Thursday, October 13, 2016

Filling Time With A Whoopdi Chime!

Robbie Raisin here and fans of Whoopdi Friggin Doo need something to hear. Our scheduled guest got caught for shop lifting. So into the bloglands we now go drifting.

Who is first? Hank is about to burst.


I said fill time not a small chime. Blue, what can you do?

Boppity Blue Awakens... didn't you know?
But then JJ ripped off my awakening show
Reboots and rip-off everywhere
It's quite a scare
Who you gonna call?
Spring or fall
Winter too
As they rip-off your shoe

He sure let it rip. Redneck, can you top his lip?

You know what they say about opinions right? Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. Advice is nuthin' more than someone's opinion. What matters is your opinion of what you do. When you stop believing in you that's when things turn to shit. Keep on doing what you do best!

Did you call Blue an asshole? Jax err umm Jaclyn err umm Blabber care to take yours for a stroll?

You shhhoouuullddd come back to NY and knock on every publishers door!!! And you should totally bring me Cold Stone while you're there. Lol happy friday, cat, although it probably doesn't matter much to you right

Will you send me a ticket? Ann Bennett, will you come to picket?

You should not tempt an old broad with the possibility of giving advice.
You should not worry about all the unsolicited tips unless you want to.
You should know I follow a blog that posts at least twice a day and has done so for the past six years.
You should have a good day.

I should but I will not. Rosey, can you add to the plot?

Years ago my oldest son and I read a book that was SO MUCH like Harry Potter. I don't know who did the story first, but they were so so so similar. And then yesterday we checked out a book that was such a rip off of an old Grover fave. Disheartening for sure, and even if the rip off wasn't intentional, I can't enjoy the book.

Don't hold back, let it out with an attack. Ninja Wannabe, are you going to impress me?

I guess everyone needs stalker fans.
The only big issue I’ve ever had was McAfee saying my site was suspicious. I ran it through three different security systems and it came back clean every time. I noticed the same warning for about five other blogger buddies. I emailed McAfee countless times, but never got an answer. Think it finally went away on its own, but I did get emails from blogger buddies who also used McAfee and probably lost a few visitors during that time. (Which was at the end of March, right before the release of Dragon and the start of the Challenge. Fun!)
Hey, longest comment ever…

Wait, was that from here? Yolanda, are you full of cheer?

I love the New Year - so much better than dreading it! Which I have done once or twice in the past - but worry is the biggest waster of time! Now I grasp onto the wind and hold tight for the ride it has in store!
Happy New Year!

A little late, or early, for that. Fundy Blue, anything to say where you are at?

I definitely get wtf? looks from Terry pretty much daily! I have talked with a lot of children's authors over the years, and most have not become rich or famous; their advice was to keep the day job! Most of my friends have no clue about blogging and are quite dismissive of it. Their loss; I'm glad you blog, Cat; I like a fresh voice that pushes my mind in directions I;d never go on my own. Have a good one! 

WTF look I just gave you. Caitlin @ (not typing long stuff), what has come due?

Well I think a sideways, confused, pet head tilt,
Is the best thing ever, the cutest thing God built
I guess it could be a bit of a change to get used to your rhymes,
In a world of blogs primarily made up of product reviews and how to save dimes,
But after someone gives the reading a go,
they'll never look back, most talented, committed blogger I know!

Upping the ego of a cat. Beverly, are you going to stand for that?

Haha! Cats have such different personalities. By the time I get Patches in the carrier, my arms are bleeding like I've been in a fight. Well, I guess I have, and Patches won. Tiger's just the opposite. He never fights me, just meows pathetically. And at the vets, he's eager to get back in the carrier, after they've given him shots and whatever. Don't even think about hairballs. Ugh.

I guess so. Dolorah, what do you know?

Ugh, I hate travelling too. Well, maybe just packing. I always forget something, and miss my home when I'm gone.

