Sunday, May 25, 2014

What Is The Big Deal With Such A Water Wheel?

Water, water everywhere. All you humans stop and stare. Why is that? It is just liquid to the cat. Some gets on me and I just shake it off at my sea. Cassie hates it though. I guess I am not a typical cat at my show.

Water in a lake,
In things you bake,
Even in a park.
Seems to hit the mark.

Humans go down slides,
And other silly rides,
Just to get wet.
Sure confuses the pet.

Wasn't that done in the shower?
Why go down some big tower,
Or jump in a big pool?
I guess it beats dog drool.

You suck it back with glee,
Yeah, that is done by me.
But not with flavor this or that,
Or other things that make one fat.

Even add stuff to it,
To make it a hit.
Fluoride heads everywhere,
Just have to stop and stare.

Shoot it out of guns,
Sprinkle grass tons.
Wash a car too.
Doesn't rain do all of that for you?

Seems like a waste of time,
And money, if it costs a dime.
Can't you fake it like a mime?
Hmmm that could be a crime.

I have to mention too,
That what is there could be kinda eww.
For some just let in flow,
But I'm sure that you know.

Besides every drop of water on Earth,
Has done something of worth.
Every drop has come out of a person or animal too.
Doesn't that make you want to get a drink at your zoo?

At least there is one on which we can agree.
The beach, a giant litterbox by the sea.
Different reasons I suppose.
When you go, watch your toes.

Obsessed with water at your sea? Sea, get it from me? I crack myself up. Must have been something in my cup. Then you go and pollute it in mass. You humans sure are confusing to me little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. One minute too late
      Such a sad fate

  2. Indeed, shower - the treat!
    When cold - warm water - gold!
    When hot - to cool down everyone glad!

    The cat - not typical though:
    He walks under rain,
    He drinks from fountain,
    The Cat in the Hat
    At Rhyme Show.

    1. The cat does his thing
      Like a ding a ling
      But still gets it done
      Finding water some what fun

  3. Giant litterbox by the sea - now I know why I don't like the beach. God only knows what I'll step in...

    1. haha yeah there is much under the feet
      Stepping in something like that isn't neat

  4. I love rain but not too much
    I enjoy walking by creek when its bright & warm
    Water I drink every day, that I can do without ~

    Happy weekend Pat ~

    1. water is all I rink here
      And yeah too much rain can be something to fear

  5. We've been trying to chase off an annoying woodpecker (leaving annoying marks on our house) with a water gun. He's not phased by it either. Silly animals not knowing they're supposed to hate water. ;)

    1. haha so funny when you think they should hate it
      And then they just look at your and there they sit
      Like, yeah so what
      It rains all the time you nut

  6. we broke out the waterguns yesterday
    and had a battle at our bay, so i am not sure you
    want to know what is done in my shower
    like games of scale the tower
    i rather like water and well we need it too
    to stay alive so we can visit your zoo

    1. The waterguns can be fun
      As around you run
      The cat will umm forgo the shower
      That may make him cower

  7. Shooting water out of a gun is super duper fun
    Especially in a warm hot sun
    At the end of the day a nice hot shower
    Can give you new-found power
    Water in the ocean is the best of all
    Followed closely by the water in a waterfall

    1. Water in the ocean where fish crap
      Yep, that is the best across the map lmao

  8. Humans are about three-fourth water
    Sounds funny can well bring laughter
    Water to survive
    One stays alive
    Just so to enjoy the nice hot shower


    1. Yeah water is in us all
      Could make our own water fall
      And still we need more
      Showering away at our shore

  9. Water will get you wet.
    It's a sure bet.

    1. Not if you like in a bubble
      Then it just gets the surrounding rubble

  10. Fluoride heads so I am told
    Are passive but yet never bold

    Turn the faucet drink the water
    Do everything perfect that you autter

    To one's life do add some spice
    Celebrate with some fluoride ice

    1. There is fluoride ice too?
      I suppose ice cubes at ones zoo
      Never thought of that
      Not used either way at my mat
      Fluoride heads can bite me
      Ditched that crap long ago at my sea

  11. MOL! I don't mind water in me but don't want it on me!

    1. haha with that Cassie can agree
      The cat doesn't care though at his sea

  12. I can't rhyme like all the other commenters, but it is funny how much of a part water plays in our lives. We're made up of water, after all.

    1. Water is a big part indeed
      And no need for a rhyme to take seed

  13. Replies
    1. They can be fun
      To give a run

    2. I have to agree I do like those water slides..

    3. Fun to go down
      Sure don't make one frown

  14. Yup water certainly is a big part of life but cats do not like it on them. In fact most animals do not enjoy water on them. Take care.

    1. The cat here does not care
      Cassie does those at our lair

  15. The world is full of water cat
    sailing the sea with captain Pat
    enjoying the beach is fun for me
    sipping away on cool ice tea
    who knows what one might see
    a fish or two might come in view
    swimming in waters deep & blue..

    PS..A water gun fight is rather fun
    I have one so you better run..haha

    1. haha that is no fair
      I don't have any at my lair
      They are at the other sea
      Plus old and clunky
      A fish or two
      The cat can do
      Chow down
      Here in his town

    2. hmm..perhaps, we need to buy a pair
      squirt away at some far away lair...

    3. haha that sounds grand
      Up for it for some far away land

  16. I love the water always!
    Love the sea water, the rain water...
    But I remember well the cats hate the water lol

    1. lol that many do
      The cat likes it and has a loose screw

  17. We have a pool at my apartment but I haven't been in it in about 10 years. Just not something I like to do.

    1. Plus could be nasty
      And full of pee

  18. Cute post about water and its uses
    and some abuse of it as well
    I have come to like it very much though
    and think it is very swell!

    That's why I wrory about our current drought
    will there be enough to go around
    will we be able to wash our cars
    and water the ground?


    1. The ground I can see
      But cars let them be
      Dirt will get washed away
      When it rains one day lol

  19. cats hates water, so does my dog

    she can't stand a bath as she's not a frog

    1. Have to get out of there
      When a bath is due at her lair

  20. Orson's a typical cat. He only likes to drink water, not be splashed with it or immersed in it.

    1. Orlin will jump right in
      Then walk off likes it's not a sin

  21. Replies
    1. haha that it can indeed
      When it takes seed

  22. We waste a lot of it but it is fun to do at times

  23. Many dogs like to swim
    Not my dogs...but when one
    fell into a pool once by accident
    I found she COULD swim!

    1. haha when they have to
      They can swim away at their zoo

  24. I wish the rain would clean my cars, but the bird crap just won't go away without human intervention.

    On a cat note here, I am enforcing window restrictions on our cats, because they have been clawing at the screens trying to get at bugs, birds, and any other critter nearby. See cat--Pat is not the only bad one.

    1. haha an intervention had to come due
      Too funny at your zoo

  25. I think Rosey has it all wrong chasing the woodpecker off with a water gun. I was watering my flowers one day and a bird flew by and decided to play in the water spray. Every time I moved the hose, the bird chased after it. I guess birds like water as much as us silly humans.

    1. Wow, I guess they do
      But then they live in rain at their zoo

  26. I do agree with the cat - water is so important to us and we find it necessary for so many things yet we do not take better care of it. I wonder why our species thinks we are so incredibly smart!?

    1. Not sure why we think that
      As we surely aren't at any mat

  27. I will only drink certain water and yes... it is very important to me.