Saturday, May 24, 2014

At The Tone Know The Phone!

The phone can ring or sing at every wing. But did you know there is a different type to each at your show? The cat will teach you just in case you are now confused and feeling abused at my place.

The phone gives a ring,
Your ears it can sting.
But that you know,
So away we go.

Pick up and click,
What a dick.
The almost call,
Can drive one up the wall.

The you have won!
I hear that a ton.
But first you pay.
Hmmm not winning I say.

The f this and that,
By some old dingbat.
They can't find "print screen,"
There at their scene.

The wrong number,
While you slumber.
Yet the fool calls back again.
Can't get things right at their den.

The upgrade that is about to fade.
A deal must be made.
Oops, was that a click?
Yep, I can be a dick.

The out of the blue,
Someone misses you.
Hmmm they want something.
Sorry, have no bling.

The what the hell,
As your phone rings its bell.
A conversation is at play,
Thanks to a butt dialing foray.

The obvious caller,
They just like to holler.
They are bored talking to the cat,
So they call you, stat!

The one you want to hear,
But would rather have near.
Then no need for a phone.
Why do we bother which such a tone?

And there we go, just for you many phone call types show. Got any to add at your sea? Maybe you want to give a big screw you to AT&T? That is okay, go for it at my bay. Now after this phone mass, I will go see if I can butt dial with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Now it's # 12
      Time to delve
      On to something
      Lots of mornings!


    2. A dozen in a row
      Look at you go

  2. The dreaded one is one out of the blue
    Will always somehow leave a a clue
    They talk nice
    But once or twice
    Keeps hinting what they want from you


    1. And then you go click
      And call them a dick lol

  3. That last paragraph sums it up! Heck with the phone. Annoying piece of technology anyway.

    1. Annoying as can be
      I ignore it most times at my sea

  4. Until recently, I didn't have a land line for years
    Didn't miss the telemarketers and their fake cheers
    I have one again now, but the telemarketers aren't as frequent
    They used to be as annoyingly reliable like a sequent
    These days they even call on cell phones though
    Just another way for them to make more dough

    1. That they do
      And a click comes from my zoo
      Don't even let them get in their spiel
      They can stick their great deal

    2. Keith
      I would rather talk on the land line..... the voices come in much clearer and vibrant.....and a lot less radiation. I mostly use the cell phone for time and weather. Ha

    3. The land line definitely makes a voice more clear
      Much much easier to hear

    4. Easy to hear
      And less it irradiates your rear

  5. Out phone rings lots, but it hardly ever gets answered!

    1. haha let the sucker ring
      Those annoying people can feel the neglected sting

  6. I hardly ever answer my landline
    as telemarketers are ever so fine
    they have not found my cell
    which is definitely just as well.

    1. They found mine a bit
      As I get the ones saying I won a cruise at my pit

  7. The one you want to hear
    whispering into your ear
    hmm that call never comes
    as you meditate and drum
    words echo deep in the soul
    ringing vibrations, eyes of kohl
    listen with your heart at the tone
    messages from another time zone
    translating signals, complex design
    transmitting text line to line...

    Hope your day is divine..

    1. No need for a phone
      And it's robotic drone
      When an ear is near
      And thoughts become clear

  8. This is why I never answer the land line phone.
    The machine can record their stupid drone. Ha.

    1. haha don't even have one at our sea
      Just have to pick it up at crummy work when they call me

  9. I got one recently saying I was late on a credit card payment for a credit card we don't even have. Scammers in the works I say, the dirty rats.

