Monday, October 31, 2016

The Plot Of The Scary Thought!

So today is the big day. The day Halloween Nazi waits for all year at her bay. She stretches it into a month or so though. That is why she is the Halloween Nazi at her show. Back to the scary kick as we go on another run some slick.

Scary thrown around,
From hay to killer hound.
Godzilla comes to play.
But all crazy at ones bay.

Make believe they are.
Killer hounds could wait in the car.
But rabies is a thing,
Still probably won't feel that fling.

Like the thoughts in your head.
They'll be there until your dead.
Some voices may too,
If you are like my zoo.

Scary they can go,
As you dig down below.
For you make them up.
Just like that Chihuahua being a killer pup.

Oh, this may occur.
Oh no, I'm covered in fur.
I believe that's called a hairy back.
Won't give you a heart attack.

Oh, what if this comes to be?
I may drown in the sea.
I don't even own a boat.
But I could get one that won't float.

Oh, what if the place burns down.
It could take me and the whole town.
I could kill one and all,
Thanks to a spark in my hall.

Oh, what if the plane crashes?
That may give me more than rashes.
I may be blown to bits,
That sure is the pits.

Oh, what if that was poison I drank?
Oh, what if someone put a bomb in my gas tank?
What if the ceiling caves in?
What if killer birds take my eyes for a spin?

Can go on all day.
Scary thoughts can play.
But in most cases make believe they are,
As they will most likely never happen at your sand bar.

Sure, a plane could crash and aliens could drop off a giant killer fire breathing monster that turns all to ash. But will it come to be? Probably not at any sea. More likely to croak from the stress or thinking more and not less. Are the scary thoughts up there? Do they haunt your lair? Need to give them a one way pass. That works for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Here's To Magic However Tragic!

Look at the day. Magic may come to play. It is resolution time. Who needs to wait 2 more months for such a chime? Now is the time with magic in its prime.

Bippity Boppity Blue,
He stopped to have a poo.
Then he lost his shoe.
It was stolen by a kangaroo.

Wait! That is wrong.
Not a resolution song.
I resolve to stay on task.
Now you have no need to ask.

Elephants can fly.
Oh my, oh my.
Whoops,  magic didn't work.
Off track is a perk.

Look! A black cat.
So scary where it's at.
Wait! It may be magic.
A cat can't be tragic.

Bippiy boppity boo.
I want a golden loo.
Waiting, waiting, nope.
Just a litterbox in which to cope.

Magic in the air.
It is oh so rare.
Not a smelly box,
Or a pair of socks.

I resolve to lose weight.
Yep, on this magic date.
Look, it didn't work.
Damn, I blame the mail clerk.

Why? I don't know.
Now on with the show.
I hear that magic tune.
It is enough to make me swoon.

I resolve to get a wife.
Yeah, I need one of them in my life.
I see a magic site.
I can order one overnight.

Look! It worked out.
A wife is now about.
Magic really does exist.
This magic day thing shouldn't be missed.

Wowweee, aren't you impressed now? The magic sure took a bow. No need for the new year you can now give a new magic day a cheer. Hey, same shit will occur. As in no magic will happen and you won't purr. But if you have the dough, a new mail order bride may show. Could make magic there, right? All through the night? Or get scammed in mass. Hey, I never said you should trust my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

You Better Beware Of The Nonsense Scare!

The cat will go scary today. I already did that at my bay? Bah, not this way. This is so scary you'll run for a pile of hay. Jumping in that may itch. That can be a bitch.

A roll in the hay,
Come what may.
A giant itch.
An itch to hitch.

Your hitch of an itch,
Makes you twitch.
Twitch from the toe,
To where things flow.

Flow as in nose?
That's how it goes.
Unless you go gutter.
Then you may shutter.

The twitchy glitch,
Has made you rich.
Rich with twitches.
Can't blame witches.

You rolled in hay.
Or maybe all you did was lay.
Lay or roll,
You took the stroll.

Now you twitch.
Twitch and itch.
Hay fever upon you.
It is old yet new.

New yet old.
Either way, it takes hold.
Hold and golden.
Gold and holdin.

Rich with disease.
Rich with fleas.
Rich with twitches.
No need for stitches.

Now twitch for life.
Twitch with your wife.
Twitch with your man,
There's not a twitch ban.

Your wish granted,
However slanted.
You became rich.
Rich with the twitch.

Are you now twitchy? No need to get bitchy. Or blame something witchy. That may make them twitchy. Then you may get boiled in a pot. That could scare a lot. So thanks to you hiding in the hay you now twitch for life at your bay. Enjoy the fleas too. We hate those at our zoo. Wasn't that of the scary class? I told you so with my nonsense writing little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Tune In For A Spin!

Did you know that cat has his own station? That has to be an elation. Now the cat can ruin your concentration as you tune into 99.87.865.787666 to give an ovation.

Listening to this station,
May ruin concentration.
But then it takes an escalation,
To a rather weird destination.

It will bring about celebration,
When it improves circulation.
From my little dedication,
You may get a duplication.

A clone imitation.
More than one by my estimation.
That is quite the infiltration.
The ninja wannabe may feel irritation.

There is no vaccination.
But there is a registration.
You must use your own sanitation.
No clones near my loo presentation.

Actually there is no accommodation.
I don't go for cooperation.
I just let loose with communication.
Most of it is improvisation.

Could give some illumination.
Or just be an infatuation.
Maybe it's my magnetization?
Care to make a recommendation?

Nope, there is no negotiation.
But I'll let you make your recommendation.
Is that a form of socialization?
I'll go to Google for clarification.

I'm all for diversification.
I let dogs on my station.
See? It's not a total monopolization.
They can be of any nationalization.

Then they get a thrilling elation,
I hit them with some miniaturization.
Dogs everywhere join a categorization.
Ants, thanks to a bit of radiation.

Isn't that all quite the visualization?
Shrinking dogs and clones get a victimization.
Maybe that needs a reevaluation?
Bah, you can always change the station.

Ready to listen to my station? Tune in to 99.87.865.787666 to give that ovation. I may soon be under investigation. Damn my evil plan of shrinking the dog population. It sure took some coordination. Enjoy my clone making, dog shrinking station. I'll now go roll in dog free grass. That is so nice to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Little Help To Make All Yelp!

We all love the word verification crap, right? What? Was that a no at your site? They make you do gifts and pick pics and the like. They sure don't want to take a hike. The cat will make it the best. I'll put captcha above the rest.

