Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dumb Criminal 101 Is Back For More Fun!

There are just so many out there that the cat has so much ammo at his lair. They come near and far as they try to rob things like a bar. But the dumber they are the easier they are to catch by train, plane or car.

A guy tried to rob a liquor store.
Tried to climb out through the roof to explore.
Fell on his butt three times.
Third time gave up, sat down, smoked and waited for cop chimes.

A lady decides to rob a bank.
But she doesn't want a tank.
She was just drunk on mouth wash,
And wanted to buy more of the slosh.

Car gets stolen with a car phone.
Cops call and say they want to buy it at the tone.
Thief meets up to sell,
Now he has a nice comfy cell.

A guy thinks it was grand,
To impersonate a cop and shake a hand.
Except he does so to a real cop.
Ended up in quite the flop.

Can't get a ride home?
No need to walk or roam.
Just steal an ambulance that is near by.
That won't be hard to spot from the sky.

A guy sets trash cans on fire,
States he was not a liar.
He was just trying to keep warm.
In 115 F weather there could be a snow storm?

Stab your friend in the rear.
Then give a happy cheer.
Even if they choke,
Go with the defense that it was just a joke.

Not enough money in the til?
Tie up the clerk and wait for it to fill.
Just work the desk yourself,
Sadly you may end up on a jail house shelf.

Cops knew they had the right guy,
In each coin machine theft cry,
When he paid $400 in quarters for bail.
Sadly, not a tall tale.

Suck back a single malt,
And prepare to assault.
A Taco Bell Burrito does the trick.
Yep, you still can end up behind a wall of brick.

There we are for today, another bunch of dumb criminals on display. Maybe they will wise up one day? Yeah, that is highly unlikely at any bay. They just keep adding to the mass and giving ammo to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, May 30, 2014

No Time? Isn't That A Crime!

We have seen it here, we have seen it there, we have seen it at every lair. Plus we have said it a time or ten ourselves at our den. But is it ever really true? I guess we shall see before the cat is through.

Where do you find the time?
My life is such a crime.
I have no time.
Shot down in my prime.

Did I use my saying quota up?
We'll consider that a little hiccup.
At least I saved some time.
That should impress even a mime.

Time you say?
None at your bay?
Really really you say?
Who are you trying to convince anyway?

I see you in front of the TV.
That sure makes time flee.
I see you napping.
Time sure is zapping.

I see you waiting until the last day,
To get things done that are due for pay.
What? Time before that too busy?
My, TV's must make you dizzy.

But I really have no time.
Fast forward that chime.
It comes out ten more times,
Another hour bell chimes.

I see you whining.
The stars aren't aligning?
My, your time is just out of hand,
How are you still standing on dry land?

You have it so rough.
All of this umm stuff.
It is so much to do.
Sit there without a clue.

Where do you find the time?
Another repeated chime.
Go suck on a lime,
Or maybe throw them a dime.

No time you say?
Pffft life is so grey.
Tell me something new,
Poor poor pitiful you.

Time to write, play with pets, kids, or just open bottle lids, can be found each and every day. Unless of course something drastic is at play. People just choose to play dumb games on Facebook or watch TV instead. So put the I have no time to bed. You have time indeed. You just choose to do something else with it at your feed. Now I am done today's rant and sass with my ever so timely little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

With This Blip It Is Time For Another Trip!

It has been a while since the cat took you on a trip. So I guess it is time we let another trip post rip. Today were are not going to visit the gate of the gods or Oak Island searching for treasure with cods. Nope, today we are going to Hell. Isn't that swell?

So here we are,
Many have to travel far.
But when they get there,
They have reached Hell's lair.

In a Turkmenistan desert far far away,
Some Soviet scientists decided to play.
They want to dig for oil and such,
Or drill more than a touch.

I suppose they wouldn't want to use their hands.
How would they then be able to wave from the stands?
After they discovered such riches,
They would not want to look like they dug ditches.

Anyway, they set everything up,
Sure they also sucked coffee from their cup.
Then they went ready, set, go!
I guess their ducks weren't all in a row.

They waved goodbye to their drill,
Hell sucked it up like a pill.
Hell then gave a fart,
I guess it took the pill to heart.

They had to get rid of the gas.
It could kill even a bass.
That just would not do.
So they got together their crew.

They decided to fight gas with gas.
Yep, so many brain cells in that mass.
So they lit Hell on fire.
Redundant like rubber to a tire.

But they did it anyway.
Expecting the fire to stop any day.
Instead over 40 years later,
It is still burning in the crater.

Hell is here to stay.
The piper you must pay. 
Wonder if he takes Canadian money?
Loonies he may find too funny.

So if you find yourself in Turkmenistan,
Where obviously turkey's and men are a stan fan,
You can go to the middle of the Karakum Desert,
To the Door of Hell and flirt.

Don't you now what to visit there? Aren't you glad the cat made you aware? You can walk to the center of a giant litterbox, preferably with shoes and socks, then stare at fire in a hole. My, that is a lofty goal. Enjoy your next travel pass from my ever so traveling little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whoopdi Friggin Doo Creates A Zoo!

Robbie Raisin is back and ready to search out the blogger pack. Yeah, it seems they all wound up in the zoo. Who knew? I did! I knew they all flipped their lid. They are all quite nuts anyway. That makes for quite the display. Just read what they said, you will also shake your head.

Look in this cage, a ninja wannabe let's lose his rage:

Breasts yes, peckers no! Breasts yes, peckers no! Breasts yes, peckers no!

A broken record too, who knew?  Here we have an R. Why the hell does anyone what to see an R behind a bar?

Great post!
Great post!

Great post!
Great post!
Great post!

Okay! Is that all you say? A Rosey caged one does not seem to be having fun.

Ew, ew, ew, and ew. All the way down the line ew.

OCD much? Don't touch! Here is a rare Irish breed. I hear they have a thing for a cat breed.

And the Cat was almost an American. But US custom officials sensed his mum was pregnant when she was trying to cross the border. They sent her back.

