was learning the grievance given to my pack.
Counting my expected earning, paving waves to my pack,
Which started on my back.

Could exhaustion harbor tricks as my mind tumbled bricks?
For emerging shadows computed neglect track.
"Has to," said I, "My ship has docked from this spy.
Let me dispute dry growing mystery to detour flack.
Confine my mind for a moment to detour flack;
Slumping crazy on my back.

Closing stunning sack I slung, back to back deterring bell rung.
In the darkness I crept through nerves attack.
There before my peering eyes, stayed more glowing eyes.
A thief's quartet meandering lies, bestowed from my pack.
Bestowed upon thieving dreams exaggerated from my pack,
Lingering forth on my back.

There some ranks kept staffing echoing incessant laughing,
Apparitions held more yield than such piercing clack,
"Your tact is rather inspiring," I said, "fact I'm left admiring,
But patience is expiring wishing for your fade to black.
Provide one reason to sway your fade to infinite black."
Breezing wind spoke, "Flashback."

Surround to increased judging, unclear to their breezed nudging,
Exploring memories just created - mesmerized before slipped crack.
Peering eyes were unceasing in the dark they were policing,
Which I was leasing from my restful pack,
Ordain or lore spotted from my restful pack,
Subtly advising, "Flashback."

The collection remained defiant in face of the parading giant,
Lonely yet masked as one endearing pack.
Striking and ready to rumble while distingushed in humble,
Forcing my returning mumble, "Preperation for a whack,
Passage given to prevent preperation for a whack."
I was simply given, "Flashback."

Accomplishing what was desired, the rest I had required,
Furnaced by rising fire arrowed to my track,
Sharpened to my surprise proving their thief disguise,
Still breezing forth their cries of narrowing flack,
Hope was all that lingered in such narrowing flack,
With the utterance of, "Flashback."

Brightened eyes and bestowed pride, razored upon my stride,
Straight I charted within my mind to little moving slack.
Suddenly my hope was sinking when upon me they came slinking,
Jailed to the sight of blinking, shining forth Olympic plaque,
Sunk in slink, sharpen, scrouge, scavenging of Olympic plaque,
Lies encompassing, "Flashback."

Sicken from whistling whining, in need of some dining,
Flipped forth the envious sack beseeching a snack,
Staring eyes all a flutter, slick as day old dripping butter,
Forcing forth a tainted stutter, "Flash within my pack,
Dwindling declarations hung wasting within my pack,
Whispering forth, "Flashback."

Lording over dropping straps wishing for darkened gaps,
Filtering through the natures nurturing hack,
Forest flirting with the zipper, surrounding foes becoming chipper,
Crawling cackles directing pointed flipper, gunning the track,
Zoning deeper into games gunning for the track,
Lingering echoes store, "Flashback."

Once upon a frightful quest while I lingered for a rest,
Thieving shadows whispered in unison from the black,
Lurking desperate for my riding, truimphant in their guiding,
Ridding me of past siding, through lights dancing cracks,
Paven path's golden fleece back in lights dancing cracks,
My refusal to, "Flashback."

There we go, I'll let each draw their own conclusion at my show. For whatever it is about each can look and find their own singing trout. That just rhymed and was well timed, no singing trout near it and so ends this dVerse hit. Tomorrow I will be more crass and once more my usual little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 27, 2012

On The Go With A Free Flow!

Think you get the jest of it.
For Wayman Publishing brought forth this hit.
To honor Melynda's close call,
With her eyesight thanks to that crap diabetes at her hall.

Starting on September's second day
Over at the amazon way
You can have a look
At many a book

Fill your nook,
Hook or by crook
That just popped in
Used it for the win.

Which you can also do,
Free for many a zoo.
Of course there is a rule or three.
But it is all free.

Like so many displays,
Over those three days.
There will be a Golden Sky,
Just Nonsense will also fly.

The Swashbuckle Chuckle is there,
Of course from my lair.
How to Lose a Tooth,
A Realm of Middle Damned could join your booth.

More Nonsense can come your way,
Open Doors once more with a story from my bay.
The Best of ECWrites,
Where the clap causes frights.

Kind of naive says the cat,
But too funny to Pat.
The Sword of Senack you can give a whack.
Twelve Habits for Highly Effective Cats and their humans, the later not always sharp as a tack.

Damn, that line was long,
But how can you go wrong?
For they are all free,
So to amazon you flee.

