Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Behind The Hedge Brings The Edge!

What could it be? Could it be a tree? What's behind the hedge? Maybe a ledge. You could fall off. That may make you scoff. But what's really back there? Don't you have to know at your lair?

What is it?
What will happen?
Holy shit!
You start flappin.

Or another.
Or a new word.
Maybe your mother,
All is absurd.

You didn't see.
You didn't guess.
How can that be.
Look at that dress.

It's so shiny.
It's so new.
Wow, it went tiny.
Can that be true?

You wait and watch.
Or watch and wait.
Grab that scotch.
Await the fate.

You finally see.
You finally gasp.
It came to be.
You loosen your grasp.

But you're still sitting.
Maybe even lying.
Maybe the gym you're hitting,
And a TV you're spying.

Poses galore.
Poses and more.
Poses of lore?
Whoops, no encore.

In the middle.
Leaned on back.
Lying with a fiddle,
Gutter gets no flack.

But what aren't you?
Not on the edge.
No matter the view,
That's behind the hedge.

Is the cat wrong? Do you sit on the edge of your seat like a ding dong? You actually sit up from the couch or recliner and watch the TV like a hobo eyes food at a diner? Do you really go to the edge? Is that an honest pledge? That would make humans move in mass. They seem far too lazy for that to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 30, 2017

A Happening What Kind Of Rut!

There are some good ruts too, most everything can be a flip flop at ones zoo. But been down that road. New streets need to be entered into rhyme mode. LRA we could call it. If you don't get that you haven't been around more than a bit.

What would happen if,
One didn't throw a tiff?
Instead they took a breath,
Realizing a different opinion doesn't mean death.

What would happen if,
One didn't board a skiff?
They decided not to run away,
And deal with things here today.

What would happen if,
One didn't take a whiff?
Realizing the manure of those flowers,
Are as hollow as Trump Towers.

What would happen if.
One didn't allow a riff?
Instead they talked it through,
With no, all the blames on you.

What would happen if,
One didn't follow lemmingss off a cliff?
They actually learned how to peep,
And broke away from the other sheep.

What would happen if,
One became far less stiff?
They allowed things to bend a bit,
Not thinking everything they did was a hit.

What would happen if,
One took a big long sniff?
Opening their eyes to the smell of shit,
Researching the truth before believing it.

What would happen if,
One didn't act like Biff?
Stopped being an insecure bully,
Embracing difference fully.

What would happen if,
One forgot about the hieroglyph?
Thinking of what is needed today,
Not stuck in the past at their bay.

What would happen if,
One forgot about the spiff?
Instead enjoyed who they are,
Ignoring the advice of a dumb movie star.

The cat has you all questioned out now? Did you know that many rhymes could go with if somehow? So many thoughts to ponder today that your brain may go boom at your bay. That would sure amuse the cat, as long as I was away from any brain splat. Or would that be splatter? Does it matter? More questions coming to pass. They sure flowed in mass. What if this blog were run by Pat or Cass? Yeah, they'd be far more boring than my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Best One Of All Spun!

The cat may have to agree with the Halloween Nazi at her sea. Halloween may be the very best. Of the holidays it is the one that is less of a pest. Not following the cat? We'll fix that.

Halloween is here.
The kiddies all cheer.
Many adults shrug.
Treat it like a bug.

A bug the cat eats.
Hey, yearly treats.
Beats once a day.
And no costume at play.

Back to it.
This is such a hit.
Why is that?
Not following the cat?

Don't ask until done.
You take away my fun.
Maybe if I would stay on task,
You wouldn't need to ask.

The best because,
There is little buzz.
No commercials by the ton.
Kids go and have fun.

No meals to be made.
No gifts to buy and trade.
No extended family around.
No forced holiday is found.

Can lock the door.
No kiddies any more.
Turn out the light,
Nothing is a fright.

No decorations in the cold.
No layaway crap on hold.
No carrying in any tree.
No carolers out bothering thee.

No forced displays of love.
No diaper, hopefully, wearing freak flying above.
No bunnies leaving poop, err umm, candy as they hop.
No mess that you need to get the mop.

One night and done.
Isn't that such fun?
No relatives bothering you.
Just a costumed kiddie or two.

Not sure Halloween is a real holiday. No work is off at ones bay. But we'll pretend it is like Hallmark does with that lovey dovey day biz. See why it beats all the rest? It isn't much of a pest. It is easy to do and make go away. Plus no intruders come to stay. That works for I and Cass, as then I won't have to run under the bed with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Stick The Start In Your Heart!

The cat is amazed by those who have no view. Maybe their nose obstructs it at their zoo? That could be the case for some humans here and there. Others may have it so far up a certain place they don't care.

It's the day.
The day of love.
The best at play.
I swear to all above.

Today I get married.
My day is done.
Add $50K to get ferried,
I sure as hell won.

Mine's the best.
Beat all of you.
I passed the test.
The test of who?

It's the day.
The day of writing.
I'm having my say,
My words are igniting.

I've got the first page.
It's so well and good.
People will rant and rage.
Everywhere I'll be understood.

It's so great.
It's so grand.
This is my fate.
Why am I stuck in this sand?

It's the day,
The day I change.
I'll escape the fray,
And maybe rearrange.

I took a step.
A step back.
But I still have pep.
That I never lack.

I good and tried.
Tried to think.
My brain is fried,
It's so hard to blink.

Today is what matters.
Not the whole thing.
Look at those expensive wedding platters,
For years they'll be talking about my bling.

Pfffft says the cat. Long run is where it is at. Yeah, we could croak tomorrow with ease. I could get eaten by giant killer fleas. But the start isn't going to win the day no matter the words or shiny crap on display. A hell of a lot more is going to have to come due. Did the cat make you blue? Do you think all just falls in place and you keep a smile on your face? Pffft hopefully not. The cat may make fun a lot. Anything takes work, not just the start. It may even take work for some to pass a fart. Now the cat's rant has come to pass. I'll start another rant for tomorrow with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Level Life The Strife!