Obsessed much? She bites, don't touch!  Here is number, what is it? Hank's not #1 today at the zoo pit.

zenzizenzizenzic one gets overly tongue-tied

Still doing math? Do you like your bird bath? Here we have Truedessa being true or is it blue?

brought to you by the rhyming cat
my breakfast just may go splat

Ewww maybe Rosey saw her hurl. Stand far far back from this splating girl. Optimistic you can be when you visit this cage to see:

Those are some hairy-ass feet
And some rather gross looking hand-meat 

See! Keith even explains himself for you. What a nice thing to do.  Let's give Brian the cat a try. I hear he might poke you in the eye.

Yep, we've been vastated and yucktated!

A new kind of snip snip? No wonder you have a pout-y lip. Sherry wants to have her say from her zoo display.

Now that I've been vastated, I'm going to go vomit!

You were snip snipped too? How can that be true? Farawayeyes may shed some light. She also may bite. 

My head with math equations might explode

A challenge I guess. But it could make quite the mess. Manzanita is having some fun or a drunken run.

Fluey ka flu and limpa ka zoo
Your word works like magic in the midst of a coup

Is that a new Disney song? Can't we all just get along? Mary Kirkland is at play. She seems to be in dismay.

I was going to eat breakfast, but I think I'll wait until I stop gagging.

Some bad meat or a rotten treat? The tabbies of trout towne are here, have no fear.

.N they talk bout uz $hittin in de litter box N hurlin hairballs

They don't talk right. There must be a bird in sight. Susan wants a turn to feel the burn.

My bad luck to visit you right before I sit down to dinner,
Thanks to these nasty pix, tomorrow I'll be thinner.

I guess she doesn't like her zoo mates. Do you want me to open the gates? Terry is worming around. I wonder what will be found?

Back boobs are really scary and so are those toenails.

Another describing themselves in the zoo, all just for you.  Elsie wants to play too. What can a one eye do?

Dangnabbit! I wrote a comment twice already. Let me try one more time.

Writing on thin air. Shhhh don't tell her at her lair. Now to the near extinct spot. I guess Betsy isn't doing so hot.

yes, I'm old...

Hmm that is it? You may not be a fun exhibit. Brian may gawk with some life. Hang on to your wife.


Stop gawking at me. You are creepy. Theresa is much nicer I say. Just look at her play. 

There is only one innocent from your list. Yep, it's me you mean Canadian!

Hates Canadians, check! If Canadian hit the deck. Remembering Grace is trying to hide her face.

You would put me last and blame ME for sucking all the air out of the room...HAHAHAHA!
Well, I ACTUALLY have to go now, BYE! LOL 

She is trying to leave a  locked cage. What's with the last rage? Betty gets to be last with this zoo cast.

I am immune now, so that is okay!

Got your shots all up to date. That is a good fate. So now you have seen the blogland zoo. I hope you enjoyed your trip with Whoopdi Friggin Doo!


Wow, you all ended up in the zoo. Are the cages nice to live in for each of you? I hope they were large and no high rents they decided to charge. Maybe you will even get fed bass. You need to learn to slip through the bars like my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Little dVerse Ad Play Here Today!

So you hop here and there, looking at many a site at your lair. Not in email with their junk or pop ups which are no longer around much and stuffed in a trunk. No, you see much that is dVerse, enough that it may make you curse.

What a nice site,
It sounds alright.
Let's give it a click.
Waiting, waiting, dick.

Closed the thing,
Didn't even load at ones wing.
And why is that?
The ads would not scat.

You've got ads stuff,
That is good and tough.
Ads for things you searched the other day.
Hmm spying on you at your bay?

Just Google having fun.
Watching what you done.
Now back on task,
Before you are tempted to ask.

The biggest secret around.
This ad is always found.
For diet, muscle or ummm height.
Somehow these uber secret ways are hidden from sight.

But here they are,
On the side bar.
If the thing ever loads up,
Before you empty your coffee cup.

Oh look it's done,
Time for fun.
Oops, still stuck.
What the umm truck.

A song plays,
Spreading sunny rays.
Nope, not sunny.
Makes things more turtle than bunny.

Finally everything is there,
Time to search their lair.
Click on this page,
Strike the rage.

Has to load all over again.
Damn this slow den.
How did you last this long?
At least you can sing a song.

Have fun on those oh so dVerse sites do you? At least you can see something new. With ads here, there and everywhere you may even find some new undies at your lair. The slow ones usually have captcha in mass. That just adds to the aggravation of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, May 26, 2014

This Post Is Posted Is Your Brain Toasted?

Let's have an obvious day here at my bay. It will allow you to give your brain a rest. That is if you can pass the obvious test. If not, you may curse at my obvious plot. I guess we shall see if you go on a cursing spree.

This post has words.
Flip me the birds.
Water is wet.
It's a safe bet.

You work at work.
Or maybe just lurk.
A dog will bark,
And leave its mark.

A house houses you.
Confused at your zoo?
A trip is a trip.
Don't give me lip.

A fax is faxed,
And probably taxed.
A plane is plain,
Unless private at ones lane.

Your legs can walk.
Don't sit and gawk.
You need to talk to talk,
Unless you can squawk.

Fire is hot.
Glad you're taught.
Rhymes rhyme,
All the time.

A screw screws.
Hammer it, can't lose.
Eyes can see.
A gawker like spree.

Steal to steal.
Stealing is real.
Save easily saves,
My rants and raves.

A preview previews.
Is that old news?
Carry on is carried on.
Nope, not a con.

To move you must move,
Or sit in a groove.
When sleeping you sleep,
Hopefully good and deep.

When looking at this you look there at your nook. Or reading it you read there at your feed. Have you read that you read while at work or in bed? A question can question things, even for kings. But they may treat you like gas. So off I go with my obvious little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

What Is The Big Deal With Such A Water Wheel?

Water, water everywhere. All you humans stop and stare. Why is that? It is just liquid to the cat. Some gets on me and I just shake it off at my sea. Cassie hates it though. I guess I am not a typical cat at my show.

Water in a lake,
In things you bake,
Even in a park.
Seems to hit the mark.

Humans go down slides,
And other silly rides,
Just to get wet.
Sure confuses the pet.

Wasn't that done in the shower?
Why go down some big tower,
Or jump in a big pool?
I guess it beats dog drool.

