Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Meaning Lost Or Just Tossed?

So the cat was out and about when Old One Eye gave a shout. It was be happy day at each and every bay. They even call it a holiday. Hmmm not off work with pay. Nope, just another day. Now with this we will play.

Let's make a day,
To join the fray.
A brand new holiday.
Come out to play.

Suck a finger day!
Place it sometime in May.
It can go hand and hand,
With Mother's day across the land.

Be glad day!
Not happy, no way!
Just be glad,
Between happy and mad.

Wait! That is wrong.
Mediocre day sings that song.
Do things half assed.
It will be a blast.

Litterbox cleaning day!
Make it a brand new tray.
Clean and spit shine.
Impress every feline.

Say no day!
Go no all the way.
Want a millionaire dollar check?
No! Leaves you in a wreck.

Smash a printer day!
Find a sunny ray,
Place the printer there,
And join in on the affair.

Stink eye everyone day!
Crazy from bay to bay.
All with a look,
You could wind up a crook.

Sing like a fish day!
Fishes sing? Umm okay!
Let's go with that.
Beats singing like a rat.

Then the best of all,
To be celebrated at every hall,
Do Nothing Day!
Ready to here that play by play?

See! The cat can do it to. I can make days up and call them a holiday at my zoo. They are just as relevant as be happy day. Like telling you that you have bills to pay. Or that it's take a dump day. You do all of that anyway. Pointless as can be at each and every sea. Maybe they just had a bad case of holiday gas? Sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Stuck at number two
    At your zoo.
    Darn that Hank,
    He needs a spank!

  2. hahaha - I can tell you wrote this one months ago. I wrote about World Happy Day back in February, I think. Not all of us are months ahead, cat!

    A day made up to celebrate and play?
    Sounds like something I'd do at my bay.
    Just an excuse to share some joy,
    sounds like fun for girls and boys.
    Then again, a good rant ain't bad
    maybe I'll create a holiday called, "Just Be Mad"
    then I can bitch and moan at my shore
    and scream at people who knock on my door
    to try and sell me things I don't need
    then sic my dogs on them and have them pee
    on the unwanted visitor's body
    that sounds like a reason to party!

    1. lol well 4 months ahead
      So yeah a while ago I put this to bed
      Just be mad sounds like fun
      I'll save up some cat droppings by the ton
      Then join on it and biff at their head
      When they come around selling a brand new bed

    2. I'll gladly take a Pringle can of poo
      and team up against them with you
      I'm tired of the knocks on my door
      asking me to payout even more
      on my house for a new roof
      when it already went kapoof
      the last hurricane I had
      when things got really bad
      they can't even tell the new from the old
      they just want their products sold.

    3. Yeah annoying gnats
      Sure piss off dogs and cats
      On that I guess we could team
      Hit them with a "movement" stream
      They will take the hint rather quick
      And if that doesn't work, have the pups bite them on the umm wick

  3. I think I already celebrate do nothing day.
    Ninja day! Why isn't there a Ninja day?

    1. I have that one down too
      I'll have to create ninja wannabe day at my zoo

  4. A holiday for every day I think there just might be
    Every dog wants their day as far as I can see
    Then the favorite holiday will be when there is none
    You'll be thankful for a day of work and think that it is fun

    1. haha hmmm to that I can almost say never
      At least for the crummy 9 to 5 endeavor

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ok, do you have a blooper day???? haha

      Invent a day for anything under the sun
      a way to make more money, it can be done
      selling cards to wish them a happy one

      hmm...sing like a fish day
      wonder what the singing bass would say
      "get me off the wall, I want to swim in the bay"

      maybe, even sing as they play
      "take me to the river, drop me in the water"

      ok, gotta run have a great day

    2. Blooper at my sea
      That is like day 2 out of 3
      With a blooper from thee
      Fingers off on a spree? lol
      Selling cards the Hallmark way
      Will make you dough at your bay
      The bass on the wall
      May have a ball
      Or be sad
      Wanting his water pad
      Have a fun day
      At your bay

  6. ha. we have some rather intriguing holidays
    last week was world UFO day, but i saw no little green men so it was
    disappointing, suck a finger day could lead to hump day,
    depending on how you are doing it, so make sure its wednesday
    so we can get a two for one

    1. No probes for you
      Well that is good to come due
      And yeah a two for one
      Now that is fine under my sun

  7. Great idea to design more ways to celebrate a special day,
    Now that I'm retired from teaching every day is a 'glad' holiday.

    1. That would be my kind of day
      Here at my bay

  8. I'll take a let the money rain day

    1. That would be grand
      Here in my land

  9. Nothing better that a holiday called 'Do Nothing' day. We like that. Us cats do that everyday with a little hunting and snacking in between. So you have a nice do nothing day.

    1. That it the best day
      Should be mandatory at every bay

  10. I really must remember to celebrate Sing Like a ><(((º> Day!

    1. Be sure no one is near
      If you make all run in fear

  11. Just seeing if my comment sticks. It came up blank last time. I guess it's Blank Comment Day, lol

    1. ha! I knew it didn't stick last time! So weird. So Weird Day!

    2. Blank comment day
      You were here but not at my bay

  12. I really wonder how many days were created by greeting card companies. And now people are doing it on the 'net, just because they can. How about a "Pledge to Create No New Holidays Day?"

