Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Finish Line Does Align!

And with today's post we are done. Hasn't the a to z been fun? Or the A Between Z if you copied my sea. In which case I'd say you were a copy cat. Literally where you are at. Makes sense of my pangram now? It does actually make sense somehow.

A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quartz, WMF!

Today F is due.
What the F at my zoo.
I know you've thought that.
Maybe even mumbled it to the cat.

But as we Finish up.
Finish wins the final cup.
Hey, you have to finish to win.
So why not give finish a spin?

Finish on a high note.
Is that like singing a quote?
Maybe sound like a dying squirrel.
Finish you off before that's given a whirl.

Begin many things, finish a few.
Is that your zoo?
I sure hope not.
May finish without a lot.

Nice guys finish last.
I guess I'm ahead of that cast.
The cat does lots of sass.
Not so nice with my little rhyming ass.

At the finish line?
Hmm used by the feline.
But is that really true?
I see no line at my zoo?

I'm sure not finished confusing you.
That may come daily at my zoo.
I can't let your brain finish off.
Keep it thinking even if you scoff.

Did you make it from start to finish?
If not, does your confidence diminish?
Bah, finish up with that.
Just be crazy like the cat.

Or be ahead of schedule,
Then no need to reschedule.
A cheat rhyme and no finish.
Bah, that it won't diminish.

For we all finished and such.
Every letter many did touch.
Whether winging it or a theme.
Finishing touches were added to each blog stream.

Did you finish at your sea? Are you no longer confused at my sea? WMF is phone speak. Wag My Finger it means at every creek. And you know what veld means at your sea. At least if you were here for V. So it all makes sense now. Bah, don't raise that eyebrow. Back to normal now that the A Between Z is done. I'll still have some rhyming fun. Now I'll go pass some gas out from between my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Back In View A Time Or Two!

The cat is almost done. I mean the a between z run. Then it is just the next day. I always like to have my say. And I figured I haven't done it for a while so for M we'll turn the movie dial. Maybe ones you have never seen, as I dig out a few umm lower ones and put them on screen.

A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quartz, WM_!

What comes from A Murder of Crows?
Beats me, but My Tutor knows.
I hear it's A Simple Plan.
That might upset The Fan. 

The Associate isn't here.
Armour of God left her in fear.
The Gods Must Be Crazy.
18 Again! Oopsy daisy.

Really just Grumpy Old Men.
The Book of Life at ones den.
But You've Got Mail can make your heart flutter.
Way more than weird things made out of Butter.

Don't go all You Again and call Jack Sparrow.
That may lead to a Broken Arrow.
Then you'd become a Ghost.
Live in Ghost Town on the coast.

The Newsies would sing all about it.
Grumpier Old Men would curse that shit.
Or is it a Lethal Weapon and too old?
Bah, find Treasure Planet and dig for gold.

Idiocracy proves some are dumb.
They'd go to Fargo and dig with a chum.
Just Visiting is what they'd say.
The Last American Virgin may join the fray.

Such Men At Work are here to stay.
Unless Miss March gets in the way.
A Midnight Run may be her foray.
Mr. Destiny may give the okay.

I'm no Liar Liar.
With my Lottery Ticket I'm on fire.
Not all Weekend At Bernies like.
Live and Let Die can take a hike.

So just Get Low.
I've Gone Fishin you know.
That was all Pure Luck.
I blame Good Luck Chuck.

Harvey has come to play.
 He chased Howard The Duck away.
Like a Transformers movie I could go on all day.
But sadly, those Gremlins are getting in my way.

Seen them all? Heard of each one at your hall? There are a ton there. Sadly, I've watched them all at one point or another at my lair. Hey, they were all free. It was nice to have a store owned by grandparents at our sea. Do you know what letter is left for tomorrow? Don't give a fluck in your sorrow? There was a hint that came to pass. Now I'll go watch another movie and sit on my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Whoopdi Between Causes A Scene!

Robbie Raisin is back and bringing a new edition of Whoopdi Friggin Doo to our shack. It will be compelling and there may be some yelling. Don't worry about spelling. Where it will go there is no telling.

A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quartz, W__!

Where do we start today? I guess there is some between play. That could do anywhere at all. Brian the cat what have you to say at your hall?
I like whiffing windows more than whiffing butts!

Well that is one between we don't go near. Truedessa, anything between besides a rear?

butt watchers are everywhere
so one better beware!

I guess not. Sandra do you suffer from butt eye rot? keep broadening my horizons:)

Broadening butts you say? Suza, going all butt at your bay?

Hmmm, I think I might leave those
But maybe take their clothes!

So more of an "other part" person, are we? Belva, are you on a nudist spree?

Rub the gray matter for that one
Think of all that gives aggravation
Will only end up in total constipation

Hmm rubbing gray matter may give one a thrill. Alex, does gray matter fit your bill?

Screaming babies - not on a plane, not on a train, and movies drive me insane.

I guess not as you don't find babies hot to trot. Or maybe just snip snip. Optimistic long name guy, care to take a trip?

a morning without coffee is sure to get me quite bent

So quite bendy at your sea? Joanne, any gutter thoughts come to be?