You suck it back with glee,
Yeah, that is done by me.
But not with flavor this or that,
Or other things that make one fat.

Even add stuff to it,
To make it a hit.
Fluoride heads everywhere,
Just have to stop and stare.

Shoot it out of guns,
Sprinkle grass tons.
Wash a car too.
Doesn't rain do all of that for you?

Seems like a waste of time,
And money, if it costs a dime.
Can't you fake it like a mime?
Hmmm that could be a crime.

I have to mention too,
That what is there could be kinda eww.
For some just let in flow,
But I'm sure that you know.

Besides every drop of water on Earth,
Has done something of worth.
Every drop has come out of a person or animal too.
Doesn't that make you want to get a drink at your zoo?

At least there is one on which we can agree.
The beach, a giant litterbox by the sea.
Different reasons I suppose.
When you go, watch your toes.

Obsessed with water at your sea? Sea, get it from me? I crack myself up. Must have been something in my cup. Then you go and pollute it in mass. You humans sure are confusing to me little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

At The Tone Know The Phone!

The phone can ring or sing at every wing. But did you know there is a different type to each at your show? The cat will teach you just in case you are now confused and feeling abused at my place.

The phone gives a ring,
Your ears it can sting.
But that you know,
So away we go.

Pick up and click,
What a dick.
The almost call,
Can drive one up the wall.

The you have won!
I hear that a ton.
But first you pay.
Hmmm not winning I say.

The f this and that,
By some old dingbat.
They can't find "print screen,"
There at their scene.

The wrong number,
While you slumber.
Yet the fool calls back again.
Can't get things right at their den.

The upgrade that is about to fade.
A deal must be made.
Oops, was that a click?
Yep, I can be a dick.

The out of the blue,
Someone misses you.
Hmmm they want something.
Sorry, have no bling.

The what the hell,
As your phone rings its bell.
A conversation is at play,
Thanks to a butt dialing foray.

The obvious caller,
They just like to holler.
They are bored talking to the cat,
So they call you, stat!

The one you want to hear,
But would rather have near.
Then no need for a phone.
Why do we bother which such a tone?

And there we go, just for you many phone call types show. Got any to add at your sea? Maybe you want to give a big screw you to AT&T? That is okay, go for it at my bay. Now after this phone mass, I will go see if I can butt dial with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, May 23, 2014

A Toy Or Two That Could Be Fun For You!

The cat is here to help you today. You humans need to learn how to play. That 9 to 5 crap all day just needs to go away. So never fear you will be saved by my little rhyming rear.

Climb up high,
Look to the sky.
Play I spy.
Give it a try.

Give a dirty look,
There at your nook.
Make all around ask why,
Fun to give a try.

Run through a cave,
It is all the rave.
It is tasty, no lie.
Go ahead, give it a try.

Watch bird TV.
 Or silly humans run free.
My, they are spry.
Go give it a try.

Grab a fuzzy ball,
Then run down the hall.
Climb really high.
Care to give it a try?

See, mouse on a string.
I was not lying at my wing.
Chew it and give a happy sigh.
A full belly needs a try.

Play weigh down the couch.
Also act like a grouch.
A two in one try.
That couch may die.

Spread out on the counter top.
Then cooking will be a flop.
Watch as some human girl or guy,
Swears on the first try.

Move to make them happy,
When they get all sappy.
"Get off!" they will cry,
Just jump down then up for another try.

 And pick on cats too.
That is fun to do.
Never give up the bed,
After such play you need to rest your head.

There you are today. Now go climb things, roll on counters and play. It is so fun to do. You can even eat some TP too. That is my final play thing for you. Hmmm going gutter at my zoo. I better go eat some grass. That is also fun to do for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Are You Trying To Speak A Little Greek?

Ever meet those nuts that can't say yes or no? They just say some crap thing at their show. I guess those words are too hard to say or maybe their brain gets zapped when they say them at their bay.

Words are grand,
Across the land.
Forget yes or no,
Away we go.

It was such fun,
Almost exactly done.
Kinda relevant too,
At least to you.

An amateur expert is at play.
That has to cause expert experts dismay.
A new classic in the making,
It is mine for the taking.

That was one bright night.
Dark yet there was light?
Made up by a butthead,
While lying in bed?

I like being a wise fool,
And at least I don't drool.
It it so terribly nice,
And well worth the price.

Has a tense calm come over you?
What are you to do?
Call me toll free.
I have a phone in a tree.

You have even odds.
Of reaching cats or cods?
We have to keep this equally diverse,
Or some people may curse.

Maybe I need to go to Greece,
Avoid this fighting for peace.
Might get caught half naked though,
Or half dressed at my sow.

Are you a big man child,
Out and about running wild?
Maybe modestly arrogant instead?
Think on what I said.

So is that a firm maybe?
Can I take that as a yes from thee?
A definite maybe you say?
So that is a no at play?

Get each oxymoron at my sea? Or did they fly over the head of thee? Isn't it fun when they give you such crap instead of a yes or no lap? I guess it beats a bunch of sass directed toward my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Why Are Turkey's Stalking Me At My Sea?

So from the stats it seems Turkey's are after the cat in teams. I mean they are all around. They know where I am found. Why would a Turkey want to tangle with a cat? I guess we shall have to see about that.

Maybe they want some Chile.
That would be silly.
I do not eat that.
Go bug another cat.

Or they were tired,
Of never getting hired.
The Virgin Islands won't let them play.
That must cause them dismay.

So they want to go,
Way way down below.
To the nether regions,
Err umm Netherlands in legions.

Or they could just want to sing,
Dance about like a ding a ling.
Go all Greece Lightning and prance,
Do some sort of chicken dance.

Could want to slip and slide.
They could do it with pride.
Nearing an Iceland with no ice.
Hope their ice skates weren't full price.

Maybe Santa would not talk.
So they took a long walk.
Christmas Island was too cheery.
It ended up getting rather eerie.

They could want their own pet.
That could be a safe bet.
But they won't get the cat.
They need a rodent like New Guinea stat.

Could go all Donkey Kong.
That might turn out wrong.
But beat on their bongo,
Playing for all in the Congo.

