Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just For You For A Umm Screw?

Who needs fireworks in the sky when you have your own girl or guy? You can make your own, bringing along a moan and groan. You don't have one of those? Let the cat save you from such woes.

I just literally can't even.
Is it odd that I'm leavin?
I am a Tom boy.
Any Tom's fall for your ploy?

I just moved back from back
Damn, that clears things up at your shack.
Super down on earth
So Mars has better worth?

Escape this prison with me
Sorry, jailbirds can't fly free.
Will up date soon.
So you down dated like a loon?

caht a 420 friendly gurl up
And lose brain cells becoming a pup
My friends tell me I'm a catch
So only friends you can fetch?

I try not to take myself to seriously most days
Can you point seriously out with a single gaze?
Not seeking "every day" fun
So just every other day you give it a run?

Always up for something high
Until you fall down and die.
Will you bring me into home
Not unless you go where the cows roam.

I have sticky note in my closet door
Beats have a sticky umm floor.
Dog camping is the best
Hmm a style you keep close to the vest?

Willing to wait to be complete
So you didn't come out nice and neat?
Let just get this out of your way
Damn, manual labor on display?

I turn polar bears white and I will make you cry.
Wow, you must have a rough time keeping a guy.
Product Information: this package contains...
Nut case free, so I don't care for the remains.

No pic? No dice. Look I rhymed.
Sorry, dead wrong with what you chimed.
I'm not one to talk about myself but...
Those 6 paragraphs say otherwise at your hut.

And there you are. You can now get a date at your sand bar. Some may make fireworks come due even if they scare you. No need to thank the cat. We are happy to do it where we are at. I never said you'd get upper class. I'm not that helpful of a little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Holiday Plan For A Tan!

The cat hears this all the time. I bet I'd even hear it from a mime. If they did more than play with their hands that is. I am talking about the holiday plan biz.

The holiday is here,
Everyone give a cheer.
Going to do this and that.
Going to add to the stat.

That is fine.
That can be divine.
But every single one,
Come this yapping run.

What are you going to do for the holiday?
Here it comes, like you need some big foray.
I'm going to stay home and avoid the lines,
Tends to get some wtf facial signs.

Keep my dough.
Not run to and fro.
Or fro and to.
If that works for you.

Not get stuck in traffic like rush hour.
Which really has no rushing power.
Sitting there and wasting gas,
Has no need to come to pass.

Not stand in a long line.
Those annoy the feline.
There one shall stand,
All across the land.

Not to mention the sweat.
Yep, that's a safe bet.
Sweat up a storm.
Unless the beach is a norm.

The sand in your crack.
That can sure attack.
Can be rather itchy too.
Who needs that to come due?

I could fly on a plane?
Yeah, choose the wrong lane.
A hand up your ass comes to pass.
Does that get you bumped up to first class?

So with each ask,
They get the same task.
I'll wait until the holiday is gone,
Not falling for the con.

The cat is no fun, I know. But with less around it is easier to run to and fro. So what are your plans for the holiday? Had to give that a say. Now I will go relieve some holiday gas from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Glossary Of Me At Our Sea!

Are you confused daily at my sea? Well now I will help thee. The cat is so nice. I even do it for a free price. How will I un-confuse you? Why with a glossary of my zoo.

This you may need.
This is for you.
A glossary of my feed,
With things that come due.

Whelmed means fine as can be.
Not over and not under,
With its whelmed spree.
Whelmed I will plunder.

Feed means the thingy you clicked,
You know, the one to get here.
Nope, you aren't tricked.
Unless using Google's search gear.

Whoopdi Friggin Doo means more than one.
Could be an I don't care.
Or maybe said in fun.
But it has definitions to spare.

Pffffft means nonsense has come due.
It get used quite a bit.
Sometimes it is short to view,
Other times I go on a long pffffffting fit.

Blogland means blogs out there.
That one was easy as can be.
But I wanted to be fair.
Can't miss anything that could confuse thee.

Sea gets a calling here and there.
It obviously means where we reside.
There is a sea by our lair.
So there is no crossing any divide.

Look means read.
Hey, had to say.
See is the same at my feed.
Unless a YouTube display.

Thingy Magiggy means a number of things.
Can't really nail that down.
It could be trash with wings,
That flies over your town.

Finally, Little Rhyming Ass means all of me.
My actual ass doesn't rhyme.
Not even if on a gas spree.
At least it has no grime.

All better now? Did that really wow? Have you figured things out? Not confused by each shout? Or did I just confuse more? That is also fine at my shore. I think I'll go roll in the grass with my actual little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Tell Me A Lie On The Fly!

If I were to say that I tell no lies at my bay would I be lying on display? Are you sure about that? Care to share your answer with the cat? Wait a moment on it. I'll prove I don't lie one bit.

3 months ago,
Change came to my show.
It was change and then some.
For I picked a plump plum.

Yep, it was so ripe,
That it is hard to type.
Good thing I was far ahead.
This blog would have been dead.

By plum I mean numbers,
Then while everyone slumbers,
The impossible came due.
I won the lottery at my zoo.

It was a miracle indeed.
So amazing that it took seed.
50 million all for me.
I now have a huge sea.

A football field for a yard.
Mowing it isn't hard.
Hire someone for that.
I am a rich cat.

A room all for me,
With many a cat tree.
There I play all day.
Cassie even decides to play.

I gave a loonie to the bums,
As they stuck out their thumbs.
I'm not sure they liked that.
I think they cursed the cat.

Some searched me out.
I made them pout.
No sob story can fool me.
I just climbed my cat tree.

I built a underground compound too.
I can hide there if aliens invade our zoo.
I have enough food and water for 10 years stored away.
So I'll survive come what may.

I still have 30 million left.
It has such heft.
Can write all day.
No longer have to slave away.

