Saturday, April 30, 2016

All Over, Like Turds To Rover!

Today the a to z is done and I get to use "All Over" for A under my sun. Backwards has its perks. Yeah, it is two words but it still works. Many will be happy it is all over at their sea. Most don't post every day like me.

What else makes you glad?
What else makes you happy?
Maybe even at your pad,
It could make you yappy.

When something is done,
And you can move on.
What kind of end run,
Makes all over and done.

Is it the A to Z?
Now you can rest.
Now you are free.
Did you pass the test?

Is it a job?
The one you hate.
You know, with a snob,
And only done to fill your plate.

Is it a course or test?
Those can drag on.
I prefer to be a pest,
Than to be a pawn.

Is it a show?
Glad it is all over?
Like Under the Dome's glow,
That was more horrible than a feces eating rover.

Is it a trip?
One that you dread?
Like on a leaky ship,
Where you may end up dead?

Is it a date?
Those can sure suck.
You search for your mate,
And pass the buck.

Is it a meeting?
They can be boring.
After the initial meeting,
You may end up snoring.

Is it the cat?
Nah, it can't be.
I chew the fat,
Every day at my sea.

Glad that anything is all over in your life? The stuff that causes strife? Glad the a to z is done? Did you do a backwards run? Can only go forwards and not back? Damn, I'm a talented cat at my shack. So the a to z is all over and done. My break has ceased under my sun. Back to posts about that and this that you can't miss. Well maybe you could take a pass but it would never be forgotten by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Don't Choke You Aren't The Butt Of This Joke!

The cat refers to his rhyming ass at the end of each post. So I may be adding to this phenomenon at my coast. But you humans did it way before me. You seem to have a thing with butts at your sea. So for B in my backwards a to z butts go on a spree.

You can kick butt.
Wowwee, at you hut.
You can kick the place it will least hurt.
Can't even make blood spurt.

You need a kick in the butt?
Are you a nut?
Why do you need a kick?
Too many reasons to pick?

You worked your butt off?
That has to make you scoff.
Did you sell your butt after it fell?
Was it a tough sell?

You butted heads?
Can that be done in beds?
Would the head go to the butt?
Quite the head butt rut.

You busted your butt?
That's a kick to the gut.
Now you are backed up.
Need some ex-lax in your cup.

Get your butt over here.
So you just want my rear?
Is that some weird fetish of yours?
I'm not gonna be any butt fetish scores.

Butt out!
What's that about?
My butt has to leave but I can stay?
That may be tricky, but okay.

I'm a pain in the butt?
How did I make that cut?
I wasn't even near you.
Magical butt pain causing powers at my zoo.

You got a butt I can bum.
Redundant and them some.
Oh a cigarette you say?
Take your lung cancer far away.

My butt is through.
Damn, what a but can do.
Nope, I won't flirt.
Are you butt hurt?

Do you use butt a lot at your sea? I am shaking my head at thee. Maybe you'll be the butt of the joke next time. Could be a butt worthy rhyme. Can substitute in arse and ass too. But that didn't work for B at my zoo. Now I'll go pass some gas out my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Damn, I'm That Where I'm At?

So the cat has seen this done and heard this term used under our sun. I guess they could be me if you think Pat pretends to be a cat at our sea. But the cat really does all the work. Time for my C backwards a to z smirk.

Look at me.
I'm as real as can be.
Just read what I say.
A romance may come your way.

Whoops, I'm just fooling.
I left you drooling.
Silly old me.
See you on my next spree.

Look at me.
I'm as real as can be.
Just read what I say.
A new romance could come your way.

You're such a fool.
I am so cool.
You fell for it twice.
I know, I'm not nice.

But catfishing is so fun.
It just has to be done.
You get to be a cat and a fish.
Isn't that everyone's wish?

But why be fake?
Because one you can make?
To scam a few?
Maybe more than two?

Nah, it's the thrill.
Wait, get that from a pill.
I guess it's just the special way,
That catfish look in the day.

They are wise.
They eat flies.
They swim in their own poop,
And lots of other goop.

Who wouldn't want to be one?
Catfishing is fun.
Don't even need a rod.
Can lie about your bod.

Create the life you like.
Then tell all to take a hike.
Create a new one each day,
Catfishing without the need for a bay.

Are you a catfisher at your sea? All fake and such like the ninja wannabe? Hey, he hides behind a mini me. The cat let's it all fly free. But is it really me? Am I catfishing thee? Sorry, I'm snip snip, so no catfishing romance trip. Have you ever been or seen one? They sure can turn up the fake a ton. I'll stick with the singing bass. He is much nicer than any catfish to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Little Disorder From Every Border!

The cat knew you humans were strange but some are really out there on the range. Actually far far out there. So far left field is bare. Disorders are for D with my backwards a to z.

There is a one,
That can't be fun.
When walking corpse syndrome is had,
The person thinks they are really dead at their pad.

Here's one for you,
It happens to women too.
It is a fear that genitals or breasts are being retracted within,
Shrinking and will cause death to take a spin.

The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine isn't tame,
Yep, that's the actually disorder name,
Happens when a person is startled a ton,
And starts flailing arms and freaking out in front of everyone.

A hit to the brain,
Can be a gain.
You could develop a foreign accent in your speech.
Means Foreign Accent Syndrome is in reach.

A movie dealt with this one,
At least I think with its run.
Alien Hand Syndrome is at play,
When your hand has a mind of its own at ones bay.

Lycanthropy gets a head shake from the cat.
You humans are crazy where you are at.
It means people think they are or are becoming an animal of some kind.
Yep, you humans surely can lose your mind.