But it is a rotten report,
I'm sorry to be bringing to you at my court.
It seems the Turkey's were for sport,
And they were trying to abort.

Sadly Hungary had a Turkey,
Turned them into jerky.
Hungary was hungry I guess.
Hungary for Turkey, lame? Confess!

Some places have the most fun names and the cat can use them for rhyming games. So if Turkey ever tries to invade my place, I will just call Hungary up and put a smile on their face. Finger licking good in their Hungary hood. Okay, my fun has come to pass as I am now a hungry for turkey little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Markets Are dVerse And A Bit Perverse!

So for dVerse today into some strange markets we will stray. Who knows what will come due. Maybe the cat will even help you find something at your zoo. But if it is one of these, don't tell me or I will send you fleas.

There is a market for this,
There is a market for that.
I guess some need bliss,
Why? Sure beats the cat.

A market for creeps,
Who must have a pair.
They count sheeps,
After buying used underwear.

A market for the wacky,
They are so very strange.
Some may call it tacky,
But buy a bride and make a change.

A market for parts,
From toes to heads.
Even some hearts,
Elephant feet for meds.

A market that is swell,
But could cause you to itch.
You might get sent to Hell.
It is the market of the witch.

A market for a snapper,
Or some big thug.
Must be a trapper,
To get the real crocodile rug.

A market that is nuts,
And really out there.
Must sniff butts,
To buy receipts at your lair.

A market for celebrity junk.
Easy to find in the trash.
Wait for them to get drunk,
Grab their used gum and dash.

A market for the arts,
That will get a rise.
Next in all walmarts,
Giant penis art, no lies.

A market for this,
A market for that.
All bring bliss,
To some strange rat.

Now are you hoarding used underwear away or giant penis sculptures at your bay? Wait! I still do not want to know. Let's keep it on the down low. It might be an answer pass that is too scary for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Is It Storming? Just Blame Global Warming!

So aren't we supposed to be buried in water now? Weren't the ice caps supposed to melt some how? Hmmm I suppose being like the Mayans is okay. Except they are kinda dead at their prediction bay.

Global warming is so bad.
It will screw over every pad.
The Antarctic ice will melt.
A bad hand we will be dealt.

Oopsy! The sea ice there,
Extends over a greater area at its ice lair.
The greatest since 1979.
Bah! That's just a backwards sign.

Global warming is still here.
All should run in fear.
It's the end of days.
Forget the chemtrail haze.

Al Gore also had fun,
Predicting more thanks to the sun.
Or thanks to us.
Why make a fuss?

The entire North polar ice cap will be gone.
By 2013 this will dawn.
Instead there was a 50% increase.
Hmm wallets he was trying to fleece?

Oh no it is so hot!
Global warming is hot to trot.
Wait! Hmmm 40 years ago,
Hotter temperatures seemed to show.

At least in some places,
Not always the same cases.
And what of the cold?
That makes global warming so bold.

The heat got used up in the summer,
Which is such a bummer,
Then that made it cold.
That is pure gold.

What? It was colder 30 years ago?
Shhhh don't let people know.
That just cannot be at any sea.
Global warming it has to be.

So join on in.
Give global warming a spin.
Blame every weather act on it.
Have a global warming fit.

Now there is no question the environment is ruined by humans every day but blaming every last thing on global warming, pffft is what I say. Becoming just another Y2K or Mayan end of days crap. But just blame everything across the map. Even though you look at temperatures years ago and what do you know? It was hotter in spots than today and colder too on display. Winter is cold, summer is hot. Always global warming it is not. And now I will ruin the air by passing gas out of my ever so warm little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lazy Is The Key When Dealing With A Human Spree!

Wow humans sure like to invent so their poor out of shape bodies will not get bent. You do not believe the cat? I guess I will have to prove it, stat!

A nifty garbage can,
Helping every man.
With a wave of your hand,
It opens, isn't that grand?

Talk to the TV.
Get super duper lazy.
Can't even use a remote.
Lazy sure gets a vote.

Why bother with a shoe lace?
Just puts a frown on your face.
Get some self lacing ones,
To go on those long runs.

Need to rest your head?
Get Selfy the EasyBed,
It makes the bed for you.
You may want to by two.

With dust you can be chipper,
Just put on a dust mop slipper.
Two in one,
As away you run.

Like your ice cream?
Want to lick it by the stream?
Get the motorized ice cream cone.
I hear they take orders over the phone.

Don't be a thug,
Get the self stirring mug.
Why waste ten seconds of your day?
It can twirl and play.

A motorized spin the bottle,
Brings kissing full throttle.
No need to spin.
At least everyone can win.

Need to turn on a light,
Could be useful at night.
Just give a clap.
That switch is such a trap.

And best of all,
At your hall,
You can avoid a beer looter,
With your very own cooler scooter.

Wow, you humans can't walk? Can't say that is too much of a shock. You can't even lift a garbage lid up, or oh no, stepping on the foot thing for it causes a hiccup. That is just sooooo much work. A hand wave is such a perk. At least the battery companies are a happy mass. So glad I am not a lazy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Are You In Need Of A Quickie At Your Feed?

Back we go with the dating show. I hope you got a rubber handy, as for some it could be dandy. The cat could not pass that up. We will blame it on a pup.

stop by any time bub
I think I'll avoid a bub hub.
Be my fries with that
You saying you want a fat cat?

Social media sucks my life away
So you signed up to say, hey?
Trivel thigs stic too me
Hmmm need a shower at your sea?

Can I meet your mom?
That is your first hum?
This space is blank like your mind
My, aren't you so kind.

I luv luv luv luv luv cats
Sorry, we hate ding bats.
Poking around for some fun
I'd watch where poking gets done.

Saddle up boys
Horses don't bring joys.
Bribe me and I will let you take me out
What kind of bribe to remove all doubt?

Special places have special meaning to special people especially
Escape that special place special you did actually.
Twister is boring alone
Score one for the dunce cone.

Greasey hands make me happy
OCD has me out of there snappy.
I am all out of frogs.
Next move up to hogs.

Can stares grunt my wish?
Maybe if it is a singing fish.
Crime is at an all time high
Ummm looking for a superhero guy?

Time is tiking away from us
Learn that on the short bus?
Help! They are starting to sag.
Errr ummm play tag?