I"m stuck with the Brady Bunch theme in my head 

Guess you are all wholesome and such. Al Penwasser, ready to reach out and touch?

Flying is aggravating?
Now THERE'S the ticket!
The TSA can be grating.
They should all just stick it.

So the TSA does it for you? Snowcatcher what comes due?

You'd think that might help us sleep like fools
But no siree, Zzzs are hard to come by

Wow, no sleep means you must being having umm fun. Marg, going to enjoy the sun?

Every time you turn around, it is time to charge something.  

Going all solar power are you? Adam, do you have a between clue?

I'm going to see how long my wife will let me keep the bedroom low-key

No umm frisky for you? Hank, what is really true?

Today We Loom In The Bedroom!
House rules to avoid the gloom
No electronics
Making each other sick
Can expect then love to bloom

Guess he has no problem getting frisky. Tabbies who sound like they drink a lot of whiskey?

orlin N cassie....therz knot a whole lot oh electronix round heer coz eye like ta chew cordz.... { tuna } plus de food serviss gurl getted fed up with de bull$#it on tee & vee, cancelled cable, her got rid oh de what cha call it box that played free tee vee & if her wants ta watch sum thin, itz a dvd ~

heerz two a gulf menhaden { this ree lee IZ a fish !! } kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

I will just nod and agree. Mary, what's your in between spree?

Never in the bedroom alone?
Well......this makes me wonder.

Well two are more fun. Blue, what between have you spun?

Where's the party at?
How come a snip snip cat
Has nuts on his mat?
Many nuts at play
At your bay
The other day
Quite a scary display...
It's Wednesday...
Such a fun day!
Did Suza beat me to it?
Did Hank just blew it?
Where's True Blue?
Where's Scooby Doo?
Many questions from The Goo...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat post!
From coast to coast!

Wow, snip snip, nuts and parties from you. Enjoy the group play at your zoo. What else is out there. Betsy, do you have something rare?

A neck chew for us to view?
Part vampire, are you?

Some people like that stuff. Bijoux, is sharing tough?

Caught wearing a diaper? Sometimes you just don't want to know!

Yeah, some we don't want to know. Betty, care to add to the show?

They keep getting more weird overtime
Dont ever want to think of some of these things

Whoopdi Friggin Doo may need new blood. Birgit, gonna make a thud?

I wonder if the goat on a boat knows the lad with the diaper whose tongue is stuck inside his wife...and is her--oh gosh I can't write any more or I will need to take a shower and clean myself with javax

Damn, some fetishes are an over share. Rosey, are you going to share without a care?

These kinds of posts remind me that not everyone on the other side of the computer is running on all cylinders. ;)

She is calling all out. Robyn, going to turn this about?

I'm lazy and would rather watch Miley twerk

Umm enjoy your viewing. Jaclyn, what are you doing?

I remember getting lots of germs this morning from slicing my finger on a dirty, nasty staple

Having a panic attack we see. Susan Gourley, anything to let fly free?

You made me laugh today because this past weekend, I went on a trip, stepped on a broken sidewalk, fell, turned my ankle, broke ribs, rode a bus, went to the hospital

We never meant literally trying to fly. Theresa, anything to add before we say goodbye?

There's always so much to do, it's a rare luxury to actually get to do it though.

A bit backwards we have to say. But enjoy those "luxuries" at your bay. Whoopdi Friggin Doo will now go off the air. I think you gave our viewers a scare. Robbie Raisin may need a shower. So enjoy life until our next hour.


You sure all had a lot to say. The cat is just shaking his head at our bay. Oh what the word between digs up. Not the kind of digging by a pup. Unless you want to blame one of those. It could work for your curling toes. The cat will now go talk to the singing bass. He is far less dirty when talking to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Zones At Play Here Today!

Today I'll strike a tone as the cat is in the zone. I'll be playing zone defense today. Or not, as basketball I don't play. I've been known to chew on the ball though. It's Z for zone today in case you don't know.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quartz, ___!

I must watch,
As I play hop scotch.
Hey, that's what it's like,
As each key I strike.

Same in your land?
I type with one hand.
So I have an excuse,
For letting my eyes run loose.

Isn't typing for T?
How can it be Z?
Plenty of questions from you,
And no typing coming due.

You're in the zone.
Giving off each groan.
Setting the tone,
To the zone.

Zone what?
A zone rut?
The Zone on YTV?
That was a flashback for me.

Pokemon and Dragonball Z.
They used to be on the Zone to see.
Bah, off topic now.
Don't have a cow.

A no cow having zone.
We'll leave the cows alone.
War zone with them anyway.
Each step a bomb of crap at play.

All kinds of zones.
Can make out of cones.
Those orange pylon things.
Zones can have orange flings.

An Oompa Loompa zone.
That just get a groan?
Oompa Loompas having fun?
We won't touch that one.

But we are touching the keys.
There is no brain freeze.
Even if we have to look,
Our fingers have zone typing down at our nook.