The cat heard a nut go on the other day about leveling up at his bay. Of course we thought it was a videogame. Nope, something far more lame.

Level up.
Fill you cup.
Easy to do.
Life is all you.

Join the parade.
Lie in the shade.
After you level.
Beat the devil.

Go from one to two.
You can be brand new.
Just follow our plan.
All will be your fan.

Did I mention it's free?
There is no fee.
That is if you collect.
Others you can't neglect.

Bring more in.
That is a win.
You won't pay,
Giving them a brighter day.

They'll thank you.
More will come due.
It goes on a slant.
You they'll chant.

Then you'll make three.
That gets a yipeeeeee.
Level three is great.
A magic mushroom trait.

No waggy tail,
Or frog suit fail.
Just a great grin,
Knowing you can win.

But don't hold back.
Grow your pack.
Cheaper by the more.
That deserves an encore.

Get more in.
Fill our tin.
Then one day soon,
You'll be a level four loon.

Yeah, those things still exist. I think those can stay on my never to do list. Stupid pyramid scheme crap. Ever run in to such a lass or chap? They sure can annoy as they pretend to bring you joy. When really they want you under so they can plunder. Don't you want to join now in mass? I'll stick to video games if I want to be a leveling up little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Trillion Way Here Today!

The cat was hopping here and there the other day and this came into my vision on display. Sports in a trillion dollar industry a year and millions of people, if not billions, give a cheer. Ra, Ra, Ra like a nut. Let's scream and cheer at my hut.

Sports get played.
Maybe even gets you laid.
Or stuck at third base,
As around the bases you race.

Courts, fields and whatever.
A trillion dollar endeavor.
With that much dough,
A ra ra ra everywhere should be given a go.

Science Expo is up first.
Ra ra ra your burst.
Don't stay whelmed at all.
Shout like they have a basketball.

Our science is right.
We'll be dead tomorrow night.
No, our science is best.
We'll live to pass the test.

Our taxes are top notch.
I'll kick you in the crotch.
Just like some WWE guy,
If you disagree on the fly.

This is the best way.
I'll tax you each day.
The IRS is coming for you.
Watch for the body check to ensue.

My diagnosis is law.
Disagreeing gets the claw.
He has the plague.
This is not at all vague.

No way, you fool.
You are using the wrong tool.
He has the flu.
My words are so true.

This blog post is best.
I beat all the rest.
Don't you dare disagree with me.
But if you do, yell and scream with glee.

Then we'll be trillionaires too.
Buy everything sparkly new.
All from yelling and screaming like a nut.
Enjoy the useless in your rut.

Yelling and screaming may fail if you use that for actual important things at your lair. Or it is used against you. Do you go all sports nut with everything at your zoo? Do you even yell and scream? Whoopdi friggin doo about "your" team. Sorry, it's not yours one bit. Unless you work for it. But been down that road. Are you back in screaming mode? One trillion for playing useless things that most forget anyway. Now that is brilliant at ones bay. Sports have people fooled in mass. I'd like to fool people to the tune of a trillion dollars to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Warrant Is Out With This Shout!

The cat will guarantee this post for you. You can count on that at your zoo. There is nothing to fear at all by reading through it at my hall. So go ahead and read at your typical speed.

When you read,
Your eyes do the deed.
Not as fun as other deeds.
But you take care of those needs.

Your eyes then strain,
If they are in pain.
But hopefully that's not true.
If so, glasses may be needed by you.

Then from your eye,
Your brain gives it a try.
You work through the words,
As they come like herds.

Fast or slow,
Damned if I know,
That's on you.
Then you get a clue.

False or true?
Believe my zoo?
Amuse or confuse?
Both I use.

So your brain is thinking.
Your eyes may be winking.
Going through some weird blinking.
To my post you are linking.

You've gone insane.
I over worked your brain.
That is rather sad.
But whoops, too bad.

You didn't read the fine print.
It may have been covered in lint.
But that is still on you.
Now you have bad eyes at your zoo.

Oh, you've been here years?
To that I give cheers.
But whoops, your warranty lapsed.
We don't care if your eyes collapsed.

Oh, you read two posts at once?
Well aren't you a dunce.
That voided it too.
Sorry, your warranty is through.

Hmmm, I guess the cat doesn't warrant anything. Are you mad now at my wing? Don't you love warranties that come to pass? Most have clauses and are worthless junk in mass. But oh, you have it there. It is there to spare. Pffft and then it breaks apart like stepped on glass. I can warrant that from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Little Adding To Create Padding!

The cat will help you out today. I will make more sense of things at my bay. A cat helping humans at his sea. That is rather nice of me. Or maybe it is not with the additions brought.

You need to get a grip.
Of an electrified wire.
Feel free to give lip,
If you hair catches fire.

Go piss up a rope.
And let it hit your eye.
Nearby have some soap,
For that's not tears you cry.

No comments from the peanut gallery,
Or I'll give you an allergic reaction.
Then I'll take away your salary,
And leave you in traction.

Were you born on a raft,
Or just in the riverbank?
Either way, you're quite daft.
No go walk the plank.

If I must be Frank,
Or Tom, Dick or Harry,
You smell rather rank,
And you are rather scary.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't,
Or maybe you're just damned.
Take it back I won't,
Even if the door was slammed.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,
Or three in a tree or four in your rafter.
Or maybe five spurting crap from their tush.
That would provide no laughter.

Go pound sand up your ass,
Then stick in a giant plug.
That would hurt in mass.
The sand may even contain a bug.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions,
And the prying eyes of nosey Parkers.
The last gets no mentions,
Watch out for three headed barkers.

In for a penny, in for a pound,
But won't go in just any.
Do you think I a hound,
That goes around to many?