Drink, drunk, drank, drunk
Enjoy your drunk funk.
Leave me a quickie and get a quickie.
Anyone want to give her a clickie?

And there you are, a whole new herd at my bar. Don't you just want one or two to come see you at your zoo and make you special on cue? No? Do not pass go? I guess so. but could line them up in a row. You could have your very own nut job lass all thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Do What They Say? Umm No Way!

Ever wonder what would happen if things were taken literally from advertising that you heard? Wouldn't it be hard to flip one the bird? What would you do? Grab a bird and flip it at a person in your view? Anyway, today we look at that at my bay.

It is mouth watering good.
So your mouth will water in your hood?
Drooling like a mutt?
What next, sniff a butt?

It kicks ass!
No matter the mass?
Big or small,
Does it kick them all?

Improve your financial health.
Wow, doctors tend to wealth?
Well they take a bunch I suppose,
Making sure their wealth grows.

A bigger bang for your buck.
Ummm what the duck?
Can a buck explode?
Oh no! They have a self destruct mode.

All the bells and whistles.
Does it shoot missiles?
Can it have a kitchen sink?
We all have to drink.

Bet your bottom dollar.
So one dollar for a flea collar?
I guess that I can do,
And give it to a mutt or two.

Cheap at half price.
All of that for spice?
Why not put it on ice,
And save that saying for rice?

Dollars to donuts,
You have donut ruts?
What are you a cop,
Needing to make a donut stop?

Finger lickin good.
Manners aren't understood?
Licking and drool,
That is not cool.

Keep it under your hat.
But you just told the cat.
This is such a big deal,
You only want me to get the steal?

The cat must say you humans and your advertising causes dismay. What? Buy this, no longer causes one bliss? You have to drool and lick, whatever else, take your pick. Maybe mutts do take an advertising class and pass it on in mass. Then they go roll in the grass. About the size of it to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

And Round Twenty Two Now Comes To You!

Back we are again with the search engine nuts that find my den. There seem to be quite a few that somehow end up at my zoo. But at least they can entertain or make you want to run away at your lane.

"poem poem for spotted dick pudding"

A cheer squad for spotted dick. I guess it does the trick.

"bye bye cute"

I guess now an old fart? Can't take cute to heart?

"blow jobs r us"

The stupid creepy guy is stalking me. Or other weirdos looking for such a spree.

"reproductive gas can"

Hmmm okay, lay down and reproduce away.

"cats with fleas on their knees"

Humans get those, but I bet you found a cat striking a pose.

"Herded old men with goats."

Okay everyone, take notes. Old men and goats need votes.

"wtf gangreen pics of toes"

Did you think zombie feet were a treat?

"robin hood the merry mary humper"

So I guess mutts leg humping Mary is merry and not scary?

"hamburgers with cheese rats titles"

The Cheesy Rat! How's that title from the cat?

"Glad I'm not a little blue man"

I guess of the blue guy he isn't a fan. Maybe he is afraid of a blue tan?

"warped things you find when you drop your pants"

Wow, strike a warped stance. Hopefully on you no one will take a chance.

"Buffy on my nuts"

If she stabs you, let's just say your nuts are through.

"Drink the fluoride and you become one of them"

A fluoride head? A living undead?

"Mac and me sucked."

No argument here from my rhyming rear.

"Stoked, my mom got laid."

Errr ummm errr ummm I'm going to ignore this one and play dumb.

And the winner leaves you with a real treat. Some may even find his advice sweet. Like the guy above and his happiness for his mommy finding love. 

"Plucking ass hair hurts like a steer kicking you in the head"

So there you are at your bar. You now know how to compare the plucking of ass hair. Why would anyone want to do that? Sure beats the cat. Now we are through with this search engine mass and no one is ever going to pluck the hair of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hit The Deck As We Go High Tech!

So much to look forward to at your zoo, or so they say a time or two. This or that will come to pass. They tend to sound like a singing bass. The same old tune as they try to swoon.

Suits that makes you super.
They turn you into a trooper.
You could hop buildings too.
Yep, they are supposed to come due.

Going invisible at your sea.
That is next to come to thee.
A cloak or three,
You could wear with glee.

A pill for a meal.
No big deal.
No muss, no fuss.
No dishes to cuss.

Dream sharing by machine.
That would be a scene.
Hooked up to EMF stuff,
Fry your brain with a puff.

Soon you can de-age,
Or stop the age wage.
Or slow it down a bit.
Who comes up with this umm spit?

A robot maid?
The Jetsons by trade.
Then they turn on you.
Terminated at your zoo.

A flying car?
You won't get far.
Crash into a building or wall.
Better off with a flying bathroom stall.

A clone pet?
Such a safe bet.
Clone your cat or dog,
Double the brown log.

Teleportation you ask?
They still seem up in the air on that task.
Sorry ninja wannabe.
Stuck driving at your sea.

And the best of all,
They will cure every disease at their hall.
Pfffffffffft they have cured so much being clever.
Wait! They have cured a disease ummm never.

So there you are, now you know what is coming near and far. Want to make a bet with this rhyming pet? I bet you in ten years time they will be saying the same old crap in their prime. Unless you see it on a TV show no cure or flying car will ever grow. Just one big joke in mass. But they are not fooling my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A dVerse Did You Know At My Show!

Today for dVerse the cat gives you a fact or two. Or maybe a few you knew. Did you know any of the ones below? It is okay if you get zero though.

200 million skittles are made every day.
Who the heck counted that many, I say.
Every time you give a stamp a lick,
You are consuming 1/10 of a calorie some slick.

Professional cyclists pee while still going.
That is a contradicting showing.
Over 1000 birds die each year,
By smashing into windows I fear.

The whip was the first invention to break the sound barrier.
And the foreplay just got hairier.
But in Spain that is okay,
They have two dead dinos having sex on display.

You can't talk while inhaling through your nose.
Did you try it and strike a pose?
The world's old piece of gum,
Is 9000 years old, chum.

Your ribs move 5 million times a year.
Boy, they better not get out of gear.
Slugs have 4 noses.
All the better to smell the roses.

