Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Giant Bald Cat At Every Mat!

So there was a study a while ago that said something interesting and thought they were in the know. It said cats see their humans as a giant bald cat. Hmmmm is all I can say to that.

We look and see,
When all is set free,
Meaning no clothes,
As you strike a pose.

That you are bald,
And we aren't appalled.
Even if the size of a bear,
Or you have some curly hair.

Cats see you as a giant cat.
What do you think of that?
How would you humans know?
Are you able to mind read at your show?

Did you go all probe,
Somewhere around the frontal lobe?
That is just mean,
Invading our dreaming scene.

So let's say it is true.
What do dogs view?
You as a giant bald pup?
My, you humans are screwed up.

Shifting from person to dog to cat,
To maybe even a ding bat.
I guess you have special powers.
Can you create rain showers?

Oh no!
Rain on the go.
What if rain sees you?
Are you giant water in view?

Maybe trees think you are a moving tree?
That must stir up some jealousy.
Can a car think you are a wimpy car?
Wait! Maybe that's the drunk at the corner bar.

Maybe a kid sees you as an elf,
Like that thing you stick on a shelf.
My, you can just change.
Does it hurt a lot to rearrange?

The cat says pffft to that.
You may be bald and your feet flat,
But you still do our bidding,
The bald cat thing had to be kidding.

So what do you think? Can cats see you as the missing link? A giant bald thing as you strut around at your wing? Hmmm on that I will pass as it is too scary a thought for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. What cats think boo hoo
    Do we really have a clue
    Studies, schmudies do they know
    I'll tune in another show
    Zip-lock ideas, go to town
    Best foot forward, be a clown

    1. haha yeah a load of crap
      Wasting dough on such a lap
      A bald cat, pffft i say
      They don't know at any bay

  2. 'cats see their humans as a giant bald cat'
    As a giant but not all bald with a shiny pate
    It is certainly weird
    Could be with a beard
    If so, one should not be caught dead


    1. haha yeah not caught dead
      Oh the dread
      But still doubtful indeed
      At ones feed

  3. ha. if cats could only talk you know....i wonder what they would say about our cats are kinda creepy you know....not sure i want them saying out loud what they see...ha....maybe they think we are a step back down the evolutionary ladder...

    1. Well they do act like the rule
      And that they are so cool
      So I bet they think we are a step down
      Sure seeing us in our nakedness would make them frown lol

  4. The more you think about it, the more messed up that becomes...
    I just want someone to see me for who I really am!!

    1. Yeah if you think about it too much
      Is sure messed up and such
      And true enough
      Even in the buff lol

  5. Hmm..cats are mystical you know
    perhaps, they dream about a pharaoh
    what do they see behind eyes that glow
    they might find us rather amusing to know
    always doing strange things at our show
    and some cats have an inflated ego..haha
    some cats who can rhyme on the go
    maybe, they think we have zombie toes
    Just stopped by to read and say hello

    it's summer think I'll be a drummer...

    1. Drum away
      At your bay
      Inflated ego you say
      Bah bury that in the litter tray
      The cat would play
      And make all pay
      In the light of day
      Never going astray
      Then down he'll lay
      Sending you some itchy hay lol

  6. I often wonder what my dogs see when they look at me. I hope they think of me as the 'leader of the pack.'

    1. haha or just pretend to think of you like that
      When really they lead at your mat

  7. We are more different than just lacking fur!
    I mean, what happened to our purr? Ha.

    1. On the other hand, girls don't bite,
      But they do call it a cat fight!

    2. haha that is true
      Cat fights come into view
      The purring and the hunting small prey
      I guess just went away

  8. Someone didn't give cats enough credit. No way they see as big bald cats. Nuh uh, nope, not buying it. :)

    1. Yeah, not buying it at all
      Either here at my hall

  9. My Dad really is that Bald Cat!!!

    1. haha bald as can be
      There at your sea

  10. Replies
    1. Yeah quite the load
      With the bald mode

  11. Who knows what my cats think of me except as the food lady. She is good at producing the foods and who cares if she is bald or not. We don't care as long as she opens those cans. Take care.

    1. haha the food is all the need
      When birds run low at your feed

  12. How'd they discover that? Take a poll of a random selection of cats?

    I always wonder why cats aren't uniformly scared of "creatures" like us that are so much larger than they are.

    1. Some scientist did his thing
      And declared it at his wing
      True, a wonder they don't run
      But then the feral ones seem to a ton

  13. Now I've got to question how someone would know how a cat perceives us. Did the cat talk to them? Draw a picture perhaps?

    No way Kitty Fang sees me as another cat. Cats see humans as beings who are inferior to their divine species. Which reminds me, it's time for me to go feed Her Holiness.

    1. A talking cat would be the only way
      I'd ever believe it at my bay

  14. I think the cats can get gigantic too
    when climbing up at the table to prove
    they outsmart us at any craft
    and when we're not looking
    they just laugh hehe

    1. haha yeah they don't take the word no
      They just wait until you go

  15. Fancy that!
    I am a giant bald cat.
    Although there's no fur
    They can hear me purr.
    I wonder if when they see they will hale
    and say, "Hi, you have such a great tail.

    What a study!!

    1. lol let your tail hang out
      As you go out and about
      Some may give it a tug
      Just don't eat a bug

    2. People will think that I am a stray
      And tell me to sod off and go away!!


    3. lol just take a leak in their garden
      Then they will beg your pardon

  16. I often wonder how they figure this all out
    What a cat or a dog might see
    Where do they get their knowledge from
    and what do we look like to a flea?


    1. A flea we look like lunch
      As they blood suck and crunch
      And beats me
      Nonsense I say at my sea

  17. I hope cats don't think me as bald

    I would be appalled

    1. Maybe one day
      You'll be bald at your bay

  18. Maybe that is why cats tend to shy away from me. They don't I have enough hair...and sadly I lack a tail. I simply am not one of them no matter how hard I tried growing up. :D

    1. They sense you are a strange one
      And away they run lol

  19. I don't know as I don't have cats as pets
    But I bet they can see treats when they are hungry ~

    Have a good weekend Pat ~

    1. That they do
      And want more than a few

  20. Cats see you as a great big pussy
    Yep, that's what they see....

  21. I think my dogs see themselves as humans. Funny how they growl at other dogs, but will greet a human with open arms.

    1. Yeah they must indeed
      But then they butt sniff all at their feed

  22. Everything is fodder for your funny rhymes, Cat!
    The thought of having one of those elves on my shelf is worse than the thought of government surveillance! One would have terrorized me as a kid looking forward to Christmas!

    1. haha that would be fun to do
      But the cat would never do it at his zoo

  23. I wonder how much they got paid to figure this out

    1. Too much I'd say
      For any amount of pay

  24. I thought a bald cat was one of those hairless ones that smell bad.

    1. Humans are too
      They smell at their zoo

  25. A big bald cat?
    I suppose there is worse
    But I doubt it's true
    The study's a curse

    1. Worse than that
      Study is full of umm strat

  26. I wonder if cats are amused by the way humans see them...