Hmmm, they may be a bit wordy and not stick. Some though are far more threatening and/or ick. Any additions you add to sayings that are used over and over again? I'm sure many have heard a ton at their den. But have you changed or maybe rearranged? I could go on forever with this pass. You humans provide a lot of material to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sign Up With Me! The First Month's Free!

Get ready to be amazed. You will sure be phased. Phased by a whole lot. You'll want to pay for this plot. And pay and pay and pay. Oh yeah, it's free here today.

Sign up for access.
You can't make a mess.
Get all the great movies here.
"Great" isn't unclear.

We have Adam Sandler with us.
So great you won't fuss.
We have all the great ones.
Look, there are tons.

No, we don't have that.
Nope, that one falls flat.
Nah, those rights were taken.
Okay, maybe we are fakin.

Sign up for the best.
We beat all the rest.
We have everything you'll want.
Even subtitles with great big font.

Oh, we didn't get that one.
Nope, that one was too fun.
Nah, we couldn't buy the rights.
But forget keeping on the lights.

Sign up for even more.
We have so much in store.
You'll never be bored.
Your credit card info will be safely stored.

You'll get shows by the ton.
We've got every single one.
Every single one we could buy.
Whoops, did we tell a white lie?

Sign up because we're new.
We have plenty to view.
I know you heard that before.
But it is true with our encore.

See? Plenty to see.
You can trust me.
Sharknado is on display.
That must truly make your day.

And the first month's free.
Cancel any time at your sea.
Shhh we all still have your credit card.
But canceling isn't very hard.

Don't you love signing up for free? And then they ding and ding and ding thee. To get what you want you have to sign up for ten. May as well pay for cable at your den. Then you got sign ups for this, that and the other thing too. What's a poor credit card to do? Pffft I'll stay entertained by the singing bass. He is much cheaper for my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Is This Really A Post At My Coast?

Yep, I'm really asking you that. Did you just read the words of the cat? So is this a post? Maybe it's a weenie roast. I don't have one of those. The vet went snip snip and there she goes.

Are you working?
Nah, I'm jerking.
Did I just go gutter?
Did it make you stutter?

Are you painting?
Nah, I'm fainting.
Fainting with a brush in hand.
My, isn't fainting grand.

Are you walking?
Nah, I'm gawking.
Gawking at an idiot now.
Look at you. Wow!

Are you sleeping?
Nah, I'm house keeping.
Under the covers I go.
It is so productive you know.

Are you showering?
Nah, I'm cowering.
The toilet is so scary.
I think I saw something hairy.

Are you sitting?
Nah, I'm spitting.
See that little spittle?
It's magic and will make you brittle.

Are you writing?
Nope, I'm fighting.
Fighting with the keyboard.
Look! I just pulled the cord.

Are you eating?
Boy, this is getting fleeting.
Are you that dumb?
Head up your bum?

Are you alive?
I wish you'd take a dive.
Getting lost at sea.
Isn't that nice of me?

Aren't I so mean?
Aren't you watching a screen?
Aren't you the imaginative one?
Aren't you glad these soooo hard questions are done?

Why do people right in front of you ask such stupid questions at their zoo? Do they believe them not to be true? Look, he's on the toilet, I'll ask what is coming due. Pfffft whoever says there aren't stupid questions are stupid too. Plenty of stupid ones come due. Ask a hard one and its back to beats me. Low brain cell count can sure affect thee. Do you ask such obvious things to ones near your blog wings? I had to give it another pass as real life dumbies keep asking very stupid questions to my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Abused Or Confused? Either Way I'm Amused!

The cat heard someone repeat this eleven times as they yapped the other day. Yep, I counted at my bay. Said it in a span of three minutes or so too. I guess they truly never knew.

What was that?
Chew the fat.
Talk and rant.
Whoops, a slant.

Here it comes.
Ho and hums.
Or hums and hos?
Only Santa knows.

Or maybe not.
Things got to pot.
Get ready for it.
It sure is a hit.

Anticipation rising?
The cat you're despising?
How do I know?
I don't at my show.

But what do I say?
Said it many a day.
Not eleven times in a row,
That would annoy a crow.

Ready to see?
It comes to be.
On a spree.
It's the beats me.

What was that?
You got beat like a dingbat?
Beat by words?
Beat by birds?

Beat by a kangaroo?
Did it have Blue's shoe?
Do you have lots of bruises?
Don't wear swimwear on cruises.

Was it a metaphorical beating?
That has to be fleeting.
Bruised on the brain.
That must be a pain.

Dumbed down by a fake beating.
My, that's weird trick or treating.
You must have not checked your candy.
I hope you have poison control's number handy.

Did you get that? Are you on to the cat? Confused as can be? That's normal at my sea. Will you get it though? Beats me at my show. It really beats me. Beats me flies free. Beats me each day. Beats me is all I can say. Beats me why. Beats me sure wants to fly. I must have lots of bruises now. Beats me sure can wow. Beats me if you'll give sass. Either way, I'll still remain a little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Dream A Little Dream Down Stream!

The cat would never stand in your way. Dream away at your bay. I'll be far far far away for some. Especially the dreams of the dumb. What was that? Dreams aren't dumb where any is at?

I dream to float.
Float like a boat.
I jump in and sink.
Dream drove me to drink.

I dream to fly.
Fly upon high.
I jump from a tall tower.
Dream brought a human splatter shower.

I dream to eat.
Eat and defeat.
My stomach went boom.
Dream blew me like a mushroom.

I dream to look cool.
Plastic face does rule.
Now I can strike a mannequin pose.
Dream came out smelling like a rose.

I dream to beat a car.
Playing chicken after a night at the bar.
I won't flinch first.
Dream and car made me burst.

I dream to win the lottery.
Then I'll take up pottery.
I spent every last cent today.
Dream left me broke without pay.