Owls are the only birds who can see blue.
I wonder how they found that clue.
Nolan Ryan was so great.
His jock strap fetched $25,000, mate.

Dr. Seuss's estate earns 5 million a year.
Damn, share some with my rhyming rear.
The world's largest book weighs 133 pounds.
I bet that just astounds.

A ten year old mattress weighs double what it did at the start.
Maybe because some take hump day to heart?
Each year more people are killed by teddy bears than grizzly bears.
I guess stuffed bears provide many scares.

One out of five people live off of $1 a day.
Damn, I'd be dead at my bay.
Chicken is one of the only things man eats,
Before it is born and after it is dead for treats.

Toto was paid $125 a week.
That pup can play some nice hide and seek.
And pigs can never look up into the sky,
I guess that is why humans want them to fly.

There you are, some fun facts at my bar. Did you know each one that the cat spun? You had to know at least two, as I used them before at my zoo. Have to keep you on your toes class with my ever so fact filled little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Super Hero Team! Nope, Not A Dream!

So you have seen them all here at my hall. Each of them on their own answering the superhero phone. But now they come as one to make a big bad be done. Who are they you ask? Never fear, I'll remind you as some may have had one too many hits from the flask.

There is the bug eyed creep,
That wants pockets that are rather deep.
In it for the loot,
Tarsier Man always gives his own horn a toot.

There is the kinda creepy one,
Who did not want to be feared under the sun.
So he also went on the super hero run.
Zombie Man scares the bad guys a ton.

Finally there is the best,
He beats all the rest.
A superhero reality jumping cat,
Catality will stomp all bad guys flat.

Of course this super trio can fight,
But will they see the light,
And realize three is better than one?
I guess you will have to give it a run.

It even has a naked guy,
Can I get an oh my?
A super alien thing,
Can also let rockets fling.

They come from his yap.
All run across the map.
It is up to a super cat, a zombie and a bug eyed creep,
To make this bad probing alien thing weep.

Click here for superhero gear!

A brand new super hero league is born. Some of their motives may be torn, but they are around to save the day even if you are far away. Just give them a call when you spot a bad guy. P.S. long distance charges still apply even if they do not get there in time and you die. But they still promise to get the bad guy. Now that is all for my super pass from my ever so super little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Stabbing We Will Go High And Low!

So the cat thinks Pat is nuts, he must have been around too many mutts. For a while now he gets stabbed on purpose at our sea. That is really strange to me. The last time I was stabbed I was snip snip and as you know that makes me run my lip.

Right out of some torture fable,
You stretch out on a big table.
Strip like a porn house,
Okay, something close.

Say where you ache,
They do a double take.
Then comes the fun,
With a stabbing run.

Leg hurts today.
Wham! Stabbed at your bay.
But not in the leg at all,
Your elbow gets the call.

Elbow for leg?
Round hole, square peg?
Damned if I know.
Away we go.

Neck has a fit,
So let's stab it.
Nope, not for that,
Bam! Got you flat.

Stabbed in the feet.
Isn't that neat?
No stomping for you.
Leg for neck? No clue.

Pain in the arm,
No need for alarm,
Stabbed in the arm,
On the needle farm.

Wait! What?
Arm doesn't equal butt?
Arm is arm you say?
Ummm err okay.

Then comes the back.
It's a full on attack.
Not one or two,
But ten come due.

Stabbed up and down,
All over back town.
Pin cushion resemblance anyone?
Isn't stabbing so fun?

Weird it may be getting stabbed at ones sea. But it actually works says Pat, so he becomes a pin cushion stat. Ever had acupuncture at your sea? Or for you is it too scary? I would rather go eat grass. You are not getting any needles near my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

With This Romp We Tackle The Floor Stomp!

Those above the cat can sure scat. The cat looks up all the time when he hears such a chime. I can figure out their feet and leave them in defeat. You don't believe the cat? Well we can't have that.

Stomp, stomp, stomp,
Someone on a romp.
A pissed off nut,
Maybe with a gut.

Super stomp attack.
Every day at their shack.
Means they are rather large,
Or think they are in charge.

A clang or a cling,
Clutsy I give a ring.
Thy broke a dish,
Maybe to make a wish?

Stomp, stop, stomp, stop.
One foot is a flop?
Having uneven feet,
Would not be neat.

The stomp and slide,
They have no pride.
Can't pick up their feet.
Maybe loaded down with wheat?

Bang, bang, bang,
A little different than the clang.
A ball bouncing up and down?
Or maybe two going for the ball bouncing crown?

Crack here and there,
They are a normal pair.
At least for feet.
The rest of the human may deplete.

Stomp, crack, stomp, crack,
A high heel attack.
Must have a date,
Or feet killing is their fate.

Something spells doom.
Dropped something big.
Hope nothing lost its wig.

Feet share the love,
With noises above.
Isn't it so grand,
Living in apartment land?

I guess at least the cat gets a good neck stretch each day when the stomping comes on display. It keeps me nimble and quick. Maybe it does the trick? Do you stomp with each pass? I bet your feet make more noise than the four attached to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Flappy Is Back! Rather Step On A Tack!

So Pat was out and about, it was not the cat this time without a doubt. I would run in fear if such a voice perked up my ear. Heck, I'd run at first sight. Her make up drenched face is such a fright. Plus that smell, not sure how some think it is swell. Anyway, on with it at my bay. He was at a store and there she was coming in the door.

"I have not seen you in ages. Are you still working at the same place, are you still, are you still...."

Ever get someone who asked a question but it seems like a suggestion? Then they expect you to answer while they ask more and more, making you want to hit them in the face with the door?

"What have you been doing? Are you still at that place? I know you must be. How is your life? What..."

Ear plugs were in the store somewhere. They could have helped to stop her blare. I think Pat would need three for each ear the way she gave a cheer.

"I may come back. it is a great place. Why didn't you call? We could have came back? Why has it been so long? Why....'

I know what you are saying, Pat already went through paying, so why not leave already as her questions come steady? It was hard when she blocked the whole damn door and at that time there were no others around as she continued to roar. You'd think someone else would come along wanting her out of the way as she sung her song all damn day.

"Oh that is such a good price on apples. I must get a few bags of them. Do you like apples? Do you know they are good for you? I could eat apples all day."