Are you a millionaire too? Have a giant zoo? Are you jealous of the millionaire cat? What? I'm lying where I am at? You picked up on that did you? I guess I will tell a lie at my zoo. Or maybe I can blame the singing bass. He forced me to lie out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Care To Go With This Flow?

Did you pass go but you got no dough? Damn, off to jail you must go. It may cost more than 200 bucks though. But you can vacation in style. Although you may want to bring a file.

Get your hole digging ready.
You may need to dig steady.
Hopefully 20 years is does not take you,
Give or take a few.

Alcatraz Hotel is the place for you.
There you can have no view.
You get thrown in the slammer.
No need to even throw down the hammer.

Has 56 rooms.
Even for brides and grooms.
There you can play,
In a cell all day.

It was a German prison that was fixed up.
You may need your own water cup.
Nah, they'll pass you that.
Along with some food where you're at.

But through a slot in the door.
Hopefully it doesn't fall to the floor. 
That would be bad.
5 second rule is still had.

You get barred windows,
For those crack shows.
They have a curtain though,
Just so you know.

You also get a loo,
But it's out there to view.
Right in the corner of the room.
So bad gas may loom.

Has a conference center as well.
That is just swell.
Can hold a whole group.
Bring a whole travel troop.

Open 24hrs as well.
So you can ring a bell,
Poof, the guards will be there.
Helping you out at their lair.

Ready to visit today?
Alcatraz Hotel actually looks like an interesting stay.
A cushy prison for one and all.
It even has an elevator down the hall.
Did you know there was such a thing out there? And not even at the actual tourist trap Alcatraz with it's lair. Kaiserslautern is the place. No chance I can say that at any pace. Ready to go to jail and sing jailhouse rock in mass? I'd just slip through the bars with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Little News Fly From Upon High!

Did you know much is coming due? Well now you will at my zoo. For the cat has seen headlines once more and there is plenty in store.

2019: Elvis come back from the dead.
He comes back with a bald head.
4876: animals take over.
That includes good old rover.

5483: Baseball is played in space.
That may get a funny face.
8365: Humans no longer the dominant race.
I guess many aliens Earth does embrace.

3123: Earth almost explodes due to alien attack.
I guess those aliens gave us flack.
2024: Cat saves the day.
Don't we do that anyway?

2036: Fossil fuel runs out.
That will make many shout.
6583: Skynet goes offline.
Damn, who allowed it to align?

5493: Psychic wins the lottery jackpot.
I bet it was rigged or a robot.
2136: Fleas are extinct on Earth.
Now that is a headline of worth.

2154: Alien dogs bring fleas back.
Figures the butt sniffers would be a flea ridden pack.
6590: Remakes are outlawed everywhere.
I'll be dead, what do I care?

4832: Blue's shoe is found.
Hmm long after he was around.
4343: Cooking is no longer allowed.
It draws too big of a crowd.

2138: Vegas gets sucked into a sink hole.
I guess it was a very bad roll?
3137: Self cleaning diapers are created.
Parents everywhere are elated.

7392: Earth gets hit with a giant shrink ray.
Damn, that can't be a very nice day.
2034: Rainbow with pot of gold appears.
To that I give a few cheers.

2065: Flying cars crash and halt all production.
Hey, they'd be a good population reduction.
9999: The world ends.
How it ends? That depends.

There you go. Now you are in the know. You can tell your great great great grand kids what to expect for their life. May want to tell them to arm with more than a knife. The cat will let you know if any more come to pass from my future news headline seeing little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Round Forty Seven Falls From Heaven!

The search engine nuts have returned once more. I still get a few at my shore. Although they are dropping off a bit thanks to Google's little hit. But what they heck. These are the ones on deck.

rock around the clonsx

Do I want to know? Wrap it in a bow?

scooby dum is snoring

Back for Blue and his Scooby Doo.

poor fashion sense

That may be me here at my sea.

big boobs pasties mimes

A fetish you can keep, you mime loving creep.

fear of mimes

Called you a nut. Get over it at your hut.

couples draing lizards

A loo for two? Umm err ewwww.

my left foots junk

Did you step in shit? It's okay to admit it.

Have a pimple popper

A redneck lover today. She'll pop it at your bay.

Why can't i type

Because you can't. All you get at my plant.

horny and wild

Go to Bora Bora. There you can Whora Whora.

Grudgy toes and feet

Zombie feet lovers galore. They found my shore.

facts on sex

Hmmm not gonna get that here. Snip snip I fear.

Kite flying clowns

There is a skill. Dress up and fly a kite to thrill.

Froggy love scenes

Some frog hopping sex? Now that may convex.

And the winner of today sure had a lot to say. I wonder who searches such crap at their bay. Actually I really do not. I don't want to know the meaning to this plot.

Fake tits on Arnold at Mary's party

Are any of the Mary's having wild parties at their place? Does an Arnold come over and embrace? Do they feel real? Okay, I'm done with that ordeal. And so another search engine batch has come to pass of those who find my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A 2000 Day Comes To Play!

2000 is a nice round number. Seeing that allows my OCD to slumber. But 2000 what? We talked about this at my hut. It was only 6 months ago. Old minds need a refresher, I know.

The 2000's are here.
Or just 2000 plain?
Have nothing to fear,
I'll end your brain pain.

Facebook came along.
It challenged everyone.
They all sang the song,
And whined by the ton.

The dot com bubble peaked.
That is sure a shame.
Wish it still leaked,
And hadn't gotten tame.

The first iPod came to pass.
Now there is a winner.
Today they come out each ass,
Have an iPod for dinner.

SpongeBob hit the decade mark.
Did you celebrate it?
Squarepants have such bark.
Or maybe they are loaded with umm spit.

Twitter came to be.
Could tweet like a bird.
Except most tweets you see,
Are far more annoying and absurd.

Poor Pluto got the shaft.
It was demoted.
Got kicked off the raft.
Damn, shouldn't we have voted?

YouTube came to play.
Tunes can now be heard.
Along with many a display.
Some worse than a stuck turd. 

