Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Musical Day At My Bay!

It is always fun to take a look and have some musical fun at my nook. So with each and every title the cat could not sit and be idle.

So you were Thunderstruck?
My, you must have such luck.
I didn't even know thunder could strike.
Did it happen on a hike?

Did Jeremiah the bullfrog tell you that?
Bullfrogs can talk, just like the cat.
I hope Johnny can B Good.
It beats being bad in one's hood.

Why Should I Worry you ask?
Maybe it's because you're drunk with a flask.
Saying see you later alligator.
Are you just a gator hater?

Would you Get Off My Back?
How did you really get on it at my shack?
Don't worry, you've got a friend in me.
Can I reach in and yank it out of thee?

Gimme Three Steps to get away.
Can they be big steps at my bay?
It's the End of the World you say?
How are you able of it ended the other day?

You are an American Idiot you say?
Aren't there lots of those at the US bay?
It's a Hand Me Down World?
So that is where that stuff came from when I hurled.

So there are Cats in the Cradle?
Are you going to hit us with a ladle?
Next up is Tiny Teddy.
If he is that tiny and you can see him he must be quite heady.

Now It's Hip To Be Square?
I guess it is not hip to have a circle affair.
Great Balls of Fire.
Don't play with them or things could get dire.

While all are Rocking All Over The World once more.
Those rocking chairs must cost a ton to take to each shore.
Never fear, I Won't Back Down.
Not even if being attacked by a Devil Town?

You want to Keep Me In Your Heart?
I would rather not go into that part.
I still Can't Stop Rocking.
My, those rocking chairs are sure a knocking.

Did any songs get stuck in your head? Yes, you can sing them all the way to bed. That could be quite a while and then they may become vile. Fun to do titles in mass and go all literal with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Jingle To Make You Tingle

It seems as always the stores are ready for the holidays. All the catalogs and even some sites have such displays. So why not join in with the rest. But I bet I'll do it the best.

The sun is shining, the day is bright.
Well your dining at the table tonight.
Thoughts of reindeer go through your head.
Christmas will soon be here, that's what I said.

Those toes in the sand all nice and tanned.
Will soon need a helping hand and be canned.
Wrapped up in boots and all kinds of socks.
While Deck the Halls kids play on flutes to no shocks.

You'll still be all nice and warm at your place,
As around you a snowstorm begins to race.
But instead of sweating from the heat each day.
You will be wrapped from head to feet at your bay.

Unless of course you shove the heat up so very high.
Then you can sit and love as the sweat continues to fly.
Oh me oh me oh me oh my,
It is the guttter I see under my sky.

But I never intended to go there at all,
Warming up in the cold at your lair is better to have ball.
But at least you won't have to mow the grass or tend to the weeds.
Instead of grab a shovel to get rid of that white mass because of your needs.

Boy, doesn't that make you want to grab a gift and wrap it up.
But hey, you make the spirits lift of your favorite butt sniffing pup.
As he tears it open early and puts all that work down the drain.
You will threaten to give him a swirly and send him down the lane.

Already are you ready to pop a vein in your pretty little head.
Don't get a kink as your neck begins to strain in bed.
I do not think you will see Santa this year, oh the dread.
For I hear his jolly old fat rear, is going to be held up in Club Med.

At least mommy won't do any extracurricular kissing on that night.
But you may find her missing as to Club Med she takes flight.
Then you track her down with your trusty gun.
You swear to make Santa frown and end his Club Med fun.

You go to jail and become known as the santa slayer.
Christmas is now a fail thanks to your added extra layer.
The kiddies cry at every corner of the street.
Even little Jack Horner and his Christmas pie will be beat.

All of that from thinking of Christmas instead of the sun and beach.
Going for something that will have its run but is still out of reach.
Or maybe it's just my crazy mind and some of the stuff that I find.
When I go for a stroll of some kind and turn into crazy rhyming behind.

And an early present for you,
Thanks to Betsy's to fetish at her zoo.
I may not have a green thumb,
But at least I have a green toe and then some.

Now aren't I not better than some Christmas sale that in August begins to set sail? Of course if you're the Santa slayer it may not matter. But at least you can gloat that you saved Santa from getting fatter. He may not get down the chimney if he has to much more mass. So now go to the giant litter box and thank my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Wild Card Makes Them Die Hard!

So after watching that atrocious piece of horse manure Die Hard 5. The cat did not know how brain cells could even survive. Indiana Jones 4 was as awful as can be. But this sunk to a whole new craptastic level and caused no glee. 6 is on the plate too. So I knew I had to help them out at my zoo.

So you have him,
who's acting now a days is very very very grim.
Can't even call it that.
Better acting comes out of the cat's scat.

And then you have this.
Forget the aliens as they cause no bliss.
If we went with the probe.
Another turd would be shown across the globe.

Instead McClane goes to visit LA.
Where Holly is announcing a new array.
Nakatomi has created a big statellite thing,
To mine asteroids at some space wing.

Of course today is launch day.
John sees something astray.
He gets on the ship,
Gives the bad guys some lip.

Kills one or two.
Then is shocked at his view.
When he goes to get off the craft.
He finds he's up the creek without a raft.

As in, now he is in space.
And has to protect the human race.
For the new terrorists who took over the ship,
Want billions of dollars or they will let their finger slip.

They installed a death beam on it.
And if governments don't comply they are in for some shit.
Of course they try nukes and such.
But it doesn't help much.

Instead McClane is on his own.
With just a super hi tech phone,
Talking to some space flight tech at his work place,
With no other stupid sidekicks to embrace.

Then he has to take them down one by one,
Even as they blow up some town under the sun.
Finally he gets them all,
And now he has to steer the thing back to Earth's hall.

He crashes it into the ocean.
Swears and says he hates the flying motion.
Then crawls out saving the day.
Or maybe he just drowns in the bay.

See, if only they listened to the cat, we would get no trash at the movie mat. Instead we get garbage and more trash, that does leave one with a bad rash. is the cat good or what? See what happens when you don't sniff a butt? Of course he would talk crass and not be all damn or darn, which just annoys my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do All Go Slow At Every Show?