I dream to own a lion.
I'm sure tryin.
I just became a snack.
Dream made me part of the pack

I dream to walk naked in snow.
The arctic is where I want to go.
Things did freeze and I did die.
Dream led to a human Popsicle for an Eskimo eye.

I dream to find a mate.
I'm going to order a Russian date.
I got nothing for my dough?
Dream ended up making nothing grow.

I dream to stay away.
Stay away from such a foray.
And look, that I can do.
My dream came true.

Still think all dreams are grand? Don't you want them all coming due across the land? I suppose that would weed out the dumb in the human race as they take up cemetery space. That is if anything is left behind but the splatter of mankind. What was that? Hey, I'm not a gruesome cat. Not my dream at my sea and no zombie feet came to be. Sorry, not really, that I broke such dreams like glass. I'm just that kind of dreaming little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Advertise Here Ever So Clear!

The cat was out and about the other day when someone tried to get me to advertise at their bay. They said this, that and the other thing. Of course all a familiar ring.

We got the site.
It's just the best.
Your sales will take flight.
We're better than the rest.

So advertise here.
It's as simple as that.
I'm sure you will cheer,
With clicks like that.

And so it goes.
Most you can suspect.
They strike a merry pose,
Thinking you can't neglect.

Pffft and walk away.
But how can you?
Easy at ones bay.
They just haven't a clue.

But they were cheery.
Their stats are there.
Nothing about it eerie.
Unless written on their underwear.

I still strolled away.
And on they went.
They hit replay,
When they needed to get bent.

But we got the site.
You shouldn't refuse.
Sales will take flight.
You surely can't lose.

Nothing is greater.
Not around here.
We corner the crater.
You have nothing to fear.

In one ear, out the other.
Thought her jargon would work.
Treat her like my mother.
Shhhh I pretend to listen with an ear perk.

And so I looked.
Just for the hell of it.
Pffft to what was booked.
Was a complete load of shit.

To put it in perspective to all, their site had less traffic than a cat that rhymes each day on his wall. Yet they were so great. Pffft and a dog and the cat will mate. But oh, needed to advertise somewhere. Pfffft once more to that with pffft's to spare. Ever come across any of those? She should go bother crows. The cat will only leave her with gas. She wasn't going to get rich off my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Stay Cheery And Fan The Theory!

Well you have the conspiracy nuts in their conspiracy ruts, but that we know. Been there, done that at our show. But what about the truly fake kind? Are those on your mind?

I'm a fan.
Part of a clan.
A clan with a theory.
The real was too dreary.

There was death.
They gave their last breath.
We really hate that.
Let's look deeper where we're at.

There are signs.
Can bee seen by even felines.
They are sure there.
We have a theory to spare.

It was all a dream.
A coma type stream.
They are really alive.
Yippeee, we now know they survive.

This one was just fake.
Death really didn't partake.
They faked it all.
They are off having a ball.

That one wasn't true.
It made me boo hoo.
We can't have that.
It wasn't a great final stat.

Instead a magic spell came due.
Yep, it was all voodoo.
That was why it went the other way.
Everything is true in what we say.

They were also cloned.
A doctor was phoned.
It was done in a secret lab.
They made the clone from a crab.

And don't forget the love.
The more we rant, the greater the shove.
They will really come due.
Even brothers get it on out of view.

Yep, that isn't dreary.
It is our theory.
We wish it to be.
So it is for those like you and me.

Any fan theories you find nuts? Some must really be smoking the "good stuff" as they stay in theory ruts. Even when creators say, no way, they keep up their theory at their bay. Some are sure interesting though. Any that you know? Some sure must have sucked on some bad gas. Hey, it didn't come from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Don't Cross The Line And All Will Be Fine!

The cat drew a line at the door. No one shall cross at my shore. If you don't know that you better beware. You may be in for more than an evil glare.

I was out and about.
I had to check this thing out.
I wanted to make sure I could fit.
That is when I heard it.

Cassie heard it too.
A scratching came due.
A scratching at our door. 
The others wanted to explore.

There were five at play.
They wanted to join the fray.
They wanted to play with our toys.
I don't share my joys.

And here one comes.
Damn those furry bums.
We aren't chums.
They can suck on plums.

Cassie stopped his dash.
 For a moment it put a kink in their bash.
But she doesn't care about the other ones.
So they don't get the runs.

Look at her just watching the show.
 So pathetic, I know.
How can she let them invade?
My toys I won't trade.

So he tried once more.
The jumper was also going to come ashore.
Screw any of that.
I stopped being a curious cat.

I hopped back into the room.
I gave them a look of doom.
I may have hissed and swatted too.
But that I won't tell you.

One simply ran away.
One jumped from his table display.
Another gave me a dirty look.
The old guy never budged at our nook.

So remember one and all.
You don't get into my hall.
 Even in the dark I've got both eyes upon you.
Don't cross the line at my zoo.

Wasn't that a good warning for all? Can you believe Cassie wanted to let them play with our toys like the furry ball? Pfffft the cat is not that nice. I will treat them like mice. They come near me and, wham, a face full of my toe jam. I'll have to get after Cass. She needs to be as mean as my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Living It Up With A Slight Hiccup!

The cat finds this one a tad funny. Humans really aren't right on the money. Maybe that is why so many are in debt. Probably not, long odds on that bet. Time to get living away at every bay.

I've lived here.
I've lived there.
Some cause fear.
Some cause care.

I've traveled here.
I've traveled there.
I drank my beer,
Spent money to spare.

One's not the same.
One's different than the other.
They have a different name,
Maybe like your brother.

They are related.
More than you think.
This post was fated.
May cause you to blink.

We're on the living.
We're not on death.
No need for forgiving,
Or even holding your breath.

Why is that?
Still not caught up?
Follow like a cat,
And not a low attention span pup.