Heard of zone typing before? It means your fingers recall each key at your shore. They are already at the one you want to press. Typing with one hand you'd think I'd have less. But nope, it goes where it needs to be. Easy as can be too at our sea. So get to zone typing commenting after reading this pass. Or just zone out with my confusing little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Flock of Talk!

The cat talks all year. Every day without fear. Now I may cause some fear. After all, zombie feet has come near. But the cat sure does talk as I sit and gawk. You may have guessed it is T and talk sure comes to be.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quart_, ___!

Can talk the talk.
May take a walk.
That how that goes?
Damned, if I knows.

Look at that grammar.
Did you stammer?
I made you talk.
Guess it's a lock.

Was that a shock?
I made you talk.
No mind reading came due.
Is that strange to you?

Why didn't you do that?
Flapped where you're at.
Did you ask it to be done?
Nope, but now your mouth does run.

Hmm, backwards land?
Mind reading at hand?
Psychics are everywhere?
Who knew at their lair?

Wait, it didn't get done.
The mouth did run.
I guess psychics are fake.
No mind reading to partake.

Mouth still flapping away.
Talk about having your say.
You should have done it.
Even if talk before was never lit.

You should just know.
No need for flow.
Talking is so overrated.
At least until it's been dated.

Then if you are past due,
A talking will come through.
I'll talk your ear off.
You made me scoff.

Did I ask for it to be done?
Nope, my lips didn't run.
But now they do as you should know.
Not like I talked in riddles on the go.

Pfffft says the cat. You want something, ask where you're at. As in, you know, talk. Don't just sit and mind gawk. Do you expect and not ask? That can be a rather futile task. Now if you talk and it doesn't get done. Then maybe you can let your mouth run. But if you don't, done it won't. Whoops, bad grammar once more. Made you talk twice at my shore. I threw in a question too. 3 times at my zoo. I better go before you talk more than that singing bass. He never shuts up sometimes when talking to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Ra Ra Ra Well La De Da!

The cat goes all ra ra ra today. Ugg it hurts the head at my bay. Lumping in with nuts makes me wish for butt sniffing mutts. At least they have more brains. Nope, not the god Ra causing pains. Humans do that with ease. I guess you know in R is about to breeze.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx quar__, ___!

Head in the sand.
Head up an ass.
Life is in hand,
Agree with your mass.

Along comes a schmuck.
They are ever so dumb.
But who gives a fluck,
They are automatically my chum.

They'll get my vote.
They have to have it.
They are my party of note.
So I have to vote like a twit.

They really did that?
Bah, all is forgiven.
They may have fallen flat,
They were simply driven.

They are the same religion.
I have to stand by their side.
It was only bad by a smidgen.
So simply take it in stride.

They are allowed to do it.
That is simply their way.
Who cares if they are a dumb shit.
They are part of our fray.

By fray I mean race.
Races must stick together.
No matter our bad embrace,
Those oh so racists we must weather.

They deserve every single cent.
They work hard for it.
There is nothing to repent.
The company is a hit.

The simple folk don't get it.
We are what keep it going.
So he embezzled a bit.
The rich keep the money flowing.

And a ra ra ra.
Stick your head up there.
With a la de da,
Join the correct mass blare.

Pfffft an idiot is an idiot no matter the affiliation to this, that or the other thing. The cat doesn't care what affiliation you bring. If you go all ra ra ra and make excuses because they are in the same whatever as you, means you're no better or just don't have a clue. Let's blame the other side to whatever it is. Yep, that will sure solve the idiot biz. Easier to justify and shift blame I guess than to actually admit and deal with the mess. Do you ra ra ra blindly for whatever mass? Pffft is all the cat can say with his little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 24, 2017

An Every Day Where We Stay!

The cat finds it fun so this has to be done. Fun with word fun. A double must be done. A double whammy maybe? I can wham at my sea. My wham is more of a slam. But we don't need to get into that jam.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx qua___, ___!

An every day thing.
Today I'll sing.
Sing like a canary.
Not like Little House on the Prairie.

Why did that pop out?
Who knows what it's about.
I'm delaying you say?
Bah, we'll get there, okay?

You can't catch me.
I can sure flee.
But when your laces are half gone,
That makes you less knight more pawn.

Hungry you say?
Some bread on a tray?
What? Don't look at me.
You ate it in your last spree.

The toilet paper is gone?
You found it on the lawn?
Who rolled that all out?
What is that one about?

Your baked goods went missing?
Looks like someone was kissing?
Who'd kiss a baked good?
Maybe your baking is just misunderstood.

That meat tray walked off?
Now, now, don't scoff.
You can go vegan for a day.
I now have to go play.

 Your sheets have holes?
The fabric was taken by moles?
Damn, mole sheet eaters.
Worse than trick or treaters.

Your watch is long gone?
Who pulled such a con?
Those pesky watch thieves are about.
You better watch out.

Stop staring at me.
I think it's time I flee.
Oh, right it can be flee for A.
So I will absquatulate away.  

Aren't I such a pesky cat? I say poppy cock to such accusations where I'm at. Why would I absquatulate with muffins or bread? Do you see them under the bed? Oh, there were crumbs in the litter box? Hmmm maybe it was left by a fox? I think I'm digging a deeper hole with each pass. It's time I absquatulate away with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Come For A Thrill With No Need For A Pill!