No more pics.
Don't be dicks.
That mix and match,
Is such a bad batch.

That word type thing,
Is so last spring.
And that each circled letter?
You can do so much better.

Only those shaded?
That sure has faded.
Time for the best.
I'll be the ultimate pest.

You have to draw.
Drawing is the law.
Draw the shape it declares.
That will get some swears.

Want to leave a comment here?
Come, step right up without fear.
But first you have to comment on the comment of the post you commented on.
Nope, this is not a con of a con of a con.

Still can't get a comment to stick?
Captcha is such a prick.
There are even better ways.
So have another hateful gaze.

It's a captcha quiz.
Answer questions about any biz.
From sports to movies to politic crap.
Answer wrong and away your comment will zap.

It's captcha pick a map.
It isn't for a sap.
You get a place and then have to pick it's spot.
Same named places could confuse a lot.

It's the captcha game.
It sure isn't lame.
Beat the computer at chess.
Have to win, no more, no less.

And the best is here.
Word verification that is clear.
All you have to do is pay money,
Then you can leave a comment that's funny.

Don't you like my word verification stuff? I know, you just can't get enough. Who doesn't want to draw just to leave a comment here? No one would run away in fear. Google should steal my ideas too. Then I can sue. Ready for my new word verification best pass? I hope you answer no to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Old May Not Be Bold!

Ever go back and look at where you started? It was like the cat just farted. You know, nothing but gas. Boy, was that a mass.

Back to the start.
You threw a dart.
Seeing what stuck.
Really though, what the fluck?

Spelling was bad.
Drive Grammar Nazi's mad.
Maybe even the cat.
I shake my head at that.

An on and on.
A run on con.
Convoluted a bit.
What was with it?

Thoughts on a roll.
Out they did stroll.
Rambling away.
Hmm, I may do that still at play.

A rip off too.
Damn, my zoo.
That brings shame.
But it lit a flame.

Time goes on.
No longer a con.
The groove does dawn.
Sacrifice the pawn.

Time for the knight.
Cat sees the light.
A that and this,
Sure switches for bliss.

Easier to read.
Spelling takes seed.
A cat learned to spell.
Isn't that swell?

Even a book,
At my nook.
Well more than one.
Having over 100 is fun.

Much came due,
From start to new.
Or start to now.
But I'll still raise an eyebrow.

I was just checking for dead links here and there, as they supposedly drag down your lair, and saw some of the cat's spelling. Surprised the grammar nazi's weren't yelling. Ever look at your old posts to see how far you've come? They can be scary and then some. But really they weren't too bad in mass. I was just a blog noob little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Creative Way Comes To Play!

You may be creative and not know it. How about that little tidbit? You don't believe that cat? Wait until you get buried in scat. Figuratively that is. Unless you're Biff with his manure biz.

Creative with a blog.
That has no fog.
That you can see.
Blog for you, blog for me.

Creative with art.
With or without a sparkly fart.
That you can see.
It's drawn by thee.

Creative with writing.
Ideas start igniting.
That you can see.
It's typed out by thee.

Creative with work.
Beat out that jerk.
That you can see.
Work's done by thee.

But you don't do those?
Oh the woes.
Not creative you say?
May go the other way.

Shit hits the fan.
A flash in the pan.
But it still hits.
Can sure be the pits.

Stuck in an endeavor.
Can't get out ever?
Wait, you're clever,
You fixed the endeavor.

They say can't,
Like a little worker ant.
They say no way,
Shit's here to stay.

Oopsy, you think.
Wow, nothing did sink.
You thought and fixed.
The shit was nixed.

Fan is clean.
All is serene.
You came up with a solution,
Having a creative contribution.

Sometimes you don't know how creative you can be until the shit hits the fan at your sea. Ever found you were creative when need be? Can get one out of a jam with a creative spree. Always, most every time, a way. Only have to think at one's bay. So you can also join the creative class. Trust my creative little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Can You See When It's Upon Thee?

Some sure can't take the hint from that little glint. Or would that be glimmer? Either way there may be a shimmer. You know when it is one you hate. Cassie has that look as her trait.

Hey there!
Inside you swear.
It is those you dread.
They are hard on the head.

Sometimes just because.
Other times a nosey buzz.
Other times they may smell.
Other times cause you hell.

Whatever the reason.
It's like a cold season.
Want to avoid them all.
Hard on the head at your hall.

So you give a stare.
That little glare.
May do the trick.
Comes off some slick.

The classic grunt.
When you they hunt.
Hate comes to play.
Said all but go away.

Then there is the ignore.
That can be a chore.
Hey there! Gets an encore.
Then they say more.

But also the flip.
You flap your lip.
They see you and stare.
Do you get the glare?

Do you get the grunt?
Follow their stunt?
Earn the flip.
No double dip.

The ignore comes due.
Does it turn you blue?
Do you catch the clue?
They just don't like you.

Catch the hate,
When up to the plate?
Strike out or in?
Which is the spin?

Can you tell when someone hates you? Can they tell when you give them the glare, grunt, etc. at your zoo? No one is going to like everyone at any sea. Always nut cases from which one will want to flee. Whether that is you, me or a rhyming cat. Some will give hate and that is that. Can you tell with each hateful pass? I usually can with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Skull Isn't Dull!

With Halloween near it seems redundancy comes along with fear. How can that be? Just follow along with me. It may sink into your head unless like Boney you are already dead.

 Hear that lull?
It's from a skull.
A skull not dull.
For there's many a skull.

Skull high heel shoes.
With them you can't lose.
You'll be so sleek.
Give them a peek.

Skull glasses.
Sell to the masses.
Helping you see more.
Skull on skull encore?

Skull to the head.
Bald when said.
A skull of fire.
Tattooed so it won't expire.

A skull shirt.
Use it to flirt.
Who doesn't like double head?
Hmmm forget that was said.

A skull and crossbones.
Here come the groans.
Or would that be Arrr?
Find out at a pirate bar.

A skull on display.
Many at play.
Dino to bird.
Skull's the word.

Sunk into your skull?
Double isn't dull.
More outside than in?
Boy, that isn't a win.

A brain dead skull,
And one that isn't dull.
One's shiny and new.
The other has no clue.

The lull of the skull.
Overcompensating the dull?
A skull kind of cull?
The redundant skull.