My cats haven't been to the vet in a while. They love prowling around inside the car when the doors are open, by sure run away when the engine starts. The fight like hell to get away from the cat carrier.

I guess a lot. Birgit, gonna add to the plot?

I love some funky words like Cahoots-usually with my best friend. I love the words-spelunking which I have never done.
I love the word, smurgling which our cats do every day.
My mom had 2 words but unsure if they are German dialect-
One is Kaboef-Not a closet or a room but a little place to store stiff in like a place under the stairs. Pu that box in the kaboef:) The other is Kanatch. What is that? When we were kids and chewed gum with our mouth open, making that gross sound, my mom would say "Stop Kanatching!"

Wow, you had a lot to say. Betsy, can you top that display?

I purposely stayed away from this post
as I knew it was coming from you, the host!
I wanted to relish my lists and goals
without you making fun and it taking a toll.
haha....I guess it's the thought of a new calendar and year
that makes me want to cheer.
Besides, I actually do my resolutions
and I turn them into solutions
for troubles and issues around my zoo.
Although, it's not magic, and hard work, too!
So, with that I say Happy New Year to you!
to Pat, Orlin and Cassie, too!

Extra points for rhyming. Bijoux, do you have such timing?

YES! So rude! I've heard that some will use their phones to secretly take a picture of your credit card number to use online. I now keep my hand covering my numbers at all times.

I guess not. Manzi, care to say a lot?

People are rude if get too close
Especially when fat and verbose
What if she thought Cat a spiffy dude
And looking to have some candlelight food
She could be sleuthing as a spy
See if she gives the old stink eye
Maybe she escaped from the asylum
A bloddy kill after first she beguile em

That was your long winded best? Tabbies are you joining in with the rest?

orlin N cassie

de food serviss gurls bozz saw her log in one day on de werk pea cee... N hee waz like...whoa...thatz one long pass werd...

N her SAID......yes, for sea cure a tee reezonz...

but her THINKED....yea...two keep ewe off de computer ~~~~ ☺

heerz two a cownose ray kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

Should we all just nod and agree? Mary, what are we to hear from thee?

I'd rather be driven crazy
than be driven to drink
at some sleazy downtown bar
just give me the kitchen sink!

If you drive me up a wall
I will drive you out of your mind
turnabout is always fair play
but i promise I'll be kind!

Drive on! Truedessa, what decides to dawn?

I am getting hit with email galore
won't you come buy at our store
we will even deliver to your door
in your in-box you will find more
special discount not seen before
come now, I know you want four
just don't ask me what for...
money in our banks will pour
soon you will find yourself poor 

Can email hit you? Theresa, what turns you blue?

The spam I hate are those assholes in the middle of the mall that try to chase you down, yelling at you to buy their junk. My kids were really embarrassed one day when one tried their chase down tactic. I karate chopped my hand through the air and yelled "NO!" then kept walking. The sales person didn't know what to do after that lol. 

Well we don't want to get karate chopped. I think we'll run before we are stopped. This is Whoopdi Friggin Doo and everything you heard is true. Yep, they are all as mouthy as can be. Robbie Raisin is now done with thee.


You guys really let it flow. Fine by my show. Hank got number one too even if much didn't come due. Guess he needs a better copy and paste. Be like Blue and get in post haste. I'll also avoid karate chopping to any part of my mass. That wouldn't be nice for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


    At the Kitty Cat Bay?
    Could it be me
    In the place to be?
    Who is number one
    Having fun?
    Is it Hank
    The Poetry Tank?
    Or True
    Or Scooby Blue?

    1. Got on in
      With a #1 spin
      Been a while
      Since you turned that dial

  2. The Return of the Snore
    Will it score?

  3. Robbie Raisin makes the day
    bloggers sure have a lot to say
    visiting the cat, enjoying word play
    it's better than rolling in hay (haha)
    fun to read these gems at your bay

    I'll leave you with a whoopdi friggin doo!
    and I'll raise Blue a Scooby doo!