The cat has been noticing more and more people go very very slow at their shore. Except of course the wacko driving loons but we will leave them for Looney Tunes.

Order package for yourself,
Says it will come one week to your shelf.
Three weeks later it arrives.
I hope mailing anything live survives.

Get some movers to come,
To move you little rhyming bum.
Book a month in advance,
And still three hours late in they prance.

Waiting on a loon at work,
Which is so not a perk.
Want it here and now,
Sadly the loon is late, wow.

Says artwork will be done soon.
Sings the same old tune.
Still waiting weeks later.
Maybe he had to wrestle an alligator?

Or it could have been a crocodile.
I wonder which would be more vile?
Haven't got a clue.
I just avoid the two.

Of course with some it is expected,
They would be wrong not to leave you neglected.
We can't have the DMV getting a good rap.
Then people might not fall for their time wasting trap.

Waiting for the dam red light.
That they need to go out of sight.
But there it will make you sit,
Making you say things like umm spit.

This one is a real winner,
Have to go out to wait for your dinner.
Could have eaten by the time you got there.
Doesn't that make you want to swear?

And of course you got the real keeners,
Who take the slowpokes to the cleaners.
Instead of three hours late they show up three hours early.
At three in the morning one may get a little squirrely.

Maybe they should just come on time?
I bet that could even be learned by a mime.
Which makes it all the worse.
I even got through it without giving the curse.

Yes, things do obviously get in the way, but not each and every single day. Those slowpokes can just go piss up a rope or pound sand if that has no hope. Now my little rant is come to pass from my non-slowpoke little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A dVerse 900 Post Show With My Rhyming Flow!

On this dVerse day I have reached post 900 at my bay. Not as big as 1000 though. But soon enough that will show. What to do, what to do? Maybe a whoopdi friggin doo at my zoo? But I can't let that raisin have all the glory. So how about a little dVerse story?

Many had gathered at dVerse. the group was rather perverse. At least by their looks alone. You had Truedessa blabbering on a telephone. Brian gawking at the tip jar. I hope those nickels will get him far. Betsy trying to find a new pet to take home and Rosey was pitching some contest to the dVerse dome.

Alex was demonstrating his ninja skills. It gave the crowd a few thrills. Keith was day dreaming by the jukebox while Grammar Nazi went around correcting everyone like a sly fox. Terry was shining up the bar. It had the shine of a brand new car. Mary was leading her mutts around. Waffles was whining worse than any hound. I think he stubbed his toe. But what do I know?

Hank was already seated. He was first there and never defeated. Folklore was searching for a pun, as she needed a weekend wisecrack while she played in the sun. Lucy was going on about some thing. Al was giving his Captain Caption moniker a ring. Claudia was trying to capture her day in some poetic way. Adam was practicing to be on that Jeopardy show. Elsie was giving off her one eyed glow.

Gloria escaped this fest even though she tried her best, as she was still buried in the dirt. Theresa came in wearing some kiddie shirt. Then right behind her came Manzanita with ruffled fur. She was rather pale. She screamed there was a dead body in the alley who was killed by a nail.

A nail to the eye. What a way to die. It was Mary Kirkland there all dead. I first blamed her rats for putting a nail through her head. They are sneaky rodents, trust me. Ben went on a murder spree. The cops quickly showed up and dVerse was locked down. Until the murderer was found, no one would go out on the town.

Brian gawked away. He was trying to use his powers to find the evil person at his dVerse bay. He really showed his geek side too, after he ran in and out of the loo. Back he came wearing a superhero suit. Looked like something out of a garbage chute. Then he began to scream. He was the second to fall for the murderer's scheme. His suit was laced with man eating acid. Soon he was nothing but bones, I guess it beats getting eaten at Lake Placid.

I think Hank was kinda upset he was not first. so he went to quench his thirst. That was not a good thing to do. He drank poison and dropped dead to. Mary held her mutts close after that. But she bit the dust next at the dVerse mat. It seems she was bit by poisonous fleas. Never let those suckers on your knees.

Alex did his ninja thing. He was done with this crazy murderer at the dVerse wing. But the ceiling fan began to spin really fast and he was made into a thing of the past. His bandana got caught in the blades as he got sucked up. One eye ball even landed in a cup. It was off with his head. It had to be said.

Old one eye went on a swearing tear and really no word she seemed to spare. But as she kept flapping her yap. She fell for the murderer's trap. She walked onto the edge of a board and it sprung up faster than recalling a vacuum cord. She dropped dead with nails in her face. On the plus side it made an extra hole so maybe two eyes she could now embrace.

Truedessa got all lovey dovey in the mix of it all. I guess she thought of a new poem at this murder hall. She stepped up to the mic to try and calm everyone down. Then she went to crispy town. Fried Miss Poet. She smelled like chicken in case you want to know it.

The air continued to crackle as Waffle's whining turned to some kind of crackle. It seemed he tried to tweet from his phone. Should have not tried to get a dial tone. For a virus downloaded into him from his phone. It turned him to ash, right down to the very bone.

Terry had a hammer ready, as Manzanita stood by her holding her weapon steady. Sadly, they never should have stood behind the bar. Terry may have had it shiny like a car. But she never looked over head, noticing that there was a huge worm bed. Flesh eating worms feel from the ceiling. Let's just say for those two there will be no natural healing.

Poor Al thought he was safe in the loo. I guess some loo monster shouted boo. And that was the last we saw of him. Getting yanked down the loo would be rather grim. I wonder how they made him fit? Must have been as slippery as umm spit.

Lucy was trying to get out. She did a little scream and shout. But that didn't get her far. She slipped and whacked her head on the shiny bar. That one was ruled accidental in the end. I guess she wanted to start a new trend.

Adam tried to find the facts that would get the culprit of these dastardly acts. But he had a picture fetish as well. As soon as he went click, he got a look that said, "what the hell?" A bullet shot from his camera and hit poor Rosey in the butt. She sure played ring around the rosey at the dVerse hut. She held her butt and went to scold Adam for the shot. Now the two are in pieces, and I mean by a lot. The camera blew and away they flew. it was rather ewww as they looked like kitty spew.