No matter where you are.
No matter where you roam.
In plane, train or car.
Whether or not you're at home.

You are above ground.
Not ash blowing in the breeze.
Hear that little sound?
Are you still in brain freeze?

I'll make you unstuck.
I'm getting there soon.
No need to say fluck,
Or go all High Noon.

For even if there.
Guess what you're doing?
You're living life to spare,
And death you are shooing.

Maybe you should change it to asking where one has made a home? That is different that wherever you roam. Because if you say living or lived to anyone out there, whoops, everything counts with nothing to spare. You have lived every single place you have ever been to. Until you drop dead, it will remain so for you. Does the cat think too much at our sea? Has the wording ever been thought of by thee? Maybe humans just don't want to write a long list about all that came to pass. I'll go on living with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Good On Plate Ahead Of Great!

The cat never got this one even though he has said it a ton. I guess it just got said and stayed there after catching on? Maybe Zeus said it at dawn? Beats the heck out of me. But I can make fun of it at my sea.

Good morning everyone.
Even if it sucks a ton.
I say it is good.
Sucky morning may get misunderstood.

What if it is meh today?
Does good still come into play?
No need to answer that.
Good morning is still where it's at.

So the morning is good today.
You go on at your bay.
The afternoon stinks.
Good afternoon gets winks.

At it once more.
The good comes ashore.
Even when it has a stench.
Is that like a rusty wrench.

You can't budge the stripped screw.
It's evening at your zoo.
But it is still good.
Even if bad or dull as wood.

But go on the flip,
With the good trip.
Your day is great.
It was all top rate.

Now what do you say,
As you join the outside fray?
You say good every time.
Are you some kind of stuck mime?

Wonderful and great.
Those are a fine fate.
But you can't share.
So users beware.

Evening, morning or noon.
Sing the same old tune.
Everything is always good.
Wouldn't change if you could.

I think I've got it down.
No morning, afternoon or evening can frown
Also no cheer can come due.
It must remained whelmed for all of you.

So days were whelmed long before the cat let whelmed come to be? That is a new one for me. Do you use anything besides good? Ever heard it said "Great Morning" at your hood? Wouldn't great beat good any day? Who wants to be good when crappy comes your way? The cat has you thinking now with this pass. Good, whatever time of day it is, from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Play Along To Get Strong!

There was a saying we heard for the thousandth time the other day. Actually it was more, but we are too lazy to count, okay? Does that make us stronger for it? I guess we'll decide in a bit.

It won't kill.
That's a thrill.
You'll live through.
Wow, look at you.

Stronger for it.
Whether a lot of a bit.
You are now stronger.
You'll live so much longer.

Step on a land mine.
Bah, a lost leg is fine.
You are alive and stronger for it.
One legged is no cause for a fit.

You caught some bad disease.
You blow over in the breeze.
But it didn't kill you.
So strong at your zoo.

You're broke and can't eat.
Bugs are your best treat.
Frail and starving away.
But not dead, so all is okay.

Not just okay.
Nope, that's not the way.
Okay and stronger too.
Wow, doesn't that impress you?

You don't know how to write.
You can't even read at your site.
But you are stronger because of it.
For it doesn't kill you one bit.

You just went blind.
Life is so unkind.
But you are still here.
Stronger even if you can't see clear.

You had a heart attack.
Bah, give it no flack.
You're still alive.
Stronger when you survive.

You got screwed 5 times over.
You were even bit by a rabid rover.
But you are here among us still.
So strong even if you turn ill.

The cat finds you humans soooo strong. Pffft yeah if I was dumb and played along. Such stupid sayings you come up with each day. Sometimes it is true, but other times, no way. Ever use that one at your sea? I've had it said to me. Pffft is all I said. Some people are a bit touched in the head. Now go stub your toe so you gain muscle mass. It's a fact and won't kill you says my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Permit To Seek To Climb A Peak!

The cat finds you humans really strange. I don't think that is ever going to change. The overgrown humans are the worse. They are truly perverse. Not even in a gutter way. From there we will stray today.

I have a dream.
I want it to come true.
But I need a team.
Let's jump up and down, on cue.

You can get your dream.
Listen to me.
You can even have that ice cream.
I give permission to thee.

Now you can go.
Look at you.
You went to some stupid show,
And believed the so called guru.

I've seen a wiser four year old.
Whoops, did I say that.
Don't let it affect what you're told.
At least in diapers you don't scat.

I want to be on a diet.
But what can I eat?
I really want to try it,
But what should I delete?

You should delete nothing at all.
Just buy my great book.
There the writing is on the wall.
You'll shed pounds and get your true look.

Read and take it to heart.
Yeah, dumb enough too.
Did I cause a stop and start?
I'm really no help to you.

Can I tweak the workout for me?
I think it works better this way.
But I won't do it unless permitted by thee.
I really wouldn't want to stray.

Can you tell me so?
I'm waiting on you.
I mean, what do I know?
I'm not a great guru.

It's okay to do what works?
Thanks for letting me know.
Getting permission has so many perks.
I can truly let common sense go.

Pfffffffffft humans like that need a kick to the head. Maybe a cat to pee on them in bed. Acting like four year olds needing permission is soooo dumb. Humans need to wake up and then some. I'm not talking permission from spouse or work or anything like that. But for diet, workout, following a dream and such scat. Pfffffft if you need permission to follow a dream that you have for you from some windbag so called guru the cat will sell you a huge cashew jar filled with magical poo. With it you can get anything you want to come to pass. You can so trust in my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Little Change On The History Range!

Wow, humans sure like to twist the facts. Look at all those past acts. They were always oh so great. Pffft and so is a 1000% interest rate.

What happened is true.
Hear what I tell you.
The past can't be changed.
Can't ever be rearranged.

Cars were invented in Timbuktu.
Believe what I tell you.
Say it 50 times with me.
Be as gullible as can be.