Humans sure get aroused easy enough. Don't even need to be in the buff. The cat thinks they are nuts. Who wants to see their naked butts? But now you gotta catch them all? Oh how far they fall.

Gotta catch them all.
Out and have a ball.
A ball that is thrown.
Makes a funny tone.

Nope, not half snip snip.
That would be a wasted trip.
Nope, not an std or three.
Although some have such a spree.

It's time to thrill.
The cat may feel ill.
But humans like it.
More than a bit?

Even a bit?
What is this umm shit?
Who comes up with this?
That hard up for a kiss.

Time for the view.
Stripping for you.
Hundreds in the crew.
Nope, no orgy for you.

Time to show your very best.
Gotta be better than the zest.
Like no one ever was.
I'm done mocking that just because.

Okay, maybe not.
As you travel the land a lot.
Only carrying six at a time.
Actually you only need two if in your prime.

Comes in many sizes.
With the hope it rises.
Of course it may fall flat,
If you aren't into that.

Back to the ball.
Throw it out for all.
Poof, out it comes.
You see some bare bums.

Pikachu is on display,
In such a provocative way.
As you get ready to battle.
Those walls may sure rattle.

Have you guessed it? What is with my Pokemon gutter fit? How could I be so crass? Oh right, they now have Pokemon lingerie for every lass. Would that just get you raring to go? Pikachu showing high and low. Now that is what we call a thrill at our hall. Excuse the cat while I hawk up a hairball. Ready to see Pokemon lingerie on your lad or lass? No need to really tell my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

It's True, A U Not You!

Hey, don't get greedy at my sea, leave that to me. I used you for y. I can't use you for u a second try. That might make a theme. Who needs one of those at our stream? Not little old me. I just let it fly free. Are you saying I do? Well poo on you.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx qu____, ___!

This you need.
That you don't.
Do the deed,
Or fun you won't.

Tell you U.
Tell you A.
Without a clue,
You have your say.

Bourne gave it.
This way or that.
A tat for tit,
Not where it's at.

Tit for tat,
Doesn't work too.
Trust the cat.
I gave a clue.

Comment or die.
Read or burn.
Jump or fly.
Work or don't return.

The first is the want.
The second the bad.
With it they taunt.
Out to lunch a tad.

Buy or fry.
Lose or die.
Pay or die.
Death, oh my.

It's a safe bet,
Even for this pet.
You use the biggest threat.
It may or may not be met.

Some have hot air.
Others a want.
Some pull their hair.
Others just taunt. 

The decision is on you.
You must make the final stand.
If no belief is true,
Tell them to pound sand.

Got my U today? If not you may be caused dismay. Not really at my sea. It is just the word play coming to be. Hints were thrown. Got it at the tone? The Bourne one was easy. Should be all easy peasy. Okay, I'll tell. U is for ultimatum where we dwell. Don't you love being given those? Do you give them and cause others woes? Notice how the second is always something bad? I guess that's the point to be had. Whether used by lad or lass ultimatums can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Hey Diddle Diddle Time To Quiddle!

The cat is going to post today. I will get there at my bay. It could take me a while. I first have to walk a mile. A mile in my mind. That is hard to find. Find space to walk. Are you tired of my talk?

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx q_____, ___!

Are you in for a riddle?
What lies in the middle?
The middle of what?
Confused at my hut.

I made that up.
I'm not a pup.
I watched Youtube today.
It was a fine display.

Look, another one.
Isn't Youtube fun.
Comments on a post.
Mean people coast to coast.

There is a gif too.
Would it be gifs times two?
I've made some of those.
Do farts smell like a rose?

Aren't I supposed to be posting?
Posting instead of blindly coasting.
Is there a point to this?
Maybe the point you did miss.

Points on point.
That could anoint.
Anoint what I don't know.
We'll go with it though.

Did you solve the riddle?
Hey diddle diddle.
I'll diddle around some more.
Could be taken many ways at ones shore.

I made a paper airplane.
Aren't I a pain?
I should be posting something less confusing,
But airplanes are so amusing.

Look! Some dog hair.
Maybe a wig with the spare?
 Nah, rolls up to quirky.
May not make one perky.

Nope, not perky now.
Don't raise an eyebrow.
I had to have a look.
Now I'll read a book.

Did you read all of that? Are you confused by the cat? That is sure nothing new. Did you answer anything at my zoo? Questions came due. A riddle that may not be a riddle for you. Wow, more confused than ever? Are you trying to be clever? Are you twiddling fingers or hair? You're doing it too at your lair. What are you doing? Weren't you following my viewing? You are doing the word of the day. Q it is on display. Now I'll go back to quiddling and maybe some diddling. Bah, I'll just talk to the singing bass. That is all that is needed to do by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The X Team Isn't A Dream!

Although the cat may wish it were. Stupid until maybe the blue fur. Wait, they screwed with that too. A Hulk wannabe came due. Did you guess I was on X? Maybe the movies have a hex. Oh, and yes Sphynx is spelled like the breed of cat. Don't like it, try a pangram where you are at. Now the X-men times ten.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphynx ______, ___!

