Tuesday, September 11, 2012

With This dVerse I May Make Some Curse!

So on this day many will take time to pray for what happened eleven years ago down at the NY show. And as well they should but something to think about at your dVerse hood. Why bother doing it on this day? Can be done just as easily next May. Or any other time you wish. Instead many follow like a fish.

Paraded about each year.
To keep up the fear.
And the anger of course.
Forget about the remorse.

They want to keep you occupied.
So all will find some misguided pride.
And let their tactics stick.
Letting the bombs continue to tick.

Same thing happens in many other places.
But you never see the faces.
Unless to further an agenda on CNN.
Otherwise you won't even find it on channel ten.

That's the what's coming up next one,
Up here under my sun.
They want it to seem,
Like the other crap is all a dream.

Who cares about the collatoral damage given.
As long as we are livin.
Just stay under ones thumb,
And sit on your bum.

That is all they want.
Making up stories of "bad guys" to haunt.
Weapons of mass destruction my ass.
Which probably gives off more lethal gas.

Since way back when,
At any old den.
The issue they continue to flaunt.
So they can get what they want.

All about the greed.
Not people in need.
That load of crap,
Went out with blowing people off the map.

No one wants war.
Until "poof" out comes something of lore.
To make such a thing occur.
Ones eyes then just blur.

Need to bomb that place.
Because they made a funny face.
Oops! That isn't a good reason.
Who can we say committed treason?

Eenie Meanie Minee Moe!
It was that guy because he stepped on my toe.
Just get a couple of posters up,
Blame him for this hiccup.

And poof instant war.
To which the blind masses will adore.
When really it's all one big crock.
Ask yourself, does that come as a shock?

Not saying don't mourn or pray for the dead. So don't go losing your pretty little head. Saying it's just like life and the love for your husband, kids or wife. You don't just show it on one day. Unless you suck at your bay. Then that is on you but that is another issue. Don't fall for their crap as each year they take a lap in order to keep all in check, so they can shoot rockets from a deck. Pull the fleece back on the reason for attack. And again same thing happens at many another den. More often then not and that means a whole friggin lot. So there is my ten cents worth sass and that is all on that from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I agree so much with this Pat, I understand exactly what you're trying to say. All of the hysteria helped serve some huge agendas after the events, I know exactly what you're saying. Great post Cat, you can do completely serious without a bother.

    1. Yeah not trying to dilute the day
      In any way
      For those that if affects one bit
      Just their constant need to shove it
      In ones face
      Is what keeps up the war race

  2. i feel you man....they def keep it in front of us for us to fuss about and stay scared of the monsters under our bed or otherwise, and the agenda is clear and happens all through out the year to justify their means to an end as they start wars again and again...

    1. Monsters under our bed is a good way to put it
      Making all seem like five year olds and causing a fit
      And the means always need some justification
      They just make them up sometimes to get the desired ramification

  3. Just will say that 9/11 was a horrific day and really does deserve to have its remembrance today on the anniversary of the actual day. Sure, it can be remembered any day of the year. So can a day such as Pearl Harbor Day, which also is a day set aside to remember the event. I think if a person has a personal connection with any horrific event they would choose to remember it on its anniversary date along with others who shared their losses and their memories and their pain. I knew a NYC fireman. I truly think he deserves recognition TODAY of all the lives he helped save and also the nightmares he lives with still. I will always remember 9/11. So much changed in a moment. For all of us.

    1. I agree that it deserves a day
      Especially for those it touched in some way
      But to play it up all over everything
      Over and over again giving it a ring
      Isn't to mourn the dead or what was lost
      It is just to fund their war cost
      Those who were touched should surely have it
      The rest are just used to cause a fit

  4. Hats off Pat. You should run for office, you talk lot of sense and one of few individuals who can think straight. I agree with you completely. Many may disagree but sometimes America's war with some countries just seem like power play and wrestling match b/w pro and 5 year old.
    War's answer isn't war.

    1. Yeah I don't get bogged down by the crap
      And will surely let my lips flap
      I mean for the ones who helped and passed away
      Sure they should be mourned and thought of one this day
      But trying to pull mass appeal from those who have nothing to do with it
      Is all just to try and cause one big fit
      That is the way it looks too
      Big bad bully vs someone who is three or two
      Always more at play
      That will never see the light of day

  5. Same happens in other places, true that. In India for every day of a year they have bomb blast day to remember. And yes, attacks on afghastian kids and civilians shall be shown as coffins whereas other countries shall have everyone crying and screaming. Hmm..