Keith was still thinking how all of this could happen, trying to come up with a question to ask on his blog as Theresa kept flappin. She was not going to take this. She did not care if something was a miss. She tried to break through the barricaded door. Keith was also ready to explore. They both gave one good kick, thinking one more would do the trick. But before they could do so, both dropped dead from an arrow. By nudging the door they set off a booby trap. Now both are taking a dirt nap.

Folklore was thinking about how to pun booby trap, knowing she would not fall for anything by this sap. She was too redneck for that. I had some money on her, but then I'm not a betting cat. For she drank back a beer ready to gibe some punny cheer. Instead the beer exploded from within. She too looked like a hairball as pieces of her spread across the dVerse bin.

Claudia was a smart one. She was hiding in the dVerse secret panic room until this was done. She thought she was safe from harm until she felt the wall on her arm. The walls began closing in on her and soon she was flatter than a pancake and nothing but a blur.

Betsy and Grammar Nazi were all that remained. Betsy always pretended to be oh so restrained. But then Grammar Nazi was trying to rid the world of bad grammar and he seemed the type to be more sneaky than to just use a hammer. My money was on him, thankfully I don't bet though or my wallet would look rather grim. Grammar Nazi began to burst into flames and it was clear who was behind these murderous games. They say it was spontaneous combustion for the poor guy. Someone slipped something in his pie.

It is always the ones that pretend to be nice. Betsy was not about to make me pay the price. I backed up to the door, ready for whatever she had and then she gave a roar. It sounded like some kind of Tarzan feature or some other horror creature. She turned to slime and her goop went right down the drain. No one was left at the dVerse lane. Was the building haunted or something? That is when I heard a familiar ring.

Was it R? Grumpy Goo? Duck Bill Sherry? Anne or Fran with their war crew? Robyn, WorqueenDan or Humbird? No, it was someone far more absurd. The doors flung open and standing there was Grace just outside the door of the dVerse lair. It seems keeping up Heaven and Grace gave her some kind of Jekyl and Hyde embrace. She declared war on all bloggers and cackled away. Thankfully, they were upgrading the dVerse bay. So before she stepped into the door, Grace became a flat spot on the floor. The ropes had came lose on the piano suspended above, fell on her and she sure felt no love. The cat then trotted out and headed for my sea. It will take me weeks to get all of the body parts out of the fur of little old me.

So how was that for number 900 at my mat? Did your eyes bulge out with this post from the cat? Not my usual affair. But it has been done a time or ten at my lair. That was quite the rhyming mass. Sorry, you all died, except my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Time For Fifteen As They Make A Scene!

So away we go with the crazies once more at my show. They seem to be out in force once more. Some yap long enough you might begin to bore. But I will show them in all their glory. For when they type such things again in a search engine they may see they are the star of this story.

"bored at work butt"

Well a butt can get bored too. Maybe you need a co-worker to feel it up at your work zoo.

"i love my wagon my little red wagon golly gee i'm a lucky boy"

Haven't you been here before? After typing all of that out are your fingers sore?

"animal boobies"

What a pervert you are. I hope they snip snip you at your sand bar.

"copy cat dirty rat sitting on the door mat"

If I was sitting at your door mat, the mat would scat. I'd tear it up faster than a pup.

"jingle with no words only ba ba da dee dop"

Hmmm did you forget a bop she bop she bop? Going to a sock hop?

"bedroom foreshortening"

So it gets short in the bedroom? Does that bring your love life doom?

"ugly old woman with tits"

Ummm do they lose them with they get older? Can still see them when things get colder.

"can somebody be batrachophagous"

Yes, people can feed on frogs just like they do hogs.

"summer cut for chinese crested powderpuff"

I take it that is a bird? I hope it isn't something absurd.

"stupid robot, you can't be with me"

A stalker robot? That must suck a whole lot. Is it a vacuum cleaner? The suck would sure be meaner.

"bat man tramp stamp"

Hot for the bats you say? Or tramps at your bay?

"soup can cyclops made"

Old one eye makes soup? Bet it tastes like goop.

And the winner this time with their crazy search engine chime, is none other than this gem of a term. I think they swallowed the worm.

Is creature sex fun, mainly dog

Poor poor mutts. I guess some humans think they are fresh when they sniff too many butts. The wiener dogs better run. Who knows what will be done. Some sickos out there that surely find my lair. And so another search engine mass has come to pass and they aren't getting near my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Run In At The Trash Bin!

The cat had some crap to get rid of and off the balcony he gave it a shove. He heard a yell and looked down below, finding those idiots, Gung and Ho. They were digging through the trash and it seems they were having a bash.

"Gung, did I just get hit with dung?"

"Yes. Ho. It sure wasn't from a crow."

"At least it matches in with all this other stuff. Do you think we have enough?"

The two mooks looked over their stash. Yep, they had filled their grocery cart with trash. Clearly not in need. But brain cells in those two never fire off at high speed. They had cans and other odds and ends. I guess collecting trash was one of their latest trends.

"We are rhyming again, Ho. That cat is around so we must go."

"We would not want him to steal our treasure. This stuff you really can't measure."

"Yeah we are going to be rich. Ho, I think I'm getting a stitch."

The two tried to yank their cart up a hill. They both turned red looking rather ill. Then they had the bright idea of using a rope. They attached it to the front and began dragging it up the slope. And of course their rope was from the trash, so seconds later there was a loud crash.

"No! Ho!"

"That stung, Gung!"

"Now we can't make a phone,
With each can and get a ring tone.
We can't build a heater,
Out of sparklers for an old beater."

"We can't build a kite,
Out of tarp and watch it take flight.
We can't make a cup,
Out of stryofoam for a pup."

"Our treasure is gone.
Sprawled across that guys lawn.
At least it looks great.
Maybe he'll pay us a rate?"

"What really is trash anyway, Ho?"

"Gung, I don't think such a thing will show."

"Trash is really treasure. It can always bring pleasure."

Then out came an old coot. He looked over his lawn and began to hoot. He stomped back inside and pulled out a shotgun and away the two of them did run.

"Do you think that was his trash, Gung?"

"I think he got mad that we tried to steal it and it got flung."