And best of all,
The crazy were proven dumb.
For with the Y2K call,
They were talking out their bum.

That's the best?
Damn, move further ahead.
For by adding this to the rest,
I've put 2000 posts to bed.

Did you guess it from the start or did you suffer a brain fart? The cat did say he had 2000 done. Really wasn't that long ago Youtube and such were given a run. Now so ingrained they are. But 2000 posts will take the fame at my sand bar. I'm now nearing 2400 just so you know. Damn, they sure appear rather slow. Or maybe I'm just mouthy with sass. That sure works fine for my 2000 posted little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Plop Pea Pop!

P's are a popping and they aren't stopping. Or would that be peas? I'll let you figure that out while the cat pees. Get the P of today? You will with this kids book display.

Plop Pea Pop.
Pop Pea Plop.
Peas Plop Plop.
Peas Pop Pop.

Popping Peacock Pops Peas.
Popping Peacock Peas Please.
Puffy Pig Piles Pea Pots.
Picking Pea Popped Plots.

Plop Pea Pop.
Pop Pea Plop.
Peas Plop Plop.
Peas Pop Pop.

Popped Peas Plop.
Popping Peacock Pop.
Puffy Pig Plots,
Pop Per Pots.

Plop Pea Pop.
Pop Pea Plop.
Peas Plop Plop.
Peas Pop Pop.

Did any of that make sense? Are you still on the fence? P's and peas but no pees. The P's are a breeze. Do you get it now? Still having a P cow? That may be the way as P's are all on display. And so another kids book has come to pass from my non pea popping little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

From A To Z Along With Me!

The rhyming a to z is back. I do it all in one go at my shack. What will it be about this time? Let's go with a familiar chime. The Blue guy may hate this one. It may make him run. Then if he comes back and runs once more. Would that be a remake encore?

A is for all and its need.
Each day brings a call to make your eyes bleed.
B is for bash, as they have quite the run.
Like a bad rash, remakes are no fun.

C is for clouded, that or can't count.
For minds must be shrouded to remake that amount.
D is for dumb, down the rabbit hole we go.
Look at that chum bury shit with a backhoe.

E is for effort, of which there is none.
By making up a word like Zeffert, I beat everyone.
F is for flick, as in turn it off quick.
Who needs that pick so give it a click.

G is for greed, that is all it is.
Nothing we need, just a cash in biz
H for Hulk, he needs to be real.
Then with his bulk he could smash every deal.

I is for ignite, for a fire needs to be lit.
Instead we get this fright that is complete shit.
J is for Jack, the name of every character ever.
Creativity they lack with their jackass endeavor.

K is for kind, as in one of.
For front or behind, crap when push comes to shove.
L is for low, as in how low they've sunk.
Revenue can't grow if they stink worse than a skunk.

M is for movie, something lost on the crowd.
Now anything is groovy as long as some plastic nut stands proud.
N is for new, which has lost its meaning.
With every view you don't see a new screening.

O is for old, brought back from the dead.
Digging for gold as they hurt your head.
P is for people, as in little old you.
Whether on street or steeple you still watch the crap in view.

Q is for queen, they sit on the screen.
They sure all preen like some hormonal teen.
R is for remake, redo, rehash, re-release, reboot and so much more.
The same old double take by another name with its encore.

S is for shit, as that is what most are.
On them I spit and run over them with a car.
T is for trip, as in it's a waste.
Here is a tip, remakes turn your mind to paste.

U is for underwear because they have less stink.
Even an old mare couldn't have a stink link.
V is for veil, what they all hide behind.
As remake set sail trying to fool mankind.

W is for whore, as in they whore out each brand.
They will explore until it not even your dog can stand.
X is for Xena, yep, being remade too.
She'll laugh like a hyena when I flush it down the loo.

Y is for yes, a simple one at that.
We want to do less, so remake that, stat!
Z is for zipper, as in the one on a body bag.
Take each double dipper and throw them in like a rag.

Anything else to add? Did I get it all at my pad? I guess the remake just brings out the worst in me. I will flip them the bird from sea to sea. Lazy bums from afar. Hit them with a car. Wait! I never said such sass. Don't go quoting my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Another Return To Try And Learn!

The cat was napping in peace when out popped that nut that looked like he was from ancient Greece. Yep, The Beyonder had come back. I just can't get a break at my shack. The questions came and he proved he was lame.

What do they ship Styrofoam in?
A box from the junk bin.
Before there was a drawing board what did they go back to?
The manure pasture at their zoo.

How young can you die of old age?
Why don't you flip the page?
If you try to fail and succeed, which have you done?
Maybe both have been done in fun.

How do Keep Off The Grass signs get there?
Aliens put them up by the pair.
Do bombs get made better or worse?
Either one is a curse.

Why is a man that invests your money called a broker?
Because you are better off playing poker.
Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?
That one is a bit weird.

What do picket sign writers put on their signs when they go on strike?
Take a hike?
Why is minimalism such a big word?
To point out the absurd.

Why do doctors call what they do practice?
Because they are either dumb or poke you like a cactus.
Would a fly with no wings be called a walk?
Maybe you should find a fly that can talk.

Who copyrighted the copyright symbol?
Someone who was quick and nimble.
If you add fire to a fire would you make it better or worse?
You really need to find another in which to converse.

Why do some snow globes have summer scenes?
To make all dance around like jumping beans.
If a store is open 24 hours, why does it have locks on the doors?
Maybe for when they go to the bathroom or do chores.

Why do closed minded people always open their yaps?
Because they are idiotic chaps.
When dog food has an "improved" taste, who tests it?
Doesn't matter as they'll eat shit.

If you steal a clean slate, will it go on your record?
Not if your past is checkered.
If work is so great, how come you have to get paid to do it?
Because usually it is a bunch of bullshit.