    1. Yeah but no one acknowledges any of that over here
      Unless they need it for fear
      Otherwise the media lives in their magic bubble
      That there is no trouble

  6. Hmmm I don't know
    if I totally agree at your show.
    Defeating Hitler and such wasn't a poof dream
    or a way to forward a hidden agenda or scheme.
    And remembering on the very day
    because it's the anniversary.
    Sure, we should pray every day
    but I'm not sure it's all just to cause dismay.
    But we love you, cat
    and hope bush 5 never comes under attack
    Because we all know who would win!
    All armies would withdraw when the pringle can bombs begin.

    1. Yeah I know
      Some things aren't so black and white that show
      Except I'll never forget the weapons of mass destruction bullshit
      That helped create such a fit
      True to the Hitler part as well
      But a fact they do not tell
      Which I learned and looked up from another blog
      And they use to keep ones mind in a fog
      Is the Lusitania that sunk
      And got the US in a funk
      Getting them to join in
      And send stupid nazi's back to their bin
      Was all setup to take place
      As the powers that be had money to make from the US joing the war race
      Not to say they weren't needed to stop him
      But in order to get support that had to make things more grim
      Which is the point I try to make
      For war to take
      They have to rile people up somehow or some way
      And for the ones who helped and passed it isn't to cause dismay
      But to play it 50 times on CNN or whatever
      That is all that it is with their endeavor
      The pringle can bombs will be well stocked
      So they will get shocked hahaha

    2. Do you have a secret bomb shelter built there
      under the elephant bush so rare?
      and do the pringle can bombs blow
      through the elephant's nose?

    3. haha oh that would be nifty to do
      I'll have to get a construction crew
      But sadly no bomb shelter to show
      For that you need dough
      So when the aliens come
      I'll get blown up with everyone else or probed up the bum

  7. I would yell and scream and curse
    but it would only make things worse
    so on this we will merely disagree
    and I will know who is right: ME


    1. haha the cat will never get his panties in a bunch
      Like another who's a bit out to lunch
      All is allowed to be said here
      Never TMI or otherwise for my rhyming rear
      The day is needed for those it touched I will agree
      But the rest of it is crap they want all to see
      To keep their wars going
      So the money can keep flowing

    2. I don't think it's a war of money; it's killing our economy, it's killing our children, it's killing innocent people in foreign lands...no one wants war. I'd say more, but, again...I'd rant...I've already hit delete twice LOL

    3. Yeah killing the economy, children, people and much more
      But making those who pull the strings able to afford 50 houses by the shore
      The mighty few don't care about anything or anyone
      They just want more money to have fun

    4. I'll tell ya - you know how to push my buttons...LOL

      But, again, I will refrain and not get political as close as I am.

      As Thumper says, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" - unless it's directed towards that cat, of course

    5. hahaha so I figured out how to push your buttons you say
      Hmmm I may save that for one day haha
      Pfft the cat can take anything
      And dish it back at his wing

    6. Looks like Pat's favorite pastime is to pull Elsie's leg all time. But Elsie I would love to hear what you have to say. No one deserves to die, civilian veteran American afghani iraqi or anyone for that matter.
      The hypocrisy and using personal beef to wipe out another nation doesn't sound good to me, atleast.
      We are not in cavemen period to justify this brutality , we are in civilized era, I would love the war money to be spent in find a colony in mars, see with this antiabortion thing we are running out space, time to colonies other planets. Forget war ;)

    7. haha I can sure get her going
      And yeah no matter the showing
      War is dumb
      But all follow the rich bitches bread crumb
      Civilized I think need a new meaning
      For no such thing really exists no matter the preening
      Space you say
      Hmm that would be an interesting display
      Get the aliens to help
      Just no probes or I'll yelp

  8. Yes,it's all that crap
    Peddled all over the map
    Accounts for a good feed
    To satisfy all the greed
    The greed for power
    Get them to cower
    From modern weapons
    No way to run from
    Who gets to answer
    For the deaths and destruction?


    1. Seems they shove that off
      With a little smirk and cough
      Giving all the run around
      And no answers or blame is found
      Except for the big bad guy
      That magically shows up the first try
      They need someone to further the war and greed
      Seems to work, as all follow as they plant the seed

  9. Good poem Pat. I agree with much of it. But as it is a touchy subject I wont say more. (Exept that 30,273 children starved to death on September 11th 2001.)

    1. Yeah touchy as can be
      But figured I'd give it a go at my sea
      Not one to keep my trap shut
      With my little rhyming butt haha

  10. I agree with you about they want to keep the fear right at the forefront of everyone's mind. I also feel that the family and friends of those who died need this day of remembrance as we remember the fallen on the 11th of Nov but, I do think they should be remembered every day not just on one day, and, they probably are by the people who knew them. It's a bit like Valentines day (to me) why have one day a year to especially tell someone you love them, when, you ought to tell/show them every day, not one day a year.