Have a thing for skulls at your sea? Do you have a skull collection spree? Is having more than one as redundant as it seems to be? Why is a skull oh so scary to thee? I'll go bury any skulls in the grass. I don't want them staring at my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Forward And Back On The Attack!

The cat was browsing this and that, yeah that can be done by a cat, and the dumb ads popped up here and there. I ignore them without a care. But they do get a pffft out of me. Especially when some words I see.

Ads we've done.
Can be fun.
Full of fluff.
We know that stuff.

But do you look?
Look at the hook.
Hook or by crook.
A crook with a hook.

Not a Peter Pan villain.
Captain Hook is still chillin.
Maybe that was Once Upon a Time.
Look, I worked a plug into my chime.

Bad cat.
Can't have that.
Once is enough.
On with this stuff.

Got the hook?
Too many to give a look.
So I'll tell you.
No need to give a clue.

One step forward, two steps back.
That is this hook's attack.
But you don't see it coming.
Whoops, a clue wasn't supposed to come chumming.

Can a clue chum?
Beats my rhyming bum.
I'm asking you.
Is it true?

Hook or by crook.
Give this a look.
I'll move the rook.
Pawn on the hook.

This doesn't lack.
The best hook ever.
Aren't we clever?

Only spend 1000's on it,
And not only will it make you the shit,
You'll get CASH BACK too.
Isn't that too good to be true?

Pffft one step forward two steps back indeed. Fall for that hook at your feed? It's okay to give them tons of dough, you'll get CASH BACK you know. No other place gives you such a deal. Come and let out a squeal. Pffft to that hook says the singing bass. Can't hook him or my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, October 21, 2016

It May Scare You When You See That View!

The scary month is here. That you already know as in comes the fear. The cat will give you more fear today though. I don't even need zombie feet to show.

It's the no arm rest.
That passes the test.
It is scary to one and all.
Having no arm rest at your hall.

The sheet tear.
Making holes to spare.
That will scare everyone.
Holes by the ton.

The no eared cat.
How scary is that?
 Now I'll never hear you.
Don't have to pretend not to.

The sprinkler pose.
Oopsy, there it goes.
Don't go blaming the pet.
The sprinkler made you wet.

The cat butt hole.
Look at that stroll.
That is so scary to see.
I won't blame you if you flee.

The what is that?
So scary where you're at.
Could be a ghost over there.
Just look at that stare.

The germs on me.
On a cleaning spree.
You touched me before.
You now have germs galore.

The ball of doom.
Around it will zoom.
It will then pop out and smack you in the eye.
It's so scary you may cry.

The you can't reach me.
The what do I see?
The I'm gonna jump on your head.
Three scares in one may leave you dead.

And the cat hair in your bed.
That is so scary when said.
Look at that cat hair there.
 I've got plenty to spare.

Are you all scared now? I know you are somehow. No need to run and flee. It's only a little cat hair from me. I would never jump on your head. Pffft well maybe if you were lying in bed. Was that such a scary pass? Enjoy being scared of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Round Fifty One Continues The Scary Fun?

Can it really be fun when such nuts find me? Bah, gives me a post at my sea. I guess it can't be all bad, even if such nuts below are mad. Mad as in they need to be locked in the looney bin. I'm sure some would consider that a win.

Chip Chap

Flip Flap. Clip Clap!

a little bit thick

Thick in the head? Or those at club med?

my mouse played piano

That is a skill. Did chopsticks fit the bill?

closet sex is appealing

Until a hanger pokes out your eye then things may not be so spry.

appealing grunt work

No such thing. Unless you are referring to a fling.

movies that got remade 

Easier to make a list of ones that did not. Hollywood has brain rot.

kangaroo poop big?

Do I look like a kangaroo? Go ask Blue and his shoe.

snow days r us

You can make it snow? Pffft go eat a crow.

boom boom weiners

Do I even want to know? Oscar Mayer have a new foe?

glass in my ass

That has to sting. See a doctor at your wing.

on a merry go round of life sucks

Get off the merry go round. Maybe a swing will be found.

how many berries are in my ear

Too many I fear. But I won't shed a tear.

googling google

That like written writing? My, such a sighting.

cats are taking over my brain

I think not. Up there there is too much rot.

And the winner this time sure liked to rhyme. I guess that isn't a crime. Unless they are a mime. Although a crime is their chime. I'll let them deal with the grime.

laughing as I rol n shit my pants ants

So they are talking to ants about shitting in their pants? Woweee, that has to impress those ants. Or maybe not. Could make noses everywhere rot. I hope that wasn't typed by any of you. That would just be scary to come due. I'd rather go talk to the singing bass. He is much more interesting to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Let The Complaining Start Raining!

The cat does it a time or fifty, and hey, it can be nifty. It gives me something to say most any old day. You humans make it easy as can be. But everyone sure does a lot of complaining from sea to sea.

Oh, poor poor me.
I don't have a PS3.
Hmmm don't they have four?
Bah, didn't rhyme on tour.

Poor poor me.
I'm on a pitiful spree.
My internet went out.
One hour out made me shout.

Poor poor me.
I had to walk for free.
I walked all through town.
My stupid car broke down.

Poor poor me.
No one liked my pic spree.
Facebook is out to get me.
I only typed "I had a big long pee."

Poor poor me.
I got a cold at my sea.
It lasted a week.
Wait, it was just a pimple on my cheek.

Poor poor you.
Whatever will you do?
You have a running loo,
And some ass wipe too.

Poor poor you.
Whatever will you do?
You have medicine for colds.
Even to fight back molds.

Poor poor you.
Whatever will you do?
You can connect and find all you want.
Don't have to wait weeks for even a taunt.

Poor poor you.
Whatever will you do?
You have a roof over your head.
The forest isn't your bed.

Poor poor you.
Whatever will you do?
You have running water.
No need to fight an otter.

Are you still complaining at your sea? Geez, can't be helped by even me. Time travel should be invented to send whiners back a 100 years or so. Then they wouldn't have a whining flow. Although they may screw things up in mass. I wouldn't want to become a never existed little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hiding Away From The Light Of Day!

The cat does play hide with no seek. Pat has to search to find us sometimes at our creek. Even though he should know we are there. Do you think if he says my name I care?

Hiding away.
That we do.
But more on display,
Than out of view?

Hiding are you?
Not hiding from me.
For even with no view,
You are reading at my sea.

Hide from the wife.
Hide from the sun.
Hiding from life,
May not be fun.