What have we here?
A team sure is clear.
Or maybe they are a group.
Hey, could be locked in a coop.

 A stampede of bad guys.
They swarm like flies.
They want to squash the good guys flat.
Are you still with the cat?

New animation for the end.
Stories went around the bend.
Stupid most end ones were.
 Notice stuff besides blue fur?

A new edition here.
Went back in time I fear.
A young bunch in their gear.
Is something still clear?

Could be clearer still.
This shows it at will.
You can see it clear.
 Notice what is near?

Even the old school has some.
They may look rather umm dumb.
But it has some in it.
 Catching on a bit?

Even this really really bad show had it. 
Trust me, it was bad way more than a bit.
Awful in every single way.
But still has it on display.

Even Spider Man came to play.
He saw it on display.
He has it too.
Guess it yet at my zoo?

This has none.
A spark maybe for fun.
But nothing here one bit.
Have you guessed it?

Ready for some S&M?
Get what I'm trying to condemn?
Ignore the blue of two.
Now you've got it at your zoo.

Color was the answer to my X-men rant. Did color just magically go poof at some movie plant? Let's make them S&M wannabes in leather. Any storm they can weather together. At least black leather was kept in style as they went the no color mile. Notice that about X-men at your sea? Isn't color better to see for thee? Maybe it is just too low class. Keep your black leather away from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Little N I Pen!

Did you guess by the title that today's letter is N? Well no need to guess now at my den. I just told you all. Aren't I helpful at my hall? What will be for N? Maybe that nose one again?

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphyn_ ______, ___!

I could be on the nose.
We know how that goes.
I could get nosey too.
But then a reboot would come due.

Guess if that is a no,
Would nostopathy relate to my show?
Nah, just no normalism for me.
Who needs a repeat nose spree?

Things could be worse?
Reboots make me curse.
But they could still be worse?
Yeah, like one could be in a hearse.

Nosography would be used.
Maybe a nosebag if confused.
Notalgia is sure no fun.
I've had that a ton.

Just a notandum for you.
No notophily need come due.
Even nothingarians get a pass.
I keep notitia of each class.

For my own nous though.
Don't try and noyade my show.
I'm not Highlander you know.
Just a nuncius scurrying low.

I'm a tad numquid too.
But that you probably knew.
If numquid you are,
And can decipher this at my sand bar.

Otherwise your nose may get red.
Could think you're in a nuncle bed.
That is not a naughty nun by the way.
I know a few to the gutter may stray.

A nupson I may be.
At least the fool part at my sea.
Maybe as I fool you.
Fooled by a fool makes you a fool times two?

Take a nychthemeron and think on that.
After another nychthemeron get back to the cat.
Or continue with Nymphology.
Studying that beats the nose and biology.

Did you get my N? Wowee, so many at my den. Can you choose just one? That may be the point of my run. NEW is the word of the day and I didn't even have to give it a say. Wasn't a post on new, as that's been done too. Instead you learned new N words in mass. There is no need to thank my new n word teaching little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Back To You For A View!

It has been a bit since the cat did it. So with today being Y we'll let you fly. Yes, You are for Y. Did you get that on the first try? Still stuck on why I'm dong Y now? I'm sure you'll get unstuck somehow.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sphy__ ______, ___!

 There are blogs from coast to coast,
Some are even worth a boast.
Like here where I chew the fat.
Oops, this isn't about the cat.

We will go True Wanderings across the land.
There you may Wanna Buy A Duck in hand.
Whoops, that may be a flashback shock.
I mean Wanna Buy Belva Block?

I think I just may be Standing Into Danger.
In The Corner of My Eye I'll watch for a stranger.
Mama Diaries may have a plan.
I hope it isn't a flash in the pan.

Then I'll end up Theresa's Mixed Nuts.
Yeah, Halloween Nazi is stuck in scary ruts.
I don't think I'd make good herbs.
At least that is the Musings From The Burbs.

Maybe The Blue Grumpster will give a ring.
Something like...If You Were A Ummm...Thing!
Blabber would have a list for that.
10, unless she cheats with a Raviolis and Waterworks extra stat.

Not like I'm out there causing strokes.
A Beer For The Shower though on the other hand.
They may go cause strokes across the land.

Then you'd be over the Rainbow.
Unless to the other place you go.
666 would bring no Mail4Rosey.
She'd run away as it wouldn't be cozy.

Couldn't get no BB Creations there.
Rawkn' Robyn may have erotic poems to spare.
I just had to throw that in.
You know, like a Neko Random spin.

Hey, go Write With Fey.
Did you know Fey rhymes with hey?
I cooked rhyme in Canela Kitchen.
Would Al Penwasser think it bitchin? 

Well Every Day Amazin we can't be.
So don't hold that against me.
You hear that Alex J Cavanaugh..aka Ninja Wannabe.
Yipeee, I worked in the two names of thee.

What's better than being a Snow Catcher?
Certainly not a ball fetcher.
Brian's Home has none of those.
Unless hidden away afraid to pose.