Only three days to snatch them up.
Can read and drink from your coffee cup.
If you can do two things at once.
I know, a few are a dunce.

But we won't point them out,
They may come here and pout.
And there are plenty more on display,
Going for cheap who joined the fray.

And some even for a good cause,
Who I'll pretend to give an applause,
Will be giving 10% of sales,
To the american diabetes rails.

Don't even get me started on those things,
I'll save that for some other blog post rings.
All one big scam,
"Cure" is the equivalent of toe jam.

But that is neither here nor there,
Let's face it, it's everywhere.
So just let that one go,
And check out all the novels that show.

Plus fill out the thingy below,
And you could watch your wallet grow.
With $200 bucks in cash,
Surely will cure any rash.

Or a premade blog design,
That will surely be divine.
Now if you still don't have a clue,
One thing left to say, Whoopdi Friggin Doo!

And of course the hosts would like to thank you all so I'll give them a little cat call.

Wayman Publishing 
Linkie's Contest Linkies
 Mommy Blog Designs
Terri's Little Haven

I just had to go all whoopdi friggin doo at my lair. I mean what's some more nonsense to this fair? It was too good to pass up, kind of like a butt to a pup. But never fear all, as the truth was given at my hall. You want a great read? Go get some for free at the feed. Now I must go pass some gas. At least that cures the stomach ache of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Hopper Who Wanted To Be A Copper!

Dreamhopper by Borg de Nobel / / used with permission /

Once there was a hopper,
Who dreamed of being a copper.
He idolized Dirty Harry.
A regular Tackleberry.

He flunked the force though,
Making a building blow.
The smoke stacks went boom.
He brought a town doom.

But he got the bad guy.
Shot him right in the eye.
Blood began to spurt,
That had to hurt.

A speck got on his back,
From his violent attack.
There it stood like a scar.
He got free drinks at any bar.

Before long all were blind.
To him being unkind.
Through fear or intimidation.
All offered him a congratulation.

They sung his name.
He used his new found fame.
The force he quickly joined.
Dreamhopper was coined.

They even gave him an award.
And a brand new Ford.
Dreamhopper was living so high.
He shouted to the sky.

"Criminals Beware,
Of this deadly hare.
All will fall to me.
So you better flee."

He was true to his word.
Shot every criminal from man to bird.
They all dropped dead.
Some even lost their head.

He still was not happy.
Shooting all for being yappy.
Hiding behind his badge.
Fixing those who would cadge.

Dreamhopper found his biggest fan.
It was a rather meek man.
Who needed a strong tone,
For he had no backbone.

Around his neck was a display.
That made him go the Ford way.
Did you get what I said?
He was found on the road dead.

His necklace all gone.
Dreamhopper hobbling to the lawn.
Things aren't always what they seem.
For he had achieved his true dream.

While sewing back on is feet.
Thankful for his fan meet and greet.
Thinking "oh what luck,
I didn't even have to pay a buck."

So dVerse gave us some art and I had to give it a go at my cart. The rabbit got payback for all their lucky feet attack. That is what flowed when the art showed. A rather violent display but then humans do it the other way. So payback is jut fine to this feline. I won't leave proof though at my grass for the lucky feet will be eaten by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not Gonna Get Away From My Rip Off Display!

Thought you could avoid me and the rip off week at bush number three? Well you know I like to go on one way or another about the movie. Mostly bad, as most now a days aren't groovie. Who uses that word? Damn, I must sound absurd. Oh well, what the hell. Of course I can't ignore you and so I saved the best for last at my zoo.

Rip offs a plenty all week,
Some you never again want to seek.
But it had to be done,
And now on with the final one.

As the cat will rip off now,
With a simple meow.
Each one of you.
I guess I am technically ripping myself off too.

The Gapper = The Gawker
Sounds like races with a walker.
Or jumping over holes.
Which can be lofty goals.

Comatose Tongue = Numb Tongue.
Too big a word to be flung.
Plus makes one in need of a hospital bed,
And the germs just cause dread.

Irish Draft = Irish Air
Draft tones down her blare.
And we all know she likes to yap.
So air sounds better as she comes to flap.

Prattle = Blabber
Rhymes with tattle so may make people want to stab her.
Then she'll whine,
And just annoy the feline.

Singular Eye = One Eye
The word is too big and might make her cry.
For the tears will come as she tries to read.
Those big words can be deadly indeed.