Erotomania can sure scare.
So of those beware.
They think a celebrity they may have never even met,
Is in love with them more than any person, thing or pet.

This one is scary.
You eat yourself like a berry.
Self-Cannibalism is the name.
Eating yourself is the game.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome must be trippy.
Maybe one spent too much time as a hippy?
It is when everything seems small.
Your car could seem as small as the photo on your wall.

And last but not least,
Deals with a feast.
Pica is what it is called from sea to sea,
And it is when one eats things of no nutritional value like paint, feces or bark from a tree.

Hmm being a crazy rhyming cat does not sound too bad after all of that. I guess I can steer clear of the looney bin where I'm at. Know anyone with such a thing? I hope you don't have any at your wing. The brain can sure screw with humans near and far. Imagine viewing a real car as a dinky car. The cat will just deal with the gas that comes out his little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Let The Emotions Flow Today At My Show!

Actually do the reverse of the title at my sea. The cat hates the eep-ers and want them to flee. They are hard on the head and ears. Eeeping whether happy or facing fears. Emotion is for E today with my backwards a to z display.

Those that cry,
Those that whine.
Away I'll fly,
They annoy the feline.

Their snot and tears,
Are oh so scary.
Rather sniff some rears,
With a dog who's hairy.

Those that eep,
Can go fly a kite.
Fall somewhere deep,
Along with weepers out of sight.

Out of sight out of mind.
That works for me.
The damn emotional kind,
Stir up my OCD.

Here and there,
I guess is okay.
But if it isn't rare,
Keep the waterworks away.

Emotional constipated is where it's at.
They are much better to the cat.
Unless they grow rather fat.
I wouldn't want to go splat.

They say nothing at all.
They leave me alone.
They don't even call,
And have the same tone.

Plus the phrase is fun.
Emotional constipation.
Although if that is done,
Could be some sort of causation.

A serial killer.
Hmm maybe that's bad.
Could beat the waterworks filler,
Just by a tad.

I'll take the middle.
If I really have to.
They can hey diddle diddle,
And no murder or eeps will come due.

Are you an eep-er? If so the cat may be a bleeper. As in words he can't say to scare you away. Are you a whiner? Damn, emotions could sure be finer. Can't you just give a hateful look like cats? Humans are such dingbats. I guess cats may be emotional constipated in mass. But don't worry, I'm not plotting to kill anyone, yet, with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Feline Way On Display!

Not to be confused with that cowboy movie that had a ghostbuster riding a horse, the cats have another way of course. Did you get the reference at my sea? Or are you still hung up on my backwards a to z?

What you looking at?
 You are scary to the cat.
Look at that bed head.
Are you sure you aren't undead?

You still looking at me?
I have an itch at our sea.
I have no time for you.
I have some scratching to do.

Whoa! You look scary.
 Like something dipped in diary.
Did you come out a cow?
That could explain things somehow.

Bah, I have a toy to chew.
Go away and let it come due.
Or don't go away.
It will still happen as I play.

Come and touch a toy.
It is not a ploy. 
I want to play with you.
Maybe scratch your hand a time or two.

What? You want to lean back?
Pffft not unless you want a whack.
Go sit on the couch.
I am not a grouch.

Yep, they are all mine.
Not a sharing feline.
 So just go away.
You get nothing in which to play.

Don't step near me.
I am warning thee.
Your leg can be a scratch post.
 I'm not a gracious host.

You calling me fat?
 I'm just a stretched out cat.
Worry about your own weight.
You're the one that needs a date.

 Go bug Cass.
She's a moody lass.
You want sass?
Okay, talk to the ass.

That is the feline way. F is for felines if you didn't get that at your bay. I know it was hard to grasp for some. You were just so hung up on my bum. It is now out there for the world to see. Does my bum impress thee? I told you to go bug Cass. But nope, you'd rather see my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

We Can Build It With A Fit!

The cat watched some at the other sea and it was quite the spree. Yep, Profanity Granny, trying to put together a shelf thingy. Her words sure were rather umm springy. She thought she could do it without instructions at her pad. I guess that idea was bad.

This goes here,
That goes there.
Like a head to an ear,
Oops, out comes a swear.

All words were used.
The cat was amused.
No ears were abused,
As things were fused.

This goes there,
That goes here.
Whoops, another swear.
Cats run in fear.

Under the bed,
They go to hide.
The dogs even dread,
Her profanity ride.

This on that,
That on this.
I'll take a bat,
And that won't miss.

A screw goes here,
A screw goes there.
Give a cheer,
Right at her lair.

Whoops, maybe not.
Backwards it was.
Swearing comes a lot,
Ears are abuzz.

The cat watches from afar,
Liking the others all gone.
Worth the trip in the car,
To see such a thing dawn.

Instructions come out.
It gets done quick.
Then comes a shout,
It came out some slick.

Where were you?
Why didn't you help?
A little asshole comes due,
I smirk, not yelp.

Was too fun to watch at my sea. Was that mean of me? The cat sat on the table and watched the show. Cassie was too prissy to give it a go. Hey, it got done and gave the cat fun. Pat or the cat didn't need to help out. We just lazed about. She can be one cranky old lass but she is too slow to catch my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Want Some More Of The Gore?

The cat will create killers today with my backwards a to z display. Yep, it will all be because of me. Damn, I better watch out for the nuts going all PC. Gore is for G as you can see.

Look it's a guy eating heads.
Must be mocking undeads.
Isn't that just bad?
Don't you want to do it at your pad?

Then you can jump like this.
That has to bring bliss.
Be a fashion nazi too.
That has to impress a head eating you.

