Monday, May 19, 2014

Is It Storming? Just Blame Global Warming!

So aren't we supposed to be buried in water now? Weren't the ice caps supposed to melt some how? Hmmm I suppose being like the Mayans is okay. Except they are kinda dead at their prediction bay.

Global warming is so bad.
It will screw over every pad.
The Antarctic ice will melt.
A bad hand we will be dealt.

Oopsy! The sea ice there,
Extends over a greater area at its ice lair.
The greatest since 1979.
Bah! That's just a backwards sign.

Global warming is still here.
All should run in fear.
It's the end of days.
Forget the chemtrail haze.

Al Gore also had fun,
Predicting more thanks to the sun.
Or thanks to us.
Why make a fuss?

The entire North polar ice cap will be gone.
By 2013 this will dawn.
Instead there was a 50% increase.
Hmm wallets he was trying to fleece?

Oh no it is so hot!
Global warming is hot to trot.
Wait! Hmmm 40 years ago,
Hotter temperatures seemed to show.

At least in some places,
Not always the same cases.
And what of the cold?
That makes global warming so bold.

The heat got used up in the summer,
Which is such a bummer,
Then that made it cold.
That is pure gold.

What? It was colder 30 years ago?
Shhhh don't let people know.
That just cannot be at any sea.
Global warming it has to be.

So join on in.
Give global warming a spin.
Blame every weather act on it.
Have a global warming fit.

Now there is no question the environment is ruined by humans every day but blaming every last thing on global warming, pffft is what I say. Becoming just another Y2K or Mayan end of days crap. But just blame everything across the map. Even though you look at temperatures years ago and what do you know? It was hotter in spots than today and colder too on display. Winter is cold, summer is hot. Always global warming it is not. And now I will ruin the air by passing gas out of my ever so warm little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Cat this is an excellent post
    Truth will out by the host
    Global warming is the bunk
    Climate changes by the hunk
    Nature has it's ups and downs
    Hot and cold and it's frowns
    How do they dare suggest it's global
    Do they think chemtrails are noble?
    Who do they pretend they're fooling
    Fluoride Heads who keep on drooling
    If they stop the daily spraying
    Only then would I listen to what they're saying

    1. Yeah the chemtrail crap
      They spray across the map
      Needs to go
      But then I don't want a bullet to the head at my show
      So I'll forgo ranting on that
      Here at my mat lol

  2. I do not think global warming is a hoax or a tall tale
    But I will not use this rhyme to rail
    Blaming everything no global warming is a bit too much
    There's other things to blame, like pollution and such

    1. Yeah there could be a bit of truth to it
      But not as much as people having a fit
      Blaming it for this and that
      Like some dingbat

  3. Never bought into the global warming scare.

    1. Money is what it was about
      As they gave it a shout

  4. its funny in a sad way, the other day
    i had someone say it was no global warming because it was too cold
    maybe it is misnamed because it becomes a misnomer,
    when you get snow in summer how can you deny
    its our environment our actions make die

    1. True, there could be another name
      One with least of a warming claim
      We are screwing it up no doubt at all
      But not everything is a global warming call

  5. Yep, storming in here,
    but warming too, sincere
    spring rolls and rocks
    with rainy cats and dogs.

    Global warning!
    sides will be turning
    from left to right
    don't like it? hide
    at the north
    and wake up at the south
    who was at west -
    appears at east
    close the mouth
    and feast!

    Talking too much
    now out - to watch
    global warming,
    great storming!

    1. haha blabbering away
      Here at my bay
      Be hard to go to sleep north though
      And wake up south at ones show
      Unless on a plane of boat
      Watch out for a goat

  6. The earth goes in cycles every century or so
    but this time the global warming fiends hijacked it's glow.
    It's a money maker for them
    such a sin.
    They changed the name to climate change
    since the frost and ice did gain.
    I believe in caring for the earth
    but there is no new climate birth.