America never lost or started a war.
That is just a chore.
Believe what I say.
It will be true by the end of the day.

Canada has gold in ever town.
Each walks with a golden crown.
It is invisible though.
Hard to see, but you must know.

GMO is great for you.
That is entirely true.
It saves the Earth.
Now you can have unlimited birth.

Aliens caused world war 2.
Hitler was one in view.
Believe it every single bit.
Be a true blue twit.

The Earth is really flat.
Don't be a round dingbat.
Believe this to be true.
Whoops, some already do.

The old west was grand.
It was such a clean land.
Believe what you see on TV.
All white teeth came to be.

Superman was invented in China.
Supergirl was in Regina.
They were drawn in Australia though.
Now you are truly in the know.

Ra ra ra.
La de da.
Change and rearrange with glee.
We make it what we want it to be.

The truth is fiction with many a human depiction. Always wanting their side to be the right and trying to hide the bad in the dark of night. Fall for any of the fake crap? Humans are even manipulating in schools with their fake strat. I guess they want to keep up with the lying internet mass. Pffft such "truths" can kiss my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Little Spin With Caged In!

Humans laugh at us in a cage as we look at them full of rage. I may even pee in the cage too. Sometimes I do number two. Yeah, I hate that thing. But I usually save it for the vet and let it fling. Okay, enough of that because you're caged where you're at.

I'm so free.
Look at me.
Not caged one bit,
As here I sit.

I'm inside a home.
But I can still roam.
I have to pay bills,
Or I'll live in the hills.

But that's not caged.
Wait, I've been paged.
Do they even do that anymore?
We'll go with text at your shore.

There at your hall,
You're connected to all.
Slave to the phone.
Was that a new message tone?

Whoops, in the car.
Door not a jar.
Isn't that a big cage?
One that costs many a wage.

But you're still free.
No cage around thee.
You are limitless as can be.
Damn, you keep lying to me.

Can't vacation all year.
From miles away can't hear.
Can't jump to the moon.
Some can't use a spoon.

Some can't run a mile.
Some can't floor tile.
Some can't handle the cold.
Some hate when the heat takes hold.

Some cage from within.
Thinking about sin.
Oh woe as me.
But I'm still free.

Limited and caged.
Both have been paged.
Both apply to you.
Whoops, away freedom flew.

We all have limits and are caged in some way. Ever think about that at your bay? I guess a ride in a cage isn't so bad as at least the cat has no bills to be had. I hope none of you go in your cage though. That would be a nasty show. Enjoy the cage of mowing grass. I'll stay a mostly free feline little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It's All Greek Up Shit Creek!

Humans like to go for the I can't. Or maybe the I don't know slant. They do it before they even try and then away they tend to fly. Can be anything in which it is the case as away from it they race.

Up that creek,
All is Greek.
Your boat may leak.
Can't even speak.

You don't know how.
That creek can't wow.
Until it is able.
Nope, not a fable.

You give it a try.
Failure does fly.
Or maybe you go out and succeed.
Either way, you're learning the deed.

You fail and quit.
Whoops, more shit.
Look at you forever sinking.
FYI, that water isn't safe for drinking.

Wait a moment there.
You pulled out your hair.
Which may hurt a bit,
But again you tried it.

Hmm, learned a bit more.
You give it another encore.
You try and try again.
What's happening at your den?

Your boat isn't sinking.
The nasty water you aren't drinking.
You actually see shore.
Look at you trying some more.

Uh oh, you are learning.
To shore you are returning.
Your boat is looking good.
You even have paddles in your hood.

You are failing less.
It isn't such a mess.
Things are becoming clear.
The shore is so near.

You step out of the boat.
You even have a rain coat.
You now can get through it all.
Wowee, you just learned at your hall.

No matter what it is from writing to the cooking biz, the more you try and try, the more you will learn and not fry. You can get out of shit creek. You can make your boat not leak. Willingness goes a long way. At least with most things at play. You have to not be a brain dead fool and for somethings, like a surgeon, you really need school. But a lot you can get out of by trying and learning as you go. Are you one that runs away or goes, Oh No? You'll never learn anything skidding across the glass. I prefer to break it with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 9, 2017

100% Science Is The Way At Each and Every Bay!

So the cat was told the other day that science is 100% accurate at his bay. Hmmmmm, I refused to argue with this idiot though. My IQ would suffer a blow if so. But works for a post here at my coast.

Science has 100% truth,
At each and every booth.
It can't be wrong,
From here to Hong Kong.

The data is right.
Numbers take flight.
They don't lie,
They are from upon high.

Nothing will be proven wrong.
So just agree and go along.
Scientists are so great.
They have such a great trait.

Wait? What was that?
You are just a silly cat.
They are all right.
Day and even night.

They don't lie one bit.
No, they aren't full of shit.
They don't play the game.
That would just be lame.

Who needs grant money?
You are so funny.
Who needs to appease the board?
Go and pull the rip cord.

That just can't be.
Science won't lie to me.
Scientists get it right.
They show all the light.

It's the end all and be all.
Read the scribbles on the wall.
Hear their data call.
Now agree and stand tall.

They have no need to appease.
Who cares about trustees.
Big companies and such?
Bah, they don't reach out and touch.

Science is 100% true.
You have a loose screw.
Listen to what they found.
It has a 100% truth sound.

Pfffft once more from the cat. Just another friggin dingbat. If humans are behind it, then yep, it can be complete bullshit. They want to appease and keep the money flowing. So of course no one is going to have a contrary showing. Data can be manipulated up the ying yang with ease. Some people suffer from Stupid Disease. I think their head is full of gas. Much more than what comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Normally Slant With This Chant!

Today is different though. No post will show. Whoops, I think I failed at that. Normally I'm a truthful cat. Actually that may not be true. Damn, all over the place at my zoo.

