Thursday, April 30, 2015

Are There Loos In Zoos?

And here we are the end of the a to z at my bar. Now my break is through and I have to come up with topics at my zoo. Yeah, that's not hard to do. Especially since I write this it is October at my zoo. For z it is just that, zoos will be yapped about by the cat.

My zoo isn't a zoo.
That much you knew.
Then again there is a door,
So we really can't explore.

For our own good,
We're told at our hood.
Those cars are scary.
Moving things that aren't hairy.

Anyway, on with it.
Zoos sure are a hit.
But are they wise?
Some let loose cries.

They get enraged.
The poor animals caged.
Go on and on and on,
From dusk to dawn.

There may be a point,
To their yapping at ones joint.
But then on the flip side,
Saves some from an extinction ride.

Humans kill off most,
Drive them away from coast to coast.
Then they stick them in a zoo,
And save them from extinction coming due.

A big helping hand there, right?
My, start and stop the plight.
Humans really see into the future quite far.
Maybe their brains are filled with tar?

But then the good ones save.
So that is a good path they pave.
Plus they need dough to do so.
So humans visit high and low.

A win win for the good ones.
Not so much for the ones that suck tons.
They are just after the money.
But you get to pet a bunny.

In this day in age,
Are zoos even still the rage?
So do you picket,
Or buy a ticket?

Been to a zoo? Think they are evil without a clue? So ends the a to z. Another year it has been done by me. Hopefully the cat didn't ruffle too many feathers with his rants. If so, go step on some ants. They taste good too. You can trust my zoo. Or you can just give me sass. Works fine for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Full Booth Of Youth!

So the cat touched on this here and there as we did the a to z at my lair, but why not give it a full blown go. For Y we step on Youth's toe.

Question the state,
Death is your fate.
Whoops, not that.
Falling in line is where it's at.

Schools have no money,
But war mongers live sunny.
Lessons are taught a certain way.
Tell the truth? Pfffft eat hay.

A medal for everyone.
Just show up and run.
You only need to go an inch.
Screw first or second trying to clinch.

Go and run a muck.
No, simply does suck.
Who needs any of that.
No discipline allowed, dingbat.

Post the day online.
That is just fine.
Cyber attack from mommy's basement.
That is a great space to vent.

Live the dream.
Follow the stream.
College is where it's at.
Whoops, no job promised, drat.

Be the same.
Screw your name.
You are just a number.
Remember that as you slumber.

One, two, three!
I will scold thee.
Counting means harm?
Pffft sorry, three's not a charm.

Sit and eat,
Everything is sweet.
Play that game.
Exercise is lame.

So conform today.
That is the way.
No imagination in life.
Live for the strife.

Yep, glad I was born when I was indeed. Not as much of this crap at my feed. Pathetic how everyone and everything is just becoming the same. That is completely lame. But dumb PC, PTA and sue happy nuts who talk out their butts, sure made it that way. Stick your PC I say. But you knew that would come to pass as anything PC can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Forget The Spit And Xerox It!

Now we are on to a big one, that seems to hit many under the sun. The copy cat. They want to xerox that. Yep, xerox is the word of the day as X in the a to z comes to play.

That looks great.
Gets no hate.
I want it too.
It's mine, it's true.

Never xeroxed it.
It is my hit.
I never copied at all.
Plagiarism is so last fall.

Artistic license is what it is.
Hey, we are all in the same biz.
I changed the names around.
A few new words are found.

That makes it mine.
Just give the peace sign.
Peace and love my friends.
Trust the hippie dippie life trends.

I reposted a post.
Fine by this host.
I borrowed it from another.
You going to cry to your mother?

Wait! I mean it was mine.
They stole it down the line.
I just back dated it.
See, was my first hit.

Everything is the same.
Forget the xerox claim.
That is my original work.
Hmmm a conundrum seems to lurk?

Original yet the same?
That is my claim.
It is original to each name.
Other than that it is the same.

Pfft I'm not digging a hole.
Come and pay the toll.
Read, play, watch my work.
Xeroxing is such a perk.

It didn't take much time.
Forget that it's a crime.
It is original with my name anyway.
Come and give me your pay.

Ever been xeroxed at your sea? My stuff is rather crazy, so I doubt it here. But other spots maybe from my little rhyming rear. If it is online they will trespass and could easily make me a xeroxed little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Today At My Sea We Be Worry Free!

So W could go many a way. Could blab on about wheat at my bay. But I'll save that for another day. Another day may not come you say? The reason for the W post at play. For the a to z Worry joins the fray.

Worry about time.
Worry about grime.
Worry about money.
Your day's no longer sunny.

Worry turns to stress.
Life's just a mess.
Worry about stressing.
Stress gets a new dressing.

Now you're dressed to worry,
At the drop of a snow flurry.
No matter what comes due,
Worrying becomes you.

Worry about rain.
Worry about pain.
Worry about the norm,
Worry takes a new form.

Worry dressed as stress,
Leaves life more than a mess.
In comes the disease,
Making you weak in the knees.

Worry turned to health.
Now health and wealth.
Worry screwed you over,
Like a leg humping rover.

Worry about all life.
Worry about all strife.
Worry about death.
Worry with each breath.

Trapped in a maze,
A worrisome gaze.
Nothing left to do,
But worry the day through.

Worry about air.
Worry about nothing rare.
Worries are the trend.
Worries are at an end.

Death becomes you.
Way early it comes due.
Worried into a grave.
The path you pave.

Did I worry you today? Are you worried at your bay? I'm worried I may worry the worried people into worrying more. Nah, not really worried about that at my shore. Why bother worrying about useless crap? Do you want to be a dead early chap? Screw worrying, just give sass. It works for my non worrying little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Price Of Nice!