Hiding from embarrassing acts.
Hiding from change.
Is such hiding facts?
May need to rearrange.

Hide behind others.
Hide behind signs.
Whether brothers, sisters or mothers,
Hiding in hope that everything aligns.

Hiding out of fear?
Hiding from a feeling?
Hiding may not be clear,
With each daily dealing.

Haven't seen hide nor hair of hiding?
That may be a lie.
But along we will go gliding,
As you continue your hiding try.

Hiding from the dark?
That may be hard to do.
Hiding won't leave a mark.
That may also be untrue.

Maybe you aren't into it yet.
Hiding could be on deck.
Going into hiding may be a bet,
If life becomes a wreck.

Are you a hider?
Maybe you're just hidden.
Did your knowledge grow wider?
Maybe some hiding was ridden.

Geez, the cat didn't know so much could come from him hiding away. Maybe in sight I should stay. I wouldn't want you humans to blame me for your this and that hiding spree. Out of hiding are you? Still hidden from view? I'll go find a hidden Cass. She sure can hide from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Millions For You Without A Clue!

Without a clue would sum up most as they go about their business from coast to coast. We could go everywhere with that. But I can't type all day where we are at. This was the fifth time I heard this the other day. Some really like to have their say.

"Oh, I always thought of writing a book."
They say after giving you a look.
It was always an idea up there.
Yep, there as they have room to spare.

"I just have to find the time."
Another line that comes with each chime.
Yep, like time is hard to find,
When half of it is spent sitting on your behind.

"I may do it one day."
Love when that gets given a say.
Means it is never going to happen,
As they keep on a rappin.

"I have a really great idea."
Yeah, sure the same thing is thought by North Korea.
See how well that is?
Maybe you like their isolated biz.

"I know it would make millions."
Hell, why not go for billions.
That is just as likely too.
Who doesn't want a golden loo?

"I'd have to write a sequel to it."
Yep, it would be such a hit.
You'd have to get that done.
Wait, you haven't even written one.

"Movie producers would want it."
My, aren't you the shit.
They'd come a knocking.
Fans everywhere would be flocking.

"I'd get a publishing contract forever."
You really are clever.
That will soooo come due.
They'd just bow down to you.

"Then I could retire."
What? Ideas would expire?
Go down in the sun and sand?
You've got your billions in hand.

"One day I'll write it."
And yet here you sit.
Enjoying talking about it?
Hint, that don't do shit.

Met any such nuts along the way? They sure like to have their say. Even their dog has an idea or two. They'd probably have better ones come due. The cat gave props to a mutt. I hope they won't sniff my butt. I'll just roll my eyes another ten times in mass. That is mostly what I do when these nuts bother my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Debating Of Negotiating!

The cat wants to negotiate today. It seems to work at many a bay. So the cat wants to try it too. Hey, you never know what may come due.

You have that for sale?
Wow, it is such a fail.
I'll give you 10% of asking price.
Aren't I ever so nice?

I fell on your step?
I no longer have pep?
What? $50,000 now?
I'll take that with a happy meow.

I need some wheels.
Screw those fancy deals.
I'll give you $300 for it now.
I saved $2000, that is wow.

Look! I got cold hard cash.
That has to give you a happy rash.
How about we negotiate?
I win! Checkmate.

Can cash be cold?
Can hardness take hold?
Beats the heck out of me.
Let's negotiate that it can come to be.

Back to negotiating.
I want to go dating.
Err umm I never win there.
No negotiating to spare.

I want that job.
I will even rob.
Rob little old you.
Some negotiating came due.

I got it and a raise.
Wow, and some praise.
Isn't negotiating grand?
What? Don't shake my hand.

I'm aggravating?
That works in negotiating.
Then you just give up.
I win without a hiccup.

I'm done negotiating.
It takes some calculating.
That can be agitating.
Who needs all that estimating?

Yeah, the cat doesn't negotiate one bit. If Pat doesn't do what we want we don't have any of that shit. A weasel negotiator at your sea? I think the cat would feel rather dirty if that came to be. Some can sure do it with a straight face coming to pass. To them I just stick up my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Spend Away Each Day!

Now the cat has you thinking about money. Doesn't that make you all sunny? Whoops, not to do with that. Sorry, we're still not rich where we are at. Or are we? Hmm as the saying comes to be.

Spend, don't spend.
It's a growing trend.
I guess just growth.
More the former than both.

But that we know.
High and low.
As the bank account may go.
Outs more than ins flow.

Then counting all,
There at your hall.
Do they really?
Not getting touchy feely.

But you humans say,
Each and every day,
Sometimes even twice,
Spending without a price.

What is that?
Can't follow the cat?
Too whelmed are you?
Going fluckity fluck at your zoo?

Fine, I'll help out.
You are not in a drought.
You are doing it right now.
Spending your day with my meow.

So you are spending a day?
Wow, for what kind of pay?
Does it go for a loonie?
Maybe it may get a toonie?

Do you spend it all?
I guess you have to at your hall.
Even doing nothing at all.
You are spending it this fall.

Might get a cent for sitting though.
Could get more if you wiggle a toe.
May get a ton if you fall and slip.
Hey, could be worth a lawyer trip.

Spending away.
Pay at play.
Play at pay?
Whatever the day.

If you're here you aren't spent. Spent would mean you have a big dent. As in you are in the ground or out there blowing around. Maybe on a mantle too. Used for a kitty litter loo? Are you spending away each and every day? Did you catch on to my spending pass? Hopefully I still have a lot to spend with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Let's Be A Pain And Train!

No boarding any trains today unless you are super far away. You have to buckle down at your sea. We have some training for thee. Did you just run away? I wouldn't blame you at my bay.

Look at you.
Lots came due.
You got a degree.
Well whoopi.

You used it before?
Systems galore?
Wow, that is impressive.
See? I'm being expressive.

Used it for a long time?
That sure isn't a crime.
I'm oh so impressed.
You might have guessed.

You already do it that way?
Come and have a sunny day.
You really must know.
And now away we go.

Chirp, chirp, chirp.
I'm a stupid twerp.
Chirp, chirp, chirp.
Or was that a slurp?

I think I saw drool.
Isn't this cool?
You can't beat this training.
Even if it is life draining.

Yep, you should train.
You have lots to gain.
Knowing all you know,
May make you eat crow.

You must get more training.
Whether sunny or raining.
Dish out those bucks.
Don't have any? Oh shucks.