Rudiments Nazi = Grammar Nazi
Sounds like something said by Potsie.
And it does not bring Happy Days.
Or any sunny rays.

Concordance Collector = Dictionary Collector.
Something collected by Hannibal Lector?
That would surely bring a scare,
But it sounds so rare.

Vacillate = Waffles.
Sounds like some rare falafels.
I surely would not eat.
Does not sound like a treat.

Child-Bearer Zen = Mama Zen.
Hmmm that may get backlash at any den.
So best avoid that,
To stay a safe cat.

An Amber Brew For A Shower = A Beer For A Shower.
Such a long saying would make some cower.
Plus it gets rid of the A,
With its An display.

Dayfantasizertoo = Daydreamertoo.
Hmmm with that little clue.
It sounds a bit kinky,
Maybe she does things with a slinky?

Meandmyvisioncap = Meandmythinkingcap.
Oh the people will flap.
As now she's a psychic too.
Can you tell me the lottery numbers that will come due?

And so you see,
Whether the nickname from me,
Or your own one,
Rip offs just should not be done.

They pale in the originals light.
Whether day or night.
Just like my diminutive rhyming ass,
That would not sound as crass.

So think twice before the rip off comes due as they will just go all blah on you and now the rip off week is through and God only knows what else will come from my zoo. Actually I know as I'm 40 posts ahead once more. But you'll just have to wait to see what comes due at my shore. Now back to sounding more crass with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ripping Off The Scary Face, Which Some Truly Embrace!

After the scissor guy, who caught somes eye. I figured what better way then to have a rip off scary face display. Can you rip off a scary face? Don't you need one to rip off in the first place? Hmmm I guess I'll just go with it and not start another Cousin It like it fit.

Yeah this will do,
As a scary face to compare in view.
Plus he has wood,
Be scared you should.

I guess rip off never quite got to him,
As his look is more dim.
But I'll let it pass,
As he is quite the hairy mass.

Scary and pale,
That surely doesn't fail.
Plus to make you feel the burn,
He carries around an urn for when it's your turn.

Ummm errr need I say more?
I think that face is something of lore.
He'd scare the boogey man away,
With such a scary display.

Sock on the hand and Cousin It rip off,
Plus he might make you cough.
As he shoves it down your throat.
Scary rip off has my vote.

Yep, surely a scary face.
Has the rip off embrace.
Plus he would squash you,
Making your body turn blue.

Scary in a whole other way.
With his pucker up display.
Might want to avoid,
And be very very paranoid.

Yeah he has it down,
Plus whacko all over town.
Talking to his hands as well,
Having The as a first name must be hell.

Yep, wouldn't want to see him in an alley,
Or street, sea or valley.
Looks like he may want to eat you.
So steer clear of his view.

Hmm they went cheery.
But around them don't get weary.
As those banjos might play,
Not making for a very nice day.

I think there is another way to stop the move rip off display. Just plank any of these guys in view and they may pump out something new. Damn, the ideas just keep on coming as away I go with my rip off humming. As loose as this one may be, can't say it wasn't at least a little scary. But maybe they turn on some lass, either way you won't be judged too harshly, yeah right, by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ripping Off The It Just A Bit!

Firstly, who would really want to be named It? Wouldn't that hinder you a bit? I guess with the cousin at the start. It is better than something like fart. So Cousin It comes with all that hair jibber jabbering in a language oh so rare. So many seem to have taken him to heart too. Ripping him off with their oh so hairy view.

Doesn't he look grand?
Even if hair you can't stand.
With that hat Cousin It has to impress,
That is why we have another rip off mess.

See this one?
The mutt is having fun.
Making its hair stand on end.
And this is only the start of the rip off trend.

So evil looking too.
With the It hairdo.
Maybe it's his evil twin.
Either way the hair is a sin.

Really got the Cousin It look down.
Can sport it all over town.
And might scare many away.
But the It look seems to be here to stay.

See they even market it.
It marketing it would cause a brain fit.
And they are naked too.
Again crackless so they can forgo the loo.

The dog has no hair,
So the human has to be aware.
Even donning the name,
The shaggy hair grows in fame.

How can you say no,
With such a hair flow?
You know you want to be a rip off too.
Getting the Cousin It hairdo.

Even the old are chiming in.
Going for the rip off win.
Sadly the bald part just doesn't work.
But with that smirk you know it's a perk.