Don't you love this look?
Go all gory at your nook.
 Take the skin off and stare.
Then you'll truly win at your lair.

You will turn blue.
Now that has to impress you.
You saw it here first.
Go and quench that thirst.

Chop off a face.
A fun embrace.
It has to be done.
Do it for fun.

Then you get new clothes.
You can even pose.
And not smell like shit.
You will be the new it.

Torture away.
It works they say.
A prick here and there,
With no time to spare.

Then you get a big pricker.
That has to help the ticker.
At least yours it will.
Others may not thrill.

Eat some yummy guts.
That will break ruts.
Go all cannibal at your sea.
 It could really be for thee.

 Then hold up a gun.
That will impress anyone.
Give a stern look.
You'll scare away any crook.

Look, there was gore on the screen at my sea. Oh no, people will go nuts on some violence spree. Wait! What? It is fake? Wowee, that gets a head shake. I truly thought all of that was real. Gore sounded like a great deal. I mean it could turn me blue. I was about to try it at my zoo. Pfffft and if you believe anything in this post you are a nut that needs to go to the looney bin at your coast. But then most of this is okay. If I were to show a naked ass the PC brigade would really be at my bay. That is so so so bad. Face chopping is fine to see at any pad. Maybe I'll do that for a? Did you expect zombie feet at my bay? Pffft once more to anything fake, gore or not, making one violent in mass. That notion can just pucker up to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fill Your Cup And Hemp It Up!

The cat is here with H for the a to z today and we are going to join the hemp foray. It seems that it can be used for one and all. We just have to share it at our hall.

You may not know,
But hemp can grow.
Oh, that you knew?
Excuse my zoo.

But there is more,
From shore to shore.
It is said with glee,
That hemp can...let's see.

Make a longer lasting battery.
Get rid of wrinkles for flattery.
Give you better hair.
Pay your bus fair.

Grow wings out your back.
Stop a heart attack.
Make you as strong as a bear.
Pretty up your lair.

Give you big feet.
Make you go into heat.
Get you pregnant without sex.
Counter any hex.

Make you part the sea.
You can also walk on it with glee.
It can even make you rich,
And cure any old itch.

It can do it all.
From winter to fall.
So board the train.
You have much to gain.

It will cure all.
Make you rich at your hall.
Make you president too.
There is nothing hemp can't do.

So if you didn't know,
Now you can just grow.
You can be wise.
Follow those hemp cries.

And if aliens attack,
Hemp will force them back.
It can kill them with ease.
It can even kill fleas.

Pffffft says the cat. Nuts are just out to lunch where they are at. Are you a hemp fanatic at your sea? Might not want to tell me. It has its positives for sure but it isn't an end all be all cure. It can't make your car magically run with no gas. It won't make you get a lad or lass. It also won't make money grow from grass. Not sorry to have made your bubble burst by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Cringer Of The Injure!

That is sure right. The cat cringes on sight. On sight of what you ask? Why the injured hiding behind a mask. Hmm, that may be taken wrong. So let's get on with the backwards a to z injury song.

Look at me.
I'm injured you see.
You have to look.
See? I broke a nail at my nook.

Oh wait! I stubbed a toe.
It is such an injury blow.
It lasted 5 minutes or so.
I need a month off though.

And look at this.
You can't miss.
I just got shot.
It hurt a whole lot.

It was from a Nerf gun.
Those things aren't fun.
They really hurt.
Blood, maybe, sorta, almost, kinda did spurt.

I need the week.
Advice I did seek.
The internet said I could wind up dead,
From a little yank of the hair on my head.

Look at that screen.
It is so serene.
That character just got shot.
They got right back up and into the plot.

Looky! Batman broke his back.
He then hanged like a rib rack.
Now he can walk once more.
That is something I must explore.

He was injured last week.
It was a serious wound from a freak.
Now they are as fine as can be.
TV characters really beat any injury.

Injuries must heal so fast.
Just ask any TV cast.
Their writers are in the know.
They must have been a doctor before joining the show.

My toe injury is bad,
I need time off at my pad.
My bullet injury is okay,
TV says so anyway.

Actually there are people who believe what they see on TV. I've heard a few think they can recover fast from a serious injury. Then we all know ones that whine away about the littlest things at play. That hang nail was so bad. Are you a whiner or TV believer at your pad? Wouldn't it be nice if one could write the injury away? It would make for a fine day. Then you have whiny crybaby sports players too. They get a little boo hoo. Then they take a season off. Their still paid millions, so why scoff? That is the end of my injury sass. I'd rather stay a non-injured little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Jump On In With This Spin!

The cat can jump high. Did you know that I can almost fly? Well I have to land. But pretending to fly can be grand. I usually stick the landing too, sometimes I fly off the counter though at my zoo. J is for jump, in case you aren't over that hump.

Jump into action.
Jump for joy.
You may end up in traction,
But forget that ploy.

Jump on the bandwagon,
Jump the gun.
Pretend you're a dragon.
Hey, it could be fun.

Jump ship.
Jump the shark.
If it's a long trip,
It may leave a mark.

Jump in the deep end.
Jump through a hoop.
You may have to amend,
If you can swim with the group.

Jump their bones.
Jump all over.
Might get some moans,
And impress rover.

Jump to the conclusion,
Jump to the end.
Could be a delusion,
But buck the trend.

Jump start life.
Jump clear of it.
Bones with a wife,
May be a hit.

Get a jump on it.
Jump out of your skin.
It may cause a fit,
And could be a sin.

Jump in with both feet.
Stay one jump ahead.
Some places aren't neat,
You may wind up dead.