Any answers for The Beyonder at your bay? He sure likes to have his say. The cat sent him back to where he came from. I think he was a bit glum. The future must suck if he comes here. Maybe he just wants a cheer? But he is not going to get it with any question pass that he gives to my snarky little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Is Here, Or Not We Fear!

The summer has come, well one day early from my rhyming bum. Hey, just how it worked. So this post was clerked. Post was clerked? Up your ears perked? Sorry, no clones here. It is only my rhyming rear.

The summer is back.
Back at our shack.
But how can that be?
Are you following me?

This is strange.
There has been no change.
Still here with heat,
While I sit on my seat.

A seat is for sitting.
No I'm not quitting.
I just added that in.
Oh right, a summer spin.

Time for the beach.
Giant litter box in reach.
Sweat in every place.
Doesn't put a smile on my face.

Some movies and fun.
Lots and lots of sun.
Skin cancer beware.
Added that at my lair.

That's all status quo,
As you travel to and fro.
Where do you go?
Maybe Blue will know.

Did he make it to Bora Bora yet?
No is a pretty safe bet.
But there is lots of sand,
So tune up the traveling band.

Crying babies and snoring nuts.
All crammed into small plane huts.
They are your band.
Have germ killers in hand.

What was that?
Why is it strange to the cat?
Why didn't it change?
Nah, never moved to a new range.

It could still be cold,
When this post takes hold.
For summer just got over here.
October now for my rhyming rear.

Ready for summer to be back? Can you time travel like my shack? That is a real skill. You should try it at your hill. What? I was just 8 months ahead when I put this post to bed? Pffft don't believe that. I'm an on the fly cat. I'm on a fly eating it now like grass. I told you that you could believe my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pull A Card In The Yard!

The cat looks out near and far, especially if Pat stuffs us in the car, and sees many out in the yard. Damn, that work looks hard. Who wants one of those? That grass just grows and grows.

The time has come.
The time is near.
Shake your bum,
Kick it into gear.

The yard needs work.
The same work as before.
Do it with a smirk.
It's a happy chore.

Year after year,
Season after season,
All around this sphere,
It needs fixing for a reason.

The grass must be mowed.
The weeds must be cut.
Work can't be slowed,
Or you'll have an ugly hut.

The flowers must be planted.
So must the veggie garden.
Can't have anything slanted,
The ground just may harden.

The house must be painted.
Whoops, that's not the yard.
But bad paint can be tainted,
Can't play that card.

The gutters need cleaning.
The roof has a hole.
Calls you are screening,
Yard work is your main goal.

Rake the grass.
Rake the leaves.
Take another pass.
Too bad there weren't grass thieves.

And back we are.
It's winter once more.
No yard work near or far,
Whoops, a shoveling chore.

Then it melts away,
And start all over.
Yard work's here to stay,
Even scoop the poop of rover.

Did I hit it all? Damn, yard work has a demanding call. It has been a while since I did that crap. The cat would much rather take a long nap. Do you have a big yard to do? Hopefully you have a ride on at your zoo. The cat would just go roll in the growing grass. That would be fun for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Beat The Heat Some Sweet!

The cat will show you the easiest way to beat the heat. It is oh so neat. You can beat the heat. It is some sweet. Did I repeat? Bah, just beat the heat.

Beating the heat,
Is some sweet.
Just don't move around.
Might be tough for a hound.

Cassie says no.
Hmph, messing my flow.
We can't have that.
So here's where it's at.

Don't ignore the drink. 
Unless it's from a nasty sink.
Then ignore that.
Same water as where you leave scat.

Give it a look.
Drink at your nook.
Drink all day.
Come what may.

Come what may is lots of pee,
On that you can trust me. 
Here is a closer look of me.
But the water you can still see.

See? Drink it back.
Just like me at my shack.
What? I'm not drinking it?
Bah, you can't prove it one bit.

You'll be blurry if not.
You'll get too hot.
You'll be out of whack.
No balance at your shack.

But if you drink,
Not from a sink.
Balanced as can be.
Just look at Cassie and me.

Did I mention sit still?
Nah, that's not a thrill.
But it could be worse.
You could look perverse. 

See what happens when you don't drink?
You turn into one ugly fink. 
You may even sniff a butt.
Wait! Whoops, that's just a mutt.

And there you are. You can now beat the heat near and far. Do you drink like the cat? Or are you more a sewer rat? That last one just popped in so I gave it a spin. Now you can avoid a heat stroke pass all thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Glitch Of The Niche!

The cat has seen this far and near which is kinda weird to my rhyming rear. While maybe not weird at all. But I still shake my head at my hall. What do I shake it at? Just follow the cat.

You have a niche.
Scratch one itch.
Can't dig a new ditch.
That would be a glitch.

Follow your niche.
No other ditch.
They can't switch.
You only need your niche.

No one will like you.
Just those like you at your zoo.
Get that one?
Can be a confusing run.

Read it slow.
Now away we go.
Niches are great.
Niches need no hate.

All have their spot.
Things they like a lot.
But niches don't need to constrict.
Other boxes can be ticked.

No need to follow just rhymers.
No need to follow just old timers.
No need to follow just mimes.
I suppose you could watch fake stair climbs.

To stick to one niche,
Is the real glitch.
Plenty of fun out there,
From lair to lair.

So why stick to one?
Branch out and have fun.
The more the merrier.
Unlike your cell phone carrier.

They just screw you in the end.
But you can leave your niche bend.
Go around that bend.
May find a new blog friend.

No need to switch.
Stick to your niche.
But no one will twitch,
If you follow another niche.

Do you just follow one or branch out under your sun? I know most do indeed. But I've seen some that only stick to the niche of their feed. Do you say it nitch or neesh? Either works, geesh. No need to bitch about my rhyming of niche. I just wanted to use bitch so I used it as nitch. Now I am through with this pass with my niche for all little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Murder Has A Price But No Rhyme Is Not Nice!