Go get a loan.
Throw a dog a bone.
The training is needed.
It sure must be seeded.

Who cares about the rest.
Who cares if you passed the test.
Who cares if you know it all already.
This mundane training must be taken steady.

Pfffft to such crap. The cat flipped off this chap. Told him right where to go. As in down below. But oh it is good to keep up on training in things you already know. Especially when no changes to what you know show. Or no changes have come due what so ever. My, don't you want such a boring endeavor? Pfffft to pointless training once more. Are you a pointless trainer or trainee at your shore? They can stick their redundant crap in mass. So says my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Filling Time With A Whoopdi Chime!

Robbie Raisin here and fans of Whoopdi Friggin Doo need something to hear. Our scheduled guest got caught for shop lifting. So into the bloglands we now go drifting.

Who is first? Hank is about to burst.


I said fill time not a small chime. Blue, what can you do?

Boppity Blue Awakens... didn't you know?
But then JJ ripped off my awakening show
Reboots and rip-off everywhere
It's quite a scare
Who you gonna call?
Spring or fall
Winter too
As they rip-off your shoe

He sure let it rip. Redneck, can you top his lip?

You know what they say about opinions right? Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. Advice is nuthin' more than someone's opinion. What matters is your opinion of what you do. When you stop believing in you that's when things turn to shit. Keep on doing what you do best!

Did you call Blue an asshole? Jax err umm Jaclyn err umm Blabber care to take yours for a stroll?

You shhhoouuullddd come back to NY and knock on every publishers door!!! And you should totally bring me Cold Stone while you're there. Lol happy friday, cat, although it probably doesn't matter much to you right

Will you send me a ticket? Ann Bennett, will you come to picket?

You should not tempt an old broad with the possibility of giving advice.
You should not worry about all the unsolicited tips unless you want to.
You should know I follow a blog that posts at least twice a day and has done so for the past six years.
You should have a good day.

I should but I will not. Rosey, can you add to the plot?

Years ago my oldest son and I read a book that was SO MUCH like Harry Potter. I don't know who did the story first, but they were so so so similar. And then yesterday we checked out a book that was such a rip off of an old Grover fave. Disheartening for sure, and even if the rip off wasn't intentional, I can't enjoy the book.

Don't hold back, let it out with an attack. Ninja Wannabe, are you going to impress me?

I guess everyone needs stalker fans.
The only big issue I’ve ever had was McAfee saying my site was suspicious. I ran it through three different security systems and it came back clean every time. I noticed the same warning for about five other blogger buddies. I emailed McAfee countless times, but never got an answer. Think it finally went away on its own, but I did get emails from blogger buddies who also used McAfee and probably lost a few visitors during that time. (Which was at the end of March, right before the release of Dragon and the start of the Challenge. Fun!)
Hey, longest comment ever…

Wait, was that from here? Yolanda, are you full of cheer?

I love the New Year - so much better than dreading it! Which I have done once or twice in the past - but worry is the biggest waster of time! Now I grasp onto the wind and hold tight for the ride it has in store!
Happy New Year!

A little late, or early, for that. Fundy Blue, anything to say where you are at?

I definitely get wtf? looks from Terry pretty much daily! I have talked with a lot of children's authors over the years, and most have not become rich or famous; their advice was to keep the day job! Most of my friends have no clue about blogging and are quite dismissive of it. Their loss; I'm glad you blog, Cat; I like a fresh voice that pushes my mind in directions I;d never go on my own. Have a good one! 

WTF look I just gave you. Caitlin @ (not typing long stuff), what has come due?

Well I think a sideways, confused, pet head tilt,
Is the best thing ever, the cutest thing God built
I guess it could be a bit of a change to get used to your rhymes,
In a world of blogs primarily made up of product reviews and how to save dimes,
But after someone gives the reading a go,
they'll never look back, most talented, committed blogger I know!

Upping the ego of a cat. Beverly, are you going to stand for that?

Haha! Cats have such different personalities. By the time I get Patches in the carrier, my arms are bleeding like I've been in a fight. Well, I guess I have, and Patches won. Tiger's just the opposite. He never fights me, just meows pathetically. And at the vets, he's eager to get back in the carrier, after they've given him shots and whatever. Don't even think about hairballs. Ugh.

I guess so. Dolorah, what do you know?

Ugh, I hate travelling too. Well, maybe just packing. I always forget something, and miss my home when I'm gone.

My cats haven't been to the vet in a while. They love prowling around inside the car when the doors are open, by sure run away when the engine starts. The fight like hell to get away from the cat carrier.

I guess a lot. Birgit, gonna add to the plot?

I love some funky words like Cahoots-usually with my best friend. I love the words-spelunking which I have never done.
I love the word, smurgling which our cats do every day.
My mom had 2 words but unsure if they are German dialect-
One is Kaboef-Not a closet or a room but a little place to store stiff in like a place under the stairs. Pu that box in the kaboef:) The other is Kanatch. What is that? When we were kids and chewed gum with our mouth open, making that gross sound, my mom would say "Stop Kanatching!"

Wow, you had a lot to say. Betsy, can you top that display?

I purposely stayed away from this post
as I knew it was coming from you, the host!
I wanted to relish my lists and goals
without you making fun and it taking a toll.
haha....I guess it's the thought of a new calendar and year
that makes me want to cheer.
Besides, I actually do my resolutions
and I turn them into solutions
for troubles and issues around my zoo.
Although, it's not magic, and hard work, too!
So, with that I say Happy New Year to you!
to Pat, Orlin and Cassie, too!

Extra points for rhyming. Bijoux, do you have such timing?

YES! So rude! I've heard that some will use their phones to secretly take a picture of your credit card number to use online. I now keep my hand covering my numbers at all times.

I guess not. Manzi, care to say a lot?

People are rude if get too close
Especially when fat and verbose
What if she thought Cat a spiffy dude
And looking to have some candlelight food
She could be sleuthing as a spy
See if she gives the old stink eye
Maybe she escaped from the asylum
A bloddy kill after first she beguile em

That was your long winded best? Tabbies are you joining in with the rest?

orlin N cassie

de food serviss gurls bozz saw her log in one day on de werk pea cee... N hee waz like...whoa...thatz one long pass werd...

N her SAID......yes, for sea cure a tee reezonz...

but her THINKED....yea...two keep ewe off de computer ~~~~ ☺

heerz two a cownose ray kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

Should we all just nod and agree? Mary, what are we to hear from thee?