    1. Hay can get itchy
      May make on twitchy
      Or a little bitchy
      Maybe even witchy

    2. Thanks for the Scooby Doo
      But where's my blue suede shoe?

    3. Stuck in a loo
      Somewhere near you

  4. Scheduled guests will act that way
    Shop lift then forget their say
    The blogland group was mighty fine
    Told it like it is, walked a whoopdi friggin fine line

    1. Walked and told
      In with the old
      Out with the new
      For a whoopdi friggin doo

  5. Fun to read what others have to say
    Always interesting how it comes out to play


  6. Trudessa rhymed well with her comment.
    That really was the longest one I'd ever written...

    1. haha sure gave it a go
      As you let your comment flow

  7. Everyone is always trying to sell something. Can't blame them. Have a good day.

  8. 2 posts a day? I can barely manage 1!

  9. What a trip back down Memory Lane
    I remember reading many of these on the train

    1. Many board each day
      Here they have their say

  10. Fun to see
    The bloggers ranting
    Makes me chuckle
    To see them panting

  11. Your readers are a clever crew
    With fun rhyming comments, and big ones too.
    I'm short, can't be seen, or just plain late.
    Sorry for that, but I'm only 4 foot 8.

    1. Maybe wear big shoes
      Then the shortness will be old news

  12. Hank is always #1,
    even in a post re-run
    Wait that just cannot be true,
    Today the first to post is Blue! (hi Hank. hi Blue). :)

    1. haha Blue got him beat
      Hank's on the road and in defeat

  13. As long as Hank is #1 the rest of us need not worry!

  14. Ha! I always enjoy the rhymes about the blogger buds:)

    1. Many shine through
      As shown at my zoo

  15. Pat, you are the King of the Segue. Thanks for the memories!

    1. Can let it flow
      No matter what does show

  16. I bet you enjoy reading your followers' comments. I'm impressed that so many choose to rhyme!

    1. Always fun to read
      To see what takes seed

  17. Nice to see Robbie again, spotlighting your followers.

    1. He comes back
      On the whoopdi friggin doo attack

  18. Ha ha, I will never nod and agree
    that definitely does not sound like me
    I'd rather hide behind the nearest tree
    than say it like it is and be so free!

    1. haha hide and then you have a spot
      If you can't hold it when its hot

  19. What did I just read, my eyes told my ears to bleed!

    1. That would be the way
      With today's display

  20. I used to try and fight Hank for that #1 spot a time or two but your blog goes new at 3am. I need my beauty sleep too much to stay up that late. lol

    1. lol that sure is late there
      But not for the gamblers near your lair

  21. orlin N cassie....we iz crackin UP !! awesum post two day with everee onez commintz frum bee for......N ya noe, they all makes....cents....sorta.....{ even tho we due knot rememburr what de hellz we waz fuzzin a bout } ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. haha it does work out when weaved in
      Taking all for a spin

  22. What did I see
    a rant from thee
    what could it be
    he wants from me
    so let's agree
    a genius he

    1. Works out
      Won't pout
      No doubt
      Like cat to trout

  23. Clever, clever, clever.
    Where I can only blether.

  24. Well thank you for showcasing me...mistakes and lol:) I am surprised by the long comment by Alex. Loved reading lol these bits

    1. Alex can yap when he wants to
      Proven at my zoo

  25. Who will be #1

    at Mortal Kombat?

  26. I remember that
    as on the couch I sat. :)

    1. Still remember in old age
      Whoops, that slipped out, no rage lol

  27. Wow. That right there was the Blogger Top 20. haha

  28. Always fun to be part of your blogger comment round-up :) Though you just reminded me that I need to get my karate chops ready for the holiday season :)

    1. Get the nuts away
      That chop at your bay

  29. Although I am late reading this, none the less it was great to read. Thanks Pat.