Now we all know the cat is far from nice. I like to chow down on mice. That sure isn't nice, right? Plus you know those things that take flight. Yeah, I eat those too. Whatever will I do? Oh yes, nice. Let's go with that and put the eating things on ice.

Nice to you,
Nice to me.
That gets a yippee.
R's Great Post for me.

Just fit that in.
Not a sin.
Is R even still around?
Bet he's still found.

Niceness is great.
Should be everyone's fate.
A common trait.
Like dessert near a plate.

But what is nice?
Do it and pay the price.
Nice can lead to much.
Like users and such.

But been there done that.
So no need to chew that fat.
Chewing fat is great.
What? You can't relate?

See, nice to one, isn't nice to another.
Nice to you may not be nice to your brother.
So being nice can leave a chill.
Nice becomes something that makes people ill.

Flip it that way,
Nice with smoochies at ones bay,
Yeah I said it.
I'll take the hit.

Makes many gag.
The gag plays tag.
All around do it.
See, not a nice smoochie fit.

Nice is a universal thing?
Pfft not unless all are puppets on a string.
Ultron will prove that wrong.
Yeah, he sang a Disney song.

So be nice, be mean.
Use ice if you smell unclean.
Some things are universal mean.
But nice? Depends on the drinking canteen.

Wasn't that nice? Hey, I didn't charge a price. That sure is nice of me. Ever get dinged for being nice at your sea? See, nice isn't all it is cracked up to be. Some cats think it is nice to sit on a mat and pee. Thankfully not I or Cass. That is just nasty to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Must See Violence Spree!

We have to top ourselves today. Let's blow things up at my bay. Let's chop off a head. Watch as that evil guy is dead. With the a to z we go on another violence spree.

Blame the TV,
Blame the video game.
That is what kids see,
Parents aren't just lame.

Follow the PTA.
Go all PC.
That is the way.
It's the media spree.

They lop of a head.
They shoot people up.
Put a horse head in bed,
Hey, beats food for a pup.

The media is the blame.
That is the stance.
None of it is tame.
All it takes is a glance.

Pffft give the cat a break.
Go jump in a lake.
Maybe choke on some cake.
Oopsy, in violence did I partake?

Burnt at the stake.
That must be swell.
A noose we can make,
To send all to Hell.

A sword to the gut.
A club to the head.
Burnt in a hut,
While sleeping in bed.

Poison in your cup.
An arrow to the heart.
Attacked by a pup,
Relieved of a certain part.

All have been done.
All nasty as can be.
And with their killing fun,
Guess what at your sea?

There was NO media what so ever!
And more violence came due.
Now don't you feel clever?
Sorry PC idiots, but screw you.

Now violence in the media may and does make one dumbed down to it. So when they see it they don't give a umm spit. But causing nut bags to be nut bags? Yeah, kill those brain cells with your weed drags. Excuses for humans being a violent race as "civilized" they pretend to embrace, is all it is. Humans were waaaay more violent before the media biz. So that excuse is as likely as violence being caused by the gas from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Used And Abused!

Don't you love the users? They can sure be amusers. What, that isn't a word? Pffft the cat has a whole herd. Anyway, they can be amusers if you know before hand. Then you can ignore in your land. So for U in the a to z we go with Used at my sea.

Used and abused.
Leaves you confused?
Used and abused.
Leaves you amused?

A tit for tat.
Laugh or splat.
A high or low?
Only you know.

Or maybe you do not.
Used wasn't caught.
They got the win.
They did you in.

Starts with an ask.
A simple little task.
Then ends with a boom,
Causing you doom.

Borrow a little money?
Ha, you really are funny.
Stay at your place?
Hell no, in my serious face.

On with life.
No used strife.
Happy as can be.
On them I pee.

Borrow a little money?
Sure, how much honey?
Stay at your place?
Sure, you can have this space.

On with life.
Used and full of strife.
Used and broke.
Used and stuck with a permanent bloke.

Nice and used,
Leaves users amused.
They sucked you in.
You filled their tin.

Now left screwed.
Ate up and chewed.
You're scarred and cut,
While off the user will strut.

Ever been used and abused at your sea? They all need a kick to the knee. Thankfully a big fat no keeps me free from a user foe. They can stick it in their ear or in their rear, whatever they like, as I tell them to take a hike. Some aren't even used to sass. They can just stay far away from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Back For The Third Time And Stopping Crime!

So we are still taking a break from getting you all huffed and puffed. Today the bookshelf needs to get a little more stuffed. That is right, for the third year in a row at my site, T in the a to z stands for Tarsier Man back with adventures for thee.

The nut was on patrol.
He sure likes to stroll.
Then he gets under attack.
The bad guys what to prove him a hack.

His old foes return,
To make him feel the burn.
But the bug eyed creep,
Gives them an eye popping peep.

Then a huge gorllia comes into play.
I guess that baboon went another way.
A bad guy wanting to rule all.
He wants to mount Tarsier Man on the wall.

Next Tarsier Man needs to eat.
He wishes for a treat.
But he burnt his toast.
With that he can't boast.

So he goes to a place,
Where eating they embrace.
Humans call that a restaurant, right?
Next comes another plight.

The food is alive.
How can Tarsier Man survive?
The food is ready to fight.
It could be a long night.

Then Tarsier Man searches far and wide.
He wants to fill many with pride.
He wants a good sidekick.
He has many from which to pick.

They line up down the street,
Dancing to his Tarsier Man beat.
But then comes a bad  guy.
He dresses as a sheep and is rather spry.

A new foe not from a toe.
All the sidekicks run high and low.
Except one who stays to fight.
Will he have the sidekick might?