And of course you have him.
Who rips off on a whim.
From a bird to Cousin It,
He doesn't care one Con Air bit.

But why hasn't it gotten more fame?
Why aren't all bowing and chanting Cousin It's name?
For such a rip off should spread,
Covering each with a It like head.

Hmm I think enough said.
For with him you might want a bald head.
At least the rip off agenda is stalled this time,
Unlike each previous movie chime.

Maybe if a strange guy with big scissors stalked the rich,
They'd get quite a nasty twitch.
And have their balls in a ringer,
As I think he'd become quite the clinger.

So thanks to Cousin It, we have found a way to end the rip offs bit by bit. Or course there will always be a few, like the mutt who eats it's own poo, who tries to push the limits and go for it. Damn, all I'd need to do is talk about the movie It, then it would be Cousin It watching It because it likes It. That would be quite the hit. Don't going ripping off in mass and you too will avoid the scissors like my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cartoon Land Where Rip Offs Are Grand!

Now I guess the cat will pick on Pixar today at my bar. As why not? They seem to copy a whole damn lot. And all think they are original as can be, they even copied one some what directly. That I didn't even know until I looked for this little tell and show. Show and tell didn't rhyme, so I switched it just this one time. Just so you know and don't have a fit thinking I ripped off the phrase at my show.

Johnny 5 is alive.
Damn, he must not have wanted to survive.
I mean just look below.
He didn't seem to grow.

He kind of shrunk.
Now he collects junk.
Oh wait! That is Wall-E.
You'll have to excuse me.

A horrid movie is above.
I show it no love.
The sequel too,
And the other one a while back that came due.

All a load of crap.
That need to take a dirt nap.
But they were created long ago.
In the comics don't you know.

Invisibility, stretching, strength and speed.
Come with the FF so you better take heed.
Oh wait! Excuse me once more.
For the same things are had pretty much by the below four.

Humans and cars on display.
What could they possibly have in common you say?
Hmmm well let's see.
I bet a comparision can be found by me.

Guy about to hit it big,
Smashes a fence like a twig.
Gets forced to stay in town,
Making him frown.

Falls in love and sees the light.
Changes his foresight.
Change guy to car,
And you have a rip off by far.

But let's just say.
That the guy one on display.
At least gives a thrill.
And you'll get your fill.

As her backside isn't all you see.
Like the below pic shown by me.
And it was rated pg-13 too.
What they got away with letting all hang out to view.

One is french and one is not.
Hmm don't they resemble the other a whole lot?
A rip off indeed.
No other way to put it at my feed.

Both have a search,
Because a fish got left in the lerch.
Both have nutty characters much the same.
This rip off basically just changed its name.

I could go on and on. As the more I looked the more things began to dawn. And here I thought Pixar was somewhat original at least. I guess just the nature of the beast. Those with the money steal good ideas from those who can't defend themselves one bit. Then they make it seem like they have wit. Not even going into Toy Story land, as all three ripped off something no matter how grand. Being so blatant deserves some sass, at least they could try to hide it better from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A dVerse Journey Brings About This Tourney!

Sadly this one may not be too dVerse but it may make some curse. As there seems to be a thing for ripping off one's self over and over and over and over. I guess things are run by some butt sniffing rover. Too high on fumes to know it's been done. But let's give the Journey Tourney a run.

The Journey of George of The Jungle,
As he fights off things that are fungal.
And wow it's in 3D.
That surely has to be a sight to see.

There's dinosaurs, grass and rocks.
Plus some flashlights for shocks.
Maybe some dirt too.
It just much be watched by you. 

They stand on a hill.
This Journey is sure to thrill.
With cracks in the rocks.
Bringing on more oh my shocks.

Wait! There is sand too.
And creatures up the wazoo.
Some grass as well.
This journey must be swell.

King Kong comes to play.
And this one is Fabulous on display.
Ego problem much?
Maybe this Journey just has the touch.

There are rocks, grass and dinosaurs too.
My what a new journey can do.
I mean we haven't seen that before, right?
This one reaches for such a fabulous height.

The dinosaurs are back.
On this Journey attack.
The grass too,
Along with some bugs in view.

A killer ant must surely make them win.
It has to take the cake at my bin.
Wait! There's a rock.
Does that still shock?

Gasp! The flashlights are back.
This Journey is surely going on the attack.
How can you pass it up.
There is even water to fill your cup.