I'd rather be driven crazy
than be driven to drink
at some sleazy downtown bar
just give me the kitchen sink!

If you drive me up a wall
I will drive you out of your mind
turnabout is always fair play
but i promise I'll be kind!

Drive on! Truedessa, what decides to dawn?

I am getting hit with email galore
won't you come buy at our store
we will even deliver to your door
in your in-box you will find more
special discount not seen before
come now, I know you want four
just don't ask me what for...
money in our banks will pour
soon you will find yourself poor 

Can email hit you? Theresa, what turns you blue?

The spam I hate are those assholes in the middle of the mall that try to chase you down, yelling at you to buy their junk. My kids were really embarrassed one day when one tried their chase down tactic. I karate chopped my hand through the air and yelled "NO!" then kept walking. The sales person didn't know what to do after that lol. 

Well we don't want to get karate chopped. I think we'll run before we are stopped. This is Whoopdi Friggin Doo and everything you heard is true. Yep, they are all as mouthy as can be. Robbie Raisin is now done with thee.


You guys really let it flow. Fine by my show. Hank got number one too even if much didn't come due. Guess he needs a better copy and paste. Be like Blue and get in post haste. I'll also avoid karate chopping to any part of my mass. That wouldn't be nice for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Little Strange Treat Meet And Greet!

The cat has heard many a tale and even saw some being given. I guess that is what keeps people livin. Or maybe not. One's gut may rot. What am I talking about? Why treats some give out.

Here you go.
Candy may flow.
It's Halloween night.
My, what a fright.

Have a coupon to Walmart.
That is a great start.
Let's go to the next house.
Aren't you a cute mouse.

Here is a piece of pie.
Yep, baked by a nice guy.
Or maybe that would be girl.
Don't you want to give it a whirl?

Pie stains on your treat bag.
That sure is a drag.
It got all mushy within.
That is not a win.

The next place is here.
Let's give a cheer.
2 for 1 at Burger King.
My, that's worth a cha-ching.

What could come?
Let's beat the drum.
Trick or treat.
Wow, this is neat.

It is trash.
Hey, it beats ash.
Wait. It's called recycling.
Or maybe just some re-use cycling?

Can't get worse.
No need to curse.
Of course you said that.
So now comes more scat.

A costume for next year.
That deserves a real cheer.
Use it in another 365 days.
Trick or treating sure pays.

And last but not least,
It's time for a feast.
$1 off a Thanksgiving turkey.
That has to make you perky.

Actual things that have been given out. Doesn't that make you just want to shout? Get your trick or treat ready and the great stuff will come steady. Gonna give out coupons at your sea? I'm sure that will impress each kiddie. At least a coupon won't give them gas unless they eat the thing like my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

One Day Comes To Play!

The tightwads sure can clench away and spurt out the "one day." It seems to be their thing no matter the place you get the cha ching. At least in the corporate world. There no toes are happily curled.

Look at you.
Great works comes due.
It's oh so great.
You'll get promoted at a high rate.

Keep it up.
I'll go fill my cup.
I'll then put my feet up.
Maybe I'll walk my pup.

You just keep working.
Soon up those ears will be perking.
You'll get a promotion with ease.
It will sure be a breeze.

Stellar work still.
Today I feel ill.
Do this and this and this and that.
Thanks, you'll add to your promotion stat.

That was well done.
I was out having fun.
You sure got the work right.
Wasn't it worth it to stay here all night?

Family isn't important one bit.
Who needs that shit?
You get the work done.
I'll go get my family and have fun.

That promotion is coming.
No need for chummng.
I'll get it to you.
It will soon come due.

What? A promotion for you?
That isn't true.
My pimply faced nephew got it.
He really knows his shit.

But don't worry.
You are a snow flurry.
Different than everyone.
Keep doing work by the ton.

I can't let you get promoted.
Then I may get demoted.
I need you to make my lazy ass look good.
I hope all of that was understood.

Pfffft to the lazy asses everywhere. They deserve more than an evil glare. Ever got the shaft like that? We've avoided it where we are at. Screw working for some buffoon. I'd rather clean the crap of a baboon. Or hire a dog to go eat it. That is one way to clean up shit. Pffft once more to that corporate class. They can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Lost Your Luster In The Cluster?

So you no longer shine. That can't be divine. The cat is here to help you though. That fame is so precious to you, I know. You need that shine back. These will get you ahead of the pack.

Make a sex tape.
Maybe even wear a cape.
Yep, then spread it around.
Might impress many a hound.

Create a hoax.
You can fool many folks.
It is easy to do.
There are quite a few.

Did I hear a yelp?
Okay, I'll help.
A hoax can be simple.
Like popping a pimple.

Blue blood came out of you.
Wow, that will impress a few.
You unearthed a 1000 year old cell phone.
It even has a dial tone.

You heard a voice in a tree.
That is just woweee.
Now it is your turn.
Be hands on so you can learn.

Did you get one?
What was that run?
Your food got eaten?
Hmm, your luster may stay beaten.

We'll skip the hoax.
You just can't coax.
But never fear one bit.
There is more than that shit.

Say God spoke to you.
That will fool quite a few.
You may even become a saint.
Your luster will be shiny paint.

Say aliens abducted you.
Nuts everywhere will turn blue.
They'll ask you all kinds of things.
You'll be probed like kings.

Say you are really a famous dead girl or guy.
That may be a tough lie.
But if you can make it fly,
You'll be upon high.

Ready to get your luster back? Do you need it at your shack? I think I'll stay whelmed at my sea. A much better way to be. Of course if you are that hard up there is a better way. Just join the Hollywood mainstay. Remake, redo, repeat an old thing. Poof! You'll be a tacky king. Now that the cat has helped you get back your class I'll go pass some gas out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Choke Of Broke!

Exaggeration is sure a thing at many a human blog wing. But that you probably know. The cat can also give exaggeration a go. We can't be whelmed all the time. That would just be a crime. Right! On with it with this rhyming fit.

I'm so broke.
I may choke.
My mother may die.
My sister may cry.

Wait! That's a crack.
Or is it a tack?
Maybe one is on crack?
Wouldn't recommend it at my shack.

Broke many shout.
What's that about?
Broke they are,
With a fancy new car?

Wait, there are two.
Two new cars in view.
A big house as well.
Isn't being broke swell?

Toys galore.
More shoes than a shoe store.
A 70 inch TV too.
A cow that can moo?