If you jumped ship,
And did not partake.
While I'll let loose my lip.
Go jump in a lake.

Can you jump like me? Do you jump sharks with glee? The Fonz would be so proud. You may even draw a crowd. All jumped out today? Ready to jump some more at your bay? Not in a jumping mood? Did you see the jumping of this rhyming dude? I can sure jump farther than bass with my jumpy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Not Just The Mutts In Their Ruts!

The cat has seen it in you humans time and time again. Some really scare me at my den. I run far far away before they crush me at my bay. What am I talking about with my backwards a to z? Why the ones who scare me. Redundant there? You'll get K soon at my lair.

All is fine.
The grace of a feline.
A step or two,
Nothing comes due.

Can walk across a table,
And as if in a fable,
Nothing falls off of it.
Unless we decide to give it a hit.

Then comes the one,
That just has fun.
I mean the mutts.
They are a born klutz.

Everything falls.
Even stuff on walls.
They wag that tail.
They are a klutz without fail.

Klutzes knock everything down,
No matter where they are in town.
They break themselves too.
Whacking things for a boo hoo.

They fall and topple over.
They are worse than rover.
Rover is easy to see.
Humans you never know when they'll go klutzy.

Maybe in a car,
They'll send you flying far.
Maybe in a boat,
They'll make it no longer afloat.

Maybe on a train,
They'll crash it into a plane.
That would take skill.
I'd bet of them crashing it more into a hill.

The klutz has a klutz gene?
They sure can make a scene.
They must have something off.
Maybe drank from an infected horse trough?

Is the klutz born that way?
Can be hard to say.
But the klutz does scare.
Hey, at least they can put on their own underwear.

Are you a klutz at your sea? Know anyone that is as klutzy as can be? If one is nuts and a klutz that would scare me more than huge mutts with no nuts. See what I did there? No klutz at my lair. Pat did know one way back when. He was the klutziest person ever times ten. I'll stick to the singing wall bass. At least he'll never knock anything over onto my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Like Me At My Sea!

We are back and today you will like my shack. You like my shack everyday right? The cat needs you to like it at our site. My backwards a to z must be liked by all. That is just the way at my hall.

Like me, like me!
Come and like my sea.
I want you to like it.
Don't be a twit.

Whoops, I didn't mean that.
Can you forgive the cat?
I want you to like me.
Like me and my sea.

Like me in a tree.
Like me and my flea.
Like me in a car.
Like me near and far.

Like my look.
Like my book.
Like my fur.
Like my purr.

Like my shit.
Like my spit.
Like my hiss.
Like it with bliss.

Come and like.
Or take a hike.
I mean, like, really like.
Like me like a bike.

Oh, and also there is more.
You must like my shore.
Like I mean really like it.
Like everything from fur to shit.

Wait! I said that.
You must like the cat.
I said that too.
But a like should come due.

Love would be grand.
Love gets a hand,
Love and like.
Two I can spike.

And one more thing,
Give Facebook a ring.
Like me and like me.
Get it at my sea?

And if you like to be liked by all, pffffft is all the cat has to say to you at your hall. Won't get any PC out of me to be all likable at my sea. You humans really care what other people think waaaay too much. Yep, way more than a touch. When 99% of other people don't matter or care. But you still want that like at your lair. Maybe even turn into love like fart gas. I can supply that out my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Bad Title Day At My Bay!

The cat has seen a few and some were even good too, but their title was trash which made them gone in a flash. I guess titles sure play in with the TV show spin.

A title can make or break,
Even if it is fake.
TV shows know this,
Except the ones that gave the memo a miss.

Go on!
Quite the con.
Go on what?
Fart from a butt?

Terriers was good.
Title was a wtf in any hood.
Hounds on the run?
That wouldn't be fun.

Don't trust the B.... in Apartment 23.
Wow, you sure got wordy at your sea.
But if you swear and can't say it.
You are just a title twit.

Cougar Town.
That may get a frown.
Old women running wild.
Cougars eating a child?

Life on Mars.
Out in the stars?
Nope, here on Earth.
With a shitty ending of no worth.

The Leftovers.
Hmm again referencing rovers?
Taking food home in a doggie bag.
That show must be a drag.

No need to plant seeds.
Gardening on the go.
Or not, as weeds grow.

Bleep My Dad Says.
Whether or not he wears a fez,
If you can't say it,
You're still a title twit.

How to live with your parents(for the rest of your life)
Wow, someone get a big knife.
Chop that sucker apart.
Sure take wordy titles to heart.

Any TV show titles that are just bad to you? Or maybe more misleading at ones zoo. Those are the few that popped on in. I'm sure there are plenty more to give a spin. Maybe the title creators were just out of creative gas? Sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Little More From Dough To Shore!

The cat takes all, no more needed at our hall. If it is here it is mine. That is the rules of the feline. But that you know, if you don't, you do now at your show. For the a to z and backwards little old me were are on M day and so More is on display.

I want more.
I want it now.
From shore to shore,
Humans have a cow.

From food to get fat,
To lots of money.
More humans spat,
And think it's sunny.

They even want more sun,
Which can be rather dumb.
No rain equals a drought run,
Then more rain they hum.

You cannot please.
The more they shout.
Even need more bees,
But do nothing about.

Bad grammar there,
Could bring more haters.
But what do I care?
I'll feed them to gators.

I want more space.
I want more love.
I want more plastic in my face.
But when push comes to shove,

Whoopsy, I want to sit on my ass more.
That is the way it should be.
I want more to come to my shore,
But nothing extra must be done by me.

That is the way to live.
Nothing for more.
I hope you can forgive,
If I break your more lore.