    1. Yeah the name of the game
      Is to use fear and blame
      Very true those affected directly need the day
      I agree with that at my bay
      Oh and Valentines day is one big marketing crock
      But that is a whole other rant at my dock haha

  11. The day sure changed America forever. Muslims went from an rather unknown group of people to monsters because of the media and politicans reactions. The war-hungry had made a new enemy after the Cold War, and we may never been able to shake it off. So much for peace. At least we're out of Iraq.

    1. Yeah Muslims were barely known as a group
      Until the world was thrown for a loop
      Now for better or worse
      It seems that is all one things when terrorist is mentioned and the rich fill their purse

  12. I agree that there's an element of fear mongering in the commemorations of this day. But I think for most people it's remembering a day when their world view changed, when they watched a tragedy unfold before their eyes. A speaker at a conference once said "we are who we are because of where we were when _____." Certain events mark us forever. People who experienced December 7th--whether in person like my uncle or via radio--will never forget it as long as they live. Those of us alive on November 22, 1963 when John F. Kennedy was assassinated will never forget the experience of hearing the news. And the same goes for this day.

    1. Hmm that is very true
      I guess many are defined by what comes due
      So an own refelection of sorts
      That I can get behind, unlike building more forts

  13. Your little rhyming ass is preaching it true!

    1. I can sure preach
      From my litterbox beach

  14. This is a serious and touchy topic so all I can say is that going to war or against "bad" people have long lasting repercussions. I salute those who died from saving the lives of others ~

    1. Oh yeah not going to say anything about the dead
      And all the crap that caused them dread
      As they deserve a salute
      But war still needs the boot

  15. I like so much this Pat Im agree with you :)

    1. Wow you like and agree
      This is a big day at my sea haha

    2. Silly! many times Im agree with you:)

    3. I suppose you do
      But like at the same time too? haha

  16. War, warranted or no, has destroyed more than has been built. Lives have been spent, and all that remain are fading photos and deep chest pain. Good or bad, or both? Sad, so sad.

    1. Yeah best way to put it
      Sad and it screws everything up bit by bit

  17. Sensationalism is a part that's true,

    But the fact remain, Americans need to stick together like glue.

    We must ALL be aware,

    Especially if we have, yet, another scare.

    Life is too precious and the ULTIMATE commodity,

    So let's TREASURE it before it's less than an oddity.

    1. Yeah that is the truth
      Life is precious at any booth
      But sadly it gets stuck by the wayside
      When thrown for a ride
      By the greed ridden nuts
      Who want larger huts

  18. this is like a poetry slam rhyme today. You go, Mr. Politico!

    (Look! I rhymed for once--LOL! ;o)

    1. haha you did rhyme
      Now you have to do it another time

  19. I celebrate my pooch's birthday on this day. I remember the tragedy, but I move on and celebrate the good things in life!

    1. Yeah the good things are better to focus on
      Like the pooch who eats the poo off your lawn

  20. Eenie Meanie Minee Moe, did you catch the tiger by its toe?

    1. I did but had to let it go
      For tears started to flow

  21. Replies
    1. Yeah a message is there
      Go figure at my lair haha

  22. Hey Pat--needed to be said. The poem I wrote today about 9/11 was my first, as it occurred during the midst of a massive writer's block that just ended this year--so you got my initial response 11 years late ;)

    1. Yeah had to be said
      And I do so with ease as the rhyme is fed
      11 years late isn't so bad
      Sometime it takes a person a long long long time to find the words at their pad haha

  23. well Pat I liked what you said
    scaremongerers exist to furnish their beds
    monies at the root
    grasping at the pound
    should be able to get off
    but just goes around ~ and around ~
    We'll never forget, how could we,
    that impact will stay for a lifetime,
    as we never forget
    JFK's assassination, where you were,
    what you were doing, when those horrors unfolded
    ~ I myself was riveted to the couch with my daughter
    staring in disbelief ~ don't think we said a word ~
    hugs Lib x x

    1. True all it does is go round and round
      Like some cheap ride at a fair ground
      And I suppose one can link
      To when the world all stopped to blink
      What they were doing when it occured
      Yet with the fear mongering somewhere the line gets blurred

  24. Many days, my beloved Grandma pops into my head, bought about by something that reminds me of her. But on the date she died, I just take a little extra time to remember her and her life and what she meant to me.
    I can see where you are coming from though.

    1. Yeah stuff like that is for one
      So should be given a run
      I mean something with mass appeal
      That lets them turn the fear wheel

  25. "All we need is love"
    Who said that, my dove
    I can't remember
    Because it's September
    I think eleven
    How do I find Heaven?