And there you are. Three more books to add to my sandbar. Getting closer to 50 as the months role on. Soon 50 kids books will surely dawn. Tomorrow we will get back to the a to z sass. You can trust my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Round Thirty Three For The A To Z!

That rhymed so easily, unless you are a z-ed person at your sea. If you are oh well, my zzzz can cause you hell. Anyway, on with the show. For now round thirty three of the search engine crazies is about to be given a go.

which type of boobs boys must needed

Don't they all work? Is there some kind of booby prize perk?

women piss ass

Umm okay. Strange person just go away.

rhyming prophecy generator

I see you falling off a cliff after getting a good gas whiff.

jack bauer wannabe humor

If you say damn more than ten times an hour. You are a wannabe Jack Bauer.

horny santa strip

A bit out of season, but when horny do you need a reason?

hammer it wax that ass

So wax before hammer or hammer before wax? I hope you didn't have to pay tax.

whoopi goldberg feet

Now there is a fetish for the ages. Bet you have signed Sister Act screenplay pages.

animals that rhyme with "in a little bit"

Ummm the fin fish bit? What? That not it?

a bunch of cheetah together with a bunch of deers as friends

The animal kingdom is upside down. If they eat them, will you frown?

clap your hands stomp your feet nod your head say up

Can yo do that and chew gum? That would sure be a feat, chum.

Clothes on a sock cock

Is it cold and you can't make it umm bold?

My face is burning bright

Take up a job as a nightlight. Unless you are a scary sight.

forces within me are staring at me

Wow, that takes skill. Maybe you need to pop a pill?

toilet games to play in the bathroom

Don't even want to know which way your toilet will flow.

sexy kitty come purr with me

Hmmm tempting but no. You need cat nip if you want me to stoop that low.

And the winner just for the A to Z is one I saved for it this year at my sea. They sounded so hard up. Warning, you may spit the coffee back in your cup.

A to Z fruitcakes recipes you can make whoopi to

Ummm does fruitcake do it for you? Who uses whoopi any more for such acts coming due? Maybe it was the Whoopi Goldberg feet search engine nut? Any advice for them from the a to z hut? Maybe there is a blog out there that will help their fetish come to pass. No fruitcakes get violated by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Passing The Re Just For Thee!

Well since the next two posts in the a to z will stray a bit from the stir things up topics from me, I figured we could have a little fun with a Re run. No, I'm not reposting like say Al, not my real name, Penwasser the repost king. This Re is a whole other thing.

Look at every word.
No matter how absurd.
Get ready to strike.
A Re you can like.

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.
Re and garbage can amuse.
Reactive to my rhyme?
Thankfully no reboot crime.

I could reattack something,
Rekindle some old fling?
Rebottle that and sell it.
Might need to reassess that hit.

Zombie feet could reappear.
Gloria would recover her fear.
Maybe recruit some new feet.
It's okay to recuse yourself in defeat.

At least I won't be redenied.
Rebound with some booby pride.
Many would redraft then.
Search engine nuts would be refilled at my den.

See, a need to rexpose the feet.
Did that need a repeat?
Maybe your lunch can be refrozen.
Reimagined for all the chosen.

Reinvesting in the rhyme?
See, no redo type crime.
Repeat, reboot, redo,
A difference between them for you?

Rehashed enough maybe.
No relapses for you to see.
Yeah, I referred to the feet.
Never said I'd reimpose that treat.

Does that leave you with remorse?
Remit that from your horse.
Reopened an old wound?
Rerepeat that to be tuned.

Can you rerepeat a repeat?
Al proved that rescripting feat.
Reshoots may be in need.
You can no be reseated at your blog feed.

Ever notice Re can be used for anything? Even a re-string. Maybe even rerereposting. I guess if you want some blog coasting. Restamp your seal of approval on it. Retwist my arm a bit? Nope, no reposting the feet. Sorry, I know Gloria finds them sweet. Time to retire my Re sass. Feel free to review my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Have A Fit And Quit It!

This day in age the PC police are all the rage. That of course we know as they run to and fro. But what does it create? Lazy at a very high rate. So as Q shows up for the a to z we go on a quitting spree.

Have to lift a finger.
The work may linger.
This cannot be.
This isn't for me.

I will just quit.
See you later, twit.
Time for something new.
A win will surely come due.

What is with all this work?
Where is my added perk?
Doesn't everyone get a trophy here?
This place I just fear.

I need to quit.
See you later, twit.
Third times the charm.
Maybe I'll try a farm.

Damn, this is hard.
That is one big yard.
I just can't.
I'm not a worker ant.

Time to quit.
See you later, twit.
Maybe I can give a tour.
That will be a great round four.

What? I have to walk?
Can't they just gawk?
I have to talk as well?
This job is hard as hell.

I just quit.
See you later, twit.
Not something I'll ever do.
These employers don't have a clue.

Maybe I'll go back to school.
There I will rule.
We all get even grades.
I can even wear shades.

Damn, this is hard stuff.
I have had enough.
There is just no work to spare.
I'll be a twit on welfare.

What was that? The real world doesn't have everyone at an even stat? Not everyone gets an award? Work can be hard and make you bored? Wow, I mean who knew? That just can't be true. Pffft no wonder lazy asses just sit and stare. The PC police need to get hung up by their underwear. Oh no I said something crass, they may come after my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

No Need To Cower As Everything Has The Power!

You humans sure like to use the same word to describe everything there at each and every wing. I guess not just electricity creates power. On power you never sour.

All it takes,
Even in earth quakes,
And this or that,
Is power of scat.

Whoops, not that.
Ignore the cat.
The power of one,
Will get things done.

The power of will,
Will climb that hill.
The power of two,
Can just umm screw.

The power of now,
Can make all go, wow!
The power of habit,
Helps you grab it.