Marg's Animals may join in.
Who knows what donkeys will give a spin.
You can go ask My Five Men.
What? It beats me when.

Maybe Sandra Cox will know.
Did I get a no go?
Dark Thoughts will get you nowhere.
Don't go cursing my lair.

Susan Gourley has the 411.
She'll be sure and get it done.
If not blame a monkey wrench coming due.
Or just enjoy A Bench With A View.

There we go. Did you get in for the you at my show? Are you even still around? A year ago this was written at my mound. Well almost a year. Could be new ones near my rhyming rear. I'll get you as well. Whoopdi Friggin Doo has to raise a little hell. Hopefully no one, including me, has croaked. That wouldn't leave any stoked. Now I'm through with You in mass. So it can be back to all about my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Welcome Home, There's No Need To Roam!

All you need now is a welcome mat. Or a go away mat if you want people to scat. For you have the home you always wanted right here. Some may cost a bit I fear. But they will be worth every penny. They sure are unlike any.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sph___ ______, ___!

A house that's tall.
You can see all.
 No giant can get you.
Don't fall at your new zoo.

One for Blue.
Can live in a shoe.
Only needs one.
Shoo now and have fun.

You're a little teapot.
The house may get hot.
It may steam up too.
Okay, I'm through.

Look at those.
 Chompers after your toes.
Halloween Nazi's dream.
She'd probably feed it ice cream.

Up and down?
 Out on the town?
Maybe you can roll.
No need to stroll.

Fly me to the moon?
 Cheap airfare before noon.
May not be mile high.
But you can try.

Speaking of high.
You may need to fly.
 Or you may need to jump.
Getting in may make you a grump.

A giant mutt.
Tongues in a rut.
 If that thing could lick.
That would be ick.

Around you can go.
Live in a UFO.
Probes are optional when yours.
Just add that to the chores.

A tisket, a tasket.
Go live in a basket.
Some friends can join.
May cost a bit of coin.

Any homes strike your fancy? Living in some of them may be chancy. In case you missed it H is for home. Or house could work for this poem. Take your pick between the two. Oh, today is H for my in between too. Now you are all caught up and ready to move in. Enjoy your new homestead bin. The cat would have fun with a few given a pass. Yeah, I'm a weird little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Wake Between Kinda Scene?

Since the cat is doing the in between a to z, something you know by now at my sea, and today is a break. Pfffft, those we don't take. Wow, getting long winded aren't I? Anyway, I'll give this in between a try.

A comment went bad.
Typos were had.
Drive some mad.
Answer's easy at your pad.

I wasn't really awake.
Wow, a fake awake partake?
Now that sure is neat.
Is that some kind of cheat?

You forgot that or this.
Anything you could miss.
Keys, wallet or even cash.
Some forget the kids when they dash.

I wasn't really awake.
Damn, there's a double take.
That excuse really gets around.
Like an STD it is profound.

Didn't get that done.
I heard your mouth run.
But it didn't register in my head.
I had just gotten out of bed.

Meaning I wasn't really awake.
A brand new..old...way to fake.
Say the same thing in a new way.
I guess it beats just hitting replay.

I forgot to cook.
There was no food crook.
I forgot to shop too.
Here, grab a box and chew.

I wasn't really awake.
I didn't want to bake.
Not being really awake,
I'd make a bad cake.

An excuse in an excuse.
That isn't any bit abstruse.
Great lengths of mankind.
Those to do nothing are easy to find.

You missed the between part?
Don't take it to heart.
You weren't really awake.
Somewhere between there, snowflake.

So what are you if you weren't really awake? A walking, talking garden rake? Ever use that excuse at your sea? Maybe your eyes were a bit crusty? Pick that gunk off and you can see. See you are awake as can be. Such an excuse worthy human mass. That is all from my awake little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Pussy Parade About Fair Trade!

That title shall bring in the search engine nuts. Hey, don't go wiggling your butts. Nothing will go past PG today at my sea. All will remain whelmed with the post that is helmed. Now that that has been said. Time for me to go and be fed.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big Sp____ ______, ___!

Fair trade they say.
An even display.
Each side measuring up fair.
Is that something I can bear?

 The evil eye.
She gave to this guy.
I wanted the bed.
I needed to rest my head.

No you may not.
Stay with the lot.
No jumping down with me.
That isn't fair you see.

What do you know?
One high, one low. 
Only one may look at me though.
Even if both are a foe.

 That sure is right.
Look up into the night.
There I be.
I'm fairly stalking thee.

No fleas on me.
I gave them to thee.
That is fair as can be.
Sure works for me.

Blocking out the light.
That may hurt your sight.
Cassie has it down.
 So much for fair trade town.

No! Stay!
Can't come my way.
Be a bobble head wannabe.
That is what comes of thee.

See? Like this.
Bobble head bliss.
Stay up and not down.
 Then you won't frown.

Now here am I.
I've got you all in my eye.
I also have the whole bed.
Leave me or things may run red.