The two were finally out of sight. I don't think they will ever see the light. now they are trash pickers as well. Every time they are around things go to hell. But at least the old coot won't have to mow his grass. Still that much trash would annoy even my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

At Deaths Door At My Shore!

The other day when the cat and Cassie were at that other bay, the cat was almost dead. Yep, Cassie tried to kill me while I slept in the bed. I knew she liked being the only cat but I never thought she would resort to that.

When I was all asleep,
Ignoring the sounds at that other keep.
Even though it's hard to ignore a mutt,
That constantly wants to sniff your butt.

I would really like to smack him in the face,
Or bite his tail giving him an embrace.
But I won't talk about that other one anymore.
Been there done that at my shore.

Anyway, there I was dreaming away,
While Cassie decided to run and play.
She did her usual jump and twirl,
Not acting like such a regal girl.

I rose my head and looked away,
And went back to dreaming at that other bay.
But then all went kind of quiet,
Like the calm before riot.

She went into the closet that had a door ajar,
You'd think she'd avoid small spaces after being in the car.
And that is when she did it,
She tried to kill me where I sit.

It wasn't a bowling ball.
It was something rather tall.
Wasn't some old toy,
She had a much nastier ploy.

Wasn't even some water balloon,
Hidden away by that Pat loon.
Or that super soaker thing,
That she decided to fling.

I had precious seconds to scatter,
As I stared at the incoming matter.
Even groggy I couldn't miss it,
Scurrying away just as it was about to hit.

Crashed into the bed,
Right where I rested my head.
And she just gave a "who me" look,
As she went to climb on some old textbook.

And there I was left on the floor.
Scoping out the closet door.
Yep, she somehow knocked it off the track,
And tried to kill me at that other shack.

I now have to sleep with one eye open every day just in case she tries again at our bay. So has anyone tried to kill you with a closet door at your shore? Thankfully the closet doors are now on good and tight, so hopefully no more will take flight. I would not want to be beneath the grass because a closet door fell on my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Voices Are Here, Have No Fear!

So for promotion stuff the cat figured it wouldn't be tough, to show all the stuff in Pat's head. But that just ended up causing dread. There is too much up there and it made the cat swear. So I had to pick and choose as I went on a brain cruise.

First there was the Happy Hooker,
He was not a looker.
Don't ask.
Pat got into a flask.

Then that Beyonder nut.
But he isn't welcome at my hut.
Gunafu of Color too.
Can you even say that at your zoo?

The peacock and that other bird.
No better than a turd.
But then they are real.
So I guess no deal.

Tarsier Man of course,
I added him, but still hold remorse.
That nut and his tune,
Annoys this rhyming loon.

Gung and Ho,
Who are oh so slow.
In the brain category,
Are not shown off in all their glory.

Zombie Man had them for lunch.
I heard their bones crunch.
He wanted that spot.
Such and evil plot.

And of course Drazin came due.
He has been here the longest at our zoo.
Annoying the cat.
But we always crush him flat.

Zagonk as well.
We find him swell.
And a little dino.
Who is he? Don't know.

The rest lost their spot.
I couldn't handle the whole lot.
They can stay in Pat's head.
For they just cause me dread.

He is there too,
But the best at our zoo,
Like little old me and Cassie,
Are front and center for all to view.

So what do you think? Did the cat get everything in but the kitchen sink? I smell a new header coming due. Just will have to adjust its view. My head needs to be bigger though. For it can float at my show. But I would not want to over shadow Cass with my little rhyming ass.

Fill you rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stupid Robot Thing Here At My Wing!

Now since Pat can only type with one arm and if he didn't type the cat's rhymes, I would do him harm, many people told us about dictation software. So we tried it at our lair. You can see the result below. I'll let you read while I go eat a crow.

This thing is to buy the laugh.
Wow, computer you have the brains of a calf.
Got up a cannot leave a lot.
So I take it you are not hot to trot?

Keating got a pretty minor who cooked up.
So what did Keating serve in a cup?
Can a lot operate not acted on.
You are clearly nothing more than a pawn.

Karen Bartlett in the Big Apple way to go.
Where do you get these names from at my show?
Gobbled up out of the frying pan.
So are you saying you want to eat a man?

Robert a liberal blueprint of a girl level head.
So you're going all political? Oh the dread.
BW really don't have room.
That is just all doom and gloom.

D data may be the only delivered tabla trouble.
Somehow I think I will leave that buried in rubble.
Couple…… Digital to burglary little.
After you said couple was there spittle?

Campylobacter diluted the drink.
Sounds like a weird lobster in the sink.
To double-dip I can completely vulnerable to cope.
Well I guess it's better than being addicted to soap.

Cabell, To be double would need a reliable dependable.
The fact that you can even type is commendable.
About anything he can open a couple Will, comes down.
Do I want to know what comes down in computer town?

Keeping cattle Company coupled I can meet applicable Canadian annual dues.
With that line on a date I'm not sure how you can lose.
Keep the capital, coupled back of the applicable crap.
Crap is sure spread acrossed your map.

Lack of Omega back on the back at the Cuyahoga local back of a Package you got.
Wow! The run on sentences keep coming out of your butt.
Two, coupled I told technical contact: a star.
You clearly have been to one too many a bar.

I am I would have had a little animal telephone.
I hope those hotlines are nothing but a dial tone.
To the deputy back P by Indubitable bilateral read.
I never again letting you loose on my feed.

So there you go folks if you have no access to blokes, simply turn on the oh so great dictation feature that comes with your machine. You will have quite the interesting conversation with your screen. I thought I hacked into a newsfeed or something at first. Have you ever tried to see your computer's dialogue burst? Thankfully Dragon Dictation does the trick. It still screws up but it doesn't sound like a hick. Is campylobacter a lad or a lass or something more crass? Sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Going All Vacation At My Station!

So the cat figured he'd try a new blog hop under the blogland sky. That makes two in one week, I guess my blog hop-ness is at its peak. But with the vacation being the topic of choice, the cat knew in a fun one he could rejoice.

Time for a vacation.
Give work the notation.
To avoid litigation,
Or getting thrown on a plantation.

Now can you resist temptation,
And just go with flirtation?
Getting up a vibration.
I'll leave it up to you for a summation.