Are you catching on,
To this power con?
Take any word and add power.
Then you'll be in for a power shower.

The power of positive thought,
Will sure do a lot.
The power of you.
Boy, that power needs a clue.

The power of winners,
Usually end up sinners.
The power of a phone call.
See, can do it too at my hall.

The power of writing,
Just turn down the lighting.
The power of determination,
Might get you some admiration.

The power of love,
Makes a happy dove.
The power of God,
Can make many kiss a cod.

Damn, that word is great.
Screw electricity at my gate.
I'll go with the power of rhyme,
And have a powerful time.

Ever notice the word power around so much? Have a power you use to reach out and touch? Could go all math with ten to the power of this or that. But that would bore the cat. Now I am done with my power sass and off I go with my powerful little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Politic Away From A Very Nice Day!

So as we continue on with the a to z along comes P at my sea. Have to keep with the theme of ruffling some feathers here and there, so for P going all politics at my lair.

Candidate 1 vs. Candidate 2,
The third gets a big screw you.
Who is the bigger blow hard?
Maybe the one with more lard?

More lard to hide the lies.
Promises that once elected dies.
The ying and yang of the matter,
Is only their wallets get fatter.

Out for you or me?
Pffft better help from fish in the sea.
No matter the side,
And the fake filled pride,

They are all full of shit.
Could need some ex-lax for it.
But they got that at the yap.
As they continue to flap.

Everything in the shitter.
But no one should be bitter.
Just listen to what we say.
Who cares if we do it the same old way.

Candidate 2 had an affair.
They can't run a whole lair.
Candidate one is against owning a gun.
The NRA says right away they're done.

Who cares about the topic at play,
All about the crap they did the other day.
Not what they are going to do,
Not that it will be anything new,

But about what has been done.
Crap like reality TV has spun.
Yep, that's the way.
Dirty them up like a litter tray.

That doesn't matter though.
For the one who wins sucks the most umm toe.
Take the kickbacks err umm donations from big pharma and such.
They will see you win in the clutch.

Right or wrong, what is that?
All about making my wallet fat.
With Candidate 1 or Candidate 2,
The only difference is how much they kiss ass and moo.

There you go, the cat has done political at his show. Things may rearrange but nothing will ever change as long as the same crap comes around the bend. Those big companies just like to lend. Then they get what they want in the end. Waste more money with campaigns than what the average tax payer in their lifetime will get to spend. But they are all given a pass. Sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Opinions At Play Here Today!

For O comes a big one for some. They like to talk them out their bum. I don't know how that can literally be done, but they find a way, bar none. Opinions we get to today as we continue on the a to z way.

Mine is right.
Yours is wrong.
Want to fight?
Then sing along.

You must agree.
You must give in.
I'll kick your knee,
If I can't win.

You can't like it.
You must hate that.
Hear my big fit.
Come chew the fat.

You must love this.
You must partake.
Come get bliss,
Or drown in a lake.

My review is correct.
Everything is spot on.
Nothing did I neglect.
Go roll on the lawn.

This means war.
This means death.
I'll kick in your door,
You've taken your last breath.

All because you disagree.
It is carved in stone.
My opinion is right you see,
Throw a dog a bone.

Sacred is my word.
Without it you'd be lost.
You are just absurd,
That will surely cost.

There is no other way.
There is no other choice.
Listen to what I say,
Just sit back and rejoice.

Conform and enjoy.
Live and let live.
But don't be coy,
If not my way I won't forgive.

Don't you just love it when you get nuts who think their opinion is 100% correct? They just stand so erect. There is no other way. No way they can be wrong in what they say. Live like me or I'll pitch you in the sea. Pffft the cat hears better advice from the gas that comes out his little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

So You Say Normal Is The Way?

The cat has heard it a time or three here at his rhyming sea. You have to be normal they say. Or you have to follow the norm at your bay. Something clever like that. Note, clever was sarcasm from the cat. So for the A to Z we go on a Normal spree.

Get a job.
Don't be a bum like Bob.
Work the 9-5 like a drone.
Sit, type, and answer a phone.

Don't draw outside the lines.
That may get you fines.
Stay in the comfy box.
Make sure to check those locks.

You can't stay in.
That isn't a win.
Go out and drink like the rest
You want to pass the social test.

Join our lame game.
It is not a shame.
Follow the crowd.
Stand up nice and proud.

Drink the water.
Don't be a plotter.
That Kool-Aid is too great.
The norm is your fate.

Normal was set by us.
Don't kick up a fuss.
It is just the way it is.
So plop, plop, fizz, fizz.

Take the normal pill.
You will get a thrill.
As in be like the undead.
Sorry, you still have to get out of bed.

Normal means you are great.
Nothing new is your fate.
Be normal like the rest.
That sure is best.

Don't have a thought of your own.
Cross the street at the tone.
Be like everyone.
Now that is true fun.

Original thoughts are bad.
They make society mad.
Normal is always in.
So stick with it for the win. 

Pffft says the cat. Normal can surely scat. If anyone wants the cat or Pat to be normal at any sea. Come here and in your shoe we'll pee. I may have better aim than Pat. Do you strive to be "normal" at your blog mat? I hope you take a pass. Normal is so boring to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Upon High With This Cry!

Today we go with a thing that has more names than me. But we'll stick with its main name today at my sea. For M marijuana is at play. Let's hope the dope heads have a very nice day.

Marijuana is so great.
It has a common trait.
Not only does it get you high.
But it will make it so you can't die.

Yep, you will be immortal with it.
Death will never take a hit.
You will live life forever.
Smoke up and be clever.

It will cure Ebola.
Forget Coke a Cola.
It is the best around.
No disease will ever be found.

It takes all pain away.
Listen to what we say.
Marijuana will cure everything.
Cut big pharma's string.

