Saturday, October 8, 2016

The More Of That Where You're At!

Human nature is nuts. I think I'd rather take mutts. Yep, that is easier to me. At least all they do is eat poop for glee. Humans like to shovel it out as they follow a stream like trout.

I want more.
A new encore.
It can't end.
Not that trend.

He died on screen.
That is so serene.
But bring him back.
Yep, another whack.

Nothing every changes.
There is no rearranges.
Whoops, the show/book/whatever changed up.
No, no, no, we can't have that hiccup.

Oh, it changed a bunch.
That is right out to lunch.
That is just sooo bad.
Nothing new should be had.

I want something new.
Something new to view.
But not too new.
Meaning really the same should come due.

I want a sequel to that.
It ended perfectly and not flat.
But I want a sequel still.
Come on and take my bill.

Wow, that sequel really sucks.
Rather go feed the ducks.
Who even asked for that?
It was like watching floating scat.

Why did it have to end?
I want it to be a growing trend.
Bring it back some day.
Come and take my pay.

It is coming back.
Aren't there any new ideas at their shack?
Why are they bringing old things back?
This is just so off track.

I want more.
Give me an encore.
Who asked for more?
That was such a bore.

Boy, now the cat is confused. At least I can be amused. Back and forth you go and it is usually the same people saying the exact opposite of what they said at their show. Whiners in every way. Don't want new, more, old, this, that, whatever on display. Yet they really really do. Flush them all down the loo. Do you want more and then not more to come to pass? Don't go all flip flop on my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.


  1. The More Of That Where You're At!
    Much less to create a likely spat
    You want a sequel
    Something surreal
    Can just have all but none so flat


    1. Flat it comes
      Whiny bums
      Spin around
      When wanted it found

  2. Your verses do bring a smile Pat. Keep up the good work.

  3. Life is just a fake encore
    Do the same as done before
    Find the crack and jump the hoop
    Life goes on in loop de loop

    1. That it will
      Sheep over the hill
      Up and down the go
      With the same to and same fro

  4. There's hardly a sequel that lives up to an equal!

  5. Rare, rare moment when a sequel is better than the original. Marvel has found the secret though.

    1. Except Ironman 2
      That was blah at best when it came due

  6. Why I never try to read the book first

    1. Disappointment will come
      And then some

  7. I, for one, can hardly wait until J.K. Rowling has been forced to write so many Harry Potter books that we react with sighs and eye rolls rather than excitement upon a new release.

    "Harry Potter and the Secret of the Reliable Retirement Plan: Book 37."

    And yet, even as terrible as it will be, angry fans will still DEMAND that she continues to write about him until she dies (of exhaustion, presumably).

    1. haha yep, can't let her move on to some other story
      Nope, needs to do Harry Potter until he is far past, and beyond, his glory

    2. Harry Snotter: The Search for More Dough.
      I'd rather sit butt-naked on a pile of snow.

    3. But she isn't searching for it
      It's every other dipshit

  8. Sequels can be very disappointing
    In a movie or a book
    But people will view them or read them
    To get a second look.


  9. I'm usually amused by the direct-to-video movie sequels. They're usually pretty bad, and you can tell how bad just by reading the package!

    1. Yep, many are such crap
      Starring some washed up or unknown chap

  10. Spot on, Pat! A rare success in movie sequels (IMHO) was the second and third "The Lord of the Rings" movies. But that was followed by the (IMHO) disastrous "The Hobbit". First one, so so; second one, terrible; third one, didn't bother to see it. I got a real kick out of ABFTS's remark about J. K. Rowling! She's trapped in Writers Hell! Have a good one!

    1. I'd wouldn't mind being trapped in writer's hell like that
      And being a super duper rich cat
      The hobbit ones were meh indeed
      Stretched out way too far at their feed

  11. The name of the game
    Is give us more of the same.
    Give us more and more
    Until we run out the door.
    But there is no place to run
    As we've been overcome.
    Our brains are not ours
    Residing in ivory towers.
    The end might be near--
    Pass the chips and the beer.

    Our society is screwed,
    But what can we do?

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Screwed up the wazoo
      That's nothing new
      Stuck in the same
      Playing the game
      Can't turn and run
      So settle for what's spun

  12. Sometimes a sequel is good.
    I would watch them if I could.
    Sometimes a sequel is bad.
    I won't watch the ones that make me sad.

    1. Some are eye roll worthy indeed
      As they take seed

  13. One movie or book is a success
    They will make a remake, often a mess.
    It's all about the dollar
    When it tanks, they holler
    But decide to remake the first movie again
    Either with all women or men
    It flops once more
    So another sequel is in store.
    I'm tired just thinking about this.
    Since so many have been a miss.

    1. Yep, they keep beating the dead horse
      Showing not an ounce of remorse
      The same a different way
      Blah at the end of the day

  14. Change, heck no
    To the bank they go
    After another retread
    Easy as sliced bread

    We like our predictable plot
    The villain easy to spot
    Then we don't think
    Another sequel, wink!

    1. Yep, all we get each time
      The same old chime
      Can't have that
      Retread's where it's at

  15. I want some more.
    Give me encore.
    But wait senor
    Of this be sure
    Wishes explore
    Tomorrow's door

    1. Tomorrow comes
      Gets some hums
      The next tomorrow now
      Still can't wow

  16. Humans are never satisfied
    they always want more
    no matter what they have!
    But wait, I think dogs are
    the same way. Smiles!

    1. haha dogs want it too
      Cats just think it all theirs in view

  17. I can't think of a time I have liked a sequel more than the original. It should just be one and done.

    1. That is the way
      At most any time at my play

  18. Do sequels ever please
    As with trailers they tease
    Seems they are toast
    Which one to hate the most

    1. Hate they gather
      As sequels people still rather