I'd like to shove one in your yap and push you out of the way. It was thought but Pat reframed from such a plot. After all, why waste a perfectly good apple on a Flappy call?

"I think I need a cart.  Why didn't I get a cart? Do you use a cart? They can be so helpful. I think I'll get a cart."

Damn! What an old annoying fart. Someone needs to stick her in a cart. Then push her out in traffic to play. That would get her out of the way.

"Well I must go get my cart. I hope you use a cart for heavy things. I always use a cart for heavy things. I may be back soon. Expect a call at work. Now I must go get a cart."

Yes, she finally got the hell out of the way. And guess what? She got a cart from the cart bay. Wow! Isn't that something now? You would think she was too insane to drive the thing in the short bus lane. Pat walked really fast out of there and away from that Flappy lass. I am just so glad it was not my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crazy Fools And A Dog Who Drools!

The two light hearted fools are at it again. This time they go from den to den. I am not sure how they do it. But even without any legs they seem to be a hit.

Truedessa gets in the wine,
Changes the fake feline.
Then off they go,
First high than low.

Even to that North Korea place.
I hope they took more than mace.
Then to the 9 to 5.
I hope they get out alive.

Then comes the crew,
They seem to always be in view.
A gawker and numb tongue,
Their undead bell is still rung.

Glory Dear has her say,
But she stays buried in the bay.
Even old one eye is seen.
Yeah, she may scare you from your screen.

Much sure comes due,
Even a tune or two.
Crazy as can be,
As they sail upon the sea.

Want to visit any place like that? Is that already the look of your work mat? I hope not. I hear the undead smell a lot. Boy, could Truedessa ever snore too. Who knew? I hope that will pass as it could hurt the ears of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hop That Boat Or Maybe Goat!

So once more here we are with the insecure people near and far. The cat will still help out with a little shout, even if he is too crazy to every get an insecure cloud that makes thing hazy.

Today it's boats.
Boats with goats?
Goats on boats?
Goats eat oats.

Boats you board.
Boats left stored.
Boats at sea.
Boats for thee.

The sure thing boat.
All take note.
The line is long.
Usually ends wrong.

The leaky boat.
May need a goat.
To plug each hole.
Could take its toll.

The fancy boat.
Board in a fancy coat.
With debt up the wazoo.
But the Jones's are true.

The ignored boat.
It can just float.
But not worth a try.
You would rather fly.

The sinking boat.
Too many holes to note.
But still holding on.
Dying at dawn.

The copy boat.
Has your vote.
An easy win.
Forget the sin.

The cruise ship.
Oh so hip.
Full of fake.
Have to partake.

And the row boat.
Sturdy with clout.
But work is needed.
Can it be deeded?

Have a boat you boarded yet? Failed to call off a losing bet? Failed to try another way, hopping a new boat across the bay? The boat one is on may get them to see a new dawn, but the boat not taken out, could leave them forgoing clout. Try a boat or ten no matter the class, just a thought from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A dVerse Habit Or Two Come Into View!

So today for dVerse the cat will go all habit. No! Not bad ones like humans obsessed with humping a rabbit. A bad image there? Yeah, I am well aware. Let's stray away from redneck land today at my litter box sand.

Habits at your zoo,
All have one or two.
Do it with ease.
Not the birds and the bees.

Oh come now don't stutter.
Stay out of the gutter.
See a habit there.
I have it at my lair.

A food habit.
You have to grab it.
Can't be without.
Your tummy may shout.

A TV habit.
Dang nab it.
You missed a show.
Oh friggin no!

A bathroom habit.
See TP you have to grab it.
A TP hoarder at your sea.
Only 100 rolls is saved by me.

A negative nelly.
A habit that's worse than smelly.
Everything is oh so bad,
Every day at your pad.

A nose picking habit.
You just have to nab it.
Get that booger at your sea.
It will never escape thee.

A breakfast skipper,
Or a double dipper.
Bad habits indeed.
Shame on you at your feed.

A constant pill popper
Call a pharma copper.
Rot your insides out.
A habit that will turn you into a trout.

Holding on to crap.
Not literally, chap.
One bad habit.
Still beats humping a rabbit.

There you are, some bad habits from near and far. Have any of those? Please don't say you pick your nose. That would just mess with my OCD and we need to leave that be. Feel free to move to the head of the class with any other bad habit not mentioned by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pissed Off Very Pissed Off? Don't Scoff!

Ever get pissy at your sea? No, not talking about a litter box for thee, just leave that stuff to me. You just have to scoop it with glee. What the cat means is one of those days where you are stuck in a maze. While the cat takes that and did a little tune at our mat.

The sun shines in your eyes
You wake up ready to screw,
But your wife is long gone,
And certain things remain blue.

You're pissed off, very pissed off.
But why be pissed off, very pissed off
As being pissed off, very pissed off,
Is much better than being pissed on.

You go in search of some food,
But the fridge is bare.
Your empty stomach aches,
Adding to your blue pair.

You hop in the shower,
But the hot water's gone.
Your whole body turns blue,
Why did you ever create spawn.

You're pissed off, very pissed off.
But why be pissed off, very pissed off
As being pissed off, very pissed off,
Is much better than being pissed on.

You get dressed for work,
Finding no clean clothes.
Hoping yesterday's don't stink,
You put them on fighting your runny nose.

You climb into the car,
But it has little gas.
So you run down the street,
Making use of your bus pass.

You're pissed off, very pissed off.
But why be pissed off, very pissed off
As being pissed off, very pissed off,
Is much better than being pissed on.

You arrive thirty minutes late for work,
Trying to explain things to your boss.
But all you get is a grunt, a nod,
And you suffer another job loss.

You go outside with your box,
As a happy dog walks up to you.
He lifts his leg over your shoe,
And now you've been pissed on too.

You're pissed off, very pissed off.
It's okay to be pissed off, very pissed off
As being pissed off, very pissed off,
Is your right when you've been pissed on too.

You're pissed on and very pissed off.
So be pissed off over being pissed on
But while pissed off over being pissed on
Remember to be thankful no one shit on you.