Join the revolution today.
Cure all disease at play.
Marijuana is the best.
It passes every test.

We are not high.
Pfft we'll never die.
We'll preach until the cows come home.
Our medical evidence is lost in Rome.

But trust us anyway.
We'd never lead you astray.
Go get your card.
It isn't that hard.

Say you got this or that.
You will get a card, stat.
You stubbed your poor toe.
Wow, a marijuana card will show.

Now you can smoke all day.
Forget about making pay.
Be a pot head 24/7.
You'll be in heaven.

Brain cells die every day.
You don't need them all anyway.
Smoke up and join the cause.
Ignore those pesky marijuana laws.

Pfffffft says the cat. If it cured everything going there is no way it would be kept under a hat. Now top grade cannabis oil I have actually witnessed cut tumor growth. So it is possible for some it can help cancer go south. And if it works to make actual, not a stubbed toe, pain go away, power to anyone I say. But claiming it will cure everything under the sun just makes one sound like brain cells have been killed a ton. There is obviously some healing properties within the plant somewhere. So what do you think at your lair? Are you part of the "It cures everything mass?" I'm done weeding, get it, through such things with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Watch Your Eye With A Lovey Dovey Fly!

So today for L the cat thought he'd go for a lovey dovey spell. Yeah, I put a spell on you. No, not repeating some Hocus Pocus song at my zoo. Love it is for today's a to z biz.

Love is so great.
To nothing it can relate.
Love sure beats hate.
Just look at the divorce rate.

Whoops! Look away.
Don't believe what I say.
A 50% or more divorce rate,
Doesn't mean it isn't fate.

That third marriage is love.
It was sent from God above.
The first two were only love for a little while.
But that love cramped my style.

You have to have it!
You need a love fit.
Get it right away.
You need love play.

You can't be alone.
Throw a dog a bone.
Get love right now.
Love can just wow.

Force it if you must.
It's love, not lust.
You need to be like everyone.
Love needs to be done.

Get with it today.
Love we say.
It is as easy as can be.
Forget everything else for thee.

Movies make it easy.
They may be cheesy,
But they show love is easy.
Two hours and love is always pleasy.

One hour a week,
Love can take a peak.
That is all you need for it to work.
TV is such a knowledgeable perk.

Do what the media and society commands,
Give in to their growing demands.
Love, get married and procreate.
Love will always be your fate.

Don't you just love how you humans make it so easy and it ends up dead. No wonder the divorce rate is what was said. Society, media and the like all push and push more for one to take love's hike. Who cares if it is really there. You just have to have it to be "normal" at your lair. Pffft to that bunch of sass. I'll just stick to loving my own little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hold Up A Phone And Get Known!

So it seems everywhere far and wide people are no longer wanting to hide. They snap everything they do and then stick it online for all to view. They want to get Known and so that is today's a to z tone.

Hold the phone,
I'll get known.
Give me a snap.
No longer a sap.

Look at my umm junk.
I mean in my trunk.
Look at me sing.
I can bat around string.

Known like a cute cat.
I'll surely take that.
1,000,000 youtube hits,
Sure isn't the pits.

I can juggle and dance,
Maybe add in a prance.
I can steal a car.
Wow, I didn't get very far.

I am so cool.
Look, I can drool.
I can even rant away.
Hey, works for my bay.

I just want to be known.
A warm tingly tone.
That is what I want.
No unknown at my haunt.

Bring in the fame.
I'll do things not tame.
Like that cinnamon challenge thing.
Who cares if death is given a ring.

I will get known.
Fame for my final groan.
That is something of worth,
Even if I'm no longer on Earth.

Maybe I'll spur a reality TV show.
Hey, you never know.
Could pay dividends to my estate.
Add food to someone's plate.

So make me known.
Pick up that phone.
Snap what I do,
For all in the world to view.

Do you think you humans wanting to be known, like a dog loves a bone, has gone too far? What is the point at ones sand bar? Millions of people you never met like you? Whoopdi friggin doo. But to each their own. Good luck to all wanting to get known. I'll be happy with my singing bass and just being a little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Clearing The Air At My Lair!

So every now and then the cat hears people go on about the air at their den. Not always pollution wise, but yeah that can hurt the eyes. Instead about how you need fresh air. Hmmmm is that like a dare?

You need to get out.
Fresh air out and about.
Enjoy the fresh air.
It is ever so rare.

Pfffft is what I say.
Here at my bay.
Fresh air is still a thing?
To that you can cling.

Air inside comes from where?
Ummm stumped at your lair?
Still can't get it?
My no wonder you have an air fit.

Air inside comes from outside!
Is that a blow to your pride?
Poor poor you.
Whatever will you do?

The fresh air is everywhere.
Or fresh as it can be at your lair.
For if you live in any city,
The air you should pity.

Smog up the butt.
Safer at your hut?
Nope, air still gets in.
Damn, you just can't win.

Get out and play.
Enjoy a sunny day.
Get out and run.
Get out and have fun.

All of those can be done.
All of those are a fine run.
They are all true.
But fresh air, sorry not so at your zoo.

Unless maybe you are going far.
Driving where there isn't a tall building or car.
Then the air may be fresh.
Then maybe the saying can mesh.

Otherwise it doesn't pass the test.
So you humans can give the fresh air a rest.
Air inside or out,
Is the same air all about.

Use that saying at your sea? Of course it is different inside if you purify it will glee. Or work in a manure building or such. Maybe a refuse place with nasty things to the touch. But for the most part it is the same. So the fresh air thing is just lame. Now I am done with my air sass. It certainly isn't fresh when it comes from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Don't Choke On The Joke!

