Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Choke Of Broke!

Exaggeration is sure a thing at many a human blog wing. But that you probably know. The cat can also give exaggeration a go. We can't be whelmed all the time. That would just be a crime. Right! On with it with this rhyming fit.

I'm so broke.
I may choke.
My mother may die.
My sister may cry.

Wait! That's a crack.
Or is it a tack?
Maybe one is on crack?
Wouldn't recommend it at my shack.

Broke many shout.
What's that about?
Broke they are,
With a fancy new car?

Wait, there are two.
Two new cars in view.
A big house as well.
Isn't being broke swell?

Toys galore.
More shoes than a shoe store.
A 70 inch TV too.
A cow that can moo?

A golden loo.
Yep, it's true.
Old one eye tried.
I'm sure she lied.

A trip to Timbuktu.
May suck to come due.
But airfare for ten.
Even brought Uncle Ben.

Nope, he didn't die.
Spider Man is a lie.
Maybe not.
Back to the plot.

Shove whatever in the cart.
At any place like Wal-Mart.
Yep, that is the place to be.
Hmm start of a shopping spree?

But still so broke.
Can't afford a Coke.
Bad for you anyway.
But still broke at your bay.

Pffffft is all the cat can say. New meaning to broke at play? I've seen this nuts at my place. They are so broke at a steady pace. Maybe they are too brain dead to know what it means? Living like on TV screens? Beats the heck out of me with their green grass. I'll go and relieve myself on it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. Broke, did you say?/That's not what they called it in my day! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  2. My heart is
    Wonderful to read this lovely sunny Sunday.

  3. Millennials don't know broke
    Go and give their head a soak
    It's Daddy's money that they spend
    It feels like ole FDR's Lease and Lend

    1. And spend they do
      Time and time again at their zoo

  4. But if you read it on the internet it must be true!

  5. Broke but always have money
    To do their thing
    But they like to talk about it
    So off they sing


    1. That they do
      Need some way to whine to you

  6. I've almost went literally broke in my adult life, that wasn't fun

    1. Yeah, been there too
      Not fun at any zoo

  7. I will pay any price for blueberries
    Even if I'm "broke"
    Eat everyone
    Will not choke

    ( but most stuff I want sale)
    Happy Sunday!

    1. Sales win the day
      Except for blueberries at your bay

  8. I see this every day
    They don't know how to pay
    All the debt they incurred
    It really is quite absurd.
    The average has 6 cards, an overdraft and a loan
    They have a car loan for 8 years but yet bemoan
    That they were given all this credit
    Which they freely used and now are hit
    With interest and bills they cannot pay
    And now they just want it to go away.

    1. Yep, sucked it all up
      Filled the overflowing cup
      All, usually, on useless crap
      Now make it go away with a zap

  9. The ones that are truly broke
    are not likely to complain
    But rich bitches and bastards
    don't stop whining
    They drive us all insane.

    1. That seems to be the way
      Whining even with pay
      While the others carry on
      Rich sobs pull the con

  10. The Choke Of Broke!
    Affecting some folks
    Some taking a risk
    Initially a bliss
    Until it became a bad joke


    1. Joke turns back around
      And they don't find it funny when found

  11. I've never been broke, although I've come close a few times. I always found a way to scrape through, and at my most desperate, my family was there for me. Once I got back on my feet after my devastating divorce, I saved and saved. "Live below your means!" has been my mantra for decades. Fortunately I don't need all the labels and things. Just cheap airfare and clean hotels ~ LOL Have a good one, Pat!

    1. Cheap airfare and hotels are hard to find though
      As with the later bed bugs may show
      Living below is the way to be
      Keeps one from going broke at any sea

  12. She wouldn’t say husband was cheap
    He just had a budget to keep
    Don’t laugh and be still
    She now calls him Will
    ‘cause when he hears Bill how he’d weep

  13. Some say they're broke
    as some about their riches spoke.
    Hard to know what's true
    or if they exaggerate to you.

    1. Yeah, lying comes to pass
      With many in mass

  14. I never exaggerate.
    (Is that an exaggeration?)

  15. my mother may die
    and then I will choke on tears...

  16. Some say they are broke while holding new iPhone. Definition of broke depends on each individual, obviously!

    1. Yep, they need to look it up
      With their golden cup

  17. The only time I am broke is when family comes asking me for money ;) Sorry, I say. I can't lend to you today. The bill collector took all my money away lol

    1. lol that is a wise thing to say
      As they come hands out for pay

  18. I've also noticed the broke folks with the latest iPhone.

    1. Yeah, amazing isn't it?
      Broke with fancy shit

  19. Never been broke
    Never been rich
    Those who complain
    Think life's a b****... hard :-)

    1. haha whine they do
      "Hard" and whine too