Some grass too.
Wow, what a view!
Damn, there is a rock.
Who me? I'd never mock.

A cute little mole,
Is a lofty goal.
As this Journey wants to win.
But what a sin.

The rock is back,
With a weird face attack.
I hear they drool,
Which is so not cool.

Oh this Journey is made for TV.
You know that is surely something to see.
With a dinosaur as well,
Making them run like hell.

At least they get some exercise,
To work off those french fries.
Damn it, there is a rock.
I hope they don't get one in their sock.

I just can't pick who should win. Isn't that a sin? I mean look at all these great Journeys with their rocks. They should bring in viewers by the shocks. I didn't even show them in the right chronological order. Yet they all have the same border. Hmmm so is it safe to say, if you've seen one you've seen them all at your bay? I don't know. Maybe one has a rock that can glow. That would surely give it the win. Once more rip offs confuse at my bin. Or maybe I make them confuse as I pretend not to abuse. Either way the Journey's come in mass. This many would surely bore my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hidden In Plain Sight But Still A Fright!

So you saw how they rip off movies to try to confuse you. Now they rip off things to scare you with their view. Don't believe me? Well pretty soon you will agree.

That old bitty, Ruth.
Who I keep referring to at my booth.
Is surely offended by this one.
Doesn't she want to make you pucker up a ton?

A rip off and then some.
Look at that huge bum.
Poor beached whales must be in disarray.
And I'm sure the dogs bark or just run away.

Peacocks must be upset.
But might like that golden net.
Though the make up threw them off.
The world's peacocks continue to scoff.

This one did two in one.
Doesn't he look so fun?
Socks and sheets must feel the crunch,
As this rip off is really out to lunch.

All that material must have been hard to come by.
Think it could make him fly?
Ballerinas all around,
Must be wishing him to the pound.

Ripping off those nose things.
That Blabber has at her wings.
Just using a finger,
And he surely lets it linger.

Hmm not sure one would want to rip off plastic ass.
Looks like their face could pass gas.
That wig as well,
Makes them look like some creature from Hell.

Ripping off Whoopi Goldberg must be fun.
But he really doesn't resemble a nun.
Maybe just a Son in Law.
I hope his fingernail doesn't have a claw.

Ummm errr enough said?
Doesn't she just rip off dread?
Or is she pretty to your eye?
You must be a really hard up girl or guy.

And what rip off is this?
Well this one thinks it can cause bliss.
For Assblaster is its name.
It's trying to steal my fame.

Were they not some rip offs you never knew? Some will make you scrub your eyes upon view. But the Assblaster takes the cake. And no, that name is not fake. It is the real deal and gets my rip off seal. It just better not come to my grass or I'll blow it away with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It Is Rip Off Week. Some May Be Up The Creek!

Did you know that more and more movie rip offs are starting to show? I don't mean remakes and garbage like that, as those are duplicates that should be squashed flat. I also don't mean storylines that are a re-hash or some other thing because if you look closely anything can be compared to something else and given a ring. What I mean is cheap arse nitwits that rip off a movie title of ones they think will be hits. They do it to try to fool you and so when you look for a new movie that comes due and don't see the one word title switch you, to put it bluntly, just became their bitch. Don't believe me? Well now let's see.

Now all have seen this one,
And probably gave both a run.
But rip off central it was still.
At least it didn't make one feel ill.

As something like this.
Neither movie was bliss.
Movie magic my fanny.
Better of watching Mr. Nanny.

Add an American there,
And it's a new movie we swear!
Yeah right!
Maybe there is more day scenes than night.

Both make me cringe,
And give me a twinge.
But still oh so sad,
They have to copy something so bad.

Speaking of bad,
This one took that by a tad.
Then they still ripped if off.
Oh wait! It didn't stood still, it stopped, cough cough.

Even have to fool the kiddies as well.
They should go to hell.
For such an evil act.
Then they'd probably make some devil pact.

Then they went and ripped off a cat.
I will get that nitwit gnat.
For doing such a thing,
Just to get some extra bling.

And they just keep on coming,
With their rip off drumming.
All the while trying to confuse,
As you go and peruse.

So why a whole week you say? Is there that many out there to display? I'm sure I could do a year of posts with that. But another idea came to the cat. It will be fun to see what comes out of me. For all may take a rip off pass before I'm through with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.