    1. I haven't heard that "dirty rats" phrase since the old James Cagney movies. haha

    2. Dirty rats you say
      That won't do at my bay
      They need to be clean to eat
      What? not what you meant at my street lol

  10. Talk on the phone, I'd rather not
    Some things are better off forgot

    Carry my cell? I leave it home
    Gives me ample space to roam

    Land phone is safer, less radiation
    Go step down in graduation

    1. My comes with me at my sea
      But always turned off when carried by me
      Just in case I get stuck
      I don't want to sit there and say umm duck lol

    2. I said duck just this morning when I hit my thumb in place of a nail I was trying to pound in. I JUST can't hit nails. Wanna buy a duck.... duck, duck, gray duck.... etc.
      Have a grand weekend

    3. hahaha I've done that a time or two
      But thankfully I can hit the nail most days at my zoo

  11. It is fun to get the going sometimes

    1. True, can pretend you buy it
      Then say no to their big hit

  12. I just let it ring and go get my fling

    1. There you go
      More happy at your show

  13. that is what caller id is for
    to see if i want to answer at my shore,
    but also to get you back
    when you got on the click attack
    no hanging up causing me hang ups

    1. haha payback too
      I like it at my zoo

  14. By phone
    directly I can't
    be reached
    through the Hubby
    one must go.

    To each he explains
    she's not in the mood
    so buggering off
    they must go.

    1. haha and if they don't comply
      Does he tell them where to fly

  15. Nice new banner at your pad!

    Caller ID is a good thing. If I don't want to talk, I just let it ring.

    1. Have to be picked up at work though
      Or they get their ass up you know lol

  16. Oh YES, Screw A.T.&T. they are not nice. The phone is one big pain but necessary at times. Have a great week end you rhyming cat.

    1. haha glad to hear they suck
      And yeah sometimes it is, not very often,in luck

  17. I hate telemarketers & those asking for surveys and giving away free trips ~ Nowadays, I just let it ring if I don't recognize the number ~

    1. The way to be
      Or just pick up, hang up, and laugh with glee

  18. I've been butt dialed a few times before. I think you're supposed to hang up and not listen but I just hang on the phone and listen to their conversations. Hey, they butt dialed me.

    1. haha yeah I've done that too
      As they butt dialed my zoo

  19. i have to confess that i rarely answer phone calls.. i'm just more of a direct convo and writing person..

    1. Yep, the better way to be
      But have to at the work sea

  20. That's why I lik ethat our phone
    lets us know who is calling
    except the ones listed as private number
    and then there is no telling

    on what those numbers could be
    so we don't pick them up
    and they never leave any message
    neither for us or the pup


    1. haha well then they can't be good
      Not even for the pup in your hood

  21. We can blame Edison for making the phone

    Wait it was Bell, let it be known.

  22. The list 'don't call'
    will help to all!
    Dial the number,
    go for slumber.

    1. Dial away
      Then they won't come what may

  23. The wrong number caller
    Tends to call at the worst time
    I want to holler, "You are slime."
    I say this on the phone
    But they've hung up, and so I moan
    My ringer volume you'd think I'd turn (down).
    But I'm afraid I never learn (frown).

    1. haha a cheat rhyme in brackets you say
      Hmmm may have to try that at my bay
      Yeah wrong numbers are a pain
      Like to whack them with a cane

  24. Since the advent of caller ID
    I've discovered what peace there can be
    In never replying
    No crying, no sighing
    Only picking up when the name pleases me!

    1. That is the way to be
      No need to get bothered at your sea

  25. My phone rarely rings. I'm still they type to go over and visit as opposed to calling. But, I like texting better; I can't always hear well through the phone, and even with poor spelling I can usually figure out what you are saying in a text and have a secret reaction.

    1. True, texting is easier i suppose
      But i still hate it as the damn texting flows

  26. The only time my phone rings is when my mom calls or a telemarketer. If it isn't my moms number on the caller i.d., it doesn't get answered. Everyone else loves to text or send a Facebook message. I prefer that too, since I hate lengthy phone conversations when I only called for a quick question.

    1. Texting takes so friggin long though
      Rather call, say things, then go

  27. I have a phone at home and then everyone has cell phones too. The one at the house hardly ever gets used... I do get a lot of telemarketers calling on it though.

    1. Need to ditch it in the sea
      Then the telemarketers would flee