    1. Yep, they wanted the dough
      So hijacked away at their show
      The climate has changed forever
      Won't be the first or last endeavor
      We pollute up the ying yang and help it along
      But global warming has as much influence as donkey kong

  7. How can anyone predict the weather? It's so fickle. Blaming Global Warming leaves man in a pickle. Eeww! Horrible rhyme. Sorry.

    1. haha hey it worked out
      And yeah none can predict it with their shout

  8. Whether it's global warming or just change, Missouri's weather has changed in the past 20 years for sure.

    1. Change takes place all through the years
      Whether to boos or cheers

  9. A hoodwink or a real thing not easy to see
    Someone is bent on making some money
    Called global warming
    Name is misleading
    Once undone not easy to get the remedy


    1. Yeah money is at play
      Some truth may sway
      But in the end
      Just a money making trend

  10. Yeah. My son is science major and is convinced it's real and believes the science now supports the theory.

    1. But science can support anything it wants too
      Depends who is giving it a view

  11. That warming sure leads to one hot potato!

  12. My husband gets hyper at the mere mention of the term. I wasn't a fan of people saying 'polar vortex' over and over. It gets annoying hearing the same old term over and over in generalities, rather than true meaning.

    1. Yep,just blame everything on it
      Say it when one feels the weather change a bit

  13. Montana used to be a hot, swampy marsh when dinos were on the march...what caused that period of global warming? Or are temperature changes and earth fluctuations the norm? I believe change is the one thing we can count on.

    1. Change will always come due
      Maybe the dinos could come back and tell us too

  14. Stephen Colbert did a spoof on this the other day that had me DYING… I was laughing so hard. I think people *like* to have things to grasp onto that are all doom and gloom, unfortunately.

    1. That they do
      Makes them feel better I guess at their zoo

  15. Global warming is just an excuse to sell products by either scaring people or appealing to their tree hugging look at me, look at me nature. Just look at the amount of government funding that has gone into this bullshit.

    The Hubby and I rant about this constantly.

    1. Yep, waste all the money there
      And no nothing anyway at their lair

  16. Here in Vegas it's 100 degrees. This must surely be global warming at work. Or, I guess it could also be that I'm in a desert, but would Al Gore lie to me? He invented the Internet.

    1. Yeah the desert thing could be why
      Al Gore would surely tell a lie

  17. It's really warm and sunny here today but I love it!

  18. It is so easy to blame every last thing on one popular thing,
    What to think and believe when this past winter's sting?

    1. Yeah easy to follow the current trend
      Even when it can lead one around the bend

  19. The 1950s were called the "mini-iceage". A "Snow Vortex" this year?

    I think Al Gore is traveling between his many houses, all of which use major amts. of electricity. I wonder what his "carbon foot-print" is?

    1. Yeah do as I say not do as I do
      There at his many a zoo

  20. I'd like to know what the global warming theorists think about all this cold weather we've been having!

    1. They blame it on something to do with it
      Making up some shit

  21. orlin & cassie....due knot give em any eye thing ya noe global warmin will be de fault oh all de cats & dawgs that IZ pazzin gas......pardon us a wee we feel better ! ♥

    1. haha yeah just wait
      That will be a gassy fate

  22. Regardless of someone's opinion, the stuff exhausted from fossil fuels in the earth's atmosphere is not a good thing.

    Gasoline used to have a lead additive (gas without it is called unleaded which is still used), but scientists figured out that all the lead near the people working around it, and in the air was a public health hazard.

    The people who were making profits off leaded gasoline hired "scientists" and had their own politicians who told the public that leaded gasoline was not harmful.

    I believe the same is happening right now with climate change. While it's isn't as fast or bad as Al Gore is famous for saying, it's not non-existent either.

    1. Oh yeah it is surely there
      As we pollute the air
      But climate has changed many a time
      And will whether we want it to or not just not on the turn of a dime
      Biggest comment from you ever
      With the global warming endeavor lol

    2. There does seem to be something going on. But I don't think they have fully grasped the concept of what it is.

    3. That is more like it
      They just make up shit

  23. I used to not believe much in global warming, but after last winter and what we have now of spring I am beginning to be very concerned. The weather really seems to have changed. So many more serious storms everywhere as well.