Normally you're here.
Normally you're there.
Normally you'd peer.
Normally you'd stare.

Normally there would be a post.
Normally I may try and fool.
Normally I hate toast.
Normally fills a pool.

For normally you're this.
Normally you're that.
But if it doesn't bring you bliss,
You don't give a scat.

But can't say that.
That's not normal you.
Whatever the normal stat,
If normal is even true.

Been there, done that.
So do not dwell.
Don't want to cause a spat,
"Normal" people may raise hell.

Instead let's avoid it.
Normally I would not.
But here as I sit,
I went against my plot.

Or maybe I'm lying.
For normally you'd see crass.
I swear I'm trying,
Normally I have more sass.

Or maybe I'm not.
A lot of confusion.
Normally that's my plot,
And it's an amusing delusion.

Normally you'd stare.
Normally you'd leave confused.
Normally you're well aware,
That I'm normally amused.

Today isn't that.
Unlike normally you fully got it.
You followed the cat.
Normally you'd get only a bit.

Do you have questions? Normally I take suggestions. But today isn't normally as is with my rhyming biz. Or is it? This normally is confusing a bit. Normally it means you just want to run away and so normally normally is what you say. Have you caught on to this rhyming pass? Don't worry, that's normally the way with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Speedy Post To The Coast!

Wow, talk about nothing to say and I thought the weather was bad at my bay. I guess anything can spur a discussion though. Hey, I prove that with rhyming away at my show.

Look at that.
Chew the fat.
The fat about it.
Every single bit.

Leave nothing out.
Can scream and shout.
It must be said.
Get it out of your head.

Sometimes that's best.
Passes the test.
Other times not.
May prove you have brain rot.

What's that about?
Things must come out.
Say what's on your mind.
One strange thing, mankind.

How can it be on?
Even if it does dawn.
On your might is like,
A light bulb strike.

But that's not here nor there.
For that's not in our hair.
What's in our hair today,
Is speed signs on display.

Let's dissect them all.
It will be a ball.
We need to learn the why.
Let's do, not try.

100 allowed there.
With lots of space to spare.
100 allowed here,
With 80 drawing near.

Now why is that?
Why does it fall flat?
Tell me, I must know.
It is life altering like a deadly foe.

Then it drops to 60 over here.
Then back up to a 100 ever so clear.
What's the point in that?
Whoops, all the time we have from the cat.

Ugg, talk about mind numbing at ones bay. Who gives a crap why they are on display? They are at their sea. No need to dissect ever curve and crap that comes to be. I had to listen to that for an hour or more. I think I'm speed signed out at my shore. Do you dissect speed signs on display? Think I had enough for one life time at my bay. So I'll speed away unless through a school zone with a kiddie class. Then I'll slow down my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, October 6, 2017

A Little Tweak To The Week!

The cat already did the day but it seems like the week is also at play. Humans sure are rather sad. Minutes will probably next be had. They may start with hours first. Seconds may be the worst.

It's a new week.
A new week for a peak.
Come and join.
Won't cost you much coin.

It's safety week.
Don't want to be up shit creek.
Stay safe just this week.
The other 51 you can leak.

It's the week of whelmed.
Nothing exhausting can be helmed.
Nothing over, nothing under.
No one shall steal any thunder.

It's the week of no dumb sayings.
Humans give those many replayings.
Can't say all will be fine,
Or any other useless platitudes that align.

It's the week of walking.
That may put a kink in stalking.
No driving cars allowed.
Walk with the crowd.

It's the week of hopping.
Everyday you must start popping.
Up and down you must go,
At least for an hour or so.

It's the week of no news.
Turn it off and pull the fuse.
Don't listen to a single windbag.
I'm sure that wouldn't be a drag.

It's the week of common sense.
No one is allowed to be dense.
That may be the hardest of all.
Especially for those who's brain is on permanent stall.

It's the week of no treats.
Nope, can't have those so called good eats.
Diabetes may get mad.
God forbid it becomes a fad.

It's the week of the cat.
Cats rule where they are at.
Whoops, that is forever.
Forget this endeavor.

Any weeks you have seen out there? Maybe one you want at your lair? How do these things even start anyway? Does some nut just pull it out of a hat one day? I guess whelmed week is week 39. Pfffft says the feline. I'll stick with variety of each daily pass from my ever so little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Marrying Way Here Today!

The other day the cat was out and he heard a shout. One guy was making fun as his divorce, I guess, was done. He married the devil at his sea. Damn, how did that come to be?

Married the dark guy.
The one that makes flames fly.
Maybe he was horny?
That could get a bit thorny.

The devil must be nice.
Wonder what was his price?
Was it a soul deal?
Maybe he ate it as a meal.

Never knew the devil got divorced.
I wonder if that can be enforced?
Do our laws apply in Hell?
Down there can they even spell?

Maybe it is too hot.
Pens melt on the spot.
Then that would mean he's stuck.
Unless Hell froze over and passed the buck.

Could make his relationship cold.
Things wouldn't get very bold.
That could be the reason why.
A shame for the poor limp guy.

But wait, there's more.
At least more to my enncore.
I'm thinking this through.
Don't roll your eyes at your zoo.

Okay, is the roll done?
Back to the fun.
The fun being if Hell is fake.
Whoops, he made a mistake.

He divorced an imaginary man.
Maybe he wasn't his biggest fan?
Those fake horns can be sharp.
He could have wanted to play the harp.

Or red wasn't his color anymore.
Wanted more white at his shore.
Found red such a drag,
So he waved the white flag.

Or maybe the white pen.
Dumped the devil from his den.
That imaginary mate took half his imaginary dough.
Where he went? Damned if I know.

The cat had to do that. Ever marry the devil where you are at? That would be rather bad. Did you get out of it at your pad? Hopefully you never had to sell your soul. Ever use or hear that saying as you are out for a stroll? I think I just gave the poor married to the devil humans gas. Oh where the mind goes of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Carve It Out With Your Insecure Shout!