A golden loo.
Yep, it's true.
Old one eye tried.
I'm sure she lied.

A trip to Timbuktu.
May suck to come due.
But airfare for ten.
Even brought Uncle Ben.

Nope, he didn't die.
Spider Man is a lie.
Maybe not.
Back to the plot.

Shove whatever in the cart.
At any place like Wal-Mart.
Yep, that is the place to be.
Hmm start of a shopping spree?

But still so broke.
Can't afford a Coke.
Bad for you anyway.
But still broke at your bay.

Pffffft is all the cat can say. New meaning to broke at play? I've seen this nuts at my place. They are so broke at a steady pace. Maybe they are too brain dead to know what it means? Living like on TV screens? Beats the heck out of me with their green grass. I'll go and relieve myself on it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The More Of That Where You're At!

Human nature is nuts. I think I'd rather take mutts. Yep, that is easier to me. At least all they do is eat poop for glee. Humans like to shovel it out as they follow a stream like trout.

I want more.
A new encore.
It can't end.
Not that trend.

He died on screen.
That is so serene.
But bring him back.
Yep, another whack.

Nothing every changes.
There is no rearranges.
Whoops, the show/book/whatever changed up.
No, no, no, we can't have that hiccup.

Oh, it changed a bunch.
That is right out to lunch.
That is just sooo bad.
Nothing new should be had.

I want something new.
Something new to view.
But not too new.
Meaning really the same should come due.

I want a sequel to that.
It ended perfectly and not flat.
But I want a sequel still.
Come on and take my bill.

Wow, that sequel really sucks.
Rather go feed the ducks.
Who even asked for that?
It was like watching floating scat.

Why did it have to end?
I want it to be a growing trend.
Bring it back some day.
Come and take my pay.

It is coming back.
Aren't there any new ideas at their shack?
Why are they bringing old things back?
This is just so off track.

I want more.
Give me an encore.
Who asked for more?
That was such a bore.

Boy, now the cat is confused. At least I can be amused. Back and forth you go and it is usually the same people saying the exact opposite of what they said at their show. Whiners in every way. Don't want new, more, old, this, that, whatever on display. Yet they really really do. Flush them all down the loo. Do you want more and then not more to come to pass? Don't go all flip flop on my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, October 7, 2016

The I Will Climbs A Hill!

The I will sure gets thrown around a lot. You humans have to be incorrectly taught. I will should mean that you will do something. Is that a familiar ring? Unless you are willing stuff when dead. But that isn't what is said.

I will.
I won't.
Like a mill,
Do and don't.

In comes the I.
Out goes the will.
Whoops, I's not spry.
Will fits no bill.

Get it yet?
You will.
That's a bet.
Might end up nil.

I will, insert threat.
Nadda comes due.
You can sit and fret.
Still no threat to you.

I will, insert task.
Roll your eyes a bit.
Again you ask.
They didn't do shit.

I will, insert goal.
Nothing takes hold.
The goal is coal.
My, will gets cold.

The cold shoulder?
Is that a thing?
I'll let that smolder.
Will you give that a ring?

I will, insert kiss ass remark.
When away, yeah right.
Less bite, all pucker up bark.
Like a butt sniffer in the night.

I will, insert the repeat.
Let's say it twice or more.
The repeat is neat.
Still no will on the encore.

I will.
I won't.
Just chill.
Do is don't.

Are you an I will? Do you I will then don't for a thrill? Has the meaning gone to pot? Three questions sure is a lot. The cat will ask more next time. I will do it in rhyme. That you can be sure with each pass. I will always be a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Some More For Your Shore!

With Halloween upon us you may need someone to create your puss. You know, if you are a monster or something. Don't go getting nasty at your blog wing. So here you are, some dates for your sand bar.

I will let you know what I want when I find it.
Maybe the lost and found box is a hit?
Ant meet boot real power
Wow, with that logic ants will cower.

Open minded and open to new experiences and open to you
I think the first summed up the open part coming due.
I love reading, but i hardly do it. I love traveling, but I hardly do it.
I sense a pattern here more than a bit.

Currently not meeting, chat only
A pen pal for the lonely.
Honesty 100% mind games
One way to ignite some flames.

Love hunter 4 wheelers, playing around...
I guess around you a 4 wheeler shouldn't be found.
Girl in a country song
So you and a dog went so along?

I'm not looking to change my situation any just a lil fun
Umm that still means change will be done.
having fun in whatever way I can weather that being out at a bar
So is the weather good for plane, train or car?

I'm just looking for some good friends and maybe go from there I work everyday and I just looking for something to do on my time off if you want to no more ask
I just need to go grab a flask.
I think brain cells depleted.
Such a sentence my mind has now deleted.

Looking for my big spoon
Is it with the dish in some cartoon?
No dogs....must love dogs though
Mixed signals sure may flow.

Holds more baggage than the airport.
You may win at some kind of spare sport.
420 on the beach with me
Sorry, that is still illegal you see.

Seeking genuine fellas to make me smile
Plural? My, do they line up in single file?
I've been known to flash people.
From the ground or high upon a steeple?

And now you have some dates to help you scare. Of course they could also scare you at your lair. That is the point of Halloween though, right? Ready to scare yourself and others that night? Get one before some other guy snatches them up. You may have to settle for a pup. Then you could be better off with the canine class. Some of those are also scary to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Boo With A Hoo?

Here we are once more.
Once more with what?
Can't you see through the door?
My, you are in a rut.

A rut in a hut.
That has to suck.
A hut in a rut,
Would be more what the fluck.

A breaking hut?
A hut with no butt?
Can a butt be on a hut?
Now I'm in a rut.

If you were a hut.
Stole that from the blue guy.
Borrowed it to pass the cut.
Stole is one big lie.

Right! The boo.
With a little hoo.
That is what came due,
When I thought this for you.

Would that be thought for me?
It is my blog after all.
Or thought maybe for we?
Don't think, trip and fall.

That would hurt.
Hurt real bad.
Blood may spurt.
Boo hoo would be had.

A boo hoo deserved.
One that may come with fluck.
Like if you hit something curved,
Whelmed would pass the buck.

But if insecure goes boo.
Wowweee, that hurt.
You add the hoo, 
And let it flirt.

No blood comes out.
Not even a little scrape.
Boo hoo has no clout,
So cut through its insecure tape.