Actually I don't care.
Of course that you know.
And now you are aware,
That more won't come to the lazy and slow.

But more to those who love Jones's and such,
Are already screwed in the end.
They use credit as a crutch.
On other people's money they depend.

Are you a more, more, more? Can't enjoy what you have at your shore? More when in need can fit the deed. More when a want leaves you with a credit card jaunt. But in the end you'll still have to buck the trend. Whether lad or lass if you want more in mass you'll have to actually take a work pass. You can't be lazy like my feline little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Time To Study So Grab A Buddy!

The cat will go all study with N. Hey, the cat can read at his den. I may forget it the next day but it saves room at my bay. So for the backwards a to z we have nasology for n at my sea.

Some are big.
Some are small.
Some have a wig,
From summer to fall.

Yep, they are furry.
Those kind can scare.
Make your sight blurry,
With all that hair.

All have holes,
As in two.
Maybe even moles,
Could be in view.

Some are twisted,
Broken as can be.
The condition is listed,
As someone punched thee.

Some are in your face,
Always wanting to know.
Just in case you can't embrace,
Nosey is what they are called though.

Are you studying with me?
Do you have a favorite one?
They are different than a knee,
All shapes and sizes are done.

Some work well.
Some do not,
Which can be swell,
If around you is rot.

They grace your face,
Right in the middle.
Look! You got the case,
Hey diddle diddle.

Yep, we're studying the nose.
The big and the small.
They can smell a rose,
Or cat pee down the hall.

So my nasology study is done.
I've found out a lot.
Didn't you have fun?
Nasology has now been taught.

What was that? You learned nothing from the cat? Hmph, you weren't paying attention. Now you get to go to detention. Write nasology out 1000 times on the black board. That would be quite the horde. Do they use black boards any more? Beats me at my shore. Nasology is now a complete class all thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Orange For O With A Rhyme In Tow!

The cat is now at O, by the title that you should know, and he will rhyme orange with ease. There are a few cheats that make it a breeze. But now there is another one. Did you think I'd miss out on a kids book run?

Orange was sad.
No fun was had.
He couldn't get in,
To spin and spin.

He wanted to prance,
And go to the dance.
The cat was there.
A dog got in the lair.

But not him.
Why was it grim?
Because he had no one.
No rhyming fun.

The cat had a rat.
The bat had a gnat.
The dog had a frog.
The hog had a log.

Orange had none.
But he did run.
Worange came to life.
Now he had no strife.

So whenever you can't rhyme orange at your sea just think of me. Worange has been made. She will never fade. Always there to help orange out and to not make him pout. And now another kids book has come to pass from my backwards a to z going little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Don't Dare Without A Pair!

The cat is fine and dandy. I'm snip snip so no pair is handy. Everyone looks the other way as the cat doesn't need to join the pair fray. But some humans sure are nuts. I bet they sniffed one too many an a to z P shaped butts. See how I worked that in? I consider it a win.

Single is bad.
No fun to be had.
You can't have that.
Only if you're a cat.

Or maybe a dog.
But they'll hump a log.
Then eat it too.
Let's stop before we get eww.

Humans need two.
Listen at your zoo.
You can't just be one.
You'll have no fun.

Two is the better hand.
Only way life is grand.
Unless it is Poker,
Then a pair can be beat by any old joker.

Joker as in other player.
Don't be a nay sayer.
Join up today.
You need a pair at your bay.

Pfffft you can't travel alone.
You may break a bone.
A pair will save you.
Alone you'll die in the zoo.

Hey, you went in the lion cage.
It's not all the rage.
A pair would have stopped you too.
Now you're just lion poo.

Can't live alone.
You'll always be on the phone.
Having to call this and that,
Because you'll be lonely where you're at.

The pair is the way.
It brings a brighter day.
Single is just bad.
To be single you must be mad.

So go pair up now.
If not, one may have a cow.
You can even repair your pair.
That is a wise choice at your lair.

Sadly, I've seen many of these. They are worse than fleas. They think single is oh so bad. Meanwhile they have a pair and are miserable at their pad. Think people need a pair even if they don't care? Society says so. So it must be true, you know. Pfffft to that says the cat. Humans are nuts by the pair with plenty of crazy to spare. Now I'm done with my P pair sass, and yep, I'm still a backwards a to z-ing little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just Click Real Quick!

The cat has to get this done. I have to finish my Q backwards a to z run. It just has to be done. I have to get it spun. Come and read, quick. It has to be done some slick.

I am almost there.
I'm almost done.
Nine more at my lair,
Then I can run.

I have to do this.
I have to do that.
I need bliss.
It needs to be done stat.

Come on, get it done quick.
You can't be slow.
No brick by brick.
I want it now at my show.

Send that email back.
Quick you should be.
Give me a reply at my shack.
I shouldn't have to wait on thee.

Give me feedback now.
I want it quick.
It also better wow,
If not, you're a dick.

I want the info.
It has to come to be.
I know you know.
Don't screw with me.

I want the score.
My team had to win.
Tell it to me and more,
Like who did a spin.

I want the weather too.
Quickly, give it to me.
And you better get a clue,
I want it for the next month at my sea.

I want to see that flick.
It is supposed to be good.
I want it out quick.
No waiting at my hood.

I want marriage, kids and to retire next year.
Come and quickly help me.
Who cares if I get a big rear.
I want it quickly to come to be.

Did you get what Q was for? No? Quick, you better read it once more. You must quickly learn and then do another turn. There is no slow burn. Out everything must churn. Quickly, give me a comment now. If things are slow do you quickly have a cow? Everyone wants things quick in mass. Sometimes quick is even wanted by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Care To Gamble On The Ramble?