The cat is back and Pat is once again on a non rhyming attack. This time going from Fantasy and Science Fiction books to one about murdering crooks. Always good to stretch one's skill. Maybe this one will pay a bill?

Detective Hollerin has received his badge after a few short years with only one thing in mind, find the real person who was behind the murder of Torrie and Kurt Price and put them in the ground. He, along with the Price's butler Mr. Dunker, know without a doubt that Mr. Price would never kill his family. Even if all signs point to him being the killer, Detective Hollerin will find the real truth behind the murders.

With secrets of his own, like hiring the Los Hugos gang for jobs the police aren't willing or allowed to do, Detective Hollerin pushes forward on the case. His one and only goal is to find the killer and end their life. But his search ends up unraveling a conspiracy that extends to all levels of the city and beyond. 

Detective Hollerin's quest for vengeance leads him to places that he never thought he would go. Now he must use all the skills from his past and his present to survive, end the conspiracy, and find the real person behind the Price murders, no matter the cost.

And there we are. We shall see how this one goes over at my sand bar. So far I can write anything at my sea. Stretching my skill works for me. And guess what? This makes published work 100 released at my hut. Yep, that is 100!!!!!!!!!!!! published works have now come due. From kids books to Imagine Hatt to novels at my zoo. All add up to 100 today. 100 is fun to say. 100 is always a nice mass. It works for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

An Expert Search From A Perch!

The cat didn't need a thing but he saw the word and a post did spring. That is all it can take. Am I an expert at posts I can make? Can do it from anything at all. Bah, screw that at my hall.

Get my expertise today.
I'm the very best.
Listen to what I say.
Forget all the rest.

I'm the go to guy.
Or go to girl.
I can't tell a lie.
Give my expertise a whirl.

Don't trust just anyone.
They aren't in the know.
I'm the best at the gun.
Come and follow my flow.

There is no more right.
No more right than me.
Day or night,
I'm where you want to be.

Be with me?
That was creepy.
Listen at your sea.
I'll make you weepy.

I've read it all.
Read by others who wrote.
Just give me a call.
They all get my vote.

I'm just in the know.
I'm in it so great.
My knowledge can't grow.
I'm an expert, mate.

Experts don't need learning.
We don't bother with that.
There is no need for u-turning.
We've learned every stat.

And those books don't lie.
And I wouldn't lie to you.
So ask me on the fly.
I'll give you an expert moo.

I'll repeat the jargon.
I'll make it sound grand.
I'll even give you a bargain,
So come, take my expert hand.

Pffft the moment you think you know it all, is the moment you set yourself up to fall. Hopefully fall into a great big ditch and leave me alone with your expert itch. Always something more to learn and do. No matter who you are at your zoo. An expert in anything at your sea? Might not want to tell  me. The cat will now go expertly pass some gas out my not so expert little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Whoopdi Reveal Over A Meal!

Robbie Raisin has come back. I have to see if you people have anything new to say at this shack. Whoopdi Friggin Doo can't let that go to waste. I hope your brains aren't full of paste. So tell me something new. Something viewers can get into.

Kick it off, Blue. What is interesting to you?

Some people's brains shouldn't explode but grow
As they malfunction at their brainless show

That may make the world a better place. Alex, do you have something to embrace?

shows about animals mating are so evil

They should all be taken off the air. Rosey, is there something for which you deeply care?

Locks are better than 6 six (six)
haha, even writing it like that burdens my weary soul ;)

That poor soul must be in pain. Bijoux, care to board the train?

I need to control my temper

Do you Hulk out? Beer Guys, anything to shout?

rest assured that Bryan's ghost will rise from the grave to take vengeance on his spleen-eating Chinese neighbors...and anyone who's ever called him Bry Bry.

Bry Bry is on a death kick. Betsy, have you got a pick?

No fantasies about that crap.
Doesn't turn me on and that is a fact.
The whiners I can do without
as they post and always do a pout.
I dropped a few recently from my list
and don't bother to visited and hear their hiss.

Wow, quite the rant you gave. Betty, are you ready to rave?

Too cute with me and my gps
No further problems should hpappen though
Bought a new one to navigate for us
As we go to and fro

Did your rant get lost? Susan Gourley, anything that needs to be tossed?

now I'm going out in the sun so I don't get scurvy

No aaaar like a pirate at your bay? Jax, I know you need your say.

I'm 27 years old and I've never once...not ONE...had to acknowledge the fact that I'm creeping 30. Dog house for you, cat. You go right to the dog house !!!!! Lmao

Are you still on that 30 thing? Tabbies of Trout Towne, care to add a ring?

orlin N lee awesum poem two day & mega kewl how ya used yur followerz in thiz one !!!!! 

Are you psychic or something like that? Adam, any thing from where you are at?

I would like to be on Jeopardy but the people on there are by far the smartest around. 

Scaredy cat are you? Mary, what's going on at your zoo?

that would be me surrounded by dog breath.

I hope there is no added drool. Truedessa, what do you find cool?

those colorful sparkly farts
are better than poisonous darts

Umm, no thank you. Sandra Cox, anything that must come due?

Yay! I'm so excited to be included in the rhyming. 

That didn't take much. Birgit, anything to add and such?

the computer won

That sucks. Manzi, anything to say to humans or ducks?

Selfies selfies everywhere
Add some lipstick, comb the hair
But how would that min-o-myze
Expect and answer in the skies

So you aren't a selfie fan? Mary Kirkland, do you have a plan?

She would just suck the fun and guilt right out of you

Hmmm a new kind of porn? Theresa, anything you wanted to say since you were born?

Sometimes I just want to burn down my family tree just to rid myself of those bloodsuckers! 

Let it all out. Marg, anything you wish to shout?

We are not going to mess with that bunch

A wise choice. Suza, can you rejoice?

Love to be paid in gold bricks
But not if they crush me

Run fast. Keepin It Real, Folks, care to add to the cast?

I guess sex is the universal language.

No argument here. Al, is there anything you fear?