There you are. I'm not afraid to show I'm greedy at my sand bar. Fair trade means it is all mine. Isn't that the way of any feline? Still stuck on pussy parade? Felines are all in which we wade. I already used the other letters that had words for cat. So this is the one that got the monthly cat stat. But you can play in the gutter and be crass. That never bothers my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Round Fifty Seven At Play Here Today!

The search engine nuts are slow and steady, but their weird crap is still at the ready. Here they are for the a to z. I know you know they are as weird as can be.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big S_____ ______, ___!

using a skateboard falls off

That would be me if I ever tried at my sea.

bet you still lurk images

Do you want the image clearer? Well just look in the mirror.

it's there (remastered)

Not here, just there? A rebooted affair.

big boob anime women show

Animation is your thing? May get a paper cut with that fling.

rat porn

Stick with the paper cut. Way better than rat smut.

All seeing eye

Sorry, not in some secret group. On them I'd take a poop.

polka guys juggling

Can they do that at the same time? Sure more impressive than a mime.

also can you show it

No thank you. But I've got zombie feet in view.

my mother ate my shoe

The blue guy has a winner. Someones mother ate his shoe for dinner.

hello how are you kitty

Just fine. Don't touch the feline.

freezy breezes on the sea

Cold as ice. Oh, how nice.

Shit stuck on my shoe

Take a stick and proceed to pick.

Provincial help for 

For what? But help for anything isn't going to happen at your hut.

mighty cramps are ick

Mighty like Thor? Say no more.

And the winner of the day is looking for info from any bay. I hope you don't know the answer to this. This really really can't cause bliss. Nuts sure are everywhere. This guy seems to want a umm spare?

How to bronze my penis

And why would I know that? I am a snip snip cat. Maybe it was all the snip snip talk? That would be rather umm hard to walk. The cat will take getting fixed over that. Who thinks up this strat? Beats the fluck out of me. Is a bronzed one something you'd like to see? I think I too shall pass and remain a snip snipped little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Time To Flame The Wanna Play A Game!

Wanna may make some cringe. Throw in a gonna and Suza may go off hinge. Whoops, was that the cat? Okay, enough of that. We need to play a new game. That is obviously, at least to most, today's claim.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld big ______ ______, ___!

A game for this.
A game for that.
Some bring bliss.
Some bring a bat.

A bat and a ball.
Yeah, it's just one.
No bliss at all.
Maybe with a home run?

 Did I give the game away?
That is rather mean.
That's a game two can play.
The grass doesn't need to be green.

Just put your game face on.
In that face you can trust.
Don't run across the lawn.
Okay, if you really must.

What's the name of the game?
Is it base, foot or basket?
Together you have a weird laundry claim.
Rednecks everywhere may blow a gasket.

Did that make you frown?
You can answer that.
For I'm the only game in town.
A crazy rhyming cat.

If waiting for a rhyming mutt,
You'll have to play the waiting game.
They are stuck in a butt rut.
But hey, that could bring one fame.

Still can't figure out my a to z?
May be too late at this stage of the game.
Hey, I'm just telling the truth to thee.
Don't try and push the blame.

The blame game gets around.
My, what games can be found.
Games on courts and ground.
Games even with a ball and hound.

Controllers work as well.
Everything lights a flame.
Games can be fun or hell.
Does it depend on the end game? 

Did you get G? Games I'm playing with thee. Of course you got G. Games are here on a spree. Do you play games? Do you go down in flames? Realize game gets used a ton? Can sure be plenty of ways for game to be spun. Do they have a court, a lawn, a controller, a board, a course, a racket, a bat....yeah, I think that is enough of that. I don't want to go on all day. I've got games to play. Time to go play whack the head of Cass. That is such a fun game for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hear The Cries Of Crazy Eyes!

This could easily go to the search engine nuts, but later on we'll show their ruts. Instead we go with eyes upon the cat. They stare at us where we are at. They join in and maybe just stand. Let's give them all a hand.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld bi_ ______ ______, ___!

Today the I's have it.
The decisions aren't split.
They really do have it.
Okay, it's just a one I'd fit.

Blogland is where we are.
Blogs are sure on par.
What? An Instagram person is here?
Oh no! Sharpen your spear.

Summer time not in the city.
That sure isn't a pity.
Bah, the cottage folks are coming.
What? We can't go around chumming.

Let's all go to the river and pray.
God can hear what we say.
What? You're a non believer?
An atheist may ruin his receiver.

Neighbors are working.
They are doing more than twerking.
Thankfully for your eyes.
Your help? Wanted as much as flies.

A big plate of meat.
That is sure a treat.
What? Broccoli is there?
Need a sign that says beware.

A sunny sky up high.
What is that catching your eye?
A little bum shaped cloud?
Now that isn't allowed.

Five cats at play.
Having a very nice day.
A dog strolls on in.
That is just one big sin.

364 rhymes in a year.
That deserves a cheer.
What? One non rhyming post?
As if at my coast.

A non confusing a to z?
That can't be done by me.
Have you got I yet?
No is probably a safe bet.