I know, it doesn't rhyme through and through at my sea. Don't go on a pissed off spree. The cat sure had fun with this one. Enjoy the cat's pissed off fun? Now The Pissed Off Song has come to pass, all thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Get Through The Fog And Name Your Blog!

So out and about there may be some that pout and shout. They cannot think of a name for their blog. So the cat is here to help them get through the fog. My suggestions are just the best. Just watch as I put them to the test.

Bombingzombie is great.
You can drool and fart at any rate.
Doggishdogs could go over well.
But if rated R you may get some hell.

Vintagemurder sounds like a plan.
You could be a Freddy or Jason fan.
Billionbills will give you thrills.
That many would make me head for the hills.

Dependsdeputy is on the case.
Shove a diaper in every visitors face.
Childrenmower would be fun to see.
I wonder if they eat the grass for thee?

Dicktalent may be up your alley.
But I may avoid your valley.
Spotterlover could be good,
If you have chickenpox in your hood.

Projectxoxo could be given a go.
Who cares if only two letters you know.
Shiniershit may give all a fit.
But it could prove you smell less a bit.

Catnipguru would have me there.
I'd have to raid your lair.
Worshipwork would mean you are a nut.
But power to you at your hut.

Wickedwannabe sounds grand.
You could rip off all across the land.
NinjaNinny is at your service too.
Hmm think that'd work for the ninja wannabe's zoo?

Doorsporks is a clever one.
Could spork to death a ton.
WormWorship might bring them in.
The worm crazies would be all over your bin.

Whoopdihoopoo could be on display.
Whoopdi friggin doo I say.
Feetfeeding sounds kind of yum.
Start a feet feeding hum.

Riskywanker you might want to avoid.
You could scare away the truly paranoid.
SparklingSex could also be yours.
Watch the weirdos fill your shores.

So there you are near and far. The cat looked at a name generator at his sand bar and that is what came to be. Aren't you so glad you could be helped out by me? So get your SpottedLover site ready and throw in some DoorSporks to keep things steady. But on most of them I will take a pass because they are just scary to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

P This And D That From The Cat!

Ever notice how now a days people can't enjoy the sunny rays? That is they can't just do it and it's done. No! They have to have lots of P or D or just plain alphabet soup fun.

Get ready at your sea,
Time to dance with glee.
Bounce up and down,
As you trot across town.

Design, Dig Deep, Do!
This is what I'm telling you.
Just follow the D.
You will be happy at your sea.

Prepare, Peep, Pack, Porn!
The creeper P is born.
See, the cat helps all.
No wonder the nuts find my hall.

Bribe, Bite, Bicker, Bleep!
Nope, bleep does not mean sheep.
I just bleepin helped you out.
So don't you bleepin shout.

Fight, Figure, Force, Fix!
How about them Knicks?
Yeah they suck.
I guess for F they are outta luck.

Run, Ridicule, Ride, Root!
That would be a hoot.
Do all at once I say.
You will have a great day.

Never, Nifty, Next, Never!
N is not very clever.
Used never twice.
I guess it has lice.

Mumbo, March, Mope, Mix!
Oh the dancing tricks.
Or maybe just a bad case of gas.
Dancing to an off tune singing bass?

Lick, Like, Look, Love!
A hippy dippy shove.
L can also be rather sick,
Especially if a stranger gave you a lick.

Rhyme, Rhyme, Rhyme, Rhyme.
Then you can have a fun time.
No more stupid run on a letter saying,
To get you motivated and playing.

Whatever happened to just do it and it's done? Is saying the same letter things more fun? Or just a way for some so called guru to make a buck? I could go all bleepin and say umm duck. But instead I will go roll in the bleepin grass with my ever so bleepin little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Terms Of Use For My Caboose!

So here at my lair some may not be aware of the terms of use when visiting my caboose. I have never made them known and I would not want a newbie to moan. Well maybe I would, but I will post them just so they are understood.

By coming here,
To give a peer,
At my rhyming rear,
Round like a sphere,

You agree,
To always let me,
Use your retort,
Back at you at my court.

Use what you say,
Even at your bay,
For a display,
That may cause dismay.

A picture or two,
I may steal borrow from you,
For whoopdi friggin doo,
Or something else in view.

A nickname or three,
You may get from me.
Duck Bill or Gawker,
Maybe even The Squawker.

The last is still here,
Available for all near.
So if you sound like a parrot,
You may get that carrot.

You may be a story,
Something rather gory,
Or just in one,
I give a run.

A video or two,
May star you.
In a different light.
Could be a fright.

Even in a book,
Here at my nook,
You may see,
A version of thee.

By commenting at my bay,
You sign your life away.
It's now in the hands of a cat,
So how about that?

There you go, now all are in the know when coming to my show. You may even get featured with zombie toe. That is rather rare but it could happen at my lair. You have been warned in mass of the terms of use of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Last Post At My Coast!

Yes, you read that right. This is the last post at my site. Sadly the cat must go and run to and fro. I must dig in the litter. Now now, don't get bitter. It has been fun. I pretend to enjoy everyone.

It has been grand,
I give all a hand,
For coming to my land,
It is never bland.

Much has come due,
Here at my zoo.
Like making fun of all of you.
Even a see through loo.

Whoopdi friggin doo,
I am just through.
It takes too much time,
To come up with a rhyme.

I need to run,
Go get some sun.
Maybe eat some grass.
Be a normal little ass.

It is too much to bear,
Here at my lair.
I hate goodbyes,
Hope no one cries.

So just remember me,
When a rhyme comes to thee.
I'll like that,
Here at my mat.

Maybe one day,
I'll be back on display.
I guess we shall see,
What comes up for me.

Until then I'm gone,
Closing my lawn.
Or is it my sea?
Maybe my tree?

Could be my zoo.
I'll leave that to you.
Take your best pick.
Eat some spotted dick.

So see you around.
No more rhymes will be found.
I am all done.
It has been fun!

APRIL FOOLS! The cat rules! Got one or two once again at my zoo. What is that? I'm a silly cat? Damn you, Pat. He did not change the calendar at our mat. I was one month late. You'd think I'd learn at my gate. Oh well, sorry for the hell. Many more rhymes will come to pass from my 120 posts ahead little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.