The cat is back with R today. No, not the Great Post guy at my bay. Although he may think so. Maybe he can only type that at his show? Beats the heck out of me. R is for rambling, can't you see?

The rambling nuts,
Get stuck in ruts.
Even the cat,
Can ramble where we're at.

There can be a point,
Lost in a ramblers joint.
Their mouth flaps though,
So lost it may stay with each blow.

What makes a rambler?
Same thing as a gambler?
Is there a rush to ramble away?
Beats me at my bay.

I won and won and won on that thing.
It was a winning type of fling.
I won so much I can be a king.
Wow, did you hear I won on that thing?

Is rambling a repeating act?
Maybe repeating and rambling have a pact.
They both go together as one,
So the rambling is never done.

My house caught fire and it burnt down.
It then torched the whole town.
Soon it got the whole country side.
Next it went for a city ride.

Nope, no repeating there.
I guess no pact or care.
Can go either way with the ramble.
Which way can be a gamble.

The cat ate my shoe.
That cat was white not blue.
That cat was a big thing.
It must have been a cat king.

A mix of both.
Maybe that brings growth?
Couldn't just say the cat ate my shoe.
Eat is a strong word, probably just a chew.

A random ramble is there too.
Like how they got in a fight with a loo.
Or a mumble ramble is thrown out.
Then there is the ramble shout.

Any type of rambler at your sea? Which rambler would you be? Did you enjoy my ramble on the rambler today? Works for my a to z backwards bay. Got any good rambles to come to pass? You can tell my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Everything Gets Plastered With A Remastered!

The cat sees it everywhere. I no longer stop and stare. Not that I ever did. But many sure flip their lid. Oh, a remastered this. That is such bliss. Pffft, all about the dough. Many fall for it though.

Why create new,
At any old zoo.
Forget the remake,
Already enough to fill a lake.

The redo and reboot too.
We already filled every portable loo.
Nope, forget those.
It's time remastered struck a pose.

We don't have to do much.
Just add a thing here and there and such.
It will look so pretty,
And make us look witty.

Remaster a movie,
Isn't it groovy?
Remaster a game.
It's no longer lame.

Hell, why stop there.
We have time to spare.
Let's remaster a book.
Hmm, yeah, people will give a look.

Just call it new and improved.
Fools think it has moved.
As we know there is no such thing as both,
But fools shall take the oath.

Let's remaster that house.
There, we killed the mouse.
House is remastered now.
Doesn't our work wow?

Let's remaster your car.
You will get so far.
We filled it with gas.
There you go, remastered, lass.

Let's remaster each woman and man.
Sit them in the sun and give them a tan.
Poof, we remastered all on Earth.
Plus we gave skin cancer medicine more worth.

Now let's remaster the remaster.
We can pump things out faster.
No need for anything new.
We just remaster the remaster for you.

Are you ready to be remastered at your sea? Do you fall for the remaster crap in front of thee? Sometimes it can be a big update, but most times it is just the same old shit on your plate. Maybe I should remaster my rhymes in mass? Nah, no need to be a lazy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Round Forty Five Prove They Survive!

The cat can't let the search engine nuts get away. The a to z still lets them play. So for S they are back. Enjoy the searches from some strange nuts that find my shack. Yep, going backwards too, but not like that you never knew.

caught wearing a diaper

And why would you wear that? Please don't tell the cat.

my phone is porn

Does it make you happy? I suppose at least you aren't yappy.

trapped i'm trapped, trapped

Nice of the trapper letting you have internet. Maybe a trapped pet?

fido bought me

Did you go cheap? Hope fido isn't a creep.

marry me, pleasey

But we just met? Eww to marrying a pet.

can't grin right

Damn, that's a plight. Work on it and it will be alright.

stocks and cats

Rocks and dogs. Homes and frogs. I can do it too, random things at my zoo.

simple life sucks

Need the hustle and bustle? Well you better hustle.

bears ate me

Yet you typed it out. That kind of like an SOS shout?

born on a raft

Beats a ditch with things that would make you itch.

pound sand up my ass

Got that a bit wrong unless you like sand going up there strong.

from the mind of me

That was it? Your mind must be full of umm spit.

goingt o the fare with parens today

Maybe you should stay home and take class. No grammar mistakes in mass.

gone bathing

Do I want to know? Yeah, that's a no at my show.

And the winner of this round truly is looking for something to be found. I hope it is never found though. That would make for one scary show. What is it you say? Why just look at the below on display.

moose prada hidden from my ass

Care to help them out? WTF is moose prada about? I really don't want to know. That may help moose prada grow. Catch any moose your way? Could help this person out at their bay. The cat will take a pass. Them and their moose can stay away from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 8, 2016

More Joys Of Toys!

Here we are at the a to z and I am on T. Yep, still doing it backwards at my sea. This isn't about the toys of me. We have already done that. This is about cartoons that can be scat. They don't care because they just want people aware. Selling toys is the name of the game, no matter if the show is lame.

 Let's make a show.
With four turtles in tow.
Then give them costumes galore,
So we can create toys of the four forevermore.

But don't stop there.
Copy their sewer lair.
Have giant mice.
Toys will sell at top price.

And bring sharks too.
 They are great in view.
More toy sales for all.
Everyone will want them on their wall.

No creepy crawler maker.
That is just the baker.
We need toys too.
So a show must come due.

A huge rabbit,
With a toad killing habit.
That is so grand.
It will sell toys across the land.

A giant worm.
 What's the term?
Laugh all the way to the bank.
Kids will walk the plank.