In the land of PC the joke has become an obscurity. You can't say a damn thing without being prejudice against something or another. People act like you just shot their mother. So for the a to z we look at the joke at my sea.

A joke is had.
Some get mad.
Some get glad.
Some even by a tad.

Joke's on you,
A time or two.
Joker is up.
Bit of a hiccup.

Joke about all.
Oops offended a hall.
It happened to one.
So should be said to none.

Step on a toe,
And away you go.
Get the yank.
You walked the plank.

They want your head.
Meaning want you dead.
Blows up on Twitter.
Your joke made all bitter.

You can pick on Google,
People will oogle.
You can pick on Obamo or Harper or ...endless list,
Most won't get pissed.

But say something about life,
You'll piss off a house wife.
Then come the PTA,
Wanting you to retract what you say.

When who did you hurt?
Did any blood spurt?
Was it directed at a a certain man, woman, child?
Was it waay more vulgar than mild?

Most times the answer is no.
But can the PC police let it go?
Nope, it was just oh so bad.
You shot down that latest fad.

You made fun of the truth.
Can't have that at any booth.
So give a joke a poke,
And get stabbed by a bloke.

Ever get offended by something just out there is space? They said something that made your heart race. But it wasn't directed at you and wasn't hateful, down right mean or something super vulgar that made you stew? Why get upset? Just for fun was a safe bet. Damn PC police need to take a hike or get run over by a bike. All just need to give a whoopdi friggin doo. A joke is a joke whether about a politician or the loo. Those two things go hand and hand in the same social class. Look, it can be done by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Only One Intelligent Way On Display!

Intelligence you humans seem to hold in high command. It is talked about across the land. From that Einstein fellow to an ape who can distinguish that a banana is yellow. So for the a to z today some intelligence will be at play.

Smart is smart.
Forget walmart.
They aren't smart.
They just push a cart.

Show a butt crack or two.
They have no clue.
Push and pull,
Of other things their full.

Smart is able to solve math,
Or go down a physics path.
Smart is making things go boom.
Smart is saving all from doom.

Intelligence is only high.
If your SAT reaches the sky.
You know nothing else at all.
So says the writing on the wall.

So you can unplug a loo.
So you can fix a car of two.
So you can find your way home,
When in the deep dark forest you roam.

None of that is intelligence at play. 
You can't talk on Twitter at your bay.
That is just soo wrong.
Go back and play Donkey Kong.

But if you can pump out pills,
Pretending to spot peoples ills,
Or be a blow hard and skirt the law,
Or even get elected by all who saw,

That is as smart as can be.
The only kind from sea to sea.
There is only one way.,
To be considered intelligent at ones bay.

If you hold a door,
Or complete a crummy chore,
Or move things about.
You are as smart as a trout.

It is just a given.
Your intelligence level you are livin.
But everything will be okay,
Intelligent people will see you through the day.

Pffft some people sure prove they aren't too wise with their I'm so intelligent cries. That stick up their ass must have took a brain cell killing pass. There are many kinds of intelligence at play and without each one many would drown in the bay. Think there is just one intelligence class? Sorry NSA, you weren't being talked about by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Get A Little Yappy With Happy!

Happy is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Some seem dead set on making everyone hot to trot. They aren't happy unless all others are happy, which in turn makes them a little yappy. Anyway, for the a to z today we go the Happiness way.

Don't worry be happy.
Yeah, just sit back and have a nappy.
Being happy will pay the bills.
Happiness has some thrills.

Happiness isn't obtained through money.
What planet are you living on, honey?
Are you living in a cloud?
If so, damn you must be proud.

It may not bring happiness up the ying yang.
But when have you heard a rich person go, dang!
I wish I didn't have all this money,
I'm so sad that it just isn't funny.

Pffft give me a break.
What else can you bake?
Mud makes everyone happy?
My ocd may then get flappy.

Wealth, at least some, = health.
Can't get it with some happiness stealth.
Broke and broken don't mix,
Unless happiness is playing tricks.

Could love your job,
Even love old husband Bob.
But if you can't pay the rent.
You may not love that street corner tent.

Do what makes you happy.
That sounds so snappy.
Then the money will come.
I hope you have a rich mom.

Happiness is a blank slate.
To it everyone can relate.
It means the same to all.
Just read happy on the wall.

Pffft to that too.
Some people are happy sniffing glue.
Not that it is something you should do.
Some are happy cleaning the loo.

Happy = health, wealth, comfort and peace of mind.
All of them go together and form a bind.
Yes, you can be positive without all four.
But is positive the same as the happiness tour?

The cat will let you judge that, as it is different for every single world doormat. Step on in to each person's life and their happiness is different to what takes away the strife. But those that say money doesn't buy happiness at least in some way, already have their needed pay. Or they are just a liar passing gas. Not clogged with gas makes me a happy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stirring Up Heaven Today At Seven!

Oh where the cat will go for this a to z show. Topics that will stir many up. Maybe even make some spit what they drink from a cup. The cat isn't afraid to go anywhere. So for G away we go with a godly affair.

God helps those who help themselves.
Damn, so I do all the work putting up the shelves,
Yet he helped me and gets credit?
If he has an ego I guess I fed it.

He can sit and do nothing at all.
Let humans do all the work on this spinning ball.
Then get the credit for everything, small or big.
Pffft that is sure one sweet gig.

God works in mysterious ways.
The equivalent of an unending maze.
No matter what happens in life,
Whether great or tons of strife,

It is just one big mystery.
Damn, who needs history.
Who needs a reason?
It's just a mystery no matter the season.

God only knows!
Which way the wind blows?
No need to answer anything anymore.
Just say that as an encore.

Who, where, why or what,
Are all just stuck in a rut.
God has the answers but he isn't sharing.
So shrug and say he knows without caring.