    1. Yeah it is changing a ton
      Warming is the wrong word i think to give a run

  24. Humans are killing the earth, we know
    I praise Al Gore for his Warming show
    But our biggest problem? It ain't true.
    For starters, there's Bieber and Honey Boo Boo.


    1. And both get more fame
      Than any pollution claim

  25. Nasty weather is natural. It happens someplace nearly all the time and always has. Modern graphics on TV make it look ominous and omnipresent. Some, in their quest for control over others, will falsely blame humans for it.

    Two natural primary drivers of average global temperature have been identified. They very accurately explain the reported up and down measurements since before 1900 with R2>0.9 (correlation coefficient = 0.95) and provide credible estimates back to the low temperatures of the Little Ice Age (1610).

    Search agw unveiled for the drivers.

    1. That is true
      Nasty weather always comes due
      We just hear about it more
      Because we are connected to every shore
      So it could be why there is a such a global warming class
      As they see things and rant about it in mass

  26. Wow, you certainly got a response on this one didn't ya?:)
    I think the weather is becoming more extreme. How much is do to industry and how much is do to natural occurrence...hard to say.

    1. haha yeah many seem to rant away
      Here today at my bay
      Fine by me
      And yeah some of it could have to do with we

  27. I think there is a point where we are causing some things to go out of whack. But to the extent that the likes of Al Gore is saying, I doubt it

    1. Yeah there is a point to everything
      Just truth gets lost when $$$ goes cha ching

  28. Another half assed scientific "fact" that jut wants to cash in.

  29. I think you have a lot of crazy people who want to blame something for the world's problems so they get up on their soap box and proclaim about global warming. You have religious fanatics who go ape shit and pick a day and carry on about the world coming to an end. I have lost count how many times the end of days were coming. Lord have mercy...I will be long gone dead and 6 feet under before anything like that happens. I personally don't "worry" about any of this crap because I personally can't really do a thing about it anyways. So why worry??? Very deep post!

    1. haha yeah you can't stop the world from going boom
      Many people just like the doom and gloom
      I guess it make them seem big
      Then their ideals get snapped like a twig
      And they latch on to another
      Bringing in even their mother

  30. Hubby and me were just talking about this
    the other day at our zoo
    we don't think any of this global warming or cooling
    is anything that is true!


    1. That sure seems to be the way
      As temperatures hit records now and back in the day

  31. Can't understand the weather nowadays, its very erratic ~

    And no one really knows or can accurately predict it anyway ~

    Hope you had a good weekend ~

    1. That is true
      Can't even tell what is coming due

  32. Aw, but I want to run around like a goose on the loose. The world's gonna end! The world's gonna end!

    1. Well you could get a follower or three
      Maybe they will even goose thee lol

  33. As I sit wrapped in blankets today, I say pft. Global warming my ass!

    1. haha about the size of it
      Thankfully not that cold at my pit

  34. Just mere days ago
    As I'm sure you know
    From the whining at my pad
    The heat had gotten BAD
    But now our fog's come in
    And it's nice and cool again
    That's why I love this city
    It's weather suits this kitty ;-)

    1. Hot then cool
      Could make a dog drool

  35. Yep, the ants are out in force, must be global warming. We've had several hurricanes this year, must be global warming. Oh no, my computer stopped working, I think I'll blame that on global warming too.

    1. haha won't about the microwave
      Did global warming send that to an early grave

  36. I totally agree - it's not global warming that is to be blamed, it's the human race that should be named.

    1. That they should
      But too many are as dumb as wood

  37. Awesome post, I must say
    I'm with you in every way
    But I am inclined to believe
    Winter's still a summer theive!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah winter needs to fly away
      And go bug some other bay

  38. Lining his pockets, you bet
    When our alarm clock was set
    Global warming is big business, Mr. Cat
    Beware the wet might reach your mat