Or will you choose activation,
After your aviation?
Even with an expiration,
You still waste your isolation.

On a beach with no duplication.
That has a special kind of presentation.
After such an orchestration,
And your earlier proclamation.

A mouse still has navigation.
Have to find your nomination,
To up your online reputation.
Let's just ignore separation.

Instead of enjoying the accommodation,
That was no exaggeration,
And is ripe for fertilization,
With quite the harmonization,

You insist on a incorporation,
Avoiding the exhilaration.
Your online recommendation,
Is simply your incrimination.

Don't try with a generalization,
Or some kind of normalization.
Forget the socialization,
Of Twitter's synchronization.

There will be no ratification,
Or type of privatization.
There is only one collaboration,
Needing tuned into its station.

Which is not an online elevation.
Not a bout of constipation.
Just a bit of real world sensation,
By enjoying your vacation location.

Pitfalls of a vacation at any nation tuned to any station is its online tingling sensation. A constant time donation of too long a duration when there should be no online filtration and instead just unplugged elation. But don't put that in a quotation or you could cause someone frustration. Now my "tions" have once more come to pass. So fun for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A dVerse Box With White Socks!

So for dVerse today we go all gawker at my bay. For as the cat was out and about looking for some tasty trout, he came across a little man who of Barbie was a fan.

White socks high,
Reaching for the sky.
That's no lie.
You can't stop this guy.

As he strolls along the street,
To his own little beat.
With his lunch in hand.
I guess paper bags he can't stand.

Instead he chooses Barbie for himself.
I wonder if he really bought it from the shelf?
Or maybe it was a make shift day.
Or for paper bags he was too lazy to pay.

Maybe his daughter forgot her lunch.
Could be suffering from a credit crunch.
Have to make do with what you can I suppose.
At least he covered his toes.

Yes, it was bright pink.
He even gave some woman a wink.
Think he used it to pick up girls?
Barbie must straighten their curls.

Oh that could be taken the wrong way.
Strike that one from my bay.
This dictation thing said bed instead of bay.
I guess it was going a different way.

It even made me use a cheat rhyme.
That is oh so such a crime.
I will continue my story for cable,
As the guy sits down at a Starbucks table.

Yeah, there is one in the mall.
It has his own little stall.
He got his big jug of coffee ready,
Then he opened the lunchbox and ate steady.

I guess the daughter theory went out the window.
I had to let you think that before I went blow for blow.
He had some nasty sandwich and some fruit.
Both of which for me would go down the garbage chute.

After that it was my turn in line.
So I no longer watched him dine.
You'll just have to go with the paper bag theory.
Either way, at least he was cheery.

So what is your guess today at my bay? Did he steal his daughter's lunch? Did he want something for brunch? Could be so much more left to explore. But I will leave that to your mind for I am just that kind. Maybe next there will be Barbie lunchboxes with every lad and lass. Seeing pink everywhere would be too bright for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Catality Is Saving Your Reality!

Finally the likes of Tarsier Man and Zombie Man are out done. For there is a new superhero under the sun. Catality is here and all the bad guys will tremble in fear.

No one can beat a super feline.
He is just divine.
Not even if the evil mutt,
Plots at his hut.

No slug or bee,
Can stop Catality.
Not even an evil witch,
Can make him twitch.

Catality will hop.
To each reality non stop.
And put an end,
To every evil trend.

Even if you are an evil skunk,
That gives off quite the funk.
You better watch out.
Catality will make you pout.

Tarsier Man may have popping eyes.
But Catality is wise.
Plus with a super claw and twirl,
All will want to give him a whirl.

So click here to bring Catality near.

Children's book number 18 has now come to pass. Almost close to 20 at my grass. Then 50 will be the goal. Beats a lump of coal. Catality is also never crass unlike my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saving A Tree At My Sea!

So today dVerse got it in their head that things needed to be said. A letter should be sent to someone. But of course have to be a tree hugger under their sun. So can't write things down on paper. Now instead we have this little caper.

Dear nursery rhyme land.
You really need a hand.
Can't keep cattle in a fence.
Are you that dense?

You let bears sleep in beds.
Eggs crack their heads.
Wolf's dress in women's clothes.
Even have some singing crows.

Wait! That was Disney land,
That had the crow band.
At least none have the last name Pooh.
That won't embarrass you.

But you got spiders at your feet.
Dishes in the street.
A cat with a fiddle,
I think someone did more than diddle.

Falling down hills.
A goose gives you thrills.
Houses get blown over.
Gingerbread men run around like rover.

Did someone give you a lobotomy?
Nurse Ratchet must not have been kind to thee.
Maybe you are in the cuckoos nest.
Unable to pass their insanity test.

How else can three blind mice survive?
An ugly duckling make it out alive?
A cat the came back.
I'd leave and not even pack.

Playing with fire,
Things can get dire.
Burn your butt rather slick,
Jumping over a candlestick.

Even pet sheep.
That like the cow creep.
Are fences not invented yet?
That could be a safe bet.

In closing I have to say.
Have a nice day.
Blow a house down for me.
Sure saves money on demolition at your sea.

How was that for a letter from the cat? Did you really want me to get all lovey dovey at my mat? We can't have that. I may attract a gnat. Worse than that a lass. That would surely annoy my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Little Nothing Today At My Bay!

This post will be about nothing at all today at my hall. That is what Betsy called for way back when at my den. So nothing is going to come due for all of you to view.


Do nothing day.
There at your bay.
Holiday for the rest of us.
Won't get hit by a bus.


Be a book thief.
Cause librarians grief.
Fun to do.
Unless they find you.


Wag your tongue,
Like your bell is rung.
Or call Jimmy too.
I hear Jimmy likes to talk to you.


Or take up the whole dance floor.
As you flail about and explore.
Others will move aside,
As you flail with pride.


Get a nifty suit.
Walk and toot.
All will smile,
Or run a mile.


This is what the Grammar Nazi strives to be.
Better watch out or he'll get thee.
No soup for you,
May also come due.


You are styling now.
People will go wow.
Or cringe a bit,
Thinking you are a twit.