It's a God given right.
Umm so anything can take flight?
Free will was given,
And here we are livin.

So anything is a right.
Damn, that is a fright.
But whoops there is sin.
That may do you in.

Sin is oh so bad.
Not a fun time to be had.
You may go to a bad place.
Get your own fiery space.

Oh, but murder and repent.
God won't get bent.
Say you don't believe and hell is your spot.
But murder and repenting makes all hot to trot.

Yep, you humans and your god sure work in mysterious ways. Did I hit a nerve with today's craze? So fun to do. As said, I'll go anywhere at my zoo. Look, not struck down and still alive and kicking. I guess he can take some picking. After all humans made all of the above crap up anyway. Just like any other idiom at play. Now I am done with my sass from my non God fearing little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Fluck For Luck!

So for F we go for the gold. A fluck will take hold. Don't you love to say it? It is so pucking great. Can't you just bucking relate? Do you get my mucking drift? My, you are trucking swift.

What the buck?
I have no luck.
Want to cluck?
It won't suck.

I hate that chuck.
Worse than a duck.
One cocky guck.
Must be awe struck.

What is it schmuck?
Do you want a truck?
A kiss for luck.
You're still a cluck.

Get the puck off the ice.
That just isn't nice.
A puck for luck.
Could be love struck?

Would you rather a bleep?
Or a meep meep?
Oh what the duck.
I'll just say pluck.

Stuck with pluck.
That will suck.
Stuck in guck.
Some messy muck.

Stuck is the way,
From bay to bay.
Strange humans woe.
Saying pluck on the go.

Think it is cool,
Letting pluck drool?
Every second word,
Truck flips the bird.

My, you sound smart.
Take that to heart.
Luck your way through life.
Hey, might please a wife.

Buck up!
Fill a cup.
Yuck most will say.
But you can go on flucking away.

I think you got the drift. I know you are swift. Don't you love people who think it is cool to say bleep every second word on display? It must make them fill big. Maybe they dance a jig. When things really need emphasis let it fly, no one is going to die. But does it really need to be said every second word? Do jokes with bleep this and bleep that make it more absurd? What the truck do I know class. I'm just a bleeping little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Twisting And Turning With Some Earning!

So as we continue on our way across the a to z bay we come to E. And we will yap about money. Yeah, not supposed to do that. Hell, rules never stopped the cat. Earning it is for E and away we go at my sea.

Earnings for all,
So says the wall.
But in the end,
A growing trend.

More on the street.
Rinse and repeat.
Earnings for all.
Whoops, they fall.

Hole in your bucket.
Employers say suck it.
Welfare for all.
Just give them a call.

For those in need,
And bums who can't read.
For the bums should know,
They are stooping rather low.

But they get a free ride.
In that they take pride.
Working hard not to work.
That has to be a perk.

Brag about what you earn.
Make all feel the burn.
Look at that spots car.
It can go really far.

My big big big house.
Could never catch a mouse.
50 rooms just for me.
Who cares if 40 I never see.

And look at my account.
Look at that big amount.
All those zeroes are grand.
Share it across the land.

What was that you say?
The zeroes go the other way?
Bah, 1,000,000 in the hole is fine.
I keep up with the Jones's which is divine.

Look at what I'm earning.
The money I keep churning.
It is oh so great.
Care for more food on your plate?

Hmmm maybe there is a reason people don't talk about what they earn. There could be some things you just don't want to learn. Like your neighbor is a bum or you have a backwards rich chum. Know of any such types? And they still have gripes. Pffft to their backwards or bumming mass. The Jones's can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Little Hair Affair!

What? You think the cat would take Sunday off? Pffft those a to z people can sit and scoff, but the cat will keep on a going with his rhyme showing. Today things get hairy and some people find it scary.

A little hair,
They jump and swear.
Oh friggin no.
Hair does show.

Cat hair or dog hair.
They just can't bear.
It isn't to be.
Whoopi says me.

Yet then they go.
And bend down low.
They kiss a human head of hair.
And they don't swear?

Hmmm strange a little bit.
They don't even spit.
Many do it with cat or dog as well,
And look, they don't raise hell.

So they get lips full of hair.
This they can bear.
Hair and germs surely go in.
But they don't think it a sin.

Yet, find it in food,
And that becomes rude.
Isn't it all the same inside?
Unless that health class lied.

Can't pick it out?
Nope, scream and shout.
Maybe the are just afraid,
That it won't fade.

Instead it will go down,
Then find regurgitate town.
Next it will come back up.
They fear a hairball in their coffee cup.

Then again may be that the hair,
They think could be from elsewhere.
Hmmm yeah that could be nasty as can be.
That would bother my ocd.

Humans sure are strange.
Maybe they should keep their change.
They should just eat from home.
Then no strange hair will roam.

Ever get strange hair? Kiss a head of hair at your lair? Think there is a difference at your zoo? Or do you just not have a clue? The cat is leaning toward the later with you human mass. So confusing to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Just Try It And Diet!

There are nut jobs near and far who think they know it all at their sand bar. That much we surely know. I hope they stub their toe. For D in the a to z we are going with diet. I hope those who don't shut up buy it.

Diet is what you need.
Take it at your feed.
You will lose weight.
It is a perfect fate.

Diet and don't move at all.
The weight will still fall.
It is an oh so special way.
Pffft is all I have to say.

Move more, eat less.
No need to second guess.
See, no special trick.
Wasn't that slick?

Then comes the other way,
Which makes me want to drown one in the litter tray.
To have a good diet you need this and this and that.
Shut up, you dumb dingbat.

Top ten foods you must eat.
They are a tasty treat.
Here chew on this.
Is my foot in your mouth bliss?