    1. Maybe just look up
      And give a hiccup
      Then it you could find
      Or just go umm blind

  26. So much truth and it is good to be reminded that all things, including this, can be used as smoke and mirrors---

    1. Yeah they drive to make you look right
      When they are going left while focusing your sight

  27. You know, if all the world leaders, politicians, militants, rebels ate chocolate more often (or at all), this world would be a peaceful place. :D

    1. haha that could be true
      At least if they ate to much they wouldn't be able to do no harm because they'd be stuck on the loo

  28. Don't like to dwell on that fateful day
    Took too much from this world
    Sky on fire, situation most dire
    freedoms all unfurled
    Where would we be, you and me
    As we watched from here
    No matter borders, or faith horders
    I was left with fear...
    And then the conspiracist, the doctors and therapists
    all have their point of view
    All I can say of that fateful day
    is the world we knew...was through.

    1. That is true
      Over and done came due
      Much changed
      And was rearranged
      Thanks to a bunch of asses
      Who thought they were doing it for the so called masses

  29. I get another year older and the world flips it's shit. It happens every year now, people go nuts on my birthday, it's like a national disaster "Anne's another year older!" run for your lives!!

    Wait, this isn't all about me. Feck!!

    1. LOL well the older you get the more alcohol you might suck back
      So that is less for everyone else at their shack
      So they get mean
      And cause a scene

  30. Oh Cat, you stirred the pot with this one. You're one brave Canadian and I'm one chickenshit foreigner living in America and hoping no one mistakes my Irish ass for a Muslim today!

    1. LOL the cat will say whatever is on his mind
      Whether or not it is kind
      Or may cause haters of my behind
      And on you I doubt anyone would make such a find

  31. I love your passion, my dear friend
    and yes, we all wish war would end...
    but cannot say that I agree
    with all your words, though I can see
    that each of us respects those lost
    and do agree too high's the cost...
    too many now are gone away
    while loss continues still today...

    Whether you believe in conspiracy theories, or think Bin Laden was to blame or not, one thing is certain. Pandora's box opened wide with 9/11. The world changed, and it will never be the same again...
    Very thought-provoking write, Pat.

    1. Yeah the box opened wide
      And changed the tide
      Of the way the world over here worked
      Everything was surely jerked

  32. Agreed - there are terrible things happening all over the world every day that get so little attention. You are absolutely right. This is iconic - and it was US (and I'm saying us) here which made a big difference and the aftermath caused untold suffering. Very sad. k .

    1. Yeah they get no mention
      And they just shift your attention
      To something more fluffy and cute
      While when one isn't looking they are just a brute


  33. i hear you Patster . . .
    when thinking about those
    folks out there
    check in


    word up!

    1. Yeah check in
      Not just on a day for the money bin

  34. Yeah, I hear some of the news groups out there are just using this to try and sway people one way or the other for the upcoming election.

    Kind of disgusting.

    1. Don't doubt that at all
      As that is the main purpose of news groups with their facebook and such wall

  35. Pat...... as the clock slowly clicks toward midnight, I feel relaxed and secure knowing that another September 11th has passed without incident. Unfortunately, terrorists like to pick dates in history to perform their acts, like Tim McVeigh's senseless slaughter conducted on the date that many people died in Waco, Texas, several years earlier.

    Diligence isn't really about making the masses compliant or tricking people. It's simply a trait that was forced upon us the day that our old nation died and we were reborn on 9/11/2001. We're not virgins anymore. That was stolen from us....

    1. True no more do we think we can't be touched by such plights
      Thanks to those flights
      But a nut is a nut
      Could happen any day at any hut
      It is true they pick the day
      But doesn't mean they won't try and have their say
      One some other one
      Nuts are always going to find a way to get a gun

  36. You know for the past couple of "anniversaries" of 9/11 I haven't wanted to immerse myself in all the television coverage and memories. Of course, I remember, of course I feel bad for the tragedy but I'm done "wallowing." Thanks, Pat...enjoyed your view on this.

    1. Yeah that is the size of it
      One should remember a bit
      But not all the televised crap
      That needs to take a dirt nap

  37. interesting take on the theme. I avoid it as much as I can, I feel for those people, but yeah, sometimes overload is worse, in fact most the time it is, and while mourning can be immediately therapeutic, and remembrance is advised, but by being stifled and paralyzed year after year is definitely the type of fear those terrorists wanted to incite before they did their despicable deed. And yeah, using the tragedy to fulfill one's political agenda is just garbage. Great write.

    1. All very true
      The more fear the more those dumbass terrorists made happen what they wanted to come due
      Political garbage is all around
      See more brain cells in a hound