You are so cool,
Could jump in the pool.
But it my shrink,
And won't get you a wink.


Who doesn't like a good shower?
Especially one with power.
Multi task as you clean.
That is oh so serene.


But do not jump down the rabbit hole.
That is not a lofty goal.
You may get stuck.
Or maybe you just need to up chuck.

How was that for a post about nothing today, here at my bay? Wait, isn't it always that way? I guess I have a random display. But if the blog is a rockin it is okay to come a knockin. For a snip snip has come to pass to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Round Makes Me Wish For A Hound!

We're once more back with the dating nuts, who I swear have less brain cells than mutts. Maybe Pat should find a B&C so then we don't have to deal with each dummy. But at least they make a post come due and make for a good laugh or two.

na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbacon
No one will ever accuse you of fakin.
I love summer, breaches, running and being around happy people.
Well I'm sure with breaches there will at least be a happy steeple.

Motley Crue and Guns N Roses are my shit.
Wow, your crap must be a hit.
I enjoy impromptu adventures and exploring new spaces.
And with that more steeples are off to the races.

I will send a picture of myself upon you.
Wow, you move really fast at your zoo.
Not all those who wonder are lost.
But wondering to far could cost.

Looking for that special gay I deserve to find.
Whoa, stay far away from the behind.
We'll just lie and say we met at Walmart.
Yeah, you just jumped in my cart.

It tuff 2 met knew people on a reglar bases.
And I wonder why with such embraces.
Don't message me if you are going to give me a compliment I want to hear.
So would you rather I tell you you have big rear?

I'm not closed off to a relationship.
I'm so glad you are on a dating site and shoot from the hip.
Cute, flirty and want to tingle.
I so hope you are not talking about number one and want to mingle.

My eyes are my best fiture.
They kind of make you look like a criture.
Want someone who wants a new wrist in life.
Damn, you would be one abusive wife.

I'm looking for someone heated in the same direction as me.
I was snip snip, so for me there is no heat spree.
Cat got your tongue?
Whoever made up that saying's bell is surely rung.

I'm terrible at this but I love jello.
My, that makes me want to say hello.
Love walks camp travel going out to eat animals movies rap
If you eat cats I hope you get the clap.

If I could be anything, I'd choose to be a professional assassin specializing in kids.
Better watch out, even as a joke, the PTA may flip their lids.
Easy going/out going, I'm always going.
I hear Imodium can keep that from showing.

So there we are I spent another hour searching through profiles for my rhyming bar. There are some real winners there today. I can go back and find them if you want them for your bay? Did I hear a yes from one of you? I bet the kid assassin can make a mighty fine brew. Thankfully Pat avoided each lass, which of course delights my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today We Bake Another Take!

So after our fashion endeavor the cat knew he was oh so clever. Plus since Glory Dear is buried in the sand. I thought the cat would pitch in and lend a baking hand. That is right one and all. The cat is going to share his favorite recipe at our hall.

By the time our baking is through,
You will be drooling like this is what the cat made for you.
But trust me it is better than that.
For I am such a chef at my mat.

First you need to find a place,
That will be good for a cooking embrace.
Then you need to lick your paw,
Make sure you don't lick it raw.

For you have to let things cook a while.
Or it will turn out rather vile.
And that just will not do.
We have to make this tasty dish for each of you.

Now you need some juices as well.
Or it could cause the digestion hell.
Add a cup of water or two,
Depending on the size of your stomach at your zoo.

Next it takes a bit of me,
To make this oh so special recipe.
I can't divulge the special part.
For it is near and dear to my heart.

I'm not sure it can be done by all of you.
For you have to be flexible through and through.
But maybe Brian with his long tongue,
Can make such a bell be rung.

Never fear you can't stretch.
You will not have to go out and play fetch.
I can ship you express,
My wonderful cooking mess.

I think by now we have stirred the pot,
And we don't want it to get any rot.
So it is now time to see your feast.
I know they are loved by one butt sniffing beast.

I have watched them eat one or two,
At that other overloaded zoo.
And here it comes are you ready?
Excuse me, while I cough steady.

I almost have it, just wait.
I know the anticipation you must hate.
So pull out your favorite plate,
To dinner we would not want you to be late.

Are you not oh so hungry now? Finally I can once again meow. It is hard work cooking up that hairball. Plus I have to make sure I don't aim for the wall. So enjoy the cats dish to you, I know I put Glory Dear's recipes to shame at my zoo. Now I have to go eat some cat grass to ease the stomach of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fashion Sense On My Side Of The Fence!

You know at one point or another at my sea someone said I should go on a fashion spree. Well I did not want to share my great fashion sense. But I guess just for you I will give my ten cents.

If you really want to impress,
Don't just wear a pink dress,
Go all jungle like.
I bet no one will tell you to take a hike.

Or forget the shirt,
Forget the skirt.
Just wear a fish net.
It is always a safe bet.

And don't forget the hair.
It has to have flair.
Make it look like a bird's nest.
Then you will be at your best.

And if you want to rock the suit.
Just give off a little toot.
Then hop into this great one.
I bet each and everyone you will stun.

But if it is cold,
You have to dress more bold.
At least you can wish upon a rainbow,
Still making all around you go, Whoa!

Now you can really impress,
forget any kind of dress.
You can show off your bikini wax.
I hear they sell these with no tax.

And cute animals always work.
The ladies consider them such a perk.
It will be a safe bet,
That they will want to pet.

And don't forget the nifty shoes.
Without them you'll have the blues.
With these you will surely stun.
Just do not try to run.

And simply dress like a queen,
If you really want to make a scene.
All regal from had to feet,
Thinking your fashion is oh so neat.

But if you want to do no wrong,
Simply slap on the zebra thong.
You will never get told to go away,
I bet it will even make one's day.

So what do you think? Do you think the cat can quit his day job at his rink? I could become the biggest fashion mogul around and leave the rhyming to a hound. Yeah, that probably would not do. Those things are too busy eating their own poo. But there is no need to thank me each lad and lass. Just go strike a pose with the fashion tips from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A dVerse World Is Seen On My Screen!