There you are, the cat helped all near and far. If you fall and smash your face, boo hoo at any old pace, but if you get insecure and go boo hoo, well that is all on you. Can just let it go and no scar will show. Of course if you are a klutz and fall over each day than that may be on you too at your bay. But let's pretend that doesn't come to pass for then I sound like a more wise little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What A View Charged To You!

The cat has no good view, just a parking lot at our zoo. Two buildings as well. Most would consider that not swell. But there is still a view. A view to view and review. Can that be true? Here is a clue.

What a view.
Charged to you.
A view of the shore.
$1000 more.

No view there.
Renter beware.
$1000 less.
Brick wall I guess?

A lake view.
$1000 more to you.
What? It's a cow pond?
Pffft just look a little beyond.

A mountain view.
Maybe there's two.
So $2000 more.
Double the encore.

What? You want to buy?
No problem, guy.
Come and step right up.
Fill my tin cup.

A view of the river.
You won't shiver.
Maybe at the price.
$100,000 more doesn't entice?

Who cares about flooding.
You can go umm mudding.
Yeah, that is right.
Isn't that a pretty sight?

A view of a mountain top.
That sure isn't a flop.
$200,000 more we're asking.
What? Nothing we are masking.

An avalanche you say?
Pffft not gonna happen, okay?
Don't worry about any of that.
The view is truly where it is at.

There is no view there.
No view to spare.
It's just a road, parking lot or brick wall.
You can't view that at all.

Hmm do people go blind with a parking lot in view? I can say that really isn't true. I guess it just isn't a $200,000 extra view. Pffft screw that at our zoo. Are you all about the view? Willing to spend the $200,000 or whatever more for it to come due? I think on that we will take a pass unless I were to become a rich little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Round Up Or Down Of Blog Town!

Can you round down? Can you even give rounding up the crown? Hey, stats people round every day. Like the 2.5 kids you have at your bay. Did you split kids in two? Maybe twins that came due? Beats the heck out of me. So on with it at my sea. On with what? Blogger news day at my hut.

The best of his bunch,
Can now be read over lunch.
Or at least listened too,
For audio has come due.

 Made me trudge away,
To that Facebook bay.
But Deb gets the win,
Taking Facebook for a spin.

 Now on ARE.
From Susan's sand bar.
Go for some looks.
Oh and ARE = All Romance Ebooks.

 Fun tales galore,
From Robyn's shore.
Dating nuts everywhere.
She finds plenty to spare. 

Look at that.
Nice to the OCD of the cat.
Song Sparrow Treasures it is,
Betsy's Etsy shop biz. 

The newest to come due,
From Sandra's zoo.
Was just on sale too.
The cat's a little slow getting this in view.

Beverly's is now in print.
Can get that glossy tint.
Have it in your hand.
Isn't that grand?

Snowcatcher had her first signing.
Hopefully a lot was aligning,
And many came out,
As she was out and about. 

Sherry has one for free.
Just click to see.
Use coupon code WJ95M for it.
Will work for a bit.

Chrys has a blogfest coming due.
Can work the imagination at your zoo.
 Simply think what you'd do,
If an evil mobster were you.

And there is a blogland round up or down. We won't get back into that at our town. Did you know it all? Been meaning to do it a while at my hall. But ten things needed to show. Have to do that for my OCD you know. Did you know all of this from the blogland mass? What? Once in a while I can be a nice little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Little Smart From A Fart?

Hey, gas can work too. Not what I was getting at though at my zoo. Don't let the title fool. There are plenty of those out there already who drool. Not talking about a mutt. They may like gas from a butt. On with it at my sea. It's a pretend to be smart spree.

Look at me.
I'm not dumb.
I have a big word spree.
Listen up chum.

I like sapiophiles best.
Don't look at me like that.
It proves you are like the rest,
Not getting it where you are at.

It doesn't hurt at all,
If they have callipygian too.
It shouldn't be too small.
Got you thinking at my zoo?

Too ebullient is a turn off though.
Could make the cat run.
So keep the ebullient show.
But still good to have fun.

I'll let you be as magnanimous.
Why do I want that?
I'm fine being pusillanimous.
It keeps me an alive cat.

I'm at the ready.
I'm perspicacious is all.
I can spit these out steady.
I'm so smart at my hall.

Although I don't want to nidificate.
That would be little fun.
It would be a bad fate.
The ebullient one may run.

If you get it in your head,
You know like a bug crawled in your ear,
To go all perfidiousness before bed,
You'll get my rhyming rear.

I know what they all mean.
I am simply just the best.
Don't shake your head at my screen.
My gasconading passes any test.

This has gone on long.
Maybe I'm boring you?
Did I come on too strong?
I'm just a sesquipedalian at my zoo.

Don't you love people who hear a big word and then use it and sound absurd? They try and act smart and add some big word art. Really they are all hot air, like a fart, and would be better off sucking on a pop tart. Do you try to fit big words in to up your smart class? Better not tell my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Is Spooky Just Kooky?

It is that month once more, you know, the one where the Halloween Nazi starts to roar. Whoops, was I supposed to reveal that? Bah, she can't get a hold of the cat.

The scary is back.
Back on the attack.
Back you say?
Really? Okay.

The grave yard is back.
Yep, was gone to a new shack.
The ghosts are back too.
The other 11 months they went shoo.

Back with a boo.
Maybe October they use a ghostly loo?
Some could just be constipated,
Booing as they are going and elated?

Hey, it is a theory.
See? No need for eerie.
Right! Back to it.
A spooky fit.

So much more spooky.
October they are kooky.
The Addams Family theme?
Maybe that is some remake dream.

Now that would be scary.
Not like that It who's hairy.
More like mundane Hollywood nuts.
They already talk out their butts.

Spooky is the way.
It is even more so on the final day.
Yep, kids pretend and run about.
They may even shout.

Wait! Didn't I see that at the grocery store?
Wow, maybe they got better with an encore?
Yeah, they are so much more spooky now.
Those germs just jump off them some how.

To hell with the rest.
October passes some test.
A fake test maybe.
But the spooky is here for thee.

Yep, so much more scary now.
Look! A ghost, go have a cow.
Spooky that would be to see.
Maybe it would be more nasty a spree.

Think things are more scary this month do you? Pffft at my zoo. Just a day/month designated by humans to cash in. No more than any other month will scary stuff take a spin. If there is even scary stuff. Seeing a snot nosed rug rat flicking boogers may be tough. But they do that all year around. At least free candy can be found. Sugar up the rug rat class, just keep them away from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.