 It's that time of year.
The kiddies all cheer.
They may get diabetes too,
But that's nothing new.

And out they go.
A pumpkin to show.
They carve a face.
A happy or spooky embrace.

Have their own style.
Wide or scary smile.
The eyes are weird.
May even have a beard.

Things they have now,
Can sure wow.
Helping carvers all over.
Can even do one of rover.

But to each their own.
They have their own tone.
They carve out their way,
And then light their display.

Carving out the guts.
Blah to many OCD nuts.
They toss that aside,
Enjoying the ride.

Carve out time to do.
Maybe make pumpkin stew.
Can you even make that?
Sure beats this cat.

Carve out the pest.
So they do their best.
Can't stay full of goop.
Throws one for a loop.

Goop is now lost.
It has been tossed.
Carved out and thrown.
Happiness is now all alone.

No worries or care.
They may carve a spare.
They make their face,
Then off they race.

So be like the kiddos out there. Carve the crap out at your lair. Then toss it away and have a brighter day. That goop will be a load off of you and then you can create something new. There is nothing wrong with that. You can trust the cat. Just stay away from me with a pumpkin's goop mass. I don't need that touching the fur of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Be Strong Like Donkey Kong!

Flex and trot around naked as can be. There you go at your sea. He does have a tie I suppose. And he has nothing down there for when the wind blows. Anyway, back on task as I have the strength to ask.

Strength is great.
Those muscles are top rate.
Can't deny that.
Unless steroid freak's at bat.

But that's not all.
Nope, more to it at your hall.
At least with idiots around,
Making many a sound.

Yell and scream,
Like a fan of some sports team.
Yell louder than the rest.
That will pass any strength test.

Be a bully to all.
Push them into a wall.
That will show your strength.
Shove anyone in arm's length.

Fast talk for the win.
Do all others in.
Come out on top.
Sure not a flop.

Follow what your told.
Don't upset the fold.
Stick with what is known.
Don't throw a dog a bone.

Don't comprise one bit.
Who needs that shit?
You are always right.
That is strength day or night.

Always fight.
Always look ready to bite.
Argue over stupid crap.
Be sure and be the winning chap.

Don't listen to any.
Opinions are many.
But ignore every single one.
Even if a new way should be done.

The key to it though,
For super strength to show,
Is just one little perk.
Come be an all around jerk.

Are you like that? Flex such strength where you are at? I hope not. The cat may make fun of you a lot. Probably not in a nice way too. Hey, I have the strength to warn you. Pffft to such people at their zoo. They can go fight with what I left in the loo. Do you have the strength to break logs like glass? Now that would impress my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 2, 2017

It Is Still Bad At Every Old Pad!

So I heard a nut once more give this an encore and the cat rolled his eyes. He sure wasn't going to win any prize. Stunk like smoke but he thought he was a clever few toothed bloke.

Movies cause violence.
Them we must silence.
They are so bad.
Wah wah wah at his pad.

Been there, done that.
Such logic is the equivalent of scat.
Desensitize they can do.
But other than that, some need a clue.

Let's go with it though.
Let's pretend it's a show.
Let's pretend it is true.
Let's see what we can do.

Cars cause drunk driving.
Damn, has to stink for those surviving.
How can they put a car in jail?
Maybe stick them on a boat and set sail?

Food causes you to be fat.
Well how about that?
Food is all to blame.
Food should feel the shame.

Bodies cause cancer.
From plumber to dancer.
No body and you won't get it.
That sure is some shit.

Cigarettes cause smoking.
So go and get toking.
Those cigarettes are there for the taking.
Look at them hippy hippy shaking.

Credit cards cause debt.
Yep, that's a safe bet.
They buy whatever they like.
Look at that brand new bike.

Computers cause crime.
I better drop a dime.
My computer is sooooo bad.
Shhhhh I don't want to make it mad.

Rhymes cause gas.
Better take a pass.
But get a tummy ache,
Or fall in a lake. 

What was that? Not agreeing with the cat? Damn, and I was about to sue my car. I heard its friend caused drunk driving some place afar. I can sue it because of that, right? Pfffft humans aren't so bright. Shifting the blame is all so many do. It's not what's in view, it's you. All comes back to you and what you do. But let's blame the magical gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Little Scoff Put Off!

The cat gets irked here and there and then rants away at his lair. Some nuts just very much annoy. That makes being whelmed hard to deploy. But that one must do or tell them off a time or two.

Appointment is made.
No need to trade.
It's ready to go.
Whoops, changed the flow.

Tomorrow it is.
We'll finish this biz.
Tomorrow I'll call.
I won't go to the mall.

Didn't you hear?
Tomorrow's not near.
It never comes.
Sorry about that, chums.

Tomorrow we'll meet.
We may even greet.
We'll get this done.
Away I won't run.

Oh, that was today?
Did today I say?
I know I said tomorrow.
Sorry if that brought sorrow.

Today you say?
That isn't at play.
It was tomorrow.
Days we can borrow.

I'll be on it.
Meet in a bit.
We'll get it done.
Look at that sun.

Oh, it's raining.
That sure is draining.
We'll meet when there's sun.
That is more fun.

Tomorrow is near.
Lend me an ear.
I'll let you know soon.
We'll meet some afternoon.

Aren't you ready yet?
Today was a safe bet.
But you missed it.
How dare you do that shit.

Pffffffffffffffft is all the cat can say to such idiots at play. Now I'm not talking dating, sometimes you must avoid the creepy that wants mating. I'm talking professional businesses and such. They can sure string you along very much. Then you tell them where to go and whoops, today is tomorrow. Funny how that works isn't it? Doesn't mean they still aren't a twit. Get any of those in the tomorrow class? They can bite my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.