What do all have in common at play? Someone or something not supposed to be there at the end of the day? You guessed right. Intruder is your word of the night? Nah, wrong you are. Interloper is for I at my sand bar. Don't you hate those guys? Interloper sounds far more wise. Ever been an interloper at your sea? I probably have been a time or three. Interloping can be fun as I watch the prissy cats run. Who needs the so called high class? I'll drag them down to the level of my interloping little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Fate Of The Bait!

Food left out for a mouse to get it out of your house. A worm on a hook to make a fish take a look. They are considered one thing. Can you guess the B word we are going to give a ring?

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld b__ ______ ______, ___!

Humans are ever so wise.
Crowding around like flies.
Fists in the air and ready for war.
Let's bomb that far away shore.

Bad those guys really are.
They stole all the rum from the bar.
Can have the masses drying out.
What the hell is that about?

We must protect our way of life.
Damn the other person's strife.
They are oh so bad anyway.
Ignore anything else they say.

Come and live your dream.
Create a passive income stream.
You can do it while you sleep.
Your pockets will grow ever so deep.

You'll be living the high life.
Free from any stress and strife.
You will get a super high return.
Here is your once in a lifetime chance to earn.

Your friends will be envious of all your stuff.
You will no longer have it rough.
Everyone will be at your beck and call.
You will quite simply have it all.

 Look at those guys standing there.
They aren't your average pair.
Those ones over there are different too.
Whatever are we as normal people to do?

They may mingle and mix.
That idea we have to nix.
We can't have them ruin things here.
Different or new ruffles the hair on my rear.

That just isn't right.
I'll dislike it for spite.
It is oh so wrong says everyone.
Join us, as something must be done.

A little fear, a little greed and a little hate.
Damn, that is some kind of bait.
A worm or a trap is way too simple.
Oh look, he's scary with that pimple.

Got the B? Did you take the bait from me? I suppose you got it now. If not then wow. Humans sure take the bait in mass. Sheep they are with each pass. A few words or fear or this or that and they become a bait taking dingbat. Do you take the bait with ease? I hope you'd rather believe talking bees. Eyes wide shut and in a rut. I guess that works for the humans and their sass. No bait taking for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, April 10, 2017

My Daily Rhyme Drops A Dime!

Would you drop a dime? That may not be sublime. Worth more than a penny and with pennies we don't have any. Plus the saying may no longer work for you. Pay phones are barely in view.

The A Between Z At My Sea!

Jock veld ___ ______ ______, ___!

Today we're here.
Cheer or fear?
Far or near?
Don't shed a tear.

I'm on D.
It came to be.
Can you guess it,
As there you sit?

Standing, sitting, laying.
It gets a daily replaying.
You've done it yesterday,
Tomorrow it will play as with today.

Not to be confused with laid.
That may not be a daily trade.
But if you're lucky you never know.
A daily one could be in tow.

You went to the loo,
More than once too.
Today, tomorrow and yesterday.
The TP man you did pay.

Unless you use your hand or grass.
That may be hard on the ass.
Daily you've done it.
Have you caught on a bit?

Daily you eat and drink.
Daily you even think.
May not be cheery thoughts.
But you think umm lots.

Lots of what?
You can tell this nut.
Daily I ask that.
Daily I chew the fat.

Daily you cook.
Daily you look.
Look at things that scare.
Maybe even things that are bare.

Daily you decide on this or that.
Daily you chew some fat.
Daily you try and earn.
And tomorrow all shall return.

Did you get my D? Are you daily confused by me? Other things you do daily I missed? Maybe stuck in traffic leaving you pissed? Feed the kids, the cats, the dogs, the birds and then go clean up their turds? Hey, that is daily for some. Others screw their liver daily with rum. I hope nothing that you do daily makes your skin all scaly. That would be rather nasty to come to pass. And that is it from my furry daily little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

These Days In A Maze?

The cat notices you humans use this one a lot. Are these days all hot to trot? These days are special to you? Maybe switch it out with Thursday at every zoo?

These days things are bad.
These days I've gone mad.
These days things are said.
These days I'm better off dead.

These days we're out of it.
These days are full of shit.
These days I'm rhyming.
These days I'm not miming.

These days was used tomorrow.
These days there is no sorrow.
These days we fear the past.
These days the past won't last.

These days my rhyme is going.
These days I'm still showing.
These days the cat is eating.
These days more trick than treating.

These days we're all alive.
These days we can't survive.
These days the highway is clogged.
These days my time is hogged.

These days I've had it.
These days cause a fit.
These days stuff is said.
These days there is no dread.

These days you comment still.
These days looks may kill.
These days nuts are here.
These days nuts aren't near.

These days bloggers blog.
These days dogs eat a brown log.
These days the litter is clean.
These days people are mean.

These days jobs are hard.
These days I mow the yard.
These days things won't grow.
These days I just don't know.

These days you'll dream of it.
These days stuck every bit.
These days you are cursing me.
These days things come to be.

Wow, and all of that was said today. So these days only have one day to play? These days maybe lazy takes hold. These days a day of the week can't be told. These days we'll lump them altogether. These days people talk about the weather. Are you a these days nut? Stuck in a these days rut? Guess what? These days was said 100 years ago by nuts in a these days rut. These days sure stand the test of time in mass. These days I just enjoy pointing things out with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.