So today for dVerse we delve into the unknown. But never fear you can do it over the telephone. So if you are interested I'm sure you can find these great people that are one-of-a-kind. But Pat was oh so lucky the other day as he strolled about the street away from our bay.

Pat was out and about,
As we were home stretched out.
When he walked past a guy,
Like he was giving him the stink eye.

Of course Pat tried to walk away,
Especially after the nuts on the beach that one day.
But he followed along,
And then began his familiar song.

I have this power I want to share.
I can show it off with flair.
Just stand right there,
And let me become aware.

Actually, he almost rhymed to.
Makes my work easier at my zoo.
And then came the rest of his crap,
As he gave his head a slap.

Yep, just like Larry, Curly and Moe.
Next he pretended he could glow.
Then he gave off a hum.
He was obviously on the rum.

Pat turned to walk away.
He then said he had something to say.
He knew he was going to walk away.
My, that was a hard guess with two eyes on display.

He told Pat that he had the power.
He had just had a psychic shower.
And then his eyebrows begin to squirm.
He told Pat it would be next year before he got anything long-term.

And that he saw 10 and 14,
On his great psychic screen.
So within that many months at my sea,
I would be a huge hit and dance with glee.

Then of course he stuck out his hand.
Looking kind of drunk and barely able to stand.
Pat would have gave him a high five,
But with such germs he probably would never get out alive.

But he knew it would make for a good blog post.
And the cats would agree at our coast.
So he gave him a few buck and off he went.
Surprisingly, it was to Tim Hortons and not a beer tent.

Why these people keep finding Pat, sure beats the hell out of the cat. But it gives me another rhyme to use for a dVerse time. As for psychics I think there are some that may have some sort of gift or power. But most of them are just weeds and will never be a flower. Or maybe they just really have a bad case of gas. If that were the case, I would sure be a great psychic little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 12, 2013

May Not Join Unless For Coin!

So as many know blogfests come and blogfests go. Some join in and some ignore them at their bin. Then there are those who get caused woes. Like Penny the mutt, screw the human at their hut.

See isn't he a scary fellow?
Could turn a banana yellow.
What is that you say?
There are green ones too on display.

So blogfests that none would join,
Unless you offer up coin.
Is there even such a thing?
There is always one nut that would join at any wing.

For instance "The What Has Slithered In My Pants Blogfest."
It is okay to admit you like the feel of an ants nest.
My, some would surely join that.
Thankfully no pants is worn by the cat.

Or there could be "The Best Designs From Waste Blogfest."
Don't wipe, turn take a pic and put your abstract waste to the test.
And by waste you know what I mean.
What Penny eats at her scene.

Next up is the "Pick Your Top Three Current Politicians Blogfest."
Those you think are better than the rest.
Hell, be lucky if any could pick one.
That blogfest may get none.

Also there could be a "You As the Tooth Fairy Blogfest."
Grab a tutu and give us your best.
A cross dresser may not care.
Show your pink tutu off with flair.

Another favorite could be "Things I Pulled From The Drain Blogfest."
Hold up your found objects with such zest.
From balls of hair,
To stuff that would make anyone scare.

And then there is the "Name My STD Blogfest."
Show off your symptoms from east to west.
That would make for quite a show.
There she surely would blow.

Then there is one no one would join,
Not even for a bucket load of coin.
"The B to B Blogfest!'
Each side of the screen contains a breast.

What is that?
I'm a dirty cat?
Man boobs are allowed too.
Although they'd be ewww.

And there you go. Blogfests that not many would show and those who do, have a very loose screw. What are you saying? Only three are supposed to be displaying? Pffft the cat never follows the rules of you human fools. Now I'll go eat some grass as I'm one blogfest-ed out little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Cowboy Way Here Today!

So dVerse wants me to go all movie remake today here at my bay. But pfffft to that. Remakes are hated by the cat. So I won't go The Cowboy Way with Jack Bauer on display. I will go the other way. Yep, it's The Other Cowboy Way here today.

The cowboy is rough, gruff and yet clean,
As you see him on your screen.
But we already went there,
With why they all look pretty at the movie lair.

They have a horse, boots and some rope.
Some don't even know how to use soap.
So why would I want to stir up my OCD,
Rhyming about such a display at my sea?

Instead we will go the other way.
The other cowboys that you see at your bay.
You see them all the time.
But you ignore their chime.

They look at you with big eyes,
That make them seem oh so wise.
Then go back to munching down,
What they have scavenged across town.

They even go to great cost,
To make sure you never get lost.
Leaving you a trail to follow.
But it is stuff you never want to swallow.

Yes, they spit as well.
This doesn't seem any more swell.
But the unsung cowboy has to be heard.
Or they may flip the the bird.

If only they could.
You see it would be misunderstood.
For they have no finger,
That is able to linger.

Even get a fancy bell.
So you can tell if they fell.
They will never be doing any flipping.
But I hear they detest tipping.

I guess they aren't ones for dough.
They do like to stand in a row.
And each day you meet and greet,
In one end and out the other at your street.

Have you caught on to the unsung cowboy?
That gives you so much joy.
Even vegetarians like their eyes.
I bet they tell no lies.

So don't have a cow.
Boy, that was just wow.
I think I gave it away.
But if you don't get it that's okay.

Just don't cow-er in front of me.
I will not tell thee.
Not even if you are a duck named Howard.
For you are no cowboy, just a cow-ard.

Did you get the unsung cowboy? Dropping patties and eating grass for joy? They never seem to make it into a song. Isn't that just oh so wrong? But just in case a cow girl gets jealous to. She can join the cow boy in the same stew. That was a cowboy of a whole different class. Don't worry I don't think there is any in the cat food of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

You Never Know What Is Below!

So being summer and all, the cat is near water more at his hall. Unlike many a cat, water does not bother me at my mat. But by the look of that lake, in some water I don't want to partake.

The creature of the Black Lagoon,
Would be preferred by this loon.
To what is really in there.
All one has to do is stare.

It looks crystal clear on the top.
But that is really a flop.
If you go deeper,
You find the lake is quite the hoarding keeper.

There is an old tire,
Condoms that surely did expire,
An old rotten shoe,
Plus of course there is always fish poo.