The best foods for you.
Eat each one that comes due.
Pffft once again.
I'd stab you with your pen.

Foods that are grand,
For all across the land.
If that were truly the case,
My foot never would have kicked your face.

Such a violent cat,
When food goes splat.
Stuff that looks like a hairball,
Really doesn't do it for my hall.

But anyone out there who says the above,
Will sure never get any love.
I'll flip them the bird and be on my way.
Maybe tell them to stuff it you know where on a good day.

Anyone who thinks one diet works for all,
Or one food works for every single hall,
Is a complete and utter moron.
So don't ever fall for such a con.

Do what works at your zoo and give everyone else a big screw you. If they don't like it that is their cross to bear. Now there are some bad that shouldn't be eaten at any lair, but even those some can tolerate. So do what is best for your fate. Anyone says otherwise give them sass, works for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Big C On A Spree!

So continuing on with things that get a rise is the big C that picks everyone off like flies. Humans or animals we all get it. For a to z we go on a cancer bit.

Cancer, a downer,
Even for an out of towner.
Can strike at any time,
Even if in your prime.

But that we know.
Can even get it in a toe.
The human body is grand.
Too bad you can't kill it with sand.

Instead radiate yourself.
Become a bump on a shelf.
Quality of life down the tube.
Enjoy a nice little ice cube.

Years upon years of giving,
And barely any more are living.
Cancer is still wide spread,
And almost as many drop dead.

Last a little longer maybe.
And can get rid of it if caught early.
But other than that,
It seems to rack up another stat.

But don't let that deter.
Sit there and purr.
Help fund cancer research.
We'll leave it in the lurch.

Billions of dollars a year,
With nothing to show for it we fear.
Still the same way to kill it.
Fight body shit with body shit.

But trust and donate.
Add to our collection plate.
Fund cancer with each bill.
We'll still let it kill.

Then on the flip side,
Fads are far and wide.
Can cure cancer by drinking your own pee.
Sadly, I actually saw that spree.

Nuts on both sides.
Both taking people for rides.
And the why I think you know,
It all comes back to the dough.

There is my rant on that. Cancer has been seen by more than a few close to the cat. Damn, thing is everywhere. Without it, poof billions lost to the big pharma lair. Will there ever be a cure for any of it? Not until something really bad happens then out a cure they'll spit. At least that is my take and sass. Cancer can just kiss my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

On Today's Plate, A Blogland Trait!

Back for B in the a to z. I know that isn't a surprise to thee. Considering I've had these done since October or so. But on with the B at my show. B is for blogland as many new bloggers seem to have their head up their you know or need a helping hand.

Look at me, I'm new.
I haven't a clue.
Or I just don't want to.
Here, buy what's in view.

Buy my book.
Buy it for your nook.
Don't let it dwindle.
Buy it for kindle.

Buying is the name of the game.
Buy so I can get fame.
Nope, I won't visit you.
Nope, I'm not through.

Buy, buy, buy.
I sit upon high.
Buy, buy, buy.
Do more than try.

Pffft do they have a brain cell?
They are lucky they can spell.
Maybe they sold them all in a sale?
Either way, one big fail!

Blogging seems to have gone the way,
Of many just trying to get pay.
Wanting this and that,
With no appreciation for anything at their blog mat.

When the cat started it was one big community at play,
Even when new ones joined the fray.
Now that sure doesn't seem to be the way,
As all are after nothing but pay.

Do they really think it will work?
They are nothing but a wannabe spammy jerk.
Maybe not even a wannabe,
For some who shout from sea to sea.

Is their head too far up their butt?
Maybe it got stuck at their hut?
Many new ones sure don't make the cut.
It's more fun to get butt sniffed by a mutt.

They seem here to stay.
All just trying to get pay.
Not saying a word otherwise,
And the idiots expect people to come like flies.

Seen it at your bay? Think the cat is too harsh on them today? Nah, I didn't think so. Many just start and expect people to show. Guess what though? Not gonna happen and you'll eat crow. I wonder if that is a tastier treat than bass? Either way, such bloggers are ignored by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Let's Adverties The Lies!

So the a to z has begun its run. The cat has decided to give a bit of a theme a run. They will be mainly topics that can get people going. You know I like such a showing. Nothing is off limits at my sea. So for A we tackle advertising and human severe gullibility.

Advertising is the way,
To make lots of pay.
But 90% of it is a lie,
And some may even make you die.

As seen on Dr. Oz!
That should get an applause.
You see such ads everywhere.
Guess what? 95% are a fake affair.

Will make you lose weight fast.
It will be a blast.
Not to mention kill your liver.
But there is no need to shiver.

You will get rich quick.
$5,455.56 an hour if your slick.
Just sign up today.
I guarantee you pay.

Forget what I am saying.
Forget what is even playing.
Just look at that model in the pic.
Don't they just make everything click?

Yeah, you'll look like that.
Just use our product, stat.
Sex sells everything for us.
No muss, no fuss.

Oh and even better for you,
A celebrity endorses it too.
Damn, you are on a roll.
Come and take this truck for a stroll.

Such and such a diva drives it.
It has to be the umm spit.
It will get you all the girls.
It can even do twirls.

Forget the "do not try this at home."
The sexy outcome will still foam.
Believe in what we say.
We want you happy at the end of the day.

You'll look and feel your best.
We beat all the rest.
Who needs fat people showing our stuff.
I think you've heard enough.

Pffft you humans must buy into the nonsense though, as this crap keeps continuing to flow. Sure beats the cat why because there is no magic pill or product that will rain down from the sky. You want something you have to do the work. Some things may be a perk, but they aren't going to go poof and make you look or feel or whatever like what is shown. So just put down your telephone. Save money and give such advertisers some nasty gas. It works well for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.