    1. I meant "how many holidays were created by greeting card companies," of course.

    2. The cat gets what you meant
      Yeah those internet ones and greeting card ones need to get bent

  13. Ugh, EVERY day is litter box cleaning day!

    1. That it is
      Have to clean up the biz

  14. Holidays may come and go,
    but a fête for the litter box?
    Just say no!

    VR Barkowski

    1. But it is a must
      Of litter one has to lust

  15. I have mastered mediocrity, it only seems fitting I should celebrate it.

    *I had to track down my nephew and get the praise for the sent you sent. Seems a 40 hour work week and a new job slowed them down from telling me how awesome my gift was. But it was and they say the now almost one year old little guy loves to eat it. Reading will be next. I'm sure.

    1. lmao glad it is a tasty treat
      Too bad it doesn't have as much protein as meat lol

  16. Not another holiday
    keep the all
    away from my bay
    for Mom I am
    left to slave
    over ovens hot
    the masses fed
    exhausting work
    late to bed.

    Most holidays involve the cooking of food for family and it's so much work. If there was a clean the litter box day, people would expect me to fix fish balls or something to represent both the cat and it's poo.. Then there'd be chocolate puddings from scratch for dessert. And I'd be given the "honour" of changing the litter box as well. And then there's the cleaning up to be done. MOM, it's my slave name :)

    1. haha yeah I would never want to do that
      But then not much of anything is eaten by Pat
      So it is as easy as can be
      To cook at my sea

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Another mistake
      Has there been a blogger earthquake

  18. now we R bak

    orlin N cassie

    frank lee thiz izza grate eye dea N de food gurl thinkz ther shuld bee a

    itz oh kay ta cuzz yur co werkerz.... til ya canna cuzz noe mor..... just bee coz they iz a bigger pain in de azz...... than famillee memburrs.... N thatz one big azz pain in de azz....holly day ♥

    1. lol that has to be one big pain in the ass
      Cuss them out in mass

  19. Litterbox cleaning day oh no.
    I already do that every day, don't you know?

    Do nothing day is more my style.
    Think I'll try it for a while.

    1. That is a great day
      Celebrate it and just say what the hey

  20. I could use a do nothing day at my bay
    In fact I could use a few of them in succession. LOL.

    1. haha a whole week
      That would be fine at your creek

  21. I wouldn't mind more holidays
    I wouldn't mind eternal vacation phase
    Give me a reason, and I'll celebrate
    Just not at my work plate

    1. Yeah eternal vacation would be great
      To that I can relate

  22. I wouldn't mind a do nothing day all year long, smiles ~

    Hope you are enjoying the summer Pat ~


    1. Yeah that would be fun
      Enjoying the summer run

  23. Nothing Day or at least a Payback Day
    Can make everyone thinking what to say
    Found wanting
    Doing nothing
    No one to bother and just 'sit' or 'stay'


    1. Sit or stay
      May even play dead
      Oh the dismay
      Off with his head

  24. Do Nothing Day is always the best day at
    Our casa

  25. Lets make every Friday and every Monday a holiday.

  26. I'm going to try singing like a fish now. It sounds like fun!

    1. haha good luck with that
      Might hurt the ears of the cat

  27. I can see that some of these days
    that the cat created
    would not be appropriate for a Hallmark card
    which is probably good, since cards can be over rated.


    1. Yeah Hallmark might snub them all
      But oh well, work for my wall

  28. Suck a finger day!!!!!

    Holy crap, I think this might be my favorite so far. I TOTALLY loved this. Loved. <----repeated for emphasis.

    Mr. Hatt, I feel like a celebrity just knowing you. ;-)

    1. haha pumping the cat's ego up tonight
      But yeah such things take flight

  29. Every day can be a holiday

    especially in May

  30. Smash a printer day?
    I'm there!
    Do you have a big sledge hammer to spare?

    1. I can find one or two
      Here at my zoo

  31. I think we all celebrate
    a 'rhyming cat day'
    every day :)

  32. If I had my way
    We'd have Nap Day
    I think Friday would be good
    So everyone could
    Rest up for the weekend
    And have fun with their friends!
    Then when Monday rolled around
    Nap Day II could be found!

    1. That sounds great
      Should be a fate
      All can get behind
      Then everyone can unwind

  33. Any excuse for a holiday is ok by me.
    Lets me sit around and be lazy.
    But I like your idea of smashing a printer day.
    Help the anger management to be kept at bay.

    1. Work out some stress
      The postage machine is what I'd like to leave in a mess

  34. oh man, take a dump day had me laughing out loud over here. thanks! i never know what funny ass punch to the face i'm liable to experience here:)

    1. haha the cat has many up his sleeve here
      Just never know what is in store from my rhyming rear

  35. Do nothing day, sounds like a plan to me.

  36. Clean the litter box day is every day.
    More than once a day.
    Never ending delight
    Don't stop or it won't smell right!

    1. Never stop at my sea
      Do it right after they pee

  37. How 'bout Eat What You Want Day
    Calories a big fat Zero
    I could go for that
    A sandwich? A hero!

    1. That would work in theory
      But when the weight came on one may not be cheery

    2. Ah, but that's what is cool
      On that day calories magically disappear
      Leaving one rule
      Eat free and clear

    3. Well that would be grand
      Market that and make a ton across the land

  38. Oh man... there are so many Holidays we can do without. Like Presidents day... who cares?

    1. Yeah scratch them all
      Works for my hall