Don't forget the leech.
But at least those are normal in reach.
Unlike an old book,
That looks like it has a picture of a crook.

There is also a construction sign,
I guess the detour was not divine.
Among the garbage dropped by the masses,
There is also a pair of glasses.

Maybe those dumpster divers should try a lake,
For down there, there was even an old rake.
There was a shovel too,
And a garden hoe in view.

I guess they could not get their garden to grow.
And they didn't want anybody to know.
Or they were chucking evidence into the lake,
Or maybe they just wanted to bake a cake.

There were a few bars,
And also some license plates off cars.
I guess they weren't cool,
So they got a personalized one like a fool.

But why all this stuff from a car?
It seems someone got really drunk at a bar.
And off the ridge they went,
The rusted old car had quite the dent.

So the next time you dive into a lake,
Make sure you don't get stabbed by a rake.
For the bottom could be closer than you know,
With all the crap people throw down below.

The cat did not want to swim in the rust plus the leftovers of peoples lake lust. But if you ever need some free tools you now know where to find them thanks to some litter bug fools. I suppose it is cheaper to chuck them in the lake in mass. But it is still nasty to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Better Run As Deliverance Was No Fun!

Sadly today is the final guest and he is as strange as some of the rest. I guess I will have to go back to entertain you all myself after today at my shelf. But then that is what I always do and it is easy to do now that the move is through.

So did you guess today,
That you would hear a bearded hick play?
He is not as scary as Tuesday's guest.
But avoiding him in the woods is best.

No need for any pig talk.
On your two feet you would much rather walk.
So enjoy this strange fellow.
He is anything but mellow.

He goes right to town,
And deserves some sort of crown.
You certainly will not frown,
Unless of course he tries to make you wear a gown.

Are you scared yet?
Don't worry, you'll be safe I bet.
Just keep one eye open when you sleep.
Now here's the final guest at my keep.

Did you get up and do a hoedown and dance all around town? Or did you just plug your ears and gave him no cheers? So who was your favorite guest this week at my grass? Come on, you can be honest with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Today The Guest Is Crass At My Grass!

So today we go all the way back to the A to Z. This guest saw my U post and wanted to record it for me. I guess it struck a nerve. Or maybe he just doesn't like the hand of a perv. It was a hit back then, so let's see if it still is at my den.

The poor Fraggle outcast,
Wants to make the hand a thing of the past.
For even when he walks across the grass,
He still has a hand up his ass.

Have you caught on yet?
Do you remember the U post of this pet?
Well you are about to.
Say hello to the Fraggle outcast at my zoo.

He seems to have a pain,
Much like I described at my lane.
It just will not pass.
I hope it is not a big hand up his ass.

Especially if it were to linger,
Or one tried to give the finger.
I will go back to exploring the new place with Cass.
Enjoy a little tune by the Fraggle wannabe with a hand up his ass.

There, now is that not better than words alone? I know it has kind of a dark undertone. But how can you not love a Fraggle wannabe even when he's singing, if you can call it that, at my sea? Maybe other posts should be recorded to. Or was this enough for all of you? Tune in tomorrow at my grass for this week's final guest visits my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Danny Boy Wants Blogland Joy!

So after yesterday's guest I bet you thought it would be another strange one, as you know I like those the best. They let me watch you all cringe at my bay, which is fun to do for me at least every day. But not today. Instead of a typical whoopdi friggin doo display, you will all be sung about. This should be a mighty fine shout.

The cat wrote the tale,
But he was not about to wail.
I am too busy exploring my new shore.
Plus that is such a chore.

So I contracted out to an Irish lass.
She was happy to help out my little rhyming ass.
She thought it was fun to make fun of you to.
Oh the things the cat can get people to do.

Give a human a nudge in the right place.
They will surely break and off they'll race.
Doing what you want them to.
They won't even have a clue.

But now it is time for you to listen to a little ditty.
That delights this spotted kitty.
Should be interesting to see,
What retorts are left for me.

Sadly, Danny boy could not rhyme, that is the only crime with my time. But oh well, I got to cause all of you a little hell. Or maybe it backfired and you could be flattered by it. It could be a top ten hit. Sorry, no royalties will come to pass. All money goes to my little rhyming ass.

Fill you rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A dVerse Convention Where I Did Not Even Get A Mention!

So as the cat explores his new place and Pat goes about an unpacking embrace, I think we missed out on something grand. There seems to have been a convention in blogland. I know you were all there. Don't try to deny it at your lair.

You tried to keep the cat away.
But I still found out at my bay.
That you all got together.
I hope you had good weather.

Did not think the cat would catch you,
Did you at your zoo?
But I caught on indeed.
I have the proof right below at my feed.

They even called you by name.
See how the cat has brought you fame.
From numb tongue to gawker,
It seems you all developed a stalker.

I think maybe it's two.
For there are that many in view.
You all really were a hit.
These newbies simply loved it.

So was that not truly dVerse? I suppose with moving I did curse. But this just proves there are things that are worse. I hope you all held onto your wallet and purse. That is what you get for meeting in mass and not inviting my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, August 5, 2013

In And Out As We Move About!

Get your mind from the gutter, I am snip snip so there is nothing to do with an utter. Oh that sounds like redneck speak. It could leave me up the creek. So what is the meaning today? Yes, it actually has one at my bay. A change of pace with my title embrace.

The meaning is we have to run.
Cassie and I think this is no fun.
But of course she sucks up a ton,
So isn't too bad under our sun.

But me, no way.
I want to stay.
No cage for me.
I don't want a new sea.

Catch me if you can, Pat.
I am one fast cat.
Damn it, you closed every door.
This is something of lore.

I can't even blog stuck in a cage.
That is not all the rage.
So I'll let this guy sing about my woes.
As I sit in a cage and pick my toes.

That is right! Finally moving to a new site. Moving on up I suppose. No east side so can't have that theme song in lyric rows. Instead I made my own above. Did it get any love? The cat will be in and out this week as we move to a new creek. But don't worry at all as there are some very special guests coming to my hall. Some better be afraid such images will never fade. Don't worry, the cat won't have any more class. I'll still be the same little rhyming ass.

Fill you rummer, get drunk all summer.