The Russians are coming!
The Russians are coming!

I guess so. Fundy Blue, gonna give it a go?

I have to admit it's strangely fascinating.

Sounds good to me. Hank, care to end this spree?

May explode
It's a big load

Hmmmmmmmm, Hank may have said too much. Hope he doesn't expect anyone to touch. That is all the time we have for today. I'm not sure any of this can be used on the next Whoopdi Friggin Doo display. Robbie Raisin is signing off. Don't scoff.


Look at all of you. Not afraid to share at your zoo. The cat is impressed a ton. Well maybe a little bit under our sun. I will just tell all to the singing bass. There is no Whoopdi Friggin Doo appearances for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Get There Quick Some Slick!

People whine they have no time, and yeah, we've done that chime. They whine about that and this too. But we've been there at my zoo. Want to save some time? Easy peasy with this chime.

Ignore the whine.
Time will align.
How easy was that?
No need to thank the cat.

What? You want more?
Okay, if I must at my shore.
I can help you out,
With a little shout.

Cook meals for the week.
Pick one day at your creek.
All done, no muss, no fuss.
There will be no need to cuss.

Let things cook while you work out.
Easy when home the work out is about.
It can be a bit tricky,
But it doesn't get too sticky.

What? You bugging me again?
Oh, this is how to do it faster at your den.
Damn, did I mess that up?
Oh, don't be a silly pup.

By getting things done,
Fast can be fun.
Fun can be fast.
Things in the past.

Past that are we?
I guess so at my sea.
You want faster?
Quick, get some plaster.

Fix that hole.
That is a goal.
Now nothing will leak.
You can fill your creek.

Can get rich quick.
Can do it some slick.
Buy a lottery ticket.
Or find a golden cricket.

Better luck with the latter.
But luck doesn't matter.
For it is not a thing.
Like going faster sometimes at each wing.

Are you looking for quick? Fast as can be is your pick? Sometimes slow is fast or fast is slow. But then what do I know? I know you can do things in between to save time. That is always sublime. You can drive faster to get where you want to go. You may get a speeding ticket though. Quick doesn't always come or is able to come to pass. That was just an FYI from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Rhyming Wannabe Or Maybe Three!

The cat was thinking the other day about what other animals could rhyme away. I couldn't find a single one. They all failed by a ton.

There was the mutt,
He was too busy sniffing a butt.
Try and throw a dog a bone.
And he chews at the tone.

There was a kangaroo,
But all he could rhyme is poo.
Plus he was after Blue.
I guess he likes a stinky shoe.

There was a flea.
Pffft at any sea.
No rhyming blood suckers.
Who needs those umm puckers?

A Tarsier gave it a try.
But the rhyme didn't fly.
It just moved each bug eye.
Although they are rather spry.

Then came the huge ape.
That gorilla was in shape.
But it threw its own scat.
Sorry, we can't have that.

A flamingo gave it a go.
It's neck sure can grow.
It just kept rhyming pink.
So that one sure did sink.

There was a rat.
There was a bat.
There was a frog.
There was a hog.

There was a pig.
There was a horse in a wig.
There was a cow.
Do you get the picture now?

Was is the key.
They couldn't keep up with me.
Best one was the dog,
With its butt sniffing fog.

That is low.
So away I go.
Can't contract out rhyme.
Most were worse than a mime.

Any rhyming animals I should try? Think maybe a rhyming platypus would fly? Maybe a rhyming duck? Could easily work in umm truck. Or the cat will just ignore the animal kingdom mass and stick to being the only little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Gone Fishing, You Wishing!

The cat was out and about when he heard some nuts shout. They were going fishing in the sea. They were as happy as could be. Power to them I say. But to me, fishing is a big no way.

Sit in a boat.
Maybe with a goat.
It can help it float.
Didn't you get that note?

Hold up a rod.
Seeking shark or cod.
The former may be hard,
Get a boat the size of a yard.

So Jaws tells us.
You may also cuss.
Next bait the hook,
And hope fish give it a look.

There they swim below.
Not very in the know.
Swimming in their own crap,
And pollution by every chap.

Some glowing fish.
That is a wish.
A great snack.
Pollution can't lack.

Where was I?
Oh right, the fly.
The one on the hook,
Or maybe a worm you took.

Watch as they squiggle and squirm.
Don't you love a worm?
Pat got his sister to eat one once.
Yeah, that day she was a dunce.

Then after the baiting,
Comes the waiting and waiting and waiting.
Wow, that sounds so thrilling.
Did I mention you are filling?

Yep, filling to the flies,
And other bugs that fill the skies.
You go and give them a snack.
I bet you don't lack.

Then you get a catch.
Easier to play fetch.
What could have taken root?
Oh look, you caught an old rubber boot.

To fishing I give a big hell no. No way I will go. Plus the cat is allergic to fish, so it is not something we wish. Like to go fishing at your sea? It is right up there with camping for me. Meaning no way. But you got that at my bay. I'll go fish around the singing wall bass. He's the only fish that gets near my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Principles Of Me From Sea To Sea!

The cat saw this around his travels and decided it was good to throw down some gavels. Why would one have two of those? Hell, why have one gavel held up like a rose?

Ten principles of me.
It is as easy as can be.
Number one is to rhyme.
But you get that chime.

Number two is easy too.
Don't be glue.
Move and get things done.
No magic day fun.

Number three is here.
It is, screw fear.
Does nothing for you.
Flush that down the loo.

Number four is ready.
It is staying steady.
Nothing will happen overnight.
Have to keep with things for them to take flight.

Number five is grand.
Lend a helping hand.
To those who deserve it.
The rest can scoop my umm shit.

Number six can be fun.
Do what needs to be done.
Don't whine about it forever.
Just do the damn endeavor.

Number seven isn't rough.
People don't like you, tough!
Can't please everyone, everywhere.
So let them stop and glare.