 A big hit.
Mighty and fit.
Plenty of toy sales came due.
Mighty Max was in view.

Let's dumb things down.
Make it for 2 year old town.
The toys have to sell.
 Quality can be damned to hell.

The movie was as violent as can be.
That can't be watched by a kiddie.
So let's make it a cartoon.
Toys galore will be on sale by noon.

And lets make Spider Men.
They will want all ten.
Plus dumb this show down too.
Who needs kids to have an IQ.

Who needs toys?
They don't bring joys.
Let's make a cartoon for our game.
Whoops, toys are still out all the same.

Know any more lame shows made just for toys? Now TMNT as a kid sure brought joys. But watching the 80's version now is just like, wow. That was so cheesy and bad that it is sad. Hate when they dumb crap down for toys. I catch on to their ploys. The cat will go back to the singing bass. He is a toy without a show for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

An Un Run!

The cat is on U today. There seems to be a lot of uns at play. Of course the cat found some fun and so for U the un had to be done.

You are screwed,
Enough to give attitude.
And not in a fun way.
Unsexed at your bay.

That would suck.
No literal pass the buck.
Unsexy you are,
Even to a cougar at the bar.

You can uncork.
But you're outta pork.
Not talking about pig.
You can still dance a jig.

For the slow,
Means things don't grow.
You've been unsized.
Not the least bit prized.

Uncocks and lost.
Damn, quite the cost.
All from a glitch.
You got that itch.

Had to go unwaxed.
For it you got taxed.
Now you're snip snip.
Can't even get a grip.

So to stay unsunk.
It's a slam dunk.
Don't get that wax,
Or be lax.

Remain unfixed.
So things can be mixed.
And not unsexed,
Like you've been hexed.

With unzips,
You'll have trips.
Not kinked up,
Like a fixed pup.

You can stay prized,
Maybe even upsized.
If the next guy is unsexed,
Your muscle can get flexed.

Afraid of waxing now? The cat went there some how. Not sure why but the un lead this rhyming guy. Unsexed would be bad if you were a human lad. The cat is okay with being snip snipped though. It means I've got no places to go. U was a bit of a gutter pass. But that is okay for my unsexed little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Verified Secure Has An Allure!

 It's time for V,
For the A to Z.
Or Z to A,
As I do it my way.

And IWSG too.
Two in one at my zoo.
Damn, I'm good.
That verified at my hood?

Beats little old me.
I'll say it came to be.
That seems to be the way,
At each and every bay.

I verified that.
Says a rat.
I verified it.
Says a twit.

That is the way.
Verified to stay.
Can't be done.
Verified outed the fun.

It's verified.
So be terrified.
Things can't change.
That sure sounds strange.

Maybe good old verified,
Needs to be clarified.
It's verified by who?
Some idiot on the loo?

Bathroom stall scratches,
Even in batches,
Aren't verified for shit.
I verified that with my spit.

Same for many a site.
Can be verified right,
But can be full of it.
Things can be posted by any nitwit.

So before verified hits you,
And you get into an insecure stew,
Know verified can be a crock,
And verified doesn't always have a one way lock.

Are you scared when things are verified for you? Do you always believe them to be true? Hell, it could be verified you will die next week, but a second opinion you could seek. Then boom, was a glitch and no verified doom. Take rules and verification with a grain of sand and tell them to pound that sand from the land. It is okay to give a little sass. That can be verified by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Willy Nilly? Don't Be Silly!

The cat gets a rhyme done with ease. Even the a to z backwards is a breeze. We are on W today just in case you lost track at your bay. I wonder if people will whine that I'm a backwards feline? Bah, have fun. It will still be done.

The W is here.
Have no fear.
Just stop on in.
Give it a spin.

May be D for you,
There at your zoo.
Unless backwards too,
Like my little zoo.

Either way, it's done.
It has some fun.
At least I hope so.
Not an eye or brain numbing show.

You did it the best.
The best with zest.
I worked in Z.
Look at me.

No half assed.
Not just to have it passed.
But done and fun.
Guess my W run?

Yep, it's willy nilly.
That could leave you chilly.
Why is that you ask?
Because of your willy nilly task.

People can tell with ease,
When you do it to try and please,
Or just throw stuff up,
Like a hairball of a pup.

Willy nilly is the name.
The name that is tame.
Slack ass is another.
But S is still far away, brother.

Whether willy nilly there,
Or willy nilly everywhere.
If you go willy nilly,
You end up looking silly.

That is me putting it nice.
Willy nilly has a price.
You want to join in,
Have fun with your spin.

Are you a willy nilly? Times could get hilly. There will be an up and down there at your blog town. You want to have success, don't leave a willy nilly mess. Participate and join in on it, meaning don't be a lazy shit. Whoops, that would be L. Shhhhhh, don't tell. Willy nilly was for W with this pass. I'm sure not a willy nilly little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Numerals Up With The XXX Cup!

The cat is now on X, does that convex? I mean I am going backwards for the a to z. Some people needed to be reminded at their sea. Will we meet in the middle? Maybe if you don't diddle. XXX and diddle. Hmmm let's avoid the gutter fiddle.

It's the a to z.
This is post 3.
Bah, 3 is so crappy.
It looks so unhappy.

We can't have that.
An unhappy post from the cat.
People would riot.
Hmm, maybe I should try it?

So what of X?
Does it convex?
There is no hex.
Let's give numbers a flex.

Hot to trot,
I say a lot.
Betsy may be counting.
Maybe XXXI it is amounting?

Al may know.
He has them down at his show.
Is it Captain Caption XXXXXXX yet?
Could be a safe bet.

If we went the 1000 way,
We'd be doing M today.
That would be all out of whack.
Have to stay below 100 at my shack.

0 isn't a number?
Not even when you slumber?
Well it's not this way.
Just XXXX on display.

Or maybe an XXXIV.
Are needles hated by thee?
The IV isn't scary.
XXXIX gets the cherry.

Have you caught on?
This is my XXIV con.
Maybe my XXXIX one?
I have no idea under my sun.

XXVIII is ready.
I guess a backwards IV flows steady?
They are going backwards like me.
This is the X verse from me.

Did you catch my X? Does it still convex? For X I used X. Nope, there is no hex. Roman numerals were at play. Don't you love math using letters at your bay? You were expecting porn with the XXX today? Damn, I let you down at my bay. Maybe I'll show you a naked pic of Cass. I am always the helpful little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Are You Smitten With What's Written?

The cat is gonna write today. I know the poor a to z people are breaking at their bay. But pfffft to that. Not done by the cat. At least not yet. I am a daily pet. That you know, so one with the show.

I'm gonna write today.
With gonna on display.
That gonna drive you mad?
Gonna is fun to be had.

I will write whatever springs,
I'm gonna write random things.
Random things.
See? Out it springs.

I will write whatever.
I'm gonna write I'm clever.
I'm clever.
My, that's a great whatever.

You can't beat acts.
I'm gonna write random facts.
Random facts.
Don't I have wowing acts?

I'm not gonna write shit.
Whoops, I just did it.
How's that for writing?
Is your brain igniting?

People like the fluff.
So I'm gonna write free stuff.
Free stuff.
See? They can't get enough.

I have a great plan.
I'm gonna write be a cat fan.
Be a cat fan.
Whoops, away some ran.

I have an even better one.
I'm gonna write win money by the ton.
Win money by the ton.
Hmm, didn't work, no fun.

I guess I'll go to the gutter.
I'm gonna write make people stutter.
Make people stutter.
Wasn't that an enjoyable gutter?

I'm almost through with this trend.
I'm gonna write this is the end.
This is the end.
Did you go around the bend?

What are you going to write? Anything in spite? Did you see the light? Did my writing have bite? No? Too literal at my show? How rude of you. I'm gonna write things that are true. Things that are true. Did I spill the beans on you? I'll blame the singing bass. He told my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Walk The Plank Or Give A Yank?

Oh where this could go if you let your gutter mind flow. But the cat shall stray and keep on task today. At least I will try. Even snip snip, I'm still a bit spry. So for Y we have Yanker. No, not down there, you wanker.

What are you,
There at your zoo?
Are you the yes man?
Maybe woman for a yes span.

Or are you a yanker?
You know, the anchor.
Do you yank people back,
There at your shack?

Yank them from the cliff,
After they get a big whiff?
The yanker of common sense,
When things get tense?

Which way do you yank?
Yanker of money from the bank?
At least there is no fees.
You can yank with the breeze.

Ever think you were a yanker?
Beats an oil tanker.
Then you'd be slick,
And most likely a dick.

Worked dick in without yanking.
The cat doesn't need a spanking.
Hmm, I guess I'm a yanker,
Pulling myself back before I become a wanker.

Is that a bloody wanker?
Have to ask a yanker.
They can yank all back.
Go on a yanking attack.

Not to be confused with a Yank.
They are some human rank.
A Yank that's a yanker,
May even impress a banker.

But back on task.
Nope, I haven't hit the flask.
The cat doesn't drink.
Yank myself away from the sink.

Do you yank all away?
Are you the yanker at your bay?
Maybe I'm yanking your chain.
The cat likes to be a pain.

Are you ready to tell the cat? Are you the yanker where you are at? Blogger doesn't like the word yanker. Spell check can be a real wanker. So the yanker or the yankee, which one are thee? Were you surprised with my yanking Y? Yeah, I am doing the a to z backwards in case you are new under my sky. If that screws you up here is some gas. That will fix all from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 1, 2016

An A To Zest As I Flip The Test!

So it is time for the a to z. Many have a theme at their sea. Many more are just lazy bums who expect visits without doing a thing. Whoops, did I offend at your blog wing? Not sorry at all. Now where was I at my hall? Oh yes, no theme for me. I will just wing it at my sea. Wait, I have a theme. It is a backwards a to z stream. So my z to a will come what may.

Z is for zest.
Not the food test.
Screw the spice.
Feed it to lice.

Hey, it may kill.
That could thrill.
Zest for lice killing.
My, that would get top billing.

Some will be stressed,
With the a to z addressed.
Some will be on a quest,
To meet many a guest.

Be our guest?
I'm a pest.
Now you have zest.
Singing Disney from your chest.

Beats Let it go.
Whoops, out it will flow.
Damn, double the zest.
Aren't I a pest?

But now you have zest.
Sing from east to west.
The zest does flow.
May scare if you have an open window.

Dogs may howl.
Neighbors may growl.
Might need a bulletproof vest,
But don't let them stop your zest.

Zest will get you through.
Not hard to do.
Maybe touch a breast.
Hey, would give me zest.

Depending on who.
But that you knew.
At least I hope.
No need to mope.

Don't even need to be dressed,
To have such zest.
Of course zest you can tell,
If certain things swell.

Zest to the gutter. Are you going to stutter? Do you have zest? Gonna complete this a to z test? Mad that I went z to a? Bah, go sniff my litter tray. Backwards and maybe upside down sure works in my crazy town. Now Z has been done. Time for Y fun. Can you say the alphabet backwards quick? Like my z pick? I will get crazier in the a to z mass. On that, you can trust my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.