Number eight is simple too.
Think at ones zoo.
Don't do something you wouldn't want done to you.
Not always funny when taking the opposite view.

Number nine takes seed.
Big difference between want and need.
If it is not a need.
Doesn't always have to take seed.

Number ten is to have fun.
Screw the worry by a ton.
Who needs any of that?
Surely not this cat.

Do you have ten there at your den? I bet you could have guessed most of mine. But then you do know the feline. Now I am through with my ten at my zoo. Maybe I should have made a list like Blabber? That could grab her. Bah, who needs that to come to pass? Not my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Green Hair I'll Eat At My Lair!

And so the cat awoke and he was faced with an orange bloke. Then more sprouted up. I would much rather take a pup. These guys just never stay away. I will murder them all one day.

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo,
I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you.
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee,
If you are wise you’ll listen to me.

What do you get when hoarding stuff?
Never ever finding you get enough.
A mountain of things filling your place,
With it ready to give you an embrace.
I don't like the sound of that.

Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-da,
Not getting crushed my a mountain of stuff will take you far.
And you won't get turned to goo,
Oompa loompa do-ba-dee-doo.

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo,
I’ve got another puzzle for you.
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee,
If you are wise you’ll listen to me.

Gambling is fine every now and then..
You could make back winnings times ten.
But too much and you are a fool,
On the street corner filled with drool.
Something like a mental patient.

Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-da,
Avoid the casino and you will go far.
You won't look like mental patient stew,
Oompa loompa do-ba-dee-doo.

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo,
I’ve got another puzzle for you.
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee,
If you are wise you’ll listen to me.

Why put everything out there for all to see?
Proving you are nothing but a, look at me.
Posting to every social media act.
This may be a hard to swallow fact,
 But you are way to needy.

Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-da,
Avoid Facebook whining and you will go far.
If not all anyone may hear is moo.
Oompa loompa do-ba-dee-doo.

Do you have that song stuck in your head? Are you filled with dread? I suppose that is one perk of them visiting me. You know I like to be as annoying as can be. Now the cat will go back to the singing wall bass. He is much better on the ears of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Gold Brick With Pay Per Click!

Today you have to click. I want to make dough some slick. Come one and all. Click everything on my wall. Did you click yet? Don't read the words of this pet. Click now or I'll give a loud meow.

Click it, Click it good.
Have you understood?
Click it all now.
Click to wow.

Look! A man has turned blue.
Click so dough will come due.
I get paid per Click.
Click it some slick.

Cats from wall to wall.
Click it at my hall.
Click it in a hurry.
Things are so furry.

Keep it real.
Click for a deal.
Get your zit popped.
Click or you'll be bopped.

Get some blabber in.
Click and spin.
Click and jump.
Click over the hump.

Rats! Click it now.
Click to wow.
Click a bunch.
Click for cat lunch?

That a fact?
Click on the act.
Click before it goes.
Click your heels and toes.

Free beer!
Click it near.
Click it strong.
Click, you ding dong.

Click for clones.
Click at tones.
Click for wannabes.
Click for fleas.

Click for mail.
Click or fail.
Click or go.
Click high and low.

Did you click? Do it, quick. I want the click. Click brick by brick. Are you click happy? Are you getting snappy? Did you click? Do it, quick. Wait, what? I don't get paid per click at my hut? Damn all of this clicking to below the grass. Go ahead and get click happy with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Ring The Bell And Sell, Sell, Sell!

Today you'll get tips and may want to shake your hips. They are all ways for you to make some extra dough at your zoo. No need to thank the cat. I am happy to help where I'm at.

Light on cash?
No need to dine and dash.
You can fill your purse up.
Maybe even a tin cup.

So go for the gold.
Let the weird take hold.
It will be great.
Charge an interest rate.

The stand in curse.
No need to be perverse.
Some people don't like to swear.
So you do it for them at their lair.

The stand in husband or wife.
Some have no life.
Help make their family go away.
Get right into the part and play.

The nose picker.
Save that old ticker.
Pick someones nose.
Yeah, you sink to new lows.

The car man.
Everyone will be a fan.
Carry people on your back.
Warning, it may give you a heart attack.

The TV show filler.
Whether reality crap or thriller.
Watch and report back the good parts.
You could fill many hearts.

The see if it works.
Could get some good perks.
And it may include hazard pay.
See if you survive things and end up okay.

The bald helper.
Bald people may be a yelper.
So let them play with your hair.
Up to you if you let them go down there.

And there you are.
Tips for near and far.
Use them all at your sea,
Become rich as can be.

Sadly, there are probably nuts who would want each one. And even worse things are given a run. Some even hire people to piss on them. Wouldn't that job be a real gem? Yep, that one is true. The rest I made up at my zoo. But feel free to use each one in mass. Just don't report back any results to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Did You Catch That From The Cat?

Have you caught up? May need coffee in your cup. Caught up to what you ask? Geez, not caught up to the task. The cat shall help you though with today's flow.

Caught up to me.
Catch up now.
Plenty to see.
So don't have a cow.

That you might.
Catch me if you can.
Day or night,
The cat can beat any man.

Catching my drift?
My, you are slow.
Maybe the swift,
Will let you know.

Caught up in it all.
That can take place.
I do get random at my hall,
At a pretty steady pace.

Is my pace pretty?
That is sure strange.
Can't even see the kitty,
Today at my range.

Case and point.
Caught up yet?
A random joint,
Has been met.

Don't get happy.
No weed here.
You can go be yappy,
With Colorado joints near.

Catch and release?
Think you know?
This shall cease,
When yes comes from no.

I'd didn't catch that.
You missed at my sea.
Whelmed is a stat,
That is fine by me.

Where did that go?
Where did you catch?
Are you done with my flow?
Okay, now got fetch.

Caught up you are now, right? I know you caught on at my site. Catch my random pass? Are you caught up in it in mass? That has to be bad, more than a tad, for you just caught some gas. You may want to catch and release my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Do Not Hot To Trot!

The cat was watching on to this and that. They must have had brains full of scat. That would sure stink. Get it? Wink, wink. Yep, a cat can wink. Now on to the missing link.

A how not to,
Should be easy for you.
Just don't do it.
Not one little bit.

Don't walk on the street,
In the summer heat,
Barefoot and nude.
That is just rude.

Don't drive on a flat.
You'll go splat.
Right into a ditch.
Then you'll bitch.

Don't paint your body to charm.
That should raise an alarm.
With wall paint that is.
You'll get hospitalized with such biz.

Don't jump from a roof.
An idiot you are with that goof.
Height won't help you fly.
You'll just go splat and die.

Don't touch a burner to see if it is hot.
That could hurt a lot.
Do you want to lose a hand?
Isn't having no brains grand?

Don't pick up a sleeping cat.
We won't chew the fat.
You may get a scratch or three.
A brand new scar for thee.

Don't switch lube for super glue.
Nothing fun will come due.
Yep, this one is true.
Saw it at the redneck's zoo.

Don't say Great Post.
Unless R at your coast.
It won't work.
So go away, jerk.

Don't sit and stare,
Full clothed or in underwear.
It isn't going to do itself.
Sorry, Santa captured every magic elf.

Any more do nots at your sea? I could go one forever with them for free. But then you'd get bored of me. Or get mad I made fun of thee. Some things humans do are strange in mass. Keep those nuts away from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, June 3, 2016

A Ruler So Cooler!

The cat was pondering the question of he would do if he ruled the world at his zoo. The question was easy to answer for me. Is it easy to answer for thee?

Why would I want that?
I'm just a rhyming cat.
I'll sit and nap.
Not a ruling chap.

But if I had to,
I'd give all a golden loo.
You should like where you shit.
That would create no fit.

Then we'd abolish cold weather.
We'd do it together.
Except where the polar bears roam.
Wouldn't want them attacking my home.

Then we'd kill all disease.
It would be a breeze.
Fire all the "find the cure" bimbos.
And give the money to one who knows.

I'd print my own money.
I'd name it something funny.
Then hand all a million of it.
That may crash the market a bit.

The cat would kill fleas too.
Really, what do they do?
Just make us all itch.
Burn the whole lot in a ditch.

I'd demand vets get a thermometer up their ass.
Then they know how it feels up their mass.
That would be a good one.
It should really be done.

I'd make all cars fly.
Rid the world of stupid humans in the sky.
The idiots would die.
Smart people wouldn't cry.

I'd make sure I got waited on every minute of every day.
No rest for any at my bay.
They have to feed me and clean my crap.
Hmm, that is already done by that Pat chap.

But screw that.
Too much work for the cat.
Except for maybe the vet.
I'd like to know that was met.

Would you do much? Is it too much to even touch? Ready to rule the world at your sea? The vet one should be done for free. The cat would also hope it caused them gas. That is what they get for sticking things up my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Fake Gets Another Take!

The cat was snooping here and there and I learned more that I have to share. I know you will just have to know. So I will let you know today at my show.

They are making Bad Girls 2.
Did you even know one came due?
Revenge is getting a movie made.
Revenging it will be called by the trade.

Basic Instinct will be back.
This time that open leg shot gives all a heart attack.
Take This Job and Shove It is getting a remake.
Did you even know there was a first take?

Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Scooby Doo.
That will sure impress Blue.
All Dogs Go To Hell is up.
Its a horror movie with a pup.

Dawn of the zombie unicorns are here.
Will you run from their horny fear?
Dumbo three is on their plate.
I guess they skipped two's fate.

It's Hot Tub Tim Machine 3.
Something that will drop more IQ points from thee.
The one armed man is back.
Taking his fake arm and giving all a whack.

Planet of the human race.
Said to have a very slow pace.
Batman and Spiderman as one.
That will sell a ton.

How to Turn a Calendar Page.
Bet that will make no wage.
The Muppets Vs. The Mummy.
I hear they don't get chummy.

The Postman 2.
More mail is due.
See Cats Run.
Wow, that will sell a ton.

The Little Mermaid for real.
Another stupid real people deal.
The Terminator just won't die.
Another sequel giving me one question, why?

We've got Space Balls 2.
Wait, is that news new?
Pirates of Mars is coming soon.
Depp dances in space like a loon.

You have heard it here first. Doesn't that quench your news thirst? Will you see Dawn of the Zombie Unicorns on opening day? It will sure be one worth very little pay. SyFy will probably steal that idea from me. I'll sue them at my sea. Now my not so true news has come to pass from my sleuthing little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Don't Sweat It, Not One Bit!

 Insecurity can come,
Like a fart out the bum.
It just happens to some.
Like my analogy, chum?

But then you get worse,
And maybe even curse.
Why is that?
Follow the cat.

Because it is summer.
The sun isn't a bummer,
But the heat may be.
Are you following me?

The heat can't be beat,
Unless the A/C is a treat.
Then that is sweet.
But eventually you'll need a meet and greet.

You'll have to go to work.
So not a perk.
You'll have to go get food.
Shoppers can give attitude.

You may even go play.
I think they call it a beach day.
Just a giant litter box to me.
Hey, I'm just warning thee.

And what will happen?
Still following my rappin?
You will sweat.
That's a safe bet.

Sweat down the back.
Maybe even the butt crack.
 Could sweat down near Blinky.
Yeah, everything may get stinky.

Oh the heat.
It can be sweet.
Make you smell ripe.
Can't tell over Skype.

But if you sweat insecurity too,
You may be screwed at your zoo.
Dehydrated you could be.
So drink water and out the insecurity you'll pee.

Doesn't that solve all? Piss it out at your hall. No more insecurity will be had and you'll just sweat everywhere else at your pad. Don't you love the heat? Beats mountains of snow on the street. Thankfully the cat hides away with Cass and doesn't get a sweaty little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.